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لکٰٰٰٖٖٖٖ الحٰٰٖٖديٰٰٰٖٖٖثٰٰٰٖٖٖ ٰٰٰٖٖٖ ٰٰٖٖ ٰٖ ••|🌷🤍|

AbdulNasser706’s Profile PhotoÈñg Nàśŝēŗ ❥ سُكونٖ
If you are in pain, you can cry. your pain is unique, even if everyone around you devalues it.
going through pain on a prayer rug, calling on Lord in the dead of night is a sure cure, since only He knows what you had to go through...
لک الحديث

Who is drinking coffee right this moment, if so, let’s raise the cup for a great day tomorrow☕️😁

I would have some coffee right now but I usually am not a coffee person and my parents will also most likely get mad at me for consuming caffeinated beverages in the middle of the night only to stay awake for hours and sleep in during the day :/ if you can pull all nighters and stay awake during the day while also being productive, that’s great!!

In what way have you chosen to organise your wardrobe? 👕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have 3,5 wardrobes for my clothes 😅:
W. No. 1 👉 coats, jackets 🧥 and 🧤🧣
W. No. 2 👉 dresses, skirts, party blouses, long & 3/4 pants 👖👗
W. No. 3👉 everyday pullovers, warm sweaters, shirts with long and short sleeves 👕👚
Half W. No. 4 👉 sport - home - night things, socks and underwear 👙🧦 😁

Address any relationship issues you got, I'll come up with a solution.

syraa8007’s Profile PhotoSyra Basra
My relationship has some issues, I do a lot for her, staying up late night, working hard, grooming myself. But in return, she only replies once or twice a month. I want her to be available all the time, get me things, spoil me.
I mean, I maybe earning craploads but I crave gifts and attention as well.
My relation with money is very one sided. No matter what I do, I never have enough 🌚 (you thought I had GF issues? Lol)

Smth for this night ....

faresebnhamza’s Profile PhotoFares 7amza
فاللازم لك: أن تلازِم محراب الإنابة، وتَجلِسَ جِلسة المُستجدِي، وتَجعل طعامَك القَلَق، وشَرابك البُكاء، فرُبما قَدِم بَشير القبول فارتَدَّ يعقوب الحزن بَصيرا، وإن مت في سَجَن شجَنِك فربما نابَ حُزن الدنيا عن حُزن الآخرة، وفي ذلك ربح عظيم.
- ابن الجوزي.

Is it the right time to rock the night away. Is it a swell time to go glindin' in a horse sleigh. It's snowing

It IS almost Christmas again. It’s nearly spring which means it’s almost summer and then Christmas season starts right after that. We should all just separate into different parts of the world where our favorite holiday or time of the year is everyday. I’ll choose Halloween island. 🤣

What did uni life tought u?

MalikShahryarJamshaid’s Profile PhotoMalik Shahryar Jamshaid
I never saw so much rollercoaster in my life, the way I saw it during my uni life. Every semester was a unique one and served a different purpose in my life. Life became so beautiful yet so tough in this period.
1. First semester was the very new beginning of uni time. Everyone interacted with classfellows, got to know each other, was worried for marks and everyone seemed so freindly untill final exams came. Exams unfolded who is really a friend and who isn't.
2. Second semester was the time when I started enjoying "hostel life". I became careless in studies, used to do hangouts, met many snakes in uni world. I got to know the bitter reality of society and of uni, met few people who were sweet from outside but bitter from inside.
3. Third semester was the most beautiful and turning point of my life. I lived my life to the fullest and I wish that semester lasted a little longer. It was winter semester and winters are love. I did a lot of adventures which I never did before in my life. My hostel life moment was also at it's peak. I used to do late night drives, hangouts, adventures, thrills, watch movies, dance, attend events and wasted a lot of money. I also met two beautiful persons at this phase of my life. I can't ever forget this semester ever.
4. I am currently in Fourth semester and only 9 days have passed since I stepped into this semester but it seems like this semester is already troubling me alot. It's hurting me alot. Although I met beautiful real friends from my class, who are really sincere but some memories from my last semester haunt me and the thought of not rewinding those memories hurt me a lot. I have no idea how this semester is gonna go but untill now it's breaking me.

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How's your day been so far? 😄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm having a really hard time sitting up today.. I keep being weak. Anywho I finished this blue heart gem nails last night and I'll try to do the nail that popped off my mom. Other than that I'll just be answering questions and adding to the wishlist on Amazon if I can 😇 I hope you're having a spectacular day! I've spent so long trying to send this one post out and keep getting communication error
Christina_Furby’s Video 174031102950

What are your plans for today? It is really warm here, with temperatures in the 60s, and the sky is so clear and pretty, it's giving spring🌷🌞I'm going to a picnic!🥰

Lovely! I hope you had a nice time. Yesterday I went to Liverpool with my boyfriend. We went to an Irish pub, then for a Chinese meal and finally to a gig. We watched a band called You Me at Six. I really appreciate my boyfriend coming along as he's not into the same music as me at all. It must be boring for him to stand around listening to live music he can't stand. 😅. I had fun, though. The venue was way too crowded but it was a fun night.

when is date night? have you been texting

I’m not feeling it, there’s something off about him so I’m going to bow out. He asks me out with a handwritten note though he’s never interacted with me, he didn’t know my name. He’s persistent with trying to get me to go out then goes radio silent/doesn’t chat in the interim? It’s weird, and I don’t know much about him anyways.

If you are in a relationship or married, what is your funniest memory together? 🤣 💘 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
We talked about this last night, but we both couldn’t find something concrete. 😂
We laugh every day about something! 😂

Do you have any local holidays or minor days of note? Today it's "fettisdagen" in Sweden, when it's tradition to eat a semla, a certain kind of pastry 🥐🇸🇪

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
We have a celebration on November 5 known as Guy Fawkes Night. Guy Fawkes was a terrorist who planne4d to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the 1600s in order to kill The King. He was found out and executed.
And to this day, we celebrate the fact that he didnt succeed by lighting fireworks and building bonfires and burning an effegy of him on the bonfire.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes! 💙🥳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
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I had a great day! My parents had rented a venue where we celebrated with the extended family! We ate some good food, including a blue princess cake! Am very happy with the gifts I got, new curtains for my place, a new lamp among a few other things. I was especially happy with a set of new really fancy D&D dice with a liquid core which I got from two faraway friends! The D20 especially is so cool and have now become my favorite to use! In the evening I invited a few friends over to my place for some drinks and Mario Kart, we were up loooong into the night! Then the day after I had a call with another faraway friend where she revealed a painting which she had made for me! Judging by the pictures, it looks so coool! She had it shipped to me and it actually arrived today! Have been away the whole day for studies but am very excited to open it once I get home and to eventually have it framed! 🥰🎁

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Thank you all for your birthday wishes

why you ain’t kiss my crazy ass yet? you know it makes me calm

Did you hear the story about the woman who kissed some guy she met at the bar, one night, but then woke up the next day with a giant rash on her face? Went to the doctors, turns out, dude she kissed was eating people. 😐

What is a habit others have that you cannot bear? 😬 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
PL: Ludzie często coś mówią, nie przemyślą tego, a potem siedzę przez to po nocach i dosłownie ryczę - nie płaczę, WYJĘ po nocach.
Kiedyś mama pokazała mi jeden cytat - „Zamiast mówić, co myślisz, zacznij myśleć, co mówisz ”.
Myślę, że każdy powinien stosować się do tych słów, życie byłoby wtedy piękniejsze.
ENG: People often say something without thinking it through, and then I sit up at night and literally cry - I mean, I don't just cry, I'M CRYING MY EYES OUT at night.
My mum once showed me one quote - "Instead of saying what you think, start thinking what you say."
I think if everyone follow these words, life would be more beautiful.

Is it important to have money to get girls ?

Absolutely not.
Actually I had more gfrs when I was broke tbh. When you’ve no money in your pocket and lots of time to kill your imaginations run wild and it becomes easier to be patient and play the game wisely. On the other hand when you’ve money (not inherited) it comes from effort. You don’t have enough time on your hands to go out of the way to impress a girl. You’d rather have a peaceful night than argue with someone over who’s right.

Last time u visited universal studios??

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photonicholas
Around summer 2018. I went to both the theme park as well as city walk. I'm talking about Hollywood and not Orlando. I'll day that I used to go with family in the 90s and 2000s and it used to be more of a family atmosphere back then. The place gets rowdy at night.

You have to marry the 10th person in your camera roll who are you marrying?

chocochipcookie984’s Profile PhotoBecky
If it's the tenth person then that's on photo #1 and it's a soprano opera singer from last night. That's a Yes from me ♥️
If it's the 10th photo then I'm marrying a cheesecake.
If it's the 10th photo which has people in it, then that's myself. I'm sure I'll be very happy together.

What are you doing on valentines day?

I am gonna wake up with the best feeling & excitement. Brush & bath. Then prepare me some nice breakfast. After that i am gonna get dressed nicely & head out to meet my love. I am gonna buy an English garden bouquet for her on the way. We are gonna carry that bouquet with us all day.
When i see her we are gonna kiss & i'll give her the flowers. After that we will head for lunch in a nice garden themed restaurant. On the way to the restaurant we will be holding hands in the london trains. We will have a nice lunch with loads of laughter. After that we'll probably watch a romantic love story based movie at the theater. We'll share one popcorn bag. We'll keep holding hands. Then after movies we'll go for a long walk alongside river thames. We'll talk and relive all the happy moments. Then we'll head to visit a nice coffee place where i'll give her the gift "Rose-Scented candles & a nice bracelet" i had bought for her. After that we'll head to her place. We are gonna cook us some noodles. We are gonna watch something on netflix together with some drinks. At night we'll make a lot of cuddles & love under the dim light & aroma of those scented candles. We are gonna stare at each other and say nothing until we fall asleep.
This is my valentines day plan if I am able to find a girl in 2 days otherwise you'll find me on my watching suits or some serial killer documentary.

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Do you think everyone needs friends irl (and not just online) no matter how busy or how much of an introvert they are or do you think online friendships are enough for those who aren’t that social?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
To each their own. Whatever works for them. I had many at work and private life, Once I started working night shifts, society became a blur to me... All of my friends moved on and I became a shadow. Most of my friends and even family have no idea what I do for a living... and it works better that way.
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During the winter, when days are shorter, do you ever wake up confused? That happens to me sometimes. I wake up and be like “is it 7 am or 7pm?” “Did I just wake up from a nap or did I sleep all night” idk, it’s always dark.

Not really, because I don’t nap and I’m a terrible sleeper. I’m up about four times in the night anyway. But I do find the darkness tough - and the constant rain?!? Not a vibe. I am more than happy to work my socks off, but not in the rain 😂
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During the winter, when days are shorter, do you ever wake up confused? That happens to me sometimes. I wake up and be like “is it 7 am or 7pm?” “Did I just wake up from a nap or did I sleep all night” idk, it’s always dark.

I don’t wake up with the thought whether it’s night, morning or evening, but rather if it’s still night or morning. I don’t take naps.

Worst holiday experiences. go!

IgnasBeniulis’s Profile PhotoIgnas
Went on a caravan trip with some mates, the lads got drunk and trashed the caravan every night (I'm talking smearing toothpaste and coco pops on the mirror, sand everywhere, just absolutely unnecessary stuff) and left it to me and the other gals to clean up, then mocked us and made out like we were being shrews for being a bit grouchy about it. Damn nearly left half way through the trip and just went home 😂

Welchen Charaktersong würdest du deinem demigod verpassen? 🎵🎧🎤

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ich hasse Musikfragen, weil ich einerseits picky af mit Musik bin und meinen eigenen Geschmack hab, aber andererseits will, dass die Musik zum Charakter, der Zeit und den Umständen passt. Genre, Beat, Lyrics. Lol. Anders gesagt, ich mach es mir selbst scheiße schwer und bin anstrengend. 😂 Nach diesem ersten Jammern, das wirklich sein musste, endlich die Antwort auf deine Frage, welches Lied der Charaktersong von Erin wäre:
Three Imaginary Boys von The Cure
Es war gar nicht so einfach, das richtige Lied unter all den The Cure Liedern Pre-1990 zu finden, denn die waren zum Großteil echt fucking dark oder Liebeslieder aus männlicher Sicht. Three Imaginary Boys ist es geworden, weil die ruhigen, teils melancholischen, irgendwie aber auch melodiösen Klänge zu Erins Charakter passen, aber auch, weil die Lyrics natürlich sehr Arsch auf Eimer sind.
Erins eigenes Mixtape würde also höchstwahrscheinlich wie folgt aussehen:
Three Imaginary Boys - The Cure
People Are Strange – Echo & the Bunnymen
Eighties – Killing Joke
Something In My House – Dead or Alive
At Night - The Cure
Invincible – Pat Benatar
Don’t look back – Fine Young Cannibals
Carousel – Siouxsie And The Banshees
Grinding Halt - The Cure
Strange Love – Depeche Mode
Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds
Seven Wonders – Fleetwood Mac
Atmosphere – Joy Division

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You and Maigua keep accusing each other. Have either of you considered that maybe it was someone besides the two of you sending the messages?

At first, I considered other people. I'm not saying who cause it doesn't matter anymore. Once I saw what I posted last night, I was 99% sure it was her, and I still am. You can't really argue with what I posted last night. Besides, what's so special about her that multiple "fake" accounts are made of her within a year? You anons say this about me, and she's not any more special or important, or interesting than me. The Facebook account has been gone for a couple of years, and we won't know who was actually behind it unless someone confesses, so I don’t know what the point is in continuing to talk about it. I don't care about it anymore, I'm over it.

Do y'all still get excited by the idea of handwritten letters, flower bouquets, necklaces, cute bead jewellery, chocolates, books, night drives, stargazing outings, winter rooftop dates, long walks, silly fights, shared study sessions, window shopping,and growing together?

Arslanmalik1’s Profile PhotoArslan Malik
I love this all🥺🥺
Kisko ni psnd hota ye.
And alhamdulilah I have experienced all of this, except for window shopping and growing together 😂

Post what makes you happy ✨️

MAIYDA’s Profile PhotoMaida Shafqat
Nature 🍃❤️
The morning breeze caresses my face, gentle whispers of dancing leaves, a chirping bird breaking the otherwise quiet atmosphere. In the stillness of the night, an old song plays in the distance as I read in my room. Dewdrops fall from leaves in the morning, butterflies gracefully hopping from one flower to another, and the wet grass energizes your soul as you walk. Nature's wonders are countless and ever-enchanting. ❤️

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

PreciousB0y’s Profile PhotoRaza
I was twelve years old when I saw a jin. I was sleeping and it was around 2 am at night. I remember seeing a dark, shadowy humanoid creature sitting on a sofa that was beside my bed. It had long hair, a muscular build and long claws. I screamed and woke up my mom. Years later, my mother told me that she saw that figure standing up and leaving the room. That's how I know that what I saw was not a dream.

While I truly understand parenthood ain't no easy task, I'll NEVEEER understand parents who ALWAYS complain about it. What were they expecting before they decided to have a kid? Did they not know that it would mean saying goodbye to all the parties, events, night outs, sleep, free time etc?

Knowing it and living it are 2 very different things, adjusting to losing all sense of self is hard and people are allowed to struggle with that and miss things about being a person before parenthood. If someone is always complaining the chances are they are struggling and need support, not judgement 💅🏻

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

PreciousB0y’s Profile PhotoRaza
Yes many times but the one that shaked my soul and I got 103 fever that night was one that happened 3 yeas ago.
So basically the scene started when I was at my nano's place (village) and late night I decided to go on rooftop as it was raining heavily and I'm a pluviophile. I went to rooftop and danced in the rain alone but after some time I saw my mamu (mama's brother) coming to me and he said "neechy ao uper kia kr rhi ho baarish mein" and he went down. After 2 3 minutes I also went down and found him sleeping like he never came to rooftop 2 mins ago. I shaked and asked him whether he came up and he said "No, raat ko is time uper koi nhi jata, or tum bhi kbhi na jana". That night I got 103 fever and after that I never went to nano's place for a night stay.
Ps: after that incident, my nano told me many stories of people getting scared in different ways when they go out or on rooftops after 7..8pm. I never believed these kind of stories until I experienced it myself.

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