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"Mãe " Há palavras para definir tanto amor ?*-*

AndreLuis225’s Profile PhotoSurfista Prateado
Sem palavras ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

9/1/16 I said 'ILoveYou' to him. We celebrated 2yrs before he left this world. Idk whr to convey my msg to him, so leaving my msg here- 'Mujhe chd k chale gya na kutte, ruk mil tu fir btati hu tujhe👊🏼I hate you😒 imsoproudofyou, imissyou. Ek vari apne yaar k gale lg ja na yaar' Forevernbeyond❤️

frustratingtofindausername’s Profile PhotoUghhh
😂😂😂😂 I don’t know who are you….? But you are very funny….😂😂😂 why are you complaining me about your boyfriend…..?
Anyway… whatever….

Why does it hurt so much?

The day you shifted the night you didn't come home that night was like i lost you, i cried until i couldn't breath. I had to have someone to sit with me to make sure i kept breathing thats how much i cried and thats how iloveyou but now i don't want you to cause i realized you never really belong to me in the first place.

Punya kata2 yg sangat puitis tentang cinta untuk wanita yg kau cintai..???

Gue punya kata2 yg sangat bagus utk wanita yg kusayangi....
Ini utk kata2 yg aga gombal y...
👉 ILOVEYOU; Aku menulisnya tanpa spasi jadi tidak akan ada ruang untuk orang lain..
Ini utk kata2 serius....
👉 Aku melihatmu begitu sempurna, dan akhirnya aku jatuh cinta padamu. Kemudian aku melihat ketidak sempurnaanmu, dan aku lebih lebih jatuh cinta padamu....
🔚 kmu mau pke yg gombal apa yg serius itu hope to u... ☕☕☕

hey emaan❤️💕 first of all HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! i pray u have a lot more. ure honestly an amazing person. always radiating the best vibes here and u have the kindest heart. also u looked absolute WOW on ur birthday like damnn🤩🤩🤩😭😭 once again happiest birthday gorgeousss

Azka_waqar’s Profile PhotoAzka
My tiny little heart can't handle such kindness & love.. Iloveyou to the moon & back sissy, thank you sm for always being so sweet to me & everyone. Thank you for existing!!! 😭💞

Tita, okay lang ba na mag Imissyou and Iloveyou yung bestfriend ng jowa ko sa jowa ko? Kahit alam ko na may something sila dati? Hindi naging sila so parang ang ending eh bestfriend nalang. And yung bestfriend din yung reason kung bat nag hiwalay yung jowa ko and ex nya.

Kung di ka kumportable sa sitwasyon at sa relasyon nila, sabihin mo sa kanya. Kung mas pahalagahan niya ang relasyon niya sa best friend niya kesa nararamdaman mo, alam mo na yan.

TBH: SUMBAL!!You're one of my closest friends from college :') You're the sweetest and the memories I have with you are priceless and precious to me. Allah tumhe bohat zyada khushiyan de . Ameeeen. Stay blessed love ❤️ I LOVE YOU SM❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mimi_kittycat’s Profile PhotoMimi
Ayeeeee Misha baji!!!😍❤️ Those were golden days mayn. I had a really good time toooo.❤️ Ameeen , Allah apko bhi hamesha khush rakhy dil sy dua hai meri, ameen!🥰 Iloveyou too sweetiee❤️ Stay blessed beautiful.🌹

Ohky! Aesi baat nhi ha agar aik shaks apky pas hamesha nhi rhy ga ais baat ka andaza apko hamesha sy hota ha mgr phr bhi ap still khud ko us main involve krty hain Kya wo practical ha?

MaliKZarAr321’s Profile PhotoZarrar
That's why i asked for an essay 🙄 khali iloveyou mjhy tm pasand se ho nh chlta na kaam 🙁🙂
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Jessi🌚 , mn agmal el banat here I love ur kindness and ur sense of humor too 7abetk gdnnn w i can deal with u simply actually wegodk 3la ask made my day w i love u awii ,, happy birthday my soul .. enjoy baby🎈💋

monnaa7med’s Profile Photoإيمان ʚɞ
Omg❤️i didnt expect that❤️😂️thank you so much you made me so freaking happy i swear, ️ i love everything about you and iloveyou so much ❤️ thanks for this it real means alottttttttt, thanks sweetie ❤️
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Tbh : Apko kia tbh dun, aap to jaan hain meri. Im glad and blessed to have a best friend like you. You're the bestest person the whole world. You're my heart, my soulmate, my life, my world. You'rs not just a pretty face, you have a pure heart and soul. Iloveyou to infinity and beyond babes.❤😍

Ayee, ap zyada pyari hain, chaand ka tukrha 😂
Iloveyou so much ❤️🔥

Hello, P. We never talked that much privately (or pm), but you know? Seeing you smile everyday makes my heart flatter. u're my weakest point. If only I had a chance to say that Iloveyou ever since. I know it will never happen 'coz we are like parallel. But please, let me cross the line.. 😭 -M

Take risks, wala namang mawawala. ❤ Kung mahal mo talaga go lang. Mas mahirap magsisi sa huli.
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https://ask.fm/anooshazeno/answers/152339367925 You're an actor. Your ability to get into a character, feel what they feel and then portray the emotions perfectly makes you the best. This has helped you garner many adoring fans. People love you for how humble you are even when you're at the top.

YOU've Got Some Amazing Observation Skills Girl!??

😭😭😭😭😭😭 i love you toooooooooooo ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ my lil cutie pooh 🍯🐻 goochie gooo( 😂😂😂 yeah its from that video) . I cant live without ya bruh . Dont ever leave me. 😭😭😭😭

Ayeee iloveyou even moreee ❤️❤️❤️ nah nah I won’t leave you kabhi bhiiii 😭😭 my cutieeee pieee 🔥😍😍🥰
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Nvm hein Nvm?????
i am love me too
k thanks bye

I dare you to text the first person in your contacts. Say ILOVEYOU to that person, then Express some feelings & Post Screenshot here!If you don’t wanna do it, Don’t do it. #nh

Hadd ha yaar The first person is my brother 😂
Mene kaha chalo dare k naam pr bnda emotion share krde ga laikin nhi me bhai k liye apna balance zaya nhi kru gi 😂
I dare you to text the first person in your contacts Say ILOVEYOU to that person

Hey Amy! Well I am missing you so bad rn . I just wanna tell you ILOVEYOU sooo much. ❤️ I want you to stay Genuinely happy in your life. When I talk to you on call I feel home. You be my support system.❤️ Haha I am getting so emotional rn. :p Plus I am missing home so much.-.

Vishaw’s Profile Photoarvishay ツ
Havin' a rough day ?
Really needed this ?
Ilysm, okay? ♥
Plus I am goin' home tomorrow,, tadaa ???

I dare you to text the first person in your contacts. Say ILOVEYOU to that person, then Express some feelings & Post Screenshot here! I know My dares are boring tho! If you don’t wanna do it, Don’t do it.

Aashir Athar
I won't do it, you have no idea what dare you just gave me. For you it's fun but for me it's calling my death sentence. ??

đang làm gì z bà ? đang buồn à ? đừng buồn nữa ❤ so bae, dont worry 😛 thế giới nhiều thứ thú zị lắm :)) đừng bỏ thời gian để lo lắng, sầu não vì bad things. Những thứ mới mẻ đang chờ đợi bà đó hihi. Good luck 🤞 hope u a nice nice nice nice x3,14times day 💪 iloveyou

...hy vọng sẽ nhanh quên và ko vương vấn kỷ niệm .. cảm ơn vì lời chúc !!!

Kamu ramah bgt masyaAllah terimakasih.. semoga kamu jg selalu tersenyum dan menyebar kebahagiaan lewat senyum ikhlas kamu. Semangat hr ini💙

Hehe iloveyou buat kamu, sayang banget sama kamu, sehat terus yah kamu, iya makasih banyak hehe aku mengagumi mu layak nya mengagumi ibu aku, menjadi sang pengagum yang senang melihat orang bahagia hihi

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