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What causes you to accept someone’s imperfections?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Do you ever look at the leaves of the trees how they always turn into colours in winter and how some of the leaves are cracked and I always found beauty in the broken and flawed, how all the trees which are very old and lone always sway to the tune of wind as they are always praising god that's what it always makes me feel like and withered flowers pressed in the mud or found in the corner of road and thinking about all these things it makes me realised of us as humans beings and one of the reasons why I love their all little imperfections. We all are authentic albeit messy human beautifully flawed and imperfectly perfect, beings and when you love or care about someone, imperfections are nothing cause you worship and love every piece of them - the good/rough hard parts and curves and edges of them. 🌻

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What causes you to accept someones imperfections

What are you most attracted to in another person that isn't physical?

MaryJane214’s Profile PhotoMary Jane
Passion. I love to hear people rave about what they love, and seeing how their faces light up any time you bring up those things. In my opinion, that is one of the most attractive things about a person. And I think the way someone pursues their passions is very attractive, like, it makes me so happy to see someone just striving for something they want so fiercely. 🤩
Another top one for me is integrity. How they treat people, if they are honest and do the right thing even behind closed doors, stay true to their word, being accountable etc, is all very telling. It really attracts me to someone when they are consistently authentic to themselves, their morals and values. ☺️
What are you most attracted to in another person that isnt physical

What would you say is the secret of a happy relationship? 👩‍❤️‍👨 😇

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Some of the key things that make for a happy relationship, in my opinion, are:
-Quality time
-Supportive of each other
-Good communication
-Able to engage in and work through conflict in a healthy way
-Helping each other grow
-Allowing one another be their authentic selves
-Catering to each other’s love languages
-Creating new moments and memories
-Engaging in various shared and personal hobbies
-Shared values and life goals (where each person stands when it comes to finances, career, desires, ambitions, marriage, kids, etc, etc)
What would you say is the secret of a happy relationship

Whats the most expensive thing on your wishlist rn?

wtf66613’s Profile Photowtf66613
Probably the jewelry I want to get since I have sensitive skin and am looking for good quality jewelry that’s more on the expensive side but I most likely won’t be purchasing jewelry that’s authentic gold or sterling silver that costs around $2,150 or more anytime soon. I think that’s absurd, if I’m being honest.

Do you live as the truest version of yourself or do you feel you could be more?

This is an interesting question.
I do feel like I am my truest self in all aspects. Tbh, I think throughout this lifetime everyone is constantly changing. Considering every person goes through different trials, you don’t come out the same person. With that, you are either improving, staying the same or degrading as we know it. A person can be true to themselves without necessarily having to improve. Someone can be true to themselves by being their authentic self around others, however they can be dealing with detrimental emotions mentally. Therefore, needing to improve in that sense. In my opinion, those are two completely different aspects.

Do you live as the truest version of yourself or do you feel you could be more?

I could do much more (according to my mom) and in the past, I was doing much more and lived my life without caring about what people thought about me back then but now, my whole life seems to revolve around whether or not outsiders would approve of the things I do. I’m definitely not living my life to it’s fullest and don’t feel as authentic as I felt I was in the past.

كاين بزاف هنا يردو على طرحي و أسئلتي آبخي يمحو ردودهم !! (ماشي غير تي راهم كاين بزاف كيما تي يديرو هكا).. لدرجة هذي عندي هيبة ونْخَوَفْ وتخافو تناقشوني !!؟ أما إذا موسوسين من رواحكم و ردودكم و موسوسين بينكم وبين نفسكم هنا اواه غير شوفو كش پسيكو.. باسكو عدكم احد تفرعات البارانويا و هي (الإضطراب)

وإذا رأيت الفرع مُثمر ... فاعلم أن الجذور أصيلة .
- الوقت والصبر هم أفضل الأصدقاء لتحقيق الأهداف
الوقت هو أحد العوامل الرئيسية في تحقيق الأهداف.
عندما نمضي وقتًا مستدامًا ومنتظمًا في العمل نحو هدفنا، نبني
تدريجيا الأسس لتحقيقه.
كما يقولون: "الوقت والصبر يصنعان المعجزات. إذا تمكنت من تطوير مهارات الصبر، ستكون قادرًا على تحسين ذاتك وتحقيق نجاحات أكبر في مختلف جوانب حياتك.
And if you see a branch bearing fruit... know that the roots are authentic.
Time and patience are your best friends for achieving goals
Time is one of the main factors in achieving goals.
When we spend sustained, regular time working toward our goal, we build
Gradually lay the foundations to achieve it.
As they say: “Time and...
كاين بزاف هنا يردو على طرحي و أسئلتي آبخي يمحو ردودهم  ماشي غير تي راهم كاين

Ever had that moment when you realize you dont belong somewhere like you go from feeling normal to feeling out of place?

I felt that way as soon as I started high school, including throughout my childhood and even now as I go to my in person classes as a college student (so basically my whole life). I think the “issue” has always been feeling and being more affected by my surroundings than the others around me as well as a severe lack of self confidence when I’m in a public setting. I wish I was someone who embraces their individuality everywhere they go but instead, I’m the complete opposite where I try to fit in and almost always remain silent everywhere I go, which only backfires as people then think it’s ok to completely disregard my feelings and walk all over me. Whenever I try to emulate the things people around me do, I just look awkward and clueless and my chances of fitting in as well as feeling like I belong goes out the window. I wish I could be my authentic self in public without trying to be someone I’m not, but it seems like every time I go outside, I instantly resort to shutting down my thoughts/feelings and turn into the shell of a person I am in private. Hopefully, I’ll one day get to experience what it’s like to be able to talk to just about anyone in public without having to hold myself back all the time and without having to constantly doubt myself and my abilities when being surrounded by others.

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whats the main way you communicate with people?

ahiruomo’s Profile Photoahiruomo
I prefer face-to-face communication over virtual meetings. It's essential for me to see a person's emotions, observe their reactions, and feel their physical presence nearby. In these moments, the authentic melody of sincerity and emotions unfolds, which cannot be fully conveyed through screens or text. However, internet capabilities also have their place, even though they create an illusion of real communication

What is the difference between I like you and I love You Relationship wise

I like you is nice to hear and I love you is said every so often that it doesn’t sound as authentic anymore when people say I love you nowadays. But, if you barely hear I love you from your partner and they happen to say it sometimes, then it most likely is genuine and from the heart. They might also say it every so often as well and it would still be meaningful. I like you would be nicer to use when you and your significant other are talking to each other and/or goofing around and suddenly one of you decides to say I like you to display their appreciation towards their partner. They’re both great but I love you is better said when a person is being serious and I like you is nice to say in situations where you’re having a lighthearted conversation with your partner.

Give me some pointers on how to shoot my shot

antisocialmermaid12103’s Profile Photoantisocialmermaid
You should definitely get out of your comfort zone (tbh I should be taking my own advice on this too) and try approaching those you want to approach and feel comfortable approaching in public, which will help you be more comfortable with talking to others in the long run, like the guy you’re interested in. When you’re near the person you like, say hi or try smiling at them and see if they seem interested in talking to you afterwards. Try to find areas that you and the person you’re interested in have in common and focus on building a friendship with them first. Be your authentic self and try to not let your anxiety win or let it dictate your actions/next move. Be friendly overall so people have good things to say about you and so the person you’re interested in can have an idea of the nice person you are in general (because word goes around sometimes). Hopefully everything works out in your favor!! 💗

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it's just a take but i think it's hard to form authentic friendships in america bc americans only care about themselves and work. this is the result of capitalism

americans, in general, care more than about themselves and work, but this society forces us to care about stuff like work and money because we have no other choice. but otherwise, yeah i can understand that.

SERIOUS HELP! August me fee pay krni ha. Plz muje koi authentic online job ka batae bcz I've tried freelancing and n tutoring but it didn't work out. these take time and i don't have much time. Plz help krdo koi. Total amount needed 60k. Abu ki bhi job nhi rhi. Plz koi quick solution bata do. 🙏

You can apply for financial aid programs in your university. I'm sure you will get it if you're fulfilling requirements/criteria.

And in the same context. How can we explain couples in which the husband is literally a drinker while the wife is most pious woman someone can find. And even vice versa? (3)

The context in which that verse was revealed now. Some hypocrites had accused Aisha{R.A} of having an affair or committing Zina. Then the Prophet PBUH came to her to ask her if this was true and this verse was revealed to the Prophet at that time. I follow tafsir ibn Kathir because most scholars say that it is the best one out there. The tranlsation of this verse in Tafsir Ibn Kathir is as follows:
'Bad statements are for bad people and bad people for bad statements. Good statements are for good people and good people for good statements: such are innocent of (every) bad statement which they say; for them is forgiveness, and honored provision.'
Basically implying that hypocrites and bad people are gonna take part in spreading such rumors. Here is the detailed explanation.
'bn `Abbas said, "Evil words are for evil men, and evil men are for evil words; good words are for good men and good men are for good words. This was revealed concerning `A'ishah and the people of the slander.'' This was also narrated from Mujahid, `Ata', Sa`id bin Jubayr, Ash-Sha`bi, Al-Hasan bin Abu Al-Hasan Al-Basri, Habib bin Abi Thabit and Ad-Dahhak, and it was also the view favored by Ibn Jarir. He interpreted it to mean that evil speech is more suited to evil people, and good speech is more suited to good people. What the hypocrites attributed to `A'ishah was more suited to them, and she was most suited to innocence and having nothing to do with them.'
So one of the most authentic tafasir of the Qur'an says that this verse was talking about evil speech being the hobby of evil people and it doesn't suit good people. Which makes way more sense when related to the time this verse was revealed. But, lets assume for the purpose of this argument that this verse does mean that evil men are for evil people. I'll talk about this in your next question, again cuz of space.

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Let's say you could have a spare/separate room for your "weirdest" hobbies. What would this room look like? What kinds of things would you put on a display, and how would you decorate this room?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I wouldn't want to call gaming and movie-watching a weird hobby but whenever I buy a house in the future I'll totally have a dedicated media room! With cinema-esque seats, a big projector hooked to a gaming PC, with a regular desk and monitor setup in the other end if one didn't feel like gaming on the big screen. Maybe there'd even be some open space for VR! In said room I'd have plenty of classic movie posters, including an authentic Jurassic Park poster I've collected which hung in a cinema in 1993 🦖🎮
Lets say you could have a spareseparate room for your weirdest hobbies What

Tag one person you find cute here 🤍

س/ أنا عندي الصداقة شيء مهم أوي في الشخص اللي هرتبط بيه وال Value الأولي عندي في ال Relationship Values هيا Friendship .. إيه العلامات اللى تقولي هنكون أصدقاء فيوم من الأيام واللا لأ؟
ج/ هين لين سهل قريب من الناس. صدق رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم!
ده ببساطة جدًا.. وجهه نظري للإنسان ال Relationship Material جاهزه ل Friendship مع الPartner بتاعه.
لأنه للأسف.. تضاد ده.. فيه إنسان صعب المعشر!! وده حقيقي حقيقي حقيقي نسأل الله ان لا نكون مثله ولا يجمعنا به ولو موجود في حياتنا نسأل الله ان يبعدنا عنه بٌعد المشرق والمغرب! فيه كام حاجة فعلاً وارد يكونوا بيشوروا ليكي على إن هيكون فيه صداقة بينكم واللا لأ فيوم من الأيام. وقت بيمر بسرعة ومبيتحسش بيه معاه هو بالذات عن القعدة مع أي حد تاني. بتفتحوا مواضيع مع بعض وتدخلوا من موضوع لموضوع عادي جدًا وترجعوا تكملوا الموضوع الأولاني وتدخلوا في اللي بعده والكلام فيه Flow مبيقفش.. علامة وقوف ال Flow بتاع الكلام .. هيا Red Flag حقيقية في إي علاقة وغالبًا بتكون في اللحظات الأخيرة للعلاقة بعد ما بتتصدع العلاقة قبل الأنهيار.
بتعرفوا تختلفوا مع بعض... وبعد الخلاف.. اتكلمتوا، عبرتوا، وضحتوا وجهات نظركم.... و و و .. بالأخير بتخرجوا مع بعض ب Healthy Conclusion.الأختلاف اللى بيحصل.. محدش بيشيلوا للتاني.. مفيش في العلاقات الصحية فكرة بعد عليك.. انت من سنة عملت 1 ومن 6 شهور عملت 2 ومن 5 سنين عملت 3 و و و فدول كدا عددهم 1+2+3= 6 فتعالى نتخانق على ال6 دول وحاسب عليهم تاني حتى لو محاسب عليهم أولاني... مفيش في العلاقات الصحية ده يا جماعة!! لو شفت ده بيحصل حتى لو في الحياة الشخصية... أه أنا اللى بقولك.. ديلك في سنانك.. وأهرب.. الإنسان الهين اللين السهل القريب من الناس اللي الرسول وصفة.. مبيعرفش يعد.. إني أعدلك دي يعني إني شايل.. يعني انت شايلي الوحش من الخطوبة؟؟ ومر علينا كل ده ولسه شايلي الوحش؟؟ طيب تعرف تعد ليا الحلو اللي شفته مني؟؟ واللا انا مبيبدرش مني حلو خالص في صفحتك وكتابك؟؟
-والله هيا كانت مفروض رقم 1 وبيهم كلهم بس خلاص الناس عندي حفظتها XD .. وهيا Deep Authentic Conversation يا بيه!
-فيه نصايح بتتقالك علشان تكبر... عارف الفرق؟ عارف الفرق بين جملة بتتقدملك كإنها نصيحة بس بتتقالك بتحس انت بوجع بعدها.. غير نصيحة حتى لو اتقالت بإسلوب مش أفضل حاجة أوي يعني لكنها في الصميم... انا هاخد النصيحة دي.. أروح أكبر بيها... هاخدها هشتغل على نفسي هعالج بيها ضعف ما، وأطور بيها مهارة ما، وأستثمر بيها نقطة قوة ما!!!!! مش العكس!!!!! بالنسبة ليا.. عدم وجود نصائح من الطرف الأخر تكبر من خلالها وتطور بيها = إني شخص لست من أولوياته أو أهتمامته... اللى مش بينصحني النهاردة لما يشوف خطأ ما أو ضعف ما أو سهو ما... ده اللى هعرف أصنفه كمان شوية "ناصح أمين؟" ؟؟؟
- بتلاقي نفسك حد تاني لأفضل نسخة فيك مع الشخص ده... عارف.. إستشعر كدا جملتى المفضلة
I Love who I’m when I’m with you
وفرقها كدا عن جملة كرهت نفسي في العلاقة دي!!
صدقًا.. حتى وانت ماشي من العلاقة اللى قلت فيها I Love who I’m when I’m with you كل حاجة بتكون مختلفة عن إنك ماشي من علاقة حرفيًا كرهت نفسك وجسمك وعقلك وقلبك وعواطفك ومشاعرك وكرهت العلاقات كلها بسبب العلاقة دي!
- انت مُكرم فى العلاقة.. مُكرم وأكبر من إنك تشحت أهتمامه بتفاصيل.. ودي علامة يتوقف عندها كتير الحقيقة!! إنك بتشحت شخص علشان يهتم بكل حاجة.. دي علاقة يتوقف قدامها كتير جدًا إن فيه حاجة غلط فى علاقتكم!!
فيه علاما

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Aww you shouldn’t delete your true feelings you post. Those are you and so authentic. You so interesting and unique in expressing yourself. Hope you’re feeling better!

Thank you. But sometimes I say way too much. Already deleted something from a few hours ago. And I’m not sure but I think something else is gone that should been gone anyway. 🤣 Honestly I cannot make sense of some of these emotions or why they exist. I’ve gone from being a robot to having this blanket of emotions on top of everything that I do. And while it’s beautiful, it’s also a bit concerning. 🤣

How true is “you are what you think of yourself”?

TruexPp’s Profile PhotoNeptune ム
I think it is just another way of saying tht most people r twisted in their minds and sick in their hearts and tht is why u ve to think all kinds of thoughts about urself but the ones tht can make u look vulnerable or weak despite any credibility .. :"
It goes without saying tht around the right people it doesnt matter wht u think of urself as long as u r real and authentic about it ..

What are some of the most visually stunning pieces of media you've experienced? Like movies, shows, video games etc.? 🤩📺🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I feel like there’s many films that could fit into that category! There are some films where I think they’re stunningly beautiful, such as Cinderella (2015) with the intricacy of the costumes (particularly during the ball scene) and the softness of the landscapes/architecture.
Pride & Prejudice’s (2005) cinematography is absolutely stunning, from the colour palette to the production design, and the use of natural light to enhance the scenes - such as the breaking dawn with mist hanging over the fields with sunrise peeking through. Jane Eyre (2011) is very similar in that sense too, with the ruggedness of the moors and weather combined adding to the haunting atmosphere of the story. Lord of the Rings is epic in its grandeur and in terms of haunting beauty, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth and Crimson Peak perfectly blends elements of fragility and child like innocence with a gothic horror undertone. Wes Anderson’s films are so visually striking and appealing; his use of colour is unparalleled, imo.
I haven’t played it from what I’ve seen, Skyrim looks very impressive and authentic in its landscapes. Show wise… yet again, the costume department in Once Upon A Time is incredible; the depth of detail and embroidery in some of the costumes is truly inspiring.
I’ve probably missed out on loads, but I love being immersed in the worlds of whatever I’m watching :)

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What are some of the most visually stunning pieces of media youve experienced

Have you been to Japan?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
I haven't but I want to :)
I wanna go to Tokyo, have genuine authentic ramen, visit the Pokémon Centre and just take in the sites!
But I also wanna go to Kyoto and more countryside areas to soak up the culture, learn things and genuinely take in the natural beauty side of Japan :3
Have you been to Japan
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How do you describe your personality?

An antisocial introverted homebody. I just want to stay home with my dog! But if you’re in my inner circle and you need me, I’ll bend over backwards for you. If you work with me, you’ll never guess I’m an introvert. I’m non confrontational by default but my silence should never be mistaken for acceptance. I’m also a deeply empathetic realist.
I’m pretty damn anti-social, even when at simple places like a park with other strangers there. I’m really unapproachable but will be much nicer than I look to people I haven’t met yet. I’m kinda weak mentally and physically (unlike my mom and my sisters they’re fricking QUEENS). When somebody agitated me so much to the point I can’t take it anymore, I sometimes snap at them (which I wish I could stop), and I behave a little impulsively.
Mr Toad when it comes to my interests, whimsy and mania and all. Very curious and feeling, insecure with romance but very romantic. Told I look intimidating (tall, dark hair, pretty, etc) but I feel like a sweet baby bunny on the inside. I feel masculine but like to play with femininity and express both. I like to be around people and be alone, its all about balance. I have things about myself that I'm working on like shame and anxiety. I love emotional intimacy and stimulating conversations. Smart ass with dad energy and silly, very silly.
I’m extremely loyal to my loved ones. No-drama, just a shoulder to lean on and someone to depend on. Honestly, though, really damn stubborn. Also the kind of person who will never ask for help and prefers to work things out alone.
Chaotic (in a charming way), intellectual, playful,, open-minded, flexible, childlike, knowledgeable, verbose, analytical, disorganised…introverted energy, habits and preferences but , extroverted appearance of social skills (mostly when around introverts, the extroverts see through it quite quickly)…self-reflective, forgetful, self-deprecating, obsessive, hypochondriac, over-thinker, unfocused, impulsive, authentic, honest, book smart but I appear ditzy in social and practical situations. Always curious… always caffeinated…
I’m nice to everyone I meet but I live in Northern England so nice behaviour is seen as suspicious and disingenuous. It takes people a while to realise I’m just…. Nice.
Outgoing, approachable, empathetic, and outwardly-confident. Also I have a fucked up sense of humor most people like.

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It ain't gonna give you sh*t when you keep hurting yourself for someone who could be living their best life with someone else. It's BETTER if you move on in your life and see if someone matches your mindset which is very important. Just a positive note for all those hurting in silence.

Hassan2847’s Profile Photoinactive
Just the thing i needed. Just the thing i did. Thanks for the free advice. Very authentic very helpful.

If you had to move away from the country where you currently live, what things would you miss the most? 🛩🏠😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Most definitely the foods.
Not that I can’t get them everywhere but I really can’t get the kinds of variety anywhere. The reason to this is purely because of how many ethnicities that lived here, and the only gimmicks is to catch the time for everyone’s operating hours. I’ve no idea; Everyone just operates their restaurant at a different hour. What’s even more funny is that even our dinner time is never the same between families, and I’ve experienced several stages of family dinner between 3PM to 9PM.
The foodies here are always on a food hunt throughout the year to look for the more authentic taste and never the premium ones. Ask the locals and they might show you one of the rarer and more authentic foods
Also, the festive holidays here is criminally high that if we try to add just a little bit more, we might have way too many holidays in our hands. If you’re imagining foodstuffs that looked a bit like a feast during the holidays, then you can always expect that it comes from all sorts of places; From rice inside bamboo sticks or bamboo leaves to broths with plenty of colours to choose from 🤣
Yeah, these are the things that I would miss the most and it is here that I accidentally made myself hungry.

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What type of cuisine would you serve your customers if you own a five-star restaurant?

Umm pasta pizza lasagne and steaks 😃😃🙌
All food will be cooked under my super vision ,spices everything will be made from scratch to show my signature authentic cooking style

Can you imagine a world where humans don't feel sexual? Like, procreation becomes an action, without any pleasure, just like most other tasks and the spicy keeps going? I have a feeling, if that happens, the world would be even more beautiful, authentic and a little less fake. Thoughts?

SpontaneousKabir’s Profile PhotoSpontaneousKabir
I do agree with u 💯 n if a person has a sexual desires with the one who u love so that person has to be controll himself bcz may be other one is not comfortable before marriage to do those things.. so if u love someone a guy has to be that much understanding that he can understand the feelings of ur lover.. baki everyone has their own thoughts on this but this is mine.. sexual desires are ok but it has to be fulfilled when the relationship is permanent n forever

How to text a girl and get her interested in me. Like I need texting techniques. Such as do I message her straight away

You can't make someone interested in you with techniques. It comes from being your authentic self and if she likes you, that is great. If she doesn't, move on. Just respond when you see a response. Don't sit there and be like "I gotta wait ten minutes so I don't look too keen". Level up from the game playing and just see what happens.

What are the few new cooking dishes you learnt by YouTube

There is authentic American female chef .she posts cooking video on her youtube channel
It's always new unique cooking videos I follow her recipes word to word with no changes
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ألفت انتباهها ازاي 🙂

بص يا معلم واتعلم .. الطريقة ديه very authentic و هتجيب من الآخر .. كده هتحقق هدفين اتنين مش هدف واحد .. هتبقي ضربت كذا حجر في عصفور واحد أو باين المفروض العكس 😂😂 .. ما علينا .. المهم هتجيب واحدة بيبسي لتر كامل وجلؤجلؤجلؤ تقلبها علي بق واحد وتعدي من أدامها وتتكرع بس تكريعة متعشمة واحدة معمرة ويا سلام لو ضارب كشري بص مقولكش هتلفت انتباهها هي وكل من في دائرة نصف قطرها ٥متر مربع ...
بكده هتحقق هدفين .. الأول مش بس هتلفت انتباهها زي مطلبت لأ مش هي بس بقية الشارع كمان .. الثاني هو رد فعلها ونظرات عينيها اللي هتخليك تكره أصلا تلفت نظر حد تاني وهتكرهك في صنف البنات كلهم 😂😂😂
- خلي ثقتك في نفسك ونجاحك ف حياتك وعملك وطريقة تعاملك هما طريقة لفت الانتباه ليك بعد ان يكونو خالصين لوجه الله تعالي غير كده أي طريقة لفت انتباه هتخليك ترخص من نفسك

I somehow agree that history is LIKE chismis There are different versions of those involved. Yep may data na naka back up but how sure are we that all of those things were not manipulated? Sa Greek mythology (na myth nga lang ba?) mali mali na how much more to other histories na di natin naabutan

penpsyche’s Profile PhotoYin Yang Yong
Hmmm... I understand why you're doubting the written history; however, you need to understand na being a historian back then and even now requires so much effort to acquire precise information about the events that had happened. Hindi lang sa tabi tabi nila nakukuha ang information. Oo, may mga kumakalat na na mga chismis noon, pero nag iinvestigate sila by digging deeper and by authenticating those "chismis" kung tawagin man noon. May iba naman na historians ngayon na tumitingin sa original news articles under certain era kung anong panahon man sila nag iimbestiga. It's all in the records (newspapers, books, articles, video tapes, journals, etc.). It's nearly impossible naman na hindi makalap ang other side of the coin when there are records to show, 'di ba? Kaya nga may debate pa rin ngayon about sa Marcos Sr. regime if maunlad ba talaga or madugo dahil sa "chismis" na 'yan. You'll know the answer once you start looking for the authentic ones (data). Also, while I'm answering your shout out, may hate ka nang natatanggap (based on new shout outs dito sa akin), which I think is kind of... wrong. Hindi kita kinakampihan pero hindi rin maganda na gano'n ang mga shout outs sa 'yo. I admire your bravery kasi hindi naka activate ang anon dito sa shout out mo, ang tapang ah. Hahaha. Pero, ayon nga, try to think about what we've said (iyong iba na nag disagree din dito sa opinion mo). Opinions are meant to be discussed naman. Hehehe.

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Do you pretend to be better than you are?

No, I’m self aware to know my own faults or areas on which I could improve. For the most part though, I don’t think I’m that bad! I do actively try to be “best” version of myself, but that’s not pretending in any way, it’s just trying to be as authentic and kind as possible :)

Are you inspired by someone

My full lifestyle is inspired by American people
I mean only watch American chef authentic recipe
I take fashion inspiration by looking at American male celebrities Instagram accounts I take ideas from them
I watch only American people YouTube vlogs ,cooking videos ,grocerry shopping videos
So I watch American astrologer videos
We become what by which we are inspired
Trying to bring American lifestyle in Pakistan
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What is loyalty to you? And in what ways a person can be disloyal in your opinion?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ m o n i c a ⚜️
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Loyalty is a bond or connection that is not only linked with your sympathy for that person but also like an unspoken promise to the person/yourself/your dream/ that you are connected to. Depending on your values and how much you are actually connected to yourself a.k.a how authentic you are with yourself defines how loyal you can become with someone/something.
Like I stated before, depending on what is important to you and therefore you might happen to share a strong bond to... by leaving those connections behind (with/ or without explanation) you are able to betray a person, your own values or your dreams, the image that you thought of yourself you are, or certain things that you once liked....like a franchise in media.
e.g. leaving friends or family without actually saying that you leave them. That's betrayal. You just do not support them. Never be there. Ignore them purposefully when they are in need of you. You never really admit that you left but you still betrayed them. Maybe one can justify it by thinking exact this..."I'm still their friend/family member, and I will always be that." But words are words, and no one can look into the mind of the people that surround us. This is straight-up abandonment of loved ones. And a pretty coward one as well.
Or maybe you give up on the interests you enjoy doing or watching only to be accepted by people who do not truly care about you, 'cause if they would...they would just let you be the person you are. Without judging you based on what you like. And this is self-abandonment and therefore self-betrayal.
You can also abandon your own values, by looking away when a person you love commits a crime or does something disturbing that you never would agree with when you had seen this done by a stranger. But somehow you don't want to lose that person and you start to normalize their behaviour. Like saying...."this is surely not what they have meant, they never would have wanted to hurt someone intentionally..." Keep on dreaming.
And another way of self-abandonment is when you start to put other people's needs on a pedestal. And while they enjoy the attention and energy you are giving to them, some of them would not even dare to think of what you need. Do you need emotional safety or reassurance that they will be there for you too if you need them? Sry, hny, that's not in. Furthermore, you like them...so you kind of ... depend on them, right? So, how dare you ask for basic respect and emotional safety! You are supposed to serve, not to ask for those high-level requests. Know your place. lol. That's of course double-hand betrayal. You get betrayed and you betray yourself.

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What kind of entertainment did you do with your family when you were young? Do you think it has contributed to who you are today?

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Dad and Mom used to hang out with us every evening after 7 till 9 when we were kids... They used to read us stories and tell us about things we must know to live our lives ahead... When we grew up it gradually kept on changing but us time never ended until we were grownups... A lot of information and i must say a lot of authentic information was delivered to me during my childhood by my mum and now when i look back i feel relieved that thank god i had my mum who had been my friend, my teacher and my guide throughout her life until the day she has departed...

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