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Most females live in fairy tales. Yay or nay?

I change my answer.
I am, for whatever random reason the universe brought us together years ago long enough to look into each other’s eyes. I knew then what mine was, and it was with him. It’ll always be with him.
I used to always say that when there’s a fork in the road, I’ll choose the middle. The off beaten path. The best part of it all… he’s finally met up with me and we can walk down our own path ❤️
Most females live in fairy tales
Yay or nay

(( She'll have a chance of confusing Shadow for a shapeshifting Infernal at first glance. All due to the fact that she had met Link before, but never his shadowed entity counterpart. ))

vaporpurpleisxms’s Profile Photo☪ᵉʳᵉᶻᵃ.
[[though she met Wild, not Four, using Linked Universe names. There is a Linked Universe design for Shadow but I don't know if he's actually in it or not]]
Shell have a chance of confusing Shadow for a shapeshifting Infernal at first


onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
*a shiver ran down the half celestial's spine, a feeling of oppressive eyes upon her. Except, it didn't feel so much like eyes watching her but more like someone lurking in her very mind. She looks around, even though she knew she wouldn't find anything, somehow, she just knew, whatever was watching her wasn't in this universe. She considered going to Aesotheni, perhaps that would let her shake their gaze, but what if the eyes followed her there, she didn't want strange entities seeing her secret home through her mind. She closes her eyes and although she knows there's no water nearby, she swears she hears the sound of a dripping sink, with each droplet plipping into a puddle*

Is it so hard to find a relationship where the other person actually respects and appreciates you ?

MartinWhh’s Profile PhotoMartinWhh
It’s not hard. You just have to set boundaries from the beginning and ask for respect and love. Your energy is actually what you are attracting. So if you attract only fuck-girls etc, then maybe the Universe is trying to send you a message and change something (mind, thoughts, attitude etc) 🙂

I am so beyond hurt, it’s one thing to be rejected, we all go thru that. But when someone pretends they want you, they love you, over n over, it’s very hard to keep feeling the reality of the rejection. Which I experienced tonight.

"Beyond Hurt" by Alex
I went through a similar experience when I was 18 and it nearly broke me. The woman I loved, who also claimed to love me, was in love with another man. In a feeble attempt to soften the blow, she would claim that she loved both of us equally. Her behavior truly broke my heart because I had no idea that anyone could be so cruel, insensitive and indifferent.
In time, I learned that everything happens for a reason and even though we might not initially comprehend why events occur in a particular sequence, most experiences teach us important lessons that ultimately make us stronger and more resilient and better able to deal with the joys, pain, suffering, tragedy and loss that we will inevitably experience throughout our life. It is important to always nurture our faith and to never lose hope, because as the sun sets and darkness falls upon us, those who have faith know that tomorrow, the sun will rise, the ocean tide will rise and fall, the birds will sing and our earth and universe will continue to spin.
And remember, nobody ever said that life was easy, simple or pain free. In fact, one could summarize life in three words: birth...life....death. How we choose to live our life and spend our time is a choice that we all must make.
Good Luck.

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If you became a god / goddess of a specific thing, like those from Greek and Norse mythology, what'd you be a god of? What'd you use your godly powers for? ⚡️🌊🔥💕🌱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I'd like to have Elos (goddess of kindness and forgiveness) or Persephone (goddess of life and death/necromancy) powers. I would use this power to create harmony and peace in the human world. While writing this I feel kinda like Thanos from the Marvel Universe, lol.

Как поживает твоё настроение? 😋🥰

nastaaliguseynova’s Profile Photoₐₛᵢₛ
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Show it.
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matthewway’s Video 169919397436 gK2phhwPTlomatthewway’s Video 169919397436 gK2phhwPTlo

How much of a sharing person you are?

Ausafali’s Profile PhotoAusaf Ali Khan (rajput)
you can't just walk away from your pain and misery. The grief will not be vanish if you believe I would go out, catch up with friends, as well as eat my favorite food. No. Your worldview doesn't at all impose to the whole universe. You must find a way to deal with your frustrations. You must acknowledge your pain and misery.
For instance, your friend might very well approach you and request you to pay heed to him since he is going through a hard time. In the same way you must also pay close attention to yourself.
You can't seem to escape the pain that life has thrown at you. This seems unrealistic. Just to avoid the pain, you'll try to stay engaged the whole day, but what will happen at night? Are you going to be able to sleep? If you ignore the sadness and try to divert yourself, the pain will keep standing at the door of your room & knocking until you open it.
"I go through pain since I opened the door." you'll say now. No, it is not the case. You let the pain in, broke down in tears, and afterwards closed the door. And after every week or few weeks you repeat the same cycle. What happened to the pain? How many of you have wondered why it keeps coming back and ends up hurting so much? This is why the pain keeps returning. Because you do not talk to it.
If your pain will come or knock at your door the next time. Kindly open the door. Welcome the visitor inside. Sit w it & ask "What is it that is bothering you?" What's the issue? What is the matter? What can I do to help you? Perhaps the pain was indeed saying, "Accept me, realize me." Then you must experience it. Nobody would want to be in pain. However, you must.
Say "I welcome you, cutest. How are you in such pain? Tell me, please."
This way, you'll be capable of communicating with your pain, feel it, and embrace it, and the pain will be gone forever. Because you did listen to this now, it will no longer visit you because this time you've experienced the agony.
Feeling pain is not same as going through it. When you go through something, you accept it as a test and face it silently. It's different when you feel and welcome your pain

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Wer ist die schönste Frau auf Erden?

quetzop1’s Profile PhotoFritz-Ferdinand von Pinguin企鹅
Angeblich Harnaaz Sandhu aus Indien die ist MISS Universe geworden...
andere sage Jennifer Aniston
ich finde JLaw gehört auch dazu egal ob Dunkel oder blond sie sieht Megga aus.
PrommiPool sagt
Scarlett Johansson

Can time really change everything?

roaaabdelhamed844’s Profile Photoرؤىٰ .
Time ... the Fourth dimension ... they say it is a healer ? No it is not.
Time is your worst enemy .... time is the countdown for your own end ... time is a valuable gift yet it can stab u in the back anytime.... you will always think you have a lot of time until you find out you have been decieved, outplayed, tricked hard by TIME.
TIME is capable of changing everything if you believed in it .. if you appreciate every second in it ... don't ever take TIME for granted, you will lose, regret and maybe kill yourself ? Yeah.
If you always have the idea in your head that "Time control you " you will be able to heal and change to a better u .
Time shaped the universe .. so it can shape you to the strongest kindest beautiful version of yourself if you just believed in its power.

Review doctor strange?

Salsabilla49_’s Profile Photosalsabila poetri
Duhh bingung mau review kayak gimana🥲 masih bimbang mau dianggap kayak gimana film Doctor Strange in the MoM ini🥲
Mungkin gue agak sedikit kecewa sama salah satu film dari Marvel ini, karena ibarat film horor berkedok superhero (mungkin sutradaranya yang berpengalaman buat film horor)🥲 iyaa horor yang bagian si Wanda (asli Wanda disini serem) lagi ngejar Strange, Chavez, dan Christine (dari universe berbeda) bertujuan untuk menculik si Chavez buat ngambil kekuatannya. Tapi setidaknya gue gampang get it alur ceritanya, karena sebelum nonton gue pernah nonton series What If, Loki (mungkin ini nggak ada hubungannya sama si Loki tapi setidaknya 5% ada hubungannya), WandaVision.
Okee, untuk Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness gue kasih nilai 8,5/10 (0,5 karena ketolong gue suka sama Benedict Cumberbatch, ganteng banget anj)

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Review doctor strange

Se me hacen lindas como amigas y peridot se e muy tierna ahi uwu pero como ship no me gustan D: tenian una relacion amistosa hermosa xd peridot trataba de integrar a lapis pero ella tenia mucho dolor en su <3 al final se quedan a vivir juntas owo

himekodarcy’s Profile Photohimeko patito de hule
Yo era usuario de la steven universe wiki y discutía con los que las shippeaban uwu xd cómo Lapis, la más sufrida de la serie, se iba a enamorar o siquiera formar amistad con su secuestradora? Después la serie me cerró el orto cuando las hicieron vivir juntas D:

Do you believe in aliens?

Hmm, yes and no. On the one hand, I am reluctant to believe anything that I have not seen or experienced first-hand. That said, taking into account just how vast the universe is, I think it would be almost ignorant of me to rule out the possibility of there being extraterrestrial life out there, somewhere.

Poproszę ciekawostkę o którymś z prezydentów USA 🇱🇷

SpearsPhotos’s Profile PhotoBritney Spears Polska
Kiedyś Donald Trump był współwłaścicielem trzech głównych konkursów piękności, w latach 1996-2015 był częściowo właścicielem Miss Universe, Miss USA i Miss Teen USA.

I think every person, regardless of gender, wants a partner with great potential and succes. If my parents raised me like the center of the universe, I won't expect less from a partner. I won't lower the bar. If I grew up in a huge house, I'm not going to move into a hut cause my partner does.

Okay... fair enough :)
But I personally don't think any of those things (house, car etc)
matter. Especially as I am more than able to earn those things for myself. My boyfriend doesn't need to have them lol
So if I want any of those, I will happily work for them myself :)
I think every person regardless of gender wants a partner with great potential

♡ 7 Years With HYYH ♡

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile Photo♡ KIM SEOKJIN | BTS | 06.10 ♡
Spróbuję wyjaśnić dlaczego HYYH jest tak bardzo ważne dla chłopców 🤍
HYYH, a dokładniej 화양연화 lub 花様年華; chociaż dla nas bardziej znany jako The Most Beautiful Moment In Life możemy nazwać wstępem do Bangtan Universe. Jego tematyka jest nieco bardziej złożona, niż debiutancki album oraz kolejne. Znajdziemy na nim takie perełki jak: I Need U, Dope, Boyz with Fun , Converse High 🔥
Jednak to właśnie pierwsza z nich tak mocno wpłynęła na Bangtanów. To właśnie dzięki niej zdobyli swoje PIERWSZE zwycięstwo w programie muzycznym, co było Ich marzeniem 💜
7 Years With HYYH

I wish i could forget this pain. Never expected this to happen so fast here i thought it was just a small thing and then i lost my everything.

Pain don't exist in this universe we create this emotion by creating miserable memories and stories in our head.
The only thing that can change is , you need to control your thoughts and mind 💜

Do you think humans are the only intelligent life forms in the universe?

I believe other life forms exist within the seemingly endless number of universes. Some of these life forms are less developed than humanity and some (thank God) far more advanced. And for those people who suggest that if other life forms exist, then why haven't they visited earth? To this claim I would counter: they already have visited and studied earth, and some aliens live amongst us (shape shifters).
To believe that humans are the only species of life within the infinite number of universes is, in my opinion, both ignorant and dangerously naive. However, if humanity was the only intelligent life form in the multi-universe, then everything, in my opinion, that God has created, is destined to self destruct and fail. Therefore, it is inconceivable to me that the creator of intelligent design and all that is, would create one intelligent life form knowing that the experiment was destined to fail. Humanity is just one small component in a much larger and incomprehensible blueprint that defines all that is and all that will come to be.

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Do you think humans are the only intelligent life forms in the universe

Drop something motivational 🤧

creepy_lady’s Profile Photocreepy_lady
✨“The stars will never align, and the traffic lights of life will never all be green at the same time. The universe doesn’t conspire against you, but it doesn’t go out of its way to line up the pins either. Conditions are never perfect. ‘Someday’ is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. Pro and con lists are just as bad. If it’s important to you and you want to do it ‘eventually,’ just do it and correct course along the way.”🌸

Kind people, why are you kind?

It probably has to do with my growth. I grew up in a warm environment ( my school ) in which I took care of my friends and was rly loved and I loved them a lot and we supported each other. I have never forgot about all of them even until today and even though I wasnt the most capable at keeping all my relationships working after many years I still communicate with many of them on the daily/monthly and they are all and will always be rly important ppl to me
So basically its just who I am by now and Im glad to say Id happily give my life to save someone in trouble or dedicate my life to them and Im happy to say that Im sure Ive helpt some people. Though Id rly like to have more people in my life and to not have ended up so lonely and in a weird life situation. Hopefully if kindness was something common in my life 10 years ago maybe it can touch me again after all these years of sorrow or maybe then at least after death I can go back to those beautiful days or every night in my dreams. because I need it, because when I'm kind to people I know who I am. I used to be a "less than ideal" human being. When I'm kind to people I Know I'm not the same A*shole I used to be. It feels good knowing if someone is talking about you while your not there it's probably something nice. There was a time I couldn't even think of any nice things to say about myself
Because being unkind is mean, and people are sad a lot and are already mean to themselves, and I don’t want the world to be a sad place, so I try to make others happy
I enjoy making people happy….it feels good and sadly I don’t have much to feel good about anymore
It's like a nervous tick. The more anxious I feel, the kinder I am. I'm anxious in public a lot.
Because then people will take me more seriously when I'm upset or angry, and it helps a great deal to have friends. In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
I might not be that kind but I do donate money, which I have done for years.
It is the most basic thing to do. The universe is empty and cold. You can at least be kind to the only other beings that are going through it with you.
People don't have to suffer a little bit extra if it's up to me. Might as well try to spread a tiny bit of warmth. Fuck it. It doesn't cost me anything. I get joy from seeing the smiles I bring to others who appreciate the kindness.

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What do you do to feel better when you are stressed out?

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
I try to put things in perspective. It took me a long time to train myself to do this, but if I find myself getting angry at someone, I will force myself to see things from their view.
It also helps to remind myself that I'm not the center of the universe, and no one cares about what I want more than me.

If there is a god… Why do they allow so much suffering? Shouldn’t they be able to fix things and help people if they’re so powerful?

"Does God Exist" by Alex
> If there is a god… Why do they allow so much suffering? Shouldn’t they be able to fix things and help people if they’re so powerful?
I often ask the same question and the honest answer is that I do not know and I do not pretend to know God's will. However, the fact that God does not behave the way I expect him to behave or demand him to behave, does not mean that God doesn't exist. It just means that my understanding of the God's nature is imperfect, and that I have more work to do in my prayer life and contemplative studies.
There is no doubt in my mind that our universe and everything in it is part of a grand design that we barely comprehend, if at all. And it seems to me that most humans see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear; which, at best, results in an inaccurate picture and a distorted perception of the world that we live in. And yet, I believe the answer to our questions concerning the nature of God abound if only we can remove the shackles from the confines of our entrapped minds, our calcified hearts, and our emaciated and depraved souls.
The answer to all of our questions lie in plain sight, but we are too blind to see, too deaf to hear and too arrogant and stubborn to understand. It is in times like these, when my faith is being tested and my belief in God challenged, that I turn to nature in search of answers. Since God created all living things, perhaps the animal kingdom might offer us some insight into the nature of God. One might begin their search for truth by observing how the animals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles and mammals survive in their habitat. How do they live? What do they eat? How do they communicate? Is survival of the fittest real or simply a discredited theory? Do animals make decisions or is their behavior instinctive or perhaps a bit of both? How much of the behaviors that I observe are a result of nature verses nurture? Do animals have free will or is their behavior determined and therefore predestined? Do animals help one another? Do they reason? If ten wolfs attack a single deer, is that fair? Where is the sense of righteousness and justice? Why doesn't God intervene to save the deer? Does the strongest animal survive or is it the animal who has the ability to adapt more likely to survive?
There are so many questions and seemingly not enough answers and yet, I believe for every question there is at least one answer and potentially multiple answers or explanations to consider. Perhaps God does not directly intervene in human existence for the same reasons he does not interfere with the animal kingdom. Or maybe God lives within us and therefore we control our own destiny. One truth remains crystal clear, God's will be done. And whether or not humans understand God's will or not, will not change the outcome of our shared destiny.

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Guys, what's the reason that people are so fake? Why do they pretend to be someone they are not? Why? Akhir why?

dilnahilagta’s Profile Photofareeha Durani
Those with malicious intentions aside, I think it’s our reluctance to accept people for who they are that creates fake personalities. Acceptance is important to a lot of people, and they are afraid that the real them will not be accepted by the rest of society. The human animal was always intended to run in a herd, and outsiders or loners are therefore often regarded as the anomalie we must rid ourselves of.
People are fake maybe just because they wanted to gain friends or power. In this world where in you can't determine which is which, just be careful in whom you mingle with. Fake people are the worse creation in the universe. They will drag you down, for they are not happy with what you've become or with your success.

" .. مساحة ♥️☁️ .. "

saadyasmin44’s Profile Photo" .. ياسمينة .. "
This is the most representative quote for me: “I am not one who loves sadness at all.. On the contrary, I have a soul that loves laughter and fun, but there are times when things happen that extinguish this universe in ma eyes...
هذا أكثر إقتباس يمثلني :
‏“لست ممَّن يحب الحزن على الإطلاق .. بل على العكس أملك روحًا تحب الضحك والمرح ، لكن هناك أوقات تحدث فيها أمور تطفئ هذا الكون بأكمله في عيني.”

Say what's on your mind ✨✨

There is a whole universe, which corner do you want to touch? What mystery are you interested in? Come closer, I'll tell you in your ear about the galaxies, about the stars I've blown up, the constellations... where would you go? How do you think you will cope with the mission? My planet will not seem gloomy to you, in the middle of the milky way it is hidden far, far beyond... the control of more than one look, what is your plan and goal, we will go there through thorns to the stars... this is the way💫
Тут целая вселенная, какой уголок ты хочешь затронуть? Какая загадка тебя интересует? Подойди ближе, я рассскажу тебе на ушко о галактиках, о взорванных мною звездах, созвездиях... куда бы ты отправился? Как думаешь ты справишься с миссией?Моя планета не покажется тебе мрачной, среди млечного пути она спрятана далеко-далеко... не подвластно не одному взору, каков твой план и цель, туда и отправимся через тернии к звездам... таков путь💫

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Say whats on your mind

What does the universe tell you about your life?

Tells me of parts of my future. New house, possible events. Told me about my sisters new baby, and it’s name too haha told me my other sister will have a boy and when also. Tells me other stuffs. Many things
Liked by: Lou Curious Butterfly E

You have the opportunity to say one sentence to the entire universe. What is it? ☆

Iittlestar’s Profile Photostar
My plan is this. When I am lying on my death bed and within moments of death, if I still possess my cognitive ability, I will simply say: "Goodbye" to those people I have loved, the world I inhabited, and to the universe and creator that gave me life.

⏳ If you could time travel would you go ahead to the future or back in history?

So technically you can only accelerate forward in time. There is a theoretical possiblity of going backwards, but that wouldn't be the same reality you started in. Time in our reality only moves forward. Theoretically there is a parallel of our universe where it can flow backwards. You would need to leave the universe entirely, enter it's mirror version, and come out hopefully in your own universe... But in a past time period. Seems like a lot of work to just get burned at the stake for doing math or swimming. Go forward

What are you thinking right now?

captainmisbah’s Profile PhotoAzan Butt
That moment when you're looking through the car window and realise every person has their own complicated busy life,problems of their own,the world doesn't revolve around you,you're just a tiny particle in this universe, your problems are like a small insignificant drop in the ocean and they will all pass because you have Allah.

Are you religious or spiritual, and if so what does that mean to you? How does it affect your life?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I'm not religious, no. I feel comfortable not knowing all the answers of "why" and how the universe we live in exists. The way I see it, everything that's happened and could've gone wrong but didn't during the billions of years since the big bang has led to me and the people I love being alive today. I find that thought pretty cool 😊 Science has revealed a lot of answers these last few hundred years and I can't wait to hear about the discoveries we will make during my lifetime ☺️
Are you religious or spiritual and if so what does that mean to you How does it

Are you religious or spiritual, and if so what does that mean to you? How does it affect your life?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
i'm neither religious nor spiritual. i don't have any beliefs or thoughts of a higher being or inner meaning to life or the universe, and i prefer to take my life one day at a time.

Do you believe that good/bad karma exists?

Karma as a spiritual force, no. But I would argue being a good person will oftentimes (but not always) lead to others being good to you. Bad people, however, even the scales by cheating. So even if being a good person helped you out, bad people have means at their disposal to help them too.
I think social karma exists. People see someone doing good and positive acts and the karma passes onto other people.
You are more likely to tip at the counter if the person ahead of you already tipped.
The same goes for bad karma. You know how if one person doesn't acknowledge a situation (like a fight in public or a homeless person asking for change) that the rest of them usually do the same?
It works like that. I don't believe in a metaphysical force though. If it existed there would be a lot of homeless hedge fund bankers.
Karma probably doesn't exist. It's a very comforting thought, knowing that the bad guy gets punished and the good guy eventually gets a reward. Unfortunately, the world just doesn't work like that.
I don't think the universe keeps a numerical value like reddit does, but some people get what's coming to them, and others are on the side of the angels, they're just good people.
If you're nice to people, people will be nice to you. That's how humans work. If you're nasty to people, people on the whole will be nasty to you/ignore you. Again, that's how humans work. If you're mean to people and then get hit by a truck, that's just an unfortunate (or fortunate for everyone else) coincidence.
I don't believe in karma, I believe in statistics. If you're a good person and always do nice things, statistically more good things will happen to you. I don't believe there is some system keeping count of the good things people do.

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Post something worth reading 🌸

usmanaay1’s Profile PhotoUsman
Spent all day writing beside my window that shows to little to stimulate my senses. Two words are all I came across and one of them is "you".I tore apart the paper for the words didn't rhyme. 'I' doesn't rhyme with 'you', does it ? I stuck my hand out of the window and turned all those little pieces of paper towards wind with 'you' and 'I' separately stained so I could see where they end up.Slowly they fell.Heavily they sank.Out of nowhere a bird came gliding and took those two blemised pieces in its mouth and soared away.'There you have it', said the universe, 'there's your sign' and from this day onward , I call it my foremost poetry.

If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?

M_era1’s Profile Photo0
* If I ever were to be successful in life (like a better version of myself, or a parallel universe where I'm successful) what should I do to get to that point?
"What is that thing that "made" me successful, so I know what to do with my life?"
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Is it good or bad to self-aware? Are you self-aware?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
زندگی سے ڈرتے ہو؟
زندگی تو تم بھی ہو زندگی تو ہم بھی ہیں!
زندگی سے ڈرتے ہو!
آدمی سے ڈرتے ہو؟
آدمی تو تم بھی ہو آدمی تو ہم بھی ہیں
آدمی زباں بھی ہے آدمی بیاں بھی ہے
اس سے تم نہیں ڈرتے!
حرف اور معنی کے رشتہ ہائے آہن سے آدمی ہے وابستہ
آدمی کے دامن سے زندگی ہے وابستہ
اس سے تم نہیں ڈرتے
''ان کہی'' سے ڈرتے ہو
جو ابھی نہیں آئی اس گھڑی سے ڈرتے ہو
اس گھڑی کی آمد کی "آگہی" سے ڈرتے ہو
آگہی میں اِک خلا موجود ہے
اس کا مطلب ہے خدا موجود ہے
The more you become self aware, the more you realise your worth. i.e. to say that you realise you're nothing as compared to the vastness of this universe and everything inside and beyond it.
Yet, you also realise your role in it, and the importance of your existence that contributes to the universal system.
With knowledge, comes responsibility.
Hence knowledge and self awareness means responsibility.
So, it's bad to be self aware if you don't want any responsibility, to continue living in ignorance and enjoy its bliss.
However, it's good to be self aware, if you can handle your responsibilities and actually do smth significant with your life and your existence.
I hope that makes sense. It does to me xD
P.S. I do not have an answer to your second question.

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A⃗nything you want to share? 💫

fariha_ashraf’s Profile Photoفریحہ❤
People often assume that i dont make new friends even my parents. They keep insisting me to expand my friend circle explore more friendships. What everyone dont understand is that at this stage everyone has already made good friends. Their friend circles are already completed. From here on every new friend they make will only be due to some purpose. Its natural. School & college friendships were only friendships which established without any meaning or purpose. Even university friends always want something in return from you which is totally fine. This is how universe works.
If i want to make new friends i might have to take someone elses place in their life. This is not me. But if im interested in someone & want to be friends with them. I will try everything possible to get their attention. But as soon as i realize that i will not be their best mate or their priority or their top togo person i will distance myself.

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What do you feel while praying?

It’s a feeling unmatched to anything else in this world; It’s a feeling of hope, it’s an excitement of asking the most difficult things so lightly, it’s a light in dark, it’s like a sense of peace that you’re being heard, it’s a connection to something beyond this universe, it’s a feeling of joy and happiness that i glee with ease. ❤️

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