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An honest opinion. If you have to decide between two, who will you choose? The one who loves you or the the one who you love? 🥱

hashamabbacy’s Profile PhotoHashaamm
With a heavy heart, I shall discard them both and turn my focus to my life goals and growth. For love is but a fleeting masquerade, a mere facade to distract us from achieving our life goals. Once success is won all the love in the world is served on silver plated by the obedient and deserved. Thus, pursue your own path, unencumbered by the distractions of love, confident in the knowledge that your aspirations and ambitions are leading you toward a bright and fulfilling future.

Как вы относитесь к тому что молодое поколение перестало уважать старших? И почему это произошло?

adalat2018’s Profile PhotoAdalat Aliev
respect is based not on the age difference, but on the personal qualities of a person, his ability to think soberly and clearly, make balanced and fair decisions, the ability to take responsibility for his actions and for the fate of other people, showing empathy for people, for the ability to compromise to achieve common goals, for selfless help to others people. this is something that people can respect, and if these qualities are not there, then age is just one of the signs of a person, like gender or race.
Как вы относитесь к тому что молодое поколение перестало уважать старших И

Do ppl actually ever meet ppl on here or just random anonymous conversations?

Both scenarios can occur depending upon what your goals are. Personally I do not consider askfm a dating site and I would never use it as such; however, I have had private conversations with askfm users on askfm and other applications like whatsapp, instagram, Tumblr, discord and VK. The issue I have with private conversations is they can get to invasive and intimate unless you establish boundaries. One of the boundaries I have set is to never have a romantic relationship online or particpate in sexting, video chats or sharing photographs (selfies, etc).
You have to decide how you want to utilize askfm and what your objectives and end goal is. I have know several married couples who met on askfm and I also know people who have cheated on their husbands and have used askfm to act out their sexual fantasies. To each his or her own.
What I personally enjoy using askfm for is to post poems, music, and quotes while also answering well formed questions. I am always on the search for excellent writers who are willing to communicate with me and exchange ideas. Using askfm to meet women for a romantic fling is of no interest to me. So each askfm user has their unique reasons and motives for using this application. Only you can decide how you want to utilize askfm.
Hopefully this helps. /Alex

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Who is someone you admire and why?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Zargham Ali
My Father.
What I admire about Dad is his resilience, his perseverance, his work-ethic, his rationality, and his unending love and support. there isn’t a single day where Dad isn’t joking around, laughing or smiling. It would be easy, even acceptable, if he was an angry, bitter, or broken man. But there is not even an ounce of resentment or regret. He's so calm and passionate about his goals & our goals. He is the only person I admire the most, and I aspire to be like him. My dad never gives up!

What are some goals you have for yourself, this 2023? ☺️🎉🥂

@JoyouslyJoanna Figured I'd tag you, since this also answers a similar question you sent 😊
Last semester was quite intense for me, studying a course in political science at 100% speed while also writing my thesis. Now all of that is behind me and I'm now looking forward to a more chill semester. I'll be taking a course in CAD at 25% speed starting next week and one in graphical design at 50% speed starting in March. I also aim on working a bit on the side. I want to put more effort on keeping up a good workout schedule and get better at cooking. I've recently become a movie foreman at the student organization I'm active in. So another goal of mine is to make some real nice after movies and commercials 🎬🏊🍳
What are some goals you have for yourself this 2023

Good morning sweet beautiful girl with honey. How are you enjoying?

Thanks and the day has been good to me so far. Thank God. I love you all! Good day to you all! Be safe and reach for your goals guys! My last question I am answering for a few weeks! Y'all leave me some questions and I will answer! If anyone wants my Snapchat! IF I KNOW YOU... I will give it. Message me a question asking for it and I just may add you! Let's stay in touch! Stay happy! Keep positive! Touch the sky! ❤ Sweet Bella 😊
Good morning sweet beautiful girl with honey How are you enjoying

How was 2022 for you then?

A rollercoaster of a year. This year will remain very important & memorable for me. Made the worst and best memories possible!
Moved to my own space, made many friends, socialized like never before, had many adventures and took loads of risks but don't regret any, changed my personality to a 180 degree, embraced my extrovert self, achieved a few of my goals from my bucket list, fixed my career & studies, traveled solo, explored different industries & gained practical exposure and experience which I lacked etcetera! 🌼🌼🌼

هتعملو ايه في السنه الجديده 2023♥️

I think a lot of things, I hope I can achieve my goals and be better than this year. I want to be more successful and I don't want anything bad to affect me.l want to be fine.

How do you cope when everyone is doing well and you are not?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
It doesn't matter. When you struggle with life - you struggle. What does it help to look right and left? If I am unhappy I try to work harder on my goals to not stagnate in my current situation. You need to move out of it.

Guys, I'm asking a very serious Q is liye mazak nahi urana he kisi ne idhar. But, can ya'll just fall In love with someone jise aap ne sirf baat krte suna he kisi se. You've never seen or met them. You just know how they think and their perspective towards life and other stuff. Does this make sense?

People fall out from this type of love pretty soon. Love is not just about being attracted to somebody's thought it requires understanding and commitment to stay by their side no matter how hard things get. There should be practical elements in it too like similarities of future dreams and goals which gives it an extra positive edge. You have to talk give it sometime see how their thinking plays in your life and consider if you can really invest all you have with that person

كيف تتغلبوا على شعور الوحدة

انا هخاطب في ال Answer ده الرجال :
ثلاثة أشياء بيخلوا الراجل مكتئب :
- عدم وجود goals .
- عدم وجود مسؤلية .
- عدم وجود أصدقاء .
لو معندكش الثلاث أشياء ديه أعرف إنك كده كده يا إما مكتئب يا إما هتكتئب .

هو انا مهندس وعندي 25وشويه بس لسه ببدأ تكوين نفسي بحكم سنين للكليه والجيش وكده بس حاسس اني كبرت او متأخر وبجد مش عارف اعمل ايه

لو بتتكلم ع بدايتك للكارير بتاعك ف دا غصب عنك و مش كل من بدأ صغير نجح والعكس،اهم حاجه يبقي عندك طموح وانك عايز تعمل حاجه وتسعالها وتبقي result oriented mindset person،يعني مهما قابلك عوائق انت حاطط goals لنفسك وماشي ع steps معينه لو الدنيا اتشالت واتحطت مش هترجع ف طريقك غير لما تحقق اللي عايزه،لو المسأله مسأله تأخير ع الجواز ف عايزه اقولك أن السن المناسب للراجل هو سن ال ٣٠فيما فوق، ومش انا اللي بقول ده،لو ولد اتجوز بدري عن كدا ف هو مرفه وأهله ساعدوه، ف متحسش انك ف سباق،الجواز بالذات عايز تأني،والظروف الحاليه صعبه ع الكل،انت حاول واشتغل واعمل اللي عليك وربنا بيرزق ع النوايا،هيبعتلك من جميل رزقه سواء كانت عروسه أهلها ناس متفهمين مش طمعانين او شغل حلال تقدر تكون نفسك منه،الحوار كله متمثل فيك،يا تشد و تروح وتجي عشان تلاقي شغل يا تقعد تندب وتقول اصل واصل والظروف والدنيا،احسن الظن بالله أنه شايلك رزقك،هتبدأ بقا ف سن ال ٢٥ ولا ال ٤٠ مش فارقه،كله مقدر ومكتوب

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I want to know the truth that why my ex left me. I want closure. I am not feeling good without closure. Should i ask him?

Why would you put someone on a pedestal that high? You aren't feeling good without closure but you're definitely gonna feel worse after that. He left you because he fell out of love with you. And that's not a bad thing. You fall out of love because your ideas, interests, goals no longer match. You fall out of love because you are not emotionally compatible with someone. You fall out of love because the other person isn't feeding your toxicity or you aren't feeding theirs.
Nobody is wrong or worthless here.
What you need to do now is avoid falling into these temporary relationships and focus on your own mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Nobody else is gonna tell you why they no longer found you worthy of their love. Chances are, he himself isn't mature and aware enough to give you a proper answer so he's just gonna make up stuff.

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How to stay motivated towards goals???

LoveSahi57087’s Profile PhotoLove Sahi
Motivation for a goal doesn't always come from the goal itself. Motivation and action are interlinked with each other; they work in a loop.
Sometimes when you think about actions that are required to achieve a certain goal, you think it's too much work, as a result you end up doing nothing.
DO SOMETHING, GET OUT OF YOUR BED. MAKE YOUR BED, DO SOME CHORES. Just don't paralyze yourself, that would generate motivation, yes action is the cause of motivation!
You don't always need a motivation to make an impact.

What is it that makes a woman decide that a guy is right for her or worthy of an opportunity to sweep her off her feet?

CWC1988’s Profile PhotoCWC1988
Based upon my own experience I would say:
- physical attraction
- personality
- sense of humor
- common interests
- a sense of connectedness, belonging and safety
- a belief that you have the capacity to provide for her and any future family
- women like men who are intelligent, creative, problem solvers and ambitious
- a man who has reasonable goals
- excellent communication skill
- empathetic, sensitive, caring and respectful
- honest, ethical and loyal
- a man who sincerely loves her and demonstrates his love every day with thoughtful words and good deeds
- a man who loves children, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless and treats all people with kindness
- a man who is well groomed
- a man with common sense who makes wise decisions and good investments
- a man who is capable and can repair things and build things like a deck, patio, electrical wiring plumbing, etc
- a man who is well read and well bred.
- in short, a man who says what he means and means what he says.

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How do you discipline your self in life?

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
1- I believe in my identity & myself upon all other and I have my purpose in life.
2- Setting goals and always planning + having a second plan + knowing time is crucial.
3-Accepting failure as a lesson
4- Accepting that people come and go & embracing change.
Liked by: Ahmed Shaikha A Fatm

Why do believe something negative rather than something positive?

An interesting question that deserves and interesting response. Have you ever noticed that the most successful people are positive and use their positive attitude and energy to make positive contrbutions to our world i.e. positive individuals invent, create, compose, develop, implement, execute and educate. And have you also noticed that negative people contaminate, ruin and destroy everything and everyone they come in contact with?
Why do negative people prefer negative thoughts over positive thoughts? One reason might be that positive thoughts require hard work, perseverance, concentration, self-discipline, creativity, goals and objectives, problem solving skills, the ability to reason, logic, excellent communication skills, the ability to negotiate and compromise, loyalty, honor, dedication and an unwavering belief and faith in yourself. In other words, people who are negative are negative because it requires minimal effort and they are allowed to complain and destroy without ever having to reason or put forth the blood, sweat and tears required to be successful and improve the world that they inhabit.

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Why do believe something negative rather than something positive

When you reach your goals do you sit contently and enjoy or change to a greater goal and strive for more?

witsa_07’s Profile PhotoLee Holmes
I'm kinda of once get that goal
I like fall into bad habits and back into old routines
I like stick to plan for over a year then once reach my goal I like take it's to far I'm back to square one again but now it's getting my head back in that game if want somthing you work for it I've lost that focus I know what I'm capable of just like telling myself get my shit together no buts or what if I need new focus

Share some good quotes or poetry.

laraibajmal72’s Profile PhotoLaraib Ajmal
Dedicate to me
Carry your sunshine wherever you go , spread your happiness joy around your circle and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali Baloucch
Focus on your goals work hard achieve them stay successful in life. Mohammed Ali Baloucch
Stay you ,real you let world like you for being you and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali Baloucch

What does it mean when a woman says “she’s just focusing on herself” ?

This question can be interpreted several different ways and therefore, context is important. I will answer this question based upon my own personal experience. I was on a date with a young woman and during our dinner she established her personal boundaries with me by stating: "I am not interested in a long term relationship because I need to finish my college education and I must focus on myself."
I appreciated her honestly, directness and ability to set expectations while communicating her thoughts without ambiguity. So in this situation, I thanked her for her honesty and we enjoyed our time together. It was also the last time I ever saw her. I realized that her goals and my goals were not aligned and so out of respect, I moved on with my life, as did she.
Below is a poem, written by a friend of mine that describes this experience perfectly.
"Candle In The Wind" - by Nico
Our love was like a candle in the wind,
dancing to and fro.
Flickering with a meteoric uncertainty,
as it flashed briefly across the night sky.
Burning ever so brightly.
Gradually… disappearing into a distant,
but unforgettable memory.

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What does it mean when a woman says shes just focusing on herself

This kind of freaked me out, I was talking with this girl getting to know her maybe in a relationship wise. I asked her what does she want in life she said she wants loads of kids and to be a stay at home, I wanna girlfriend who works too did I over react?

I dunno if you over reacted as you didn't say what you replied to what she said. I don't think there's anything wrong with not having compatible life goals, it's better to find that out earlier on rather than later when feelings are involved. That's why we get to know people before entering relationships right?

What are you interested in that most people haven't heard of or aren't into?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Graphology how our hand writing has to be .it makes us either confident or timid
Like small t bar should go maximum up it mean confident,goal oriented person who believes in himself
Small t bar written lower means you have low self steem low goals ,you are not confident, you don't believe in yourself
What are you interested in that most people havent heard of or arent into

Is life easier for women or men?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Men got unlimited freedom they can live life their way how they wanna live .they can study good get good job make their life what they wanna make through their hard work and dedication towards your goals with such ease no restriction no limitation .
Women life is easy too but they have to take permission every step of life like going for shopping with friends in shopping mall or for hair colour etc

Do you ever miss being blonde?

Not anymore. At first I didn’t feel like myself but now I really love my natural color and very much feel more like myself… whatever that actually means. It was extremely damaged and would not grow past a certain point due to breakage so I’d never be able to have the length and thickness that I have now. I thought I was in love with being blonde but I’ve never been more in love with my hair as I am now. 🥰
👇goals 😍
Do you ever miss being blonde

Would you prefer consistency over intensity?

MalikShaheer’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Shaheer
If a person is intense with a goal or a relationship but is not consistent with that intensity then things between will just fade with time. That's why relationships are perfect in the beginning but get dry over time. The key to a long lasting relationship is always consistency. Correct way to achieve your goals is through consistency.

besides eating, what else do you like doing at mealtimes? catch up on the shows/series you’re watching? read? browse social media?

My favorite activity during mealtime is when my family gathers together in prayer to give thanks to God for our many blessings and to pray for those who are suffering and have died. I enjoy listening to my family exchange stories about their daily activities, friendships, goals, hopes and dreams. Dinner is when I get to listen, learn, and enjoy the companionship of those whom I love.
besides eating what else do you like doing at mealtimes catch up on the

Anyone else in the same boat? What do you think? Should we give up our dreams and get married, to make our parents(lol basically society) happy?

I don't think so getting married means you're giving up on your dreams. You can still achieve a lot with your partner to be depends if your partner is supportive and understanding of your future plans. Thinking of marriage as a hurdle in your goals is a really pessimistic approach to life, and imo nothings better than growing and moving forward with your partner. All of us will get married sooner or later and if one ends up with wrong person their future will get effed up no matter how much they've achieved in their life. So find that right person for yourself and make dua 'Allah naseeb achay karay'.

In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

Islam is about reality. When it comes to real life, man’s first need from a woman is about emotional and sexual needs, same as need for food, clothes, shelter and other necessities of life.Since marriage is the only institute in Islam to combine man and woman and since also marriage forming a family is the basis of a society while a society is a basis for a whole nation, marriage has got to made to last as long as possible, not like a one-night stand or a brief relation with too many switching options that ends up with mankind to a degraded animal loose life, there is no place for something like a boy’s girlfriend or a girl’s boyfriend. Islam views any relationship outside marriage as a waste of time and emotions, Islam sees it as a threat to virginity/loyalty and a gate leading to reckless acts that ends up with generations loosely attached to their roots . I mentioned it at the very beginning here, Islam is about reality, what lies in our minds and we see as human nature, not what scholars, liberal activists and other categories of protestors say in public, deep down inside their own minds and hearts they view the opposite sex as the ultimate wish and target , at least wars had proved it to be so, that sexual desires top all ambitions and goals and are the dominant feelings.
2-Women are allowed to wear perfume if its at home or with a gathering of other women. Wearing outside can cause undue attention from men and it is from the wisdom of Allah to ensure the safety of women.
3-Islam forbids everything that is harmful
Though tobacco or smoking in general is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or hadith, contemporary scholars have condemned it as potentially harmful, and have at times prohibited smoking outright (declared it haram) as a result of the severe health damage that it causes.

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do you self-motivated or you you need some thing motivates you ?

amrrhadhoud’s Profile PhotoSherlock
I don't consider myself motivated in the sense of feeling the desire to do a task, but more like the need to do it.
I know if I don't work for my goals, I'll resent myself, I know that I can't afford being static or to even have a comfort zone.
I made sure that every part of me knows that my very life depends on me working for certain goals.
And knowing myself, I've realized that I don't have the luxury of sitting idly every day and doing nothing. I know that I'd fall in a vicious circle of despair if I let my lazy self take over.
However, it would be unfair if I don't mention the times when I did fall into despair and I needed a hand to pull me up, and I couldn't be more grateful for the person who did that for me and is still supporting me every single day.

What happens when the amygdala is not working properly?

"Amygdala" by Alex
Overactive amygdala or having one amygdala that is smaller than the other has been associated with fear and anxiety disorders. Fear is an emotional and physical response to danger. Anxiety is a psychological response to something that is perceived as dangerous. Anxiety can lead to panic attacks that occur when the amygdala sends signals that a person is in danger, even when there is no real threat. Anxiety disorders associated with the amygdala include: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCO), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and Social Anxiety Disorder and could also contribute to the following antisocial personalities: Personality sociopath, psychopathic personality and character neurosis.
As a species, we are xenophobic, jealous of our peers, competitive for status, and inclined toward violence. When it serves our purpose, we have the urge to lie, cheat, and steal. The fact is that children require experiences of socialization, love and nurturing, constant punishment for misbehavior, role models, positive reinforcement of prosocial behaviors, encouragement of empathic identifications with other living beings, and knowledge and respect for the rules of civilized society, if they want to be good citizens when they become adults.
Let me finish by saying this: I believe that criminals have a conscience to a lesser or greater extent depending on their genetic predisposition and personal experiences. Many criminals refuse to assimilate and follow the rules that govern our society and develop impulsive behaviors and antisocial behaviors such as lying, cheating, stealing and murder to achieve their goals and obtain the result they desire without any consideration or regard to who get hurt in the process.

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What happens when the amygdala is not working properly

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