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When traveling, would you rather fly on an airplane alone or road trip with friends?

melcfriendly’s Profile PhotoMC :)
When it comes to the actual journey, I'd much rather go on a roadtrip with friends! I generally don't like traveling alone, the one time I've flown alone I knew I had friends waiting for me when I arrived. If that was the case, I wouldn't mind traveling by myself again. It was one of my most memorable trips, meeting up with them made those hours by myself at the airport worth it 😊💙
When traveling would you rather fly on an airplane alone or road trip with

Weekend zaplanowany?

xxmyeonniexx13’s Profile PhotoMyeon
PL: Tak, będę odpoczywać, ewentualnie pójdę rano kupić mamie wątróbkę i jej zawiozę, i zostanę tam na chwilę. 😌
Muszę się jeszcze spakować na dwu- lub trzydniowy wyjazd do Warszawy, mam wizytę u lekarza. 😌
ENG: Yes, I'm gonna rest, or I'll go buy some chicken's liver for my mum in the morning and take it to her, and I'll stay there for a while. 😌
I still have to pack for a two- or three-day trip to Warsaw, I have a doctor's appointment. 😌

Do you have days when you don't feel like socializing with people?

I have many of those days. 😂
I don't mind socialising in short bursts, but I get tired quickly. This is why I'm so nervous about my trip to Poland. We've booked with friends in an apartment and when my social battery runs out, there'll be nowhere to escape to!

What are you currently excited for? I'm excited for my new headphones to come. I am so tired of listening to music on these defected earphones that only one works. I feel like a pleb

I don’t have anything specific to look forward to. I might go on the Dolls Kill Brooklyn trip. That will be quite out of my comfort zone if I do. Hanging out with a bunch of girls. Possibly staying overnight with them. I’m not sure.

Hello, have you ever been in other countries?😆

marijapast’s Profile PhotoAgnitiger
Hi, thanks for the question! I have indeed. I've been to France, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. I'm also going to Poland next month. I've never been outside of Europe but my boyfriend and I are saving up for a trip to Vegas.
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What is the most breathtaking view you’ve personally seen/captured in nature? Where were you? What was that experience like? If you have a picture of it, feel free to share! (Inspired by my recent trip to Niagara Falls) 🤩📸

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Yeah, I'm not that fancy to be able to travel. 😅 sounds weird - I wish I could travel! No "free" travelling finance and animals at home are keeping me here. 📍
I also sometimes say this about photographers. Some are very lucky to be living in a country that has amazing sights. You automatically win just by having *this* amazing view!
I don't have breathtaking views, but I enjoy simpler things. The forest, for example! I remember my aunts husband came to visit Latvia and he was amused by our forest. He'd never seen anything like it.
I wish I could show more photos from my travels around Latvia, it's hard to choose just one photo. They're all stunning.
What is the most breathtaking view youve personally seencaptured in nature Where

What do you do throughout an average day? 📅

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Here was 24 h thurs/fri;
Arrived home thurs eve 2100. NO ELECTRICITY. All buildings around me had power. Called utilities. ATT cut something. Went to bed. Luckily, temps were moderate so inside only dropped to 65 F/18 C. Woke up 6 am no power. Enough hot water to shower. Had a work conf call 8 am. Had just enough cel signal to use my phone.
Then drove to dealer for car appt. Guess what? They were short staffed Fri. I go home to darkness my old friend. Management brought water bottles. BFD. Tell me pizza coming in an hour. 3 freakin hours later it came. Gave me 2. Ate half of 1. With no refrigeration, rest went to waste.
Went to sports pub. Checked my home cam which went online about 4:30. Called car place “Um Neo, we need to keep car til Monday. Your rotors are not covered under warranty.” FML.
I said don’t replace with OEM, I want race rotors. Will find someone else. Still no car til Mon because of other service (I have a loaner)
Threw out all fridge/freezer food Sat. Backfilled about half with trip to grocery. Waiting for reimbursement from ATT.
And I just dropped my lunch of sushi rolls on floor. I was too tired to cry.
That fridge note was to prevent sleepy me from eating/drinking something overnight before I disposed of contents.

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What do you do throughout an average day

Worst holiday experiences. go!

IgnasBeniulis’s Profile PhotoIgnas
Went on a caravan trip with some mates, the lads got drunk and trashed the caravan every night (I'm talking smearing toothpaste and coco pops on the mirror, sand everywhere, just absolutely unnecessary stuff) and left it to me and the other gals to clean up, then mocked us and made out like we were being shrews for being a bit grouchy about it. Damn nearly left half way through the trip and just went home 😂

Do you like going on Roadtrips? What are some of your favorite routes? 🚗🎶

cometstrixxx’s Profile Photo✧˚Comet˚✦
I only ever went and go on road trips with my family and we haven’t done it in quite some time. We went to Florida together and it was always stressful the two times we went there because every time we go on a road trip, my anxiety acts up and I find it hard to tolerate my siblings making too much noise/complaining in the car. My brother doesn’t like doing things as a family as much as he likes being with his friends so he already isn’t having a fun time and when I talk/speak up in the car, it almost always ends up with me arguing with my parents on the road so I choose to stay silent for the most part. I only tolerate road trips with the hope that the destination (rental home we’ll be staying in) doesn’t disappoint but usually, I don’t like them. Maybe if I went with friends I’d enjoy the road trip more 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hast du angst vor dem Tod?

Nein, ich hab aber Angst vor dem Ableben. Vor dem, was ich hinterlasse, wenn ich noch überhaupt nicht bereit dazu bin. Der Gedanke zu sterben und mein Hund würde plötzlich nicht wissen, warum ich einfach nicht wiederkomme. Ich glaube, das ist das schlimmste. Hab schon fast Tränen bei dem Gedanken in den Augen. Und Dinge, die ich nicht beendet habe und Menschen, die ich "im Stich" lasse. Das würde, wenn das Hirn nicht einen DMT Trip auslösen würde, weil alles an Botenstoffen freigesetzt und verpulvert wird was geht, einfach blanke Panik und einen hoffnungslosen Überlebenskampf auslösen. Der Tod selbst macht mir keine Angst.

When traveling, would you rather be on an airplane alone, or road trip with friends?

melcfriendly’s Profile PhotoMC :)
Is rather be on a road trip with friends because it’ll most likely be more fun that way. But, being on an airplane alone (not sitting next to anyone on the plane) would also be nice for a change because I really don’t like sitting in tight spaces next to strangers on a plane 😬

5 Vorlieben - part II - Min Jun/ Landon

reversereaction_’s Profile Photoreversedreamer
Min Jun
Backen – Min Jun liebt es zu backen. Er verbindet viele gute Erinnerungen mit seiner Familie damit und es gibt ihn ein gewisses Gefühl von Geborgenheit und zuhause.
Cafés – Min Jun geht gerne in Cafés. Er liebt Kaffee und er arbeitet einfach besser in der Atmosphäre, lernt dort oder liest einfach.
Lesen – Min Jun liebt es zu lesen. Er liest so ziemlich alles was er in die Finger bekommt – egal ob Fiktion oder Sachbücher.
Regentage – Min Jun hat Regentage schon immer geliebt. Er liebt es diese Tage in dseiner Wohnung zu verbringen und dem Regen zuzuhören, aber wenn es nicht zu stark regnet, mag es er es auch durch den Regen zu Spazieren – Mit Regenschirm natürlich. Er mag einfach die Ruhe und die frische und der Geruch von frischem Regen.
Fotografie – Er liebt es zu fotografieren, das ist einer der Gründe warum er als Fotograf bei der Studierendenzeitung ist. Man sieht ihn oft mit seiner Kamera rumlaufen.
Reisen – Wie man sich vielleicht denken kann liebt es Landon zu reisen und neue Orte kennenzulernen. Es muss nicht mal weit sein, ein neues Land, auch nur ein Trip zur nächsten Stasdt, die er nicht kennt bereitet ihm Freude.
Camping – Landon ist gerne in der Natur und er liebt es zu Campen, vor allem mit Freunden. Lagerfeuer, Schwimmen gehen, einfach die Ruhe der Natur genießen und etwas abseits der Zivilisation zu sein.
Sport - Klettern, Surfen, Quidditch. Er liebt es sich zu bewegen, aber die Drei Dinge liebt er besonders. Aber auch so mochte er es immer neue Sportarten auszuprobieren.
Parties – Landon liebt Parties – egal ob groß oder Klein. Er mag es einfach unter Leuten zu sein und Spaß zu haben. Generell hasst er es sich zu langweilen.
Drama – Landon ist eine sehr entspannte Person und er versteht es nicht, wenn Leute sich künstlich aufregen oder es gerade zu genießen Drama zu verursachen. Er möchte sich nicht streiten oder dauernd diskutieren, sondern einfach ganz entspannt sein Leben leben.

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What is the first thing you do after getting home from a trip?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1plan
I leave the suitcases with my parents and I let them do whatever with it (my mom usually washes all the clothes I took with me as soon as I come back from my trip) and then jump on my bed and fall into a deep sleep.
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What were some of your best moments of 2023?🎆

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Oooo… Here we go!
-Reunited with my dad after a year + trip to Chicago where I got to see the incredible 360° view from the 94th floor of the John Hancock building for the first time. 🤩
-New York (that entire trip was just SO good).
-Crossing Niagara Falls off my bucket list. 😛
-Moved to a new home that I truly love.
-Renewed my Cosmetology license successfully, and completed 14 hours of continuing education!
-Reuniting with my step-brother after not seeing each other in person for FOUR years. 🥰
-Started gaming (for real) and have been slowly learning how to do it properly since getting a gaming laptop. Still got a very long way to go, but I’m trying. 😁
-The very special trip to Chicago (again) that my mom, grandma, and I took for my grandma’s birthday this summer!
-The endless hours I spent outside, sitting by the river, watching/feeding ducks, walking, etc.
-Going to TWO different art festivals this year which were incredible!! 😱
-Seeing The 39 Steps with my step-brother. (FRONT ROW 🤩) True bonding experience!
-Experiencing creative fulfillment (several different moments throughout the year) from so many projects that I did for friends/family that were out of my comfort zone.
-And finally, my birthday yesterday, which was so special and made me feel so loved. Couldn’t have wished for a better end to the year than that! 🥺🥹

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What were some of your best moments of 2023

https://ask.fm/nebelung1717/answers/174132176110 A co tam chodzi tak ogólnie?

PL: O zbr**nię, której dokonało 3 chłopców z katolickiej szkoły w Circeo w roku 1975.
Generalnie dwie młode dziewczyny pojechały z trójką kolegów na wycieczkę i działa się masakra.
Nawet nie doszłam do momentu, gdzie tak naprawdę rozpoczyna się cały sens filmu, a już go wyłączyłam, ten film to dla mnie prawdziwy horror i przeraża mnie fakt, że jest to prawdziwa historia.
Jak na tym świecie żyję 24 lata, 4 miesiące i 3 dni, tak jeszcze nigdy nie widziałam tak mocnego filmu...
Film określony jest jako dramat, mnie natomiast przeraził bardziej niż niejeden horror...
ENG: About the cr*me committed by three boys from the Catholic school in Circeo in 1975.
Basically, two young girls went on a trip with three friends and it was a massacre.
I haven't even gotten to the scene where the whole point of the movie actually begins and I've already turned it off, this movie is a real horror movie for me and the fact that it's a true story terrifies me.
After living in this world for 24 years, 4 months and 3 days, I have never seen such a scary film...
The film is described as a drama, but it scared me more than many horror films...

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What did she tell you that turned out to be untrue?

That he was ok on his own.
He isn’t ok on his own at all. I haven’t been able to do much the whole of December (visit my parents weekly and my sisters cafe) due to him not being ok on his own. We had a day trip planned out to see Santa before we even said ok to having the dog, and my best friend had to come down to have Charlie while we was gone all day.
Said he doesn’t chew up toys and is happy with his own, but took a very big liking to Leo’s doll and now the doll has no hands.
Is ok on walks, he isn’t, he pulls, he barks at every person we pass and if he sees a big dog he gets big dog syndrome.

Kızlar yengeç erkeği

Geçmişlerine Gerçekten Takıntılılar.
Bu Burç Erkekleri En Kolay Anlaşılan, Kibar Seni Anlayan, Dinleyen, Sana İlk Adım Atan, Üzüldüğünde Destekleyen Yönlendiren İnsanlar Bunlar Amaaaa Ama Ama 😂 Fazla Duygusal Bunlarda Ya Dengeyi Asla Tutturamıyorlar.
Bak Bu Burç Erkekleri Erken Alzheimer Oluyorlar He Söyleyeyim Bunlarında İç Dünyaları Uhuuu😂
Çok Tatlılar Ama Arkadaş Olarak Çok Tatlılar Benim İçin..
Ben Sevgili Eş Olarak Bakamıyorum Çok Kırılganlar 🙃
Ben Zaten Kırılganım, Duygusalım, Alınganım, Tripkoliğim Beni Kaldıramaz Bunlar Birbirimize Habire Trip Mi Atalım😂 Omajjj
Şey İstiyorum Ben Çatışalım İstiyorum Yani Trip Attığımda Başlarım Senin Tribine Diyebilmeli De,Yani Duygusal Olmalı Da Ama Olmamalı Da Dengeyi Kurabilmeli 😂☺️
Benim Tarafımdan Elendi Dıtttt😝🙃

yeah i have a perfume set bought for , vouchers for gger fave clothing shops she loves shopping and spa beauty treatments and hotel break and i nooked a valentines trip to paris , no not on ask fm why did you want to know i promise i would not let olivia hurt you lol x

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Ohh my she will love all that 🎅🏼 lucky girl, so romantic, a trip to Paris. No I wasn’t worried 😂😂 I just don’t want to ruin her surprise if you told me what you got her 😂😂🎅🏼

If you went Christmas shopping/celebrate Christmas... What gift are you excited to give someone? 🎉😋🎄🎁🤪 If you don't celebrate Christmas... What do you celebrate in your culture/country, for this time of year? Any fun traditions?

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJusti Me Myself
Cause of my family being split up for Christmas this year, I've already given the gifts I was most excited to give! We had a small little celebration last weekend, where I gave a board game "The Quacks of Quedlinburg" to my sister and a payed trip to a vineyard to my parents 🍷🎲
(Not my picture)
If you went Christmas shoppingcelebrate Christmas What gift are you excited to

What would you do if you was told you are terminal? (Say a year) what would you do?

patchy_life’s Profile PhotoPatchy_life
I wouldn't work extra hard so that I can book a trip to somewhere I want to go, I don't see why incoming d*ath should make me rush 👎
I'm not scared of it 😌
If I manage to visit places I've always wanted to visit before I go, brilliant 🤩
But if not, oh well 🙃
What would you do if you was told you are terminal Say a year what would you do

How do I give happiness to others?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Don't, keep it to yourself.
Just kidding.
I believe any act of good faith or kind attitude does the trick. For example my last horrible act trying to help someone, I was in the ER having oxygen trip, I was with a mother with her toddler, holding the oxygen mask for him. When they were done, she went out and I galvantly tried to help her open the door because she was pushing a stroller, unfortunately I failed the mession because I was also hocked up to a tank and have horrible motor skills 😂.
I apologised for my lack for assistance and she thanked me anyway.

What is the most memorable Christmas gift you have ever received? 🌲 🎅 🎁 🌰 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Ah, reminiscing about Christmas gifts always brings back good memories. 😂
One of the most memorable gifts I received was a vintage record player.
There's just something about the warm sound of vinyl that adds a unique charm to the music.
It wasn't just a gift; it was a trip down memory lane and a way to experience music in a different, more nostalgic way. The fact that it came from someone who knew my love for music made it even more special.

⋐ Weißt du, ich könnte mich an das ständige Gefahren werden gewöhnen. Zwar kann man noch an den Kochkünsten arbeiten, ... aber dafür bin ich ja da. Ich lehne mich sogar soweit aus dem Fenster, dass doch so mal ein Trip irgendwohin möglich wäre, oder nicht? Du fährst, ich koche und Feather genießt. ⋑

wonbaniriize_’s Profile Photo₩Ø₦฿ł₦
07 /12/2023 ⍈ 21:08
Nur weil ich einmal so nett war dir einen Tipp für's Leben zu geben, so heißt es nicht, dass ich für dich jetzt die Wohltätigkeitsorganisiation spielen möchte. Wenn wir allerdings schon bei diesem Thema sind. Was springt denn dann für mich bei raus? Kannst du mir ja auf dem Weg, wohin auch immer, erzählen. Ich bin dabei, denn das Treffen am Han River hat Feather ganz gut gefallen.
Weißt du ich könnte mich an das ständige Gefahren werden gewöhnen Zwar kann man

Do you enjoy hiking? If yes, where is the coolest place you’ve ever been hiking?🧗‍♂️

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
I haven’t been hiking in 15 years. The one and only time I did it was on a school excursion, we hiked through a part of Kosciusko National Park. I remember riding unsecured in a chairlift to the top of some hill, not quite the top of Mt Kosciusko but up thataway. It was freezing at the top and so dry that my lips cracked very quickly which was something I’d never experienced before. We then hiked back down through some bushland, stopped and ate the lousiest food they could’ve provided for us. I was horrifically chaffed by the end of it all and wore out the only pair of socks I’d packed for the whole trip because I packed in a hurry and left out some rather important stuff.

How was your trip? 🇩🇪🎢

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My trip to Köln and Phantasialand was amazing!
On Sunday we left to Köln, in the evening we went to a couple of Christmas markets. It started snowing when we left the hotel. It was magical. Though it was also very veeeery cold since the wind was blowing a lot too. The markets were really cute.
The next day we went to Phantasialand Wintertraum. It was amazing and magical! It was even more magical because the snow from the day before lasted + it started snowing more. 🥰
How was your trip

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