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are you good at problem solving?

No, I find it easier to problem solve when it comes to math than irl. In real life, I always complain about what my life is like but I don’t put in effort to make my life better (at least that’s what my parents always say), I don’t study hard to get a degree, I don’t work anywhere to eat out however much I’d like to, I don’t attend many social gatherings to make friends and potentially find “the one” I’m looking for, I tend to resort to getting emotional when things don’t go my way instead of remaining calm and making sure to do things differently in the future, and I have this mindset where I convince myself that if I’m having a bad day, my day will only get worse and there’s nothing to be happy for. I tend to self sabotage rather than problem solve these days.

If your kids or future kids had a good report card from school would you give them money as a reward

My older child gets pocket money anyways, she gets extra when she does her jobs around the house and/or she does extra well in school.
For example this week they had mini assessments and she got 27/30 on her math one so she got extra money this week

What is the most useless university degree?

A professor and a sailor were on a boat in the middle of the Nile. The professor filled with bravado acquired from having completed numerous degrees asked the sailor if he was familiar with Math. The sailor said "no." "How about Biology." Sailor said "no." He asked the same of Theoretical Physics, Chemistry and Geography. To which the sailor replied with a NO. The professor, clearly indignant replied "what then do you know? You’ll eventually die of this illiteracy."
A few moments later the boat hit some turbulence and they started sinking. The sailor then asked the Professor if he could swim. The professor said "no." To which the sailor quipped "you’ll most certainly be eaten by these crocodiles."
All degrees are useless except the one that prevents crocodiles from eating you !!
It's a life degree ..

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Except for social media, what other apps do you use in your everyday life? 📱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Here’s my go-to list as of lately!
-Weather channel
-Audible (as of lately)
-Bank app
-Nibble (basically, in an effort to lower the amount of scrolling you do on social media, you can take lessons about a variety of subjects instead. They have many to choose from including history, art, philosophy, math, and more, in order to keep your brain sharp).
And then most days I’ll use my health app to track my steps as well. 😁
Except for social media what other apps do you use in your everyday life

https://ask.fm/LarryStylestomlinson436/answers/174896715163 - Knitting 🤣

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ 3 DAYS TO GO ▩ ♚ ☻
hahahah I was knitting when I was young! During lessons at University in aula - secretly in the last row of chairs - once my knitting needle fell down to the ground during math lecture and teacher asked : Who is bringing spoons on the lecture? :))))

What indicates to you that a person is smart?

When they quickly decipher the meaning behind words (such as in poetry), when they’re ahead of their peers in math and/or other classes with a little effort, when they seem to excel at many of the things they do and quickly catch on when it comes to sports or while trying out other hobbies, they have the ability to understand how people who are guarded and hardly ever show emotion feel on the inside (indicating they’re emotionally smart), they usually don’t make fun of others and try to help others who are behind or not doing as great as them, and they can be very witty and/or eloquent by nature.

He is only 3 years older than me, and i am scared of him because he might have more knowledge about things than me. So i don't can't talk to him cuz i have a fear that I'll come up as a nerd. I get nervous. I am such a coward.

So you're scared that he might be more knowledgeable than you and you dont wanna talk to him because you believe that "you" will look like a nerd... The math isnt mathing rn.
Look you made me sound like a nerd now

مـ؟!ـادة | دراسية كنت تحبها ..

ifaisal2x’s Profile Photoذكريات فيصل ،
Math ..... all the way from (G&A)
Job Costing
Material & Automatic Control
Small Scale Intergeneration & Logic Circuits
Software Engineering
Computer Science
.... etc.

What kind of school did you go to? Was it a school where people would gossip a lot, bigger in size, a school that had a lot of gifted students, etc.? Also if you were homeschooled, what was your experience like?

I went to two high schools at the same time. In the mornings, I went to a standard public high school for classes like math and english and science, and then in the afternoons I went to an arts high school where I studied fine arts. I was kind of popular at the regular hs and very popular at the arts hs. I had a lot of friends at both and did well in my classes.

What can i do to stop hating myself. I'm not pretty or smart, I can't to math and I get bullied a lot...

Why would you hate yourself ? You can be your best friend. The one you can count on no matter what.
You will have yourself watching out your back forever. The most beautiful things that are meant for you didn't even happen to you yet. Just give yourself time. And if you feel like you dont fit in society than it's because you are meant to stand out of the ordinary. You are special. You make the difference and that's beautiful. Be different.

بشوف ناس معهاش شهادات ليها علاقة بالمجال بيكون معاهم مثلا ( كيميا، فيزيا، بيزنس) وقدروا يعملوا كارير كويس فى الماشين ليرننج؟ مع ان حضرتك قولت ان الشهادة مهمة + انا بشوف كده فى المقالات كمان

Physics and chemistry have a lot of maths, so no worries about them. If this is your background, this is good.
In general, any area with descent Math background is ok for machine learning

Think of your brain before your heart

That's what makes everything so hard , don't think without feelings except in science or math or even in anything you must use all cells of your brain but in life you use them both your brain and heart cause that's what life is !
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Did you like math and physics in high school?

No, at least I did not like math. I have dyscalculia, which basically is the same thing as being dyslectic, but with numbers and formulas and such.
Doing basic math with numbers from 0-20 is hard, but okay. Anything above that is just impossible for me. Formulas don’t end up memorized in my brain, so it’s a constant struggle to do maths. 😬
Did you like math and physics in high school

When was a time you felt really clever? Like as a certain saying goes, you "understood the assignment"? 💡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
with the knitting pattern I'm doing, there's a certain amount of math involved with decreasing the sleeves of the sweater and other little things and I've been doing like, so much math in my head- and correctly.
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Влюблена ли ты? Кто этот человек?

grachiova___’s Profile PhotoKsiusha
Ответ будет на швейцарском языке, хорошо?
Я знаю, что ты его знаешь!😺
Tha mi ann an gaol le mac Ceann-suidhe na Ruis ann an Timur, tha sinn glè choltach a-staigh agus a-muigh. Tha mi dìreach ga ghràdhachadh, agus ga mheas mar dhuine dùthchasach. Tha gaol agam air! Is esan dìreach a h-uile dad agam. Agus gu dearbh aig an àm seo, is e seo an tubaist agam.💖😉
Is e dìreach nach eil mi gu math cinnteach gun còrd e rium, oir nam cheann tha an teadaidh pinc agam, a tha mi dìreach a’ gabhail tlachd.💔💫💥
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I am a loser girl, I have no good clothes no good food no good face or IQ, no future, I scored 70% in olevels after that my parents just indirectly telling me to not go any further and waste their money and energy, they show hate, im disheartened, I deserve to rid me of myself!

1. Clothes doesn’t define a person, I’m sure I have way worse than yours
2. At least you have food to eat and face is irrelevant because they fear looks beget proudness
3. Idk where you’re measuring your IQ but those tests are general maths questions and not everyone is good at math but they are good in other subjects
4. 70% is low lol? You still have a good chance to land a better university. My cousin got admission abroad and that too below 70% score in O Levels
5. I think you should go till bachelors because degree will benefit you a lot
6. They don’t hate you, probably they’re frustrated with themselves due to financial pressure
7. If you do the maths, you’re still within those 30% of the Pak’s population who have the privilege to do O Levels. I think its even less than 30%
8. Don’t settle for marriage before completing your education. A woman’s education is necessary for the grooming of the future generation. Maybe this experience will guide you as to what you should not be doing with your kids when they face tough times.
Grades, clothes, looks nothing defines your worth. Your worth lies in your actions and behaviour. You’re not alive to impress the people on earth, impress Allah only. This world will always find a reason to hate you no matter how much success you attain.

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With summer coming to a close, what do you have planned for the autumn? 🍂🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
well, i need to pass my exams to earn scholarship, write a paper based on my internship (and choose a topic😅), take a visit to professor of another uni to talk bout their postgrad program and possibility to take some lectures here (read her papers - exciting!), also need to improve my math and physics by myself, and i really looking forward to november's local doll and miniature fair (hope i have enough time to build new diorama)... And of course ima gonna lie in the leaves, eat apples and smell roses - well, i appreciate autumn very much - if i have time to.

What was your favorite subject in school?

i didn’t really like school in general 😂 but the subjects that were easiest for me were math and science (before chemistry of course, cuz fuck chemistry)
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Highest grade na nakuha mo consistently at sa anong subject.

basta math o science related subjects, naglalaro lang sa 1 at 1.25 (thankful na di nabiktima ng roleta) haha tapos yung english singko hahahaha jk

How do you now feel about those math classes and art projects?

The exact same way. High school was a complete waste of my time. I don't use trig, I don't use Chem, never have I ever had an artistic bone in my body & I very much would have rather been with my kids or making money. Kids are only little for a short while. I missed a lot of school bc of them anyway & it's not like I actually had time to ever do homework. Never went to prom but i'm sure I would've felt the same way about that if I had.
I mean when you think about it I was very much an adult by that point, it was something I continued solely bc I wanted to give myself the best opportunity to provide my kids the best life possible.

When you were in school, did you ever consider dropping out?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
I felt like school was a waste of my time. Could've been working or with my kids and instead I had to be in an unnecessary math class or do some stupid art project or whatever. So yes. I didn't tho ofc.

Something cool to share?

I have always expressed my concern about the flop, corrupt, expensive, inadequate and out dated system of education and teaching in Pakistan. Students are deprived of the real education that they need in their practical lives. Just covering some syllabus and solving some complex Math problems can not be called true education. It must be about our living, like how to live this life and maintain constant control over ourselves. But no, unfortunately that they are not interested and skilled to teach. I have always loved the teaching profession, it should be a rewarding job for those people who really put in their energies to help others through it by being a master of a skill. It has the capacity to shape one's life completely.
I can teach about a lot of things myself, but what I want to teach about is life. I can not pursue this career but I know that I can deliver a lot if only I get a chance to perform. It's like the core subject of all our educational career and afterwards the work life. It will be all about practical knowledge and no unproven theoretical concepts. Right now, I don't have a big platform, else probably I would have initiated the program via virtual learning tools. I have ideas about how to run this setup in a way which will not make it difficult for others to be a part of this. Course content can be prepared, timetable can be scheduled and the classes can commence in a week or two. It was in my mind, so I shared. This subject should be taught at all levels; it'll broaden the mind of confused masses.
#PracticalTraining #PracticalEducation #PracticalLearning #Pakistan #TeachingJobs #AdvanceEducation #AdvanceLearning

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Something cool to share

کیا سیدھے سادے لوگ ہمیشہ زندگی میں پیچھے رہ جاتے ہیں؟

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
You know what, let me tell you something about “smart”.
When I was in O Level everyone thought I was very smart. My teacher thought I am going to get a distinction in mathematics. Even my Islamiat teacher thought I’ll get a distinction in Islamiat.
There was a question in our math book that my teacher couldn’t solve on board. He tried two times, got the wrong answer. Everyone in the class was equally lost either. He asked us to just leave it or see if we can find a problem in the question later.
Next day I came to the class with the solved question and the correct answer. Everyone lost their shit. My teacher made me put that whole solution on a chart paper and displayed it at a soft board.
Everyone thought I was really smart. Some sort of a math whizz. Even I thought that.
It had happened before in 7th class, when my teacher asked us a trick question in class and I was the only one with the correct answer, and he said, wow, she’s smart. Very good at math.
It happened in A Level too once, when our teacher gave us a practice worksheet with a “golden section” that had the most unsolvable questions and I solved them, regardless.
It happened in my first semester when i got like 25 marks out of 30 in my python exam which was the batch highest, the second closest score being 17.
Now you must also be thinking, what is the point here, is she trying to show off how smart she has been?
See, you also missed the point.
Smartness is a scam, an illusion.
I know because I have been there. In all of these things, it wasn’t my “natural genius” that helped me out. Something my classmates thought I had and must have felt bad for not having themselves.
It doesn’t exist.
I was able to solve that question in O Level because I was the only one who went home and couldn’t stop thinking about it and spent hours on it. No one else gave it a second thought. Not even my teacher. I’m sure if they did, they could have solved it. Even better than me, who knows.
In 7th grade, I was the only one who actually took a second to mentally solve what I saw on board and compare before I spoke out my answer, unlike everyone else who was just making wild guesses.
In A Level, everyone skipped over the golden section but I kept trying to solve it and didn’t move on till I could. They solved the entire worksheet of other questions when I was just done with the golden section.
In my Python course, I had a personal liking of the teacher an I listened to the lectures very carefully. Unlike some of my classmates, I already had a laptop before starting university and had no problem installing and practicing on new applications like IDEs.
And this is what it’s actually about. Who puts in the time. Who puts in the effort. Who has the ability to sit down and focus. Who has the privilege thats needed to perform all of these tasks.
It’s never about “smartness.”
Even for people who seemingly do not study at all and still get ahead, (cont.)

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When I am done with myself, I don't even care what I say. That's how I wanted myself to be with others. Rather I opted to be failure. So what do you call me now?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
You are special with all your questions, they really force people to think 😁👍But it is necessary to care what are you saying. It is like simple math - be kind to people who are kind to you and despise haters. 🤷‍♀️😅
When I am done with myself I dont even care what I say Thats how I wanted myself

how do i get my shit together and actually understand math? i am studying i just feel like it’s not working

Maybe math just isn't for you. We can't all be good at everything. It isn't a bad thing that you're bad at one subject.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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how do i get my shit together and actually understand math i am studying i just

so i have a crush on this person, they doesn't know me well, neither do i. TELL ME HOW SHOULD I GET THEM, IM OBSESSED

acupofpixiedust’s Profile Photoacupofpixiedust
You mentioned you don’t know them well, what if, after knowing him/her somewhat well your obsession just poofs like pixiedust? Before getting them, atleast know them. Brain can handle calculations and math well but this stuff, it always fucks up like crazy, your obsession is you & your imagination about them 99% , and them actually 1%.

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