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What is something you would never spend money on, even if you could technically afford it? 🙅

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I'd never buy plane tickets to Dubai! As an urban planning student, I cringe every time I think of that city. It embodies everything that can go wrong in urban development 😒🏙️
Sum of it is, they built a city in the middle of nowhere with the only purpose of attracting those seeking luxury. Incorporating many of the worst urban planning practices in the process, such as vast American style suburbs and huge highways dividing the city. This makes cars the only viable way to get around as there is no public transport to speak of. Then there are the flashy and completely pointless skyscrapers, including the Burj Khalifa which doesn't even have a functioning sewer system. Every day tens of trucks arrive to suck everything out. They have endless golf courses which require an absolutely eyewatering amount of irrigation to stay alive. To top it all off you have the palm islands, built by destroying acres of coral reefs, the one biologically diverse area which was worth saving. Instead of building on the endless amounts of desert space, they're left with an island chain which is sinking for everyday that goes and is very vulnerable to climate change. Soon it won't just be the famous hotel on there which will be called Atlantis.
They had all the money and space to spare to make a truly unique city, one which could've been a celebration of Middle-Eastern culture which would still attract tourists but for a different and more meaningful reason. Instead they chose to cater to the worst in society. Cherry on top, it was built on sl@ve labor, desperate people from places like India and Bangladesh are tricked to come and work in construction. Passports are taken and wages withheld for months. Not earning nearly enough to send money to their families, often relying on borrowing money to even survive, making a return home even more impossible.
(Not my picture. But look at that suburban dystopia 😨)

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What is something you would never spend money on even if you could technically

10 things about yourself. 1) Age 2) Zodiac sign 3) Height 4) Occupation 5) Fav food 5) Fav perfume 6) You live in a house or apartment 7) Location 8) Single/taken 9) S*xuality 10) Religious/atheist/other?

Timber Frame Fabricator. I work in the construction industry and make houses 🏠
Dried mango 🥭
I don't wear perfume
I'm somewhat spiritual but not religious.

Dobry pomysł? https://www.facebook.com/reel/752747393369198 Co myślisz o takim ułatwieniu w pracy?

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
Good idea? https://www.facebook.com/reel/752747393369198 What do you think about making work easier?
An interesting idea to make work at the construction site easier. I'm afraid there would be no explanation if a policeman stopped a driver driving a wheelbarrow with an internal combustion engine for inspection on a public road
Ciekawy pomysł na ułatwienie pracy na budowie. Obawiam się, że nie byłoby tłumaczenia, gdyby policjant zatrzymał do kontroli na drodze publicznej kierowcę jeżdżącego na taczce z silnikiem spalinowym
Dobry pomysł httpswwwfacebookcomreel752747393369198 Co myślisz o takim

How would you design a house to last a thousand years? Yes I know you're not a construction engineer, but just thinking intuitively about it, what would you do to achieve that goal?

Um excuse you, I could very well be a construction engineer. I’m not, but you never know 😂
I think the major consideration is where you choose to build this house. I grew up in a property built in the 1400s and it’s had very little repair work done to it. Good walls, make sure you don’t build it anywhere that floods and away from the wind. The internals can all be changed, but those thick rigid walls are the key to success.

Lorsque l'on naît notre cerveau est vide. Plus le temps passe plus il apprend de ce qui nous entour. Peut-on affirmer que ne nous sommes que des imitations de ce qu'il y avait avant nous ? 🤔

Notre cerveau n'est pas vide à la naissance, puisque dans le ventre de notre mère, il a déjà commencé à se former et que des connexions se sont déjà faites.
Il se développe encore en grandissant justement.
Nous sommes des êtres d'acquisition, notre intelligence vient du fait que nous pouvons effectivement imiter et s'adapter, avec des influences sociaux culturelles mais aussi par la familiarité.
Mais il reste tout de même une part de construction de par l'extérieur, les amis, les divertissements.
Ce que tu dis reviendrais à parler de fatalité finalement.
Nous sommes évidemment influencés mais il y a tellement d'éléments dans la construction d'une identité (bien qu'elle reste fragile) que chacun de ses éléments nous rend unique, il n'existe aucune combinaison similaire.
Nous sommes tous uniques.

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What do you refuse to pay for?

Lana_G_Hadeed’s Profile PhotoLana
I refused to pay fine for getting late at college for about two years.
I walked to college every day and got late due to one thing or another on the road. Like when it rained or when there was some construction going on. Or duento traffic or a stray dog. Like there are plenty of reasons. 😂
And then I hid myself from that receptionist at college who recorded my late coming.
Rarely got caught, like rarely and even, then I got away.

What does your Spotify Wrapped look like? 😄🎵

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
This is mine! I've recently been listening to music more when I sleep. This cause of me moving to a building which is generally noisier both during the weekends and mornings cause of construction. I specifically listen to the Skyrim soundtrack, hence why Jeremy Soule is my top artist! This, along with the music I listen to when I study completely skewed my Wrapped, both my top songs and especially my listening time! I was actually in the top 0.5% of people in the world 🙈😂
What does your Spotify Wrapped look like

When was the last time you did something outside your comfort zone? What was it? Can be as big or small a thing as you want 😊

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
Recently. I've recently started a new job and got thrown in the deep end. Second week in and I went straight to site. Never worked on a construction site before and though travelling isn't uncommon for me, it isn't an aspect I'm particularly used to with regards to work. I got put up in a Premier Inn for a week, struggled to sleep the first couple or so nights and sat opposite the same people I go to work with each morning for breakfast and each evening for dinner which was an experience in itself 😂 A week on site is definitely enough but I absolutely loved it! About to do it all over again in a couple weeks time for the next phase 😁😁

Suivez-vous généralement le cœur ou la raison ?

TheQueenOce’s Profile PhotoOcé
J'ai jamais trop aimé cette différence faite. L'émotionnel ne fonctionne pas sans raison.
Certes cela se traduit parfois par des réactions excessives mais ce n'est jamais totalement gratuits et sans logique.
Vos sentiments sont toujours guidés par une raison, ça peut être biologique parfois mais il y a forcément une part de logique.
Imaginons vous êtes en couple, la relation vous rend malheureux, vous êtes donc triste, émotionnellement votre cœur suit votre raison car c'est juste logique d'être malheureux dans cette situation.
Choisir de rester ou pas, c'est pas tant une question émotionnelle qu'une question d'image, notamment dans ce cas spécifique de la relation amoureuse car nous sommes dans une société où il FAUT être en couple pour prétendre au bonheur. L'excuse du "mais je l'aime " arf pas tant si ce n'est pas construction et idéalisation...
Et je pense que ce que souvent on appelle "cœur " "émotionnel " est davantage nos concepts inculqués qu'un véritable non contrôle de nos émotions :)
Car les émotions ne mentent pas.
Pour le tester et l'approuver, peu importe la situation, tu prends une feuille et tu écris un côté "pour " et un côté "contre " (qui en fait signifie légitime ou pas)
Tu verras que toutes les raisons de tes émotions sont toujours légitimes. Mais c'est souvent la manière soit de l'exprimer derrière soit d'agir qui n'est pas forcément saine dans une communication bienveillante.
Donc pour moi, j'en fais la conclusion que si toute émotion est légitime, elle porte une logique et donc une certaine raison.
Cette différence ne me convient donc pas vraiment. 🤷‍♀️
Allez à bientôt pour d'autre réflexions de comptoir.

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What are some of the biggest assumptions/misconceptions people tend to have about your profession/field of study? How do you respond to it? 🙄😑

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Many tend to think of urban planners as being hellbent on taking away their freedom by making it "harder" to drive.
What people need to understand is how incredibly spatially inefficient cars are. In between parking spaces, roads etc. they take up a lot of very valuable space in the city centres that could be used for other things. Such space could be opened up for more sustainable ways of travel, new public spaces, construction or green spaces!
This spatial inefficiency makes cities very spread out when they are built to accommodate cars. This leads to worse coverage for public services such as hospitals, schools and transit cause of the increased distance and lesser density
Cities built around cars are very inconvenient and unsafe for everyone who doesn't own a car. European kids for example have a lot more autonomy than American kids cause of their ability to bike or walk almost everywhere and not being forced to rely on their parents to drive them.
It's also important to lessen emissions in cities, not only for the environment but for people's health. Cars also cause a lot of noise pollution, in between the engines, honking etc. Cities generally aren't loud, cars are.
I need to make clear though, cars in cities will always be a necessity for some people, like if they travel from very rural areas which realistically can't support public transit or good bike infrastructure. Or if they are helping out with a move etc.
By making it easier for people to choose other ways of travel, it'll mean less cars on the roads and traffic will flow more smoothly for those who need to drive. Increased road widths and more parking spaces only fuels a cycle that leads to more people driving, which in turn leads to congested, noisy, spatially inefficient and unsafe cities 🚘🚫

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What are some of the biggest assumptionsmisconceptions people tend to have about

What's something that was completely out of character that you did?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
When I was in my teen years, me and a friend of mine snuck out to climb to the top of a construction crane. It was a near death experience for me and I’m so glad that my friend was there with me—otherwise, I’d be dead. It was about 2am and we trespassed on a construction site and climbed to the top of the crane. We carefully walked the length of the crane arm and sat down, our feet dangling over the edge, talked for a while and then made our way back to safety.
The crane was wet because it had recently rained and I nearly lost my balance but my friend was able to grab me (we found a rope on the crane) and wrapped the rope around my waist. Don’t do what I did. I was stupid. Teens do stupid stuff.

Quel est le dernier livre que vous avez lu ? Il y a combien de temps ?

Jade_nx’s Profile PhotoJade
Les derniers livres que j'ai lu c'étaient des bd/mangas et des albums jeunesse pour mon taff.
Début 2022.
Depuis, plus rien.
Avant ça, toujours début 22, le dernier roman que j'ai lu s'appelle La Fractale des raviolis de Pierre Raufaust et je l'ai beaucoup aimé, autant dans l'histoire même que dans sa construction atypique.
Ça fait bientôt un an sans finir un seul bouquin (#trauma)
Et quand je pense à ça, ça me rend triste parce que la lecture était censée être ma passion.

Un partenaire avec un mental/ quotidien instable, red flag ?

Très bonne question ! Je pense que ça dépend du degré d'instabilité, si toute sa vie entière est en vrac, oui 😅 j'aurais du mal à croire qu'il puisse me donner ce dont j'ai besoin si lui-même n'est pas en phase avec sa personne, sans dire pour autant que c'est un mauvais partenaire !
Comment se consacrer à la construction d'une histoire d'amour si notre vie elle-même est déconstruite... par contre, dans la mesure du raisonnable cela ne me dérange absolument pas car j'aime parler, j'aime épauler, soutenir, aider, apporter mon aide (...)

D'autres ici qui en peuvent plus de la France et veulent s'expatrier ? Je demande car moi j'ai pas les bagages pour mais j'aimerai des témoignages. Ça devient insupportable psychologiquement entre l'inflation,l'insécurité,la psychose des médias et les menaces incessantes de coupures et pénuries

J'y ai forcément déjà pensé, mais pour aller où... déjà j'adore ma région, j'adore l'endroit où je vis, et le plus important pour moi dans la construction de ma vie c'est de rester en famille. A partir de là, va falloir du lourd pour me faire déménager, même à 100 bornes.
Ensuite, quelles perspectives ? La France n'est plus un pays, le droit communautaire est supérieur au droit national. Le cancer de la France c'est l'union Européenne. Donc je ne partirai pour aucun autre pays de l'UE. Tout le reste des pays d'Europe, c'est non. L'Afrique, même pas en rêve. L'Asie, encore pire. L'Amérique, même pas j'en parle. Donc bon, autant rester ici, et éduquer la génération future avec suffisamment d'esprit critique pour qu'elle ne fasse pas partie de la population endormie.
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Can you think of any construction projects which drastically improved things where you live? 🏗🏢🛤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
They put a new Walmart here when I was in 8th grade and since they have dramatically been adding 🥴 I just wish they would stop with the fast food restaurants and start making more places for teenagers and families. More places for younger teens/kids, it probably would help them more than "hanging out on the streets or friends houses that aren't good influences". 😊
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A woman is supposed to be a woman. Feminine and tender—Daisy like. Not wear her dad’s construction working stretched out clothes. And have a beer belly. And be too masculine.

Stop judging. Women can be whoever the fuck they want to be. It's their body and it's their choice on who they want to be. And she can wear whatever the fuck she wants to.

i work for my uncle he has diy business, we do gardening, carpentry, construction, and he has a hardware shop, go you that sounds interesting x

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
That sound like a nice and honest job to do. Hope its more pleasant than stressful! :)
Thank you, I always wanted to do something creative as a job.

Can you think of any construction projects which drastically improved things where you live? 🏗🏢🛤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
In contrary - I think that all developers in my city have taken part in some kind of competition 👉 Who will devastate this town more! 😬 The last horrible plan was to inject concrete into castle hill and built streets with houses around all of it.😱😵
Can you think of any construction projects which drastically improved things

Zawsze chcemy tego czego nie mamy? ;)

wyluzowaana’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z opowiadaniami ;)
We always want what we don't have?If someone does not have a lump on his head, even if there is a saying: Are you looking for a lump on his head? In fact, if someone does not have a lump on their head, they do not want to have it, so people wear helmets at construction sites so that nothing heavy falls on their heads. Although if a concrete mixer fell on his head, even a helmet will not help. The moral is that: People don't always want what they don't have. If someone does not have a concrete mixer on his head, he does not want to have one anyway
Nie zawsze ktoś chce mieć tego czego nie ma. Nikt nie chciałby żeby mu betoniarka spadła na głowę

the world is full of liars

IMO, you got it all wrong, this world is built on lies lol.
Truth is socially constructed, but in a very interesting way, for all that.
Because “truth” is a human construction, it means that all truth claims are in some respect a confession about ourselves.
Look around you, Muslims, scientists, Christians, politicians, etc, have their own truth, everyone lives in their bubbles.
Lol wtf I'm saying.

Что значит для тебя патриотизм ?

OldSpike30854’s Profile PhotoOldSpike
do the people of Mordor really not know what patriotism really means?
Patriotism is not groveling before a dictator who has launched a war against another state for the sake of his own ambitions. Patriotism is love for one's people, the creation of conditions in one's own country for a decent life for every person who was born in this country. These are the care of children and the elderly, the construction of schools and hospitals, the development of small and medium-sized businesses as the basis for the development of the country, the development of education and medicine to improve the quality of life of citizens. Patriotism is also freedom in all its manifestations, it is democracy and it is equality. This is all that is in the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States, but what is not in Mordor.

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Что значит для тебя патриотизм

Ecrivez un court texte destiné à votre premier amour...

Cela fait 10 ans maintenant, 10 ans que par moment nos souvenirs me hantent encore. Parfois je me surprends à penser à nos instants passés, à ce quelque chose qui nous liait, à cette flamme qui nous consommait chaque jour un peu plus. Je nous vois partager ces moments uniques, ceux pendant lesquels j’ai appris à aimer, à t’aimer toi … Tu as su percer la carapace, tu as réussi là où tous les autres ont échoué, tu m’as fait vibrer, tu m’as aimer …Toi et moi c’était électrique, un amour passionnel, peut-être trop fusionnel, empreint de jalousie. J’étais à toi, tu étais à moi, nous ne formions plus qu’un .
On pourrait penser que sa suffit, qu’il suffit d’aimer passionnément, de se donner entièrement , moi j’y ai cru, toi pas suffisamment Tu as fait de notre différence de religion notre faiblesse, tu as suivi les tiens et tu m’as tourner le dos, toi qui disais m’aimer, toi qui m’avais passer une bague au doigt empreinte de promesses, celles de toute une vie et là encore j’y ai cru, mais toi pas suffisamment. J’ai du réapprendre à vivre sans toi, sans ta peau contre la mienne, sans tes je t’aime, sans ces instants qui n’appartenaient qu’à nous . Et j’ai échoué, je me suis écroulée . Parfois tu étais là et parfois tu avais mieux à faire comme ce jour où tu m’as déposée devant l’hôpital m’ayant convaincue de subir cette IVG, me promettant que des enfants on en aurait plein. J’avais tellement confiance en toi qu’une fois encore j’y ai cru, mais toi pas suffisamment .
Et si seulement la douleur pouvait s’en aller par moment, et si j’avais réussi à te haïr avec le temps, si j’avais pu t’oublier et passer à autre chose, profiter de ma jeunesse, j’en avais le droit. J’avais le droit d’être heureuse, de sourire. Je voulais redevenir celle que tu avais rencontrée, souriante et passionnée qui pensait encore que l’amour c’était quelque chose de vrai, de bien. Mais à l’évidence il ne restait de moi rien d’autre qu’une ombre que j’avais peine à trouver. Et pourtant là encore j’y croyait mais toi pas suffisamment…J’ai avancé avec le temps mais je garde en moi cette cicatrice que tu as laissé en partant comme tu l’as fait sans excuses et sans regrets, sans une once de culpabilité, sans même te demander ce que ça fait que de perdre sa moitié, celle a qui ont à tout donné. Et pourtant je t’ai pardonné, il m’en aura fallu du temps, du temps passé à chercher des réponses que je n’aurais jamais, tout ça parce que j’y ai cru mais toi pas suffisamment … Aujourd’hui, j’avais envie de t’écrire et de te dire merci. Tu as forgé, à ta façon, la femme, mais aussi l’amoureuse, que je suis aujourd’hui. Tu as posé les premières pierres, la fondation, dans ma conception de ce qu’est l’Amour, de ce qui me convient et de ce qui me déplait dans une relation. Tu m’as accompagné dans la construction de mon identité et de mes relations interpersonnelles. Tu as connu l’adolescente explosive, fougueuse, impulsive et parfaitement imparfaite que j’étais, et tu m’as tout de même aimé.

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Girl, no. Wag mo sya i-fix. Hayaan mo bebe girls nya. Di ka part ng construction.

yes! don't ever think you can fix or change someone. look for a soul who's compatible with you from the start.
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What are the jobs you've work at on earth; doing what?

Waiter - Bartender - Auto Repair - UPS - Aircraft refueler (linemen) - Construction - Currently Dog Trainer/Behaviorist - Animal/Human Search and Rescue
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ايه المواد الى بتدريسيها ف قسم عماره كلها ؟ + هل كل المواد أغلبها كلام حفظ ولا أغلبها مواد رسم ؟

كلها كلها؟😂 هو اصلا انا اخر مرة كتبت هنا اني في عمارة كان من زمان اوي يعني فا انت عرفت منين🌚
المهم، لا هو جو الحفظ والمذاكرة ده مش موجود كتير عامة خالص مواد قليلة يعني اللي بتكون كده، في مواد فيها رغي شوية بس بتكون مش عايزاك تحفظ ولا حاجة بتحتاج فهم عادي واغلبها بيبقى سهل
مش عارفة هل "اغلبها مواد رسم" اللي في السؤال مفهومك بالنسبالي زي ما انت فهمتها ولا لأ فا لو انا فهماك غلط عرفني يعني:" الرسم كده كده هنا هي الاداة الاساسية بتاعتك للتعبير عن افكارك او اللي عايز تقوله يعني بجانب الكلام سواء رسم بإيدك او ديجيتال
بمعنى ان حتى المواد النظرية شوية زي تاريخ العمارة مثلا، لما بناخدها بنرسم فيها عادي
وانا شايفة من وجهة نظري الشخصية اللي ممكن يبقى ملهاش ستين لازمة عادي انه انا كنت بعرف ارسم من قبل ما ادخل الكلية اصلا ده ساعدني كتير، بس معايا ناس كتير مش بتعرف ترسم الرسم اللي هو فني بحت ده ودنيتهم ماشية زي الفل عادي جدا
المواد عامة اللي باخدها متعلقة بحاجات كتير يعني في مواد تاريخ ونظريات العمارة مثلا دي نظري شوية، في مواد ليها علاقة بمدني، حرفيا خرسانة وحديد وستراكتشر وكل ده بس طبعا اخف من مدني شوية كا خلفية مش اكتر، في مواد ليها علاقة بالتصميم، التصميم المعماري وطبعا دي اهم مواد، في تخطيط عمراني وتصميم عمراني، في مواد construction اللي هي بنخرج فيها لوح تنفيذية، يعني اللوح اللي بيمسكها مهندس موقع وكده وينفذ بيها على ارض الواقع
واخيرا في مواد ليها علاقة بالبناء زي الbuilding technologies ودي عندي منها كتير لأن الprogram اللي انا فيه اسمه architecture and engineering technology... فا ده عليه تركيز كبير شوية
في مواد عندي علمونا في basics لبعض برامج الرسم على الكمبيوتر بس دي حاجة اكتشفت ان مش عامة اوي في كليات عمارة يعني، الاساس انك هتعلم نفسك بنفسك ده كده كده يعني مكانش مفيد للدرجة اللي اخدناه😂
في مواد بتحتاج رسم هندسي ابو مسطرة ده زي مواد التصميم واللوح التنفيذية وباقي المواد لو فيه رسم فا زي ما قولت فوق بيكون حلجات بسيطة لشرح فكرة او كده ودي في الاغلب بتكون سكتش عادي يعني بالإيد وحاجات مبسطة يعني ودي مهارة عادي متكونش موجودة من الاول بس بتساعد كتير لو موجودة
انا اسفة على الكتابة المهولة دي بس لو محتاج شرح اكتر لحاجة معينة معنديش مانع يعني:"

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*A anvil suddenly FALLS from the SKYYY and hits Majima*

&& WHAT?! Anonymous are you ok? //
⠀⠀⠀⠀ᥬ [R]EPLY [TXT]› ⲧⲩⲣⲩⲓⲛ ,ⲱⲁⲓⲧ… Ꮺ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀Ꜥ꧖⛩ Kiɾγu Kɑzumɑ ⛩ ───╮( Kɪᴡᴀᴍɪ ²)
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⊹ Ꜥ꧖ ﹫Dragon of dojima₊˚.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I look at the plans of that construction, it was more than to say that this was not an expert, his only function here was to recruit more people to work in the construction company.
⸻ Nishida, don’t you think something is wrong—.
He did not finish speaking when suddenly he heard that anvil fall, which luckily had fallen right next to Majima.
[ @Gorogorogorochan ]
⸻ Majima-san! ⸻
Nɪsʜɪᴅᴀ; BOSS!
A anvil suddenly FALLS from the SKYYY and hits Majima

Are you religious or spiritual, and if so what does that mean to you? How does it affect your life?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I am more spiritual than religious in a sense that I focus more on the construction of my moral compass rather than ponder to find which religion fits my ideals if that makes sense? Although I am an Omnist who believes that each religion holds a piece of truth, but not in its entirety. I'm a deep thinker who always considers the multitude of outcomes before coming to a decision. I base my way of life off of my belief systems and my overall desire to leave this world in a better state than how it was left to us x

* At the construction office, Majima had apparently entered in a rather formal suit. Behind him, there was a new face. A man, also in a formal suit, but indescribably serene and giving a different contrast with the other man. He seemed to be watching everything with curiosity.

TheSixthChairmanOfTojoClan’s Profile Photo◞ ﹔⠀ 堂 島 大 吾
*Meanwhile Nova's in her typical torn shirt and jeans and just feels suddenly completely out of place*
At the construction office Majima had apparently entered in a rather formal suit

Any event in rwp/isb?

Ary aisi wesi? Parade hony wali hai... Or roads block hony wali hain.. Jga jga main roads py heavy construction chal ri hai. Traffic sari diverted hai roz roz traffic jam lga hota hai main highway pr.. Uper sy vip movements.ye tou shukr hai andr andr itni traffic ni hoti. Aisy wese events... The city is in dire need of a proper public transportation network...

- "إلصق آخر شي قمت بنسخهِ."

ايميلات جميع شركات المقاولات في الإمارات
AlSahel Contracting Company LLC
(UNEC) United Engineering Construction Company
Dubai Contracting Company LLC
Asali Contracting Co. L.L.C. شركة عسلي للمقاولات ذ م م
Arabian Construction Company
شركة المروان للمقاولات العامة - Al Marwan General Contracting Company
AlNaboodah Construction Group LLC
asia Prime General Contracting Company LLC
Al Shirawi Contracting Company LLC
Union Contracting Company
CHC Building Contracting LLC-Head Office-Dubai
Heilbronn Contracting L.L.C
Arab Contractors, Dubai
Adnan Contracting Co LLC
ASGC Dubai
Al Hamad Group of Companies
Engineering Contracting Company LLC (ECC Group)
Parkway International Contracting LLC
Civil Engineering & Contracting Company WLL
RAQ Contracting Co
Ginco Business Bay Site G110
Asia Prime General Contracting Company LLC Sharjah
Bu Haleeba Contracting
Pravarthi Building Contracting LLC
Al Rabat Building Contracting Co LLC
A&A Engineering Contracting LLC
Binladin Contracting Group L.L.C
AF Construction He

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I'm not cute!*she pouts trying to fix her helmet*I just joined the construction team who are you?

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀🔥⠀⠀ʙᴜʀɴ , ʙᴜʀɴ , ʙᴜʀɴ !⠀🔥⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀Her brown eyes had a gentle gleam, smiling.
⠀⠀❝That's exactly what the cuties say!❞
⠀⠀❝Really? I joined a month or so ago... the boss really was talking serious when said he accepted all kinds of people, huh?❞
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How close are you to living your ideal life?

Well, I am 67 and unable to retire. Have to work grueling physical labor almost everyday in construction because its the only industry that Im familiar with and that will hire and pay and elderly man. I have not yet retired even though I am past 65, and am probably a year away at least from being able to do so. And even then calling it a day and moving to Florida is really not possible. My financial situation isnt particularly great. But I am married to the love of my life (just celebrated our 46 year anniversary), still putting food on the table, clothes on my back, I have a nice, warm and toasty home. All of my 3 adult children live near me, and so do the multiple grand kids who visit regularly. I still regularly visit friends. These little luxuries in the end mean much more to me than any Florida retirement plans. Sometimes I realise I'm there. Just because a year ago I was in the depths of PTSD and I honestly thought the rest of my life would be like that. Nightmares, panic attacks, always on edge, exhausted, stuck in all the memories of what happened to me. Afraid to leave the house, incapable of doing anything, blowing up at people all the time. It felt like torture and I used to think 'I would give anything just to feel normal.' A shitload of therapy later and yeah I'm not the same person but the symptoms are not in charge of my life. I do feel normal. An ideal life for me at that point was just a life without daily agony so I guess I made it.
Pretty close. I'm mid 20s, graduated college with a useful degree, have a well paying job doing something I'm good at, and that I like. I'm on track to meet pretty much any financial goal I wanted, since i kept my expectations reasonable. I have some pretty good friends and we all enjoy each other's company. Single (no desire for any relationship), bought my own home in a location that I like (close to work, post office, and pretty much any store I might need on a daily basis), driving the same car that I paid off 5+ years ago (and still in great shape), make decent money at a job that I don't hate, have no loans (other than my mortgage), have lost ~50 pounds in the past 6 months, and pretty much just enjoy life, in general.
I feel like it's just out of my reach. I'm so close but it feels so far. Honestly I don't really want much, just to be with my girlfriend and close the whole long distance thing. We both have to settle things before we can do that though. Just a few more months... It feels like I'm always saying that.
A long way away on the financial and health sides. But I do have 1 awesome husband, 4 gorgeous cats, and 0 children. I'd just like to have better health and about $40k more per year so that I have a snowball's chance in hell of paying off my student loans and buying a condo.

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((Here he is! :3)) *Rin is one of the burley men keeping the Construction site "safe" by guarding the entrances. He plays the roles of muscle and bodyguard being able to lift more than an average worker and kick ass if needed.*

BodyGuardType’s Profile PhotoRin Katashi
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀🔥⠀⠀ʙᴜʀɴ , ʙᴜʀɴ , ʙᴜʀɴ !⠀🔥⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀* Although his job was to protect the area from invaders, in reality... the danger was seen from within. Soon the smell of fire was present in the air, along with a flaming sound and some rather out of place feminine laughs.
Kaori had a flamethrower in her hands. How the hell did she manage to get that? a reward for her good work.

RP Starter for @Gorogorogorochan --

*something odd has been happening around the construction site items have started to go missing here and there the workers were getting annoyed at this point. Little did they know a little kid had made himself at home in the warehouse hidden behind some construction boxes/crates. Gregory would occasionally steal workers lunch to feed himself. It wasn't until recently they had started to become suspicious of the strange actions. He was being more reckless and got spotted* Oh crap... *the little kid had been pick up by one of the workers and escorted over to their boss Majima*

What is one thing you would love to talk about or give your opinion on but no one ever asks you about on here? Use this to express yourself.

The countryside!
Mainly that it is getting smaller and smaller as the years go by! We are losing so much of our natural wildlife due to the construction being done on the farm lands!
It's sad that farming families are having to give up their heritage due to losing their incomes. Corporations don't overly care about the farmers, their families or the land. They just want profit.
Countryside villages are losing their way of life. It's so sad to see so much of our natural beauty in our world being turned into a concrete jungle :(
What is one thing you would love to talk about or give your opinion on but no
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