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Country loyalty. Yay or Nay?

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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Living in Germany taught me to look critically at my government and country. Not to be proud for the sake of it but to appreciate where it does good and criticizing where it fails to improve.

Have you ever been to build a bear? Or taken your child/children to it to make their own special bear?

Deutsch: Ich selbst habe mir bei „Build a bear“ ein Schaf machen lassen als Kind in Florida da war ich selbst 3jahre alt und der sagt dann „I love you, I love you“ und man sieht definitiv das er alt ist, meine Schwester hat einen Bär bei „Build a bear“ hier in Deutschland in Berlin gemacht und der singt „let it Go“ von eiskönigin🤭mein Sohn soll sich später auch einen machen lassen denn sowas ist so eine tolle Erinnerung.🙈
Englisch: When I was a child i made a sheep from "Build a bear" in Florida when I was 3 years old and he says "I love you, I love you" and you can definitely see that he's old, my sister has made a bear at "Build a bear" here in Germany in Berlin and he sings "let it go" by frozen🤭my son should have to made later because that's such a great memory.🙈

Do you know any spa towns? If so, name as many or as little as you want 👍 😇

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Lieber Tommy ich war erst im Februar zur Reha. Da war ich am Möhnesee. Die bekannten Kurorte in Deutschland besitzen alle als Auszeichnung den Begriff Bad vor dem Namen der Stadt, beispielsweise Bad Säckingen, Bad Schandau, Bad Pyrmont, Bad Alexanderbad, Bad Grund, Bad Sachsa, Bad Harzburg, Bad Münder...
In England war ich in Barth, einen bedeutenden Badeort seit der Römerzeit.
Dear Tommy, historical spa towns in Germany called "Bad". Towns get this name as first name: Bad Säckingen, Bad Schandau, Bad Pyrmont, Bad Alexanderbad, Bad Grund, Bad Sachsa, Bad Harzburg, Bad Münder...
In England I know the spa town Bath, an ancient town of the Roman Age.

Do you speak with a certain dialect? How's that dialect typically considered being by others who speak your mother tongue? 💬🌍

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Yeah, I can speak Saarbrücker Platt, which is a German dialect used in my hometown Saarbrücken. I do speak standard German mostly, which is why most people don't spot my dialect at first, which is probably good, bc my dialect is not considered a cool one in Germany I think. 😅 My Bundesland is a very small one and people have a very vague understanding of it, including lots of stereotypes and "running gags" that make us seem weird af at times.

🤗 I hope you had a nice Saturday my witchy friend and your Sunday is even better, anything planned? 🤔

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
We're leaving France on Sunday. The husband asks to visit Germany, wants to visit the grave of his great-grandfather ☺🤗

Ist es für viele Menschen bereits existenzgefährdend, wenn alles immer teurer wird? Wie gehst du mit den gestiegenen Lebenshaltungskosten um? XxEpo

XxSuperwomenxX’s Profile PhotoEponomasie
Ich konsumiere und brauche weit weniger als die gewöhnlichen Menschen die das System verdorben hat. Solange es reicht gesundes Essen und Getränke zu holen und das nötigste sonstige komme ich klar. Ich habe nie Geld in alles andere geschleudert. Aus diesem und vielen andern Gründen treffen die Krisen mich zuletzt leider relativiert es sich unfairerweise trotzdem etwas da ich auch weit weniger Geld zur Verfügung habe als die meisten in bad old Germany sonst hätte ich bei meiner weisen strategischen sparsamen minimalistischen supereffizienten genügsamen INTJ Lebensweise nie ein Problem und würde Krisen erst bemerken wenn andere schon längst tot oder verzweifelt sind. Und all das vermissen was ich nie brauchte während ich in dieser Welt eher vermisse was sie nie hatten und kannten.

If someone you know in real real life impersonated you on the internet and made fake accounts of you to try to ruin your reputation what would you do? Would you press charges on them?

Do you have evidence?
Can you prove what you are saying is the truth?
Do you have:
- accurate account information and reliable user account identification?
- digital foot print i.e. source ip address or source mac address?
- photographs and text messages that can be used in a court of law?
- what international law has been violated?
Remember, various countries have implemented legal measures to address these types of issues within the confines of their sovereign nations, but the international community has not codified into law impersonation involving fake askfm accounts unless a serious crime that involves death or extortion has been committed. Also consider that the burden of proof is the responsibility of the plaintiff and their lawyers and all associated legal fees are the responsibility of the plaintiff. These fee's can easily reach in excess of $100k.
I recall reading a similar story a few years ago that took place in Madrid, Spain. The plaintiff went to the police in Madrid and attempted to file a criminal complaint against an askfm user located in Canada. The case was dismissed because the source ip address of the accused was located in Germany and did not match the digital footprint that the alleged victim had provided to the police.
Keep in mind that proving cases like this is extremely difficult because local police lack the resources required to conduct a proper forensic investigation and international laws are either vague or do not currently exist to cover cases involving fraudulent accounts, name calling, insults, racism, etc. on social networks such as askfm, tumblr, twitter, etc.
But hey, if you have $20,000+ dollars to waste on legal fees, why not proceed so you can learn how the legal system operates and perhaps you can become an advocate to champion the necessary changes to affect international law to prosecute askfm users who roleplay, create fake accounts and utilize your photographs without explicit permission.
Perhaps you might avoid these situations if you stop posting personal information on social networks or maybe even consider disabling your askfm, instagram, twitter and facebook accounts and do something more productive with your life like: graduating from college, obtain a job, volunteer are a homeless kitchen, adopt a child or (heaven forbid) help a neighbor or friend or family member who is suffering and needs help.
Good Luck!

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What do you think about the Russians?

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More than the Russians I think of one other thing. How is it possible that the atrocious fate of Ukraine has not yet stopped? It seems simple to me ... everyone allies against Russia and there would not have been all these victims. But the states are limited to bringing arms and support to Ukraine. Some like the US or Germany or in any case all of us together will have had to act right away. But no ... as it was with the covid. He always waits for the last and never gets enough when it seems so trivial to me to root out evil. But you never do ... will there be some interest behind not taking action? What is it that prevents everyone from uniting and resolving evil right away? I do not understand...

What would your ideal future life be like? What kind of life do you want to have way down the line, when you've sorted everything out and life is good?

I can't say what my ideal future would be like. Right now what I'd like to happen.. to be with my best friend who I'm in love with, she's already aware but it's a complicated situation. (I don't think it'll end up happening, but we're talking hypothetical right?!) I'd like to figure out what I'm doing career-wise. I'm stable now, but I'd struggle to raise a family on my current income. Now that I'm thinking about it, I really just want my future to be happy. I'm not unhappy, but there is always room for improvement!
One thing I'd really like to have is a job that fulfills one of my passions, a job where I want to start working at and mayhaps never ever stop again. Sure, money is a thing to look at, but experince is everything to me. When I don't do what I like, I feel like I wasted some precious time of my life. And I never ever want to need to say that I wasn't enjoying something I did, because I want to live my life to the fullest.
Another thing I want in my future is to be able of just entering a bar, sitting down at the piano and playing it effortlessly, so good, that I provoke a standing ovation. And yeah, there is that romance thing too. I just want somone to be by my side. I don't think I will ever be capable of marrying someone. Not to mention family and kids. I'm not sure wether I wants children or not.
In my most perfect ideal future, I would be rich, a stay-at-home mother with 6+ children, and maybe with a husband. Living in Europe (France, England or Germany) in a nice house. Once all my children are 6+ years old (or 5+ if we're in England), I'll go back to work, but part-time if I'm in Germany (mornings only). Then during lunch, I have a lunch date with my children, since apparently in Europe, your child can get out of school during lunchtime.
In my more realizable ideal, I'm a single mother with two or three children. Location still a unknown, since it would depend on which decision I take now (right now I'm hesitating between staying in Germany or moving back to the US or Canada). I am someone who works with either deaf/deaf-blind children, or children experiencing behavioral difficulties. But, I would work in a school, just so I can have the same breaks as my children. No cars, just bikes. We'd be the type of family who would go to the museum at least once a week, go to the park every afternoon after dinner, and who would have lunch in a café from time to time. I want to be directing a movie with my SO one day and flying over to sign my books the next. I want to fly to conventions every month where I get to see people's cosplays of my characters and talk about creative processes. I want to be bringing my kids to movie sets. I want to walk into a meeting with all my artistic friends were we spitball ideas because we're ALL working as a team. But most of all, I want to know that at least one person out there felt a little less lonely or a little less hurt because one of my stories helped them.

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Upon further research you are right. I didn’t know Kony’s Army was called that. How do you know that stuff? Not calling you a Smart A or anything but how do you just know so much stuff lol.

idk just keeping up w current events, reading news instead of watching the news. like i haven’t watched much actual american news on the russia ukraine /war/ (sorry i refuse to call what’s happening a crisis and downplay it), but i’ll look up articles from germany, ukraine, poland, etc and just translate them instead.
i’ve also been reading, tonight, on strategy theories.
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In the event of a disaster, do you have a plan of what you're going to do? Do you know the location of nearby shelters etc.? ☄️☢️

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I know in Sweden during the Cold War a lot of properties were built with shelters as standard.
There are no nearby shelters for anything here though, so far as I’m aware other than a cold war bunker in York and some decommissioned military bunkers on the North York moors - but if we get a four minute warning there’s no chance of getting there even if I wanted to (which I don’t).
I wouldn’t be able to cope (or succeed) with the dog-eats-dog battle for survival going on between people trying to cram into a public shelter even if there was one nearby.
Pic: me and a couple of friends in a public bunker in Berlin, Germany.
In the event of a disaster do you have a plan of what youre going to do Do you

Hungarian wages are low and the economy is small. That is why Orban has asked for Russian investment. Gas sales to Germany have brought in billions, no one would blame the war on Angela Merkel.

That is a fair point my friend and I agree that all blame cannot be attributed to Orban.
My beef with Orban has more to do with his repression of human and civil rights in Hungary.
You are correct about Germany's over dependence on Russian gas and as your message prompted me to research a little further I applaud Orban's decision on Ukrainian refugees but I think it is fair to say that Orban directly supported Putin until recently
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If you get a criminal record in England can you still travel to places like France or Germany?

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Here is a list of countries that don’t allow convicted felons to enter:
New Zealand
South Africa
The United Kingdom
United States
What Countries Can a Convicted Felon Travel to?
You can travel to the following countries if you are a convicted felon:
Hong Kong
South Korea
The Dominican Republic
The Philippines
United Arab Emirates
Remember: The countries listed above do not ask you to provide your criminal history upfront but still have active laws which prohibit felons from entering the country. This means that while you don’t have to provide evidence of your criminal history, you will be denied entry if your history is discovered.
Can I Visit Europe With a Criminal Record?
If you have visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Zone, then you can enter even with a criminal record. If you don’t have visa-free access, you may be required to show your criminal history during the visa application process. But, still, you can usually enter any country in Europe if you have a criminal record and:
Your conviction does not pass 3 years.
You were not arrested in crimes related to human trafficking or drug smuggling.
However, once ETIAS is launched in 2022, entering countries in Europe with a criminal history will be more difficult. ETIAS will provide background checks for every person who wants to enter the Schengen Area, and without receiving an entry authorisation, you cannot visit member countries.

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If you get a criminal record in England can you still travel to places like

He lives in germany. It could help him get less tangled up about sex and finally understand that it's not a big deal (he's very insecure about being a virgin)

أتفهم ما يمر به هذا الرجل. فالانسان كائن اجتماعي في نهاية المطاف والجنس احد اوجه التواصل والتفاعل مع محيطه. اذا انقطع هذا التواصل سيبدأ الفرد في التساؤل والتشكيك في نفسه: ما خطبي؟ مما أعاني بالضبط؟
من هنا نفهم خطورة الكبت الجنسي (فالمكبوتين جنسيًا يشعرون أن مرتبتهم الإنسانية قد هبطت إلى مستوى المعاق أو المجنون) كما يقول كارل يونغ. لكن الانفعالات النفسية ليست كل شيء. فقليل من التفكير سيوصلك الى ان اختزال قيمتك كرجل في الجنس فقط هو أسوأ إساءة ترتكبها في حق نفسك. [هذه افضل نصيحة تقدمها له]. وأعتقد ان مساعدته تبدأ من هنا فالظروف أعقد من ان تتغير كما يبدو.

I certainly don't see it that way The one looking for what you mention is Putin. corrupt little Fascists like him need to be taken on, I do not understand why NATO who are funded with billions of £ and $ and are sworn to defend Europe's security dont actually do just that

princessali6’s Profile PhotoMáire Ní Einstein
Does NATO actually do anything in the last few decades. (Its not as if they are taking care of any terror).
Last I heard, the most Ukraine could do was contact OSCE and National Security and Defense Council, some of their western allies (France, Germany and the US).

شنو سبب تردّي جودة المنتجات الأمريكية والأوروبية مقارنة بما كانت عليه منذ عقود، بالسبعينات تلاحظ المنتجات فائقة الجودة وكأنها مصنوعة من مواد نفيسة من قبل حضارة متفوقة على الحضارة الأرضية، لكن حاليا تلاحظها وكأنها مغشوش أو أعلى جودة منه بقليل، مثل نظارة RayBan صنعت بالسبعينات ونظارة RayBan حاليا

Even the most prestigious product in ‘Murica, the iPhone, is build in?
Living in Germany makes u understand the value of good quality more than any other spot on this planet; and we do pay more for a product if we assume it's superiority compared to other available products; there is a big market only for evaluating products and customer experience. Not to mention the TÜVs (Technical Inspection Association) and other old similar associations - since the second Reich! - which regulate quality and demand a standard for almost every product.
And it is like a disease, this urgesness and simultaneous pride in buying a high quality P and brag about it, lol.
So most of the consumers here are ready to pay the extra amount. This is not a general mentality you would encounter in the States. Consumers there indirectly influence corporates' behaviours and strategies and make them react to the market's needs. Buying s.th. cheaper than other products on market is a favourable strategy for the regular consumer in the States. This forces the producers to sacrifice a bit of quality for a lesser affordable price. Simple economic rule..
*No arbaic keyword at work ;)

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Hey Lady Eloquence, happy birthday to you! 🥳🎉 I wish you a lot of health, I hope you have mostly at least good days this year, more great days with your partner. And of course I also you'll be doing good mostly in your college/university. :) (sorry I forgot where you're studying 😐😅)

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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Hey Curious Butterfly.
Thank you for your lovely wishes. I study in Germany (media sciences)
Sending good vibes your way. Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday!!!

How's your February so far? 😊

jezsicc’s Profile PhotoJess
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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Hey Jess, it's a little stressful so far.
Although my exams are over by now, I still have some work on my plate. But I am happy that my family is visiting me today. It's really precious 'cause they basically live on the opposite end of Germany. I am happy to see them. I am also happy about my upcoming b-day. How about you? I hope your February was good to you!

Why Wokeism? --Part 3--

Why Wokeism? --Part 3--
There are many similarities between what Germans believed in the years before Hitler and what “woke” culture is teaching black Americans today. Black Americans today are systematically taught that:
1. Every problem and failure in their communities is caused by somebody else, namely past or present “racist” whites.
2. Skin color makes every black American a special person who cannot be understood or represented by anyone with a different skin color.
3. Only black Americans suffered from slavery years ago and only whites were slaveowners. Only black Americans suffer from rude or unfair treatment and insults. Therefore, black Americans can never be guilty of racism or bigotry.
4. Political power, not education, training, planning, or discipline is the only way black Americans can succeed. Since elections have replaced wars, the Democratic Party is today’s black army. “Ballot harvesters” are today’s soldiers.
5. Black Americans are entitled to use political power, violence, or “any means necessary” take what they “need” from those with different skin color who have more. That can be through looting, higher minimum wages, “redistribution” or “reparations.”
This thinking caused millions of Germans to embrace National Socialism in the 1920s and 1930s. Once National Socialists had absolute political power in Germany, there was no peaceful way to stop them. While this was happening in Germany, very similar events were happening in Italy and Japan. This thinking caused 14 years of world war and the deaths of some 85 million people -- roughly 3% of the world’s population. Sadly, this will happen again unless most Americans quickly understand and reject the lies and evil of this “woke” culture.
--Seth Grossman--

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Why Wokeism? --Part 2--

Why Wokeism? --Part 2--
When Americans think of the Holocaust, we picture strong Nazi thugs beating and murdering helpless Jews. We think thousands of supporters cheering Hitler and goose-stepping in massive parades. Few Americans know that less than twenty years before, most of those Germans saw themselves as helpless and persecuted victims.
A new generation of German scholars are just starting to explain this. One of them is Götz Aly, author of Why the Germans? Why the Jews? Envy, Race Hatred, and the Prehistory of the Holocaust. Aly gives these two short and logical explanations as to what happened.
First, long before Hitler, most Germans embraced a fake view of their history and themselves. Although Germany by 1900 was one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world, most Germans still saw themselves as weak, persecuted, and disrespected. They were obsessed with memories of when their country was too divided to defend itself, and often invaded and occupied by powerful neighbors. They were offended when the Wagner operas they adored were ridiculed by critics in London and Paris.
Second, Götz Aly explained that by the early 1900s, most Germans had thoroughly embraced the socialist ideas of Karl Marx. Aly wrote that this socialism made virtues of the deadly sins of envy and theft. Socialism accepts the premise that if people think they have too little, they have the right to believe that others have too much. Therefore, coveting what others have and using government to steal it are no longer violations of the Ten Commandments. They are instead just demands for “reparations” or “redistribution.”
The TIK History video “National Socialism Was Socialism” makes that same point. According to TIK History, Marxism is but one of many varieties of socialism. However, all socialists to some degree blame a small “unsocialized” group for the problems of their society. They all weaken or eliminate them and steal some or all of their stuff. Some socialists are more extreme than others. Revolutionary France killed its priests and aristocrats in 1792 and took their stuff. Communists in Russia did that to land and business owners in 1919. The Communist regime in China did it after World War II.
According to TIK History, it was politically easier for German “National Socialists” (Nazis) to select Jews rather than all rich business and landowners, as their “unsocialized” group to attack and rob.
These new German scholars show that Hitler’s National Socialists closely followed the course of most socialist and Communist regimes. Everything worked well until they ran out of other people’s money. When Hitler’s National Socialists spent all the money they had robbed from Germany’s Jews, they had to invade and steal from other countries.

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PS the comments on stock news videos are loaded with bots and scammers lol... so don't call a numba or send a private message to some telegram account

r/worldnews is one of my frequent stops, especially at night. The problem is, I literally laugh so hard at the comments that it physically hurts. Germany offered the Ukraine 5,500 helmets. One commenter did the whole Always Sunny’s “Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?” Another “I guess this is better than thoughts and prayers, right guys?!” I’m glad I sleep alone because I totally would be constantly waking someone up dying with laughter. 😂😂😂
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what are your thoughts on the current state of the world? 🌍

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Well, I think Russia is morphing into the USSR 2.0 (Someone should totally give Putin the memo that Stalin is dead and gone) The EU it seems (mainly Germany) is hesitant to act because if oil. We’re dragging our feet on the situation and absolutely no one wants to go to war again. ☺️

نقلل ناس ونزود اي ي جماعه ؟

mahmoud3457776’s Profile Photomahmoud ali
الالوان وادوات الرسم ومكتبات ادوات الرسم
ومحلات مخصوص لل sunflowers🌻
لوحات Van Gogh 💙💙💙💙💙💙
متاحف لوحات Van Gogh و Gift shops لمقتناياته والرحلات لمتاحفه في 🖤Amsterdam و في Germany 🖤 و في Washington 🖤.
وموسيقي Beethoven 🖤🖤🖤🖤
ياااه العالم هيبقي جميل جدا 😌💙🥰
نقلل ناس ونزود اي ي جماعه

I literally owned a iPhone since i started using smartphones and i have never owned such a terrible car as a Dodge Neon only Mercedes Benz, they don't even have those cars in Germany and by the time i got a drivers license they were obsolete in Canada

Want a medal? I had cheap run down shit, now I don’t and that’s a bigger flex to me. It’s not where I come from that I care about, it’s where I am now in life.

How many countries have you visited

I was only on Menorca,Lanzarote and I was a hospitably in Germany but only for the night,and I lived in Poland many years.I would like to go to Greece and Italy,but “covid”I’m not going to get vaccinaTed so..

How are you currently feeling?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Honestly, I am really fed up with the state funding for students in Germany because it SUCKS. A. LOT. I found out that I will not be able to rent a home and move out because they still think that my parents earn "too much" and therefore I will not need the support. None of it. Guess what: My parents don't have enough money to support me besides their debts and loans and I am also not willing to be a burden to them. I can't depend on a part-time job alone if everything costs about 300-400 euros without help from them. It's simply not possible and really unfair. I have to pay for health insurance as well now (because I turned 25) and the funny thing is that the amount of money I have to pay for insurance is built on the state funding system that I don't even get funded, LOL. So yeah. Guess I have to work my ass again with a low income to get by and move out after graduating because the coalition agreement that wants to reform this shitty system comes too late. <3 <3 <3 I love this country. <3 <3 <3

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What were some of the general highlights of 2021 for you? Was there anyone or anything that made last year better despite the circumstances? ⭐

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
When suddenly Germany felt generous and gifted free tickets for train & bus to all students in the whole country. I think it was before the delta virus but I'm sure it was in summer, me and my girlfriend went to Munich and travelled to some other regions that are usually further away. When I was able to see my family (as that doesn't happen really often during the pandemic) Or when I met my bestie after a long while. The same goes for her, because for my studies I moved basically from one end of Germany to another.

I had an argument with her a while ago, and it turned out to be the same as with everyone else who took the jab. I asked her if she thought it was okay to have mandatory vaccines, she claimed vaccines were mandatory because no one is grabbing your arm by force to get it as if mandatory meant that

Vaccines aren’t mandatory but I think they will be soon. You know there’s already unvaccinated camps? It’s literally going Nazi Germany in some places it’s actually worrying 😬 I know people who have been fired for being unvaccinated etc, it’s discriminatory/illegal as fuck.

I came to Germany to marry my girlfriend, and when I arrived she told me that she like another man and she will marry him, I was shocked by this behaviour, is that normal in Germany???

Ist es wo du her kommst denn normal so dämlich zu sein, dass man irgendein negatives verhalten auf die ganze Nationalität übertragt?

Magst du Frauen lieber ungeschminkt oder gestylt? 🕊

inked_girl_c’s Profile Photoink.candy_
Merry Christmas 🌲☃️🌲
Ich wünsche euch alle ein wunderschönen Heiligen Abend und genieß die Zeit mit euren Familien, und geniesst auch die Zeit danach. 💓 🌲
#merrychristmas #happychristmas #christmas #youtuber #viral #tiktok #instagram #tumblr #menmodel #fitnessmodel #gymmodel #germany🇩🇪 #germanymodels #fashionmodel #facemodel #designmodel #photomodel #instagrammodel #happy #life #lifestyle #familie #love
Magst du Frauen lieber ungeschminkt oder gestylt

What could have been done at the beginning of the pandemic to prevent it from lasting this long?

If I remember correctly Trump refused to get vaccines from Germany because they were not made in the US. Not listening to and ridiculing scientists didn't help either. Then of course we still have people who don't want to wear masks or get vaccinated, maybe it didn't really matter. Making strict rules and enforcing them would have helped.

(If you don't celebrate Christmas, just ignore this question 👍) - What’s the first Christmas you can remember? 🎄 🎅 🎁 🌰 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I dont know. 🤔 In Russia we almost always celebrated New Year's Eve and then Father Frost came along. 😅 In Germany we only celebrated Christmas after several years. 🤔
Do you need the answer in English or do you understand German as well? 🙂
Ich weiß es nicht. 🤔 In Russland hatten wir fast immer nur an Silvester gefeiert und da kam dann Väterchen Frost. 😅 In Deutschland hatten wir Weihnachten erst nach mehreren Jahren gefeiert. 🤔

How to get a girlfriend in Germany?

Ist jetzt nicht meine Sicht aber die von gefühlt halb Deutschland: zieh ne Jogginghose, eine fake guccibauchtasche, passend zur bauchtasche natürlich auch die fake gucci cap und ein Fußballtrikot deiner Wahl an. Plus Punkte hast du immer wenn du groß bist.. immer wieder gerne 🤝🏽 viel glück hehe

Have you been to Holocaust memorial or museum?

BonesAngela’s Profile Photo#SWEET
I have 💔😢 I lived In Germany for thirteen years of my life and I have actually been to the wall that no longer exists and I had seen photos and read the history of the horrors that happened… 💔😢
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Are eastern European countries, down to the south Slavic countries, democratic and free?

Theoretically. If one operates a profitable business, has a good source of income or an excellent financial situation, life is good. For the average person, most things are a struggle. Corruption is perhaps the biggest problem and the European "Union" (Germany) continues to sh!t on the entire continent through its proxy (Brussels). There is a great deal more to say but to answer your question, freedom and democracy in that part of the world depends greatly on one's status.
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(If you don't celebrate Christmas, just ignore this question 👍) - What places do you associate with Christmas? 🎄 🎅 🎁 🌰 👍 🙃

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I believe that America and Germany. If the first option is explained by movies and beautiful photos , then in the second option everything is even simpler - I loved to celebrate Christmas at Home
If you dont celebrate Christmas just ignore this question   What places do you

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