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What's the farthest you've travelled from home? How did you like it there? What did you do? 🗺🎒

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Austria :3
It's such a beautiful country! I felt so at peace and at home! So much natural beauty!
I went with family and we went to lakes, waterfalls, a glacier, a fortress, gorges, up snow topped mountains, and saw the golden McDonald's sign in Salzburg xD
Imagine from Google :)
Whats the farthest youve travelled from home How did you like it there What did

How is the summer in your country?

In Hungary it's becoming hotter and drier each year. It's got to the point where it's affecting our water supplies and all kinds of crops, even those with high tolerance to dryness. It's becoming scary, really, and our government is making nonsense decisions like let's cut all the trees even from protected areas, let's not do anything about our 2 big rivers to maintain the natural underground water supplies...

Ibabalik ang ROTC para daw maipaglaban ang bansa. Yung mga nag-ROTC ba dati ay kaya ipaglaban ang bansa ngayon? Dumaan ako sa ROTC, puro martsa naman ang ginawa ko.

Legit. Puro marching and wooden rifle drills lang. Of course, yung nasa reserved list na after ROTC dadaan pa sa real training should there be a war in the future, and they are required to serve the country. Still, sa argument nila, they're making it sound like ganun ka tindi yung ROTC program, na after going through it, lalabas ka na battle-ready na, na grabe na yung discipline mo, at may new found love and loyalty ka na to flag and country.
Unless they make the program as strict and as hard as the actual training our soldiers undertake, it will never result in that. Then again, sino bang estyudante papayag na gawing ganun kagrabe yun lalo na pag-aaral naman pinaka dahilan nila sa pagpasok nila. Kahit siguro yung die hard DDS and Marcos supporters na students aayaw na dun. Saka discipline, loyalty, and love for country isn't just learned through basic military training. All that actually starts at home, and is further instilled in school and our everyday experience.

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Okay, it seems as if everyone is a little angry at my idea of deleting America and England to kickstart world peace..so instead, we will put all the brits and the Americans on one island to solve the whole heart disease, tooth decay discord.

... as interesting as that concept is... wow.. you can't judge 2 whole countries because of a portion of people :)
Every country has both good and bad! Also "deleting" England and America wouldn't create world peace. It would create a power struggle over the resources that both countries have.
Not to mention there is a current war going on that isn't in either England or America, so that would still happen.
Things would be better for everyone if there was less toxicity, which to be fair is slightly radiating in this shout out :)
Okay it seems as if everyone is a little angry at my idea of deleting America

You Poland girl 🇵🇱🤔 You like Russia 🇷🇺 yes or no 🤔

Milan_12’s Profile PhotoViolin Borisov
I don't have anything to fox from Russia there, they didn't do anything there. The president of Russia and who knows who knows who hasn't been fighting him for several months. People from Russia also suffer that people hated their country because of the president who rules there.

I really need a shoulder to cry on, someone who can listen to me, im so done being the strong one and lately it feels like I'm loosing myself😩

Israel is a terrorist state. United Nations is a bullshit organisation which aids in fulfilling the needs of strong countries. USA is a biggest supporter of a terrorist state. Fuck with worlds humanitarian rights standards. Fuck EGYPT for being neutral and liberal. Arabian countries condemning the israeli attacks but consistently at a war with the biggest resistance present against Israel. The only country i am proud of rn is IRAN. KAASH PAKISTAN DOLLAR KAI HAATHON NA BIKA HOTA, KAASH YAHAN KAI LOGON MEIN BHE DEEN HOTA, KAASH YE JO MULK ISLAM KAI NAAM PAI AZAAD HUA THA IS MEIN ISLAM BHE HOTA. BEING A PAKISTANI RESIDENT I CAN CLAIM THAT WE ARE THE MOST CORRUPT NATION IN THE WHOLE WORLD WITHOUT A DOUBT. GALAY TAK PESA BHARA HUA PAR BHOOK NAHE MIT RAHI.

If you're given superpowers for 24 hrs; what five major tasks do you wish to achieve?

imranmalik7076045’s Profile PhotoImran Malik
Kill all traitors in our country
Free Palestine
Free Kashmir
Kill the ones oppressing Uyghur Muslims
Return the assets to developing countries and underdeveloped that the developed countries stole over decades.

Cuando vas a la playa ,¿ sueles estar siempre al lado de la orilla o te gusta nadar lejos ?💦🏊🌊☀️🏖️

nazaretpozuelo1998’s Profile PhotoShewolf
@nazaretpozuelo1998 🏝️ Shewolf, estamos en la playa 🏖️
Ettoo... nadamos bien, en la orilla, muy adentro, jugamos, comemos en la avenida 🌞🏊😎
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Eagles 👉 Los Angeles, California, USA 🤘 https://eagles.com
Rock, folk, country. CD 1972/2007.
Don Henley (vocal, guitar2, drums), Joe Walsh (guitar1, key, voices), Vince Gill (guitar2, voices), Glenn Frey [✝] (guitar2, key), Timothy Schmit (bass, voices), Scott Crago (drums).
🎵 🎙️
Eagles - Take It Easy (1972) [ft Travis Tritt 2013]
https://youtu.be/LawicQTipO8salquial’s Video 170545633081 LawicQTipO8salquial’s Video 170545633081 LawicQTipO8
🎵 ♬
Eagles - One of these nights (1975)
https://youtu.be/6KH3dvGbBJQsalquial’s Video 170545633081 6KH3dvGbBJQsalquial’s Video 170545633081 6KH3dvGbBJQ
🎵 🎸
Eagles - Hotel California (1976)
https://youtu.be/4HLRV6-AJRwsalquial’s Video 170545633081 4HLRV6-AJRwsalquial’s Video 170545633081 4HLRV6-AJRw
🎵 ♪
Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why (1979)
https://youtu.be/q6yyWKzPBCMsalquial’s Video 170545633081 q6yyWKzPBCMsalquial’s Video 170545633081 q6yyWKzPBCM
🎵 ♫
Cuando vas a la playa  sueles estar siempre al lado de la orilla o te gusta

how would you describe the sound of your voice? and do you sing, or play a musical instrument of any kind?

herchocolatebar’s Profile Photoher-chocolatebar
I do play a few instruments and I can sing country song passably but I am kinda tone death to my own voice so not a really good singer 😝

How to become financially stable at the age of 22, while studying?

imuhammadfaizan1’s Profile PhotoDr Anonymous Chaudhary
Financially stable at 22 is alot to ask for. Financial independency is something that can be achieved in this age.
I.e In country like Pakistan its not easy to manage both work-study! So, proper grooming by the age of 15-16 & a reasonable soft skill that can land you a part time freelance work. This is the only way to earn good & study.

°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•°•°•×°•°•×°•× "Me encanta olvidar el dolor y llenar los huecos con la música." °•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•×°•°•°•×°•°•× ¿Crees que alguna vez llegamos a olvidar el dolor o simplemente nos acostumbramos a el?

Hatori01’s Profile PhotoBlueMoon
@Hatori01 🏝️ Hello BlueMoon, thanks for music, take care ☕
Ettoo... las causas del dolor sentimental las vamos alternando con ratos de euforia por éxitos y momentos felices 😎
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Creedence Clearwater Revival 👉 California, USA 🤘
Primeras bandas de los 60' http://www.creedence-online.net
Rock, folk, country, R&B, blues, soul. CD 1968/1972.
John Fogerty (vocal, guitar1, key), Tom Fogerty [✝] (guitar2, voices), Stu Cook (bass, voices), Doug Clifford (drums, voices).
🎵 🎙️
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary
https://youtu.be/5hid10EgMXEsalquial’s Video 170660634681 5hid10EgMXEsalquial’s Video 170660634681 5hid10EgMXE
🎵 ♫
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River
https://youtu.be/L5V9nK7-OkMsalquial’s Video 170660634681 L5V9nK7-OkMsalquial’s Video 170660634681 L5V9nK7-OkM
🎵 ♪
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cotton Fields
https://youtu.be/AlSjx6F5Pl8salquial’s Video 170660634681 AlSjx6F5Pl8salquial’s Video 170660634681 AlSjx6F5Pl8
🎵 ♬
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Who'll Stop The Rain
https://youtu.be/855meXQhrp0salquial’s Video 170660634681 855meXQhrp0salquial’s Video 170660634681 855meXQhrp0
Me encanta olvidar el dolor y llenar los huecos con la música

Crees que

Have you ever been to Los Angeles?

Not yet but I would love to know it is a very rich and promising country in terms of culture and tourism, not to mention that most of the most consented rock bands in the world were built there and that are successful and that made and made rock known 'N Roll all over the world
Have you ever been to Los Angeles

Anyone know any good painkillers for toothache 🤷‍♀️, paracetamol ain't doing s*** 🤯!

georginagreenhalgh1996’s Profile PhotoGeorgina
A strange dentist , from another country ~ in the southern hemisphere . . . . PRESCRIBED me TRAMADOL
it was for post-procedure rather than 'toothache'
Why don't you get emergency TREATMENT ?

Obserwuję! 😍 Jak zaczęła się kariera Taylor, kto odkrył jej talent?

SpearsPhotos’s Profile PhotoBritney Spears Polska #7tHMC
Zwrócono na nią uwagę w The Volunteer State, znanym również jako Tennessee. Nie jest to aż tak zaskakujące, biorąc pod uwagę, że jest to stolica muzyki country. Rodzice Swift wiedzieli, że jest przeznaczona do robienia wielkich rzeczy, dlatego kiedy się urodziła, stała się imienniczką sławnego piosenkarza. Kiedy Taylor zaczęła interesować się muzyką, jej rodzice natychmiast zaczęli ją zachęcać do rozwoju w tym kierunku. Umiejętności Swift szybko rosły, a ona zdobywała wyróżnienia i wysokie miejsca na konkursach i występach. Często jeździła do Nashville w ramach rozwoju swojej kariery. Starała się zdobyć kontrakt płytowy, będąc jeszcze nastolatką. Ostatecznie jej rodzina zauważyła, jak bardzo była temu oddana i wspólnie wyjechali do Hendersonville. To był przełomowy ruch, którego potrzebowała, aby w końcu podpisać kontrakt z Big Machine Records poprowadził ją do sławy.

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Jak wspomina początki swojej kariery?

straykidspolska’s Profile PhotoStray Kids Polska
Początki Taylor nie należały do najłatwiejszych, ponieważ nikt nie dawał jej cienia szansy, że zaistnieje na rynku muzycznym wykonując muzykę country. Kolejną kwestią był jej młody wiek.

I'm in my most dissociative state these past few days and it's not easy. I know that some parts of our country got hit by an earthquake (a v strong one) and I ~almost~ feel nothing. All I can say is "Hope you are okay. Stay safe". Is this still normal or what?

It's okay to look out for yourself only. You are not obligated to care for everyone naman. If you're not feeling well, just focus on yourself :)
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https://ask.fm/nebelung1717/answers/171414245358 - All governments are rotten to the core 😅

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
But Poland is something else, it's a state of mind...
We have the highest inflation, the highest fuel price and the worst politics in the world...
And yes, we have beautiful history, but Poland now makes me wanna cry...
Oh, and depression in this country is also very frequent.

When will you all wake up and stop politicians from playing with our country??

It is already too late
It’s not the politicians but the Neutral traitors that have ruined our country
It has always been them
If anyone is still too naive to understand this then what’s happening ,,this is exactly what they deserve
When will you all wake up and stop politicians from playing with our country
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When will you all wake up and stop politicians from playing with our country??

میں تو جاگا ہوا ہو اب کیا کرو کچھ نہیں سمجھتے ۔ بیوقوف انسان بولتا بہت ہے اور سنتا کم ہے اور جب غلط ثابت ہونے لگے تو لڑنے پر ا جاتا ہے ۔

Muj Me Or Imran Khan me Ik Chiz Common Hai Jix Pr Yaqin Kerta Hu Wohi Dhokha Deta Hai.

AwaisSahil’s Profile PhotoAwais Abbasi
Tum dono ko classes lene pary gee intelligency ke tum dono ko apnay oper yakeen hona chahee dosry dawat nahi dety k hum par a kar ankhy band kar k yakeen kar lo tum dono he confused ho k kon say rastay par chalna hai Allah nai damagh kis leye deya hua hai na usay country smabhlna aya or na tumhy askfm ko smabhlna aya

"If you will be given a chance to speak with one of the previous Presidents' across the world who will it be and why?"

Without naming his name, this person is dead now.
I will only tell him that your political philosophy and your communism shit are not working, you have taken us hostages, and please do not invade another country, you are stupid and do not realize the extent of your stupidity, step down, please.
Or yes I will shoot his ass, this will save the nation from a great catastrophe whose consequences are now.
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your definition of POWER

Imagine you're inside your room. Your face is serious as you write something about the things that frustrate you. Let's say you're frustrated about what's happening in your country. You couldn't voice it out online so you decided to make a novel. You don't give a single shit if whatever words you write might trigger those enablers because you know you are writing the right thing.
And that's power. No need to wear costumes. No need to use guns or knives. Just a pen and a piece of paper to outline everything you want to write. Those are enough to disturb the undisturbed.

It’s true what you’ve read. It’s not an excuse though, but I feel like the government is not thinking it through very well. The farmers are protesting & the people have double thoughts about it. They understand their frustration, but all the damage they do (including to regular folk) is unacceptable

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Yes indeed. This same problem is occurring throughout the world and as a result, people around the world are beginning to protest. These protests will continue until the globalists in Davos and Brussels are forced from power and each country is allowed to govern as they see fit and do what is in the best interest of their people.
btw.. I believe it is my political commentary that causes woke activists to attack my account in an attempt to silence me. I guess that is why I stick to posting poems and such. But having 500 followers in my last account I felt obligated to speak out about some of the issues that are destroying families, cities, countries and ultimately civilization itself unless people around the world rise up and stop these corrupt globalists. /Alex

Hey Alex, I’m sorry this keeps happening to you! Very unfortunate. About the castle: I know!! I’ve been here as a child and now I went back with my boyfriend. It’s such a beautiful place to be! 😄

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Yentl, what is going on with the farmer protests in your country? From what I have read the government is making it impossible for them to grow food using the excuse of climate change when what they really want is to confiscate the farmers land to build subsidized housing for a new wave of immigrants.
In the United States we also have government ignoring the will of the people and allowing approximately 2 million illegal immigrants into America across our southern border and then tax payers fund: free medical care, free education, free housing, free food and the immigrants get welfare checks every month. The majority of Americans are very angry about this.
How do the citizens of your country feel about the plight of the farmers and the issue of rampant immigration? /Alex

Why everyone speaking about hot weather?! Here, it is almost +37°c always and we don't complain 😂

That is because you are clearly used to it. First world countries with warmer weather as normal have notably different infrastructure. For example, the binding on road surfaces is different to prevent melting tarmac, most buildings have things like AC which is almost unheard of in private residences here, and so on, &c. The temperature has reached about 10C higher than a regular summer, broken the country’s temperature record, unusual fires have broken out across the country, and people not used to it can find that difficult to adjust to.
So you’ll have to spare us your ignorant “what’s the matter with you” type comments, please. Cheers 🙏

умеешь заботиться о людях?

kakashkivboy’s Profile PhotoВлад 300м от вас
judging by your answers, you often lie, which in general is not surprising for a resident of Mordor. Your question about taking care of people is extremely cynical in conditions when your country is killing people in Ukraine. Yes, we Europeans care about people, so we help people in Ukraine against orcs from Mordor.

When will the temperature drop a little in your country? I heard in our news that your country was supposed to be reaching the 40 degrees celsius this past Monday.

It passed 40 yesterday, was close to it on Monday. It’s been 30 today in my area, said we were meant to get some rain to cool it down a bit but we haven’t had any yet. Friday will be about the same as today and it’ll hopefully go back to the low 20’s after that 🥴

Why is Starbucks closing 16 stores?

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz placed blame on woke elected officials in Democrat-run cities for the abrupt closure of 16 stores located primarily on the West Coast.
On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal was the first to report that six locations each will shut down in Seattle and Los Angeles, in addition to two in Portland, Ore., one in Philadelphia, and one in Washington, D.C., by August. The company cited repeated safety incidents behind its decision.
CEO Howard Schultz commented:
“In my view at the local, state, and federal level, these governments across the country and leaders, mayors, and governors and city councils have abdicated their responsibility in fighting crime and addressing mental illness,” said Schultz, who returned to the company as chief executive in April. “We are going to have to refine and transform and modernize many of the things we do to meet the needs of our customers in a very changing operating environment in which customer behavior is changing.”

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Why is Starbucks closing 16 stores

Why do you think everyone, everywhere hates their country? Not "everyone" as in literal every human being, but as in everywhere you go around the world, there will always be people hating their country, the government, the politicians, etc. It's a universal thing, apparently.

"You reap what you sow" by Alex
I think some of this behavior can be attributed to the fact that most politicians lie and say anything to their citizens to get elected and once elected they primarily concern themselves with the ruling class and those wealthy donors who subsidized their political campaigns and are primarily motivated by power, money and insatiable greed. The citizens around the world recognize this betrayal and they do not approve of it and yet they feel helpless because no matter who is elected, the results are always the same. And when a leader appears who does care about the poor and wants to distribute the wealth in a more equitable manner, they inevitably get assassinated by intelligence agents or common criminals hired by the political donors who demand allegiance by the political class at the expense of the citizens.
This tale is as old as civilization itself, and I do not believe that the people of the world will ever be anything more than peasants, serf's, slaves, pawns and peons, who are paid minimum wage and treated by the ruling elite as a sub-species. This is one of the reasons I am both amused and bewildered by the woke activists who are literally siding with the ruling class and allowing themselves to be used as Jacobins in a cultural revolution designed to increase the power, wealth and control of the ruling class and political class, while destroying the freedoms that average citizen enjoys. You might say that the Millennial's and Gen-Z'ers are biting off their nose to spite their face. And there is no doubt that the young people today will have a lower standard of living compared to previous generations, and the children who have yet to be born will have an even lower standard of living and less freedom as Generation Z and Millennial's who are advocating for the woke cancel culture and destruction of western democracy, not realizing that in the end, they are
not only causing chaos and cultural upheaval, but are fighting for a revolution that only benefits the billionaire class while obliterating the middle class and the poor.
A classic example of: "you reap what you sow."

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Why do you think everyone everywhere hates their country Not everyone as in

I haven’t used this in years, if I asked someone a question just for random will they some how still get notified??

I am not positive about this but I believe random questions are limited to the geographical area (country) that is listed on your profile. So, for example, I am listed as (USA) so folks in South America would not receive my questions. Now it is possible that I am mistaken about this, but I have, over the years experimented with this feature and that is how it appears to work.
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So what's there to look forward to if the walls are going to keep closing in? Do we just have to ignore the reality of that and enjoy what we can while everything crumbles? Is that easy or hard for you?

I am going to just speak for myself because I can't speak for everyone else.
I am not exactly ignoring the reality because lets be honest it would be impossible to ignore once you finally see it but on the realest note there's only so much you can do about it at this point. It's already in play & we don't have the power to stop it. So, that being said - yes, I am just trying to enjoy as much as I can. Which is why I travel & move around a lot. I am trying to get as much experiences before I hermit myself back into the country & live a life of self- sufficiency.
The hardest part of understanding what the future is going to look like pretty soon here is, do I or do I not have children. Do I want to raise children in that kind of society & would I even be able to give them the life they deserve....

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