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Názor na interpreta Agero Mou ? Podľa mňa bude v glebovom novom labeli...

Chvílu som mal trip že si mi dal nové meno ale potom som si spomenul že mi ho posielal producent a zdielal ho komander.
Názor... subjektívny samozrejme realita môže byť úplne iná.
Solid playa. Je to striktné je to hard má to všetko čo to má mať....
A preto si nemyslím že bude v Glebovom novom labeli.
Hear me out.
Gleb už dlhšie nerieši striktný rap môžeš to počuť sám. Baví sa hudbou má rád vtipné battle bars...
Myslím že ak už má byť niekto v Glebovom labeli siahne po niekom kto robí niečo ako dokkeytino alebo Porsche boy.
Its lowkey sad but its like that. Gleb mal v jednom svojom videu ako počúva dokkeytinov nový track a ide si to... Zároveň vela hypoval Porsche boya.
Osobne si myslím že to čo robí Agero nie je to čo hladá Gleb.
Ak by to bolo čisto len o tom či by si niečo take zaslúžil alebo či na to má tak bez debaty.
Vieš.... Myslím si že Gleb nehladá starého Gleba u feel me ?
Neviem to lepšie vysvetliť.
A vôbec ani neviem že Gleb niekoho hladá odkedy nemám svoj hlavný ig a nesledujem nikoho a nič 😂
Mal by som sa prihlásiť ak robí nejaký nábor. 😆

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What's an innocent mistake you made that had dramatic consequences?

liquid_sinn’s Profile Photoѕιии-ѕαи ☻
In my 7th grade year, me and a friend was carrying pills around. They needed them for pain relief and mine was for migraine relief. Some kid saw us taking the pills during lunch and the next day, it was an instant principal trip. All because we didnt have a note and gave it to the nurse to hold until lunch. Almost got expelled that day but got off with a stern warning for normally being good kids.

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can you fall in love w someone you've barely known?

syedapir’s Profile Photosyeda batool.
Uhm ofc I mean in my opinion yes.
You can't say its love directly but if I barely know some girl but our energy matches in couple of meetings or chit chat sessions then yes I might fell for her in future...
Itna instant sirf trip plans hoti hai.
Instant mohbbat Trauma might result in Mind Fcuk so I avoid those ones.
But on the other side being all positive if things workout well then its beyond blessings rey pure swaad wapas in life kinda moment.
Subha uthkr brush ki jagah blush horha h xD 💯
Anyways how are you ? Everything's good pandemic wise and Non pandemic wise ?

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okay so you don't think that it should be necessary to address them as mr./ms/etc. for respect purposes? I don't think anyone should personally, because it's not a preschool lol. I think those managers are on a power trip and I am trying to leave and get a new job lol

It's fine if that's how she wants to be called. But I would expect her to do the same back. It doesn't make sense to me if she is supposed to to called Mrs but the rest isn't.
Please follow me on Instagram for daily updates: @kellykitties
Or @theragingkitties for my animal shelter and petsit work.

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okay so you dont think that it should be necessary to address them as mrmsetc

what do you think of parents that guilt trip their children when moving out even they are now already over 30 or 40, and parents who meddle with the lovelife of kids kahit lagpas na sa kalendaryo edad

What you allow will continue. 30 and 40 years old and you still allow people to treat you like a child? Then that treatment will continue. Parents will always view you as a baby, and unless you remind them some will feel they have the right to say anything to you. It's time to either tell them it's not acceptable and you won't allow it, or accept it as a part of your life. And if you did move out, you have so much control over the communication you have with your parents. Limit it if they can't talk to you like you're an adult. This is all up to you. Stop being the child they think you are.

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If you found yourself in Wonderland like Alice did, what'd you do? How do you think your walk through that place would go, like if you had no idea of how that world functioned? 🐰♥️🐱🧁🐛🎩🦤

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
It would be one ginormous acid trip with bright vivid colors, flowers that literally come to life as I walk by them, animals talking in various languages offering me coffee through my journey, and a yak named, Salvador as my transportation. 👻

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У вас есть любимый мультсериал?

bursinbolat13’s Profile PhotoMr. Bolat
Да как-то нет любимого. В разное время разные нравились. Сейчас их практически не смотрю. Не до них. Но некоторые из полюбившихся могу назвать.
Кроме абсолютно всем известных развлекательных "Симпсонов", "Губки Боба", могу выделить философские "Mr. Freeman", «Ежи и Петруччо», родную "Масяню", юморные «Улётный trip» и "Атомный лес", да мало ли еще какие. Все не упомнишь.

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У вас есть любимый мультсериал

Kiedyś w RUN BTS Taehyung powiedział coś takiego: "I used to love this one girl once, and When she went on a trip, she said I love flowers before she left. It's a memory from a long time ago". To co powiedział było na serio? O co konkretnie chodzi? Ta historia miała miejsce?

Nope, BTS uczyli się robić bukiety i Tae wzięło na wymyślanie historyjek. Jeszcze Yoongi spojrzał się na niego takim wzrokiem „Bruh, ty się dobrze czujesz?”, a ten florysta, który był tam z nimi zażartował „To ja byłem tą dziewczyną, nie?” XD

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What’s the most romantic thing somebody has done for you?

I think it depends on people , not actions, because when it comes from anyone it is said (when the interest comes from the wrong
But for me the romantic moments when a guy
does something that indicates his concern and care about me and acts that indicates his protiction for me for example, cooking a meal, booking a trip, or planning to hang out
The things men are supposed to do

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What is the stupidest or the funniest thing you’ve done while drunk?

doctoranonstar’s Profile Photo♚ σмz ♚
Honestly I'm not that much into alcohol to get drunk, still I did loads of silly/funny things even though I was stone cold sober.
Just to tell one, there was a summer when I was on holiday in the Alps and went on a trip to a waterfall with my three older brothers.
While jumping from rock to rock I was so much intrigued by the water foam that I wanted to get it as at my eyes it looked like solid.
(I was 8, understand me).
Unfortunately I slipped on the rock, fell into the waterfall and went with flow, which was dangerous because I could crush and badly hurt myself.
My brother Tommy got a stick and tried to take me out, but when I grabbed it, he fell onto the waterfall too.
Eventually we both were rescued by the two brothers who were outside.
Although quite dangerous and silly, I remember it as a great experience.
My brother Tommy doesn't, mostly because the water was icy and we had to take off our wet clothes. Then I put on my oldest brother's t-shirt, which was kinda dress for me so no problem. Poor Tommy had to come home with a checked shirt fastened like a skirt instead of his trousers, and he didn't find it great.
That's it :)
Ty for asking

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Quelles paroles de chansons vous ont impressionné ou ont résonné en vous pour la dernière fois ? Citez-les qu'on en profite.

WatashiWaRubinaDesu’s Profile PhotoRubina
Celles de "Witch Doctor"... ça fait ouh hi, ouh haha , ting ting, wala wala bing bang. Tellement profond.
Plus sérieusement, je pense que ce sont les paroles de King me de Lamb of god !
I saw the world through the lens of a pinhole camera
I saw nothing
I was blind
In between a black hole and a super nova is where you'll find me
Imploding and expanding simultaneously
No longer blind
I'd been running away for so long
When I finally caught myself, there wasn't much left
The script's last page is blank
And the medicine is gone
A sick monster, a twister of dark matter
On a heavier trip than you can comprehend
A tornado trying to mend the life it shattered
Waiting for nothing to begin
A flatline, my insides are turning out
King me is killing me
King me is killing me
I keep walking past the places I was born in
Now their faces are blank, shiny, and dead
I don't recognize a thing, I can't recall them
A closed book that I can never, never read again
A flatline, my insides are turning out
The lights fade, this final war starts now
King me is killing me
King me is killing me
King me is killing me
King me is killing me
Killing me
All of that is ending now for I have arisen
Survived myself somehow, dead and imprisoned
I'm fighting to live if I am to see the day
I swear I'll never sleep again I am no man's slave
I wanted the fog to lift
But I was living in a cloud
Nostalgia is grinding the life from today
The present always dies in future memories
And king me is killing me
Cut wide open and bleeding to death for all to see
King me is killing me
King me is killing me
King me is killing me
King me is killing me
He's killing me
He won't kill me
I won't let him kill me
He won't kill me
https://youtu.be/bLeqJmNgeKsCarnivalskull’s Video 166374086836 bLeqJmNgeKsCarnivalskull’s Video 166374086836 bLeqJmNgeKs

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Carnivalskull’s Video 166374086836 bLeqJmNgeKsCarnivalskull’s Video 166374086836 bLeqJmNgeKs

@demonhuman ultimo atto

*E quando tutto viene meno.
Quando perdi ogni cosa.
Quando la vita ti strappa tutto.
Quando l'odio divampa e l'amore si spezza.
Rimani tu e i tuoi demoni.
Tornasti un anno dopo, dalle ceneri.
Tornasti per far tuonare tutto ciò che hai raccolto nella tua schifosa vita da mortale.
Hai accumulato tutto il peggio di questo mondo, facendolo solo tuo, facendo del male la tua ragione di vita, il tuo scopo e l'unica via per la perfezione.
Questo mondo doveva essere ricostruito dalle fondamenta.
Questo mondo doveva rinascere sotto nuove spoglie, togliendo il vero marciume dalla terra......i suoi abitanti.
Quella notte si raccontò che Fort Worth, sparì dalla mappe e dalle cartine di ogni dove.
Al posto della cittadina, che fino al giorno prima era rigogliosa e in ottimo stato.....non vi rimase più nulla, solo un'enorme voragine, come se vi ci fosse schiantato sopra un meteorite dritto per dritto.
Ma quella catastrofe aveva un nome, Dimitri.
Nessuno rimase in vita.
Dai più giovani ai più anziani.
Non rimasero nemmeno le macerie.
Andasti a far visita pure nella lussuosa reggia della tua donna, anzi Ex oramai.
Vedo che se la sta passando alla grande con i soldi della tua morte per cause tua.
Ma ehi......
Lei non lo sa che i nostri figli vogliono rivedere la mamma?.
Chi sono io per negar loro questo?.
E quindi feci quello che era giusto fare.
Uccisi, massacrasti, mutilasti in quanti pezzi possibili quel corpo.
lasciandolo poi a penzoloni dalla finestra della sua reggia appesa per le gambe.
Questa fu l'ultima immagine che si proiettò in questo viaggio spazio-tempo, tornando ora al presente.
Che trip che è stato eeeeh?.*
- Spero non ti sia annoiato troppo....James -
Non è sempre cattivo ciò che è marcio, bensì lo si diventa.
Ecco perchè Dimitri non crede più in nulla, non vede più il bello della vita poichè non esiste una bellezza.
Odia ogni cosa, perchè è lui stesso composto di odio.
Adesso capite perchè non si è mai legato a nessuno/a, perchè odia l'amore e tutto ciò che c'è di bello.
Adesso capite perchè vuole rifomattare questo mondo?
Bisogna partire dalle basi per tornare ad un nuovo splendore.
Ma senza sacrifici non si va da nessuna parte, ed ecco perchè sarebbe meglio che morissero tutti.*

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demonhuman ultimo atto

What's your reaction to the words "We need to talk"? 🥺

WarisMoid’s Profile PhotoMoids. ✊
The pit of my stomache sinks.
It immediately implies a negative overtone. The annoying thing is that the other person is forcing you to wait, so they are controlling you in a way. They could just say whatever it is they wanted to say.
I think that people that use this phrase are on a power trip and are subconsciously wanting to manipulate the power dynamic, in their favor.
When someone says this, I will use ‘sure, when I have time’ ad my reply. This will put the power with me.😬😂

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