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Secondo te gli americani mangiano male?

dogtheblog’s Profile PhotoUn cane di nome Stan
In America è assente una vera e propria cultura culinaria mentre sono onnipresenti i fast food, di cui l’America è patria, ma questo non vuol dire che il popolo americano mangi male: in molte città godono infatti di un cosmopolitismo tale da avere esperienza di buon cibo ed inoltre sanno cucinare molto bene la carne, tanto che il barbecue è una loro tipicità.
Specifico inoltre che i peggiori fast food, come McDonald’s e Burger King, sono ben più frequenti e pagati da noi italiani piuttosto che dagli americani, i quali possiedono catene di qualità decisamente migliore, sebbene si tratti pur sempre di hamburger e patatine fritte 🌱

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@loree_1840 🌻 Holi Lore, ya me pasé y te sigo. Ahora tú 😼
Ettoo... me gusta esta red, hay algunas buenas personas y publico mis cosas. Mi 1ª respuesta es 07-05-2013 😎
🎶 ♫ ♪ ♬

Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer (2015)

Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears (2014)

Panic! At The Disco - Emperor's New Clothes (2015)

Pantera - Cemetery Gates (2009)

Papa Roach - Last Resort (2009)

Paradise Fears - Warrior (2013)

Paradise Lost - Beneath Broken Earth (2015)

Paramore - Caught In The Middle (2018)

Paramore - Hard Times (2017)

Paramore - Ignorance (2009)

Paramore - Now (2013)

Paramore - Still Into You (2013)

Paramore - That's What You Get (2009)

Passenger [Band] - In Reverse (2011)

Pathfinder - The Lord Of Wolves (2011)

Pearl Jam - Even Flow (2009)

Pearl Jam - Sirens (2013)

Pentagram - Bir (2013)

Pentatonix - Bohemian Rhapsody (2017)

Pestilence - Necro Morph (2013)

Pet Shop Boys - Axis (2013)

Pierce The Veil - Hell Above (2012)

Pierce The Veil - King for a Day [ft Kellin Quinn] (2012)

P!nk - So What (2009)

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¿Cuál es el mejor libro que has leído este año? (aquílos mejores libros de 2022)

No sé, me he vuelto a leer El Resplandor, y diría que Carrie, Carrie me ha gustado más. Una pena que Stephen King de tanto puto asco.
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If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, What would it be?

Aatqa68518’s Profile PhotoAatqa
Boys there have no idea what they are talking about. Firstly, when you say vending machine, should the fast food restaurant put it themselves or you're saying why can't a third party do that. But in both cases, the issue is profit margin. I'm not in this kind of business but I have a few people who have hotels in Gilgit and all. Secondly, about a year or two back I was listening to an interview of some guy who owns most of the Burger King in Pakistan, I think he was the same guy who got it in Pakistan the first time. He has a few more restaurants too in Islamabad, I can't remember names anymore but one was fine dine. He said the most profit that we make is from beverages (that might be in terms of margins not sales), now I don't know too much details into it but as much as I understand business after 8 years of being in business, I would say it has something to do with profit margins, because fast food restaurant buy at low prices from whatever brand they are selling or from wholesaler and sell it slightly above the market price. In the case of KFC and many other fast food chains they do offer cans and bottles but as far as I can remember McDonald's doesn't. Reason being they make the drinks they serve at the restaurant. In the case of McDonald's they get supplied with the syrup that they have to mix with water and add that carbon dioxide, they make it on-site. One reason might be that it tastes much even every time you get it and second is profit margins. I don't remember the price of a medium glass of coke but I think it's over Rs130 and it's not even 500ml, you can get a 500ml bottle for Rs60 I think. You could work on vending machines in other areas like malls and other busy spaces but I think another issue would be that people won't know how to use them. I have a friend who is also my business partner. He recently started working on vending machines and ATMs in the US...

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(cont) You want a name for me? I'm simply known as Nightmare. Though others have given me a few lofty titles Prince of Darkness, King of the Multiverse, Negativity Incarnate.

WelcomeToMySpecialHell’s Profile PhotoNightmare
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀As soon as a movement manifested itself in the area of his perception, that man attacked that kind of tentacle in such a way that the steel edge would cut it before making contact, or cause enough discomfort to remark that should NOT tempt with his temper.
He frowned at all of that. He believed it, but was so absurd at the same time.
⠀⠀❝So what, d'ya want a trophy fer that?❞ He countered with a not very nice sarcastic question.
⠀⠀❝The fuck ya want? Are ya comin' to kill me from depression or somethin'?❞
He glared at that strange eye. He wanted to plunge the edge right there, just as had experienced it. That wasn't pretty, it hurt like hell, but it was a good way to get a lasting message across.

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Какой ресторан фастфуда тебе нравится больше? KFC, Burger King?🍟🍔🥤

Ksenyshkoo’s Profile PhotoКсюша
Не люблю фастфуд.В перечисленном не была.Но иногда захаживаем ( очень редко) в бургерную не сетевую,там приятная атмосфера и моё любимое безалкогольное пиво.Сегодня ,как раз у меня день вредной еды😁
Какой ресторан фастфуда тебе нравится больше KFC Burger King

Какой ресторан фастфуда тебе нравится больше? KFC, Burger King?🍟🍔🥤

Ksenyshkoo’s Profile PhotoКсюша
Франклинс Бургер 🍔
Как по мне у них действительно лучшие бургеры 😁😁😁
В БК какой-то странный вкус у мяса, будто не свежее нихрена.
В КФС быстро надоедает, всюду пихают эту курицу, которая уже приелась.
Мак… Ну да, там тоже, в принципе, прикольно. Но раньше было лучше 😁😁
И только Франклинс по прежнему радуют 😇

Какой ресторан фастфуда тебе нравится больше? KFC, Burger King?🍟🍔🥤

Ksenyshkoo’s Profile PhotoКсюша
Твой вопрос можно интерпретировать примерно так: тебе какое говно нравится, коровье или баранье? Или какая отрава, та или иная? Подобные вопросы – индикатор крайнего тупоумия.

Jakie wizerunki damskie/męskie najchętniej byś zobaczył/zobaczyła?

To pierwsze wizerunki jakie przyszły mi na myśl, więc jak coś wpadnie mi jeszcze do głowy, to pewnie edytuję odpowiedź. Zachęcam do dołączenia! 🖤
A tak ogólnie to myślę, że każda buzia jest mile widziana!
* Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Matthew Daddario, Steven R. McQueen, Michael Trevino, Joseph Morgan, Bob Morley, Chris Wood
* Candice King, Zoey Deutch, Claire Holt, Madelaine Petsch, Danielle Campbell, Taylor Lashae, Emeraude Toubia, Nina Dobrev

Frauen heutzutage nennen sich Quenn Aber können nicht kochen. Mit was willst du deine Kinder füttern burger King bis sie krank werden ?🤷‍♂️🙆‍♂️

Warum muss immer die Frau kochen ich verstehe diese Logik nicht 🤔
Die Frau muss putzen
Die Frau muss kochen
Die Frau muss gehorchen
Die Frau muss dies
Die Frau muss das
Die Frau MUSS gar nichts!
Dann soll der King seine Queen und Kinder bekochen.

Frauen heutzutage nennen sich Quenn Aber können nicht kochen. Mit was willst du deine Kinder füttern burger King bis sie krank werden ?🤷‍♂️🙆‍♂️

Ach, stimmt, nur die Frau ist dafür verantwortlich.
Wenn dir das Wohl der Kids so wichtig ist, koch selber.

Frauen heutzutage nennen sich Quenn Aber können nicht kochen. Mit was willst du deine Kinder füttern burger King bis sie krank werden ?🤷‍♂️🙆‍♂️

Was heißt bitte "Quenn"? Wer nennt sich so? Habe noch nie eine Frau kennengelernt, die sich selbst so nennt. Verallgemeinerung vom feinsten und natürlich mal wieder von einem "Mann".
Manche Frauen haben das Kochen nie gelernt, haben sich nicht dafür interessiert oder sind einfach nicht gut darin. Das kann sich aber jederzeit ändern, also warum gleich den TeufeI an die Wand malen? Dennoch denke ich, dass sie genug "Kochkünste" verfügen, um wenigstens Nudeln auf den Tisch zu bringen und für manche reicht das.
Manche Frauen lassen lieber ihre Männer kochen, weil diese es vielleicht besser können und viel mehr Spaß daran haben.
Manche Frauen schaffen es nicht, zu kochen, weil sie psychisch oder physisch krânk sind.
Und manche Frauen können sehr wohl kochen, aber der feine Geschmack des edlen Herrn scheint das Essen dann nicht als "gut genug" zu empfinden und behauptet eventuell direkt, sie könne überhaupt nicht kochen.
Und warum kann der Mann nicht auch mal den Kochlöffel in die Hand nehmen? Die Frau wird wahrscheinlich genug zu tun haben mit den Kindern (oder Arbeit oder whatever), da freut sie sich sicher über Unterstützung von ihrem respektvollen, liebenden Mann. Finde, es ist ganz natürlich, einander zu unterstützen, mal mehr mal weniger, anstatt ständig was vom anderen zu erwarten. So funktioniert doch eine Familie.
Männer, die weder putzen, noch kochen oder Wäsche machen können, scheinen mir außerdem nicht besonders lebensfähig zu sein und sind unglaublich abhängig von anderen. Ich kenne von früher leider genug Beispiele. Wer will denn bitte so einen Mann? Dann auch noch einen, der frech verallgemeinert, extrem respektlos daherredet und wahrscheinlich selbst nichts auf die Reihe bekommt?
Tipp an dich, ich würde solche Fragen nicht unanonym durch die Gegend schicken. Du stellst dich damit selbst auf ziemlich peinliche Weise bloß und schreckst andere Menschen ab. Mich würde es nicht wundern, wenn man mit dir nichts mehr zu tun haben wollen würde. Nutze das als Anstoß, um über den Mist, den du hier herumschickst, nachzudenken und vielleicht mal zu reflektieren. Und lass am besten deine "Kultur", falls diese dich zu so einem schäbigen Denken leitet, außen vor. (Das geht übrigens auch an alle anderen männlichen Exemplare, die das hier lesen)

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Milyen könyveket olvastál az idei évben és melyik volt a kedvenced a 12 könyv közül?

Bluefoxthebrave’s Profile PhotoBluefox
Vegyes a felhozatal. Volt romantikus, mint a Minden, minden. Olvastam a Nagy Gatsby-t. Agatha Christie, Stephen King és a skandináv krimik is sorra kerültek. Szeretem, amiben van gyilkosság, nyomozni kell, tele van rejtéllyel, titkokkal. Ami azóta a legtöbbet a fejemben van egy lényekkel kapcsolatos könyv a Szörnyek. Lidércek, rókák, medvék, amik átváltoznak. Emberek bújtatják őket és gyerekeket rabolnak nekik, de nem bántják őket. Hosszú könyv, túl részletes is, lassan haladtam vele, de nagyon érdekes, izgalmas volt.
Milyen könyveket olvastál az idei évben és melyik volt a kedvenced a 12 könyv

Have you read The King in Yellow?

Moonloauch’s Profile PhotoJeremy
I have, indeed.
Chambers stories were a direct influence for Lovecraft's work, which I also enjoy, on many levels...though not so much the racist bits, obviously.
But when you get past that stuff, there is good, unsettling horror there.
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جماعه فهموني هو يعني اي هكون ماتاتا دي؟؟😂😂😂

في فيلم The lion king تيمون وبومبا غنوها ل سيمبا عشان ينسي ماضيه.. هكونا ماتاتااا حكمة نغمها لذيذ، هكونا ماتاتا ارمي الماضي اللي يغيظ..انساه والمستقبل اديه كل التركيز 😂💔

Ulubiony cytat? Oprócz tych, które masz w opisie.

Wiele cytatów lubię, głównie ze względu na ich dopasowanie do mojej aktualnej sytuacji, do moich cech i osoby.
Głównie książkowe, choć jest też wiele na przykład z utworów muzycznych.
📜“Trochę mi brakowało, żeby ktoś mi powiedział, że mam prawo popełniać błędy i że nie zawsze we wszystkim mam być najlepszy. I że mogę mieć ograniczenia.” ~ Piotr C.
📜"Świat podobny jest do amatorskiego teatru; więc nieprzyzwoicie jest pchać się w nim do ról pierwszych, a odrzucać podrzędne. Wreszcie, każda rola jest dobra, o ile grać ją z artyzmem i nie brać zbyt poważnie." ~Bolesław Prus, "Lalka"
📜"Nie możemy zmienić kierunku wiatru, ale możemy inaczej postawić żagle." ~ Andreas Pflüger
📜"Myślałam, że zawsze będziemy młodzi, że świat poczeka. Nic nie poczekało. Nie odkładajcie na później piosenek, egzaminów, dentysty, a przede wszystkim nie odkładajcie na później miłości." ~ Agnieszka Osiecka.
📜"Miałem zły dzień. Tydzień. Miesiąc. Rok. Życie. Cholera jasna."
~Charles Bukowski, Szmira
📜"Każdy człowiek jest jak Księżyc. Ma swoją drugą stronę, której nie pokazuje nikomu. " ~Mark Twain
📜"Szczerość to drogi dar, nie oczekuj jej od tanich ludzi." ~Warren E. Buffett o Przewidywaniu.
📜"Jestem zmęczony, szefie. Zmęczony wędrówką, samotnie jak jaskółka w deszczu. Zmęczony tym, że nigdy nie miałem przyjaciela, żeby powiedział mi skąd, gdzie i dlaczego idziemy. Głównie zmęczony tym, jacy ludzie są dla siebie. Zmęczony jestem bólem na świecie, który czuję i słyszę... Codziennie... Za dużo tego. To tak, jakbym miał w głowie kawałki szkła. Przez cały czas." ~Stephen King, Zielona Mila
📜"Jeden mały akt dobroci jest lepszy niż tysiąc głów pochylonych w modlitwie."~ Mahatma Gandhi
📜Wszystko ma swoją cenę. A informacja to jeden z najdroższych towarów na świecie".~Paulo Coelho,Zahir
📜"Żyjemy dłużej, ale mniej dokładnie
i krótszymi zdaniami (...)". ~Wisława Szymborska, Tutaj/Here
Mogłabym pisać i pisać, ale miejsca na Asku brakuje...🥹🥹

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Melyik a kedvenc könyved?

Nehéz egyetlen kedvenc könyvet választani, így 600+ elolvasott könyvnél.
Nagyon szeretem Leiner Lauara, Julia Quinn, Lakatos Levente és Stephen King könyveit. Szinte az összesért odáig vagyok.
Nem rég megfogtak Zajácz D. Zoltán művei is.
Ha csak az idei évet nézem akkor talán a legkiemelkedőbb Stephanie Garbertől a Caraval volt. Az elsőtől az utolsó betűig imádtam. Meg volt benne minden, logika, humor, akció és szerelem.

"What hurts you blesses you, Darkness is your candle." What do you think?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
In my view, Rumi was absolutely right. When we encounter difficulties, it is important to remember that shadows cannot exist without the light. We must forge ahead and never lose hope in the face of adversity. As Carl Jung reminds us, "One does not become enlightened by figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." We can also look to Albert Pike for inspiration: "We must pass through the darkness, to reach the light." Joseph Campbell expressed a very similar sentiment: "At the darkest moment comes the light." Lastly, Martin Luther King Jr. made this observation: "...only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars." As a denizen of the dark, I am in total agreement with these gentlemen. 🙃
What hurts you blesses you Darkness is your candle
What do you think

Hi there! Il tuo profilo mi ha incuriosito e, oltre a De Niro di Taxi Driver in pfp, ero curioso di conoscere da dove provenisse la seconda immagine. All’inizio pensavo fosse un ukiyo-e ma con molta probabilità (sicuramente) mi sbaglio lul

Ciao King! Che piacere, grazie caro la stima è ricambiata
Premetto che di arte giapponese so ancora molto poco, ma tempo fa rimasi colpito dalle illustrazioni folli di Toshio Saeki e mi riempii il feed di Pinterest con suoi disegni. Automaticamente mi sono usciti poi vari autori più o meno sullo stesso stile, ma di questa immagine in particolare ammetto di aver scoperto ORA il nome del suo autore perché appunto mi era apparsa casualmente su Pinterest e non ho mai aperto il link per Instagram.
Comunque la pagina in questione è figa, ci ho fatto un primo giro adesso e l'ho iniziata a seguire
Hi there Il tuo profilo mi ha incuriosito e oltre a De Niro di Taxi Driver in

Our Queen is gone ~ God rest Her Soul .

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
An open , but personal letter from Vova, to King Charles III :
“Your Majesty, Please accept our deepest condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
"The most important events in the recent history of the United Kingdom are inextricably linked with the name of Her Majesty.
“For many decades, Elizabeth II rightfully enjoyed the love and respect of her subjects, as well as authority on the world stage.
"I wish you courage and perseverance in the face of this heavy, irreparable loss.
“I ask you to convey the words of sincere sympathy and support to the members of the royal family and all the people of Great Britain. Sincerely, Vladimir Putin."
Our Queen is gone  God rest Her Soul

R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth 🙏🏻

Devils_never_cry’s Profile PhotoMatt
Ja, die war irgendwie schon immer da. Dass da jetzt n "King" sein soll klingt irgendwie falsch.
Aber hey, sie wurde 96, musste nich im Heim verrecken, war körperlich noch einigermaßen fit und nicht dement. Mehr geht halt auch nicht.
Mal gucken ob die Briten traditionell bleiben oder demnächst die Republik ausrufen. Könnte beides verstehen.

Co słodkiego zdarza ci się przekąsić?

Rzadko jem słodkie, w sklepie prędzej wrzuciłabym do koszyka chipsy, paluszki czy orzeszki, niż paczkę ciastek albo jakieś batoniki.
Raz na kilka miesięcy zdarzy mi się, że MUSZĘ zjeść coś słodkiego dzień przed okresem, to wtedy najczęściej mam ochotę na jakieś kinder czekoladki, kinder country, kinder maxi king, pralinki lindt.
Ewentualnie jak idę z kimś do kawiarni to zdarzy mi się wziąć do kawy kawałek ciasta, mogę też zjeść ciasto, którym poczęstuje mnie babcia czy teściowa.

Are you ever jealous?

I really struggle with jealousy. Ever since I started dating I would be overwhelmed with jealousy if I ever saw my partner even look at anyone else. Then my (then, now ex) husband cheated on me. All of this combined into a rat king of potential issues for me. But instead of becoming a crazy person I took a deep breath and realized my jealousy wasn't helping a goddamn thing. I was upset all the time, my partners were upset with me. So I decided to change.
I struggle with jealousy if I only like the guy, or it's kind of a crush. If we're in a relationship, all of that worry kind of goes away. He chose to date me, if I didn't trust him wholeheartedly then I wouldn't be with him, and if other girls find him attractive, it only makes me feel a weird and twisted sense of pride.
Now that I have a reinforced sense of self worth both within and without, my lack of jealousy serves me just fine. If I were jealous-natured today I figure I would just create self-fulfilling prophecy and drive away good things. Like pride, I don't see jealousy often being useful beyond a certain point, more often it is harmful to the feeler and the relationships the feeler has...but then, I can only say that through observation. It's never been my problem except for being on the receiving end (that is, a partner being unduly jealous with me, which didn't serve either of us because my sense of loyalty is strong to a flaw!)
I'd say I was the jealous type in a sense but nowhere near your sister. My jealousy is not because I think my bf has bad intentions or that he flirts with anyone. I trust him and he is a good man. I mostly get my feathers ruffled because I know what other women (or girls I suppose they are) are up to. Some of the shit they say to him trying to provoke him, or comments and likes on social media and stuff...he doesn't respond and he's good about it, but the girls piss me off. I rarely if ever mention it to him though...I figure it's my problem and he shouldn't have to deal with it if I can help it.
I started out like it. My SO flirts with everyone. When I say everyone, I mean, everyone. Girls his age, girls younger than him, older than him, teachers, professors, store clerks, everyone. He doesn't even realize it a lot of the time. He just thinks thats how to talk to people. At first It really bothered me. We fought a lot about it. But I realized that he loved me. He would never do anything to hurt me, and he's really cut back on it as well when he realized how much it bothered me.
I was cheated on by my ex boyfriend, so jealousy can be an issue, but I try to keep it out of my current relationship as much as possible. There hasn't been any really big things happen yet, except two of his friends that have flirted with him in the past and some chick who flirted with him on a camping trip. He's open and honest, so I know he would never lie to me or cheat on me, which helps tremendously with not feeling jealous.

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"That ability has attracted unwanted attention in the past too, I'd really rather not demonstrate my regenerative capabilities, but anything I can heal my body can also regenerate from. Without needing MP."

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
Albedo is simply standing there with an 'O' on her face.
"A unique and very dangerous ability you have there, Ashkari-san. I understand your concern now.
As it stands, I will accept your request, and take you under my protection as the Sorcerer King."
Liked by: Dream Shadow Nova

(cont) *as their intestines fall into the proper places their other lacerated organs begin to mend before a protective layer of fat forms over their internal organs and skin grows back to cover them, their other stab wounds similarly have sealed themselves, the light of life returning to their eyes*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
A voice says from behind, the Sorcerer King and the Prime Minister being already there behind her,
The various citizens scuttling about gathering in awe of his sudden appearance.
"Blood healing may not impress Magic Casters, but an experienced sorcerer knows such an art is particular to a few select races, such as vampires."

*It's later in the day that Ashkari arrives at the mayoral residence, knocking first to be polite of course*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
The door would hastily be opened by a pair of guards, allowing the Hybinger entry into the sovereign unknown.
Seated at his desk, with Overseer at his side, was the Sorcerer King himself, busied with a set of documents.
" I was wondering when you would have courage enough to enter. "
Its later in the day that Ashkari arrives at the mayoral residence knocking

Καλύτερη ατάκααπο ταινία ελληνική η ξένη; (εκτός από τον αλοίθωρο Αυλωνίτη που λέει πάω από δώ και ο αστυνόμος απαντάει κι εγώ απο εδώ πάω, πάμε μαζί. Και πήγε ο ένας αριστερά, ο άλλος δεξιά.

1933 στην ταινία “King Kong”. Η φράση που μου άρεσε ήτανε:
“Oh, no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast”.
Καλύτερη ατάκααπο ταινία ελληνική η ξένη εκτός από τον αλοίθωρο Αυλωνίτη που

بنات تجاربكم عن تساقط الشعر شلون عالجتوه؟

اني بالبدايه حللت
زنك وحديد وD3
وهرمون غده درقيه طلع عندي نقص ب D3 والزنك لان جنت مصابه بكورونا ف اخذت فيتامين لمدة شهر وانوب وراهه استعملت زيت Kesh king هو والشامبو مالته جبتهم لاصليات من الهند
وجنت اخبط ويه هذا الزيت زيت جوز الهند وزيت اللوز بالاسبوع مرة وحده استمريت عليه شهر تقريبا من ثاني مرة شفت فرق وقف التساقط وثخن شعري وسوا كلش ناعم

aż się boję o to spytać XDD. słyszałam że to prawda że V swój pierwszy pocałunek miał z Hobim XDD. jak do tego doszło? i jakie są jego odczucia co do tamtego momentu?

✈| Tak jest to prawda. Było to podczas show "Rookie King" w ramach promocji w 2013, a dokładniej była to jedna z kar. Tae nic nie wspominał o tym, ale większość fanów (i nie tylko) stwierdziło, że było to nie fair, że zmuszono Tae do pierwszego pocałunku przed kmerami i z przyjacielem z zespołu

Покидайте песен в машину чтоб послушать,пжлс🤗

Darling - Letkiss (Dub Dibi Dubi Dub)
Здравствуй, песня - Птица Счастья
Цветы - Богатырская Наша Сила
Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night
Dschinghis Khan - China Boy
Kylie Minogue - The Loco-Motion
Atb - 9 Рм
Михаил Боярский - Рыжий конь
Cherry Laine - Catch the Cat
Mauro - Buona Sera Ciao Ciao
Secret Service - L.a. Goodbye
Madonna - Material Girl
The Archies - Sugar, sugar
Blue System - Under My Skin
Jeanette - Porque te vas
Boney M - My Cherie Amour
Black - Wonderful Life
Passengers - Chaqun Son Gout
Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen
Army Of Lovers - King Midas
A La Carte - Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Modern Talking - Brother louie
Dalida - Salma Ya Salama
Ricchi E Poveri - E Penso A Te
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
Boney M - Love For Sale
A La Carte - Ring Me Honey
Baccara - Granada

*Shadow loosens his grasp on the king, and when his troops have returned he vanishes into the shadow cast by the large Era reappearing by his comrades*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*he opens a portal back to their home with a simple remote much to advanced for Hyrule glancing over at Shadow one last time smiling*
You've done me proud. I wish you were my son instead.
*oof poor TY his own dad doesn't love or respect him cause he's weak. The remaining Wra's pick up Caesar on his throne before vanishing through the portal*
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*Did you get Shadow restraining King Wra and hold .a blade to his neck basically sayi.ng surrender or die

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
((ask ate it after I responded I'll reanswer here)) *he chuckles *Now there's that vicious side of you..~I knew you had it in ya.*Shadow may wonder why he invaded for no reason it seems he was only interested it Shadow the whole time*Very well..*he roars loudly*STAND DOWN AND RETURN! *the couple Wra's still remaining alive head back to their
King he doesn't seem to mind being restrained like that.*

*Red first holds aloft his fire rod, the intense flames that pour out are enough to melt the stone covering the Wra, but before they can take advantage of that he's switched to his Ice Rod which flash freezes the molten rock, making it impenetrable*

PyromaniaRed’s Profile PhotoRed
*The king looked shocked most of his men were gone in instance. He didnt care for their lives but seeing his men fall so easily was embarrassing* What are you waiting for?!Destroy them! You too!*he orders the rest of his guards and even his servants and single female maid to go fight the teens. The maid was in shock her king would just throw her life away like that but the King cared more for own dignity. The rest of the Wra go after the teens they throw boulders and entire trees at them trying to crush them to bits*
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