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Напишите строчки из любимой песни)

I was all alone, on my own, it's okay though (Я был совсем один, всё в порядке хотя)
Do you really love me, do you really trust me? (Ты действительно любишь меня, ты действительно доверяешь мне?)
I was down bad, feelin' sad, fellin' sorry (Мне было плохо, грустно, жалко)
Now you really gone, and I can't get you to call me (Теперь ты действительно ушёл, и я не могу заставить тебя позвонить мне)

How do I get over the regret of not talking to him when I had the chance to and pushing him away because of my social anxiety and now having to pretend as if I never knew him in the first place? Would I always think back to him now that I’m all alone and losing more and more people?

It's understandable to feel regret about missed opportunities and the impact of social anxiety on relationships. It may be helpful to focus on self-compassion and seek support from trusted individuals or professionals to navigate these feelings. While it's natural to reflect on past experiences, working towards building self-confidence and addressing social anxiety can help shape a more positive outlook for future connections and relationships.

I'm not a team player, I can only work alone or teach school children... My last job reference said, among other things, "completes his tasks very independently." I don't know if that was meant negatively :D Would you tell me how old your daughter is?

abba3590’s Profile Photoabba
I work for myself. I pay taxes and wages to my assistants. And this option suits me. My daughter is an adult and already married. My son is also an adult, but not yet married.

If your husband doesn’t give you his phone password, is this something to be worried about?

Firstly, you need to understand that there's something called a personal space and it applies to all our relationships including marriage life we need to respect that. Secondly if he ain't giving you the password communicate it with him rather than asking around from people cuz only you guys can fix it. Thirdly, if he still won't give you the password then yea you might be in trouble but again you gotta fight for it and take what's yours back rather then being pissed alone.
I always recommend caution and restraint cuz these sort of things are actually very damaging. So if you fall into the category try a softer approach.

Would you do it all over again? If so whats your starting point?

I’d definitely do some things all over again, especially things that I know I’ll regret in the future like I’m currently regretting now. I’d like to start back to when I was in 8th grade and prepare myself for the changes that are yet to happen rather than being in complete shock when my friends and I go our separate ways the year after. I would appreciate the time that I’d spend at the library with my friend rather than being too mentally preoccupied with thoughts of the guy who disappointed me as well as my old friend group and would much rather live in the moment and make the most out of the time I had with my friend freshman year of high school. I would consider taking my classes more seriously and would look forward to making friends at school instead of being in school feeling all alone and not having any priorities or a care for the future whatsoever. Maybe then I’d be more accustomed to studying by the time I started going to college and maybe by now I would’ve graduated already.

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‏مين كان جنبك لما كنت في اسوا حالاتك ؟

I've never been lonely. I've been depressed. I've felt awful awful beyond all, but I never felt that one other person could enter that room and cure what was bothering me, or that any number of people could enter that room. In other words, loneliness is something I've never been bothered with because I've always had this terrible itch for solitude. It's being at a party, or at a stadium full of people cheering for something, that I might feel loneliness.
Ibsen's , The strongest man upon the earth is he who stands most alone..

Ur thoughts on zodian signs?

muhammbay’s Profile Photoسعد خٹک
Okay, here goes... (based on my experience/unbiased)
• Cancer: sensitive, has to be the victim in every situation, aggressive, caring, turns to personal attacks when triggered and sees the other person isn't affected, organized (will get things done on time), always wants to come off clean, and often forgets where they kept something
• Gemini: gets along with people but has a specific type, has a big heart if they got money, ruthless during arguments, and mostly good at everything except cooking
• Aries: funny, big heart, sometimes boring, sticks to one thing and doesn't try out other options (e.g, new restaurants, new style, etc), won't accept mistakes, keeps secrets, and wants things done their way
• Libra: flirtatious, and fun
• Pisces: always in their la la land when in love, likely to be jealous, dreamy eyes, will most likely talk behind people's backs, protective of family, and smart with money
• Sagittarius: selfish, adventurous, giving, egoistic, easily influenced, has anger issues, likely to be a good friend, and can easily make money
• Capricorn: double-faced, everyone's friend, can't say no, helpful, easily bored in relationships, likes going out, and polite
• Leo: very good at academics, funny, mostly respectful, irritating at times, happy with what they got, and likes to make people laugh
• Scorpio: secretive, funny, patient, loves to eat, needs their alone time, and hides emotions
• Virgo: neat & clean, expressive eyes, bossy, sensitive but won't show, good at everything, intuitive, thinks they know everything, can keep secrets, holds on to past events, and doesn't forgive easily
I don't really have much of an idea about the zodiac signs that I've not mentioned. Also, I'm sorry if I got the question wrong. This was fun! 😃

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When traveling, would you rather fly on an airplane alone or road trip with friends?

melcfriendly’s Profile PhotoMC :)
When it comes to the actual journey, I'd much rather go on a roadtrip with friends! I generally don't like traveling alone, the one time I've flown alone I knew I had friends waiting for me when I arrived. If that was the case, I wouldn't mind traveling by myself again. It was one of my most memorable trips, meeting up with them made those hours by myself at the airport worth it 😊💙
When traveling would you rather fly on an airplane alone or road trip with

What’s something that you’ve recently become interested in/developed a passion for? Can be anything! (For example, I’ve become very interested in learning mythology lately, even bought some books about it). 🤔🤩

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
That's very interesting. 🙂
I've recently got back into and rediscovered my passion for gaming. I still haven't touched my PlayStation in over a year, but I'm now playing on my Switch daily and whenever I can. It's great as it keeps me busy. Less time to be alone with my thoughts haha.

What's the most underrated advantage of living alone?

Arslanmalik1’s Profile PhotoArslan Malik
Here we could think of multiple things to be fair. Say for example, you’d have your own space so you will have that flexibility of shaping your own kinda routine, and having that control over structuring your days or whatever . And also, living alone could bring some self development which can sort of take you towards self independence or maybe your personal growth. However, im not too sure if the things that i have mentioned could fall under the “most underrated category” though.

آية غي القرآن الكريم بتحبها و بتحب تقرأها

إِنَّ الَّذِينَ قَالُوا رَبُّنَا اللَّهُ ثُمَّ اسْتَقَامُوا تَتَنَزَّلُ عَلَيْهِمُ الْمَلَائِكَةُ أَلَّا تَخَافُوا وَلَا تَحْزَنُوا وَأَبْشِرُوا بِالْجَنَّةِ الَّتِي كُنتُمْ تُوعَدُونَ ❤️✨
[ فصلت: 30]
سورة : فصلت - Fuṣṣilat - الجزء : ( 24 ) - الصفحة: ( 480 )
Verily, those who say: "Our Lord is Allah (Alone)," and then they Istaqamu, on them the angels will descend (at the time of their death) (saying): "Fear not, nor grieve! But receive the glad tidings of Paradise which you have been promised!

Have you ever felt some much hurt that you eventually feel numb to everything?

Maybe for a short amount of time but I do think I’ve definitely become numb without even realizing. I can’t find it in me to laugh at the things I would’ve normally laughed at in the past. It’s like I’ve been so disappointed that nothing really makes me smile or laugh anymore. Sometimes I find myself alone and thinking, “What did I do to deserve the way people have treated me in the past?” And I think about it every so often but the only thing that comes to mind as an explanation is that people took my kindness for granted and saw it as a great opportunity to do things they knew would hurt me. I wish it wasn’t always me vs others but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t know who’s truly there for you and who’s secretly trying to ruin your happiness.

When you are alone, do you find peace, or unrest?

nebulastation1’s Profile Photonexu moon
I’m usually restless when I’m alone and I’m alone almost all the time. It’s sometimes peaceful when I have something to do like text my friends, watch a movie or YouTube videos but afterwards I just think, “What’s next and when will I ever have company in person again?” I’m sometimes worried that I’ll finish watching every movie I like, finish reading every “good” book I find and do everything there is to do when one is all alone and won’t have anything to do after a certain point, which would be a nightmare for an introverted person like me. I’m looking for friends but only online these days and currently can’t visit the friends I could’ve easily visited back when I used to live closer to them. I have yet to introduce myself to those who are Turkish like me and are around my age group where I currently live but for the most part, I haven’t been able to get along with those who I already happen to know from the past who currently live where I live and it seems like nothing much has changed, considering I sent an old friend of mine (who also lives in the same state as me) a DM on Instagram and she didn’t even bother reading the message. I hope that I’ll find someone in person who makes me feel at peace while I’m around them no matter how much of an introvert I am because at the end of the day, I still get bored like everyone else does after a certain point and the thought of not being able to have anyone to vent and open up to hurts to come to terms with.

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I often feel like I don't deserve happiness do you ever feel that way

it’s ok to not be ok… it’s ok to feel sad… it’s ok to cry your eyes out… it’s ok to be angry… it’s ok to be confused… it’s ok to be unsure about things… at the end of the day, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and you’re not alone.. there’s always someone who will be there for you and listen to you ❤️

Как часто пишешь в голове сценарии, которым не суждено сбыться?😌

natalia_alekseevna20’s Profile PhotoНаталия Алексеевна
Наталья, регулярно.
Так как если я всегда буду писать сценарии для жизни,
То "I'll never be alone" со своими мыслями!
Синк эбаут eat!

I'm soo depressed...i want to give her the best...want to buy her favourite things.. want to take her out ..but i don't have money and it hurts.... Even though she never demands anything but i know deep down she wishes for all those things... what should i do?

remember when you know what she needs/wants now but never demands.
she stays with you in your struggling time, make sure when you have everything you have guts to go blind for other bitches.
women are so easy to please. a rose or even a love note, a sweet smile when you get back home, some deep/light talks, some alone time ....
stay loyal. stay calm. everything is going to be under your feet one day.
women see men they marry "above what they can possibly get us from money". 💕

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

PreciousB0y’s Profile PhotoRaza
Yes many times but the one that shaked my soul and I got 103 fever that night was one that happened 3 yeas ago.
So basically the scene started when I was at my nano's place (village) and late night I decided to go on rooftop as it was raining heavily and I'm a pluviophile. I went to rooftop and danced in the rain alone but after some time I saw my mamu (mama's brother) coming to me and he said "neechy ao uper kia kr rhi ho baarish mein" and he went down. After 2 3 minutes I also went down and found him sleeping like he never came to rooftop 2 mins ago. I shaked and asked him whether he came up and he said "No, raat ko is time uper koi nhi jata, or tum bhi kbhi na jana". That night I got 103 fever and after that I never went to nano's place for a night stay.
Ps: after that incident, my nano told me many stories of people getting scared in different ways when they go out or on rooftops after 7..8pm. I never believed these kind of stories until I experienced it myself.

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What was the last thing you did which made you proud of yourself? Something that made you go "Yeah, that I did good" 😌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Gosh, it took me so long to come up with an answer to this...
But the most recent thing is how I’ve handled my insurance situation. I got it solved by myself in just a little over 2 weeks and was able to fairly confidently make all the phone calls I needed to without getting super anxious. I’m very proud of this, as even a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do that alone. And today I’m going to pick up my medication. 😌
What was the last thing you did which made you proud of yourself Something that

Surrounded by individuals who can't engage in a healthy discussion and have contradictory perceptions pertaining to each and every aspect of life, and you can't even remove yourself just because you don't want to hurt them. It's a next level of loneliness that makes you question your existence...!!!

hazirlogistics’s Profile PhotoAbsurdly logical
That's why scientists, curious souls, and inventors are often depicted alone. When you conduct your own research in solitude, rather than seeking answers from various perspectives, you reach conclusions and achieve clarity. Others may just contribute to the chaos of the mind..

Why heart beats get faster when you’re alone in dark?

Musshafii’s Profile Photoمصحفی
People who can see are used to always being aware of what's going on around them. We assume that if we are aware of what's going on in the present, we can also predict what might come in the future. Like if I can see that I'm in a safe room in the present, I'll assume that I'll stay safe for the next few hours that i stay in this room. Which is not true obv, just one strong earthquake and I can be injured.
But it's this concept of predicting your safety based on what you see in your surroundings.
When you're in the dark, you're suddenly unable to see what surrounds you. You can't predict your safety and that causes us to be anxious, hence increasing heart rate.
Plus being able to see so many things in your surroundings acts as a distraction from your dark, ugly thoughts as well. When you can't see, you can no longer be distracted from what lies in your mind and heart. Those thoughts can take over as well and can cause anxiety.

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