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Why do people move sneaky behind your back but play nice in your face ? What’s the point? What’s the motive?

fngcwyss8’s Profile PhotoFCCTU
I personally believe that their motives are driven by pure selfishness. They have ulterior motives that generally only involve their own wants and needs. It’s interesting to me because most of the time they are aware of their behavior and they will do anything to “please” you in order to stay on good terms until their needs are met at a satisfactory level (in their eyes).
It’s pure manipulation and tactfulness that leads them to this, if you ask me. The sneaky behavior tells all and eventually everything comes to the light dawling. One way or another.. 😏

What’s the worst way you’ve imagined your own demise?

One time I was thinking I should have a pistol so I can bloww my brains out yk. very reasonable, right? Then this thought led to me being concerned that there would be bloood all over the carpet. I thought lets put a plastic sheet first. But then what about it getting on the walls? I decided why not just do it outside. It will be easier to wash the tiles. That plan had an issue too because if not in my room then it wouldn’t be intimate enough. 🥲🥲 problems problems

What's your favorite board game? How good would you say you're at it? ♟️🎲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Chinese Checkers... My best friend (Chinese) taught me how to play in 6 grade... I would say I got very good at it
Whats your favorite board game How good would you say youre at it
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Did you have Covid-19? Did you think were gonna d1e when you got sick?

I had covid two or three times. I didn’t think I was going to die. There have been two times I was really ill though. One of the two times was in February 2019 and it isn’t sure if it’s actually covid or something else, because we didn’t have tests back then, nor any knowledge.
The second/first time was just a tiny cold, nothing more than a runny nose.
The last time was heavy. I was ill and my whole airway path was infected. It was hard for me to breathe, but I didn’t land in the hospital so that’s good. I also didn’t think I was going to die even though I felt weak and terrible. The last time gave me long covid which I’m still battling with sometimes.
The only time I thought I was going to die that is related to covid is with the second covid shot! I got so severely ill, I was completely exhausted, even laying down had me feeling completely exhausted. 😩 I called my GP out of fear for the third shot, asking if it’s okay for me to take it.

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Would you like to be a footballer's wife/girlfriend? Why?

I'd rather poke my own eyes frankly 😂 the very idea of being categorised solely as some guys wife/gf is already ick to me, but the culture around it also stinks, they are viewed as like accessories for the guy, to all sit in the same place and wear nice clothes while they cheer for him and pretend half the guys aren't sleeping around with other women when they go out that night. Obv not all footballers are like that, some of them are really stand up dudes, but the culture there -especially when I was growing up -was pretty disgusting

What was the best change you made in your life?

going from nightmares/full blown panic attacks at night to tiredness and apathy during the day really makes me wonder if there's any chance of not being sick in this lifetime

Saresti in grado di perdonare il tradimento di un amico o di un'amica?

gretaaadark’s Profile Photogreta
Non riesco a perdonare il tradimento in generale, è una cosa che non esiste nel mio vocabolario e chi ne fa uso con me viene istantaneamente cancellato dalla mia vita senza se e senza ma.
L'amicizia poi è una cosa importantissima, è come se io tradissi la mia migliore amica per poi buttarli fango addosso perché non perdona ciò che ho fatto e non torna da me implorando perdono come se mi sentissi il capo del mondo.
Articolo 21 della costituzione:
Tutti hanno diritto di manifestare liberamente il proprio pensiero con la parola, lo scritto e ogni altro mezzo di diffusione. la censura è illegale.

Ты идешь по улице в своих мыслях, и тут слышишь песню, которая резко поднимает твое настроение. Что это за песня?

id159987855’s Profile Photo#сковорода
How deep is your love (в любом исполнении), Freedom (Робби Уильямс), Loving you (Минни Рипертон), Take on me (в любом исполнении); The best (Тина Тёрнер). Другие мои любимые песни не услышишь в торговых центрах и, тем более, на улице. Но эти... я даже останавливаюсь. Когда их слышу. Сажусь и залипаю, на весь период их звучания.

I don't understand how someone can be enemies with their own family. I understand conflict can arise; it happens. No one gets along 100% of the time, but at the end of the day, you are family. I see folks not speaking with their family for many years. I can't wrap my mind around it.

I don't know, I have a bigoted old Tory for a biological grandad and every time he says something racist, calls me a 'woke snowflake' for speaking truth under his social media bile and makes a DV joke solely at my expense, I can absolutely see how a person could tell their own flesh and blood to do one and never come back.

Hola, te escribe tu amigo Axel...solo paso a decirte que tengas un bello Sábado y que eres espectacular 😍...por cierto me sorprendió que tocas el violín 😳😌.

anonimo788200’s Profile Photoanonimo788200
Hola Axel, buenas noches ✨ si está siendo un lindo sábado y sii jaja, me imagino que les sorprendió a más de una persona que sepa tocar el violín 🎻

Qué historia de terror te contaron de niñ@ que todavía te asusta recordar?

Fbbj5’s Profile PhotoUna Persona Cualquiera
En mi niñez nunca me contaron una historia de terror, pero tengo un recuerdo que me decía mi abuelita cuando me quedaba a dormir a su casa me decía; duérmete sino el coco te va agarrar los pies, se lleva a los niños que no se duermen temprano o no obedecen.
Y el coco me lo imaginaba como un espantapájaros jajaja de niña le tenía un terror.
Qué historia de terror te contaron de niñ que todavía te asusta recordar

What traits one requires to be professionally and financially successful?

Never ever go for Job. Instead show them your value and work on contracts. Why? Because this way you can work on multiple contracts. You can even outsource a part of it. You are not bound to work 9-6 and you can have multiple incomes. This helped me made some. I reach out to hiring person through linkedin, find his business email using tools, create an audit and action plan and request for zoom meeting and then convince to let me work on this project remotely as a contractor. Instead of hiring a full time person for this.
There is no limit

القهوة وحدها يمكنها أن تصلحني .🤎☕ Only coffee can fix me.

نوت أونلي قهوة،
ولو أنها سيدة اليوم،
كل الامتنان لصوت القرآن، للنوم، للقصائد والموشحات والابتهالات، الفن والتاريخ والأدب، لمجالس الشيخ سمير مصطفي وأحمد عبد المنعم،
لرؤيا الأصدقاء، لصدق المحبة، للاهتمام والمساندة وكل ما يحمل معنى الحب..
القهوة وحدها يمكنها أن تصلحني 
Only coffee can fix me

Wow, so yours is a mini more colorful version, probs a smart move, mine hits you like a freight train when you first get home 😂😂😂

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
Aww that’s so cute 🙈🐶 that’s because he’s so big 😂🐶 mine jumps all over me when I get home too 🙈 he’s very needy right now he is practically on my lap and doesn’t move 🙈😂🐶

🎶 Pra você guardei o amor que nunca soube dar o amor que tive e vi sem me deixar sentir sem conseguir provar... 🎶🎶 / Você já guardou o amor que na verdade queria dizer pra aquela pessoa que você ama/amava? O que te impede/impediu de se declarar? Conte aí pra mim 🥰

taisdn’s Profile PhotoTay ☽ ☆
Impediu simplesmente o fato de que a pessoa não tava na mesma Vibe que a minha e eu percebo isso, a pessoa nem precisa falar.

Tell me your zodiac sign. Will tell you your super charming skill.

I don't remember, I don't remember a huge part of my life; it's only the pain I take with me everywhere I go. And I do not have anything to offer other than the corpses expectations I carry around. There's nothing charming about it, I run away from the people who are attracted to me, because I'm not someone who should make you curious. I expect you to run away at the sight of me. And if you approach me, I'll run away from you because you're even more twisted than I am.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that 🤍

I love this SO much! Thank you for posting it. It reminds me of this verse…
John 1:4-5
“In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that Hate cannot drive out

زندگی کا وہ رشتہ جس نے آپکو بہت تکلیف دی ہو 👀

Athar_Lati’s Profile PhotoAthar Lati
It doesn't matter who hurt me or not.
My focus should be solely on letting that feeling of being hurt and victimisation go.
My focus should be on mending the wounds myself.
My focus should be on healing so much that I don't bleed and stain a bond that has nothing to do with my past.
Because no one deserves to bear the burns of another's carelessness.

Кем ты хотела стать, когда находилась в возрасте карапуза?) Итог оправдал ожидания из детства?

konda2018’s Profile PhotoПоэт из Днепра
Welcome to my world
Кем я только не хотел быть. И космонавтом 👨‍🚀 и водителем поезда 🚂. Даже одно время доктором 👨‍⚕️. А ещё помню "взболтнул", что хотел сказать актером. Даже когда мои меня спрашивали, мол, кем ты хочешь стать когда вырастешь, я отвечал: хочу быть актером, чтобы выступать на сцене.
Итог действия не оправдал. Стал филологом-переводчиком. Так что, if you need help, you can ask me about this).
And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 18/05/24
Time: 19:25
Кем ты хотела стать когда находилась в возрасте карапуза
Итог оправдал ожидания

You're only eating an apple? Are you on that apple diet? I've read about it recently.

He offered to buy me a snack with his own money so I said I'd take an apple bc I didn't want to be greedy or anything lol. I normally would've said no but I didn't bring anything to eat today and I am starving lol
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—Día 1 de 10 con Feta.— ¡Hola! ☺ Bueno, empecemos. Hace un rato estaba viendo El maravilloso mundo de Gumball, siempre me río con esa serie. Me encanta Gumball, en fin, ¿cuál es su personaje animado preferido, por qué? Lindo día. n_n

/Las veces que me he llegado a ver la serie de Gumball en esta serie tuve dos favoritos y fueron Darwin y Alan. En un principio de la serie era la mascota de la familia, pero el amor por parte de Gumball hizo que le salieran patas y pudiera hablar e interactuar con los demás convirtiéndolo en un hermano más, siendo alguien que es compasivo, pacífico y lleno de amor. Y ahora Alan, si bien no es uno de los principales, pero es muy recurrente en el programa e incluso habido capítulos en los que él es que es muy sereno, tranquilo y siempre busca poder ayudar a los demás, aunque no reciba nada a cambio e incluso él no odia a nadie del colegio.

I accept everyone the way they are but not everyone does the same for me. I can see the beauty in everyone but not everyone can see the beauty in me. Why am I willing to be so accepting of others when others can’t/and/or don’t want to do the same for me? 🤔

I have the same thing and it’s a gift! But try to let go of what other people think/say/do because that’s not in your control. Show them how it’s done instead!
You can always say they crossed your line though. You definitely don’t have to accept everything.

What do you plan your wedding to be like? 💒👰

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
From the get-go, my fiance and I have always agreed that we would rather have a smaller ceremony and a larger reception. We aren't having many guests during the daytime portion of our wedding at all, mostly just immediate family and our closest friends (plus their spouses/partners).
Aside from that, we also wanted our wedding to reflect us as individuals and our relationship. If it seems as though I'm being purposely vague, it's because I am. A part of me wants nothing more than to gush about all the fun little details we've woven into our day but another part of me doesn't wanna give *too* much away... Not yet.
What I can say though is that our wedding is going to be a little bit quirky, a little unconventional, a little rock n' roll, but undeniably "us". 😎🤘

Sos una trol4 por qué querés que te vean el orto

PARAAAAA ahora yo soy trol@ por una foto que se me ve media nalg@????
Las trol@s son esas que están aca y se quieren cog*r a medio mundo que si TE LAS NOMBRÓ me van a venir a atacar de que son así y que después lloran por qué les hacen lo mismo y dicen que nadie las ama ESAS SON TROL@S
Yo estoy posando a una cámara y si me quiero chamuyar a Alguien me chamuyo a UNO no a 20 como hacen esas sucias arrastradas

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