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Is happiness expensive?

For me it is and it isn't. Things that make me happiest come from love and laughter. Which comes from who I surround myself by. Then there's the other side of my happiness that comes with a cost. Traveling, going to concerts, going to sporting events, collecting sports memorabilia, shopping for shoes I don't need, etc. Happiness is really what we make of it.

Can you cook? I don’t mean anything extravagant but can you cook basic things and do you have knowledge about nutrition?

I can! I could also tell you how many calories are in most things that you eat, etc. I used to credit that to years of growing up in a highly pressured sporting environment, but it wasn't until a friend went "yeah no, that was disordered eating" that it twigged. Because I'm so smart like that, haha!

Tell a random fact about yourself?

I hate watching figure skating. It's not against any particular skater, and definitely not the sport itself (It's INSANE what skaters can do, seriously.)
But I saw a skate go through a girl's foot one time, and I am now convinced that it will happen EVERY time I watch skating. She was carted off the ice with one foot imbedded in the other - I mean, I have seen many, many grim sporting accidents but this one left a very lasting impact, haha!

*what looks like a human with a large rabbit ears strolls into the Village.He looks at the book attempting to communicate with the locals using the book to help him translate his words into their language*

VieraHero’s Profile PhotoJasper Crowe
*The villagers all stare at the new stranger who immediately grabbed their attention by sporting giant rabbit ears-it wasn't something a normal human would have, the towns people start yelling 悪霊 or evil spirit in English, they're confusing the rabbit eared stranger for a demon of some sort and the villagers immediately shove their priestess out in front towards the stranger, shouting at the stranger to eat her and spare their lives instead, the priestess however doesn't seem so afraid unlike the others and reaches up to try and grab at his bunny ears*

Nak friendly dengan orang, orang pula fikir lain. Salah saya ke ni 😫

Benda tu normal, kadang nak sporting n be friendly, dia ingat kita nak try dia, kadang tu mcm nak minta number wsp ja, laaa dah fikir bukan ii, chill out sis 🤭

If you could go back in time, when would you go back to?

This! I was going to say 2003, to spend as much time with Dad as humanly possible before he goes in March 2004. Like, just hang out and enjoy him, learn everything I can from him and about his life because, I have no one to ask and he was gone so quickly. This is my single biggest regret of my entire adult life. Not spending more time with the one parent I had who always made me feel loved and valued, even though he had his own issues. God, I miss him so much. Ok, who is chopping onions?
2018. Me and my best friend went on a school trip to England. It was the best time in my life. There were a lot of bad things happening during the trip, yet I would still do anything to came back. It was cold fall, we wore puffy jackets, were young, happy, drank tons of tea, snacks that they don’t sell at our country etc. I also found my favorite place in the world there. A really small town, Shakespeare was born there, I have never seen more magical place than this. I never had a chance to come back and we don’t really talk with my best friend anymore. But we both know that it was the best friendship ever and the trip was the best thing ever.
I would bet on major sporting events. I would win the lottery multiple times. I would buy shares in the start-up stages of all successful businesses. I would register every high-traffic domain name in existence. I'd cash out. I would hire someone to buy endless amounts of reddit gold. Every comment in reddit history would be gilded! Except for OP's.
I would take a truck full of AK-47s and ammo to the native Americans pre-colonization. I'd explain a terrible white man plague was descending, and they must repel them with the weapons I've provided. I'd create a super tribe of Natives who would fortify the east coast, uniting all the tribes under my banner. Yes we'd run out of ammo yes, but it would be enough to unite all the factions and deter the Europeans for long enough to modernise much of their new civilisation.
I certainly wouldn't pass up on such an opportunity. I would go back to 1624 with as much gold as possible, then open an account with the Monte Paschi bank (the oldest bank in the world) and then travel back to the present to collect my interests.
If I could go back 10 years ago, there wouldn't be much that I would change because of my age. However, the one thing that I would do differently would be to reach out to new people and have fun. Now that I'm growing up, me and the people around me are realizing that life is shorter then it seems. No harm is done reaching out to new people and gaining experiences from them. Doing this will only grow you socially in the years to come. Going back to my other topic, I wish I had more fun in my childhood. Being an adult sucks.

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How does Genshin Impact work?

Alright, let's try to keep this concise:
Genshin Impact is a gacha game running on the same engine as Breath of the Wild. It's very technically competent, battles feel good, and exploration and the world is gorgeous and well done.
As it is a gacha game, the game's primary focus next to the main story is getting the characters you want and equipping them. The main currency to pull for characters are "Primogems". New accounts early on in the story receive ten pulls (called "Wishes" in the game) in total. Primogems are primarily earned from daily missions and exploration. About one pull can be farmed every day by doing all dailies and some explorations, plus minus.
Characters come in two tiers, four star and five star, with five star characters usually being more desirable/stronger, and usually also sporting slightly more appealing designs, without accounting for personal taste. There is a one in twenty chance for any pull to be a four star character. Every 90 pulls is guaranteed to be a five star, althoug it might be a weapon or a character. Point being, chances are astronomically low.
There is manufactured digital scarcity in the game. Many characters are only available for 30 days, and then do not reappear in a long time, which is the main driving force for peope to spend real money, because it is impossible to guarantee getting the character you want without spending.
Out of the offers the game throws at you, only the daily login bonus and straight up primogems have any real relevance.
The actual gameplay is rather good, it is a typical, but well executed, character switching combo game, revolving mainly around hitting good elemental combos. To play the storyline of the game, no specific characters are needed with halfway competent play.
The main story is gated behind level requirements. This requires a decent amount of grinding in between story segments, which mainly consists of running the same mini dungeon again and again, which also serves as the primary way to get gear and upgrade materials for your characters. In general, the game is massively grindy after the first few story parts. Acquiring exp, materials and so forth is locked to a time-gated resource, which refills over time. This is usually fine, as long as yo uare the type of person that doesn't want to power grind, and only wants to play maybe 90 minutes a day and then call it quits to the next day.
In general, if played in a relaxed fashion, the game is pretty good, but if you get hooked and end up desperately wanting a specific character, it is easy to get addicted. Monetisation is VERY predatory, and prices are straight up insane. Guaranteeing to get the character you want during an event cost ~200 Euros, eg. The game also does emphasis playing daily, due to these resource systems, although it doesn't matter as much if you are very casual.
I played quite a bit, so if you have any specific questions, I can probably answer anything.

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🌼 (Segunda-feira) 🌼 (5/5) *✿❀ ҽsթαçօ líѵɾҽ ❀✿*

FranciscaaBragaa’s Profile Photo♡ ⊹ ค๓คภtє ๔є ςђ๏ς๏lคtє ⊹ ♡
@survival08 @Quellynhazouna @MartaAntunes8 @mariaangelicamauricio297 @Wndlv @tuliogmes88 @TaySantos121 @Annabellekhatty @joao_1998_ @UntaLfgakjf @Oooxanainaaa @AlexMolinari18 @sapossauro @LuKasDuarte697 @marceloeu666 @Jkt20 Quando alguém vos tentar provocar façam como o Bruno de Carvalho ex presidente do meu Sporting fez ao Leandro no big brother que só respondeu á provocação com um
Uhuhuhuh kkkkk😂😂😂😂😂
NiceQuadrado11’s Video 168821164553

*in this place of death and darkness Shadow's magic is at a peak he didn't even know existed, dark lightning crackles through the air around him as he stares down the other Demon* "A dance with the devil, well care to lead~"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
Vanishing from sight, the walls of the room would vanish, the floor falling far below into the void.
Landing upon the arena the Hero Of Time once fought upon, the being known as Bongo Bongo would be sure to emerge.
Except this time with a body comprised of black flesh, molded out of the darkness and sporting a cyclopean counterpart of the chaos entities mask, devoid of all color.
"I hope you bid your partner goodbye..."
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What do you do to motivate yourself during days when you don't really feel like doing anything? Do you often have that feeling? 🥱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It happens fairly often. I don't worry about it, because it passes quickly and the next day I'll work doubly hard to make up for it. Right now, with the heat wave, I'm encouraging myself to do as much nothing as possible. 😁
Lately it’s been a struggle. They tell me I have to slow down because of a concussion and now I feel so slow I think I am going backwards 😂😂🤷‍♀️
I think I drink too much caffeine.
I'm currently in the process of trying to turn my life around after many repeated failures so hang in there man. It's about Day 3 for me and I already feel a lot better and have hopes for the future. Message me if you want some more ideas on what you can do to try and make a difference and live the life you want to live!!
Last week has been an exciting week, I'm rather busy and a lot of things are going on. Also next week is one I'm already looking forward to. It's only today that I woke up with less than zero motivation to do absolutely anything. I feel way too lazy and pointless to undertake something active which usually gives me energy, like going outdoors or go sporting, but at the same time I feel too restless and unfocused to start anything relaxing, not even reading or watching TV.
I'm starting to rely less on motivation and have started to develop habits and discipline instead. I've learned that motivation won't always be there (when it is, then great), so purely relying on it especially as a student can be tricky. It's definitely a bit challenging, but I set a minimum and have been doing more than I used to (even on a less productive day) when I was just unmotivated.
I spent the day before yesterday feeling SO unmotivated. All I wanted to do was watch TV. Nothing could keep my focus. So I decided, today I will allow this. I haven't done it in a long time, and I will test my will power and see if I can pick it back up tomorrow! When I started doing things for the sake of getting it done, and having one less thing to do (thinking "I'll do this now so I can have more free time later on" helps) made me achieve much more in a day, week and month than I've expected.

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Boa madrugada, o Brasil conquista mais um ouro, agora na canoa com Isaquias Queiroz. Já é a melhor participação da história em Olimpíadas, está na frente de Portugal e olha que Portugal tem experiência de ir em outro país e levar muito ouro kkk

Medalhas em Portugal👇🏅🥈
E ontem no futebol o Sporting Clube de Portugal.ganhou 3_0 ao Vizela ⚽💪
Boa madrugada o Brasil conquista mais um ouro agora na canoa com Isaquias

For those of you who see yourselves as more intelligent than most people, why do you think that?

I don't think anyone is smart all the time or in all situations so it's hard to say. Much of what is special about me is what I have avoided. Debt is a big one. Kids are another. However I am very boring. Having a degree (or degrees) is a mark of *a certain sort of intelligence*. I do consider myself of above average in certain measures of intelligence, and having a first class degree from, for instance, a university generally acknowledged to be academically very rigorous, and what I've done having gained that degree (small as it is yet!), is some evidence of that. I also know people from my university days who were definitely better educated, with more impressive academic accolades, who are now unemployed and seemingly unemployable). But my game-playing or sporting intelligence is next to nothing. One would never ask me to play football for England or France (in fact I'd probably drop them if I only had to carry water bottles). If this answer sounds self centred it's just an example. I've a few people whom mistook their intelligence for mental immaturity as they simply could not grasp a perspective other than their own. 🤷‍♀️

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What is your favorite country in the world (except for the US) and why?

I recently got back from a vacation to Cuba, and it is a delightful country. The people are all incredibly nice and accommodating. There is very little crime. I felt more safe everywhere I went there than I do in many parts of the US. The culture is incredibly vibrant. The only downside I see is that it is a very poor country. If the US were to fully drop the embargo, and Cuba got some serious investment (heavily regulated to maintain cultural identity), I think it could quite easily become one of the most thriving countries in the Western Hemisphere. Speaking of Oman, I feel bad that I had such rock bottom expectations for it. I was in the neighboring UAE, and was sick to death of the utter soullessness, fakery, obscene display of wealth, and insufferable snobbishness of many people there, especially in Dubai, and was worried that Oman might be similar. However, I was very pleasantly surprised a how wrong my original assumptions about Oman were. I found it to be so much more culturally interesting than the UAE, with much nicer people, and some stunning landscapes.
I want to say Colombia because of its immense beauty and amazing people, but I'm based since my parents are from Colombia. My favorite country in the world would be Norway. The people are immensely friendly and very welcoming and I also enjoy looking at the politics of the country and I can understand why many people consider it to be the happiest country in the world.
Kansas City, MO (AKA the real deal, the first KC) The perfect blend of small town friendliness and urban life. Westport and KC P&L are great areas for some drinks, Loose Park has an awesome botanical garden, the Liberty Memorial has a fascinating WWI Museum, we have some decent sports teams (obviously the Royals that one the World Series awhile ago, but also Sporting KC that's won MLS a couple of times, and the Chiefs who...have pretty much always sucked, but here's hoping!), we've also got Boulevard beer which is delicious (big fan of the wheat), and, in general, the town just has an awesome vibe!
First visited Seattle when I was 6, and we were out here visiting relatives. Came back a few more times and swore I'd move here. Nowhere on this planet I'd rather live, and I'm grateful every day that I got to achieve my childhood dream.
London is my favorite city to visit. So much culture, we have friends who have introduced us to some cool stuff we'd never have found without local insight, ass-deep in amazing museums, RAF Colney, Arsenal, etc. I'm happy every time I get to visit.
Barcelona. It's a culturally rich, historic, vibrant, complex, easily walkable, stunningly beautiful city full of stunningly beautiful strangers whose expressions suggest they're all going to have supremely arrogant chips on their shoulders, but in reality are overwhelmingly warm, accepting and eager to share their city.

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Whats ur football team name? The team which u play in

hassanraza8’s Profile PhotoHassan
Bro I don’t play anymore. I work as a sporting director at a German club “Bayern Munich”. My job is to bully clubs like P$G and Manchester City. I love my job very much I dont plan to quit it anytime soon I want to serve this club for many more years.
Whats ur football team name The team which u play in

*The fact that icy cold darkness is pouring from his injuries, Cross didn't hit Dream* "D-Damn thought for sure you'd hold back if you thought your partner was at risk" *He changes back into his normal self, sporting something similar to Geno's k!ll wound*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
What!? Why the heII would you-who even are you!? *Cross is confused as heII*
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sporting vai ser campeaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Sou do Benfica mas é bem provável também tantos anos sem ganhar o campeonato finalmente ganham mas esta época estão de parabéns 🎉

it’s the people who aren’t wearing masks that are being called out as “karens”, you idiot. stop trying to make it look like you understand the “young people talk” it only reinforces how old and out of touch you are ?

> it’s the people who aren’t wearing masks that are being called out as “karens”, you idiot.
Boomer, you got it backwards - as usual. It appears that your dementia is worse than Biden's. A "Karen" is a hysteric who doesn't mind her own business - the type of masked lunatic who will constantly harass others for *NOT* sporting useless face diapers, practicing social distancing or whatever else is bothering her at that particular moment in time. Try to keep up, old man - young people are tired of holding your hand:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR3uA2eLgbkLex_Talionis’s Video 163037164465 aR3uA2eLgbkLex_Talionis’s Video 163037164465 aR3uA2eLgbk

> stop trying to make it look like you understand the “young people talk”
Says the senile Boomer who got the Karen thing backwards.
Okay, Karen!
> it only reinforces how old and out of touch you are ?
You believe that a face diaper which does *NOT* block a virus can somehow protect you from getting infected - but I'm "out of touch." My darling Karen, are you even trying?! ???

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Lex_Talionis’s Video 163037164465 aR3uA2eLgbkLex_Talionis’s Video 163037164465 aR3uA2eLgbk +5 answers in: “If you were in charge, who would be the next US president (any person)?”

OMFG TEA, I relate to this so much and don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Even the teen magazines I used to read were all about how to please boys “Which out do boys like?” “Does smoking put off boys?” “Do boys prefer natural make-up?”

I KNOWWWWW. And if you dare say anything ("this isn't right" "that's actually not fair" "I don't want to do this") you get so much shit. Ridiculous.
Like, I was busy competing at the top of my game and did an interview with our national federation. And I literally got asked a bunch of questions about which mascara I wore on court. I was absolutely gobsmacked - because I have never worn makeup whilst training, and this was a gloBAL SPORTING BODY. Outraged 😂😭
+3 answers in: “Which girls characters do you think are a turn off to most guys?”

If you're sporting a medical mask these days, what kind do you wear (paper, handmade, bandana, gaiter, etc.)? PAP if you want.

I've got 3 or 4. A couple given to me, and I bought a couple. I leave them in the truck, hanging on the turn signal. So I will have them any time I go anywhere. Which is rarely. But I do have to stockpile food about every 6-8 weeks. But do it at the local Dollar store up the road. We are still in a no travel ban. unless you are getting food or medical care. I feel safe about going to the waters bass fishing. No interaction with anyone at all. And keeps me from going stir crazy.
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If you could level up any aspect of yourself (i.e., strength, intelligence, charisma, etc.) but you had to decrease another aspect of yourself by the same amount, what aspects would you increase, and which would you decrease?

NicoleBuckleyyx’s Profile Photonikki ☻
If I could swap some of my natural sporting abilities for some more natural charm I’d probably do that 🤔

I dah lama ada askfm. Just start betul² aktif bagai nak rak 2016 lah. And yes boom wall tu yang takleh blah tu 🤣

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
Hahahaha what a nostalgic thing laa back then, best kot dulu, everyone are just so sporting to each other, kenal ramai kawan, but da takde daaa
Yg skrang dengan i and still active i tau you, @eychaaPendekK and @syiraBubble tu je laaa
@syiraBubble pun sbb i yg ajak dia main balik hahahahaa
+4 answers in: “Lawa kan askfm dah update omgggggg🤧”

Seriously??? You followed me since 2013? Wowwww 🤯 Yang I ingat dulu tahun 2016 actually quite happening tho, I mean ramai malaysian guna acc and banyak drama lol

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
Iyupppp, i already follow you since 2013, cuma kita tak kenal sgt laa just hantar2 soalan mcm tu
I forgot laa sbb i rasa 2014 yg happening
Time tu siap ade kakak angkat laa, orang2 semua sporting habis
Boom wall sana sini
Like sana sini
Sumpah time tu best
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AshleyRadioSandiego’s Profile PhotoRadio San Diego -Ashley (✔)
If you're looking for some new hair inspo, look no further than Selena Gomez. The "Rare" songstress just debuted a brand new 'do during her appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday (March 6), and now her hairstylist — Marissa Marino — has revealed what exactly inspired the bouncy and voluminous look.
Turns out, Marino was partially inspired by the hit '90s sitcom Friends. "Hair inspo was 'The Rachel' meets Goldie Hawn in First Wives Club," Marino wrote alongside a clip of Gomez's interview. "The Rachel" was the iconic hairstyle rocked by Jennifer Aniston's character on the show. And quickly, it became the hairstyle that people would request at their local salons.
Of course, fans of the "Lose You to Love Me" songstress adore her new cut, and they let Marino know it in the comments. "How do you do hair like this?!?" one person wrote. "Do you need to have layers?" Someone else said that "the cut frames her face so gracefully." Honestly, we couldn't agree more.
But Gomez sporting "The Rachel" isn't all that surprising because she's actually a huge fan of the show and of Aniston's character, in general. In fact, when the Aniston interviewed her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in January, the pop star couldn't help but gush over her and the impact Friends had on her growing up.
"Rachel was my life!" Gomez told the actress. "But what made me so happy is that now people my age and everyone else [are] just obsessed, and it just makes me so happy for you and for the show because it's iconic." Equally as iconic, however, is the "Look At Her Now" singer's personal adaptation of "The Rachel," which has us booking the next available hair appointment as we speak.

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Did your parents use to turn up to watch your school plays and cheer you on during sporting events or were they busy people?

They did watch some of them. Sometimes they were busy and sometimes they were not. However, I was a very shy child. I hated back in elementary school when the teachers would force you to be in a play. I would always get stage fright and end up crying and not being able to breath properly because I was always so nervous when I had to sing or act in front of people. In fact, my parents made me even more nervous. I remember a few times my parents didn't go to a play I was forced to sing in and I actually didn't get stage fright during those times they didn't come, but when they did come I automatically started to get stage fright again. It was so weird!

Azi⚽ Sporting CP- Sporting Braga🏆 Atletico Madrid🏆-FC Getafe Real Betis Balompie- Real Valladolid Stade Rennes-Paris St Germain🏆 FCSB🏆-CSM Politehnica Iasi Espanyol Barcelona-Sevilla FC🏆 Chelsea FC🏆-Leicester City FC Botosani-U Craiova🏆 Concordia Chiajna-Farul Constanta🏆 Dunare-Petrolul🏆

acest spam a fost sponsorizat de flashscore

Galatasaray Mario Jardel'i Sporting Lisbon'a satanda üç futbolçu qarşı tərəfdən alındı. Pavel Horvath, Mbo Mpenza və...? :-)

novruzovstuff’s Profile PhotoAyxan Novruzov
Robert sipehar
Və 5 milyon nə qədərsə dollar pul aldı səf eləmirəmsə)
+10 answers in: “Futboldan bilikli görünürsüz: Azərbaycan futbolu tarixində La Liga'da (İspaniya ali çempionatı) oynayan ilk futbolçu kim olub? Eddi İsrafilov deyil :-)”

© Pregunta: - ? ¿Alguna vez te sentiste en la obligación de seguir y apoyar los ideales de tus padres (religión, un equipo de fútbol, etc)? ¿Lo sigues haciendo? O por otro lado ¿Sueles tomar tus propias decisiones? - Saludos con migajas -?-

Comparto los ideales políticos de mi padre (los actuales, porque de joven él era izquierdista :P). Él es agnóstico y yo en cambio muy religiosa (pero siempre me pregunta sobre Dios xD). Yo soy del Sporting Cristal desde niña, tanto que cuando perdieron una copa, me puse a llorar toda una noche, a los 11 años. Mi padre es del Municipal de Deportes, pero me acompaña al estadio y hasta a pedirle autógrafos a los jugadores xD jajajajaj x'D (le pedimos a uno de los jugadores, que era brasileño, que se nacionalice peruano y poco después lo hizo y participó en la selección n_n). Sí, tomo mis propias decisiones ahora y cuando niña también, porque él siempre me tuvo mucha confianza. ;))) Abrazos y besos, Gina!!! ;)))

 Alguna vez te sentiste en la obligación de seguir y apoyar los

A few days before the beginning of the World Cup (or Football Championship), a French journalist declared : “Football is the new opium of the people”. Do you agree or disagree? Give your reasons

I think sporting events have always been something of a blessing and curse to our societies. In the US they've provided a welcomed distraction and a small sense of hope in times of war and turmoil. They've also been the playground for organized crime and for the rich and powerful. Dreams, friendships and many dollars have been built and destroyed around professional sports. So yeah, for some people any sport can be like a drug.
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