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Hi can I ask for some advice? I'm autistic and I'm thinking of learning to swim, I've got armbands and a ring I could use but I feel embarrassed, do I really need to learn how to swim? can't afford other aids or lessons and I'm scared of the water plus can't float and nearly experienced drowning:/

Hi. My answer will be roughly the same as it was for the last couple of times you’ve asked this.
If the suggestions people on here (including me) haven’t worked for you, then organising some therapy to help you work through this issue is probably the best option.
(Alternatively you could just avoid bodies of water altogether and not ever need to swim, though I guess you never know when you might suddenly have to. )

Do you think therapy is appropriate for children or teens? This is just my perspective, perhaps flawed, but I don't think children or teens would understand what therapy is about. Therapy is for us, because we're adults and we're mature. Teens are stupid and immature. Therapy is adult business.

children and teens absolutely need therapy tailored for them. there's a reason child psychologists exist!

What's something that never fails to cheer you up?

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
I don't think there's anything that never fails, unfortunately... but I'll list some things that do cheer me up sometimes.
🌺 Going for a walk with my dog
🌺 Being in and around nature
🌺 Chocolate or ice cream
🌺 Retail therapy
🌺 Spending time with my niece and nephews
🌺 Watching Impractical Jokers
🌺 Going out to eat
🌺 Having a holiday to look forward to
🌺 Music
🌺 Being with my boyfriend
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Do you think therapy is appropriate for children or teens? This is just my perspective, perhaps flawed, but I don't think children or teens would understand what therapy is about. Therapy is for us, because we're adults and we're mature. Teens are stupid and immature. Therapy is adult business.

I don’t agree with this and think that therapy helps keep people stable emotionally and mentally since I’ve been very emotionally unstable before I started seeing a therapist towards the end of 7th grade. I did see a therapist when I was in elementary school but only once or twice and then never saw them again so that was quite pointless in my opinion. Before seeing a therapist in middle school, I didn’t have anyone I considered a friend and made the mistake of thinking my therapist was like a friend of mine but of course, I was young back then and didn’t really focus on myself or understand the point of therapy that much. Therapy helped me feel heard and understood and even tho I didn’t realize the real purpose of going to therapy as a teen, I did feel a sense of calm, knowing there was someone I could confide in after having a bad week. As an adult now, I quit working with my therapist a few months ago because I wasn’t making much progress with her and our personalities just didn’t click so I didn’t even want to talk to her if I’m being honest. If I could go back with the same knowledge that I have now, I’d definitely take my previous therapists more seriously rather than solely seeing them as a friend to talk to but that doesn’t mean I didn’t benefit from them back then either. I think it’s important for therapists to give teens a reality check every once in a while if/when they notice they’re being treated more as a friend by them instead of the therapist that they are and when the teens aren’t listening to what they ask of them to do.

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Do you think therapy is appropriate for children or teens? This is just my perspective, perhaps flawed, but I don't think children or teens would understand what therapy is about. Therapy is for us, because we're adults and we're mature. Teens are stupid and immature. Therapy is adult business.

Cool so kids that have issues or have been abused aren't allowed help to heal, wow you sound like such a nice person, so grown and wise 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
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How do you find balance between work, personal life and self care??

It’s a tough one. I used to be a full-time student, who used to work and hit the gym all at the same time.
But the past year has been exhausting, the gym part took the biggest hit even when I don’t have to worry about my studies anymore.
Finding the balance, for selfcare i.e gym, working out, you have to have consistency, more than motivation. 1 din gym jaa k don’t skip 4 days. What I did is just pay 3 months of your gym fees in advance, phir to apke daddy bhi jayen ge hxhx.
Regarding the personal life, you have to spend atleast 1 hours talking with your family. Its the best therapy one can have. Think of it as they need someone to talk as well, so do it for them. There are weekends as well, have chai with your boys, talk shit/business or whatever you want to. Sometimes you wont like going out, but trust me its worth it. 22-27 is the age of saying goodbyes. Most of my friends are leaving and we’re all scared. The best moments of my life has been with them, all we can do is maximise whatever we have left.
Yes, work is important, but so is your mental health. Paharon me jaa k thora time guzaro, sb yaheen rehe jana he.

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Gdzie widzisz siebie za 5 lub 10 lat?🤔

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PL: W grobie.
Chociaż pewnie jakbym poszła na terapię i dalej brała leki, to byłoby dobrze, po prostu teraz mam gorszy okres w życiu, ale myślę, że z czasem się ponaprawia i poukłada.
ENG: In the grave.
Although it would probably be good if I went to therapy and continued taking medications, I'm just going through a worse period in my life right now, but I think that with time it will improve and sort itself out.
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Where do broken hearts go?

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I know someone whose partner broke up with em just because they didn't text or call for 5 days (for a very valid reason). That person had not dated anyone prior and gave it all they could to the relationship. Now that person is irritated by even little things, doesn't spend time with family, doesn't want to celebrate their birthday or Eid. There's a feeling of guilt for doing all of this, and that person has spent a significant amount of time and money on therapy.

the only way i will appreciate life is if i will have to live in a nuclear shelter for at least a year yes i am depressive

That is not a good sounding way to make you appreciate life. You can be happy and find purpose in living the life that you want with the help of therapy.

Can some women feel depressed or anxious during the pregnancy? Someone I know said she didn't have PPD/PPA, but she did feel depressed during pregnancy, but therapy did wonders. I've met plenty of people with PPD/A, but I never heard of pregnancy depression/anxiety.

Pregnancy is difficult both physically and emotionally, you're sick and in pain all the time, hormones going haywire, and you find that suddenly you aren't a person, you are a vessel for the baby, you can't eat or drink the things you like, you can't do the activities you enjoy, you can't even sit comfortably half the time. Every single thing you do is catered for the baby. Every second of your existence is about being pregnant, and God forbid you try to do anything for yourself people will swiftly remind you that you're pregnant and it's ALL about the baby now. It's completely normal for that to take a toll

Can some women feel depressed or anxious during the pregnancy? Someone I know said she didn't have PPD/PPA, but she did feel depressed during pregnancy, but therapy did wonders. I've met plenty of people with PPD/A, but I never heard of pregnancy depression/anxiety.

it makes sense; pregnancy is stressful. not only are you having to change your usual routine, you also have to make preparations for a completely dependent baby to arrive, plan the labour and hope for "just okay", deal with pregnancy hormones and the very real risk of complications, help get your other children or pets ready for the new addition, and so on. if you've dealt with pregnancy or baby loss before, the potential for a reoccurence would be terrifying; if the pregnancy was unprepared, or completely unwanted but couldn't be terminated for any number of reasons, that's scary as well. and then add on that you're supposed to be "happy" and "grateful" and "glowing" the whole time, and anything less means you're already an awful mother... yeah. it's not easy.

No one cares about your hair. Are you that insecure that you need random strangers to tell you what to do with your hair because you can't decide for yourself? lol. Might as well plan your whole wedding according to the opinion of others. Sad

Oooh, doesn't someone sound bitter!
For your information, the wedding is already planned, and I'm using this as a guideline. It's not about insecurity as I'm very secure; I f*cking rock both looks, and I look hot af either way. But a key part of ADHD is struggling to make decisions, so yeah... Sometimes I'll want other people's opinions. Doesn't mean I'll listen to them, I just wanna see what people think.
Now you... I'm sorry your life is so sh*tty that you have to lash out at strangers online just to make yourself feel better, but it's 2024... Grow tf up, that's just childish. I get that therapy isn't affordable for everyone, but self-reflection is free. Give it a go and, while you're at it, learn how to keep your f*cking gob shut. 😊🖕🏻👋🏻

Do you think a therapist would be honest enough to end the therapy sessions if the client didn't need it?

Idk, I mean just because they perceive the sessions as unnecessary or done, doesn’t mean the client perceives it the same way and might still need professional help.
I also think it kind of depends on where you live. Here in The Netherlands there is a shortage of professionals and very long waiting lists. To prevent the list from getting longer, professionals might end therapy sessions earlier than in a country like America, where these practices are corporal. It’s also payed by health care insurances here and they have rules.

How do you cope up with pain ?🙂

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1plan
If there's a wound or sick then bear the pain ☹️ until it gets recovered.
If it's internal pain maybe due to some situations then focus more on good instead of dwelling on bad. The best therapy to deal with pain is music, spending time in good weather🍃🍀 and with some of the favourite animals such as birds, squirrels, etc.
Talking with people on whom you trust🤠, when you're sad and then your favourite people guides you, helps you ☺️😇 to get over the cause of your hurt 😖 then just remembering their words☺️
Moreover if one is being hurt then think how to deal with it. Always focus on one good thing to deal with hurt. Sometimes giving yourself a treat by having your favourite food item, praising and respecting yourself that you have to deal with the situation with grace, motivation 😌
Moreover, never build habits(to deal with tough situations) which can bring harm to you in long term🙏

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How do you cope up with pain

قولنا بتتخطى الفترات الصعبة في حياتك ازاى بعد ما تتصدم في كل اللي حواليك.

ممكن الأنسر دي تبقي غريبه شويه بس ده ال وصلتله بعد فتره م الموڤ اون م ريليشنز كتير في حياتي ،،، .. المهم عارفين يعني اي attachment تعلق هي بوينت غريبه بس إحساس إنتماء يعني_" الشخص ده مصدر سعادتك و حزن واكتئاب شخص قادر يغير مودك ف مينت بسبب أفعاله بتبقي حياتك مترتبه عليه وعلي كلامه معاك بتبدأ تلقائي تبعد عن الناس و عن نفسك وحياتك و يبقي هو محور حياتك تلقائي ربنا في الوقت ده بيغير عليك جداً و بيعاقبك بأنه يبعد عنك الشخص عشان تتوجع و ترجع ليه أو يبقي في حاجه عايزك تتعلمها وبالفعل حصلت أو كان م خير ليك و بينجدك و يحرمك منها وانت في غفله متخيل أنها افضل حاجه في الدنيا أيا كان بتتعب نفسياً فعلا تخيل سبب سعادتك بعد عنك ،بتدخل في dark circle كلها غريبه اكتئاب م فاهم تايه نوعاً ما' ترجع تعبان حزين مكتئب بكل المشاعر السلبيه عايزك ليه لأنه ال خالقك وفاهمك أكتر م نفسك "{ وَنَحْنُ أَقْرَبُ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ حَبْلِ الْوَرِيدِ } free therapy ال بجد لما تنهار و تفقد الثقه حتي ف الشخص' كان محور حياتك هتلاقي نفسك بتلجأ ليه أدعي وصلي و قرب بس وقتها هتلاقي جبر خاطر م حيث لا تدري و الدنيا بدأت تعوضك بشكل غريب تحس إنك خفيف و مطمن و مكتفي بذاتك ثانياً الناس دروس في حياتنا العلاقات اتخلقت للراحه و الأمان و آمانك الثابت هي علاقتك بربنا كلنا مقصرين بس نسعي ،و الدنيا فانيه نسيب فيها ذكري كويسه دي أهم حاجه ف أبعد/ي عن أي حد يشتتك أو يتعبك م البدايه أشتري نفسك .

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you don't even know what mommy issues is, stop using words you don't know the meaning of. clearly you're the one that needs therapy. get the help you need. maybe you'll learn how to love ur kids. if your parents never loved u. teen girls go to school, not get pregnant.

I'm well aware of what mommy issues ARE, stop whining in my inbox about school when you can't even form a gd sentence properly😂 I was very much loved as a child lmao & you ragging on me being a teen mom doesn't really matter. Like it was 12 years ago, get tf over it already. 30 really Isn't that far for me and you're crying over shxt that happened 12 years ago???🤡

إيه الحاجه اللى بتعتبروها free therapy ؟

samamohammed88535’s Profile PhotoSämä♡
سمعت الأغرب من ٨ بيقول لمراته انا ف المغرب وع بليل هعدى البحر من يومها ماتعرفش عنه حاجة لفوا قنصليات برضو مفيش حاجة عنه💔
إيه الحاجه اللى بتعتبروها free therapy

عندي فضول أعرف بتهتموا ببشرتكم إزاي واي المنتجات ال بتستخدموها ؟👀❤️

بستخدم غسول ماليندا ومرطب شان الجل وجايبة كذا سيروم واحد فيتامين سي والتاني dr rashel تفتيح بشرة بعمل ماسك طمي كل اسبوعين كده وبحب احط ماية ورد اوي ع وشي وبستخدم فازلين lip therapy بس ده عندي من زمان فمش هكرره تاني عشان المقاطعة مش عارفة لابيلو مقاطعة ولا بس كانت جميلة برده

Jakie aktualnie macie zakładki?

[Madziozord] Trochę tego będzie (*^ワ^*) Posiadamy zakładki do serii: Złudne niebo, Na kocią łapę, Grzesznicy lazurowej otchłani, Adou, Kwiaty zła, Nawet jeśli rozetniesz mi usta, Marriagetoxin, 50 cm życia, Niebieskie pudełko, Baby Violet, Therapy Game Re:start, Wiedźmy, Nagahama to be or not to be, Scarlet, Dear Gene, Mój przyjaciel koziorożec, Portus, Tekkon kinkreet, Kabukicho Bad trip, Hosaka i Miyoshi.

7 mahiny guzr gye, usy face b ni kiya, shyd 1-2 din mein nazar a jye lekin kl us se related aik bt suni, rooh kamp gyi, energy drain ho gyi saari, 3 mahiny ki therapy, medicines sb kuxh jaise zayah hta nazar a gya, bilkul himmat khtm ho gyi, pta ni ku...bht bht low feel kr rha...😢

Pick up yourself. And remember one thing, you are the mostbimportant person for yourself... We'll see the rest tomorrow... Buckle up ...

What’s your therapy?

IAbiAnjum’s Profile PhotoᏗ Ᏸ Ꭵ ♾
زندگی میں شاید خوش نصیبی ہے کہ چند لمحات انسان کو ضرور میسر رہتے ہیں کہ وہ اپنے رب کی رحمت۔۔۔ محبت۔۔۔ اور اپنے رب کے رحم کے ساتھ ٹیون اِن ہونے کا شرف حاصل کرلیتا ہے۔۔۔
اس لمحے سے پہلے اور اس لمحے کے بعد۔۔۔ زندگی بالکل مختلف ہوتی ہے۔

إيه الحاجة اللي بتعتبرها therapy وقادرة تعدل مزاجك للأحسن في ثانية؟

amirashebala’s Profile PhotoAmira
المزاج يعني الهوي
من كان هوي يوافق شرع الله لا يتعكر مزاجه لانه لا يتبع الهوى ولما يدخل الشيطان ويعكر صفوه هنا يتعكر لكن من تعلم وعرف مداخل الشيطان وصدها وأصبح هواه كما يحب الله ورسوله شىء آخر لانه يتبع النهج النبوي الشريف

‏إيه الحاجة اللي بتعتبرها therapy وقادرة تعدل مزاجك للأحسن في ثانية؟.

hussien_elzaher’s Profile Photohussien elzaher
معدش في حاجه بتعدل مزاجي في ثانية بقيت باخد وقت عشان ارجع كويسه ممكن اخرج واعزل نفسي شويه العب او اتفرج على حجات تلهيني لحد ما الموضوع يخلص جوايا

‏إيه الحاجة اللي بتعتبرها therapy وقادرة تعدل مزاجك للأحسن في ثانية؟.

hussien_elzaher’s Profile Photohussien elzaher
قعدة حلوة مع الناس اللي بحبها ،
لحظات التأمل سواء للبحر أو للسماء والغروب مع مشروب مفضل ،المشي ،رائحة القهوة والكتب♡

How your day been you guys?

it was a good and bad and long and productive day.
Physical Therapy was a big huge bummer, Long Covid strikes again. Now I have to schedule an MRI because I can't help my hip pain and joint flares and they're getting worse.
The weather was amazing, 55 degrees and sunny, so I opened up my garage studio and did some wax work. This one is called "Flame Dance", I started it yesterday and finished it today. Previously posted is another new piece today called "stampede".
How your day been you guys

Was there an incident in a past relationship when you should have broken up but instead you kept going on for some reason? What happened?

There were a number of incidents like this in my past, I had very low self-esteem and was used to being treated badly because I'd grown up with it so I didn't know how to set healthy boundaries or walk away from people who were bad for me, I didn't think I deserved any better. It took me years, and therapy, to learn that stuff as an adult, and I'd like to think I'd never make that mistake again

Hi Dr. Alshymaa me and my psychtrist reached a block point in the tratment journy but I have memories with him and it is so hard for me to stop visiting him despite I know he cann't be benifitail for me any more what is the best way to stop our journy without hurting his feeling?

If he is professional he will not be hurt. The best moment in therapy is saying goodbye doctor you helped me and i am okay .
My advice to talk to him about your feelings and discuss how you will end the therapy, therapy is like life, both of them can be bad or good but it is inevitable that they have an end.

*XD just one word from mod- LOL* *Goth pauses for a minute* ..Wait..what's a cuccoo..? Uh..I think what you said earlier about not needing therapy was a giant lie..I mean..Shadow definitely needs it but I think you have more problems than he does now..

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*Blue suddenly backflips away from Goth realizing what @Stoicviolet just did. Vio did say he'd use bomb arrows on Goth next time he saw the kid, and now Goth knows what his dynamite pranks can do to people*
"Fuck Vio give me a bit of warning before you blow someone up right in front of me."
XD just one word from mod LOL
Goth pauses for a minute Waitwhats a cuccoo UhI

Something you consider a free therapy

abdelrahmanMoussa’s Profile Photoعــبـــــــدآلَرح ــمـنـــــــ
يا رب رضاك أسمى أمانينا، فارض عنا وارحمنا، وعافيتك أوسع لنا فعافنا ولا تبتلنا واعف عنا، أنت حيي تحب الستر فاسترنا ولا تفضحنا في الدنيا والآخرة اللهم ولا تجعل الدنيا أكبر همنا ولا مبلغ علمنا ولا إلى النار مصيرنا وأجعل الجنة هي دارنا.

Therapy is so expensive. You pay hundreds for sessions. 5 sessions equal a pair of designer boots. This is not a stretch, it's a reality. I used to go twice a week years ago, and it was in the hundreds back then... now with the wild inflation it's probably even more.

Private therapy is expensive, yeah, but it's an investment into yourself, your wellbeing, your future and the impact you have on the people around you

what do you think about people who constantly complain about their issues, emotional problems, and symptoms, yet reject the idea of therapy, arguing that they're not 'crazy'?

Some people are in such bad shape that they don't recognize or want help, these people who need our help the most.
They're not crazy, they just need our help!

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