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1)Твоя любимая версия The Sims? 2)Ты предпочитаешь играть в Genshin Impact на телефоне или на компьютере? 3)Одиночные или кооперативные игры? 4)Кто твой персонаж в World of Warcraft (или подобной игре)? 5)Ты обычно создаёшь женских или мужских персонажей? 6)Играешь в стратегии? Какие любимые?

❤️‍🔥На компьютере
❤️‍🔥Мне нравятся кооперативные игры, но всё же больше люблю одиночные, отчасти из-за большей возможности играть в них на стримах
❤️‍🔥В WoW у меня была ночная эльфийка-охотница, в Lineage II – эльфийка-жрица, в Revelation – друидка, в TERA – защитница природы Элин (это название расы, а не её имя) лучница
❤️‍🔥Могу иногда в них поиграть, но чаще всего они скучны для меня

Sup dudeness... You were talking about a vlog/podcast in an answer of yours where you were worried about your procrastinating. Well i wanna know about that vlog/podcast thing if you just let me, kindly... Salamat rahiey. 🙂

tarekdaud’s Profile Photothelameassdude®
Hello! Thank you for asking me this, I am actually excited to talk about it. Okay, so basically, I am making this vlog/podcast for my assignment and I am struggling mostly because I changed my topic last minute (a few hours ago). I am going to be talking about Salem Witch Trials, how much religion and culture had a role in it, its impact on the American legal system, and, in the end, I plan on highlighting the similar social issues we face today.

Do you think the songs you like and listen to every so often say something about you?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Definitely. I think that the songs we listen to or enjoy can reveal a lot about our personalities, emotions, and experiences. It's beautiful that some music has such a deeper impact on you that it stays with you forever. The part of them stays with you cause it speaks to you on a spiritual level. – Sometimes I like to listen to sad music it's not like I am sad but I kind of enjoy it. And am trash for soft indie music but you know when you are truly sad like your soul is tired and when you listen to some blue songs, it hits you on a different level. I think while listening to sad songs we listen to lyrics more than music. We relate the lyrics as a message to ourselves as a song giving a message to our situations so yass music has its way of tapping into our deepest thoughts and feelings. 🌻

you know you're depressed when you wake up and wonder why did you even wake up for... and you go back to sleep for another few hours because you don't want to be awake.

No, I am simply extremely exhausted, to the extent that I need to catch up on missed hours of rest. I don't wonder why I woke up it's usually because I have to go pee or go do something important like work if it's not my day off.
Reducing depression often involves a combination of lifestyle changes, professional support, and self-care strategies. Here are some approaches that can help:
Regular Exercise: Engaging in regular physical activity, such as walking, jogging, yoga, or swimming, can help improve mood, reduce symptoms of depression, and increase energy levels. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week.
Healthy Lifestyle: Adopting a healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact on mood and overall well-being. This includes eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, getting an adequate amount of sleep each night, and avoiding excessive alcohol and drug use.
Social Support: Maintaining strong social connections and seeking support from friends, family members, or support groups can provide emotional support, reduce feelings of isolation, and improve coping skills.
Stress Management: Learning and practicing stress management techniques, such as mindfulness meditation, deep breathing exercises, or progressive muscle relaxation.

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Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
My father and mother, when I was a child, always talked to me about things in life. Did my parents tell me? Children don't get lost on the street, they get lost at home. ❤️🌹🤠
Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life How have they changed

Do you know what it’s like to have all your efforts go to waste because of a mistake you made and do you think that getting “too comfortable” in life will and can have a negative impact on your success?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Hang in there.
Thomas Edison's teachers said he was "too stupid to learn anything."
He was fired from his first two jobs for being "non-productive."
Things will click for you one of these days 🙏

What achievement do you aspire to in the coming years?

ahmad12125’s Profile Photoمسافر بلاعنوان
In the coming years, I aspire to achieve a greater sense of balance and fulfillment in both my personal and professional life.
This includes continuing to grow and develop in my career while also nurturing meaningful relationships and pursuing hobbies and interests that bring me joy.
I hope to make a positive impact on the world around me, whether it's through my work, volunteer efforts, or simply by being there for others.
Ultimately, my goal is to lead a life that's rich in experiences, relationships, and personal growth.

Êtes-vous intéressé/e par les élections Européennes? 🇪🇺

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
Oui, je suis intéressé par les élections européennes !
C'est un moment crucial où les citoyens de l'Union européenne ont l'occasion de choisir leurs représentants au Parlement européen.
Les résultats de ces élections ont un impact significatif sur les politiques et les orientations de l'UE pour les années à venir.
C'est toujours fascinant de voir les dynamiques politiques et les enjeux qui émergent à l'échelle européenne

Who has had the most positive impact on your life?

Tonsy86’s Profile PhotoAhmed Tonsy
My cats. They have dictated the past decade. I complain about wanting to live elsewhere but I wouldn’t trade these special relationships that I’ve formed with these little beings. They are seriously amazing. I think a lot of people would be shocked at my specific cats. You treat a cat like “just an animal” vs you treat them like a little mini person that you adore and that little being turns into a completely different thing. The batch of kittens that had began to turn feral because they were older than they say you should take in a stray kitten still continue to form a closer relationship with me each day after all these years. It’s all been very interesting.

1)Твоя любимая версия The Sims? 2)Ты предпочитаешь играть в Genshin Impact на телефоне или на компьютере? 3)Одиночные или кооперативные игры? 4)Кто твой персонаж в World of Warcraft (или подобной игре)? 5)Ты обычно создаёшь женских или мужских персонажей? 6)Играешь в стратегии? Какие любимые?

1. Когда я заинтересовалась Sims, была уже 4 версия, так что предыдущие с не очень хорошей графикой мне уже не были интересны
2. Я не играю в Genshin Impact
3. Кооперативные
4. Не играла. Если под «подобными» имеются в виду MMORPG, то в Baldur’s Gate 3 у меня дроу чернокнижница, а в Skyrim каджит лучница
5. Женских
6. “Stellaris”, “Empire: Total Wаr”, “Humankind”

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
When I did a short training award in the mid 1990s, I was very fortunate to have trainers who really changed the way I looked at education, and completely changed the way I worked with people.
Although it was a much lesser qualification than the formal one I went on to do, this programme, done over a series of residential weekends, focused on Experiential Learning and educational psychology, and had a much bigger impact on me.
The trainers included a Police psychological counsellor, an academic head of curriculum, and other training and development professionals.
I was really lucky to be trained by them and as I said, it had a huge influence and effect on my own work from that point on.

Why do some people bring out the best in us while others bring out the worst in us?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
This is a strange way to answer but this is what comes to mind. Why does the Earth have valleys, plains, and hills? We can’t always choose the terrain of our path, but you strengthen different muscles when walking each terrain, and to train your body to be a master of all exercise will only benefit you in the long run. In this way… you can’t always choose the people that you encounter, the ones that impact you emotionally, whether positively or negatively; However, you can enjoy the time without conflict when around positive people and practice self control and kindness around those who may tire us emotionally. You can’t control circumstances or them, but you can be the best you.
Why do some people bring out the best in us while others bring out the worst in

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
Probably my longest partner. He led me toward a lot of spiritual related things. I ignored it for years but when the time was right then I kinda learned those things on my own. It was done in a wrong forceful manner when he was trying to teach me which automatically made me reject it. So I guess it was more myself.

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
There were many such people. Someone taught me to trust other people even less. Someone very sharply cooled down in communication with me. My husband changed me for the better. Thanks to him, I became more confident in myself and believed that I can be loved unconditionally.
What I lacked in childhood.
Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life How have they changed

What would be the best thing that could possibly happen? 🤩 Like if your innermost dream came true!

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The best thing that could possibly happen would be for all my hard work and dedication to pay off, leading to a successful career doing what I love. If my innermost dream came true, I would be able to make a positive impact on the world around me and inspire others to pursue their passions.

Is something being irrational a reason to say it doesn't exist or is it rather viewed as a condition of its existence?!!

Something being irrational doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist; rather, it's often viewed as a condition of its existence, meaning that it may operate outside the bounds of rational explanation or logical understanding, but still have a real impact or presence in our lives. For example, emotions, intuition, and consciousness are all irrational in the sense that they can't be fully explained by reason alone, but they are still fundamental aspects of human experience.

1)Твоя любимая версия The Sims? 2)Ты предпочитаешь играть в Genshin Impact на телефоне или на компьютере? 3)Одиночные или кооперативные игры? 4)Кто твой персонаж в World of Warcraft (или подобной игре)? 5)Ты обычно создаёшь женских или мужских персонажей? 6)Играешь в стратегии? Какие любимые?

1) 4. Я почти не помню 2 и 3, а в 4 графика приятнее как минимум и можно ходить на работу в симами🥰
2) я не играю в генш
3) кооперативные
4) 😍😍😍 моя первая персонажка в этой игре – друидка шаманка Вольффия 💃🏻 имя не подходит, над поменять, но люблю её всем сердцем. А вторая – Шайнелла , эльф крови жрица. Еще не докачала её, но она няш. Соответственно с первой играю за альянс, а со второй за орду
5) женских. Мужчины вообще не интересуют, даже в симсе всегда делала их на от₽б#сь
6) нет, мне такое не интересно, но иногда могу посмотреть как играет мой жених в "Цивилизацию"

Are u always heartless

I’m far from heartless (imo) but sometimes I come off as cold due to my distant nature as an introvert, hardly ever smiling in public, living in my own little world rather than making a great impact on the society by helping others, always looking anxious and uninterested in others while constantly worrying about what people think about me but also looking self absorbed at the same time, and hardly being able to connect with others on an emotional level.

Do you feel comfortable with the thought of sharing an embarrassing childhood event that still has an impact on you today?

When I was around 12, maybe 13 I did the milking for our friends next farm. After we watched some horror vampire movie and then I walked home down a road with pine tree edges. There was a loud sound in a tree right beside me and I nearly crapped my pants and bolted home (it was possum btw) Still now, more than 10 years later, I think of that damn vampire movie when I hear noises in the dark out camping 😂😂😂😂

Has social media had a positive impact or negative impact on people's minds in recent years?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Like everything, it has its pros and cons. However, the unrealistic approach to life portrayed by social media has had a massive impact on young minds and how they perceive things. The misuse of social media is one of the major reasons for depression and unstable emotions.

War Ask früher besser?

Das ist schwierig zu sagen. Die Funktionen schienen zum damaligen Zeitpunkt (2013-2017) deutlich innovativer und abwechslungsreicher, dafür waren die (bekannten) Menschen zum Teil mit einem edgy Humor und Umgang aufgeladen, der heutzutage extrem befremdlich wäre. Es war zu dem Zeitpunkt zwar hin und wieder lustig, die ganzen Beefs zu beobachten, aber größtenteils waren da wirklich elitäre und extrem arrogante Zeitgenossen unterwegs, die sich über die trivialsten Dinge lustig gemacht haben. Wirkte ein bisschen wie ein chaotischer Pausenhof mit entsprechenden Gruppierungen. Zum Glück befand ich mich immer außerbalb des Radars der doch sehr fiesen und zum Teil schon an Môbbing grenzenden Trolling-Gruppen, die paradoxerweise für alles Zuspruch bekommen haben, weil sie genug Likes hatten; dafür waren dann immer Zeitgenossen bei mir anwesend, die meinen Schreibstil weird fanden und zum Teil meinten, entitled genug gewesen zu sein, mir meine persönlichen Probleme absprechen zu müssen. Als relativ junge Person hatte das durchaus einen gewissen Impact auf die eigene Selbstwahrnehmung, weshalb ich heute immer noch denke, dass ich manchmal seltsame Dinge schreibe, aber zum Glück ist mir das mittlerweile größtenteils egal geworden. Menschen, die schon "damals" aktiv waren und die ganze Entwicklung erleben durften, haben meist eine sehr durchwachsene Nutzererfahrung. Früher war es eigentlich nicht wirklich besser, es kommt mir nur so vor, da ich die zwanghafte und kaum reglementierte Einführung von Shoutouts als wirklich doof erachte und kaum gegen Spams und Belästigung vorgegangen wird. Die Seite würde mit derselben Logik von früher aber schlichtweg nicht mehr funktionieren, da man für persönliche Fragen einen etablierten Kreis an Menschen benötigt und Tagesfragen und zufallsgenerierte Fragen auch nicht mehr da sind, um diesen Mangel zu kompensieren.
Ich denke, dass da überwiegend die Nostalgie bei mir durchschimmert. (Schlimmer kann es hier nicht mehr werden. xd)

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Wie würde sich die Gesellschaft verändern, wenn alle Menschen in einer Welt leben würden, in der Harmonie und Frieden herrschen und Konflikte und Kriege keine Rolle mehr spielen?

samseraph8541’s Profile PhotoSeraph
Ich schätze, dass es letztlich stark darauf ankommt, inwieweit dieser utopische Zustand in der Realität Ausdruck finden würde. Grundsätzlich sind die zahlreichen dynamischen Interessenskonflikte der Menschen nur schwer unter einen Hut zu bringen. Diese Vorstellung würde also eine gewisse Instabilität bedingen, insofern nicht bereits eine gewisse Vorarbeit oder ein von außen initiierter Zwáng geleistet wurde, Frieden und Harmonie zu garantieren. Setzen wir unsere bisherige Wirklichkeit jedoch hypothetisch in schlagartige Konfliktlosigkeit um, hätte das einen gewaltigen Impact auf die Gesellschaft.
Eine Welt ohne Kriég würde es zunächst ermöglichen, mehr Ressourcen und Aufmerksamkeit auf den Schutz der Umwelt und die Förderung der Nachhaltigkeit zu lenken. Dies könnte dazu beitragen, ökologische Probleme anzugehen und die langfristige Lebensfähigkeit unseres Planeten zu sichern. Frieden und Harmonie könnten eine positive Wirkung auf die Wirtschaft haben, da Ressourcen nicht für Kriégsführung verwendet werden müssten. Dies könnte zu einem höheren Wohlstandsniveau und einer besseren Lebensqualität für alle führen. Ohne die Bedrohung durch Konflikte könnten politische Systeme sich zudem möglicherweise weiterentwickeln und demokratischer werden. Menschen könnten mehr Einfluss auf politische Entscheidungen haben und eine größere politische Partizipation erfahren. Ohne die Belastungen durch Kriég und Konflikte könnten Bildung und wissenschaftliche Forschung weiter florieren. Dies könnte zu bedeutenden Fortschritten in verschiedenen Bereichen wie Medizin, Technologie und Umweltschutz führen. Vielleicht können wir uns irgendwann sogar selbst „übetreffen“, wenn kein Deus ex machina eingreift.
Wenn wir jedoch realistisch vorgehen, muss diese scheinbar fehlerfreie Utopie einen nur allzu bekannten Tribut einfordern: Individualität verschwimmt zu Konformität. Wir sind alle gleich, wir denken alle gleich, wir handeln alle gleich. Sonst würde das einfach auf Dauer nicht funktionieren. Und dieser roboterhafte Konsens mutet ausgesprochen artifiziell an. In einer Welt, in der Menschen Individuen und keine fremdbestimmten NPCs sind, die einem binären Code folgen, hätte das – zur Aufrechterhaltung des Friedens – gewiss irgendwo diesen Big Brother – esken, totalitären Überwachungsstaat zur Folge. Utopien sind eine sehr tröstende Vorstellung und sie könnten wirklich so schön und progressiv für den Fortbestand der Menschheit und der Umwelt sein, wenn wir nicht einfach so wären, wie wir nun einmal sind. Eigentlich ist es mir zuwider, essentialistisch zu argumentieren, aber dieser Paradigmenwechsel von „Konflikte seit Anbeginn der Menschheit“ zu „Nie wieder Auseinandersetzungen in irgendeiner Form“ ist einfach zu radikal für das komplexe menschliche Wesen. Homo homini lupus.

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How come remakes of popular series are never as good as the originals? I mean, I try not to fall into this boomer, conservative mindset that everything new = sh*t. But they're REALLY never good. It doesn't have the same impact, it's not giving the same vibe. It's not the same intensity. Velocity.

I feel like a lot of the recent remakes didn't really understand what made the original so good, prime example of this is Netflix live action ATLA, they have misunderstood so many of the characters and dynamics that made them lovable, or compelling to watch. They got Iroh ALL wrong, he's meant to be the chill wise uncle who's got a mischievous energy, he gives great advice but he's not a super serious guy, he's a fun uncle! NATLA Iroh falls flat by comparison. Katara feels devoid of personality, Zuko isn't NEARLY angry enough, Azula is made out to be threatened by him rather than amused? Like what is this? He was always a joke to her! Honestly I could write essays about my gripes with this show 😂

What is something that has a big impact on your life, one that you observe from afar?

VTubers have been one of my most recent sources of motivation. I find them to be quite entertaining and fun to watch.
As with the rest of the world, those are figures that are meant to be observed from afar. They bring joy to many people on the planet, and they do their job very well.
I am proud to be a part of the VTuber world, because it is a wonderful place, filled with many exciting adventures.
And, as a Pixel Artist, the best thing is that it is always fun to make Pixel Arts of VTubers. I never get tired of them.

If you were very wealthy, what changes would you make in your life? 💰 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ₜₑₙₐcᵢₒᵤₛ ₜₒₘₘₐy™ ▩ ♚ ☻
If I were very wealthy, I would focus on creating a positive impact on the world through philanthropy and investment in social development and environmental protection. I would also want to provide a comfortable life for myself and my loved ones, but I would not let wealth change my personality or values 🔥🔥

Est-ce que les signes astrologique ont un réel impact sur un couple ?

Sur les applis de rencontre les filles sont souvent à fond sur cela.
Y compris les dames qui se prétendent cartésiennes en mode : "Moi je suis pas croyante, mais si tu n'es pas taureau ascendant capricorne, ça ne le fera jamais entre nous".
La science a parlé !
Liked by: CarnivalSkull Nox.

Czym zajmujesz się na codzień??🙈

kasiapurchla1’s Profile PhotoTwoja stara
PL: Aktualnie nie pracuję, a na co dzień zajmuję się domem, wysyłaniem CV i próbami przeżycia kolejnego dnia.
Brak pracy i - co za tym idzie - pieniędzy dość mocno wpływa na mój stan psychiczny, a do tego dochodzą jeszcze inne problemy i człowiekowi się po prostu wszystkiego odechciewa...
ENG: I'm currently unemployed, on a daily basis I take care of the home, sending CVs and trying to survive another day.
The lack of a job and - consequently - money, has a significant impact on my mental state, and there are also other problems, so a person doesn't want to do anything...

Feeling better today 😊

Under the chairmanship of the Commissioner of Bahawalpur and the Regional Police Officer, recently had a productive meeting in division Bahawalpur discussing product price controls and the distribution of Ramadan Food bags. It was a fruitful discussion aimed at ensuring fair pricing for consumers and effective distribution of essential supplies during the holy month of Ramadan. Excited to see the positive impact of our efforts in the community. #Bahawalpur #Ramadan #CommunityImpact
Feeling better today

How can we cultivate greater kindness in the world?

I think one of the most important ways we can cultivate greater kindness in the world is by leading with empathy and compassion. It is easy to get caught up in our own lives and struggles — but taking the time to truly listen to others and understand their perspectives can go a long way towards building stronger relationships and promoting understanding. And I truly believe in small acts of kindness can have a big impact - whether it is holding open a door for someone or simply offering a smile or kind word. These gestures might seem insignificant on their own, but they add up over time and create ripples of positivity in the world around us. And just to remember that everyone is fighting their own battles behind closed doors. By approaching every interaction with kindness and understanding, we can make even just one person feel seen, heard, and valued - which has the power to change everything. 🌻

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Albert Pine said, “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine's quote highlights the importance of our actions beyond ourselves. It suggests that the impact we make on others and the world has a lasting legacy, transcending our own mortality. It's a reminder to consider the broader implications of our actions and strive to contribute positively to the world around us.

Which movie if any really had an impact on your world view?

David_Blanes’s Profile PhotoJluen (Dante is dead)
I remember when my brother went to see a marvel movie and my mom and I quickly getting bored so we decided to sneak into another room where another movie was playing but I never got the name of the foreign movie that we watched that day. In the beginning of the movie, the lead female character was afraid of hurting a squirrel and her dad died around that time. After her father’s death, she took on his job of being an undercover spy and was assigned to get rid of her husband’s family members one by one to accomplish a goal. In the end, the husband found out who she was but he unfortunately died and shortly after that, her baby was born. She was the enemy and betrayed her husband the entire duration of their marriage when she could’ve declined the job offer from the start as she had the option to do so. The movie just goes to show how cruel and bad a person can become over time, which was obvious since she couldn’t get herself to hurt a squirrel at first but then slowly worked her way into taking the lives of the people around her. I believe she did regret who she turned into by the end of the movie but by then, the damage was already done and there was no going back.

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Denkst du, du könntest etwas extrem, schmerzhaft Ungerechtes jemals akzeptieren und deinen Frieden damit finden? Hast du vielleicht sogar leider eine Erfahrung damit gemacht?

Fea3li’s Profile Photochamäleonzüngiges Honigpferd
An etwas (schmerzhaft) Ungerechtem zu partizipieren bzw. Ungerechtigkeit per se als entrückter Beobachter zu registrieren, ist ein recht subjektives und für mich letztlich auch schwer zu greifendes Unterfangen. Ich bin beispielsweise ein recht sensibler Mensch, der diverse Eindrücke emotional nicht besonders gut filtern und diese als Teil der "Normalität" einordnen kann. Eventuell weil ich mitunter global zum Ausdruck kommende Grausamkeiten nur bedingt in diese alltagstaugliche Abstumpfungsformel integrieren kann. Leider ist diese doch des Öfteren vonnöten, selbst mit einem etwaigen Ohnmachtsgefühl; nicht etwa, um die eigene Empathie und Sensibilität einzutauschen, aber stattdessen gegen Anteilnahme, gesunde (emotionale) Abgrenzung und Hilfsbereitschaft einzutauschen. Manchmal gelingt mir dieser Kompromiss jedoch nicht jeden Tag, allen voran, wenn du ein emotionales Wesen bist, das auf Leid entsprechend reagiert und nicht bloß als daily news im Kurzzeitgedächtnis abspeichert und dann weiterzieht. Akzeptieren kann und möchte ich diese Umstände nicht, selbst, wenn sie unsere ständigen Wegbegleiter in der (Un-)Menschlichkeit unserer Existenz sein werden.
(Kurzer Disclaimer, dass ab hier dann etwas sensiblere Ereignisse geschildert werden.)
Auf der persönlichen Ebene sieht es schon komplexer aus. Ich habe einen mir geliebten Menschen als Kind an Sélbstmôrd verloren und cope bis heute mit dem Impact, den dieser Verlust mit sich gebracht hat (allen voran, da ich selbst schon durch psychische Erkrankungen an diesem Punkt stand, mittlerweile zum Glück nicht mehr, keine Sorge). Ich habe nicht zwingend meinen "Frieden" mit diesem Wissen gefunden (unser letzter Abschied war auch so ironisch ordinär und alltäglich, dass gerade dieser Fakt mich total zermürbt), jedoch versuche ich dahingehend mittlerweile, pragmatisch (?) abzuschließen. Es lässt sich nicht ändern, es wird mich immer begleiten, aber ich kann es in eine kleine Kiste in meinem Herzen wegsperren.

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They say smoking kills but, what about feelings bro? 👁👁

maanenjoys’s Profile PhotoGaurav
I believe that while smoking is known to have serious health risks, feelings can also have a significant impact on our well-being. Ignoring or suppressing emotions can lead to stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It's important to address and express our feelings in healthy ways to maintain emotional well-being.

What do you think is your most creative ability?

In my (humble) opinion, my most creative ability is making Pixel Arts.
I have always enjoyed making them. And the bet thing is- I have made them for more than 10 years.
Many people think that Pixel Arts are inferior to Arts. Truth is, both of them are unique in their own way. The style that is used when creating them is quite admirable, and even the smallest of pieces can have big impact on the viewers.
For me, the best thing about Pixel Arts is the way they are made. One addition is capable of making them nicer. And one (accidental) addition is capable of ruining them.
Bonus content can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the way you use it. I have always tried to use content that would fit in the current Pixel Art, but if there is nothing that would work, one has to improvise.
Of course, I am rambling once again. To finish it off, I will say that making Pixel Arts is like a way of life for yours truly. And I think that it will be this way for many, many years.

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Regarding nostalgia, I think about happy moments from my childhood or happy moments from my teens to the 1st half of my 20s. I just think about happy moments and people I miss who either no longer alive or are still alive, but no longer in my life.

Your thinking is relatively positive, which is wonderful. I could be wrong but you may have had a good childhood from the sound of it. From the time span, it made quite an impact on you in a positive way. I also understand what you mean by missing loved ones whether they are here in present time or not. All we have at the end of the day are the memories of those who made a difference in our lives.
Are you still in your late 20s or 30s? If you’d like to share.

منو بيكم اله واهس بسوالف الكيمنك ps5 او xbox او pc و البنات هم الكم واهس بهذا الشي و كل واحد يكتبلنه بدربه شنو لعبة المفضلة او احلى لعبة جربهاا و استمتع بيها

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اجمل لعبة وصارلي سنة مدمن عليها هي ginshin impact عالم مفتوح/اون لاين ومالي واحس بالالعاب وبسوالفها 😴🌀

Would you rather be an angel, demon, monster, or fairy? Why?

I would’ve said demon not too long ago as being a demon equals being fearless, rebellious, and reckless in my world but now that I think about it, I’d rather be an angel since I’d like to leave a positive impact on others and do my best to be kind so that when people go against me or decide they don’t like me anymore, I’ll feel content and at peace with myself knowing that I did my best to help others and spread positivity so they can’t really complain about me being a bad person overall.

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