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Yeet (and anyone else who acts like the big bad wolf) can't do anything. All bark, no bite. All talk, no action. The fact that they're trying to look tough is just embarrassing for them. These people are too old to be acting like this. I was like that when I was 16 and trying to look bada$$.

Well I’ve had my Ask and all my Meta banned due to people from Ask. They’re psycho and jealous. Who knows what they will attempt? I’ll tell ya one thing. All this drama has turned other parts of my life magical. Take all the fcking accounts. I’ve gained something far more special. I’d also like to address something. I blocked a few people on my other account. I noticed them liking over here today and they are now blocked here as well. I don’t want any bad blood but there’s more going on here than you realize and I had to make choices based on your choices.

¿Cuál es el mayor problema de tu ciudad?

And I can go anywhere I want
Anywhere I want, just not home
And you can aim for my heart, go for blood
But you would still miss me in your bones
And I still talk to you
when I'm screaming at the sky
And when you can't sleep at night
You hear my stolen lullabies
Cuál es el mayor problema de tu ciudad

> but at least she admits she’s mad. others play pretend - This. But I don't get Yeet at all. We haven't mentioned her since she "apologized." I knew it was fake but seriously, dafuq is her problem? Is she just looking to argue with somebody? Anybody? It seems to be the case...

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
She said all we do is talk about her. 🤣 We haven’t said a damn thing after her apology and I went back to being far too nice to her. 👎

Who do you talk to when you are sad?

seldomuser’s Profile PhotoSeldom User
I hardly feel sad, sadness is something I can evade easily, but when I cannot, I don't talk about it, I don't find it easy to trust people, even if I do I don't expect them to understand. I mean how can they understand something they've not experienced? Instead of shattering their beliefs I listen to music, heavy metal on repeat at maximum volume for hours. I do that until my brain goes numb and there's nothing I can feel except the rattling of my eardrums.

Who do you talk to when you are sad?

seldomuser’s Profile PhotoSeldom User
I usually cry my heart out to Allah by talking to him or just crying simply. I usually don't do anything to make myself feel better. Yas, I do need a really bad hug that time but I usually
I don't surround myself with loved ones, or do anything that might assist in escaping from myself this is cause I have found any distraction to be temporary. My feelings of sadness are right there, waiting for me when I get back, and typically manage to get stronger while I am away and if my whole body is down, me trying to yank it into not feeling what it is feeling is the equivalent of not listening to myself. Instead, I cry though crying feels both horrible and amazing. Sometimes I lie around trying to sit with what I feel which, I won't lie to you is uncomfortable as hell. I go on a walk so I can just breathe and move, breathe and move. It takes me a while to process whatever is making me feel down but when I get out on the other side I feel much stronger than when all I have been trying to do is evade myself. I deserve my full attention. I deserve to listen to myself and that's how I pick myself again. 🌻

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Born to slay like Rekha, forced by the world to become Jaya 🤧

So you’re saying you want to live a life of misery where you can’t even talk to someone you love and there’s no chance of you two together but no you will prefer living alone thinking what if ?
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Y’all make me laugh.

Please don't cancel me for this storytime guys, please: Okay, so back in college, there was this girl whose mouth smelled like rotten fishes and she loved physical touch. She was always clinging onto my arms and I had to hold myself back from telling her to get away from me. I couldn't tell her directly because that would be socially rude, right? So, one day, I told her that I was into girls. The way she kept her distance away from me after that felt like a fragrant heaven.
One day, I had to sit beside her and she decided to rest her head on my shoulder to talk to me. I didn't want to go through that again so I smiled at her and reminded her of my lie. The way she jolted away from me was so funny.

What's harder? Believing in god or believing in yourself?

stormydazex6’s Profile Photostormydazex
Neither. God has been healing me. God has a plan for all of us. Whether your journey been beautiful or dark it was God's plan. I'm starting to abandon my dark memories. I have strength to talk about my past. God has been giving me energy. Therapy didn't help. What helped me was God. God is powerful.

I have decided to take my life.

Why are you going to end something that is inevitably going to end anyway? Don't let these temporary trials spoil your akhirat. Indeed we belong to Allah and indeed to Him we will return. If you want to talk about it, I'm here. I might be of some help. I have already lost someone dear to me to suicide, and this thing shatters the people who love you. So please, don't.

Red flag in boys? 🚩

Abzquad’s Profile PhotoAbdul Ahad
-More social media presence (these guys be having multiple accounts on so many social media platforms).
-Not having good relationship with their family.
-It may come as a surprise but... not having or claiming to not have any female friends. 💀 Chances are, they do, they just hiding.
-Talking shit about their ex(es). Ex(es) shouldn't even matter, imo.
-Hanging out with people they usually talk shit about.
I can go on and on but I should stop now. 💀🔪

Does it happen with anyone else that it's easier to talk to strangers than to talk to the people who know us, or whom we know? And as soon as you think you're getting to know someone, you move out because maybe you're scared?

Because the stranger is listening to one side of the story which gives you the full opportunity to vent out. If people could tolerate venting as an outlet to release yourself then I don’t think we would have any problem living together. The problem is we do take it personally because it does not align with our belief system.

How do you know if your partner really is the one?

It’s not a magic thing, it’s a partnership that you have to work on together. Find things you both like for a nucleus but allow each lots of time for your own interests. You’ll know soon enough but you’ll both need to talk about it and work at the little differences 🤷🏻‍♂️
btw I’m single so take this with a grain of salt 😂😂😂

Only you can answer this: Disadvantages of having a killer sarcasm game? 🌝

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
The only disadvantage of being constantly sarcastic is that people don't always know when I'm being serious. I just don't know how to talk to people not fluent in sarcasm, seriously y'all actually say stuff just as it is? Where's the fun in that?

Does it happen with anyone else that it's easier to talk to strangers than to talk to the people who know us, or whom we know? And as soon as you think you're getting to know someone, you move out because maybe you're scared?

Yes, that's actually pretty natural. While sharing details that might feel personal in any way, one considers the consequences first. Sharing details with strangers is easy because, quite obviously, the consequences are little to none. This is why one tends to move away when they've reached the boundaries they hypothetically set for themselves and that stranger.

Are you quite social irl/outside of this app or do you mostly keep to yourself?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I’m non social irl, see one person occasionally because I kinda have to. At this point I talk to very few people on Ask too. I appreciate my few male friends on here that never tried for more than friendship. Had a talk with one this morning that I hadn’t spoken to in a while. I figured he was told not to talk to me but I was dumb to think he’d listen to something like that.

Who do you truly love?

u will see guys…
when u will see man with me …
it will be meaning
only one thing … that i truly love him…!i’ve never dated before…i was like princes from tales…who absolutely didn’t care about all women who were in love with them…till they will not meet the one …real love …i was called…a heartbreaker …heartless…that i eat beautiful boys …( i have so much beautiful stories) men’s hearts …because i didn’t want to date with anyone…and all those guys was really handsome tall really rich…golden kids…sometimes famous…and u know when someone was said:
girls… women are “dying “ because of them… and u don’t want date with them
what’s wrong with u … Inna…
(and from my childhood everyone wanted marry me… i don’t like to talk about… like i boast but it’s true…and i wrote here…)
i didn’t care …i care i really care about the beauty that a man will give me…it’s without words…
it’s about another question
i always looked at those guys
and thought…this the not face i want to see first when i wake up in the morning…( i don’t want touches … don’t want my beautiful body … or my beautiful hands i didn’t wanted they are touching me…)the most important this it’s sleep… it’s waking up…because sleep is death u need every morning to rejoice in a new day…and the person…the man from which kisses i will waking up
with who…who will start my day it’s absolutely important to me…
i’m so beautiful… i absolutely beautiful (inside and outside )mysterious girl…
my man will always shine and most happiest man on the earth and make me most happiest girl on this earth…!!!
that why i didn’t want to offend anyone… and didn’t dated
it’s my choice…!purity of woman important for real man! it’s about timeless!yes of course u can be with anyone u want…but it’s not about that beauty that love! yes, i have absolutely beautiful thinking…what will be on trend or fashion… about everything…but about relationships…cleanliness important and when u guys…will see with me someone it will mean i love him…truly love.and want to see his face first when i open my eyes!and i change every second…and love about every second too
it’s mean i must … i every second must be in his love … in his care…
smile all the time from his actions about me…and i girl who is listen…and remember… and i want my man notice everything in me…my dreams … my wishes…what i want…
because …i always look or something do something
it’s mean only one thing
i want it! not wish for someone or just look or…i want … i wish … i dream…about for me…it’s show my taste …everyone has his her own taste !i don’t like hints…i love actions…but guys its not green light for all and everyone…important main condition…is : my love. and if i … if u think that fell in love for no reason- because u are not doing anything yet it’s mean i want u gift me a million reasons to love u!not because u handsome famous rich …or… etc…and u know words doesn’t mean anything…all it will be without my words( my man not dog-to educate him)
and will i feel only like this!

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Who do you truly love

Sup dudeness... You were talking about a vlog/podcast in an answer of yours where you were worried about your procrastinating. Well i wanna know about that vlog/podcast thing if you just let me, kindly... Salamat rahiey. 🙂

tarekdaud’s Profile Photothelameassdude®
Hello! Thank you for asking me this, I am actually excited to talk about it. Okay, so basically, I am making this vlog/podcast for my assignment and I am struggling mostly because I changed my topic last minute (a few hours ago). I am going to be talking about Salem Witch Trials, how much religion and culture had a role in it, its impact on the American legal system, and, in the end, I plan on highlighting the similar social issues we face today.

Do you think popularity irl is different than being popular online?

Yes. I may have a lot of likes on here and feel comfortable expressing myself online but irl, I hardly ever express myself and don’t have many people I could talk to. People irl don’t make much of an effort to talk to me and neither do I make much of an effort to talk to them but online, I’m more eager and comfortable with talking to others. It’s easier to become popular online than it is irl for those who have social anxiety or are introverted. When you think of being popular irl, you might think of those who are a part of a clique and aren’t very inclusive but online, there are ways to become popular without making others feel left out or without feeling the need to keep up a certain image. I may never be popular irl or express myself so easily when interacting with others in person, but at least I feel like I somewhat belong when interacting with the online friends I have.

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Do you think it’s inappropriate to ask someone about their ex if they’re in a relationship? I’m so curious about what happened to this person‘s ex. I want to know more because people in town are talking about things involving my acquaintance

If they bring it up then it might be ok, but most people don’t wanna talk about their exes once they are with someone else. Can be kinda disrespectful!

Your bg is lovely. Is it from some movie or something?

biya_furqan’s Profile PhotoAlif
Thank you 🙃✌🏻 ... It is an AI art I found somewhere on social media but it's a representation of my purpose on this app ... To talk and explore ... people and stories beyond those borders without judging or judged just like conversations we used to have as curious little kids 🙂✌🏻
Your bg is lovely Is it from some movie or something

Do you think that once a guy (who is straight) is taken, he will most likely completely stop talking to other girls, even if he was just friends with them?

Sometimes it happens. I have guy friends I still talk to and I've become friends with their girlfriends. Even just as friends, I also have some that stopped talking to me out respect to their girlfriends. I understand and respect them either way. I wouldn't want to be the reason to ruin a relationship.

What makes a person want to talk to you at first but then later distance themselves from you when they’re going through family issues/personal problems instead of using that as a chance to open up to you more?

They’re likely an introvert and that’s how they deal with things. Don’t hold it against us. We need a lot of space. Then again, when something bad happens I always still want to talk to my favorite person. Maybe that’s one way of knowing how truly special someone is. But that’s just me. And that’s just Lex. He transcends all of my usual stuff. Doesn’t mean that other introverts are that way.

Say you were gonna be a speaker, what would choose to talk about? 🎤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Probably chronic illness, as that’s what I tend to be most… fluent in speaking about. If that makes sense. With many subjects, I feel like I can only talk about it for a short time before I’d struggle, or start racking my brain for something else to say. Whereas, illness is just something I’ve talked extensively about for years, and I could probably speak about various different aspects of illness, the affects it has on life, work, school, relationships, etc. 🤔
I’m also not that confident when speaking in general, I always feel like I’m either babbling too much or stumbling over my words. So, if I just default to what I feel I know best, it takes at least some of that anxiety away, and I might be able to get through a proper speech. 😬
Say you were gonna be a speaker what would choose to talk about

I am poor that's why no girl talk to me.

Or maybe you just lack basic conversational skills and your whole personality is the embodiment of stuff you read on the internet, you have no originality of thoughts, and say one word when people ask you your opinion about a particular topic of interest...
But yeah maybe no girl talks to you because you're broke. 💀

> makes me want to go to brooklyn and listen in on some conversations - Gods of Asgard, haven't we corrupted you enough?! 🤣 You were such a nice sweet innocent girl back in the day... 🤣 I'm out, toots. Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Mother's Day! We'll talk soon... 💗💗💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Never enough, Lexy. 😛 Happiest of Mother’s Days to your mom for creating my favorite alien. 💗💗💗

Screenshot of a funny messenger exchange, please.

A client having his monthly haircut says he was going to Rome for his holidays- why would you want to go there as it is full of Italians and is filthy- who are you flying with? -Lufthansa- they are the worst airline and have an appalling reputation and old planes- where are you staying?-the Quirinale- that is a terrible hotel and awful rooms and overpriced- and I bet you won't see the pope amongst the thousands in St Peters square.
On his return the barber asked how he went in Rome- Fantastic Lufthansa had new planes and we upgraded to first class and the Qirinale had just had a major upgrade and we ended up in the Presidential suite.
I bet you didn't see the Pope- a swiss guard tapped us on the shoulder as the Pope wanted to meet commoners.
I bet he didn't talk to you- yes he did he asked me who gave me the shitty haircut

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He isn't the man you think he is. Have your gut feeling ever been right?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
Yes, it’s usually those who are extremely nice and clingy at first who aren’t who they seem to be (from my own experience). There was a guy that I met online on Tiktok and he was extremely sweet, would stay true to his words, and would be more than willing to hear me out but as time went on, he started being rude and disrespectful. Eventually, it became a pattern where he kept being rude by degrading me verbally on a regular basis but I failed to realize that it was who he really was and that the nice persona from the start was just an act. When he disappeared on me one day and then came back months later just to be rude again, I finally chose to cut ties with him but it’s unfortunate that I spent a lot of time trying to talk some sense into him. I guess the fear of being alone was what made me continue talking to someone like him and the fact that I was very depressed at the time made it harder for me to realize that I deserved better. It’s always good to listen to your gut feeling or at least acknowledge that something doesn’t seem right.

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Good evening 🌺, sending you picture you inspired me to 😁 - the name : Talk yourself out of your sadness and your body will be flooded with happiness only💙 💛

LarryStylestomlinson436’s Profile PhotoMe - Larry
Thank you SO much! You have indeed inspired me toward another piece of artwork! I will send it to you when I finish! :) This one may take a bit.
Good evening  sending you picture you inspired me to   the name  Talk yourself

Kis amal se sabak hasil hua apko?

m_hamza_zafar4’s Profile PhotoFaraib Hunn Main.
If talking to girls is tough, then your biceps just aren't big enough...if you have no idea how to flirt you just have to take off your shirt....if you got rejected from a date you just need to lose a bit of weight.... maybe if you just talk to someone u just might find your loved one...

talk about any thing...

tasneembazeed907’s Profile PhotoTasneem Bazeed
الانسان كل مرحله عمريه ،بيحتاج يقعد مع نفسه يراجع افكاره ومبادئه تاني ويحدد الصح والغلط ومين يكمل معاه ومين لا، لان ف كل مرحله بتقابل ناس جديده وتتعلم حاجات جديده ممكن تأثر عليك بالسلب او الايجاب

My boyfriend is ignoring me, what should I do?

No one is a relationship expert here but I can suggest you something. Choose the right time and Talk to him about it openly. Be specific about how and when he's ignoring you. Avoid self assumptions. Listen to him carefully and without getting angry. Stay calm, talk things out. Find out the reasons behind what's going on. And then act accordingly. If you feel that he's sincere, let your heart love him. And if you're not satisfied and happy with his responses, leave him.

Do we need to debate on the rules? Discussion!!! Doesn't it sound like a mild agreement. When you don't want it... you simply don't talk about it... no?!

The life changes, the circumstances change, so the rules shoud adapt to these changes too🤷‍♀️. There is always space for discussion and nothing must be stable. But truth is that with keeping the rules the life is less complicated. 😅😂
Do we need to debate on the rules Discussion Doesnt it sound like a mild

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