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What game(s) are you most excited for? 🎮

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
There are four games in particular that comes to mind that I'm especially excited to play this fall! 🎮
Warhammer 40K Space Marine 2 💀
A friend of mine convinced me to try the first game, despite it being quite old I quite liked it! So I'm very excited for the sequel, with seemingly more fun enemies to fight, absolutely gorgeous visuals and full on co-op campaign and missions. Am looking forward to playing through it with friends!
Kingdom Come Deliverance II 🏰
Despite it sometimes being a little janky, I absolutely loved the first game with it's attention to detail and it staying true to medieval Bohemia. It was also great to play a game where you aren't a typical action hero, but the lazy son of a blacksmith who can't read or write who's suddenly thrown into war. The sequel seems to be bigger and better in every single way and I'm beyond hyped!
Indiana Jones and The Great Circle 🗿
I'm a big fan of the original three Indy movies and this game is set in between Raiders of The lost ark and The Last Crusade. It's made by Machinegames, a Swedish studio which made the Wolfenstein reboots. They've successfully made fun first person games where you fight n@zis in the past, so I hope they can do the same with Indy! Some gameplay they showed recently looks promising!
Star Wars Outlaws 🌌
I think Star Wars gaming has gone strong, better than the recent live action shows! Now I'm very curious how it'll be when non-EA studios are allowed to make Star Wars games, in this case with Ubisoft! I hope this game won't have too many Far Cry / Assassin's Creed like elements and more be it's own thing but I'm cautiously optimistic! It's seems to be a more gritty game which doesn't focus on Jedi which I like! It's also made by a Swedish studio! If it wasn't for me wanting to play the game when it's finished, I could've signed up to be a tester for that game Haha

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What games are you most excited for

What was the last thing you revisited which you hadn't done / experienced in a while? ⏪

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I bought Sims 3 for the laptop a couple of days ago!
I have never played Sims 3 on a computer, but I have played a lot of Sims 3 on the Wii and Nintendo DS. The sounds, gameplay and looks are exactly the same though, so it brings back a lot of good nostalgia. ☺️
What was the last thing you revisited which you hadnt done  experienced in a

What do you do to unwind after a hard day? 😌 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Շєภคςเ๏ยร Շ๏๓๓คץ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
To truly unwind, I tend to play a good singleplayer game! 🎮 Multiplayer games like Sea of Thieves are fun too but there you have to be on edge too Haha Inspired by the Fallout show, I've recently gotten back into Fallout 4! The story may not be as strong as New Vegas but I've always found the gameplay very enjoyable! Especially the settlement building, which I know is a controversial opinion 🛠️
What do you do to unwind after a hard day

Redmi note 13pro koi use kr raha? Kesa mobile hai ye?

It's a good phone. I'm using a 256gb variant by the way with 8gb ram and 4gb extended ram. Its indeed a great phone but this time redmei has put a virtual proximity sensor in it instead of a hardware sensor. I bought it for gaming and i play call of duty and lost light on it and it's pretty dope in gameplay as well. With 200 megapixel hdr shot, its camera is not that bad for a 70000 rs phone.

What have you done that you didn't like, but would you be willing to give it another shot?

Playing the same videogames, again and again.
After the first gameplay, the passion is not quite as great. Sometimes, I might get bored and stop for a while. But I still keep doing it, because those are the games that I enjoy.
And I would be glad to play them again. And again.

Uhhh, Death Stranding will ich noch mit Fenri spielen! Wie findest du es bisher, wie ist so der Vibe, die Welt, das Gameplay?

tittengrabschernumberone’s Profile PhotoPapiertiger.
Die Meinungen bezüglich Death Stranding gehen zum Teil ja sehr weit auseinander, da das Spiel einen sehr ulkigen und gewöhnungsbedürftigen Vibe und ein noch ulkigeres und gewöhnungsbedürftigeres Gameplay ganz im Stille del Toros/Kojimas besitzt, wobei ich mich persönlich eher zu der Fraktion zuordnen würde, die das Spiel komplett abfeiert (was zugegeben von meiner mittelschweren Obsession bezüglich Norman Reedus bestärkt wird, husthust, er ist der Protagonist und unglaublich cute, husthust).
Ich mag unkonventionelle Spiele, die aus der Reihe tanzen und eine verworrene Handlung besitzen, die man nicht sofort entschlüsseln oder nach wenigen Stunden nachzuvollziehen vermag. Ich bin ja selbst gerade mal "wenige" Stunden involviert, weshalb ich noch keine allzu adäquate Einschätzung über das Gesamtpaket geben kann, aber im Grunde ist es für viele entweder ein langweiliger Hiking-Simulator mit Babysitting- und Horror-Elementen (xd) oder eine atmosphärische packende und thematisch extrem dichte Erzählung, die sich sehr viel Zeit nimmt, sich zu entfalten. Ist also vermutlich nicht für jeden zugeschnitten, der ein casual Gameplay mit linearen Elementen und eine in sich schlüssige Handlung erwartet. In einer postapokalyptischen Bergkullisse als wandernder Kurier unterwegs zu sein, der mit einem Baby multidimensionale Schattenwesen aufspürt, die riesige Krater hinterlassen können, ist nicht jedermanns Cup of Tea. Dann gibt es noch den sogenannten "Zeitregen", der dich altern lässt und der Protagonist ist ein "DOOM", der nach einem unerwarteten Tôd zurückkehren kann und in einem Strand seiner Vergangenheit begegnet. Es ist viel zu komplex.
Ich bin mir aber fast zu 90 % sicher, dass euch das gefallen könnte, da ihr ja auch solche Ulknudeln seid. <3 Gestern habe ich voll den schönen Screenshot hinbekommen, da bekomme ich selber wieder voll Lust, zu wandern.
Und es sind so viele coole Schauspieler:innen dabei, mitunter Léa Seydoux und Mads Mikkelsen.

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Uhhh Death Stranding will ich noch mit Fenri spielen Wie findest du es bisher

do you think it's hard for content creators to create original content nowadays? it seems like almost everything is covered.

Yes, but it’s not necessarily the content they give out that makes people watch them, it’s also their personality!
For example: I’d watch the same gameplay (FNAF) twice, but from Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. They both respond and play uniquely which makes them both fun to watch.

What's the worst piece of advice you ever got from someone?

"Always craft a full set of wooden tools before mining stone (In Minecraft)"
I am ashamed to admit that I once believed in this advice. When I was a less experienced gamer, that is.
However, looking back at this, I feel that it is truly unwise. Spending the wood that you could use for, well, anything else, to make wooden tools is not a good investment. After coming to terms with that, the only thing that I started crafting at the beginning of each gameplay is a single Wooden Pickaxe. And then, I use it to mine stone and make tools that will actually last longer.
(On a side note, crafting a full set of wooden tools will just reduce your storage space when you start crafting wooden tools. Unless you have storage chest, it is not wise to do that. And then again, they can only be kept as simple souvenirs. At that point, every player would have better tools)

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Are there any films, shows, books or games you think are underrated and don't get the credit they deserve?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
Film: The Help. It’s a movie about the Civil Rights Movement and the segregation in 1963. It’s not based on a true story, but it is very close to being real.
Shows: Defiance (Sci-Fi) and Supernatural.
Book: Blake Charlton’s Spellwright, Spellbound and Spellbreaker trilogy. It’s about a world with magic where you write your spells in order to cast, but this new wizard has dyslexia and it’s just so much fun and thrilling to see what happens because of it!
Game: Dragon’s Dogma - Dark Arisen. Sooo ahead of its time graphics and gameplay wise! It’s a big storyline with lots of different quests and different monsters to fight. It’s very similar to Skyrim since it’s open world as well, just a bit more realistic, because you get drenched when in water and your lantern stops working for example.
Are there any films shows books or games you think are underrated and dont get

Dankbarkeit wird heutzutage gerne mal vergessen. Wofür bist du dankbar?

takirolp’s Profile PhotoTaki
Da ich hier sehr oft allgemeine Dinge aufzähle, für die ich unendliche Wertschätzung empfinde, (Gesundheit, Dach über'm Kopp, Essen, Wasser, Bildung, Kadse, pipapo) möchte ich mich heute auf etwas Spezifischeres beziehen.
Obwohl mich Lies of P oft frustriert, ist es aktuell meine größte Zuflucht, wofür ich sehr dankbar bin. Man kann in dem Spiel Schallplatten freischalten und dieses musikalische Abenteuer interessiert mich tatsächlich häufig um Einiges mehr als das Gameplay (oder die furchtbar schwierigen Bosse, die ich nach einer frustrierten Routine und dem Verbleib von 1/3 der Healthbar irgendwann einfach mit Throwables cheese), weil die Sidequests so schön und emotional sind. Und jedes Mal zum Hotel zurückzukehren und ein neues Lied anzuhören, ist eine so schöne Erfahrung für mich, weil es mich träumen und mitfühlen lässt. Seo Jayeong ist offiziell zu meiner absoluten Lieblingssängerin geworden. Sie ist wirklich die Seele dieses Spiels. Ich dachte, "Feel" wäre schon ein absolutes Meisterwerk, aber dann kam "Quixote" zum Einsatz (ein Begriff, der auf dem Roman Don Quijote von Miguel de Cervantes
basiert und ein unrealistisches, übermäßig idealistisch motiviertes Unterfangen beschreibt) und es war um mich geschehen, puh.
Auch, wenn der Link vermutlich nicht wirklich funktionieren wird, möchte ich es hier teilen. Die Lyrics sind auch absolut wunderschön.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYeFJL3kLuE&ab_channel=%EC%84%9C%EC%9E%90%EC%98%81SeoJayeongfeytality’s Video 173088288312 eYeFJL3kLuEfeytality’s Video 173088288312 eYeFJL3kLuE
If I would shed my tears,
In this daunting fantasy,
Many of them call reality.
If I would lose my name,
To this senselessness,
I'd seek truth in reverse side
Or insanity.
Unleash the giants,
Loosen the horse,
Fill up the seas,
Set the serpents alive,
Define the heights,
Behold your sight,
For those windmills,
Let them run again.
'Cause I would fight,
Let it be the cold rain.
Be it battle I cannot survive,
Or another cursed spirit,
Come from the tide.
Every morning, every night,
My fate confined.
Beyond the hills,
Upon the bridge,
Across this strange life,
Those devils never break,
Out of their great disguise.
So I would fight,
Another song,
Another falsely refined.
Those rambling words,
They pressed upon my soul.
Every inch I march,
Towards the fatal sight,
Against the winds,
Against the lights,
I shall conquer thine.
‘Cause when you stop to dream
Your whole heart too,
Gives in to life.
Der Schnee lässt mich im Moment auch Dankbarkeit und Wertschätzung fühlen; selbst, wenn er nicht lange währen sollte.

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feytality’s Video 173088288312 eYeFJL3kLuEfeytality’s Video 173088288312 eYeFJL3kLuE

A votre humble avis les jeux vidéos sont-ils un domaine d'art? 🎮

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
Absolument, à mon avis, les jeux vidéo sont sans aucun doute un domaine d'art.
Ils combinent des éléments visuels, sonores, narratifs et interactifs pour créer une expérience immersive.
L'art s'exprime de différentes manières, et les jeux vidéo le font à travers leur conception visuelle, leur musique, leur scénario et même leur gameplay.
Certains jeux ont une direction artistique exceptionnelle qui rivalise avec des œuvres d'art plus traditionnelles.
A votre humble avis les jeux vidéos sontils un domaine dart

🔍 YOU SEARCHED ( ﹫ interactions ) IN THE SEARCH BAR⠀ ↺

{ Buonciao! Probabilmente scrivere un post di ricerca interazioni/legami di venerdì pomeriggio non è stata la migliore delle idee, ma eccoci qua 😂
Male che vada vi ricomparirò in bacheca dopo il fine settimana con un remake di questa pubblicazione. Bando alle ciance! Cerchiamo qualcuno con cui plottare e ruolare. Ci va bene tutto, siamo ignave e capaci di adattarci. Per i più pigri a cui non va di leggere la divina commedia che mi è uscita al posto della bio lascio qua sotto qualche pills veloce:
❍ :È figlia di Ember e Wade di Elemental. Nella sua forma originale è una nuvoletta di vapore
❍ :Capitano della squadra di pallacanestro femminile al Disney College sotto la maglietta n.23, Aria è un'amante dello sport in tutte le sue forme. La mattina esce di casa prestissimo per cominciare la giornata allenandosi
❍ :Decisamente queer, ad oggi ha avuto esperienze solo con ragazze. I maschietti restano ancora un'incognita, per cui non sa quale etichetta le stia meglio addosso
❍ :Studentessa di ingegneria robotica, i suoi hobby/passioni sono: skateboard, gameplay (a giocare è una frana ma le piace guardare 👀 e adora la lore/le teorie), Five Nights At Freddy's (scelta vostra se ve l'accollate, ha visto il film da poco e vi farà una testa così), break dance (fa parte di una crew clandestina chiamata i "Foxy's Pirates"), tecnologia, surf, musica rap e elettronica e scrivere (anche se questo lo sanno in pochissimi, è una cosa personale e intima sua)
❍ :È un'attivista. La si trova sempre in prima linea quando c'è da firmare petizioni, protestare o manifestare a favore delle minoranze. Quindi guai ad essere omofobi, misogini o razzisti di fronte a lei
❍ :Apparentemente distaccata e poco incline a fare amicizia, Aria è spesso scontrosa perché ha una paura tremenda di legarsi alle persone. Con le ragazze si trova più a disagio che coi maschi, sia per via l'attrazione che nutre nei loro confronti, sia a causa di interessi frequentemente discordanti; con loro è più timida/impacciata, insomma. Se si riesce a legare con lei però sa essere veramente affabile e spiritosa, a modo suo; ha un atteggiamento molto mascolino, stereotipicamente parlando, quindi se vi molla una pacca sulla schiena vuol dire che le state a genio
❍ :Ha tre piercing e due tatuaggi
Credo siano su per giù le cose più importanti. Se siete arrivati fino a qui e vi abbiamo incuriosito reagite a questo post e verrete contattati, passo e chiudo!

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سؤال لأي شخص عنده خبرة ف ألعاب البي سي: انا منزلة لعبة ع لابي بس تعلق و بطييئة وايد.. هل السبب اني يالسة العب ع لابتوب و مش بي سي؟ مع اني لعبت لعبة ثانية ع اللاب و اشتغلت عادي.. افيدونا.

KyuHyukGirl’s Profile Photo~.بنت الوهيبي.~
Is it a laptop?
If so, laptops are always a bad choice to play games with.
Especially if it’s a mac, that’s a big no no for games.
The reason that is, laptops do not have sufficient power nor sufficient air flow. Another reason that is, some games which are heavy will run in low effort to save your laptop energy. Try connecting your laptop to a charger to fix that issue.
If you have a full pc as a set up, you will need to check on numerous things.
Your operating system, your RAM, your graphic card. Also, your computer setting can affect the gameplay overall.
This is just a brief of what I assume the problem may be, more details from your side will result in a better answer.

Quanti di voi maschi si stanno godendo Spider-Man 2

Non sono un maschio, ma in ogni caso al momento risulta essere molto divertente in quanto sono presenti alcuni bug. Il gameplay in ogni caso rimane fluido e avvincente, pecca un po' di grafica ma l'ambientazione e la trama mi stanno intrattenendo. In linea di massima, penso che sia un ottimo gioco ma mai quanto Baldur's Gate III (che per quest'anno ancora una volta ribadisco, si porta a casa il GOTY). Se non l'hai visto o non hai ancora giocato, ti consiglio di dargli una possibilità, ti darà un po' di divertimento per qualche ora.🎮🕷️
Quanti di voi maschi si stanno godendo SpiderMan 2

Wiedźmin czy Gothic?

Kazachok804’s Profile PhotoKazachok804
Nie grałam w Gothica więc trudno mi to porównać, za to jak najbardziej wiedźmin ❤ w którego tez nie grałam, za to ogladałam gameplay, czytalam ksiązki po 2 razy i nie skończy sie tylko na tych 2. Ogladam rozne ciekawostki na ten temat i po prostu kocham wiekszosc postaci ❤, no i to lore i mimo ze sapek to taka cebula, jednak napisal te ksiazki tak ze wzruszam sie jak czytam kiedy Geralt pierwszy raz spotkał Yennefer i kocham opowiadanie II z II czesci okruch lodu 💙🧊
Wiedźmin czy Gothic

Ma questo bf di playstation è molto deludente..

ho comprato far cry 3 classic edition per ps4, questo per me è un capolavoro videoludico (per non dire il migliore di tutta la saga) io consiglio a tutti di comprarlo a maggior ragione se non avete avuto ancora la fortuna di provarlo joypad alla mano, un gioco che ha una storyline pazzesca, miglior antagonista di sempre e ovviamente non scordiamoci il suo gameplay a dir poco pazzesco.. tutto questo per 3 euro grazie al bf (non fatevelo scappare)

A fiatalok miért használnak egy mondatban angol szavakat miért majmolnak más nyelvet magyarba magyar emberek közt egy magyar mondatban?

MateBogdan’s Profile PhotoMathaius ✌✔
Mert az internet világában, meg a gameingnek köszönhetően, a tartalmak nagyrészét angolul fogyasztják. Sok szóra már nem is kreálódik magyar megfelelő, csak átvesszük. Nem minden esetben majmolás, csak átalakul, formálódik a nyelv.
Ettől függetlenül az én agyam is felcseszi, pláne ha erőltetettnek érzem. Nem is olyan régen rage-eltem egyet ezzel kapcsolatban. De akkor már inkább angolul mondják, mint japánul, na azzal már tényleg ki lehet kergetni a világból.
Mindezek ellenére, mégis megesik, hogy nem tetszik egy poszt, hanem like-olom és bizony magam is szeretek gameing témában keresgetni, lore-okat hallgatni, vagy gameplay streameket nézni...
Szóval bort iszok és vizet prédikálok. Блять...

Domanda rivolta ai/alle gamer. Qual è secondo te il miglior videogioco di sempre?

Enrico15064’s Profile PhotoEnrico
Dipende dai periodi.
Capitoli come Monkey Island, Prince of Persia, Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer, Lemmings per Amiga restano capitoli che, se giocati oggi senza guide, tolgono parecchie ore di gameplay senza annoiarsi. A differenza di tanti giochi odierni.
Poi ci sono pietre miliari come Metal Gear o GranTurismo per playstation che, chi non li ha giocati mai, non possono definirsi gamer.
Liked by: Morgana. Poppy Enrico

Hejka, co tam słychać u ciebie?

Siedzę sobie, kaszlę, miałam sprzątać, ale coś mi nie wyszło, ogólnie to chyba napiłabym się herbatki, ale nie mam nic, co do tej herbatki mogłabym wrzucić, poza cynamonem i mrożonymi malinami.
Założyłam nowego instagrama, starego chyba usunę, no i co mogę powiedzieć...
Jutro idę do lekarza, żeby mi sprawdziła mój kaszelek, nie posprzątałam w pokoju, bo mi się nie chciało, a teraz najchętniej obejrzałabym jakiś gameplay z horroru.
W sumie to chyba jestem trochę głodna...

Domanda banale ma... Come recensisci veramente?❤️

No non è una domanda banale, anzi è un ottima domanda, il lavoro di recensore non è facile e richiede molte ,molte ore e giorni di lavoro.
Nel mio caso esaminare un videogioco mi preparo un foglio di carta con i pro e i contro dove scrivo Pregi e difetti es qualità grafica, se ci sono bug o glitch, la trama se è scritta bene o in modo banale, il gameplay se è divertente, impegnativo e le varie modalità offerte.
In base ai Pregi e difetti mi aiutano a descrivere bene un gioco e dare la mia valutazione se lo consiglio oppure no o prenderlo ad un prezzo più abbordabile.
Il test di un gioco è diverso da giocarlo perché devi esaminare tutto il gioco, la durata del test e le ore di lavoro dipendono dal genere e quanto c'è da esaminare es sparatutto o avventura richiedono meno tempo e giorni ad differenza di un open world o rpg dove c'è più da esaminare per scovare ogni particolare.
Ovviamente quando si scrive la recensione bisogna evitare di fare spoiler ma parlare solo delle caratteristiche di un gioco Pregi w difetti es remake di xiii grafica in cell shading ( stile fumetto ) difetti : cali di frame rate ( rallentamenti durante il gioco es se ci sono tanti nemici il gioco va a scatti questo significa una realizzazione del gioco dal punto di vista tecnico non curata ) gameplay vecchio stampo ma con problemi di IA ( intelligenza artificiale) i nemici si comportano in modo stupido, in sintesi purtroppo non vale il prezzo proposto il gioco soffre di molti problemi che andrebbero sistemati e come remake è una mancanza di rispetto al capolavoro originale uscito anni e anni fa su ps2, xbox e pc.
Altre ore portate via è l'editing del video e li bisogna fare attenzione scegliere solo i video che dimostrano quello che si dice nella recensione senza fare spoiler, stessa cosa per le foto

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Kennst du Silent Hill? Die Spiele oder die Filme?

Ich kenne die Spiele seit meiner Kindheit. Der zweite und der dritte Teil sind meine absoluten Favoriten, wobei ich die Storyline des vierten Teils sehr gut finde, wäre das Gameplay und die Steuerung nicht so eindimensional. Horror wie diesen sehe ich nur noch selten in Spielen. Ich bedaure immer noch, dass nie etwas aus Silent Hills wurde. Der Preview Trailer war grandios. :<

Was findet ihr müsse in Computer Spielen mehr überagen. Die Story oder das Gameplay?Darf die Story Müll sein, wenn das Gameplay stimmt?

Nightvid’s Profile PhotoNightvid
Da muss alles stimmen bei einem richtig guten Game. Ich habe keine Lust irgendwas zu spielen wo sie Story zwar geil ist, aber das gameplay der letzte Rotz ist, genau so umgekehrt. Die besten Spiele bekommen aber beides hin und genau das macht sie auch gerade zu den besten Spielen.
Liked by: Necrontyr

Videogioco preferito? 🖥️ Il mio è Devil May Cry 🔥

Alexander Vail
Specifico che non sono una videogiocatrice, mi limito ad apprezzarli tramite gameplay. However non ne ho uno preferito, ma a livello di lore, The Binding of Isaac e Hollow Knight sono ottimi, ma devo dire che ultimamente mi sono riguardata anche tutto God of War (l'ultimo), aspettando Ragnarok

Tipp, hogy hogyan tudnám fejleszteni, magasabb szintre emelni az angol nyelvtudásomat?

Először is legyél tisztában vele, hogy az íráskészségedet, az írott és hallott szövegértésedet, valamint a beszédkészségedet egyaránt fejlesztened kell, az egyik nem létezik a másik nélkül. Írhatsz te 100%-os nyelvtani teszteket, ha a füled nincs hozzászokva a beszédhez és nem tudsz megszólalni egy éles helyzetben, akkor NEM tudsz angolul - pontosabban szunnyad a tudásod, aminek a gyakorlati haszna vajmi kevés.
Határozd meg magadban, hogy mire, mihez van szükséged a nyelvre? Nyelvvizsgára gyúrsz? Egy adott szakterületbe szeretnél belekóstolni angolul, egy hobbidhoz kell, esetleg ki akarsz költözni? A módszert tudatosan a célod szolgálatába kell állítanod, tehát ha pl. nyelvvizsga a cél, tisztában kell lenned a követelményekkel, feladattípusokkal.
Mindenesetre szolgálok néhány hétköznapokban alkalmazható tippel:
➡ Tudd meg, hogyan tudsz hatékonyan tanulni, tölts ki tanulásmódszertani teszteket, és igazítsd a kapott eredményhez a stratégiádat - így embertelen mennyiségű időt megspórolhatsz. Lehet, hogy te sokkal hamarabb megjegyzed a szavakat, ha le-fel járkálsz a szobában közben, másoknak a színes post-itek jönnek be, de akár még az sem mindegy, hogy egy nyelvtani szabály táblázatba vagy fürtábrába rendezve kerül eléd. Tudatossággal, önismerettel és kísérletezéssel a tanulásod hatásfokát megtízszerezheted, és ez az egész életedben a hasznodra lesz. A tanulás alapköve a megfelelő módszer!!!
➡ Filmnézés: már-már elcsépelt ötlet, de nagyon hatásos. Fokozatosan nehezítsd a szintet: 1. angol szöveg magyar felirattal, 2. angol szöveg angol felirattal, 3. angol szöveg felirat nélkül (érdemes egy magyarul már ezerszer látott rajzfilmmel, majd könnyed sorozattal és filmmel kezdeni, hogy értsd a kontextust és a sikerélmény önbizalmat adjon).
➡ Videók: az érdeklődési körödnek megfelelően nézz oldott hangulatú Youtube-videókat a célnyelven - lehet az egy ruhavásárlási haul vagy gameplay, bármilyen szórakoztató szenny, ami alapból is rabolná az idődet. Akkor már rabolja angolul!
➡ Kétnyelvű könyvek: válassz a szintednek megfelelő nehézségű kétnyelvű olvasmányt magadnak. Ha már magabiztosan olvasol, megpróbálkozhatsz egy olyan könyv angol verziójával, amit magyarul már ezerszer olvastál.
➡ Duolingo, nyelvtanuló appok: szánj rá napi öt percet a telefonon pötyögve, hosszútávon megéri.
➡ Penpal, Interpal, külföldi levelező felületek: egy nagyon izgalmas módja a nyelvtanulásnak. Ha kedveled a kézzel írt leveleket, az ilyen módon történő kapcsolattartásra is rengeteg nyitott embert találhatsz a világ minden országából.
➡ Facebook-csoportok: lépj be pl. a hobbidnak, szakmádnak megfelelő, vagy éppen a kedvenc sorozatod köré épülő, idegen nyelvű, tematikus Facebook-csoportba.
➡ Nyelvi klubok: nézz körül a környékeden, hogy létezik-e felétek ilyesmi. Nálunk a város idegen nyelvi könyvtárában üzemel mindenféle nyelvi klub, amiknek a látogatása ingyenes. Hatalmas boostot és magabiztosságot adhat a szóbeli kommunikációdnak.
Folytatom újban!

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How good would you say your phone battery is? Do you do anything to make it last longer? 🔋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My phone's about 2/3 months old, I don't pay any attention to the battery, whatever the % is - even like 5%, it should last for a good while. If I was going on a trip, I'd take my portable charger - it's heavy though and it can potentially charge my phone 4 times (from 1 to 100%) It's a great thing to own (and have in the bag) 😊
I don't do anything to make the battery last. Sure they advertised s22 ultra to last 8 hours of intense gameplay but I bet it could last longer if not being used 24/7. I'm always on my phone, so why even bother.. 😂

Is it fair that NPCs don't run out of ammo?

It wouldn't make sense to have them run out, the point is that they are an obstacle for you to overcome, not a fully realised character in their own right. Also it'd make gameplay way different, you could just duck and wait for them to run out, kinda dissolving half the challenge and actual playing of the game

Lo que tengo entendido, tras muchísimos retrasos, es que sale en Octubre de este año. Pero creo que momentáneamente de forma exclusiva para Xbox.

Kate_Gorietti’s Profile PhotoKate Gorietti.
Oh, vaya. De todos modos, yo solo podría jugarlo en pc y tampoco tengo claro que fuese a funcionar en el mío. Supongo que veré algún gameplay.
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https://ask.fm/hummusbandit/answers/170053460290 und, hat's geklappt? wenn ja, wie war's für dich und spielst du auch noch andere bioshock-teile?

tittengrabschernumberone’s Profile PhotoPapiertiger.
Ja hat es, war toll und der twist war wirklich unerwartet!
Ja, ich habe den zweiten Teil angefangen und mag es auch bisher sehr, nur stürzt das hin und wieder ab und laggt manchmal bissl, aber ansonsten mag ich das Gameplay und die Story sehr. :) Sogar etwas creepier als das vorige, aber mag ich. Bringt mehr Nervenkitzel, vor allem die Big Sister Oof

How does Genshin Impact work?

Alright, let's try to keep this concise:
Genshin Impact is a gacha game running on the same engine as Breath of the Wild. It's very technically competent, battles feel good, and exploration and the world is gorgeous and well done.
As it is a gacha game, the game's primary focus next to the main story is getting the characters you want and equipping them. The main currency to pull for characters are "Primogems". New accounts early on in the story receive ten pulls (called "Wishes" in the game) in total. Primogems are primarily earned from daily missions and exploration. About one pull can be farmed every day by doing all dailies and some explorations, plus minus.
Characters come in two tiers, four star and five star, with five star characters usually being more desirable/stronger, and usually also sporting slightly more appealing designs, without accounting for personal taste. There is a one in twenty chance for any pull to be a four star character. Every 90 pulls is guaranteed to be a five star, althoug it might be a weapon or a character. Point being, chances are astronomically low.
There is manufactured digital scarcity in the game. Many characters are only available for 30 days, and then do not reappear in a long time, which is the main driving force for peope to spend real money, because it is impossible to guarantee getting the character you want without spending.
Out of the offers the game throws at you, only the daily login bonus and straight up primogems have any real relevance.
The actual gameplay is rather good, it is a typical, but well executed, character switching combo game, revolving mainly around hitting good elemental combos. To play the storyline of the game, no specific characters are needed with halfway competent play.
The main story is gated behind level requirements. This requires a decent amount of grinding in between story segments, which mainly consists of running the same mini dungeon again and again, which also serves as the primary way to get gear and upgrade materials for your characters. In general, the game is massively grindy after the first few story parts. Acquiring exp, materials and so forth is locked to a time-gated resource, which refills over time. This is usually fine, as long as yo uare the type of person that doesn't want to power grind, and only wants to play maybe 90 minutes a day and then call it quits to the next day.
In general, if played in a relaxed fashion, the game is pretty good, but if you get hooked and end up desperately wanting a specific character, it is easy to get addicted. Monetisation is VERY predatory, and prices are straight up insane. Guaranteeing to get the character you want during an event cost ~200 Euros, eg. The game also does emphasis playing daily, due to these resource systems, although it doesn't matter as much if you are very casual.
I played quite a bit, so if you have any specific questions, I can probably answer anything.

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Ultimo videogame a cui avete giocato?

Ultimo finito Fable. Sto giocando Fable II. Scopro in estremo ritardo (penso di fatto si possa parlare di retrogaming?) una saga a sprazzi geniale, sicuramente divertente e leggera. Ma di una leggerezza che non è facile costruire a livello di game design e worldbuilding, quindi complimentoni alla defunta casa di sviluppo, il cui nome dimentico. Mi piace molto il fatto che il mondo aperto del secondo capitolo non sia fine a se stesso (della serie "puoi fare robe in giro, ma a nessuno frega davvero"): di ogni azione, impresa, esplorazione, senti il peso, anche morale e reputazionale. Questo elemento per me è fondamentale e, all'epoca in cui già uno Skyrim appariva coinvolgentissimo (oggi mi annoierebbe a morte, temo), per NIENTE scontato. Certo, se parli di Sword&Sorcery videoludica, Dark Souls ha aperto, letteralmente e non, l'abisso agli occhi dei giocatori. Nulla è più come prima e la profondità del gameplay e del level design di un Soulslike serio, questi Fable non potrebbero mai sfiorarla. Ma non è ciò che bisogna richiedere ai titoli in questione, neppure se ci accostiamo ad essi retrospettivamente. Si sa che se guardi a lungo l'abisso, l'abisso guarda dentro di te... ma allora è tanto più liberatorio poter riscoprire la leggerezza di una Fiaba brillante a distanza di tanti anni e lasciare che essa ci restituisca un po' della dignità che la superficie conserva.

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des jeux vidéos à me conseiller svp?

j'sais pas à quoi tu joues d'habitude mais j'vais t'en donner selon ma bibliothèque
Si tu veux du jeu compétitif t'as rocket league, csgo (valorant si vraiment t'es nul) et smash (ou brawlhalla) te faudra du temps pour train par contre
Comme jeu coop t'as les borderlands qui sont vlà marrant, les left 4 dead, ou juste Minecraft qui est sympa à plusieurs une fois que vous savez quoi faire
ARK Survival aussi
Comme jeu solo t'as les The Witcher qui sont incroyables, Nier Automata (pas joué au dernier), les Assassin's Creed même si le gameplay est quasi identique sur tous leurs jeux
Et des jeux avec des gameplay différents, j'te dirai Hades ou Isaac
'fin bref t'as des tonnes et des tonnes de jeux qui pourraient te plaire, faut explorer un peu les market
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Kādas valsts YouTube kanālus vairāk skaties. A) Latviešu B) Angļu C) Krievu Ja vari nosauc savu Top 3

TeStSuBjEcT66410’s Profile PhotoTeStSuBjEcT
⛓ Neskatos youtube vispār, izņemot reizi pa reizei kādu video guide priekš kādas spēles...
Dažreiz arī gameplay video or smth like that.
Bet noteikti nekādus specifiskos kanālus, vienkārši rakstu meklētājā ko gribu atrast un ņemu pirmo, kas atbilst meklētajam.
Kādas valsts YouTube kanālus vairāk skaties
A Latviešu
B Angļu
C Krievu
Ja vari

Magst du Videospiele? Was ist dein Lieblingsspiel?

Total gern. Ich zocke echt gern und auch wenn ich leider nicht viel Zeit dafür habe, es ist mir besonders bei dem einem Spiel sehr wichtig.
Mein Lieblingsgame ist unbezweifelbar Guild Wars 2 ♡
Neben dem Gaming an sich habe ich mir dort ein großes Umfeld aufgebaut und meinen Freundeskreis gefunden. Aber ich liebs halt auch einfach. War mal Semi-Pro und gehöre vermutlich immer noch zu den oberen 5-10% der Spieler. Ich liebe die Lore, die realistische Grafik, das dynamische und kreative Gameplay, die ganze Mechanik (keine Lootkonkurrenz etc), die verschiedenen Spielmodi. Hahhhh. Dazu die ziemlich nice Community und noch viel wichtiger, meine Freunde.
Abseits davon war ich immer schon Fan von Rollenspielen/Adventures, Lebenssimulationen und Hack'n'Slay, bin Liebhaber der Zelda-Reihe und diverser anderer Spiele. Im Moment spiele ich Okami. <3

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Do you play video games?

hussainaliraqe23’s Profile Photo3ra2y
No, but sometimes I watch gameplay videos. I liked watching the Spider-Man PS4 gameplay and cut scenes. Recently watched some of Uncharted. If anyone knows of games with beautiful worlds or cool cut scenes, let me know! Thanks! Oh I used to watch Dan and Phil games videos on YouTube. 😝

What's your field of work. ? Kia ap apni pasand ka kam kar rahe ?

Can we talk about elden ring’s gameplay reveal? Miyazaki and fromsoftware really outdid themselves this time. Making an independent dark souls sequel with a dose of bloodborne and sekiro is ethereal. AND OMFG THE SOUNDTRACK WHILE FIGHTING GODRICK THE GOLDEN??? YUKA KITAMURA CAN YOU PLEASE STOP BEING SUCH A GOD EVERY SINGLE TIME

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