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Quindi ci sono zero possibilità che questo gdr si riattivi?

Visto e considerato che le feste di Carnevale si sono concluse e che, con questa domanda, è stato dimostrato ancora | apparente | interesse per il GDR, abbiamo deciso di sfruttare tale quesito come censimento per verificare chi, tra i player, sarebbe interessato a tornare e con quali pg. Vi basterà mettere un like qui sotto, e, se si raggiungerà un numero decente, valuteremo il da farsi.
Se, poi, dovessimo decidere per la riattivazione del GDR, seguirà comunque un periodo di prova per accertarsi che le buone intenzioni siano fondate; lasciare un like è facile, bisogna tornare a ruolare e a prendersi cura del proprio personaggio.
A tal proposito, nell'ipotesi in cui si torni attivi, probabilmente verranno istituiti dei controlli ogni due settimane, per verificare che abbiate almeno una role attiva (se mini, gif o long è indifferente) sul vostro profilo/su quelli degli altri; nel caso così non fosse, si verrà segnalati con un killer tag in un post qui in pagina, e, se il/la player dirà di voler mantenere il personaggio, quest'ultimo verrà messo in prova per una settimana per testare la sua presenza. Ci rincresce ricorrere a tali metodi, ma ci sembra di essere state troppo permissive in precedenza, e che questo abbia portato alla scarsa partecipazione nel gruppo, o almeno così crediamo.
Verranno inoltre istituite le giustifiche, periodi in cui "scusarsi" per l'inattività da giorno x a giorno y, causa impegni personali (ex. lavoro, scuola, università ecc.). L'inattività può essere totale come parziale (es. entro per pubblicare una foto, un estratto, per rispondere alle role), ma, per essere sicuri che pg, pv e genitore non vengano dati via in un periodo in cui il tempo da dedicare al roleplay scarseggia, si può ricorrere a questa possibilità.
Attendiamo riscontri da parte vostra per decidere il da farsi.
⸻ Le admins.

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Quindi ci sono zero possibilità che questo gdr si riattivi

What's something that you always put off, but when you start doing it and it's over, you really miss it? (For me it was watching Harry Potter movies 😁🤭) It can be anything, though.

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
It was every longer serie like GOT or Dexter or Lucifer and every thrilling detective book when I know killer already 😅. My daughter with her friend are going ti visit concert Harry Potter in March here 😁👍
Whats something that you always put off but when you start doing it and its over

If you get it right, you are a critical thinker. You were in the garden, there are 34 people in the yard. You kill 30. How many people are in the garden?

eyadabasma’s Profile PhotoSoulmate
If we think of the backyard and the garden in the same location If you kill 30 people in the garden 4 more people escape from the garden 30 people are killed 4 people escape from the backyard only the killer was there then the answer is one person in the garden.

شو اغرب حلم حلمتوه؟ 🧍

انا احلامي كلها مجموعة من الأحلام الغريبة.. اليوم يوم رقدت حلمت stalker serial killer و بعدها قمت و رقدت و حلمت اني شفت اختي مغمي عليها ف حمامي و قمت و رقدت و حلمت انه صار حادث باص قدامي.. And last week i dreamt that i had a gay chauffeur who wouldn’t stop talking 🙃😂
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What are some of the worst crime cases you know of?

Ah there's quite a few I could mention, any involving kids are the worst. In terms of people committing the worst crimes it's got to be david parker ray (toybox killer) the transcripts of the audio he played after abducting women is extremely graphic and it messed with me for days after reading it or albert fish, I couldn't get far into his crimes without feeling sick and having to stop. He wrote letters to the parents of his child victims that describe in detail how he killed them and cannibalised them. I think hello kitty case and junko furuta have to be up there too!

If you ever write book it will be about what

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Mohammed Ali Baloucch recipes
Weight loss book
Juices book !!! which cure various diseases like ginger-cherry-mint juice is natural pain killer ,pineapple-mint-spinach juice cure migraine etc juice for hair growth, strong bone , for curing cancer, diabetes, juice for pimple ,glowing skin etc
Herbal teas book !!! which cure various diseases .I know about herbs so i will write book about herbal tea recipes which is for weight loss ,cure cancer ,diabetes, psoriasis, immunity etc
Numerology book !! After reading 25 numerology books I am super expert in numerology I will write a book on numerology ,tell more about numerology in depth

How to make nights beautiful?

Ubaidofficial’s Profile PhotoUbaid Ansari
In a parallel universe you go out at night as a missionary killer and this random pretty boy sees you and ends up falling in love with your skills 🔪 instead of being terrified of you and now you both wipe the trash out of this world, every night. Some nights you throw the trash off of cliffs, other nights you feed them to your friends in the wilderness and It always ends with you two, watching the moon together. 😌🤍

If you had one day left to live, what would you do first?

MUNEEB0071’s Profile PhotoTomato
Murder all the hypocrites 🔪🔪🔪
“Sarmad Khoosat, one of the producers of Joyland was protesting the night before the rapist and killer of 7-year-old Zainab was to be hanged. His co-ideologists in the Justice Project were calling Zainab's broken father a barbarian for demanding a public execution.
Never forget.”

killer queen - odbieram rezerwacje na liz gillies!

svd_g0d’s Profile Photo❛⠀⠀amelie⠀;⠀
Cześć, Amelie!
Znaczek bez watpliwości zgodny z tym, który widnieje w naszej skrzynce, także niezmiernie miło mi powitać Cię w londyńskiej społeczności. Liczę na to, że spędzisz u nas miło czas i będziesz się świetnie bawić!
Jeżeli chodzi o regulaminowe sprawy, to na kartę postaci oraz prawidłowe uzupełnienie profilu masz dokładnie siedem dni. Jeżeli jednak czas ten okaże się zbyt krótki, to nie przejmuj się, bo istnieje możliwość przedłużenia go o kolejne trzy dni. W takim przypadku wystarczy tylko nas poinformować.
To chyba na tyle… W razie pytań zawsze możesz się do nas zwrócić.
Powodzenia! :)
killer queen  odbieram rezerwacje na liz gillies

Diffrence between sadness & depression?

Sadness ... comedy yah Romantic movie Daikh K Thora Rona or Sadness Khatam Dil Khush .....
Depression ... horror movie main devil Jin Churail Pay Tarass ana or Un k baray Main Dukhi ho k Rona Serial Killers pay Tarss ana...Dil Or Ziada Tang Hona Or Bilwajah He Serial Killer Yah Azazil Ko Acha Samjhna.....

Melyik volt legutóbbi sorozat, amit nem bírtál abbahagyni?Annyi sorit láttam már…néznék valami újat 😳😂

Fanni2016’s Profile PhotoFanni✔
Hát a "nem bírtam abbahagyni" kicsit túlzás, de nagyon-nagyon tetszett és szörnyen meglepett a Romantic Killer, amit asszem három alkalom alatt "ledaráltunk".
Olyan jó érzés ilyenkor pozitívan csalódni, ezt meg kell hagyni.

Chainsaw killer clowns, zombies, ghosts, aliens, spiders, skeletons... And more! ... What's something that you'd find much more #spoopy to find in a haunted house, than that of the typical/horror cliché? 👻🏚️🎃

Even the thought of scary crazy clown is scary, let alone chainsaw killer clowns... I mean clowns look creepy enough, but clowns with chainsaw....? h3ll nahhhh hsjdksksk😹 The chainsaw scares the crap outta me and I don't know why hahahahah💀

How good it must feel to kill the killer, taking the poetic justice into one's own hand, into one own's pen/pain?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
دلوں میں جو اندھیر ہے وہ سرِ عام ہو
ڈھل جائے شب میں شام تو قصہ تمام ہو
مرے مسئلے کا اس سے کیا آسان حل ہو گا؟
گر خود کو مار کر انہیں سے انتقام ہو
محفل میں لفظ گردی اب چھوڑ دو سارے
بس خامشی خامشی سے ہم کلام ہو
مجھے تصویر سے، لکیر سے، قلم سے نہیں بیر
مگر تلوار کو بھی حق ہے کہ بے نیام ہو
نفس و دل، علم و عقل، بندے، خدا میں سے
آزاد ہے تو کہ چنے کس کا غلام ہو
جہاں عدل کا ابرار کوئ طالب ہی نہ بچے
کیا جائے گا بد کا اگر وہ بدنام ہو؟

Que opinas de los animes de hoy en día? Crees que alguno merece la pena?

Pues ayer me vi con el bae uno de Netflix que se llama Romantic Killer y nos gustó bastante a ambos. Tanto que queremos que saquen pronto la segunda temporada. 🥹💕
Que opinas de los animes de hoy en día Crees que alguno merece la pena

⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ •⠀•⠀•⠀•⠀•⠀•

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Because I'm the devil
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Who's searching for redemption,
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ And I'm a killer,
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Who's searching for redemption.
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ❯ https://justpaste.it/DRVGON_MVRRIAGE_01
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
  Because Im

Chainsaw killer clowns, zombies, ghosts, aliens, spiders, skeletons... And more! ... What's something that you'd find much more #spoopy to find in a haunted house, than that of the typical/horror cliché? 👻🏚️🎃

A computer... and on it there is an E-mail which reads "Your test results have been registered in Ladok" (Ladok = A system used at Swedish universities) Trust me, there are few things that make my heart beat harder than when I get one of those. Like the anxiety before you open one of those 😱😆
Chainsaw killer clowns zombies ghosts aliens spiders skeletons And more  Whats

Chainsaw killer clowns, zombies, ghosts, aliens, spiders, skeletons... And more! ... What's something that you'd find much more #spoopy to find in a haunted house, than that of the typical/horror cliché? 👻🏚️🎃

A former girlfriend emerges from the shadows with a teen girl and says “Hi Neo, meet your daughter.”

How do you catch a serial killer?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Imagine, you kill someone by peeling their skin( using Gellete Blue 2 Razor)
سر سے پاوں تک جلد کی تہہ اتارتے جاو۔ یا لکڑی کے تختے پہ سیدھا باندھ کر سوئی مار مار کے اتنے سوراخ کریں کے وہ قطرہ قطرہ رستے خون کی کمی سے مرے درد سے نہیں۔

How do you catch a serial killer?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
First you think like that specific serial killer. The first thing you should do is by trying to become his shadow. You study hard his moves. You have to find out why he hunts. You have to identify his prey. His technique & the scope that defines who he should kill.
The most important thing. There is always a routine with serial killers. I.e specific time of the year or specific events. Serial killers are not just another weekday killers. They study their kill first. They dont consider them human they consider them their subjects.
Once you have learnt his art of killing & you are sure you know everything about that killer.
Start killing! Just the way he does. Copy his exact style. Make it look like it was him. Once people starts believing it was him & not other killer. He himself will start looking for you & come after you.

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kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoBTS ⁷ | face | like crazy
✨| BTS podczas koncertu mieli ubrania polskiej marki
✨| Na zwrotce Hoseoka w Cypher 3: Killer było tło z Jack in The box. Było również widać najprawdopodobniej motywy solo albumów reszty rap line
✨| NamJoon śpiewając ma city zaśpiewał "Busan" zamiast "Ilsan"!
✨| Nam również zmienił tekst w "Cypher pt.3" > "Z Sao Paulo do Busan! Siedzę na krześle, na którym Wy nigdy nie usiądziecie!"
✨| JungKook śpiewając Butterfly w randomowym momencie powiedział: bardzo za Wami tęskniłem.
✨| Jin zapowiedział swoją solo muzykę
✨| Jimin i chłopcy zapewnili Nas, że nie jest to ostatni koncert BTS
✨| NamJoon powiedział, ze to ostatni raz jak wystąpili z cypher pt.3
✨| Chłopcy wykonali Spring Day w pociągu
✨| NamJoon podczas swojej zwrotki w "Mic Drop" kiedy "zwraca" się do hejterów skrzyżował palce
✨| Chłopcy i ARMY zaśpiewali razem "Young Forever"
✨| BTS po raz pierwszy wykonli RUN BTS i do tego oficjalnie piosenka ma CHOREOGRAFIĘ!!!
✨| Podczas choreografii do Run BTS, bangtanii wychodzili zza Hoseoka gdy ten wywoływał ich imiona
✨| SeokJin przynał, że ostatnio często jeżdzi do szpitala z powodu przemęczenia głosu 😢
"Stan mojego gardła w ostatnim tygodniu nie był taki świetny i musiałem często jeździć do szpitala. Modliłem się. Aż do koncertu nie mogłem tak dobrze mówić. Ale jak tylko wyszliśmy na scenę, polepszyło mi się. Więc pomyślałem, czy to jest moje powołanie?"
✨| JM: Piosenka, której nie możemy pominąć skoro jesteśmy w Busan.
I utwór "Ma City" się zaczyna
✨| "Rozpłakałem się słysząc wasze głosy... jeśli w przyszłości przejdziesz przez trudny okres, pomyśl o dzisiejszych wspomnieniach o tym, jak śpiewaliśmy razem" - Yoongi 💜
✨| "Spring Day to piosenka, którą my kochamy i wy kochacie, ale wydaje się bardziej wyjątkowa, bo to piosenka, którą śpiewamy razem podczas koncertów. Byliśmy bardzo szczęśliwi słysząc was." - Taehyung 💜
✨| TH: Dużo płakaliśmy podczas kolacji mówiąc, jak zamierzamy pracować solo i przestać z grupą, a teraz mamy koncert
YG & SJ: Ale nie powiedzieliśmy, że przestaniemy!
TH: Ach, prasa tak mówiła

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Hai visto la nuova serie Dahmer?

alisand4’s Profile Photo♣alisandro♣
L'ho vista.
La cosa però che sospettavo è capitata . Sono comparsi parecchi video , edit , dove non si fa differenza tra l'attore , Evan Peters e il serial killer , Jeffrey Dahmer e idolatrano quest'ultimo con tanto di canzoncine.
Alcuni edit sono creati con le immagini della serie , molti altri con le immagini vere.
Alcuni commenti sotto i video sono veramente aberranti. Tutto ciò mi causa amarezza.

For the moment, he's more useful alive. *he extends a tentacle and gives his lieutenant some healing items* Force feed him those, and he won't dust. Then we're done here.

WelcomeToMySpecialHell’s Profile PhotoNightmare
*Killer glares down at @GrimSkeleton and for a mere moment his incredibly small white eye lights appear from rage. He's not happy about this, but he won't go against Nightmare, he force feeds the broken skeleton the healing items, which does just enough to keep him from dusting. He walks over to Nightmare who takes them both from the AU*
For the moment hes more useful alive he extends a tentacle and gives his

*he winces getting forcibly pushed through the bones he is stunned for the moment at least it didnt dust him*Ouch. *he attempts to get up the smallest bone shards now implanted into his skull bleeding in spots*

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
*his attacker is nowhere to be seen, suddenly that same hate filled blue magic sends him skyward where a blaster bites into him, Killer is atop the hate seeping blaster as it's bite strengthens cracking through bone*
he winces getting forcibly pushed through the bones he is stunned for the moment

Ti piace il true crime? C'è un caso che ti è particolarmente rimasto impresso? Quale? Parliamone🍂.

vane0432’s Profile PhotoᏉ.
Mi affascina molto scoprire il perché dietro ai crimini. Sai, perché un serial killer inizia a mietere vittime, perché sceglie quel tipo di vittime, se ha uno schema, da dove nasce quest'ultimo. Non sono un esperto, ho visto qualche documentario e la prima stagione della serie Netflix "Mindhunter", ma ne so davveropochissimo. Se tu, piuttosto, conosci qualche caso che trovi interessante e ti va di parlarne, sarei molto felice di ascoltarti.

A cosa ti fa pensare la parola equilibrio?

richwick96’s Profile Photorichard_awakes_777
La parola equilibrio mi fa pensare a una cosa accaduta al centro diurno delle mia amica dove un uomo o una donna si è spacciate per essere uno dei disabili del gruppo dei disabili ma non era una persone equilibrata. Però io mi chiedo ma ci sarà qualcuno via controllo che entra a chi esce dai centri Diurno. Questi mi fa capire che c'è molta mancanza di controllo da parte pure delle autorità cioè poteva essere pure un killer però dicono che aveva commesso cose brutte però non mi ha detto cosa aveva fatto. Oddio ogni giorno ne capita sempre una. Poi mi ha pure detto che c'è uno che non Riesce ad avere un ottimo equilibrio in cucina perchr ogni piatto che fanno lui lo assaggia e poi mangia ogni cosa. Poi sai volevo parlarti di un ragazzo che non è molto equilibrato che chiamava sua sorelle e non i suoi genitori quando poteva fare qualsiasi chiamata. Per me vuoldire pure equilibrio avere un buon modo per cercare di capire come possano dei diciottenni votare per il senato sono troppo non equilibrato. Poi ti pare giusto che comunque pare che ci siano pure persone che non sanno quello che fanno

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Myślisz, że Candice pasowałaby idealnie do czarnej postaci w serialu?

Tak, tak i jeszcze raz tak!
Co prawda nie jest to serial, ale jakiś czas temu miał premierę film "Suitcase Killer", opowiadający historię morderstwa, opartą na faktach. Candice właśnie wcieliła się w rolę Melanie McGuire, zabójczynie własnego męża i muszę przyznać, że sprawdziła się celująco.
W Polsce niestety ta produkcja jest nieosiągalna, ale jeśli natchnęlibyście się na nią na jakichś stronkach, polecam obejrzeć.
Myślisz że Candice pasowałaby idealnie do czarnej postaci w serialu

If you could spend 15 minutes talking to any serial killer, dead or alive Who would it be ?

D21980A’s Profile PhotoD_A
ما عندي اهتمام بالكلام مع احد منهم صراحة مخلوقات مقززه
اذا بجلس معهم بعذبهم نفسياً و جسدياً لاخر رمق عشان يحسوا بضحاياهم
نشوف يعجبهم الوضع لما يكونوا هم الطرف الاخر او لاء
If you could spend 15 minutes talking to any serial killer dead or alive 
Liked by: Ka☀️mi D_A

Look who's back @SwapSansSkeleton .

I see my 'dear' little brother has all the members of his insufferable team back
They're probably trying to find out my plans
*he grins*
How long before one walks into a trap of sorts
Though trapping @hewhocannotfeelcreates would be more beneficial in the long run, I can still make him suffer if Blue falls into my hands.
as long as I make sure Horror or Killer deal with him. I can't trust either Dust or Error with this
Look whos back SwapSansSkeleton

*Dream looks away* Yes I knew about that part, Killer and Dust jumped me in Haventale. I'm fairly sure my brother just wants me to suffer

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
⭐I'm sorry Dream I should of been there to help you. We're suppose to be team but I haven't been around much.. I glad he doesnt want to k!ll you for now at least... I couldnt imagine losing you. You're an amazing leader we all need you.⭐ *aw..*
Dream looks away Yes I knew about that part Killer and Dust jumped me in

*he nods taking note of that* ⭐That's good to know.. I'm not surprised me and Ink probably aren't necessary for whatever his plan entails. Disposing of us would make sense..⭐*he ponders* ⭐I appreciate you telling me what you can, Dust.⭐ *he smiles but its clear he's lost in thought*

SwapSansSkeleton’s Profile Photo⭐ UnderSwap Sans⭐
Yeah well, it's Horror and Killer you need to worry about, you know I'm not a threat to you. Though I'm not sure Ink's even killable
*he shrugs*
Neither Killer nor myself have managed it, Error can't either since he's soulless.

*he sighs in relief gently holding Dust's hand* ⭐I've missed you, Dust. I do hope Nightmare and them haven't done anything terrible to you while I was gone. Not that I could do much anyways.. It has to remain a secret for safety reasons. We'd both be in serious trouble.⭐

SwapSansSkeleton’s Profile Photo⭐ UnderSwap Sans⭐
Yeah, don't worry I'm not in any trouble or anything
Though Killer and I almost got wrecked by someone from out of our multiverse while on a mission for Nightmare.
Though... honestly I wouldn't be surprised if both Nightmare and Dream had some inkling about this cause of their whole emotion sensing thing.

Any chance you could check in on @BloodAndAsh I want to know if my brother has given him any orders. I can open a way for you obviously since you can't AU travel on your own. I'm going to check Killer and hopefully Ink will check @TenYearNeutral

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
⭐Yeah that'd come in handy! Thank you Dream. Let's scoop out the Dark Sanses to see what we can find! Just be careful you two alright? The plan is for none of us to get seriously hurt...!⭐ *he gives off a faint smile but it was clear he's still worried*
Liked by: Shadow Ink Dream

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