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Que animes tte gustta?

ttellevoconmigoo’s Profile PhotoVanezzaCHarun
/Tuve mi temporada de ver mucho anime, ahora solo veo uno que otro cuando tengo mi día libre. Sin más dejaré los que llegué a ver por ahí en mis 2012 al 2014, y agregaré algunos actuales que me encantaron: Tokyo ghoul, Akame ga kill, Beastars, Elfen lied, Code geass, Kimi ni todoke, Toradora, Fate series, Sukitte Ii na yo, Mahou tsukai no yome, Tokyo revengers, Masamune-kun no revenger, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Ao haru ride, Kaichou wa maid-sama!, Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, Noragami, My dress-up darling, To love-Ru, Highschool of the dead, Rurouni Kenshin, One punch-man, Vampire knight, No game no life, Mirai Nikki, Jujutsu kaisen, Owari no seraph, Ao no exorcist, Yofukashi no uta, Hori-san to Miyamura-kun, Deadman wonderland, Fire force, Kimetsu no yaiba, Spy × Family, Fullmetal alchemist, Magi: The labyrinth of magic, Kuroshitsuji, Inu x Boku SS, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Los caballeros del zodiac, Shaman king, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Tasogare Otome × Amnesia, Sankarea, Durarara!!, Komi-san wa, komyushō desu.

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I’m still in love with my ex from highschool. I’m now older and engaged. Why can’t I let him go?

It’s probably because they were someone you truly connected with and/or felt captivated by so even if you two aren’t together anymore, they left their mark on you and it’s hard to move past that. You might’ve tried to move on at some point and it didn’t work but they still mattered to you in the past and it’s true that no one can replace them. Maybe talking to them again might help you get the closure you perhaps didn’t receive from them back when you two broke up and you might find it easier to officially move on that way but, you don’t need closure for that since time can change the way you feel about him and maybe that’s all you need.

Which childhood movies was more iconic to you personally between Camp Rock and Highschool musical?

i have a confession
i've never seen either of these. they came out when i was in highschool and by then i was watching niptuck, lost, and greys anatomy

what dreams have you given up on and what was/were the reasons?

NalZE7’s Profile Photoنبيل
Studying Arabic or English as a major in university, I wanted to be a literary critic. Everyone that knew me said it would be a waste of an engineer.
My teacher at 10th grade tore up my application to adabi branch for highschool and made me redo it to register in 3elmi.
I was just a kid at the time and had no back bone, though hard headed but very anxious about my decisions. I eventually studied and worked as an engineer, it opened my eyes and mind like nothing else would do but I think it made my melancholy and depressive nature worse in some way.
I don't know if I were to be a happier person if I did anything else really so it's not that big of a deal to me right now.

What's a gift you've recieved which you think was truly thoughtful? 🎁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My highschool bestie got me this "replica" of the "Sleeping Beauty" storybook!
It's a journal where I can write in it 🥰 I love it SOooo much!! But also, I don't want to ruin it's purtyness with my derpy handwriting, lol. I'm also debating if it should become my new dream journal? Or a book of poetry? Or just a regular journal? So much to figure out! 📖✒️😴💭
Whats a gift youve recieved which you think was truly thoughtful

Bye hag. Go have some kids, instead of being around kids in school. A married woman in her late 20s has kids, not classes.

There are people older than I am in my lecture class but please continue on telling the world you're still in highschool with your mentality. Lolol.
For the record though, not everyone wants children or even, who's to say I'm not currently pregnant??Just because someone's life doesn't go in the order YOU want it to go in or exactly how YOU want/think it to go doesn't mean it's the wrong order/way. When you grow up & become an adult you'll realize that.
Now, go be a butthurt child elsewhere & stay off my page.

Merry Christmas and happy new year 🎊🎇🎉 btw do you have any plans in holidays?

thank u for your wishes ☺️💜
actually i just had a few days at home and didn't have any plans for this holiday. yesterday i just went out with my highschool friends and we had dinner together.
2024 has come, i hope everything will go well 💜 i will also celebrate Lunar new year next month too 🥳
Merry Christmas and happy new year  btw do you have any plans in holidays

What's your unforgettable memory when you were in highschool?

icepumpkincream’s Profile Photoicepumpkincream
When I joined our school musical, Joseph The Dreamer. The story and the music behind the play still serve as an inspiration up to this day.
When I won 1st place in Editorial writing in the Division Schools Press Conference. That was a proud moment for my school.
When I passed the UPCAT.
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What's your unforgettable memory when you were in highschool?

icepumpkincream’s Profile Photoicepumpkincream
A memorable moment was when I mistakenly left my gold ring on the side of the school stage, our designated eating spot during crowded times.
I used to apply baby powder on my face after meals, and because the ring felt uncomfortable, I always took it off. Two hours later, I noticed it was missing. Rushing back, I was relieved to find it in the same place.
I've kept it since then, but unfortunately, it no longer fits me. 😅

When do you think you developed your bipolar disorder? Is it something you were born with? Something you were genetically programmed to get at a certain age? If so, what age did it start? Or something that just randomly happened because of life circumstances?

Just because I’m diagnosed doesn’t mean I’m an expert on all things bipolar. I currently have a therapist who doesn’t even trust that diagnosis, but she wasn’t there when I received it, so I don’t really trust her word either. I know that my maternal grandfather was diagnosed with bipolar also, so it’s likely been in my genes since birth, but I didn’t have a manic episode (to my knowledge) before 2020. I did have anxiety from about puberty on, as well as depression and panic attacks during highschool and college, but the worst of my illness didn’t hit until I was in my 20s and ended up hospitalized (twice) for being in psychosis. I’m pretty sure it’s typical for the disorder to not show up until around that age, but I was by no means unaffected by it before then.

¿Te gustan los animes con temática trap?

nmero4’s Profile PhotoTomoki
Bueno, algunos sí.
En su momento disfruté de Ouran Highschool Club, como todos jajaja
Y me gustó Assassination Classroom también, este aún sigo pensando que es bueno.
Creo que me gustan si la historia es interesante, más que por el "trap" en sí.
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Der Einsendeschluss rückt immer näher 🤗 Kleine Detailfrage (von der ich hoffe, dass ihr sie nicht schon beantwortet habt), hatte Soledad in der Highschool eigentlich je einen festen Freund? 😊

GreenHillMoonlight’s Profile PhotoMina
Yess, wir sind auch schon mega gespannt auf eure Konzepte und drücken euch die Daumen für den Endspurt😱
Zu der Frage: Nicht offiziell, da wir die Position frei halten wollten für den Fall, dass jemand von euch jemanden erstellen will, der diese Position inne hat. Das heißt, es kann sein, dass in der schlussendlichen Gruppe Soledads Freund dabei ist, aber wir haben niemanden von vorneherein festgelegt🙌🏼

Oye, cuéntame algo de ti owo

WMednesday’s Profile PhotoSul
No sé si ya lo sabías, creo que sí, pero casi no termino la preparatoria (preuniversidad). Técnicamente, la abandoné. Así es, soy un "highschool dropout".
Odiaba la escuela. Por mi experiencia en secundaria, de la cual hablé hace poco, salí furioso con el mundo, indispuesto a escuchar a nadie; quería ser libre y hacer lo que me viniera en gana. En primer año de preparatoria pasé de milagro, debiendo 3 materias; en segundo, suspendí 8 de 11; recursé todo el segundo año; en el recurse me fui al carajø, suspendí todo. Abandoné la prepa.
Mi plan era ponerme a laburar en un hotel como mi viejo; pero era un pęndęjo de 18 años, y obviamente nadie me contrataría. Cuando me vi a mí mismo sin estudios, sin laburo y sin un plan, me asusté. Tuve una visión del futuro, como obrero, ganando el mínimo, sufriendo por llegar a fin de mes, explotado, humillado, sin poder pagarme un lujo, por mínimo que fuera... Me asusté muchísimo y entré en razón. Estaba siendo un idiøta y al único que jødía con mi actitud rebelde era a mí mismo.
Busqué la forma de terminar la preparatoria y ese mismo año apliqué para el IPN. Jamás volví a ser irresponsable, me puse metas y me enfoqué en ellas.
La gente que me conoció en esa época, no habría creído que hoy estoy donde estoy. De hecho, hubo una vez que iba camino a la universidad y me encontré a dos maestras de secundaria a las que particularmente saqué de quicio cuando fui su alumno. Les conté que estaba estudiando en el IPN y se sorprendieron mucho, pero también se alegraron por ver que había recapacitado y me enderecé.
Acá una foto de esas épocas turbias (aunque con buenos recuerdos también). ¿Podés adivinar quién soy? Pista: no soy el arquero xDD

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Oye cuéntame algo de ti owo
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You moved from a big city to a small town. What were your circumstances, and how'd you adjust?

Because I saw myself becoming the stereotypical parisian. I was stressed, angry, overworked, insomniac, and a social alcoholic. One day i was walking down the stairs in a busy metro station and a guy (suit, tie,€50 haircut) growled at me because i was in his way. Not grumbled, growled. Like a dog. I decided i didn't want to become this man. A month later i was packing up.
I'm currently living in Paris, renting a pretty huge apartment in the 15eme with 2 roommates, but I'll be moving soon into a new apartment I bought myself in banlieue. If given the opportunity I'd have preferred staying in Paris but it's way too expensive to buy anything here (like 10k€/sqm...).
I was born in the suburbs of Paris, childhood was cool but once you reach puberty and go to high-school, you'll start to see that you have a lot of stuff that you can do (bars, activities,...) you also have to deal with the reality that you'll most likely won't be able to live close to your work, and that means a mean travel time of 1h morning and then 1h evening, meaning you'll end up doing little of your free time if you account for doing groceries and food (which felt important to me, I wanted to avoid takeout and stuff like that as much as possible)
That plus the fact that the comute is pretty much lost time, I wasn't doing anything useful in the train or by driving the car, and couldn't go to work by bike which would have alleviated some of the downsides cause at least I would be getting some activity.
I've spent my entire life moving among different rural suburban areas. I was born in Acton, CA, moved to Flagstaff, AZ, had spent a couple years in rural Ohio, and currently live in a town about an hour outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I've never spent longer than a couple hotel nights in a major city despite visiting many as a kid. Now that I'm less than a year away from graduating college, I'd really like some honest insight.
Because the truth is I'm completely tired of driving 25 minutes to reach a restaurant, store, or anything more exciting than a gas station. I'm also tired of run-away, aggressive pets, hostile people, ignorance, bug infestations, and the overall subtle hostility that living out here is. For almost half a decade now I've been nurturing this idea of living in an apartment somewhere deep inside a city. To be able to walk anywhere in a two two mile radius and find things, even if not necessarily everything, I'd want, and to have the ability to train ride to the locations farther away. All the while being surrounded by the pinnacle of human civilization; it honestly sounds like a dream.
So to me moving out of the parisian ambiance was a goal that I don't regret achieving one bit, but this is mostly true to my needs and I can see why some people would want to live there, it was just not for me.

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In the UK is college different than in the US? in the US college is what comes after hs. But I heaard in the UK college is highschool? Idk

Not sure if this is throughout the uk, but definitely where I live, you go to high school and finish there, and in some places you are given the option to go to 6th form college. It's something you can do to earn your A levels before going to college! Usually 6th form college is within the same building as the high school you attend, same tutors etc.
Though it is also an option to just go straight to college and earn your A levels lol
In the UK is college different than in the US in the US college is what comes

Red ridings mother warned her of the wolf .....but ... ( change the story ) 🤣🤣🤣

flowur123’s Profile PhotoLady Galadriel
her mother warned her but the wolf turned out to be her highschool , college crush , and started dating ...
so she told her mother that she was a racist lol and got married .
weeks later eaten by the wolf ,
who was paid by the mother 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

Ever been bossed around by high-school girls?

this is real life bro. nobody has time to be like mean girls. everybody minds their own business and even if they talk shit they just talk shit behind people’s back
Ever been bossed around by highschool girls
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Ever diagnosed with insomnia? Share experience and how you realized it please.

Not diagnosed but I have problems sleeping since I was 17.
Back when I was in form 5, my physics teacher would give us homeworks everyday even for weekends. And everyday, you must submit the homeworks before 6:45 AM at school, kalau gagal hantar, rotan 2 kali.
The homeworks are not easy and i have to handwrite 3-4 pages of "daily homework" and 3-4 pages of exercises (it's two different things idk how to explain it). Lab reports not included. This is just for physics btw, homework subject lain lagi banyak :)
Even form 6 pun homework tidak la banyak mcm form 5 dulu 😭
So anw, I developed a habit of not sleeping. Sebab everyday paling awal, tidur 3 pagi.
Lepas habis highschool, i still can't sleep well if I don't use ASMR or I don't tire myself. For a year memang my sleeping schedule sangat tak teratur. Pernah nosebleed a few times. Kalau tidur awal pun memang akan bangun at 3 AM. Maybe my brain masih terbiasa utk buat daily homework 😂
I was like that for a year but I got better. Sekarang okay sikit bc i didn't wake up at 3 AM. But i still hv problems sleeping early.
Reading helps. Pilih buku yang boring, buku business ka lol. If that doesn't work, do a light workout.

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kalian lagi nonton film/series apa?

zidaZm’s Profile Photolvyou3000
Ada dua aga malu sih ngga kanak kanak jugaa👉🏻👈🏻 fun aja.. Ya kan
Yaitu Victorious dari Nickelodeon gendre friendship, comedy, highschool remaja sama Narto dari japan gendre anime.
Buat bantu bisa tidur aja sih ya buat ku mah🤙🏻
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you're not lgbt, you are a fkn heterosexual woman, married to a woman, living a traditional heteronormative life, lmaao. y'all are so cringy when u appropriate lgbt seriously.

idk about you but i think the fact that besides my husband that my longest relationship was a girl :///
nevermind that the entire reason i was bullied out of highschool was because i was The Lesbian in the school lmaooo

Be honest - what kinda student were u back in highschool? The smart one, the troublemaker, the cool kid, the diva, the joker, the teacher's pet, the nerd etc.

smugcobra’s Profile PhotoSmugCobra™
In high school, I was the one of the excelling students. I was constantly buried in books, a teacher's pet to a feew, had a small social circle with other loners, walked on the stage a couple too much and arrogance caught up to me. It wasn't my best self.

Were you popular back in highschool?

Sale_Race’s Profile PhotoEstherya
Far from it. I was the kid who was constantly bullied.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
Follow me on Twitch, Instagram, Onlyfans, Facebook, Telegram, Tiktok, Snapchat and Geocaching under @NoraKitties
Were you popular back in highschool
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True or false, people that were ugly in high-school become attractive after it while the ones that were attractive in high-school fall off

When they said u 'd never be like a shining star ..find strength & beauty from within ..
Cuz it 's there if u seek it..u can get it ,if u really want so!
It's not a rule, it's ur choice :)
True or false people that were ugly in highschool become attractive after it

If You Had All The Money In The World What Would Be The First Thing You Do Or Buy & Why? 🧐

Kung may unli money lang ako, Lahat ng mga bata sa langsangan, kukupkupin, bibihisan, papakainin at aalagaan, nasa isang compound sila. tapos sa compound na yon may school na don, at may boarding house sila. Tipong di sila makakalabas sa compound na yon, hanggat di sila nagtapos ng highschool pati na rin sa college. Feel ko kasi uunlad ang bansa natin kung 'LAHAT' ng mga bata at lalo na yung mga batang laki sa hirap ay makakapagtapos ng pag aaral. Sapilitan na to, para sa future nila HAHHAHAA. (Ang lawak ng imagination ko 😹)

Australians Only: What rule did you hated the most in school?

In highschool I hated the compulsive sports / PE and if you didn’t do it or bring active wear you’d have to write lines or pick up rubbish ☹️

I'm trying to see some subtle and major differences between different INTJs. Describe yourself like telling us about your hobbies, interests, talents, what your personality is like, etc.

I'm complex as hell. No one ever sees the full me because of that. My family sees one piece. People I work with see a totally different piece. People I like/friends see something else. And you people on Reddit see mostly a different piece from everyone else. When people from any of these four elements see me in one of the other elements, they get really confused. Some people think I'm intimidating as hell while other people think the idea that I'm intimidating is completely laughable. I'm old, but I look significantly younger than I am, i.e. at least a decade younger. So, I get a lot of amusement from people because of all of these things. I like dark blue and black and wear those colors almost all the time. I actually love sports, but I treat it like an academic subject. I'm into politics, psychology, reading, research, learning, social issues, pretty much all kinds of music (no "I have eclectic taste" followed by "I hate pop music," though, admittedly, I'm less familiar with modern music--but I just like anything that sounds good to me), old sitcoms. I like philosophical discussions. Great career, but always thinking about what the next step is and positioning for it. "Forever alone"--too weird and different to find someone who is compatible with me and actually wants me. Not "girly." Very calculating and always staying a step ahead of others. Usually have a plan B or a contingency plan. Very unemotional on the outside, more emotional and romantic on the inside. I'm on my early 20s. Very introverted. I find it hard to connect with people. I am picky with my relationships (platonic and romantic). Quite elitistic and arrogant. Loves fine art and the violin. Adores dogs. Pragmatic. Loves money money money! 🤑
I am kind of motivated but unmotivated most of the time. I am a highschool student and I used to go to a boarding school. It taught me a lot about people. And I dream of becoming an engineer and make stuff. I made friends when I used to attend the school, but only talk to one after leaving the school. And I don't really have a person to talk to a lot, but that dosent mean I am alone, have family and friends (2), but just lonely. Closest thing to a friend I have is a random french girl I found on omegle. I rarely talk, to a fistfull of people. I am just shy. Oh and the compliment I get the most by few people I talk to is "weird in an interesting way"
I am also interested in philosophy and psychology, especially applying it to my personal life or analysing the behaviour of others around me. I have grown more confident over time but I still feel very awkward or out of place. I am a very reserved person but I enjoy talking with my friends about meaningful topics. I usually mind my own business but I enjoy giving insightful advice to my friends because I know it will be useful for them. I have two cats. I like iced coffee. I am a good leader.

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High School Life or College Life?

p1ck_’s Profile Photo9h1n
Highschool life yung panahong wala pang k-12, sobrang gaan pa non e. Tipong sunod sunod na homework lang ang proproblemahin mo, walang masyadong stress, kung tamad ka mag aral, palakol lang na grade ang matatanggap mo, mababait at may concern pa sa inyo yung mga teachers niyo. Di kagaya sa college, mapapatanong ka talaga sa sarili mo, kung bat mo pinasok ang kursong ito at kung kaya mo pa ba to malagpasan na buhay💀 HAHAHHAAH
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Welche Animes guckst du?

Ufff. Das ist eine Menge, die ich schon geschaut habe.
Mirai Nikki, Elfenlied ,Alle Higurashi no naku koro ni Teile, Corpse Party, Violet Evergarden Parasyte = kiseijuu: sei no kakuritsu, diabolik Lovers, Zetsuen no Tempest, Kagegurui, Date a live, Noragami, Naruto, Yo-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Sao alle Teile, Attack on Titan, Free, Assassination Classrom, Shiki, Amnesia, Another, C3, Death Parade, Divergence eve, Kuroko no Basket, Mekakucity Actors, Ookamikakushi, Shinreigari: Ghost Hound, Blood C, Blood +, Danganronpa, Monster Mädchen, Your Name, Prinzessin Mononoke, Mein Nachbar Totoro, Das wandelnde Schloss, Ajin, B the beginning, demon slayer, Angels of Death, Castelvania, Akame ga Kill, Highschool of the dead, Deadman Wonderland, Tokio Ghoul, Death Note, Ghost Hunt, Hellsing, A silent voice, Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland, Das Schloss im Himmel.....
Und mehr fällt mir nicht mehr ein, habe aber bestimmt paar vergessen. Und es kommen ja noch mehrere hinzu. Es gibt noch so viele, die ich schauen will.

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I just learnt that caramel sundae with pickles though it is a new thing here in AUS. What’s the weirdest food combo have you seen or come across?

Oh.. that doesn't sound nice, yikes. But to each their own..
Back in the day there was a guy I went to highschool with and he ate tomato sauce on his ice cream.

When was the happiest time of your life?

25 until now, soon 29. Why? I am an established, independent man, university is behind me, with a hot girlfriend, great career, financially well off, great work life balance. Enjoying life's fruits, travel a lot, meet friends, have hobbies. Am also the strongest and fittest I have ever been. It's like, I wish it would remain like this forever.
I'm 36 now and without a doubt happy and mostly content with the wife and kids. I don't mean to sound like I'm having an early mid life crisis or any regrets because I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's. Just remembering back, I was too busy having fun to realize how much fun I was having. For me, everything up to 18 kinda sucked because I was not happy at home. I was awkward at school, confrontational, and was on edge 24/7. but university was great for me (17-21) Sure I was broke, but so was everyone else. I grew into myself, became a more confident, positive person, and made friends with people that I actually liked and not just random people from my hometown that I tolerated.
Not any age, but at my happiest when I was truly loved. I think it was only three times in my 50 years. The first was my true love from HS, the third my 1st wife, mother of my kids. My 2rd love loved me, but I didn't love her back. Still enjoyed that feeling. I was respectful and ended it, so she could find happiness with someone who truly loved her.
Probably back when I was 5-8 years old. I was baby sat by some pretty mean people when I was young so when I was able to take care of myself it was better. Then around when I was 8 my parents went through a rocky time in their marriage which lasted through highschool which really made me hate being home because I was afraid of hearing them screaming at each other. Then I went to college and lived on a banquet meal a day and didn't do much there. Took me forever to get a bachelors degree. Now I'm just living off rice, eggs, and bacon trying to get a job in my degree field.
I remember walking a mile to the store to buy a sobe drink at $0.99 a bottle. Good times. Also buying a 3 pack of cheap pizza for $3 and eating ramen noodles cooked or just dry with the packet sprinkled over the noodles. I was really close with my cousins during that time and we would play in the woods all day and just chill. Coming back from Afghanistan after 13 months. I haven’t felt so light and heavy at the same time. Feeling light because I’m finally done for a bit… and heavier when you think about what you just came back from lol.
I went from a very confident, social, independent person to someone completely different. I wound up in an extremely emotionally abusive relationship that really, really did a number on me and I fell into such a deep depression and had PTSD to the point that I had to stop working. I became a shell of myself.

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Ano ang pinaka nakakalokang nagawa mo nung Highschool?

yung role playing namin ng 1 litre of tears ako yung kontrabida grabe nakakaloka napabilib ko silang lahat sa acting skills ko HAHAHA SKL gusto ko talagang maging artista eh yung bida sana 😆

Sweetest thing someone has ever done to you?

yourrandomgirl8’s Profile PhotoYourRandomGirl
Hmm ito unang pumasok sa isip ko hahaha. Since matagal naman na, I’ll share it. This is a typical nerd love story 🤣 Highschool student kami nun and yung school namin co-institutional meaning magkahiwalay yung classroom ng boys sa girls. Naging co-educational lang nung nagka SHS. That would only mean na hindi ako sanay na may lalaki sa classroom simula Grade 1 hanggang Grade 10. Ayun na nga SHS happened, may classmate na akong mga lalaki. Sa classroom, I’m the nerd and shy type. Yung ginagamit yung free time either para mag-aral for quiz or matulog since puyat kakagawa schoolworks. May time na natulog ako while waiting for the next subject. Nakapikit lang ako pero alam ko nangyayari sa paligid ko ganun haha. Nagkataon na yung upuan ko malapit sa aircon, eh wala akong dalang jacket nun kasi hassle para sakin. Later on, naramdaman ko na lang na may naglagay ng jacket sa likod ko. Sabay sabi “Nilalamig ata si Ella.” Tapos yung mga kaklase ko naririnig ko “Ang sweet naman ni…” Sa sobrang hiya ko at dahil hindi nga ako sanay makipag-usap sa guys, nagkunwari pa rin akong tulog 🤣 Hindi ko alam ano gagawin eh hahaha ayun after how many days nalaman ko na lang na may gusto pala siya sakin and he courted me for more than 2 years. Sweetest thing siya for me kahit na maliit na bagay lang kasi I appreciate even the small act of kindness lalo na yung pure at hindi sa simula lang. Ayun lang the end hahaha

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¿Que anime gore recomiendan?

Lastimosamente llevo bastante tiempo en que no toco este tipo de género, de anime poco he visto, pero si que puedo decir que hay de algunos que si vi me gustaron un montón, y no hay que mentir en decir que hay buenos clásicos como Blood+, Elfen lied (su opening sigue siendo una joya y de mis favoritas), Higurashi no naku koro ni, De.adman wonderland, Highschool of the de.ad, Another, Shiki, Claymore (fue un conocido que me la recomendó), Ge.nocyber, Blood -c, Cor.pse party (hay finales inesperados y en éste sí lo fue), y Para.syte. Bueno, espero que te gusten.

Can you have more than one "best friend"? Or does that create jealousy? What if one of the "best friends" you have are from long ago (i.e. highschool)... Can you classify one as the older best friend, and one newer one? Or should we stop calling people besties altogether? lol. xD

All of this mess is basically the reason to why I call none of my friends my "best" friend lol I simply say that I have many good friends and I'm much happier with that! Even though some friends mean more to you than others, it's nice to not put like a label on them 😊
Can you have more than one best friend Or does that create jealousy What if one

Can you have more than one "best friend"? Or does that create jealousy? What if one of the "best friends" you have are from long ago (i.e. highschool)... Can you classify one as the older best friend, and one newer one? Or should we stop calling people besties altogether? lol. xD

I don’t see why it would create jealousy unless you had them on a public scoreboard or something?
I tend to say “a close friend” “a long-time friend” “a good friend” or whatever rather than use the word best.

Can you have more than one "best friend"? Or does that create jealousy? What if one of the "best friends" you have are from long ago (i.e. highschool)... Can you classify one as the older best friend, and one newer one? Or should we stop calling people besties altogether? lol. xD

"Can you have more than one "best friend"?"
most definitely!
"Or does that create jealousy?"
sure, but that shouldn't limit us to allowing ourselves just one best friend.
"What if one of the "best friends" you have are from long ago (i.e. high school)"
a lot of the people who I deem as best friends are from my schooling years (university, high school, primary school etc).
"Can you classify one as the older best friend, and one newer one?"
sure...I guess?
"Or should we stop calling people besties altogether?"
oh, definitely not! it's nice to establish solid friendships in which you can call the other a "bestie". 😸💛
Can you have more than one best friend Or does that create jealousy What if one

My name is No one,I took your stuff and when you asked the people around you they said "No One took it". You at the moment don't know that there's a person bearing "No One" and They don't know that you're not aware. How will everything play out to you since they keep on saying No one took it

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Same thing that happened in the story I had to read back in highschool about a guy that blinded a cyclops.
The other cyclops asked who blinded him & because the dude that did it said his name was "nobody" that's the name the cyclops gave. No one helped him.

were people from highschool sending u anon hate when this site was alive?

I mean I assume all anon hate comes from bored teens
so the answer is yes. I have and continue to get anon hate from highschoolers on this site

What do you regret most in life?

I love all my friends, to death. They're the best thing in the whole world to me. But I can't express my feelings to them with words. I just can't. And that makes me feel guilty all the time, since many of them actually tell me how much they love me. Like my best friend, who's my total opposite and always showers me with "I love you, dude" while I awkwardly stand there and answer with a grunting laugh. But he said something to me some time ago. He said that he and everyone else knows how hard it is for me to open up, and that he and everyone knows that my way to show love to those I care about is with actions. By always being there for them, whatever the time and the reason. Not realizing the effect my medication was having on my mental health sooner. I thought so many other things were the root of it or that this is just how life was. Finally switched meds after about 8 years and it was like night and day, all of a sudden I just wasn't so sad, angry, and a dick anymore.
I also have little to no social life, few friends who don't even remember my birthday, but as joint family with over 50 children/grand children of my grand mother, I don't feel too bad not having many friends. It has been a year and I have put my life on hold, my relationship with my gf is not moving ahead to the next steps (frankly we would probably be looking at moving in together by now) and he hasn’t found a job, because he is focused on trying to create a job, and will not give me a timeline for it. He is all in in this, and is now in the mindset of “the ends will justify the means” for this as he believes he will make it big with this (I do too, but I understand it takes time for that, which is why he was supposed to find a job that can support himself). I have seen a side of my dad that I didn’t think I would ever see. He has manipulated this situation, he has become selfish In His pursuit for this dream, and has put myself in between a rock and hard place. Essentially I am now at a crossroads of either allowing him to continue to stay with me (and continue to put my life on hold) while he figures it out, or have him go stay somewhere else which may result in him living on the street. I had a brilliant, pretty, funny best friend in highschool who clearly had feelings for me, and I decided to pursue a relationship with a girl who clearly wasn't in to me instead. I kick myself about it every once in a while.

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So, as an INFJ, would you consider yourself to be good at writing? Maybe not to an extent that you would pursue writing fiction as a career, but have you ever been told that you have an aptitude for creative writing?

I think writing was my first artistic/creative passion, before I even knew it. This was one of the first descriptions that confirmed I was an INFJ. However, I don't think it's exclusive to creative writing. In fact, I would guess creative writing is more of an INFP thing (but I could def be wrong.) English was always my favorite subject and I always enjoyed writing essays. I pretty much always got A's on my essays when I actually put effort into it. I always felt like this: "Writing is my favorite because it's the one place where somebody HAS to listen to me. They cannot "skip" certain things I said. They cannot run away from something I'm saying, or block it out. It's all there, written down, and organized perfectly. They have to go through one sentence in order to get to the next." Plus, my brain doesn't work better in any other form of expression or thinking. To me, writing really ignites my logical side and marries it with my emotional side in a way that comes off "wise," or in other words it really balances the feeling + thinking and brings out their best potentials. Reading and writing-wise I like poems and essays, but couldn't care less about stories. To me, stories are like the image of something, more artsy, whereas essays & poems are more direct and concise, to the point. I like dense things, more philosophical and existential than portrayals of such by way of character and plot, if that makes sense. All of that to say, that's why I don't think the "creative" writing aspect is so much an INFJ thing as it is just writing in general.
Once a guy fell in love with my writing and stalked me for quite a while and in highschool I wrote a poem that made a teacher break down and cry, but most people think my writing is incoherent and difficult to read. In all seriousness, I do have a thing for writing. I just find it so incredibly boring to do that I feel my talent is a waste, I'd rather give it to someone else who has a passion for it.
In my diary, I really try for a stream of consciousness type narrative about my days: what occurred, how i felt about it, etc. I just let it flow and don't censor myself at all. In talking to others I always end up omitting things, and it's difficult for me to sift through the webs of what I feel when it's a tangled mess in my brain. Seeing it on paper is so helpful! And I treasure my journals more than anything. I like to write from experience so they're also really helpful in world-building for stories.
People tell me I'm a gifted writer. I'm too critical of my own work to say anything beyond that I'm an apparently convincing hack, lol. I do think that I'm a gifted editor, though.

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