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Jamila you said that you like Bali a lot and I want to go there can help me and tell me what best things to do there and how to arrange my stay?

I don’t like Bali, I LOVE Bali, it’s my favorite destination in the whole world 💞
This really depends on your preferences but I could give you the overall picture and you could decide how to plan your trip.
The island central part is called Kuta, this is where you can stay in a modest hotel that won’t cost you much, and if you are into surfing there is a great beach there for surfing and they have all the stuff that you would need, there are also many malls in the area.
If you want a more luxurious stay, you could stay in a private villa in the Seminyak area, it has many amazing villas with private pools and stuff like that, and the area has many shopping malls too, there is also a beautiful beach there where you could have a romantic dinner if you’re traveling with your loved one.
If you like temples you could go to the Ubud area, it has many temples that are beautiful and are very high above the ground where you could have an amazing view of the ocean, and there is a monkey forest there where you can walk among monkeys but take care of your stuff like hats and phones because they really snatch stuff out of your hands 😅.
There are many other attractions that you could try on the island like the Bali Swing where you swing between the trees on swings that have many heights up to 80 meters I think, so you could choose the suitable one for you but regardless you would have an amazing view.
If you are into water parks, they have Waterbom Bali, it’s like one of the largest aqua parks in Asia and they have many many amazing and thrilling rides.
If you like adventures, there are many treehouses where you can swing between tress using zip lines or even swing between them like Tarzan 😄 there is also rafting where you could raft in a fast river for like 2 hours and you could get out of the raft for some time to enjoy a beautiful waterfall and it’s so fun, also there is the ATV ride where you could explore caves and waterfalls on your ATV.
You could get on a cruise tour and go to one of the islands around Bali and enjoy your day there where you could do many water activities like banana boats or parasailing and other stuff, you could do there the sea walking where you literally walk in the depth of the water with a group of people and see the different beautiful fishes and other sea life down there.
I tried to give you an overall picture as much as I could but there are literally many other things to do so if you are interested in knowing more just send me using your username and I could give you more details and help you arrange your trip, good luck ✌🏻

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I’m new to this app. Is it worth it?

It depends what you are looking for and what your expectations are.
- penpals/ friendzone: those accounts looking to meet new people and engage in friendly discussions without getting serious, in my opinion, do best.
- dating/hookups: this is not a dating site. I've seen some users who have developed intimate relationships, but very few seem to last and based on my observation they end up disabling their accounts.
- Cheating: unfortunately I have seen some users who are married engaging in sex fantasy (roleplay) where the flirts and the male send the woman he is infatuated with poems, songs or they even imagine a virtual life together as soulmates.
- Bullying: I do not see this too much anymore. When I first joined in 2015 there was a lot of bullying. In fact, many of the conversations were based upon ripping innocent people to shreds, where in some cases suicide resulted. This is why askfm implemented a reporting mechanism and it is the reason that probably 75% of the account no longer accept anonymous messages. 5 years ago 95% of the account were anonymous. I think this is one of the reasons askfm is dying a slow death.
- Sex: a few years ago sex was probably the most popular topic on askfm. The accounts were anonymous and people enjoyed roleplaying, fetishes, honest hour (hh), and honest porn (hp) where some users uploaded nudes, phone numbers, porn fantasy and even created BDSM accounts where they would talk about their sexual adventures and orgies.
I do not see any of this behavior on askfm anymore and I think the primary reasons are (1) askfm moderators do not tolerate such behavior (2) reports and blocking, (3) many of the teenagers have abandoned their accounts (4) the askfm users are older.
In the past the average age of the askfm user was probably 15 - 18. Now, I suspect the average age is probably 30 - 40 and they do not support any abuse, bullying, sexual innuendo, roleplaying, porn, etc.
I do not know what you are looking for, but the days of the wild, wild west where anything goes are over. Tumblr also experienced something similar around 2016 when they removed all of their porn. Tumblr was another social network where people were allowed to post anything and honestly, much of it was disgusting and extremely offensive.
So I hope I have provided a little background for you.
One last thing, I avoid discussing politics and religion because askfm is full of woke activists who will report your account to askfm if you post anything that offends them or causes them to retreat into their "safe space" with anxiety.
Good Luck

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Come on, my sweet little boy 💖💓 The time of our joint adventures 😄 Let's conquer this city together ! 💪👫
Давай, мой милый маленький мальчик 💖💓 Время наших совместных приключений 😄 Давай вместе покорим этот город ! 💪👫
Come on my sweet little boy  The time of our joint adventures  Lets conquer

If you could describe your childhood what would u say about it miss fantasy

It's a history 😂🥰
Everything was new, I felt like I was discovering everything myself, even if every1 else considered it common knowledge 🤸🏼‍♀️
My imagination was vaster & more powerful, i spent hours n hours just "playing pretend n being like scholars & scientists" with my bro 🤸🏼‍♀️
We would go on amazing adventures in our house yard or in our rooms 😂 I went on real adventures too out in Syrian, Jordanian, Turkish & Kuwaiti nature with my family, & i was taking advantage from our travels to make a new scientific adventure everytime 😂
There r times when I was too excited & happy, while sometimes i was puzzled over some issues that i don't prefer to mention, On the whole happiness is much more to be remembered & cherished, so if i wanna describe my childhood in some adjectives, it'd be:
Full of science & experience
Mischievous 🌸💛

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Какой у тебя любимый сериал?

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀[ ☕ ] здравствуй
➣ конкретно одного любимого сериала у меня нет. их множество:
▪️«Pretty Little Liars»
▪️«Fate: The Winx Saga»
▪️«Siempre Fui Yo» (ещё не начала смотреть)
▪️«Kate Keene»
▪️«The Wampire Diaries»
▪️«Возвращие Мухтара 2»
▪️«Kally's Mashup»
▪️«The Secret Circle»
▪️«Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists»
▪️«Мухтар. Новый след»
▪️«Soy Luna»
▪️«Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin»
▪️«Teen Wolf»
▪️«Cilling Adventures of Sabrina»
▪️«Закрытая школа»
▪️«Чёрная лагуна»
▪️«Wizards of Waverly Place»
▪️«Liv and Maddie»
▪️«The Witcher»
▪️«Emily in Paris»
▪️«Бумажный дом»
▪️«Золушка и 4 рыцаря»
▪️«H2O просто добавь воды»
▪️«Сумеречные охотники»
▪️«Ход королевы»
▪️«Танцевальная академия»
▪️«13 причин почему»
▪️«Однажды в сказке»
♪ Dante - «По губам»
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀date: 16.06.2022
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀time: 22 : 23

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Какой у тебя любимый сериал

I’m back. If you're still here, tell me the best news you've received in 2022 so far? 🤗

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
▪︎Came back from my extended deployment...finally!
▪︎You're f-i-n-a-l-l-y, back. You were missed. I still sent you random questions...so when you came back, you weren't bored 🤣.
▪︎Med school held my spot. Have to retake the year, but at least they held my spot. Start back in the fall.
▪︎Moved into my very first apartment --no more dorm life for me! Even got a garage for my Corvette. (Still putting miles on my POS Geo...can't beat the fuel mileage on this car ☺. Cost $42 to fill the Geo and over a hundred for the Corvette)
▪︎Took a month vacation to settle into the apartment. Didn't realize it would take less than a week to do so. 🤷‍♂️
▪︎Got my small aircraft aviation license, last week (you know I always wanted to buy a older model aquatic Pipers or Cessna) so I wanted to get that license under my belt, before I left my tour of duty in the Airforce.
▪︎Mr Irving/Canada (the dude whose land he allowed grandpa, my dad and I, to park on - to catch (those beastly sized) fish, called this week and told me that he missed seeing us. Asked when I was moving to Canada and said that when I graduate, he was sure his brother would hire me; it would include boarding if I chose to work for them. 🤷‍♂️, its pretty generous. I asked him if its just because I'd fill his freezer with fresh fish. He laughed. I mean.. it seems generous. I found peace there (Canada) so in my mind, its seems like a solid opportunity. Maybe? Idk. 🙂🙃
▪︎other than that...not much😅
▪︎You've missed alot of 30+ age group, flooding into this app.
▪︎Ask.fm is still begging people to pay and play their VIP game. 😂
▪︎I'm seriously, looking forward to hearing about your adventure(s), too!

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What kind of entertainment did you do with your family when you were young? Do you think it has contributed to who you are today?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
I was born and raised in Saudi, so my childhood was a really quiet one because of the lifestyle there. For entertainment we used to go to park. Shopping was also entertaining to us as kids who are in the house all the time. Hmm what else 🤔 I think in the holidays when we came to Egypt we used to go to the sea but not so often tbh. I barely remember such thing. So yeah it was kinda quiet activities. It definitely affected on who I am now, but I don't think in the same way. Like it's expected that I'll keep loving the really quiet lifestyle, which is true for some parts of me, but inside I'm dying to go out there and see the world. I want to be part of interesting adventures and do scary stuff. Which I don't know how much real is that. I keep thinking maybe it's only beautiful in my head and it'll turn out something else if I get to do all of that. But tbh I want to throw myself to such things to make sure if it's as exciting as I imagine. Huuuh Donia.

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WYZWANIE #6 W jakim serialu Netflixa według Ciebie najbardziej by pasował/a, i dlaczego akurat w nim? 📽️

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All.
Nie wiem do końca czemu, ale kierując się intuicją i pierwszą myślą jaka przyszła mi do głowy to byłby to serial : chilling adventures of sabrina. Jakoś tak nigdy nie widziałam Sel w tego typu produkcji a bardzo chętnie bym zobaczyła, bo trochę na coś z tego klimatu ( zwłaszcza gdy miała blond włosy) i nawet by pasowała wtedy do głównej roli Briny ( chociaż Kiernan Shipka odegrała ją całkiem nieźle) 😻 albo ewentualnie w czymś mega luźnym typu : Emily in Paris 💓 też by pasowała - według mnie. 💓
WYZWANIE 6 W jakim serialu Netflixa według Ciebie najbardziej by pasowała i

WYZWANIE #6 W jakim serialu Netflixa według Ciebie najbardziej by pasował/a, i dlaczego akurat w nim? 📽️

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All.
Perrie - Anne With an E, 13 Reasons Why. To takie bardziej normalne, życiowe seriale i z takimi mi się Pezz kojarzy.
Jade - Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Jakoś tak Jade pasuje mi do takiej pokręconej, paranormalnej fabuły.
Leigh - Elite, Bridgerton. Akurat tych seriali nie widziałam, ale wiem mniej więcej jaka jest fabuła. a Leigh-Anne kojarzy mi się z takim przepychem i luksusami.

Powiedziano coś ciekawego na tegorocznym SW Celebration?

mixerpoland’s Profile PhotoLittle Mix Poland
Celebration już za nami, zatem podsumuję wszystkie newsy.
🔹 Pokazano zwiastun "Andora" i zapowiedziano premierę na 31 sierpnia br.
🔹 Pokazano (wyłącznie gościom Celebration) zwiastun trzeciego sezonu "The Mandalorian" i zapowiedziano premierę na luty 2023r.
🔹 Pokazano (również wyłącznie gościom Celebration) zwiastun "Ahsoki". Premierę wyznaczono na 2023r.
🔹 Pokazano dwa zwiastuny (jeden szerokiej publiczności, drugi wyłącznie gościom Celebration) drugiego sezonu "The Bad Batch". Premiera jesienią br.
🔹 Zapowiedziano drugi sezon niekanonicznego anime "Visions" na wiosnę przyszłego roku.
🔹 Zapowiedziano serial aktorski "Skeleton Crew", w którym główne role odegrają dzieci (skąd można się domyślić, że będzie skierowany do młodszej widowni). Dorosłym aktorem zaangażowanym w produkcję jest Jude Law. Premierę zapowiedziano na przyszły rok.
🔹 Zapowiedziano serial animowany "Young Jedi Adventures", dziejący się w czasach Wielkiej Republiki. Nazwa sugeruje, że będzie to serial skierowany do dzieci. Premiera będzie mieć miejsce wiosną przyszłego roku.
🔹 Zapowiedziano "Jedi: Survivor" - kontynuację gry "Jedi: Fallen Order". Premiera ma się odbyć w przyszłym roku.
🔹 Zapowiedziano nowe książki i komiksy z serii "Wielka Republika". Ze względu na to, że są to premiery książek i komiksów anglojęzycznych, nie będę wyszczególniać tu tytułów i dat premier. Na marginesie dodam, że nie podejrzewam - mimo starań polskich wydawnictw, żeby premiera którejkolwiek z tych pozycji miała miejsce chociażby pod koniec przyszłego roku.

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Powiedziano coś ciekawego na tegorocznym SW Celebration

Post worth reading🌼

wazhmakhan’s Profile Photoوژمہ خان
Someone just said that "All of the things shouldn't be understood in their entirety. Days and nights get interesting when there's an element of ignorance and uncertainty, that's how surprises and adventures take place that compensate the mundane and monotonous routine." and I just loved it.

Why do we miss toxic people after we terminate relationships with them?

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
Why do addicts miss drugs even after we recover from our addictions?
The reason we let those toxic people in our lives was that they acknowledged a certain part of us. A part that even we weren't aware of. Apart that made us feel somewhat seen. Also because toxicity is familiar for some people. A person who grows up in a toxic family will seek out toxic partners because they've somehow obtained the skills to deal with toxicity. It's familiar. Nobody wants to stay with the unfamiliar for long. Unfamiliar adventures are only fun till they are short lived. We don't want the unfamiliar to become a permanent part of our lives because we like certainty.
So why do miss toxicity even after we cut it off? Because it's familiar.. Once the absence of toxicity becomes the norm, once it becomes familiar, you'd stop missing it's presence. It takes time to re program our brains but it's totally worth it.

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-yeah what I usually look like, like a Hylian, when I'm like dis, well da ways I interact wit matter are a little strange, like sometimes I can touch or pick up things, other times I go right through dem.-

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
So kind of like a spirit? Or ghost? You know..that ability could really come in handy for all of your hero adventures
Liked by: Geno Shadow Vio Nova

Tell me about your children

Having children has always felt like a far off dream – it’s like watching the sea, you know? Some days it appears closer, and other days it feels as though the ground rushes out from underneath my feet, that the waves are dragging everything away from my grasping hands.
People have told me that it doesn’t have to be that way. I could be less fussy, less selective. There are plenty of loveless relationships, after all. I could be just another statistic. But God, the thought of that terrifies me. I grew up in loveless houses. I grew up hiding my brother under my bed, covering my ears at night, ducking under the bath water so that all I could hear was my own pounding heart. There is no way that I would bring a child into that kind of world.
And that I know for a fact.
No, the house that my child grows up in will be drenched in perpetual sunshine. I want my child to know that there is no sky that isn’t worth enjoying – that sun is for growing in, rain is for dancing in, snow is for jumping in. I want my child to fearlessly run through that house, skidding on the floors, loud whoops of laughter following them. I want them to grow up with grazed knees and muddy boots, covered in dog hair and reeking of adventures and discovery. I want my child to be utterly fearless, fuelled by the knowledge that they are so deeply, ludicrously loved. I want them to fall asleep with the ghost of a smile still on their lips. I want my child to live simply. And when the world lays down hardship and strife at their door, I want my child to know that they can handle it – whatever it is – because they have learnt that you don’t get to pick and choose in this world. But you do get to pick and choose how you take it.
Scar tissue, they say, is far stronger than the original skin. It is less pliable, it’s largely immovable.
Sometimes I think that I am more scar than girl.
Surely that makes me a better step to boost themselves off of, to see the world from.

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What would you do if you had logged into your partner's computer and discovered that on his askfm account he was having a "cyber-sex affair with a 20-year-old woman?”

About one year ago, I recall reading this question concerning cyber-sex on askfm. The married woman's response was unexpected.
"I would do nothing! I know that these kinds of "adventures" are no more than fiction."
In your opinion, is cyber-sex harmful? Why or why not?

How would you describe yourself?👀

PreciousB0y’s Profile Photor a ض a
Ahan okay well yes Beauty with brain , confident, competent,accept the challenges, creative mind, helper, loving, caring, adventures, active, i m energetic and eager to learn new things, artist, sensitive, straight forward, sense of humour, motivated, stuborn, simple but stylish, fashionista,i believe on slow n steady wins the race, less talk, less eat, health conscious,hardworking .

What Are You Most Thankful For?

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
All of my best ‘presents’ were given to me by one person. And I’m not only referring to the obvious ones, but I’m especially grateful for all the ways in which you rescued me when I had nowhere to turn to, for embarking on a nearly deadly journey with me, for all the times you protected me when I ran off like the head-in-the-clouds person that I am, for giving me a home even when I was a threat to yours and for trusting me when I least deserved it.

People’s homes are filled with items from their past: pictures of their family and friends, little figurines, even the ugly ones, postcards, badges and certificates of their achievements in life, souvenirs from places they visited, childhood memories. Mine is mostly empty but what I do still have are the bits and pieces and all of the memories you gave me. Thank you for the adventures.

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What Are You Most Thankful For

Tu skaties multenes? Ja jā kāda mīļākā multene? Vai nav tas vecums?

jokers200’s Profile PhotoJānis Škapars
Skatos un skatīšos līdz mūža beigām.
Avatārs.Leģenda par Angu, suns drosminieks, bruņurupuča nindzjas, Rick and Morty, Simpsoni,mana trakā ģimenīte,futurama,the powerpuff girls, big mouth, happy tree friends, south park,the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy.
Un daudzas citas ..♥️

If you lived in a fairytale, who / what'd you be? How'd you live your life? 🐲👑🧚‍♂️🛡🦄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would be a fairy as well as an elf, taking care of my etheral forest. Magic would flow from every root, my home would be a big tree lit by fireflies flying freely. I heal people and accompany a group of friends on adventures, similar to Record of Lodoss War. I already feel like Deedlit and I would have an epic love story. ♡
If you lived in a fairytale who  whatd you be Howd you live your life

Tev ir kaut rezi dzīve parādījies kaut kas dīvains? Piemēram parādība vai kas līdzīgs. No kā tu esi ļoti nobijusies/jies? 🤔

jokers200’s Profile PhotoJānis Škapars
Bērnībā ļoti ticēju spokiem. Mēģināju ar tiem sakontaktēties, jo saskatījos šovu ''Ghost adventures''. Tur viņi ar visādām aparatūrām ķer spokus, ieskaitot ar radio. Es staigāju apkārt ar radio un caur viļņiem mēģināju noķert spoku balsis. Man bija biš obsession uz to. Beidzās ar to, ka man liekas mani apsēda kkāds nelabs gars, naktī traucēja gulēt, rāva matus, un kutināja.
Šobrīd es izvēlos tādām lietām neticēt ar nolūku, jo jo vairāk par tām interesēsies, jo dīvainākas lietas savā dzīvē piedzīvosi, un pēc tās pieredzes NĒ PALDIES, ES VAIR NEGRIBU.

A Message For Someone.

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
I want to sit down and talk about all the late nights we had together or our adventures, our old best friends and our new ones. I want to sit down with you and talk about all the hours and hours and hours we spent sitting and talking. Or the hours we spent together in silence. Because I just liked to be around you.

It literally takes 2 second to convince me to bunk the class.

hira2140’s Profile PhotoHira Noor
Bhai dekhi parhna tu khud hy ..jab tak khud effort na karo
Is lie agar ik class bunk kar li ta saari hi ..tu kyaa masla .. lecture ly lo kahin sy
Lkn ye moment wapis tu ni aty
Yei adventures yaad ayen gn phr akar ko humary pas b apny bachon ko koi qisa hoga sunanny lie

What is true love according to you?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
I would say that love is not blind to the other person's flaws or mistakes, but accepting them and supporting them regardless of those things. It's being there for someone through all of the things that life can throw at us, not just the good times or the fun moments but the dark times and the struggles too. Love is being someone's biggest cheerleader and pushing them to be the best version of themselves that they can be. It is to trust a person with your heart, mind, body and soul. It's to be honest, open and loyal to someone. It is nurtured through time, words, actions, communication, adventures, affection and support 💓

لكي سراب، May this New Year be a step forward, bringing you on new adventures, new ways to explore, and new achievements! Thank you for your messages🌹✨💫

InnocentEngT’s Profile PhotoNoName

ˑ ֗ ִ ⊹ ࣪⠀ ִ ۫ ּ ֗ ִ ۪ ⊹ ˑ ִ ' ִ ۫ ⊹ ࣪⠀. ִ ་ ּ ⊹
يارب في السنة الجديدة نعيش كل شعور نتمناه
‏۫ ˑ ֗ ִ ⊹ ࣪⠀ ִ ۫ ּ ֗ ִ ۪ ⊹ ˑ ִ ' ִ ۫ ⊹ ࣪⠀. ִ ་ ּ ⊹
لكي سراب
May this New Year be a step forward bringing you on new adventures new

Es konkret angol peldakat tudsz mondani?

Igazából listát vezetek a dolgokról, amiket nézek, néztem, hogy ne felejtsem el. Ezeket netflixről mindenképpen ajánlom, mindből nagyon szuper dolgokat lehet megtudni:
100 humans
Turning point
The mind, explained
Money, explained
Our planet
Unnatural selection
Have a good trip - adventures in psychedelics
Human: the world within
Night on earth
History 101
History of swear words
Grass is greener
The social dilemma
Coronavirus, explained
Tiny creatures
Solar system: the secret of the universe
Ted Bundy tapes
Michael Jackson's This is it

Přišli jste někdy do kontaktu se svým andělem? Třeba že spíte a teď cítíte jako by vás někdo pohladil, ale nikdo kolem vás není. Nebo že vidíte furt to saně číslo dokola, kamkoliv jdete. Slyšíte jak někdo mluví, ale nikdokolem vás není. Máte nějaké příhody?

Nesmíš do noci koukat na Ghost Adventures... a taky nekupuj ty jejich experimentalni tentononcy co ve tmě vykřikují random slova....
Přišli jste někdy do kontaktu se svým andělem Třeba že spíte a teď cítíte jako

People will realize your worth once you're gone from their lives. They should appreciate your presence while they still have a chance. 🌚

Oh, some of them do. Perhaps because I have a bad habit of suddenly disappearing, and then appearing with the words "well, bitсhеs, didn't ya expect?" and because I have a quite bad habit of attracting adventures to my аss.
However, the fact that some of them do still fascinates me.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
I'm right now , shopping for a special gift for my buddy, who owns bid business in Blackpool . . .
He was my BEST at V & me's wedding . . . . omg, his speech , was A mazing . . . our teenage adventures . . .
Name the price !
Have you started your Christmas shopping

Może zrobisz plebiscyty z filmów czy seriali z Netflixa? Czy już coś takiego było tutaj...?

olakomarr’s Profile Photooffline
Dziękuję za podesłanie propozycji, ale plebiscyty o takiej tematyce odbyły się na moim asku ok 3 miesięcy temu (lista wrześniowa), więc nie widzę zbytnio sensu, by robić je ponownie. Chyba, że znajdzie się jakaś dobra duszyczka, która orientuje się w Netflixie i wyśle mi inne tytuły ♡ Wtedy pomyślę nad zorganizowaniem kolejnej tury ♡
Linki dla zainteresowanych ⤵
— ♡ Chilling Adventures of Sabrina VS Riverdale ?
— ♡ Joker VS Fantastyczne zwierzęta i jak je znaleźć ?
— ♡ Sex Education VS Insatiable ?
— ♡ Zanim się pojawiłeś VS Tomb Raider ?
— ♡ Szkoła dla elity VS Trzynaście powodów ?
— ♡ The Kissing Booth VS Do wszystkich chłopców, których kochałam ?
— ♡ The Crown VS Dom z papieru ?

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Może zrobisz plebiscyty z filmów czy seriali z Netflixa Czy już coś takiego było

chị có thể recommend cho em một số cuốn sách mà chị cho là hay được khum ạ. mùa dịch chị nhớ giữ sức khỏe nheee<3

mấy quyển dưới đây theo c nhớ không lầm thì đều đã được dịch thuật từ tiếng anh sang việt và xuất bản rồi í nếu muốn thì em có thể ghé nhà sách check thử 🥲
- to kill a mocking bird
- adventures of huckleberry finn
- on earth we are briefly gorgeous (tác giả người mĩ gốc việt)
- the boy in the striped pajamas (hay gớt nước mắt hic)
- the boy at the top of the mountain
- charlotte brontë
- anne of green gables
gu đọc của chị có thể không được hợp với em nên nếu em không thích chúng thì cho chị xin lỗi nhé 😭

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