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🥰Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?

Sorry I'm 27 days late on this. 😅
I'm going to watch a band called You Me at Six play a gig in the evening. Before that I'm going for a meal in a Chinese restaurant. I'm really looking forward to it. Much love to my boyfriend who doesn't enjoy the same music as me, but is still coming along. I don't have any plans for Sunday. It'll probably just be a chilled out day, and I might catch up on The Apprentice.

What is the most beautiful feeling ever?

Arslanmalik1’s Profile PhotoArslan Malik
To be loved beyond your material form, appreciated, and supported, especially at your lowest when you don't feel the need to wear a mask or pretend to be someone you're not. Unfortunately, we are often stuck with a materialistic mindset confined within the walls of ego, selfishness, personal gains, jealousy, etc. That's why Allah ﷻ said that He doesn't consider your face or wealth but the quality of deeds that will be weighed. Otherwise, the reward of a person fasting through agonizing weather in the middle of the day and a person fasting in a chilled AC room would be the same, and there would be injustice...!!!

Welcome back! you came back to a dead site though. There's really no activity here anymore

Fine by me! Lol
I don't mind if it's "dead", though that being said, I'm still getting a ton of shout outs. But I kinda prefer it being a bit more chilled out. More so as I'm still busy and stuff. I've had people moan in the past because I didn't reply fast enough haha.
Welcome back you came back to a dead site though Theres really no activity here

Hii there, how are you doing today and how was your day? I’m following you right now, can you follow me back? I hope you have an amazing day as you for sure deserve it,🤍.

ahsby’s Profile PhotoCatarina Sofia
hello nice to meet you i had a nice and chilled day and you? nice that you follow me I can do that too, you have a nice site!❤️😊

What's your favorite form of entertainment?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
🌸 Gaming
I really like chilled out games like minecraft, animal crossing, harvest moon, dreamlight valley, etc etc etc. (I do play less chilled games too lol)
🌸 Reading
Nothing is quite as satisfying as reading a good book and transporting my mind away into a realm of fantasy! :3
🌸 Explore
I love nature! So going out to beautiful gardens etc is super fun for me :3
Whats your favorite form of entertainment

Thoughts on the scenario: I had a friend obvs the opp gender we chilled irl few times until she started dating she ignored me *not completely* and her wedding is soon so sh deleted me off her social media *not the only 1 cuz she had male friends*, do I deserve this?

Hell yea you deserved it, cuz you're naive enough to believe in the myth of aflatonian relationship between the two genders under the so called "just friends ", this will happen to us all, that's why I give a warning in advance that in case of engagement I will (unfollow, or unfriend) to avoid in any sort of consequences to me or her.
Besides , there's no man who was raised right that ket his wife to have friendship with any male.

How are you spending the fourth Thursday in November? Did you cut the turkey?

Thanksgiving isn't celebrated here in the UK :)
We have turkey at Christmas lol
That being said, I did play the Thanksgiving day on Animal Crossing! (It's called Turkey Day on there lol)
Made 4 perfect dishes, chilled with my islanders... then decorated my house on there for Christmas xD
How are you spending the fourth Thursday in November Did you cut the turkey

If you need to decompress, how do you typically choose to do so? Like, if you’re feeling burnt out, what is the first thing you immediately want to do? 😮‍💨😴

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Typically sleep!
Usually when I feel like that, I just want everything to just go away, so I sleep!
Or take a long hot bath and sink the issues away, followed by a chilled out game like sims, minecraft, animal crossing, etc :3
If you need to decompress how do you typically choose to do so Like if youre

Hey Kittie, how's your day been today?

Not bad thanks! :D
It was my dad's birthday, so both myself and my brother booked today off so we could spend it with him!
He asked to just relax at home today as it was around 30-32 celcius. So we chilled out, watched some movies, ordered a takeaway, had cake, now my dad is watching some old comedies he likes :3
All in all a good day :D
Hey Kittie hows your day been today
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🌿 mental health check-in: how have you been feeling today?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh; ✨️
I've been finally starting to feel a bit better after coming down with Covid three weeks ago, so that's been such a relief! I don't like being out of control (hahahahahahahahaah I'm sure you guys have noticed what a chill, laid back character I am 😂) so when my health was just doing all kinds of weird things, I was not a happy bunny. The random shaking is still there and my heart rate is still horribly high, but I've got some energy back (🥳🥳)
And I spent today with some friends that I love, my family is happy, the people I adore are happy - it's all good!
And the freaking UK heatwave has chilled the fuck out, so I am THRILLED.

How do you beat the heat?

alpharean’s Profile PhotoChatter Box
Turn on the AC. Turn up the fan speed to its maximum. Stick my head in the freezer for a while. Have iced drinks. Roll up my sleeves and pants. Wear light colored and thin clothing. Use hands, tissues, paper or anything effective to fan myself. Suck on ice cubes and blow cold air onto wherever that is hot on my body. Have cold showers. Frequently wash my face, neck and other limbs under running cold water or wet tissues. Stay under the shade. Place a cool compress or chilled bottle against the back of my neck.


Alhumdulilah I'm all free of this. I'm so grateful to Allah to show me always haqq.
Let us take a look at the world, so beautiful, so fascinating and full of luxuries, top of the range cars, cinemas, theme parks, mansions, this is the life.
Who wouldn't like to live a chilled out life? Who doesn't desire that these luxuries were to last forever?
Now back to reality, is it not true that all these luxuries, this world, will one day perish? Is it not true that this world will one day come to an end?
This world is nothing but amusement and play; it is full of luxuries and fantasies that are fascinating but deceptive. It's so easy to fall into its trap, but to escape from its clutches is extremely difficult.
Let us now search for the reality of life, what is the purpose of our creation? What is the reason as to why Allah Taa'la has brought us into this world? If we take a look at the Qur`an, we find that Allah Taa'la clearly states that he has created us so that we may worship him, the outcome of which will be that Allah Taa'la will be pleased with us and will In sha Allah save us from the hellfire and will grant us with the bounties of paradise.

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fuck you're dealing with a demon kid, he destroyed half a kingdom and can mind control people with just his magic, luckily he chilled out since childhood, but you don't want to risk waking a sleeping dragon. Cause they're pure firebreathers

..Excuse me but..what? This narc destroyed half a kingdom..and can mind control others similar to how Nightmare can hypnotize others? This..may be..the most perfect test subject! If I combine Deaths powers with his and my other captive..then mix in Genos..I'll have the ultimate creation!! *uh..* if they destroy this body, I'll just get a new one! Simple! Haha!!!
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Listen if you don't start behaving and lose that attitude, I will send you to the principal's office. Do you understand me?

I usually just walked the halls and just chilled around until next period. Did you really expect me to listen?
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kya ap khudko badal sktay hain kisi k liye?😼

Bohat aasani sey... Ye taaluq pe munhasir hai... Jo jis qadar eham hota hai usko uski marzi ke mutabiq ban ke milna hota hai... Kabhi kabhi to aik pal main kaya palat ho jati hai saray wujood ki... Kabhi kabhi to apan khud fan ho jatay hain apnay, aik lamhay main, jab khud ko perform karta dekhtay hain... Ham sab perform kar rahay hain... Hamari performance decide karay gi hamara award... Aur ab nachos houn ge chilichangas with kaddoo ka rayeta chilled as fuck...

I don’t enjoy clubbing- is that ok?

So i’m 19 and everyone is out clubbing. I just really don’t enjoy it. I suffer with bad anxiety and i can’t think of anything worse than a loud space, dancing, being approached by people. I’m more than happy to go for drinks or food but i hate how i’m made to feel not “normal” because i don’t go out out. Is it ok that i prefer to go out when it’s quieter and more chilled. I also have a history of sexual assault so i’m very wary on drunk men and spiking ect. I’d prefer to stay away.
I feel similarly. I’m in my 30s now and did my fair share of clubbing because I enjoy dancing. I’m also male, so I have less fear attached to things like that. But now I enjoy talking and having real conversations over drinks. It’s more enjoyable and safe and it feeds my soul more. You’re just ahead of your friends. Just don’t shame them for wanting to go out and invite them to more intimate gatherings when you can. You’re good.
Some of my friends used to look at me weirdly whenever I’d say that. I’m the same age as you and honestly I hate clubbing and loud crowded spaces just because I’m a quiet person. Nothing wrong with not liking any of that. My friends don’t bother asking me anymore just because they know I feel out of place since I don’t drink or smoke. I prefer chill quiet places too
I’m much older but when I was your age I always had much older friends and all the friends that I did have (Gf, etc) always wanted to club but I was much more mature and somehow passed that phase. You ain’t missing nothing. You do you and be proud that you are saving money by not participating.
Yep! I’m 24 and I’ve been clubbing once and hated it so much. It was hard when I turned 21 (I live in the US) and it was all my friends wanted to do, but you’re not alone and you should be able to find friends who want to do things that aren’t clubbing. And if your friends do enjoy clubbing you can obviously still be friends, maybe just suggest some other activities every once in a while and communicate your concerns if it seems like clubbing is all they want to do.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You are perfectly normal. I grew up in one of the "clubbing capitals of the world" so from age 18 to 21 I'd hit the club every week. I thought that's what I was "supposed" to be doing but never really liked it. Smelly, sweaty, drunk people all around you....also hated how girls degraded themselves for a cheap bottle.
I hate clubbing. I’m more of a sit at a bar type to eat and chat peacefully without loud music blaring directly in my delicate ears. I did try it a few times for a night-out with the girls due to a friends bad breakup but guys kept interrupting our time just dancing together. One even snuck behind me without warning and proceeded to rub himself. Like stranger please, you didn’t ask to dance and helped yourself to get handsy around my parts.

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Dear Girls! Car k samny koi cheez ajaye to brake marni hoti hai cheekh nahi.

fahadmushtaq5’s Profile Photoندامتِ گمان¶
lmao, this aunty the other day ny meri cheekh nkal d thi. i was 120km/h+ on car n she crossed GT road casually while using her phone, without looking around for traffic not once.
aunti was on ultra pro max chilled level, the level that gets u killed. 🙂

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