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How's your day been?

Really busy & chaotic. Work was busy asf this morning, got to go home & hang out with my boyfriend & kids before going back to work. It took me an extra 20 minutes tonight bc I was training my assistant manager to do my paperwork & doing end of the month paperwork. Just now finishing up the last of the paperwork that I'm doing tonight & now I get to go to bed & go back to work at 7 really excited tho bc tomorrow should be the last of at least some of the super busy stuff going on in my life rn lol

Describe an average day for you? 📅

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I wake up at 6:30 and get ready. Then I work from 8:00 to somewhere between 16:00 and 17:30. Then go home, relax a little or I go to the gym. After that I have dinner and after dinner I game with my boyfriend until it’s about 21:30, then I go to bed. 😊
I am usually not into ASMR, but I found an ASMRtrist that really knows how to trigger me well lol. When she’s streaming I fall asleep in like 10 minutes. 😂 it’s incredible. So I usually watch her after 21:30.

https://ask.fm/kandydevil/answers/172859161083 - Nonono sis, you were in your own little world there 🤣 Harry Potter and Twilight cannot be reconciled, despite how many similarities they may have 🙄

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#teamjacob 🤣
In the Twilight days I had a boyfriend for a month that looked just like Jacob. We met on a goth website. 🤣🤣🤣

Мне 21 год. Я никогда не была в отношениях от слова совсем. Все чаще я начинаю бояться что останусь старой девой и никогда даже не ну вы понимаете. Хочу чистой и искренней любви но влюбляюсь не в тех. Целоваться целовалась но не более. Что думаешь по поводу этого ?

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I think that you are lying too much, given your previous posts in which you previously wrote that you have a boyfriend, and in other posts you wrote that you are married. Apparently this is a national trait of the inhabitants of Mordor - a lie.
Мне 21 год
Я никогда не была в отношениях от слова совсем 
Все чаще я начинаю

I would like to be your younger sister Hanabi's boyfriend

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Hahahahahaha .. Earlier you wanted to be my Naruto kun .. Now you want to be Hanabi's boyfriend .. I'm sorry, Jo .. It can't happen ..!! ..😁🦋🌻🖤

Hello, have you ever been in other countries?😆

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Hi, thanks for the question! I have indeed. I've been to France, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. I'm also going to Poland next month. I've never been outside of Europe but my boyfriend and I are saving up for a trip to Vegas.

A junior has recently been texting my boyfriend, although he's not into her, but I feel jealous at times, because I think she likes him. We've fought because of this, and he thinks I'm insecure and I'm not cool. What should I do?

Wo usko, uski jaga py rakhy ga.
Apko, apki jaga py rakhy ga.
Ahista ahista ussy wo baaten krny lgy ga jo apsy krta tha.
Jaga replaced.

A junior has recently been texting my boyfriend, although he's not into her, but I feel jealous at times, because I think she likes him. We've fought because of this, and he thinks I'm insecure and I'm not cool. What should I do?

Junior ko pyar se samjha do nae toh mein ati hun backup k lye 🏃‍♀️ And your bf should NOT be responding to her in the first place.

A junior has recently been texting my boyfriend, although he's not into her, but I feel jealous at times, because I think she likes him. We've fought because of this, and he thinks I'm insecure and I'm not cool. What should I do?

Give him some space. If he notices your discomfort, he'll automatically address it. If he doesn't, you'll get to know where you stand in his life.

What are your plans for today? It is really warm here, with temperatures in the 60s, and the sky is so clear and pretty, it's giving spring🌷🌞I'm going to a picnic!🥰

Lovely! I hope you had a nice time. Yesterday I went to Liverpool with my boyfriend. We went to an Irish pub, then for a Chinese meal and finally to a gig. We watched a band called You Me at Six. I really appreciate my boyfriend coming along as he's not into the same music as me at all. It must be boring for him to stand around listening to live music he can't stand. 😅. I had fun, though. The venue was way too crowded but it was a fun night.

Spill the tea und her mit dem Gossip! Wer wäre der celebrity Crush deines demigods? 😍🤭

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Celebrety crushes here we go :D
Auf Platz 1 wäre bei ihr wahrscheinlich Ralph Macchio. Der erste Film, in welchem sie ihn gesehen hat, war Karate Kid. An sich kein Film Genre, was Lyra jetzt schauen würde. Aber an einem Tag hatte sie durch das Fernsehen gezappt und war gerade an eine Szene in dem Film gekommen, wo Ralph Macchio zu sehen war. Und sein Lächeln hat sie einfach in den Bann gezogen. Normalerweise gibt Lyra nichts auf Aussehen oder ähnliches (oder interessiert sich überhaupt für die Liebe zu einem männlichen Wesen im romantischen Sinne), aber er war tatsächlich so etwas wie ein Crush von ihr geworden. Noch nie hatte sie ein schöneres Lächeln gesehen als bei ihm. Und sie mochte seine Augen, vor allem wenn er dann lächelte. Das sie danach praktisch jeden Film mit ihm gesehen hat sagte sie natürlich keinem. ^^
Nummer 2 war ...wer hätte es gedacht ..Keanu Reeves. Zum ersten Mal sah sie ihn 1989 in dem Film Bill & Teds verrückte Reise durch die Zeit. Eigentlich hatte sie sich nur den Film angeschaut, weil sie das Thema Zeitreise sie zu dem Zeitpunkt interessierte. Und als da plötzlich der junge Keanu ins Bild kam..BAM war es um sie geschehen. Sie würde jetzt nicht sagen, dass sie einen Faible hatte für junge Männer mit brauen Augen und Haaren, es war eher Zufall ...wers glaubt XD Wenn man es genau nimmt, standen Keanu Reeves und Ralph Macchio bei ihr fast an gleicher Stelle, mal hatte sie Zeitpunkte, da war der eine mehr vorne, mal der andere. Während Ralph so eher der perfect Boyfriend war bzw. diese Aura verströmte für sie, nett, höflich und liebevoll, hatte Keanu irgendetwas mysteriöses für sie an sich, was sie nicht genau beschreiben konnte. Das sie dadurch auch den einen oder anderen Traum von ihm hatte, wenn sie manche Filme von ihm gesehen hatte, würde sie nie zugeben XD

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what kind of father or mother you will be ? and what kind of husspind or wife you will be?

It's hard to answer this question considering I will never be a mother nor a wife. 😅. Well me and my boyfriend have talked about it and we don't think we want to get married, and kids are a big no. Maybe if we had a ton of money we would get married one day, but we'd rather spend any extra cash on experiences like holidays and stuff.

🥰Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?

Sorry I'm 27 days late on this. 😅
I'm going to watch a band called You Me at Six play a gig in the evening. Before that I'm going for a meal in a Chinese restaurant. I'm really looking forward to it. Much love to my boyfriend who doesn't enjoy the same music as me, but is still coming along. I don't have any plans for Sunday. It'll probably just be a chilled out day, and I might catch up on The Apprentice.

If you are in a relationship or married, when did you fall in love with them? 💘 😇

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I fell in love with my boyfriend after I broke up with my ex. We talked and I quickly noticed we have sooo much in common. I immediately liked him and after meeting for the first time (part from seeing each other at school) I fell in love with him. 🥰

How do you entertain yourself?

I entertain myself through a lot of things!
- spending time with my boyfriend.
- spending time on social media.
- listening to music.
- taking a walk.
- going to do things: shopping, theme park, swimming, bowling, pooling, etc.
- reading a book.
- gaming.
- spending time with friends.
- working.

my boyfriend says I do not give him enough of my time but I'm having problems at home I need a break from this relationship what do I do?

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you should be honest with him and tell him to be patient with you till these problems pass away💁🏻‍♂️or if you take a breake from the relationship for an extra time for your day it's actually a break up🤷🏻‍♂️

What is the ideal holiday destination for you? 🏖️ 🌴 🍹 🏄 😇

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I love exploring a country and I love to be active. What my boyfriend and I did last summer was perfect: we went to different theme parks in The Netherlands and Germany whilst also exploring the country between days. 😊
What is the ideal holiday destination for you

If your boyfriend or girlfriends friend confessed feelings for you would you say something ?

I actually had this happened to me before and it’s an awkward situation indeed. 😅
Like, he was my boyfriend’s bestfriend at the time, until we all got so high and drunk that he joked about making out or smashing me if only I was single and If I wasn’t dating his friend. Ooof! The drama after that was unspeakable. 🥲
I had no idea what to say to him since my boyfriend starting kicking his ass and bashing his head onto the sidewalk and got hospitalized. And I never saw him again. 🙃

Do u have a boyfriend

In the past yes but you gotta think study is more important than relationships! School first always remember that! Also is there a guy my age into simulators? Probably not unless his father also drives a Lorry in Europe 😂 thats why i love Volvo so much because my dad drives a real one and he thinks its awesome i can literally play a trucking game

Ariana é uscita con un tipo sposato e con un figlio neonato. Tutti la criticarono e quindi ha fatto una canzone chiamata "yes, and?", per dire tipo "si e beh che ve ne frega a voi con chi esco, faccio cio che mi pare". Leggi il testo della canzone se ti va

Si, ho visto. Lei mi sta estremamente sui coglioni, da quando ho visto il video “break up w your boy-friend cause i’m bored”
Giuro, i brividi, ma come ti viene con quello che hai fatto nella realtà

Show me ur childhood crush and the person u ended up with :)

Kovu from the Lion King , I don't have a photo of my boyfriend on my phone so I can't post it but he is on my Instagram.😀
Show me ur childhood crush and the person u ended up with
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I ask my boyfriend what he wants to do on Valentine’s Day and he said this “God I forgot about valentine's day not going to lie I am not a big fan of it massive scam and rip off tbh”

I don’t know what to tell you, lovely - a lot of people feel that way. But if it’s important to you then why not organise a date that’s not overly Valentines-y (so maybe go for a walk, visit a beach, go for lunch, get a movie and cook dinner together) so that you both get something special but without it being too Hallmark?

What would you say is the secret of a happy relationship? 👩‍❤️‍👨 😇

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Idk as I am single😊. Let me know if you find a boyfriend for me I will tell you after getting into relationship 😃

He isn't that special for you.Roger that.

If you honestly think I don't care about my boyfriend just because I don't waste MY money and MY food on a meal JUST FOR HIM & no one else to eat then you're a mxron. Not to mention why tf would I want to come home after a long shift and make two whole separate meals, and do dishes for two whole separate meals? I'm not a slave nor am I his servant. He's literally the one who goes grocery shopping lmao not me. If he wanted something special he'd buy it with his own money & make it himself. He doesn't. He's more than happy with what I buy.

The 3rd Monday of January is often called “Blue Monday” here in the West. The term was coined in 2004 by a psychologist who claimed (without scientific evidence btw) that it was the most depressing day in the year. So how has your day been today? I hope all your spirits are in reasonable shape 👍

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Haha well I started my period today so I was a bit more tired than usual, but other than that I had a good day!
Been gymming with my boyfriend, we had lunch and our afternoon together. I showered and worked on the puzzle after dinner. So far my mood has been good. 😊

Out of curiosity, when did you start wearing glasses? Do you wear contacts as well and if yes, do they ever bother you? I need glasses and have them but hardly ever wear them because I don’t think they look good on me lol.

I started wearing glasses in 2015. I only wore them when I needed them: for school, reading and gaming. I didn’t like how they looked on me.
In 2019 my boyfriend remeasured my eyes. I got a new prescription and I bought new glasses in the optician store he was working at the time.
I love how the glasses look on me now. I wear them fully throughout the day.
We’re trying to find the right contact lenses for me, but I have very very dry eyes, which makes them super uncomfortable.
Out of curiosity when did you start wearing glasses Do you wear contacts as well

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