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Do you almost always shop clothes in person or do you prefer shopping online and if you do shop online, do you frequently find yourself returning the clothes/being disappointed?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Always online. Never return. Almost always fits perfectly. Most of my clothes are collectors items or will be in the future so even if it doesn’t fit then I’m happy to have it and maybe it will fit at some point or I can have it altered.

Are they really your friend if they get upset or throw a fit when you critique their bad, toxic behavior (in a constructive manner)?

They probably are but have an issue with constructive criticism, perhaps because they aren’t used to it and they see it as something that’s negative. They probably have a fragile ego and see it as a blow to their self esteem when it’s really not.

In what way are you a survivor? 💪 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I’m a survivor for trying to fit in society whilst having a syndrome and being neurodivergent.
It’s hard and I’m chronically stressed, but we’ll see ✌️

Oo thanks for the heads up! I said: by covering up you keep your body to yourself and no one else. I don’t think that’s strange. It doesn’t have to be so that only the eyes are visible, it can be a loose fit that covers up most of the body too.

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
I understand all this, but being at the seaside, when everyone, including women, are bathing in swimsuits, and you see a woman in a black suit dressed as if she wanted not only to bathe but also to wash her clothes, it seems a bit strange to me. Don't you think that burkas should not be worn on the beach?

What to you do when it’s miserable outside

I keep on asking myself if there 's a place in this world I truly belong. It's like there's no place for me to fit in. I realized that the only way to find it is to make it by yourself.
Sometimes all I need is a little room with a blank paper and pen. A soft bed with pillow to cling on. I would love it even more if it's near a big glass window with enough coffee and silence.
I can finally say "It's good to be home."
What to you do when its miserable outside

Lol toate am trecut prin asta că nu s-s născut nimeni învățat. Nici eu după aproape 10 ani de când mă machiez nu am găsit un fond de ten 100% nuanța mea, dar aş recomanda maybelline fit me

Ba, eu ma machiez de la 15 ani tbh și n-am avut probleme cu asta, idee e ca depinde foarte mult și de îndemânarea pe care o ai sau dacă ai talent la desen de ex, ajuta și asta. Iar legat de nuanță exacta la fdt, ori trebuie sa fie un fdt cu 700 de nuanțe care sa le aibă pe toate, ori combini 2 nuanțe, ori îl ajustezi din pudra și contur etc

What's the reality of online relationships?

If you want to destroy yourself and your Akhirah, you will pursue such affairs. Else, a real man or woman will always go for Halal Nikaah. It's been more than a decade now since I started using social media. The people here are ready to sacrifice their faith, life, time, etc. for timepass. Those above 20 have already got a record of ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends. If you ask them, then they won't accept it. They'll say, "I never met someone who could understand me. That's why I never got into a relationship." A big LOL, all drama. They have destroyed their character. They can never be loyal to one person now. They don't know how to behave in a Halal relationship. Their expectations are fictional. Such people easily end up getting divorced. Talking to the opposite gender all the time, befriending them, sharing streaks, etc. All fake. It leads to nothing good.
Real gems are those who keep themselves protected against all such evil. Who keep their chastity and Haya intact. They are the best of the best. Those who commit Haram like that can never be trusted. I follow a lot of people online, but I trust none of them when it comes to this. They can not be trusted to be loyal. They will deceive and leave a permanent wound. Dozens of men and women came to me asking for help over the years. All of them suffered the same fate. They lowered their standards so much that they allowed anyone to use them and then discard them after they deemed fit.
I'll say this openly, if you want to be with someone, then approach them in a formal way through their Wali. Send your proposal. That's it. They can choose to accept or reject it.

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Keys are solutions. Yes? But life rarely gives you one though. It gives you locks the old ones that it has passed on to many. We try opening it the whole time we live, but never really do, or do we?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
That is a really interesting way to look at it, keys as solutions and life as a series of locks. I can see how it might feel like we are constantly trying to open doors that have been locked for centuries, using keys that may no longer fit or are just too worn down to be effective. But maybe the point isn't necessarily about finding the right key or unlocking every door we come across. Maybe it is more about recognizing that there are different types of locks in life - some will be easy to open, while others will require more effort, patience and creativity. And maybe sometimes we need to create our own keys rather than relying on ones that have already been used by countless others before us¿ – I think what matters most is not whether we succeed in opening every lock or discovering all of life's secrets but whether we stay curious and persistent and compassionate throughout the journey cause even if some doors remain closed forever, there will always be new ones waiting for us just around the corner. 🌻

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> (having failed in previous attempts, sage takes a different approach) you look amazing btw - Thanks Sage! 💗 We know our jeans fit well but we were afraid that our belts aren't red enough for you. We got frisky. Kandy spilled whiskey. Always risqué, never passé... Wanna take some secret pictures? 🤣

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
At least Sage has great taste. 🤣
I did spill a little whiskey. Let me help clean you up, Lexy. 😋🤣💗

Czy Polska powinna opuścić UE i dołączyć do ZBiRów?

O zbirach i ludobójcach z Izraela piszesz? Kiedy palenie w chanukowym, poliniańskim parlamencie chanuki za wolontariusza któremu na łeb spadła o dziwo, (szok), nie ruska tylko izraelska bomba? Wylizałaś już dziś jakąś dupę żyda szanowna koleżanko? Oczywiście że tak, powinniśmy opuścić eurokołchoz owładnięty zieloną ideologią eurolewaków, (czyt. ,,szaleńców). My jako Konfederacja mówimy jasno i stanowczo POLEXIT, już, teraz nie ma na co czekać, nie można dopuścić żeby eurodebile i ukrofile zamknęli polskie rolnictwo i nakarmili nas ,,zdrową", (oczywiście w prześmiewczym znaczeniu) żywnością z ukrainy, która już mnie struła dzięki czemu muszę jeździć po dermatologach nakarmoiny tym zydowsko-stepowskim syfem. Jeśli eurodebil mi mówi że nowy dom rodziców, ocieplony i spełniający nawet normę ,,eko", posiadający fotowoltaikę i który po wprowadzniu zapisów ,,Fit for 55", będzie zwyczajnie nielegalny i jakiś urzędnik ludowy będzie mnie zmuszał do remontu tego domu, to nie pozostanie mi nic innego jak złapać go za mordę i wypierniczyć z ojczyzny, bo działa na moją niekorzyść finansową i tyle. Unia Europejska to są wariaci, pomyleńcy, rosjanie i chińczycy tylko czekają by ci geniusze wprowadzili ,,zielony ład", z tej racji że bez jednego wystrzału ani bez użycia ani jednej rakiety wy szabes goje zwyczajnie upadniecie. Reasumując tylko POLEXIT i sojusz z wszystkimi krajami które zaoferują nam korzystne ceny surowców czy intratne umowy handlowe. Amerykanie z kolei mają was Polaków za neptyków z tego wzgledu że wy owładnięci ideologią, kupujecie świadomie 4x drożej a bogacenie nie polega na kupowaniu 4x drożej tylko 4x taniej hahahah. Wy szabes goje maczane w sikach!

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самую полезную вещь, которую вы покупали? 🖤

Welcome to my world
Если не брать телефон и смарт часы (жду третью модель Huawei Watch Fit (так как у меня вторая версия, но обещали выпустить третью)), то это наверное гарнитура. Да-да, именно она. Почему? Можно спокойно подключить к девайсу (телефону или ноутбуку) по Bluetooth. Что ещё радует, то это автономная работа. Опять же, модели наушников бывают всякие. Себе же хочу взять A 22 TWS Bluetooth 5.2 с индикатором заряда. Или какую-то модель похожую на ту, что выше упомянул, (но ещё с микрофоном). Так что время за передовыми технологиями.
And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 01/04/24
Time: 16:13
самую полезную вещь которую вы покупали

A man in NYC is suing women for defamation of character for posting about him on a Facebook group. When does gossip become defamation? https://us.yahoo.com/news/subject-dating-same-guy-posts-203627179.html

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNeo
Sharing personal experiences you’ve had with another person isn’t gossip if it actually happened to the person sharing the experiences imo 🤷‍♀️ and when numerous people have had the same or similar negative experiences with the same person, that seems pretty unlikely that it’s just gossip imo 🤷‍♀️ and it’s usually the ones who aren’t actually truly being defamed that throw a public hissy fit imo 🤷‍♀️
Moreover, if people can post reviews about restaurants and other businesses why can’t we post reviews about people too? As long as it’s not clearly just shitposting or revenge posting, who cares? Could help you find your perfect match for all you know lmao.
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I'm getting very anxious even in the state of fast too. What should I do?. I have a lot of negative thinking in my mind. How to cope with it?

Recite Allahs name. If you cannot continue your fast due to medical reasons try completing this and dont fast onwards until you are fit.
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Does it annoy you if someone falls in really good with a group rapidly if it took you a long time to do so?

RecordsAreBetter’s Profile PhotoWill
No, it wouldn’t annoy me as much as it would make me envy that person since I have a hard time feeling heard and understood in groups and seeing someone else easily fit into a group that I worked really hard to fit into and feel comfortable in is hard to come to terms with emotionally. As long as I’m confident in myself and don’t feel left out, that’s all that really matters to me.

I'm really curious, is high cholesterol such a common issue? Do you have it? I mean, I'm not surprised I have it, but my friend got her results this morning.This is a woman who hasn't touched fast food, deep-fried food, sugar, or soda in over a decade, is fit, and physically active and she has it...

Cholesterol takes into account your whole life, not just 10 years. Or sometimes can run in families.
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Can you be my Anastasia Steel?

Tbh, I don’t think she was a great fit for the 50 shades of grey series since I felt little to no chemistry between the main characters and she never seemed genuinely interested in her partner. Christian Grey was great tho and his acting skills were amazing.

" isolate as much as you want to become stronger , even if you see that loneliness is an bearable hell , it is much better than multiple masks of humans "

Isolation can sometimes feel like the only way to focus on self-growth, but it's essential to find a balance.
Loneliness can indeed be tough, but wearing masks to fit in isn't healthy either. Authenticity matters.
It's about finding genuine connections while also nurturing your own strength and individuality.

Czy po wprowadzeniu w Warszawie Fit for 55 samoloty na Okęciu też będą elektryczne?

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
Myślałem nad balonami, jako przyszłością europejskich liniczych, ale zapomniałem że balony kochanie też są przecież emisyjne z racji tego że ogrzewają powietrze pokładowymi butlami z helem więc też odpadają! Zostają nam więc w naszym umiłowanym i bogatym ,,zielonym ładzie", lotnie, to tanie zerowoemisyjne statki powietrzne, które z pewnością spodobają się wszystkim lewakom! Każdy obywatel Europy, chcący przemieszczać się po świecie drogą powietrzną, będzie musiał odbyć specjalny kurs zarówno z samego lotu, jaki z nawigacji, by bezpiecznie dotrzeć do celu, (rzecz jasna ze środków własnych)! Niedługo zaś, usłyszymy od eurokołchozowych komisarzy ludu że klozety które mamy w naszych łazienkach też są ,,emisyjne", więc będzie trzeba je wymienić na nowe, czekać tylko aż w tym ,,Getta Europa", zakażą mieszkańcom pierdzieć! Buenos dias w niedzielę!

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Czy po wprowadzeniu w Warszawie Fit for 55 samoloty na Okęciu też będą

Why do you always knee or kick our nuts? Can u pick another parts of our body? Ladies please justify!😢😭😤😳

He's right. Ladies you got to diversify to ensure safely. Know how to locate kidneys. Your front two knuckles will fit into an eyesocket. If you grab the nose or ears firmly & twist you can pull them off surprisingly easy. A sharp hit to the knee, front or back, is devasting. Stay safe loves 💕
Why do you always knee or kick our nuts Can u pick another parts of our body

Mal eine sehr direkte Frage, falls das nicht zu pietätlos ist: Wie ist das eigentlich mit Querschnittslähmung und Thromboserisiko? Ich habe schon ein wenig recherchiert, aber würde gerne mal aus erster Hand wissen, was du so für konkrete Maßnahmen dagegen ergreifst, wenn du es tust.

RyoMcCauley’s Profile PhotoTyler Durden
Genau so wie Dekubitusprophylaxe und alles andere: 24/7 bewusst darauf achten. Wobei Thrombosegefahr glaub ich in der Akutphase am höchsten ist. Zumindest durfte ich mich erst nach sechs Wochen behutsam aufsetzen und musste vier Monate lang Kompressionsstrümpfe tragen. Langfristig muss ich weder das noch Meds schlucken. Mich so fit wie möglich halten und gesund essen ist halt meine Lebensversicherung. Zudem bin ich mit Anfang dreißig auch noch relativ jung.
Thrombose rennt im Arbeitsspeicher einfach mit, ohne dass ich groß nachdenke was zu tun ist. Wichtig ist mMn die richtige Sitzposition, schonend für Becken- und Beinvenen, nichts abklemmen und so. Richtige Rollstuhleinstellungen. Nicht zu lang die Beine überkreuzen. Passende Kleidung tragen. Die Frau nach 5min von der Schoß werfen. Tasten ob die Zehen im Schuh richtig ausgestreckt sind. Sagt sich alles leicht aber ich spüre unterhalb der Taille nichts also auch nicht die Lage der Gelenke oder plötzliches Kribbeln.
Zudem bewege ich mich tagsüber regelmäßig durch. Druckentlastung, Stretching, Sport, Stehtraining, Physio-Übungen etc. das hilft denke ich auch gegen Thrombose. Der Körper will sich ja bewegen und wenn ich zu lang in der selben Position bin, meldet er mir das idR auch durch Spastik.
Also momentan denk ich ist das keine große Gefahr. Aber mal schauen wie es in 30 Jahren wird. Kenne einen, der musste sich mit 61 in die Beckenvenen Stents einsetzen lassen, obwohl er eigentlich top fit ist.
(Und wenn unsere erste + einzige Interaktion nicht darin besteht, dass du mich an der Supermarktkasse fragst wie ich Séx habe, stören mich Fragen dazu gar nicht! Freut mich wenn es dich interessiert.)

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Hast du Tipps, die dir selbst gegen starke Erkältungsinfekte gut geholfen haben? (Außer viel schlafen, Vitamin c und viel trinken)

Eine schöne Shisha mit Ingwer Minz Zitronen Tee in der Bowl und im Kopf immer so orange reingetan und dann geraucht nach 1 STUNDE HAST DU NIX MEHR BIST FIT WIE EIN HANDSCHUH

Do you wear boots? And if you do does the leg fit exactly in it or there is a small space between the side of the boot and your skin on the leg?I only ask cause I want to know if boots are a good fit for my legs and I have never worn boots before

Yes, I wear boots . . . . always , but not in bed, nor in the house . . .
For a correct & complete answer to YOUR QUESTION . . . . post a photo of your boots , as worn by YOU , on you . . . . better still a gif or short vid , full screen , dancing a wee jig !
And I will give expert appraisal and advice . . .
This will also be specific , whether you be male or female ; whether the boots be low, mid, or higher/calf-top-length ~ like riding boots . . . or , , even thigh length . . . or even higher ~ maybe even , like ; puss-in-the-boots !
I wear these illustrated . . . . they are easy ~ get the right size & tie as comfortable ; the top 2 pairs of rings are not rings , but open ~ the 'fancy' laces will snap at around 6 months ~ make sure you have a spare set & if soccer-boot laces they'll last a year !
And then there are welly-boots (no laces!)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLqaMtIInJMigotamatch’s Video 173940750458 fLqaMtIInJMigotamatch’s Video 173940750458 fLqaMtIInJM

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Do you wear boots And if you do does the leg fit exactly in it or there is a

هل تنازلت مُجبرًا عن بعض أحلامك وطموحاتك، حتى تعيش واقعك؟

Those have been forcefully cut down from me because simple minded people cannot grasp the idea of greatness and creativeness and i have been pulled to live in what they deemed fit to be my reality.

What do you think is your most creative ability?

In my (humble) opinion, my most creative ability is making Pixel Arts.
I have always enjoyed making them. And the bet thing is- I have made them for more than 10 years.
Many people think that Pixel Arts are inferior to Arts. Truth is, both of them are unique in their own way. The style that is used when creating them is quite admirable, and even the smallest of pieces can have big impact on the viewers.
For me, the best thing about Pixel Arts is the way they are made. One addition is capable of making them nicer. And one (accidental) addition is capable of ruining them.
Bonus content can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the way you use it. I have always tried to use content that would fit in the current Pixel Art, but if there is nothing that would work, one has to improvise.
Of course, I am rambling once again. To finish it off, I will say that making Pixel Arts is like a way of life for yours truly. And I think that it will be this way for many, many years.

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Co zrobić z tatuażami, które przestały się już podobać, lub zatatauowenej osobie po latach na dupie z różyczki wyszła kapusta?

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
Zawsze można usunąć. Nie ma co prawda pewności, że tatuaż zostanie usunięty w całości, ale jest pewność, że będzie bolało bardziej niż samo jego wykonanie 😅można też po prostu zamaskować ten nudny, stary tatuaż jakąś nową super dziarka.
A z róży na tyłku, która stała się kapusta można zrobić jakąś fit sałatkę dla właścicielki- wyjdzie na zdrowie 😇

Shout-out: where’s your go-to place to shop (whether it’s online or inside an actual store)?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
I never do online shopping when it comes to clothes since I have to try them on first to see if they’ll fit so I don’t have to worry about returning them again but when it comes to jewelry, I’m fine with online shopping and I usually shop at Pandora or go to a jeweler in person. The last jeweler that I went to was in Turkey and I ended up getting a bracelet from there that I wear everyday now. For clothes, I like the brands LC Waikiki or Collin’s (which are both brands you can find in Turkey). My mom also gets me clothes from Costco sometimes and they’re usually good quality clothes that last me a long time.

How do you go about keeping a good posture? 🚶‍♀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That's a very good question! Let me explain it:
I don't. 😄
The last six months were so exhausting, I stopped hitting the gym and keeping track of anything that could be good for my body in any way. The only activity were the doggo-walks.
But (!) I have some exercises that I want to start doing again. For example: Pressing your back against the wall and stretching your neck, while pushing your chin down to your chest - without losing contact to the wall, of course. Tense your belly muscles while pressing against the wall and try to press as much skin against it as possible. Do it a few times during the day, hold it some time (I have no idea for how long exactly; I do it for like... a minute or sth.?) and that's it. What I did as a child: my grandma made a game out of balancing a book at the top of our heads. It worked wonders.
Another exercise is: Laying flat on your belly and holding a towel with strechted arms above your head, while facing the floor; don't move your head in any other direction. Hold the towel with both hands at a distance that your head could fit in there and then pull the towel outwards, while tensing your whole body and lifting your feet and shoulders as if there was a string attached. Keep your head facing down while doing so. Hold it for a minute. You'll feel this in your whole back. :D and the rest of your body. Hell, I felt it in every fiber when I first started it, as I was very stiff and had to start with baby steps again.
These are three very simple exercises that fit in every time schedule. I mean... i could've done all of them instead of writing this answer. 😄
Oh, and I hope that my way of explaining is understandable. I can imagine that one have absolutely no clue what I've tried to describe. Maybe I I'll find a tutorial (if necessary) that I could attach to the answer. :)
And sorry for any errors or spelling mistakes that could impede the reading flow.

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Have you ever bought something big, like furniture, that didn't fit through the door?

I thought that my desk couldn’t fit through the door in my old house when we (as a family) moved to another house because my dad couldn’t get the desk out of the room but it turns out that the desk wasn’t too big after all, it was my dad that was so anxious the day we were moving that he couldn’t think of other ways to get the desk out of my room. All it took was a little tilting and the desk was out 😅

Are people really going through tough challenges in life or do they just like to whine about everything? Like, deliberately creating problems? To fit in or be relatable? How could everyone's life be a mess?

mis_e4’s Profile Photoum?
Whining 80%, reality 20% Everyone is 'depressed' over here, and everyone is the sufferer over here, apparently.

Are people really going through tough challenges in life or do they just like to whine about everything? Like, deliberately creating problems? To fit in or be relatable? How could everyone's life be a mess?

mis_e4’s Profile Photoum?
I wonder that too, sometimes. But I keep to myself thinking maybe, just maybe, someone truly struggling finds it comforting and, even if momentarily, it could be a lifeline for them.

Lubisz kisiel? Masz jakiś ulubiony smak?

Dla mnie kisiel to glut ledwo do przełknięcia. A nawet nie, bo mam odruch wymiotny jak próbuję to zjeść.
Tak samo jak chciałam być nieco bardziej fit i jeść owsiankę...
Nie byłam w stanie tego przełknąć 🥲 Nie wiedziałam, czy się śmiać czy płakać xd

Heute mal eine Reverse Götterfunken-Frage… was wären die göttlichen Elternteile von anderen OCs, die du geschaffen hast, würde es sie ins PJO verschlagen. (Und weil ich die Frage wirklich spannend finde ist sie direkt mal auch an Nicht-Teilnehmende gerichtet. 😉)

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Disclaimer: Percy Jackson ist vollkommen an mir vorbeigegangen. Ich hab' absolut gar keine Ahnung von irgendwas. :D Das basiert hier alles auf dem schnell ergoogelten "Riordan Wiki"...und vibes. (Und auf Hades. Dem Videospiel.)
Aber liebe die Frage. Liebe Liebe Liebe.
🎴 Takuya
Hypnos. Takuya würde sich freuen, das würde zumindest erklären warum er so 'ne faule Ader hat.
🥃 Ambrose
..........Dionysus. Hat jetzt keiner kommen sehen, oder? Prost. (listen ich weiß dass das eher gegen canon geht, aber das ist mir jetzt einfach mal egal, ich bin hier nur tourist)
🎤 Mercedes
Apollo. Hier haben wir wirklich einfach nur vibes, aber nachdem ich seinen Wiki-Eintrag überflogen habe...ja, doch, das sehe ich so, nehmen wa.
Demeter. Vielleicht lehne ich mich da zu sehr ins Mutter-Klischée, auf der anderen Seite gibt es das ja nicht ohne Grund.
🥊 Shixin
Athena! Für die Weisheit, und weil ich mir gut vorstellen kann, dass Shixin aus einer *Verbindung des Geistes* entstanden ist. (oder eine chinesische Gottheit: zhōng kuí (~vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings~))
🥇 Enid
Hecate. More vibes, aber diesmal sogar basiert auf irgendwas: ich werde nicht als erster Mensch Kontrolle über Dunkelheit und Blindheit kombiniert haben, aber immerhin habe ich es kombiniert!
🌲 Yrjö
...das Wiki sagt mir nordische Götter gehen auch, da nehm' ich da bei Yrjö doch ganz eiskalt (haha) Ullr. Gott des Winters, der Jagd...und des Skifahrens? Ist das schon wieder ein Klischée, weil Yrjö Finne ist? Jah, aber es gibt eben keinen Gott der konstanten Eurovision-Hits.
💉 Malkhaz
Aphrodite. For rather obvious reasons, und aus dem noch viel offensichtlicheren Grund dass Malkhaz' ganzes Ding das Aussehen Anderer zu verändern ist. Und die eine Sache die ich über PJO-Aphrodite weiß ist, dass niemand weiß wie sie wirklich aussieht, weil sie sich dem anpasst was ihr Gegenüber schön findet. Perfect fit. :D
(und nur ein einziges extra, weil's mir sofort in den sinn kam...
🔪 Insu: Nemesis. for revenge is paramount.
(und dann müsste seine schwester eigentlich auch Nemesis kriegen weil ich mich weigere die beiden zu splitten...wobei eigentlich Asclepius besser zu Inhwa passt))
(...okay, doch noch ein extra, weil ich chinesische gottheiten cool finde, und da schon mal drüber nachgedacht habe:
🐍 Chunbai: Báidì (guess why(te))
🐅 Xuebao: Gònggōng (wassergott und general menace - "he is destructive and is blamed for various cosmic catastrophes")
🐇 Yingqi: Cháng'é (göttin des mondes - samt jadekaninchen)

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Say you got some money to remodel your space, whether that be your house, apartment, room etc., what'd you wanna do exactly? 🖼️🔨

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
All the money that we have is going to the renovation! We've set up our room in the children's room because it was quicker to do than the other bedroom, because it has two radiators and a balcony! The beige one is childrens room where I'm sleeping now, it's missing some final touches like.. to dye the frame around the door, which needs to be done in summer. Otherwise, good to go! 😁
The other bedroom, we just finished laying the floor, as you can see the last two things are missing - skirting boards for the floor and ceiling. Oh and the door frame.
The only other thing to be done in living room, I want to change the floor, I loathe it, we have it for about a year and it's already puffed up. The floor is going to be the same as in the blue room 😁 and I'd also want to buy furniture for the living room, I've been looking for quite a while and I don't see furniture that would fit my needs. I definitely want to change it asap.

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Say you got some money to remodel your space whether that be your house

Хорошо своего кота кормишь?

Вы затронули мою любимую за последний месяц тему.
Думаю, неплохо, ибо сам не поем, а кот сыт и накормлен. У него всегда стоит миска с сухим кормом - когда захочет, тогда подойдёт и поест - и со свежей водой (кот дистиллированную пьёт , в отличие от хозяина). Миску с влажным ставлю перед ним с утра и вечера; пока выдавливаю корм, штук 15 мявков слышу - так сильно жаждет влажного корма. Да и ест маленькая пушистая обжорка немало. Съест влажный, закусит сухим, а после ещё с глазами кота из «Шрек» подойдёт к трапезничающему мне - и совершенно неважно, насколько подходящей для 🐈‍⬛ или вкусной пищей я наличествую. Всё равно выпрашивает, лезет на колени. Кусает, если какую-нибудь вредную чипсу ему не дали.
Вообще, на кормовом рационе его держу. Пока что это «Whiskas» (выбрал его, ибо других кормов для котят попросту не было в магазине; изначально хотел “Perfect Fit“ взять, но он имелся только для кастрированных), а в ближайшем будущем планирую перевести Барса на корм premium-класса - «Deliсаna» - вкупе с паштетами. По словам крёстной, этот корм предотвращает мочекаменную болезнь, которая так свойственна котам. Хочу сделать для него как лучше.
Совмещать корм и натуральную пищу, как почитал и понял от знакомых обладателей котов, не стоит. Однако всё же иногда коту удаётся выпросить столь любимую сметану (2 столовые ложки за раз может съесть - Барсик, 3 месяца…) и колбасу (ещё бы, на «Финский сервелат» у меня едва ли не такая же реакция). Вчера фрикаделькой из супа угостился. Наверное, неправильно я делаю, поддаваясь на его провокации. А может, ничего страшного в этом нет, ибо сие - редкость и в количестве пары кусочков в пару миллиметров - когда давал 2 ложки сметаны, ещё не знал о нерекомендуемом совмещении.

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Хорошо своего кота кормишь

Wie war dein Januar 2024?

Ende Dezember hatte ich ne Entzündung, bei der erst Anfang Januar klar wurde, dass sie nicht operiert werden musste. Dann hatte ich eine Bangerwoche in Berlin, in der ich aber auch unglaublich gestresst war, weil ich Zukunftspanik geschoben habe und mich orientieren musste. Hat relativ gut geklappt (relativ). Dann hatte ich wieder Stress mit Ämtern, weil sie schon wieder meine Papiere einfach nicht bekommen haben und statt mich zu kontaktieren einfach bis zur letzten Sekunde gewartet haben.
Na ja, und seit so Ende der ersten Januarwoche habe ich eine Virusinfektion, wegen der es mir erst ewig morgens und nachts mit'm Kreislauf schlecht ging. Weil ich ungern das mindset "krank vs nichtkrank" habe, habe ich das Beste draus gemacht und als es mir wieder gut genug ging vor einer Woche endlich zwei Freunde getroffen, nur um am nächsten Tag mit Fieber und kompletten Programm zusammenzuklappen.
Geht langsam wieder besser, aber seit gestern habe ich auch eine Nasennebenhöhlenentzündung. Ich hoffe, irgendwann einfach wieder fit genug fürs Unterwegssein zu sein, ich habe enormen Tatendrang und fiebere der Fitheit entgegen.
Aber so... in der ersten Woche habe ich wieder viel tolle Sachen gemacht und einigen Freunden endlich meinen Lieblingsstummfilm (Way Down East von 1920) gezeigt c:. Aber mein Januar war gefüllt von Filme sehen, zocken, mehr zocken, viel lesen, meinen Roman planen und mit meinem Partner viel Zeit zu verbringen, offline und online.
Ich lerne enorm viel Französisch gerade und es fühlt sich gut an, da voranzukommen. Ich will aber endlich arbeiten und einen Job finden und dazu muss ich dann wieder in der Lage sein, mein Haus zu verlassen. So weit bin ich leider immer noch nicht. Aber ich lass mich nicht unterkriegen (meistens). :)
Oh, und im Zuge meiner dicken Auseinandersetzung mit Französisch habe ich eine Sängerin entdeckt, die ich sofort ins Herz geschlossen habe. c: (Und Cosmo Sheldrakes neue Singles sind wieder mal so toll!)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlGoeufNhcEGismolo’s Video 175318421682 DlGoeufNhcEGismolo’s Video 175318421682 DlGoeufNhcE
Aber ja, offen gesagt will ich gerade weniger konsumieren, auch nicht tolle Kunst, und habe eine enorme Sehnsucht nach sozialen Interaktionen und Aktionen in der Natur. Kunst ist schön und gut, aber nur die intrinsische Seite des Erfahrens und Teilens, wenn man so will. Ich persönlich kann nicht so viele Abenteuerfantasyfilme sehen wie Herr der Ringe oder Fluch der Karibik, um mal coole Mainstreamtitel zu nennen, und mich nicht albern fühlen, das so zu fühlen, ohne selbst auf meine eigenen kleinen Abenteuer zu gehen. Rauszugehen, die Natur zu bestaunen, nicht nur durch den Bildschirm oder das Buch. Einfach im Jetzt sein.
Darin bin ich... ganz okay. Nur raus will ich. Raus raus raus. Habe mich noch nie so sehr auf den kalten Februar gefreut wie jetzt - auch wenn's einer Freude nach Morgen entspricht. I do what I can.

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Gismolo’s Video 175318421682 DlGoeufNhcEGismolo’s Video 175318421682 DlGoeufNhcE

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