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They wanted to send me to a "Gifted School" because I scored "Higher Level" at 8 years old... Father wasn't having that... Then at 12 they really wanted me in there. I lasted a month before getting myself kicked out. I never ever wanted to be "Normal" or "Gifted". They're both a curse

Apeshitz’s Profile PhotoApeshitz
I switched to private school after 8th grade because I was uncomfortable around the normies. The private school I chose was truly bizarre and had very interesting people but even there I didn’t fit. My life didn’t really start until I started self education and was able to be in solitude away from all the indoctrination.

What’s your goal in life or maybe in this year?

milamson’s Profile PhotoAnna Vetrova
My goal in life is to find my purpose, to be happy and live my life to the fullest, enjoying the all the moments a long the way, and to travel often.
I’m happiest when I can share these adventures with family and friends.
Finish my education and settle into a career.
Hopefully find someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with and share my passion of traveling and raise a family.
My aim is to be happy & thankful with no regrets ✨✨✨

What do you know well enough to teach to others? 🤓 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ₜₑₙₐcᵢₒᵤₛ ₜₒₘₘₐy™ ▩ ♚ ☻
To be honest, even though I have the education of a music teacher, this is not my thing. But if I had to, I would teach children vocals🤗
What do you know well enough to teach to others

You think parents teach the kids about sex the right way or the wrong way?

theartist58910’s Profile Photothe artist
I mean, it absolutely depends on the parents. Some do it right, some don’t, some do the best they can based on the education they got, etc. It’s hard to make a broad conclusion about it, given it’s likely different for everyone. And if you factor in people’s beliefs, ranging from cultural, to religious, etc, there’s gonna be even bigger differences. Since I can only speak about it personally, I will do that.
When it comes to my parents approach, it wasn’t bad by any means, but it surely wasn’t like… an open conversation. My mom used to tell me to ask questions about it if I was curious, and my dad didn’t really talk about it at all. 🤷🏼‍♀️
The younger versions of me, who wasn’t even aware of what asexuality was or that there was a term for it, was curious. But not about s*x itself. I was more curious why I didn’t care about it at all, and why just the mere thought of s*x in regards to myself, made me uncomfortable. 😅 I was told a lot that it’s normal not to feel anything at first, you just have to “meet the right person” or “hit a certain age” and all of a sudden, you’ll feel it. But I didn’t. And that is something I wish I was taught. That not wanting s*x isn’t abnormal, nor does it mean something is fundamentally wrong with me or my body (as asexuality has nothing to do with hormones or your body functioning, it’s attraction based).
I’m not a parent myself, but if I ever were to have kids, I’d want them to have a good s*x education, and know that they not only can ask me questions, but also, that they can have open conversation with me about it. There’s no shame, no guilt, no taboos around it, it’s a totally normal thing to be curious about (or not), talk about, etc. And also, teach them firm boundaries that they are in charge of what they do with their bodies, and not to let anyone guilt, or coerce them into it if it’s not what they want. And that’s what I believe is the right way to teach kids about s*x. ☺️

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You think parents teach the kids about sex the right way or the wrong way

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
When I did a short training award in the mid 1990s, I was very fortunate to have trainers who really changed the way I looked at education, and completely changed the way I worked with people.
Although it was a much lesser qualification than the formal one I went on to do, this programme, done over a series of residential weekends, focused on Experiential Learning and educational psychology, and had a much bigger impact on me.
The trainers included a Police psychological counsellor, an academic head of curriculum, and other training and development professionals.
I was really lucky to be trained by them and as I said, it had a huge influence and effect on my own work from that point on.

Do you ever wish you didn’t have to go to college or have a 9 to 5 job in order to be financially secure? I got caught cheating on my exam which is obviously my fault but I also can’t get myself to study. Yet, when it comes to doing jobs without a college degree, I’ve been told life is harder.

This is such a loaded question 😅🤣… 1. I loved college… I love education! It’s enlightening and rewarding. I wish I had invested in more opportunities when I was young. 2. 9-5, M-F is optional. All jobs have different demands. Choose what fits your lifestyle. You either make your life fit a mold or you create your own mold and live your life. Lots of good paying jobs have a different schedule. 3. Life is hard, degree or no degree. Everyone is out there trying to make the most of it and you should too. Some degrees are useless, some companies care more about experience, some jobs require an apprenticeship, lots of jobs don’t require a degree at all. At the end of the day, what you care about is what matters. Don’t make decisions based on what others say. Do what’s right for you. Regret nothing.

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Do you ever wish you didnt have to go to college or have a 9 to 5 job in order

If you lived in medieval times, who'd you be and what'd you do? 🏰 (Inspired by the reveal of Kingdom Come Deliverence II, am beyond hyped!)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, as a woman I dont' have a lot of great options to begin with, since the position of my gender was heavily dependent on social norms and cultural circumstances (in even worse terms than today). There was no single most humane position that applied to everyone. Women had different roles depending on their social class, family situation and geographical location.
For women from aristocratic or wealthy families, the most humane position may have been to have a good marriage with a respectful and supportive husband who took their needs and desires into account (ew). Such women often had access to education and could enjoy some autonomy within their homes, although their freedoms were limited compared to modern standards.
Women from poorer families or those who lived in rural communities often had heavier workloads and less freedom. They were usually heavily involved in daily work, be it farming, housework or other economic activities. Their position was often characterized by greater dependence on male family members and social structures (ah great, the patriarchy strikes again).
I think I would still take the first option into consideration with a lot of different outcomes concering my (hopefully not so nasty and disgusting) husband. If, by any chance, said person is an absolute scumbag, I would totally fantasize about poisoning that piece of shît (/sarcasm). If a wealthy woman was suddenly widowed in the Middle Ages, her situation could vary greatly depending on various factors such as her social status, her family environment and the legal regulations of her time and region.
In some societies and legal traditions in the Middle Ages, women had the right to a portion of their deceased husband's estate, known as a widow's estate. This could include land ownership, financial resources or other assets that enabled the wife to live a decent life even after her husband's death.
If the wife played an important role in the management of the family estate or business, she could continue this responsibility after her husband's death. This could mean taking over the management of the business or representing her family's interests in negotiations and affairs.
Depending on the social norms and circumstances of her family, a widowed woman might be pressured to remarry, especially if she had no male heirs, in order to continue the family's property and name. However, this could also depend on the woman's personal autonomy and wishes.
Many wealthy women in the Middle Ages were involved in charity work, religious or social activities. A widowed woman could increase these activities or take new initiatives to engage in the community and use her influence.
So yeah, I would just hope to either be a cool nun or a widowed and more or less independent aristocrat (without having delivered an heir or re-marrying another stupid douchebag). Anything else would probably have me burning on a stake or else. /ᐠ - ˕ -マ Ⳋ

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My puppy is growing like a weed atm, it’s keeping me busy teaching it manners and tricks. The days are getting shorter and cooler down here too. Well it looks like I’ve used up all my likes for today, so I’m gonna for run then hitting the sack, sleep well tonight 😉

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
You have a busy life, Gilbert!) Puppies are like children, they require education, otherwise they may think that they are the masters of this life))) And then they can bring quite a few troubles. Our days are getting longer, which I am very happy about. I want warmth and summer. We don’t have enough of this in Russia. Have a nice run and sweet dreams!)
My puppy is growing like a weed atm its keeping me busy teaching it manners and

Do you think it's normal for kids and teens to try to imitate adults?I mean things like their behaviors, way of talking, vocabulary, mannerisms, etc.

Yes, it is. Kids start to imitate you form the moment the came to this world, that’s why their first 7 years of life it’s extremely important for their education, behaviour, vocabulary etc.

Do you learn English from the age 6 in your basic schools there in France? 🤔

LarryStylestomlinson436’s Profile PhotoMe - Larry
In France, English typically becomes a part of the curriculum around the age of 11 or 12, in middle school.
However, some schools may introduce basic English concepts earlier, but it's not as structured or formalized as in Anglophone countries.
So, while English education does start relatively early compared to some other countries, it's not typically from the age of 6 in basic schools.
Do you learn English from the age 6 in your basic schools there in France

What do you do when you finally receive what you once wished for... years after forgetting it was ever a wish?

When I receive what I was wishing for, I make next ✅ on my list of wishes and it makes me happy 🤩
- Uni education✅
- Love ✅
- 2 children b&g ✅
- stable good job ✅
- nice vacations ✅
- driving licence ✅
- our own flat ✅
- funny friends ✅
- our own cottage ❌ 👉 cottage in the nature still remains a dream, we are just renting various for vacations 😅😅😅
What do you do when you finally receive what you once wished for years after

I think a couple of people will get the VIP+ program closed because they bug the support team a lot.

Note to self: criticizing app functionality and features could get you ban.. NOT.
People need to get some education before they speak a word on anything with the word ban in it. You can not get ban for criticizing an app feature, if that were the case hundreds of people would be ban. AskFM stated before they like new ideas and constructive criticisms / feedback. They under no circumstances can ban a user for such actions otherwise they're going against their own words.

Do you believe in early marriages?

AhmadQureshi50102’s Profile PhotoAhmad
I believe it has nothing to do with age as long as your heart is at peace.
Marriage is a reality. You have to go through that at some point in life. That's what our elders expect from us, and so do we. We know that someday we will get married.
But let's be clear that marriage is a part of life, not the motive of life. Our lives aren't revolving around marriages. Rather, it's just one aspect of our lives that needs to be gone through.
Now, about having it late or early. I don't think that late or early matters more than having someone who is a source of peace.
See how life is going. We are physically and mentally exhausted after our long struggle for education and finding jobs.
At this point, we don't have a long list of demands for who we want.
The only demand would be that the person is not a source of distress, that the person doesn't give physical or psychological trauma.
There are a lot of things going on in life, and at the end of the day, we need someone at home who is a source of peace, not a cauldron of tension.

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What steps or measures need to be taken to eradicate poverty?

In the short run, unconditional cash handouts can be granted to people; in the medium to long run, conditional cash transfers would help. Other than this, important stuff can be subsidized for a while ensuring that the help reaches those who need it most. But the real game-changer in fighting poverty is education. Not just degrees, but practical skills that help people earn a living. We need to give people reasons to learn these skills. Our education system needs a big makeover to tackle poverty. One effective policy that China implemented was the use of conditional cash transfers to encourage families to enroll their children in school regularly.

Have you seen the movie Aquaman?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but when someone gives up their disabled child but is against ablest words is absolute hypocritical behaviour. I understand that some people on this don't have the successes i have in the education field but it's only common sense to realize your own actions reflect on ablest behaviour.
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What did cioran mean by : we live in language not in the country ?

amani_yuri’s Profile PhotoAmani¹³ || Δ
Language has become an essential thing in education. I know that in Egypt it is difficult to be a genius in the English language. You must learn it correctly from foreigners, and this is the easiest way to learn this language 🏃🙂
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Have you ever been a part of a program in high school (such as cosmetology, STEM, early childhood education, etc.) and did that help you decide which career path you wanted to follow?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
External education helped me complete the NYPD academy after I finished the academy as an immigrant, worked for a few years, and then joined the army :)

Have you ever been a part of a program in high school (such as cosmetology, STEM, early childhood education, etc.) and did that help you decide which career path you wanted to follow?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Oh how I hate answering these kinds of questions. But ok here it is. I was given an "Aptitude Test" at age 8. I just had to get a higher-than-average score. Instantly I was thrown into a training program for the "prodigal children". And BAM, childhood gone in an instant. Then I lost Father when I was 11. My brain just stopped. I refused to do anymore. I already knew what I wanted to be. And it hasn't stopped me at all.

Feminism is a lie.That has ruined many lives!

Malaika_1010’s Profile Photoسنو!
There are people who normalize every term to such an extent that it becomes offensive to the next person. Instead of stigmatizing feminism, we should understand the difference between feminism and liberal feminism. It's important to address the core issues rather than turning everything into a trend. Women shouldn't have to fight for their fundamental rights, such as education, job, personal identity, respect, etc. As far as equality is concerned, it's unreasonable because men and women are anatomically different for a reason.

How did you learn the English language..did you take classes What another languages are on bucket list next ?

missygls’s Profile Photoᴳᴸメ
Well fortunately I got my education in an English medium school so all parts of my education had English as a mandatory language.... But the other languages I know are either out of cultural and travel experience or learned due to professional requirements.... The next one on my list after I master Persian is Arabic .... How about you?
How did you learn the English languagedid you take classes What another

How can people find their passion and purpose in life?

I don't know, it's something that clicks, and you know it. For some, it might take a lifetime to get it, and for others, it's second nature to them. That's why parenting and education are important; they help individuals understand how to proceed with such interests.

You married now. 😔 what about those medco gfrs you had ?

lol how would you know. Well I was committed to them (different timeline across 4 years) but sadly what I’ve noticed is majority of the girls out there (in pak) They are stupid asf. They would spend time with a guy. Make him dream, use him and then bring up daddy issues, religion etc. They really gotta grow some balls istg. During that time I learnt one thing that education doesn’t teach logic and common sense it comes from the upbringing. I mean after all those meaningless relationships I met a wonderful girl and proposed her with a ring after a month of acquaintance. She said yes and we got married. It was that simple tbh.

Is there many problems in the Israeli educational system that makes a peace and coexistence harder to achieve?

You are the same guy who has been committing the lamest grammar mistakes in one of the easiest languages of Europe 🤣🤣
Back to Israel: "Some 50% of Israeli children from the country’s fastest-growing sectors are getting a third-world education that will not be able to support a first-world economy, without which there will be no first-world health, welfare and defense systems, according to a new report published by the Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research."
Just imagine that: about 50% of Egypt's children being subjected to a Medieval style of religious schooling. How would that influence everything?

Welchen Job würdest du deinem Götterfunken-OC abs Herz legen. Vorausgesetzt dein OC schafft es alt genug zu werden, um berufstätig sein zu müssen. 😬😅

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ironisch, aber wahr, ich glaube tatsächlich etwas mit Summer Camps 😂
Ich sehe sie nicht wirklich als Büroperson, da fehlt ihr die frische Luft und die hands-on Abwechslung. Über ihre lokale Girl Scout Troop konnte Sable im Somme vor der Prophezeiung schon erste Leadership-Erfahrungen als Junior Counsellor bei zweiwöchigen Campingtrips mit den jüngeren Mädchen sammeln und hat generell Spaß an der Arbeit mit Kindern. Ich denke, einen Teil beizutragen zur Entwicklung eines Kindes hin zu einem fähigen, selbstbewussten und fairen Erwachsenen mit Respekt vor Mother Nature und den Mitmenschen, würde Sable viel bedeuten. Immerhin haben die Girl Scouts ihr bei ihrer persönlichen Entwicklung sehr geholfen.
Wenn nicht das, dann Park Ranger 😂 Nature Conservation und Environmental Education und so. Ich sehe sie sehr ihre kleinen Vorträge wie Mini-Shows haltend die Wanderwege entlanglaufen. Zum richtigen Zeitpunkt benutzt sie ihre Halbgottkräfte, um einem bestimmten Tierchen zuzuflüstern, sich ganz zufällig an passender Vortragsstelle auf ihrem Ranger-Hütchen blicken zu lassen 😂

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Pregunta a largo plazo. Solo te pregunto, ¿Qué puede pasar en 1 año? (free interpretation). "Feliĉan semajnfinon".

Justo acabo de terminar el anime "AssⱯ-ssination Classroom" en Netflix y ha sido tremendamente demoledor 😭
➤Tomé nota de ello cuando lo mencionó alguien que ya no está aquí y que se dedica a la enseñanza/divulgación... y a medida que avanzaba la trama entendí por qué le gustó y lo consideró un favorito.
➤Pese a que la idea base es algo rocambolesca (la Defensa japonesa y un prestigioso instituto están compinchados para que un grupo de estudiantes mediocres se encargue de pulverizar a un ser con súper velocidad que les va a hacer de profesor), el guion enlaza muy bien cómo sin apenas percatarse se crea un vínculo entre alumnos y profesor/agentes/as€-sinos contratados.
Y a lo largo de 1 año (1 curso escolar) tienen que trabajar conjuntamente cada día para superar miedos, saber cuál es su potencial, trazar estrategias, tener claro lo que quieren lograr (individual y colectivamente), aprender de otros con más experiencia, etc...
➤Mezcla muy bien situaciones cómicas, comentarios ácidos y sarcásticos, y momentos serios e incluso tristes (las caras del pulpo -sobre todo cuando se regodea con algo; los comentarios hacia la Profesora B✱tch, la vida de Nagisa con su madre...)
🔹Assa-ssination Classroom: All Openings (1-4)
https://youtu.be/LgstopNj7LoMissArtistsoul’s Video 173173906275 LgstopNj7LoMissArtistsoul’s Video 173173906275 LgstopNj7Lo
Pero lo mejor de todo son esos diálogos que te hacen pensar, replantearte tus propios métodos (aprendidos o desarrollados de forma autodidacta) o incluso recordar a ciertos profesores.
➤Todo el mundo en alguna ocasión se ha tenido que topar tanto con docentes con métodos como los del director Asano, o como los de Koro-Sensei (es decir, estudio sin descanso persiguiendo únicamente la victoria de modo egoísta; o aprender mientras se tienen en cuenta más factores como el esfuerzo personal y de grupo, el nivel desde el que se partió, lo que el propio profesor pone de su parte...)
✱Con eso también se hace una crítica de lo rígido, exigente y despiadado que es el sistema educativo allí, donde se sobrentiende que desde primaria el sujeto ya debe estar preparado para ser un engranaje perfecto dentro del mecanismo educativo
(y cómo la mayoría de institutos se aprovechan para exigir muy buenos resultados, porque los alumnos deben corresponder y rendirle honores al centro y a sus familias)
🔹Is The Japanese Education System Failing? | ASIAN BOSS
[Audio inglés con subs. en pantalla en inglés de las entrevistas]
https://youtu.be/npiFxpML4ZoMissArtistsoul’s Video 173173906275 npiFxpML4ZoMissArtistsoul’s Video 173173906275 npiFxpML4Zo
➤Al final lo que se muestra, es lo que en otros títulos de la saga "AssⱯ-ssin's Creed": por mucho que se haya entrenado a alguien para ser una herramienta que actúa en nombre de unas personas e intereses, tiene capacidad para pensar por sí misma, analizar su ética y la de los demás, y sentir.
La clase creía desde el inicio que todo iba a ser muy fácil, pero a medida que fueron conociendo mejor a Koro-sensei y él a ellos, la cosa cambió 😭
Aunque sea por la temática docente, la gente debería de verlo y sacar sus propias conclusiones.

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Pregunta a largo plazo  Solo te pregunto Qué puede pasar en 1 año free
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kittlo’s Profile PhotoKittLo
10. Майские указы (2012):
- Увеличить производительность труда в полтора раза к 2018 году.
По данным Росстата, за 4 года с "майских указов" производительность труда выросла на 3,7%, причём в 2015-2018 годах только падала.
- Попасть в топ-20 стран в рейтинге лёгкости ведения бизнеса к 2018 году. До сих пор не выполнено: в 2020 году Россия занимала в нём 28 место. Легко только олигархам с госзаказами.
- Создать 25 млн. "высокопроизводительных рабочих мест" к 2020 году. По данным Росстата, в 2013 году в России было 17,5 млн. высокопроизводительных рабочих мест, а в 2016 году их количество снизилось до 16 млн.
- Не менее пяти российских ВУЗов в топе-100 мировых университетов к 2020 году. По версии Times Higher Education, НИ ОДИН российский ВУЗ не входит в топ-100.
- Повысить з\п бюджетникам. Чтобы добиться высоких статистических показателей, Росстат "усовершенствовал статистический учёт" – изменил правила расчёта средней зарплаты по региону. Только в 2016 году это позволило правительству уменьшить выплаты педагогам, медицинским и социальным работникам на 34,2 млрд. рублей.
Остановить рост цен на бензин. Рост не остановлен.
10. Майские указы (2018):
- К 2024 году увеличить ВВП (по ППС) в полтора раза. В 2018 году ВВП по ППС составлял 4223 млрд. долларов, в 2020 - 4097.
- Войти в число 5 крупнейших экономик мира. Не выполнено.

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Quelle est votre passion ? Vos hobbys ?

Je fais beaucoup de choses, en vrai.
Je peins, dessine, crée, écris énormément. Je peux même aider sur mon temps libre pour des tournages (j'ai bossé sur un ou deux plateaux en général sur la décoration, je suis assez douée pour dépanner), je suis présidente d'une association de théâtre, je fais toujours du bénévolat, en ce moment c'est avec un jeune garçon autiste, j'adore aider du pdv éducation canine car je m'y connais pas mal à vrai dire, même pour les animaux je dépanne facilement, je m'engage tout doucement mais sûrement dans un parti politique
Voilà voilà beaucoup de choses finalement qui font une petite vie.

|¦°° ŜƤÃČẸ °°¦|....🦋!!

Today at my work I came across a new worker who's only 12 years old so like usual when I meet a small kid I keep asking them questions about themselves so I asked the little girl about her name, age & school...Surprisingly, she has never attended school throughout her past years & it ached my heart to see such a cute little fellow who didn't get to spend a normal childhood, make school friends & would grow up to be called an "ignorant individual".
I usually don't write about/share the things that I encounter but this time I had to, to remind myself before anyone else that the school/college we keep nagging about is a privilege others get deprived from & yes, education is a blessing.
الحمد لله دائما ً و أبداً.🦋

Cześć! Co polecasz obejrzeć na netflixie?

olka_szulc’s Profile PhotoMłoda mamusia ❤️
Hej 😅
To zależy jaki gatunek lubisz.
Jeśli z filmów to obejrzałam ostatnio dwie części opiekunki, to jest horror, ale są też śmieszne momenty.
Jeśli bardziej romantyczne to:
"The kissing booth" - polecam 3 części.
• Virgin River
• 1670
• You
• sex education
• szkoła dla elity
• powrót
• krawiec
• After life
• Firefly lane
• Skradzione serce
• nocny agent
I pewnie bym jeszcze jakieś znalazła, ale na ten moment nic mi do głowy nie przychodzi jeśli chodzi tylko o netflixa 😁

What should a 25yr old be doing?

Well it will be different for every 25 year old.
I can tell you what I was doing at 25.
🏢 Work: I was an area youthwork manager for an international charity
🏠 Home: I was living in a rented room in a community centre owned by the charity, that I sometimes worked out of; then later that year I moved into a flat-share with a friend
💔 Relationship: A year-long relationship with my GF had just ended, which was rotten
🎲 🍺 Social: At that point, work was taking up much of my free time as I worked a lot of nights and weekends. But I was still managing to play TTRPGs most Friday nights, and probably doing too much post-work pubbing at that particular time.
🎓 Education: I had just finished a teaching & training qualification and was just about to embark on a higher level one

What have you accomplished in your life?

ahmadnather’s Profile PhotoAhmad Nather
During childhood I have gained friends for all life, university education, driving licence, good paid job, loving husband, 2 clever children (boy and girl), managing my kids to finish university too, being loved and appreciated by all my wide family, a lot of nice winter ski vacations and summer vacations spent either in Slovak nature or at Croatian, Italian, Bulgarian and Greece Sea <3 <3 <3 ...... I think I can die fully satisfied with my life :)))))

A votre humble avis trouvez-vous acceptable de faire goûter de l'alcool a des mineurs lors des fêtes de fin d'années? 🔞🍾

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
La consommation d'alcool à un jeune âge peut accroître le risque de développement d'une dépendance à long terme.
Le cerveau en développement est particulièrement vulnérable, et des habitudes de consommation précoce peuvent augmenter les chances de développer une dépendance à l'alcool à l'âge adulte.
Encourager des comportements responsables et fournir une éducation sur les risques d'addiction peut jouer un rôle crucial dans la prévention

What were some of your best moments of 2023?🎆

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Oooo… Here we go!
-Reunited with my dad after a year + trip to Chicago where I got to see the incredible 360° view from the 94th floor of the John Hancock building for the first time. 🤩
-New York (that entire trip was just SO good).
-Crossing Niagara Falls off my bucket list. 😛
-Moved to a new home that I truly love.
-Renewed my Cosmetology license successfully, and completed 14 hours of continuing education!
-Reuniting with my step-brother after not seeing each other in person for FOUR years. 🥰
-Started gaming (for real) and have been slowly learning how to do it properly since getting a gaming laptop. Still got a very long way to go, but I’m trying. 😁
-The very special trip to Chicago (again) that my mom, grandma, and I took for my grandma’s birthday this summer!
-The endless hours I spent outside, sitting by the river, watching/feeding ducks, walking, etc.
-Going to TWO different art festivals this year which were incredible!! 😱
-Seeing The 39 Steps with my step-brother. (FRONT ROW 🤩) True bonding experience!
-Experiencing creative fulfillment (several different moments throughout the year) from so many projects that I did for friends/family that were out of my comfort zone.
-And finally, my birthday yesterday, which was so special and made me feel so loved. Couldn’t have wished for a better end to the year than that! 🥺🥹

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What were some of your best moments of 2023

Is there a reason for optimism about humanity's long-term fate?

One can hope and dream, and for sure, I do. I am a dreamer, after all. A time where wisdom, knowledge, respect, and education govern humanity.
To be honest, I find it really difficult to believe that people will one day reach a higher level of consciousness and awareness.
Every time I read about a different era, there is always that one group of people who prefer to bear arms and force everyone else into a war. Or there is always someone who wants more than the rest. Or there is always someone who wants to take more from the poor just to keep them in line. And for those someones, if you don't pay attention to their actions and get your hands dirty, you are going to lose in the long run, forcing the rest to resist.
It's a complete vicious circle.

ppl always get mad at me for saying this, but education is important. no, someone without a college degree is NOT on the same level as someone who barely finished hs. it's not even about jobs or money. it's about knowledge, prestige, societal respect. someone uneducated will always be seen as less.

That’s on their perception and sometimes, regardless of whether or not you went to college, some people will always try to put you down or look down upon you.

Is graduation needed for all jobs

No, graduation is not required for all jobs 👎
Certain professions like doctors and lawyers typically require advanced degrees, but many other jobs do not necessarily require a university degree 🙃
Some industries value experience and skills more than education, and people can follow alternative paths like apprenticeships or vocational training to gain the skills required for these jobs 😌
Is graduation needed for all jobs

Les parents devraient ils avoir accès aux médias sociaux de leurs enfants ? 🧐

Ça devrait être systématique pour les mineurs, voir au-delà...
Je pense que si les parents mettaient un peu plus le nez dans la vie de leur enfant et étaient moins laxistes il y aurait sans doute moins de dérives de leur part.
J'ai reçu une éducation relativement stricte et je ne m'en suis pas plus mal portée.

Les parents devraient ils avoir accès aux médias sociaux de leurs enfants ? 🧐

Je suis pour !
Un petit contrôle de l'enfant de A à Z dans tous les aspects de vie. Rien de tel pour une éducation saine.
Faut penser à leur supprimer tous les loisirs aussi, c'est une perte sèche de productivité.

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