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Rachel, if you submit to the will of the universe, when do you know the universe is testing you? Also how do you respond to things you disagree with but have no power to change?

David_Blanes’s Profile PhotoJluen
Our higher selves are probably “testing” us at all times. I think we signed up for this in order to learn, achieve and experience certain things. There’s always some power isn’t there? Take veganism for example for me. I can’t turn the world vegan but I can spread information. I’m not going to preach but I will tell facts. I had someone’s mind blown the other day that each species is only meant to drink the milk of their own species. I believe in fate and destiny but there are many threads of those things. Many paths. The change must be down one of them.

What's an instrumental soundtrack from a movie, show, video game etc. which you really like? What makes it good according to you? 🎻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Okay, I have two… But they are from the same video game. 🤪 I think the soundtrack from the Last of Us 2 is absolutely incredible. Definitely one of those you gotta wear headphones to get the full affect. 🎧
My favorite has to be “Cycle of Violence.” It is just so intense. I love the beat, and I love how eery it is. And if you know the scene it goes with, it just hits even harder.
https://youtu.be/jHHAp9gKWik?feature=sharedanonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 jHHAp9gKWikanonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 jHHAp9gKWik
My other favorite is “Eye for an Eye.” I think this one portrays a lot of really high emotion, and again, if you know the scene, you just go back to it when you hear this song.
https://youtu.be/kF2R_7MKN48?feature=sharedanonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 kF2R_7MKN48anonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 kF2R_7MKN48
The entire soundtrack in this game sticks with me for a number of reasons, but namely because there isn’t just intense music for the sake of it, it immerses you into the scene, and it makes you feel something. You know that it’s intentional, which I think is why so many associate various scenes with them. Also, I just think Naughty Dog did SUCH a good job portraying depth of emotion, and how truly brutal that universe and the situations in it, are. 🥺😯

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anonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 jHHAp9gKWikanonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 jHHAp9gKWik

What makes you jealous?

maiada2233’s Profile Photoميمᰔᩚ.
Some people can fall asleep anywhere🙂
On the couch, In hallways,To the sound of gunfire .
For me I need pillows positioned perfectly and even when the universe is in perfect alignment I'm still wakin' up 👽, Except in cases where I take painkillers I'm still walkin' up at least twice to think in scenarios that didn't happen or talking in my sleep like a po$$e$$ed demon 😂

how would u respond to a text like this from unknown. i saw u again today. I can't express what happened to me, my heart started pumping blood like crazy, i could hear my heartbeat in my ears, i felt the universe went quiet for a moment, just bcz i saw u. never knew u still hv d power do it to me.

This is an intense game. I suggest throwing the shadi card with draw +4. Very few men can hold their mettle in front of this monster.

How are you feeling lately?

“What is meant for you will be yours and what is not won’t” became my mantra for the past few months. I learned not to force things, relationships, and people; to just go with the flow. Whenever I lose something, no matter how much I want it, I just say to myself “it isn’t for me”. And honestly, it’s quite peaceful to live a life like that. When you just let the universe decide what’s for you and what isn’t.
But sometimes I look at the sky and think of it,of desires I chose to brush off my chest, of dreams I chose to forget, of all I lost believing it isn’t for me. And whenever I do, I can’t help but wonder, is it really not for me or I just didn’t do enough? I can’t help but think that maybe I should’ve wanted it more, that it could’ve been mine if only I went against the current more than letting the waves take me anywhere they wanted. I can’t help but wonder if it really is true that if something didn’t land in your hands it isn’t for you or people just say it to justify the lack of effort.
All these keep on coming at me that sometimes I don’t know what to believe anymore; if the universe will really give us what we deserve or it’s up to us to convince the universe that we’re deserving of something.

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How are you feeling lately

بدون مثاليه الشكل ولاالشخصيه؟

Amani192017’s Profile PhotoAmani
لما الشخصية بتكون سوية و جميلة الشكل بيكون جميل تلقائي
حد جميل بس أقل جمال من شخص آخر
بس الأقل جمال ده شخصيته أجمل ف هتخليكي سعيد و ممتن لجماله و شايفه أجمل حد في العالم
لكن واحدة موديل و واخدة miss universe بس شخصيتها زي الحْرا الواحد مش هيعرف يبص لها أصلاً
لأن معايير الجمال أصلاً مغلوطة
معايير الجمال في الابتسامة الصافية النقية و العيون البريئة اللي مفيهاش غل أو حقد أو خبث

People waste too much energy on those who hate don't you think so? The secret is to let karma do Her job. If you're loved by the Universe, everyone you dislike will fall down eventually. I mean, everyone I had a problem with their life fell apart ,lol .

It'd be nice if it worked that way, but the existence of wealthy nd successful monsters kinda disproves it dontcha think?

What would you be if you had to wear one Halloween costume every day for the rest of your life?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1plan
If I had to wear one costume I would be student of Hogwart because I'm fan of 'Harry Potter'. 💚 I adore this universum because everything is quite different. Harry Potter's world has magic, adventures, rich history, spells, creatures and real friendships. I could experience attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, explore the mysterious corners of the magical world.
I think these are enough reasons that make it attractive place thanks I would choose this universe if I had to wear one Halloween costume every day for the rest of my life.
What would you be if you had to wear one Halloween costume every day for the

What do you want right now ? 🥱

TalhaJawad’s Profile Photoطلحہ جواد
Probability of having that next to impossible wish that's gonna haunt me for the rest of life is zero as I know it was a lesson to be taught the hard way and I've learned it very well since I am a slow learner the universe decided to come up with something that would keep me in my boundaries for the rest of my life...!!!

Do you live a healthy lifestyle?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
I try to live a healthy lifestyle but I am not very consistent...
I can go to the gym for two weeks straight and then won't even go near it for three months...
I start eating healthy and after a couple of days I go back to junk food and a lot of sugar...
I try to sleep on time but end up staying awake for straight 2 3 days.
It feels like the universe doesn't want me to choose a healthy lifestyle...
Should I accept my fate and keep overdosing on sugars or should I keep trying even if I can not be consistent?!!!🤔
I believe that continuing to try would be a better option...😌

I don't like chai ☕ will society accept me ?

ABDEAD’s Profile Photoiam him
No, you must seek refuge far away from the reaches of humanity. Dwell inside a lonely mountain's heart and make it your new home. At night, look towards the sky and set your gaze upon a gleaming star slowly dying out. As you get lost observing the tapestry of the universe, ponder upon what's fundamentally wrong with you. You'll find out that chai is the answer and the key to your redemption.

Has God ever intervened to save you from death??

I am not in position to speculate. Saying "yes" or "no" would be disingenuous and it might displease the universe. I have learned to appreciate what it has in its queue while waiting patiently for my cue.
NGC 2264 / "Christmas Tree Cluster"
What: Stars from 1 to 5 million years old.
Where: Milky Way, image rotated 160 degrees.
Distance: Estimated around 2,500 light-years away.
Has God ever intervened to save you from death

كان عامًا مليئًا ب ..

turk4y’s Profile Photo|phantom|
This year, I've been through a lot of things that actually broke me.
I've lost some people I loved, and I have also found myself completely lost and devastated.
The previous years were also sad for me, but this year really hurt me so bad.
Nobody knows, but it took me everything to survive this year. I've been grieving, crying, screaming, and falling apart. And I'm quite mad, for I felt like the universe was so cruel to me.
No one will ever understand the pain that I had to bear alone because no one even noticed that I was suffering silently.
I have died a hundred times, cried more than I could, and endured all those hurtful feelings all at once.
It's sad to say that I am ending this year again with a heavy and broken heart. But I am still so proud of myself for continuously lifting myself up over and over again despite all the struggles in life.
This might be a year of losing and breaking for me, but I hope next year will also be a year of healing. I hope next year the universe will be kinder to me.

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كان عاما مليئا ب

What's something you've learned this year? Whether it be a life lesson, about yourself, about others, ect. 😋🤓💭🧘‍♀️

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJusti Me Myself
That sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith if it’s something you really want in life. If you take steps towards your goal and all goes smoothly and the doors open for you, you know you’re on the right path and the universe will have your back

Denkt ihr euch zu Büchern manchmal eigene Charaktere aus? Beim Lesen oder danach? Verändert ihr im Gedanken die Handlung oder stellt ihr euch bloß vor, wie die Charaktere reagiert und was sie gesagt hätten in der Situation?

TrinityBlood1’s Profile PhotoTrinity Blood
Oh ja, insofern das Setting diverse gedankliche Umstrukturierungen erlaubt, bin ich beim Lesen bzw. Beenden irgendeines medialen Werks, insofern eine gewisse Begeisterung nachhallt, ziemlich experimentierfreudig. Fantasy bietet da zahlreiche Optionen, sich eigene fiktive Charaktere, NPCs und Kulissen auszudenken, deshalb bin ich ein großer großer Fan von Fanfiktion, da man sich bereits existierender Handlungsstränge und Welten bedient, um eigene Ideen einzubringen. Ich bin da so knietief drin, dass mir sämtliche Tropes à la "Alternative Universe" (AU), "Headcanon" und Co. bekannt sind. Je nachdem, was sich da anbietet, kann man die Geschichte entweder in der gleichen linearen Dynamik fortführen oder ein völlig neues Setting kreieren. Bei den Harry Potter Romanen ist es beispielsweise beliebt, ein weiteres Schuljahr nach Voldemorts Ableben hinzuzufügen, um einen etwaigen Abschluss für die Charaktere zu ermöglichen. Mir wachsen Charaktere unheimlich schnell ans Herz, weshalb sie für mich oft eine lebendige Dynamik besitzen, deren Inexistenz ich in irgendeiner kreativen Form kompensieren muss.

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✍🏼 La più bella frase che hai mai letto o sentito dire? Chi l'ha pronunciata? Diccela! ✍🏼

‹ È una frase di Rupi Kaur, è diventata ormai il mio mantra: "you are a mirror: if you continue to starve yourself of love, you’ll only meet people who’ll starve you too. if you soak yourself in love, the universe will hand you those who’ll love you too" ›
La più bella frase che hai mai letto o sentito dire Chi lha pronunciata Diccela

Se enseña con el ejemplo. ¿Tú lo haces?

Yes, I want to show things but it makes someone angry or jealous 🌙 there was a time when just because I had almost 100 thousand coins in a publication my ask was deleted, if I have coins it shouldn't be deleted later I will put ✨ in my first ask yes I am angry that I had photos of myself and videos of myself in recording from AKS and it was lost since 2017 I had it 🍃, what annoys me the most is my coins 🔥 more than a million saved there is no reason, they are almost useless but but only so that you ask looks better or example: Some I gave them Thousands of coins to see if they were them I told them: if you upload videos I'll donate to you (sometimes to see if someone if it's her has to show videos in recording of ask like how they look like barbies 👼better than most of miss universe and latam, africa, asia, Spanish etc from the vrg or models from 🇺🇸that there are even black ones) then the ones I donated to those barbies were asked even with nothing and poses went up ❤️‍🔥aolo for me ✨ Apart from so many coins that I had or they donated to me 😚 I hardly even used them,👌, now this social network from ask ❤️it looks like Instagram but from Eastern Europe ✨so many beautiful women

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Назови по 3 твоих любимых песни каждого исполнителя и каждой группы, которых ты слушаешь

🎶girl in red
I’ll Call You Mine
say anything
Вlооd In The Wine
Exist for Love
Soft Universe
🎶Olivia Rodrigo
drivers license
favorite сrimе
hope ur ok
🎶Conan Gray
Everybody Knows
Вurning Bridges
🎶Mon Laferte
Tu Falta De Querer
Enfance 80
Englishman In New York
Shape Of My Heart
Call Me When You’re Sober
My Heart Is Broken
Say You Will
🎶Bring Me The Horizon
It Never Ends
🎶The Cranberries
In the End
🎶Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dark Necessities
🎶The Offspring
Million Miles Away
The Future Is Now
Can’t Repeat
🎶Tessa Violet
Just Right
Wishful Drinking
Broken Record

> i wonder why i never got in trouble for speaking to sage. it’s not a joke with him. it’s too serious. - Leafy is serious business! 🤣 He really isn't a threat. Well, except to real estate value. What do you like about income-generating assets? Call me if you need an appraisal. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Well, I got my punishment from the universe for talking to Sage with that Times Square incident since it happened while I was writing out his phone number on sticky notes. 🤣🤣🤣💗

ESSAY. Write using the first person singular, with thirty 30 lines; with beginning, development and conclusion. Theme: "How can I be useful to the Universe?"

ASDFGLKJH60256’s Profile PhotoΕυτέρπη
. . . . . One-A-Ponce-A-Time . . . . .
~ there lived a Me , Myself , I . . .
~ soon , all too soon , the Universe will will repossess me, and I will be utterly useless in anyway you can imagine
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kavu_vuD2QMigotamatch’s Video 173603597946 Kavu_vuD2QMigotamatch’s Video 173603597946 Kavu_vuD2QM

Ви, здравствуйте. Меня коснулась одна неловкая тема, может вы можете рассказать о своем таком опыте, если он у вас был: случалась ли у вас неразделенная любовь? Как справлялись?

УУУХХХ, какой сложный вопрос, здравствуйте. Действительно сложный, но попробую распутать.
Для начала, любовь для меня понятие однозначное, то есть, существует только один тип любви – безусловная. Я не делю ее на любовь к родственнику, другу или молодому человеку, она у меня для всех близких одинаковая и равнозначная.
Второе – любовь у меня "накопительная", она возникает после установления привязанности, дружбы, доверия и т.д.; можно сказать, это высшее проявление всех этих чувств. То есть, я не могу полюбить человека, которого не знаю лично и с кем продолжительно лично не общаюсь.
В принципе, наверное, именно по сабжу можно и закончить. У меня не может быть безответной любви, потому что мне и не нужен "ответ" – я максимально довольна, когда близкий мне человек счастлив, и абсолютно неважно, со мной в качестве своей пары или с кем-то еще.
Порой случается, что я "западаю" на каких-то медийных личностей (на их образ, потому что лично их не знаю)... Но, наверное, срабатывает психологическая защита и я не вижу в этом серьезности, только историю из разряда "а что, если...", своеобразную Alternative Universe к моей существующей действительности; и этот процесс проживается безболезненно.
Могу сказать, что мне жаль, что у вас так произошло и жаль, что толком ничем не могу помочь, кроме как повторить уже не раз сказанное ранее: помните, что если вы не знаете человека с разных сторон, в разных ситуациях и достаточно близко, то вы не знаете его вообще, => любите не его, а его образ, созданный вами в вашем воображении.
Направьте ваши эмоции и энергию в мирное созидательное русло, превратите чувства во вдохновение, которое мотивирует вас сделать нечто прекрасное. Вы всегда можете использовать позитив для улучшения самой(ого) себя, а когда вы любите себя, вы притягиваете и действительно любящих людей.

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Do you believe in karma? Kung ano ginawa ng tao sayo, babalik rin sa kanila?

nnletsgo’s Profile Photonnletsgo
Not totally, I guess. I mean, normal lang sa buhay na good and bad things happen, na masaya man yung mga taong nanakit sa akin ngayon, darating din yung panahong sila naman 'yung masasaktan. It may not necessarily be karma, of course, or the universe giving them their due on my behalf, but just the natural course of life happening and taking place. Still, the possibility of that making them think back and reflect on how they treated me isn't entirely out of the question.
Liked by: ᴍɪᴋꜱ sandra

Viete, prečo si @beztebachybamikusokseba vybral takú škratu? Lebo vie, že mu neutečie za iným (jedine ak by sa našiel podobný zlatokop ako Sergii)

Nepoznám ani jedného zo spomenutých. No napriek tomu viem, že slečna je určite krajšia, než si ty.
Najmä jedna vec je fakt, že krása rokmi tak-či onak starobou pominie, za to charakter človeka zostane. Práve to, čo tebe chýba a prečo by o teba zaručene nezakopol, aj keby vyzeráš ako Miss Universe.

Now We're Strangers Again... But This time With memories and secrets;

just_stranger_’s Profile Photoم
Yeah right With scars etched on my heart, wounds that may never heal, persistently bleeding throughout my existence, the excruciating pain courses through my nerves, tormenting every fiber of my being. It's as if my personality is undergoing a metamorphosis into something I've despised my entire life. The agony devours my soul, shattering it amid the shadows of sadness, burning my desires to the ground—the universe within me now reduced to rubble, devastated beyond recognition....🚬🚬🚬🚬

> omf… i won the $1000 dolls kill buyer’s giveaway tonight! - My absence had nothing to do with this either. You're always blaming me for everything. That's so mean, Rachel. 🤣 I'm glad that you're a good earner too. 💰🤣 Random occurrences or desired outcomes directed by obscure interests? 🤫 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I’m always entering these giveaways. Mostly just the ones for much less that are open to everyone because I don’t buy often for the buyer’s giveaway. See same people win often. Think they’re “lucky” but don’t believe in luck. Changed my thinking to believe in it and that I’m lucky and then… 💁🏻‍♀️ You didn’t hear it from me. 🤫 But I’m still waiting for the code. Send it soon, Universe. I want to be a good earner! 🤣🤣🤣💗

Do u believe in aliens? 👽

ak40kevin2217’s Profile PhotoAk40kevin221
Yes, always have since I was a little tiny kid (had some weird experiences as a kid) it freaked my mom out a little bit but my dad would always say, “its dumb to think their couldn’t be more life in the universe.” As I got older, their existence has become clearer & clearer. But, its way more complicated than just these physical beings from another planet. (They can do that but its rare) they use different layers of consciousness/frequencies. If I explain any more people will think I lost my mind lol
I’ve seen some things man, I know some stuff.

Do you think that aliens exist?

ass4lyfe’s Profile PhotoLady Boometh
🛸 I believe so, but now it's not a question of whether there is life, but rather when we will meet them.
We live in an infinite universe, with infinite stars and planets. And for many of us, it has been obvious that we cannot be the only intelligent beings in the universe.
Some look for life on the planets and satellites of our Solar System, others look far beyond, in deep space. I think life is common in the infinite Universe.

What does real love look like to you

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photoꪖ᥅ᥴꫝ꠸ꫀ
Real love looks like a every emotion put into one. Pain & fear of losing someone but happiness & joy because you have them. Day full of laughter & some full of tears. Can’t get enough of them & always want to be near them but when you want to be alone, you still want them to be close by. Having conversations about the universe in a tiny room like you will solve every problem because when you’re together nothing can every bring you down. Going places without them all you see is them so you wanna go back to them. When theres hardship or incredible moments all you want to do is be by each others side.

Rekomendasi film yg menurut kalian film itu seru buat ditonton?

Google: Quentin Tarantino wiki, terus cek semua filmnya. Seru semua tuh dimana protagonisnya menang semua 😆
Udah gitu ternyata ada tarantino universe loh. Jadi ada beberapa karakter yang ada hubungam darah antar film. Seru

my obsession with stars and galaxies ♥️

This is a tale of two lovers torn apart by individuality. 🖤
Once upon a time the universe gave birth to a new galaxy, a unique galaxy: one with life, beauty, pain, and hope. But most importantly this galaxy contained a concept that extended beyond space and time, a universal concept; this galaxy contained an idea called love..!! ✨
Liked by: Maryam Alina KheZee

Today's question: what is love:❣️

Love is a beautiful and complex feeling. It is like the feeling that you love one person in this universe and want to be by his side always and forever.
You just want love him and for him to be in your life always by your side and for you to only have sex with him and for him to be on the other side of your bed and always holding your hands and saying I am with you. Someone you want your children from him become and your companion forever, someone you want his last name added to your name, someone who understands you, appreciates you, and respects you. Someone who, when you see him, your heart does not stop beating and your mind not stops thinking about it. This is love in a nutshell.
Todays question what is love

why is it that crime always goes up only after superheroes start?? Like it seems like that’s always the case, like before that superhero becomes a superhero, there is no criminals or aliens.etc to be seen

There was an anime that asked the same question. The stronger he got, the stronger his enemies got. He was an actor who became a real superhero in gis universe because of cosmic intervention, and at the end…
(Spoiler Alert)…
He has to give up his powers so that everything goes back to normal.

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