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earthquake how is it now in your country?

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The earthquake was very severe in 2023. It happened in 10 provinces, Diyarbakır, Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman, Hatay, Malatya, Kahramanmaraş, Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Kilis and Adana. There were many deaths.

Суетологи всей страны, объединяйтесь!

Rushologists of the entire country, unite! Together we can find ways to effectively manage our time and avoid unnecessary hustle and bustle.
Rushologen des ganzen Landes, vereinigt euch! Gemeinsam können wir Wege finden, um unsere Zeit effektiv zu verwalten und überflüssige Hektik zu vermeiden.
Rushologues de tout le pays, unissez-vous ! Ensemble, nous pouvons trouver des moyens de gérer efficacement notre temps et d'éviter l'agitation inutile.

From capital city to capotal city ¡Jjajjaja! Usually, I live in Madrid, but as soon as I can, I go to the beach. I know your country. I have been to Lisboa, Figueira da Foz, Oporto, Nazaré, Estoril... and the north to Braganza.

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nice! i’m thinking of going to madrid or barcelona this year. i’ve also already been to granada and sevilla! i really like your country.
what was your favorite city here in portugal?

I studied near Bayreuth and one of my roommates was a big Wagner fan. His music is very impressive, but unfortunately his supporters in this country are often fascists... You look very young for your age and also have a youthful character (:

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Wagner's music has a very strange energy. It brings out the worst in some, and stimulates others to move forward by helping others, regardless of pain, fatigue, or illness. Thank you for the compliment about my appearance. Perhaps the youthfulness is hereditary. My mother is 91 years old, she looks no older than 70))

Interpreta esta frase: “Conciencia y energía crean tu realidad”

Me 🤍 lo que digo pasa ✨hoy muchos ya no fueron a la iglesia ✨ ya viene el Ramadan 🦍 (voy a pedir que esté prohibido ser Muslim) aparte Israel ya acabo con las mezquitas 👌ahora va en Líbano y siria, los 🇺🇸🇬🇧 vs muslim Country 🔥la mayoría de inmigrantes son musulmanes, negros, indios ,chinos y otros de la vrg y es pecado que sean bellos .
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чому майнкрафт найкраща гра в світі?

Welcome to my world
Маркус Перссон на презентации "Minecraft" (самой первой версии), говорил так: "когда я создавал свое "детище", то в первую очередь ориентировался на такие шедевры как Ninja Gaiden, Battletoads and Double Dragon", "Donkey Kong Country". Эти игры были шедеврами для 8ми и 16ных платформ. Графика, геймплей, музыка. Это шедевры 2d. Хотелось моей игрой, отдать дань уважения компаниям Rare и Konami. Спасибо за то, что сделали мое счастливое детство. И хотя Minecraft - это инди проект, хотелось чтобы каждый игрок, нашел что-то своё. Свой отголосок от старых консолей и игр". И знаешь, он в чем-то прав.
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 25/02/24
Time: 18:16
чому майнкрафт найкраща гра в світі

If Egypt can send aid to Gaza why not napak Pakistan?

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We all know that Pakistan has been actively providing humanitarian assistance to Palestine. Our country has dispatched over 200 tonnes of aid to the people of Gaza, including hygiene kits, medicines, and food packages.
I'd recommend following Khaled Beydoun on Instagram if you want to know how Pakistan is helping Faleestin.

Tea, are you a country girl? I grew up in an inner city area and we would make fun of country people because we were oh so sophisticated! (insert eyeroll here). In the last few years I’ve totally changed my views and really appreciate those who live in the country and country life

Hahaha, very much so! But it’s a bit of a two-sides-of-a-coin lifestyle. I’m up and down to the city on a regular basis and always have been - I went to an intercity boarding school and then have trained/worked in cities ever since. Life is half wellies and half heels 😂
But god, I breathe better when I’m on the way home. I will thrive in a city for a few days and then start wilting 😂

Italy and Italians don't just mean food, but there are many more characterizing elements to know. Italy=pizza is just a stereotype. Ok?

My apologies, I must stress that my answer was meant purely as a joke. Of course Italy is far more than that - it’s truly the pinnacle of classical art and history, with a wonderful culture, and I truly believe it to be one of the most inspiring and beautiful countries in the world.
The question I received I took to be a joke, so I responded in kind. It clearly didn’t land or was overly clear, so I apologise for any offence I may have caused. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the country! :)

لو معك جائزة أوسكار ولازم تقدما لأفضل مسلسل بالنسبة الك شو رح يكون المسلسل؟؟

game of thrones
The Glory
Slave hunters
My country : the new age
Alchemy of Souls
طبعاً انا بميل كتير للتاريخي
خاتمه كل التريخي 👏

Do you like Beyonce's new song "Texas hold 'em" that is country?

I haven’t listened to it yet and I don’t think I will since I don’t listen to Beyoncé but I’ve heard her voice before in one of Lady Gaga’s songs and I think that she has a great voice ☺️

If you are in a relationship or married, when did you fall in love with them? 💘 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
The Moment I saw her, when she rushed over to save me. The first time we met I was literally falling down the stairs and she catched me. So I fell right into her arms, my personal Disney Moment honestly. But I also was like 18 so I crushed on people all the time, but it was enough to apply to the University she was attending and moving half across our country to be with her and give it a go. After knowing her for two hours. Was totally worth it. ❤️

What is the most breathtaking view you’ve personally seen/captured in nature? Where were you? What was that experience like? If you have a picture of it, feel free to share! (Inspired by my recent trip to Niagara Falls) 🤩📸

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Yeah, I'm not that fancy to be able to travel. 😅 sounds weird - I wish I could travel! No "free" travelling finance and animals at home are keeping me here. 📍
I also sometimes say this about photographers. Some are very lucky to be living in a country that has amazing sights. You automatically win just by having *this* amazing view!
I don't have breathtaking views, but I enjoy simpler things. The forest, for example! I remember my aunts husband came to visit Latvia and he was amused by our forest. He'd never seen anything like it.
I wish I could show more photos from my travels around Latvia, it's hard to choose just one photo. They're all stunning.
What is the most breathtaking view youve personally seencaptured in nature Where

Is democracy perfect?

Does this question make any sense in a country that is run by a military rule of law behind the curtains ... a country where you are not free to speak or write by any means ... a country where a military dictatorship has taken over the democratic governments three times covering the time span of almost 33 years ... Does this really matter???

Qué te gustaría cambiar?

Ojalá me deje mostrar puros muslim country arrasados🔥 este año serán más que el año pasado por terremotos o catástrofes , Este año guerra ❤️‍🔥 también los países de Sudamérica se desata el infierno, los del sudeste asiático será más agua ciclones y tsunami ,algunos países europeos se iran a la vrg en varios aspectos 🔥 Africa siempre están mal esos monos .
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Sodoma y gomorra te gusta la historia ?

Ahora todo arde ❤️‍🔥lo que muestro muchos más ,El año pasado como arriba Miles morían al mes por tanta calor en nuevo león y norte de México,(ya lo he mostrado cualquiera lo sabe ) el norte de México y 🇺🇸 pueden quedar sin agua y ser = 🇵🇪🦍 o muslim country , black, south américa , Indian etc, última foto Acapulco estaba mejor qué sudamericana pero quedó arrasada , ahora es Puerto Vallarta ,mazatlán está lleno de 🦍🦊 es igual que los otros países de la vrg aparte su playa es agua de 💩 ,lo único bueno dale norte de México es los cabos San Lucas y los de Países de la vrg de Sudamérica Musulmanes y negros critican a México por que piensan que es desierto y con la sequía.
Sodoma y gomorra te gusta la historia

الفوز للنشامى بإذن الله 🤲⚔️🦅 🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴

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حُبنا الكبير لوطننا، أكبر من كرهنا لأعدائنا، الحُب هو دافعنا وليس الكُره، لهذا السبب سنفوز. 🍉
Our great love for our country is greater than our hatred for our enemies. Love is your motivation, not hatred. That is why we will win.

Czy jest może zdjęcie którejś z dziewczyn w typowo kowbojskim outficie? (w stylu Country)

▪️W takim typowym to nie. Chociaż, jakby spojrzeć na outfity z ery Not Shy to można powiedzieć, że są w stylu country. Oczywiście nie do końca, bo wiadomo są nieco przerobione, żeby wyglądały trochę bardziej fancy, no ale to zawsze coś 😅
Ewentualnie jest Ryujin przebrana za kowbojke 🙈
Czy jest może zdjęcie którejś z dziewczyn w typowo kowbojskim outficie w stylu

Yeah that's normal in our country guys here have to deal with these kind of things Cause girls try to prove their high morality by not wanting to have sex as they think it will impress their guy Actually it doesnot It sucks

Sounds like America can learn something from them. By the way you’re talking to one of the least promiscuous American woman that you could ever come across. Sucks for you. 🤣

What kind of wildlife is most common in your area, and which one is considered a problem? We have foxes, wolves, nonvenomous house snakes, deer, polecats, frogs, green lizards. However, the only species considered problematic is the fox as most people in rural/farm areas raise animals that are prey.

The area I live has some of the most spectacular and internationally recognised habitats and wildllife in the country. It would be too long to name all of them, but I think foxes are the most problematic due to parasites.

India culture anyone that didn't know about it how would you describe to a person who never visited India ?

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Incredible India they say ! It's the cultural roots and diversity of traditions that make this country standout from a tourism and business point of view! And as far the people here who think of Indians as creepy in the first impression... Well look around askFm there are creepy people from all regions, language and religions in bundles here! So that exists everywhere around the world 🌎
India culture anyone that didnt know about it how would you describe to  a

Do you live in a flood risk area?

Basically the entire country I live in is sort of a flood risk area since most of it is below sea level. 😂
But the Dutch are very good with water control. We even pushed the sea back to create more land! We have dikes that work very well. So well that we also have projects in other countries all over the world! 🌎
Do you live in a flood risk area

What is the ideal holiday destination for you? 🏖️ 🌴 🍹 🏄 😇

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I love exploring a country and I love to be active. What my boyfriend and I did last summer was perfect: we went to different theme parks in The Netherlands and Germany whilst also exploring the country between days. 😊
What is the ideal holiday destination for you

Que es desagradable ?

Inmigrantes o personas feas de cualquier lado .The videos are what the ones I don't like look like 🔥 bye, the photos say what I also say ✨ the majority are 🦍🦊 in any country also because of those many immigrants, the majority are like plagues but more Muslims, blacks, Indians of India. , from South Asia, South America and others. Almost all 👌 Palestinians, instead of asking for help from other Muslim countries 🤔, ask for help from the West and leave as immigrants even though they hate Christians and 🇺🇸 that's why the United States is already full of ugly people (Women from various countries who go 🦊 to other cities or countries, for example, Russian women, while hundreds of thousands of Russian men die, it seems that in Latin America or South Asia and other places, in Sinaloa, men die and Sinaloan women go 🦊 they criticize that Russian woman just because she is Russian, they think that most Russians are🦊 also the same as those from other countries, in my state, millions of immigrants from Muslims, blacks, Africa, Asia, South America and other parts of the vrg and

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Que es desagradable
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if someone criticizes their country and says they hate it there, why don't they just move? i mean you wouldn't stay in a place you wouldn't enjoy being, right? just pack your things, book a flight, buy/rent a house and live your new life in the new place.

1. Money is a thing
2. Family and friends are a thing
3. Immigration laws are a thing
4. Starting from scratch in a new place is hard, so that's also a thing

If you are blessed with children one day what sports would you get them involved with? Badminton seems to be a family tradition of yours? I would sign mine up for swimming lessons asap and let them choose anything else they wanted to be involved with

Hahaha, it is! I think I'd get them into racket sports and sailing, because I love them, and then as a family there'd be a lot of hiking and skiing. I was like you - I had swimming lessons young (Mum was fairly convinced that I'd drown otherwise, and that was fair) so that would be another one. I used to love running track and cross country as a kid as well, and my partner runs ultra marathons, so I think we'd encourage them into that line of things.
I don't know, honestly. I know a couple of mums who are super athletics and their kids could not be less interested in sport, haha! And if that was the case then I'd try and encourage whatever else they had an interest in (whilst desperately hoping it'll be something sporty) (ya girl hasn't got the braincells for quantum physics or whatever)
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What are the three things to do, when starting over in life?

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Aww I was never forced to start my life again 🤷‍♀️, it goes very smoothly like as per textbook 😅 - happy childhood, first love, finishing study, establishing my own family, finding job in which I am till now! 👍 I am not able to imagine to start in foreign country without money 😱. If I was refugee, I would probably look for some charity to have a roof above my head and some meal and started to look for some job to built my basic economy background gradualy.... 🤷‍♀️🤔

What kind of books do you read? 📚🤓

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Well, despite growing up in a somewhat middle-sized town which was the equivalent to an American county seat, we lived in a rather secluded neighborhood nestled in the heart of the so-called Teutoburg Forest. It was one of those locations where you wouldn't be surprised to encounter characters as lovely and philanthropic as Ed Gein or Dr. Heiter – the perfect setting for movies like 'Wrong Turn'. Within a radius of approximately 1.5 miles, there was literally nothing – no other kids, no pets, just a fair number of neighbors who seemed to be competing in their own leisurely 'race to the casket'.
What was even worse was German TV at the time. German TV is quite different from American TV; it's more akin to British TV. We have two very big public service broadcasters, and for all other types of TV, you would either need cable or a satellite antenna. We had neither. So, whenever I switched on the TV, I could have found myself watching either a Hitler documentary or Volksmusik. German Volksmusik. And no, this is not akin to Irish folk or country music – it's literally this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5ySLcU8vwQnormanz9761’s Video 174092261915 x5ySLcU8vwQnormanz9761’s Video 174092261915 x5ySLcU8vwQ.
So the only entertainment available was either video games or reading. My father was and is an avid reader, but he mostly reads suspense novels, something I didn't really get into as a child. My mother is not much of a reader, but she was an English teacher and had a lot of literature from her college days, including a copy of the Communist Manifesto, which happened to become the first book I read, amusingly enough (my parents weren't from the GDR and the copy of the manifesto was filled with anti-communist annotations).
Among my first fiction reads were mostly Victorian literature, 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Brontë, 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens. At some point, I encountered my mother's dystopian books from college, 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley and 'Fahrenheit 451', which I understood pretty well because of all those Hitler documentaries on TV. And this pretty much shaped my reading experience for life. I enjoy reading a lot (often juggling 4-5 books at once). Among my favorite English authors are Joan Didion (she was an absolute genius), J.M. Coetzee, Kazuo Ishiguro, Paul Auster, Virginia Woolf, Hemingway (of course), Hunter S. Thompson, Theodore Dreiser, Kurt Vonnegut, Emily Dickinson, Philip K. Dick, Stephen King (especially '11/22/63') – and many more, but those are the ones that come to mind immediately. A lesser-known non-fiction book that I like to recommend to everyone is 'The Sense of Beauty' by George Santayana.
Even if my spectrum of beloved fiction leans less towards suspense, I quite enjoy Raymond Chandler (despite his evident misogyny) simply for the way he writes and the atmosphere of 1930s/40s Los Angeles he manages to evoke.

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