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Whats wrong in it? Its 2024 different loug pasnd a skte hn breakups do happen rel mein rah ker koi aur pasnd a sekta ha tou rishta hone ke bd bhi a skta ha no hatee

hunnybunny19921’s Profile PhotoH..
^Exactly the thing that is wrong with this generation. 💀
Bachay, commitment and loyalty naam ki cheez hoti hai. Stop being a play girl. 💀
You guys normalize cheating by sugarcoating it in the words that you have used above. If you will keep running after the "thrill", you won't ever form meaningful connections.
"Pasand aasakta hai koi bhi while being in a relationship", srsly, the audacity of people nowadays. 💀 Respect people rather than using them like a tool to shoo away your boredom, maybe then you will understand. And if you have commitment issues, then just have FWB, simple as that. 💀

Even been in a romantic relationship with a psychopath? 🛑

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Highly intelligent clinical psychopaths can emulate empathy . For their own advantage, & as tool to manipulation . . . .
Difficult to be sure .
It's mostly the thick ones that lash out .
But look at Ted Bundy . . . . he had a compelling need to do ultimate harm.
He also was a compulsive , chronic narcissist
If the unfortunate partner is physically weaker , in a 'relationship' , they are less likely to bother with self restraint , especially when no-one else is around .
What counts for me, is I am with the the most wonderful person in the world now . One must always take care that the evil one has escaped does not return . . . . you can relax , but never forget . . .
*ask administrators show many characteristics of a clinical psychopath ~ TG we are not in a romantic relationship with these. not very bright, these*

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Even been in a romantic relationship with a psychopath

Ciao. Il mio computer è stato infettato da malware. Avevo uno smart mouse collegato. E' possibile resettarlo e pulirlo da eventuale malware, o lo devo buttare?

Ciao, io mi chiedo cosa ci fai con il pc se ti becchi tutti questi malware 😅 capisco che possa capitare una volta ma così è eccessivo, magari noti un comportamento simil malware.
Comunque anche le periferiche posso infettarsi ed essere dei portatori sani, non esiste un tool per sanificarli e se queste periferiche hanno un chip di memoria (per salvare una impostazione o configurazione) questo può essere usato dal malware come nido. attualmente non ci sono in giro malware così avanzati e periferiche di alto livello hanno una protezione per evitare questo tipo di problemi.

Was ist der Zweck, der Zwecklosigkeit?

simonalein_’s Profile PhotoSimona ⁽⁽⁽i⁾⁾⁾
Der Krìeg im Gazastreifen ist der erste, der in großen Teilen von künstlicher Intelligenz gesteuert wird.
Das "Lavender" Tool hat nach Krìegsbeginn mehr als 37.000 menschliche Targets errechnet, denen Verbindungen zu Terrørorganisationen nachgesagt werden. Die Fehlerquote liegt bei mindestens 10%. Die Entscheidungen sollten von Menschen gegengecheckt werden, was laut Whistleblowern aber nie passiert. Die KI entscheidet mehr oder weniger autonom nach äußeren Charakteristika, wer auf den Tødeslisten stehen soll. Lediglich ob es Männer sind, wird geprüft.
Das "Where's Daddy" Tool erkennt, wenn eines dieser Targets abends zur Familie zurückkehrt. In der Nacht wird dann das ganze Wohnhaus bømbardiert. Nicht etwa während diese Targets sich betätigen, oder gar aus Selbstverteidigung. Laut international geltendem Prinzip der Verhältnismäßigkeit dürften nur hochrangige Kommandeure unter minimalen zivilen Verlusten so ausgeschaltet werden. In Realität diesmal alle, die die KI errechnen konnte. Da die meisten Palästinenser in Mehrfamilienhäusern mit Großeltern, Geschwistern und Cousins zusammenleben, wird bewusst in Kauf genommen, dass pro eigentlichem Target dutzende Zivilisten (Frauen, Kinder, Alte) stèrben.
Das ist kein Computerspiel.
Das ist kein entferntes Dystopia.
Das ist die Realität heute hier 2024.
Wenn Israel keine Grenzen aufgezeigt werden, wird diese Praxis die neuen Maßstäbe für alle weiteren Konflikte setzen. Alle anderen Regime werden sich damit rechtfertigen, dass Israel es ja auch tat. Und dass sich das Blatt wenden kann, ist keine Frage des Ob, sondern des Wann und Wie.
Das schlimme ist, dass die deutschsprachigen Medien diese extrem wichtige Recherche zum Einsatz von KI wahrscheinlich versuchen werden unter den Tisch zu spielen. Allein schon deshalb, weil der jüdisch-israelische Journalist derselbe ist, der von deutschen Politikern bereits im Februar auf der Berlinale für seinen Tatsachenbericht als Antisemìt bezeichnet wurde. Alles, um sich keine Fehler eingestehen zu müssen.
Peaceout ✌

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Is there anything you can do against harassment and stalking on here besides reporting and blocking? I've done both, I even emailed ASK and they said they'll look into it, but they really didn't do anything. The person (it's just one person) keeps harassing me.

They don’t do anything sorry to say, creeps on here are protected by ask, the anonymous feature is a tool they use to get away with a lot 🌸

What has been on your mind recently?

DrAnonStar12376148’s Profile Photo♚ ♔ ӨMZ ♔ ♚
I recently became the head of the marketing team for the student musical I'm part of and I got the list of new members yesterday, so I've been setting everything up for when we start next week. Planning on hosting an initiation event at my place with some tacos and Mario Kart. Since everyone is new but me, I thought it'll be a nice way for all of us to get to know each other 🌮🎮
Then today I've been busy helping my family set up a tool shed! Am taking a small break now but we'll soon be at it again 🔧
What has been on your mind recently

Love apna anonymous option on karo plizz! @Urwahtulwusqah em waiting

Really? Hiding behind anonymous, thinking you’re slick, hai na?
Kya yehi sikhaya gaya tha, social media pe harass kar ke dikhaana?
Sochte ho kya, uppar kudha dekh raha hai, usko yeh sab achha lagta hai?
Apni behen ko online pareshan karte, Jews jaisa kya farq raha hai?
You’re lost in this digital maze, thinking anonymity’s your shield,
Par asliyat mein, it’s your character that’s revealed.
Yeh jo khel tum khel rahe ho, it’s a dangerous slide,
Seekh lo, respect and dignity should be your guide.
This isn’t just about a simple ‘Love, turn on anonymous, please’,
It’s about what you stand for, your inner peace.
Kabhi socho, agar yeh tumhare saath hota, toh kaisa lagta?
Social media’s a tool, not a weapon, use it right, bhai jaan, seekh jaata.
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شوفت لك انسر انك بتعرف مين اللي باعت لك علي صراحة إذا امكن تساعدني اعمل الطريقة عشان بيبعتلي كلام مش كويس كتير علي اللينك بتاعي!!

ابعتي برايفت من فضلك وهحاول احل لك المشكلة دي بأذن الله.
هي الفكرة كلها إنه مجرد tool كنت عن طريقها بحدد مكان واعرف مين اللي باعتت.. وكنت عامل Script يخلي الشخص اللي باعت ده يشوف رد علي الاجابات غير الرد الرئيسي اللي انا ضايفه
يعني ممكن اكون كاتب رد معين علي رسالتك ومن خلال اللينك اللي عامله تدخلي تلاقي كلام تاني غير اللي كل الناس شايفاه علي اللينك العادي..
ودي حاجة عملتها عشان كنت بوصل رسالة لحد انقطع الكلام بيننا وكنت حابب اعرفه اني عرفت انه هو اللي بيشتم وفي نفس الوقت مينفعش اخلي حد تاني يشوف الكلام اللي بكتبهوله .

Do you feel threatened by AI art?

Threatened is the wrong word, I feel irked by AI art, or more accurately people's attitudes to it and the way that it further devalues people's creativity, time and skills. Why pay an artist when you can get AI to do it straight away, right? And suddenly if anyone posts their genuinely amazing art it is accused of being AI. AI should be a tool to help make life better, not erase/overwrite human passion and creativity

Do you feel threatened by AI art?

On a personal level no, but it does make me uneasy in the sense that it will start to take away jobs from actual artists. The biggest issue is that AI is rife for stealing artwork from artists, as nothing it produces is original, it’s all just sourced from what it can already find and merges it all together. I can’t imagine a worse feeling than knowing that a piece of art that you’ve spent hours on, has been stolen and used without your permission.
I think AI art could be helpful as an artistic tool ~ ie, brainstorming ideas and you want to see a quick snapshot of what it may look like/help plan your paintings with composition or colour, etc. That’s for me as far as it goes. I’ve seen so many artists have their art stolen that I’m very much not a fan of AI.

Ist es sinnvoll ein Tagebuch zu führen?

Kommt drauf an, wie man es einsetzt - wenn man sich selbst erlaubt sich darauf einzulassen und tiefgehendere Selbstreflektion zuzulassen, dann kann ein Tagebuch ein tolles Tool sein, um sich weiterzuentwickeln 🥰

Blocking is such a wonderful tool on social media. It saves you from a ton of unnecessary stress and unnecessary people. I block literally anything that inconveniences me. My peace is more important than anything. Do that too.

I’m the opposite. I like to keep tabs on what people are saying, especially if they are potentially dangerous. I’m not easily bothered so I don’t really care.

If money doesn’t attract you to someone what does

Money is cool and it's definitely not bad. But it doesn't have any value by itself. It's just a tool to get the things that you actually want. So does money make you happy? I guess. Getting that paycheck and being able to pay all your bills, treat yourself and live comfortably. But sadly money will come and go and there will never be enough of it. You will always run out of it and want more. It's sad when money becomes an issue in a relationship and it's such a big issue that's it's a deal breaker. But I said I want that ring, that marriage and that car, bitch. I want to eat at fancy restaurants and sip on champaign. Stop being so broke you little broke ass bitch! Do you not love me? Give me money! 😡😡😡 All my friends go on dates and post in on social media but we don't. I don't want to wait. I want it now. 😡😡😡 RIP. Sad when money, pressure from parents, pressure from friends, family and social media tears good relationship apart. I guess I better need to start making that sugar papa money. 🤑

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What is "Magick" to you? what books have you read about occultism? The two being related.

This is the most concise definition I heard and agree with the most: Magick is a tool to understand and influence reality and the processes in our consciousness.
When I first started with occultism I was reading anything I could find without a particular direction which I don't recommend. Now I read more books about practices related to whatever system I'm working with at the current time or at least focus on a group of books from one system.

Isn't being legally married what protects women in society?

Lol what? Marriage has historically been just another tool of oppression that treated women as property, the woman was "given" from the father to the husband, and she had no rights, she was owned and traded like cattle, and although now women have more rights and can divorce etc marriage can be, and frequently is, still used as a way to control and hurt women, what protection does it offer outside of financial gain when the husband passes?

what's the use of having money if you can't make someone love you? money isn't the most powerful tool. special powers would be to be able to control everyone else around you to do what you want them to do

Best thing to do with a lot of money is to help other people. Help humanity. Help the world. Spread love in a different way.

Do you feel sad when you have to throughout a tool or piece of equipment that served it's purpose well for many years but is now broken or too worn-down?

I very very seldom do that, typically I will adapt it for another purpose or build a little art piece from it
Do you feel sad when you have to throughout a tool or piece of equipment that

How would you describe your religious beliefs and how do you view people who don’t share them?

I believe Christ abolished religion , and brought Truth & Knowledge . . . . . and freedom
But men preferred religion
They could not , would not ; live without their magic tool for control, domination, and wanton exploitation . . . .
How would you describe your religious beliefs and how do you view people who

What is so bad about going to the gyno office ? Stop being such a big baby.

There’s far worse things in life but having your cervix held open with a cold metal tool by an old dude with a young female nurse watching is always a bit awkward. 🤣

Hiiii! So recently, I found p*rn on my husbands phone. My initial reaction was to cry & honestly shame him. He says it's been happening for years & he's kept it a secret because he feels embarassed. He says he wants to stop & is aware it's an addiction. How do you feel about p*rn in a relationship?

I encourage my husband to use (ethical) porn because I'm asexual and he prefers self love over cheating on me. It's just a tool. Nothing in porn can replace a loving relationship.

Have you use AI tool for your sch assignment?

Nope, I haven't had the opportunity to do so. But I think that AI serves as a last resort for sourcing of ideas and still prefer to engage in traditional digital processes. In my opinion, overdependence on AI erodes creativity and critical thinking skills. I prefer to utilize AI when I am at a total loss and requires a stepping stone as guidance. But to write an entire essay etc? No way.

https://ask.fm/HelgaLise/answers/170001756914 Приоритет конечно року и хардкору но слушабетельно всё :) Просьба нацелена на то,чтобы слушать что слушают прочие... Но вот то что ты уже описала точно не :DD

Uncle_SOS’s Profile PhotoСинее,то самое †
Возможно, мой ответ будет не очень актуальным, но все же напишу хоть что-то спустя столько времени (слишком много вопросов в личке - не успеваю) 😁
Я, проходясь по твоим ответам, поняла, что мне особо нечего посоветовать 🙄 последние 10 лет слушаю по большей части лайтовую музыку. И только недавно снова стала погружаться в альтернативу, металл и прочее. Так и открыла Drowning Pool, Tool, Audioslave, Айспик, ГрОб и прочих. Точнее, слушаю по паре их песен, полностью погружаться в чье-то творчество с нуля некогда и нужно настроение, ибо не люблю слушать что-то ради фона.
И пользуюсь случаем, хочу поблагодарить человека, который делится со мной всякой интересной музыкой 😸
httpsaskfmHelgaLiseanswers170001756914   Приоритет конечно року и хардкору но

Szép napot! A mai kérdésem itt olvashatod: https://ask.fm/Sophrones/answers/172883458495

Sophrones’s Profile PhotoSophrone
A Tool Vicarious száma ugrott be, az igazából erről szól.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N26N7lQHNW8coastline’s Video 171327990761 N26N7lQHNW8coastline’s Video 171327990761 N26N7lQHNW8
Emlékszem, hogy olvastam már valahol ennek a pszichológiájáról, hogy miért szeretjük nézni mások szenvedését/halálát, viszont akárhogyan próbálkozom, semmi nem akar eszembe jutni. Ám valamiért az ember szeret megborzongani, nem hiába voltak sokáig nyilvános kivégzések, a lehető legkreatívabb módokon. Gondolom, a horror ezen ösztönünket bizergálja meg, elégíti ki, ahogy az idézetben is van. Segít megsétáltatni azt a bennünk élő démont.
Én mókásan ijedős vagyok, amit nemrég tudtam meg, hogy a magas szorongásszintemnek köszönhetek. Ami nem jó, de tényleg vicces, hogy mindentől képes vagyok megijedni, elég, ha csak egy mozdulatot nem úgy hajt végre valaki, ahogy azt a tudattalanom kiszámolja.
Ennek szinte egyenes következménye, hogy félős is vagyok. Félek a sötétben, félek bizonyos szituációkban, félek bizonyos emberektől, állatoktól, mozdulatoktól. A viszonyom hozzá, egy korábbi válaszom szerintem jól leírja, amiben az "ágy alól felbukkanó szörnyre" kellett reagálni, elvezetlek oda, bár Te azt pont olvastad is: https://ask.fm/coastline/answers/170709653225
Szóval, ilyen nyomorult vagyok, ha egyedül nézek szembe valamivel. Igyekszem magamban hangosan tudatosítani, hogy csak illúzió, csak a képzeletem szórakozik velem. [Persze, annyira nem drámai a helyzet, mint a leírt "történetben", de a menet hasonló.] Társaságban már inkább elnevetem magam, ott ad egy biztonságérzetet, hogy más is van velem.
A démonaim leginkább megtörtént eltűnésekkel, gyilkosságokkal, sorozatgyilkosokkal sétáltatom. Bár vár rám még néhány Stephen King regény, de eddigi tapasztalataim alapján az annyira nem teszi gallyra az idegrendszerem, mint pl egy horrorfilm. Azokról például már letettem. Néha-néha elémkerül egy, de akkor is igyekszem olyat választani, ami nem valami természetfeletti témát dolgoz fel. Bár rettentően szeretném őket - nem hiába szeretem az Odaátot is, bírom ezeket a "szellemes dolgokat" - de hosszútávú károkat szokott okozni bennem.
A végére pedig, szolgáljon ez magyarázatnak, miért nem szeretem a pirítóst:

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Szép napot A mai kérdésem itt olvashatod httpsaskfmSophronesanswers172883458495
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Has personal interaction taken a backseat because of social networks?

To some extent
We don't really meet our friends if we just talk with our friends on social networking website, we are good
In busy life social networking website is best tool to communicate
Birthdays are wished on social networking website than personally visiting friends house , give them gift , make their day special but no-one make effort
I am not caged into Internet world
I use Internet for limited hours
I stay in real world over digital world
I love talking face to face over Internet all the time

Szép napot! Mi volt a legutóbbi, általad vásárolt dolog, amire tulajdonképpen semmi szükséged nem volt, mégis nagy örömet okozott, ezáltal utólag nem bàntad meg? Átgondolt vagy impulzusvásárlónak tartod magad?

Sophrones’s Profile PhotoSophrone
Kedvenc zenéimet fizikai formátumban gyűjtöm (bakelit, kazetta, cd). Egyik kedvenc zenekarom a Tool, van nekik egy koncertalbumuk 2000-ből, amit igen nehéz beszerezni, mert egyrészt azóta nem volt újrakiadása, másrészt pofátlanul drágán hirdetik a használt darabokat a ritkasága miatt. Szembejött velem kb egy hónapja egy kifejezetten jó áron lévő darab, szép állapotban. Hát gondoltam, itt a tökéletes alkalom, kértem előzetesen képeket a hirdetőtől, majd azok alapján meg is rendeltem (külföldről persze, itthon esélytelen beszerezni). Megjött, minden rendben van vele, volt is egy nagy örömöm akkor, azóta pedig ül a polcon.
Tényleg az általam egyik legvágyottabb darab, mégis hülyén érzem magam emiatt, hogy csak ott gubbaszt. Miközben évek óta epekedtem utána. Szóval szükségem tulajdonképpen nem volt rá, egyedül élvezeti értéke van. Tapasztaltam persze ilyet más gyűjteményi darabommal is, igazából hosszútávon mindig pozitív irányba halad a dolog, mert egyre inkább értékelem, hogy megvan. Másrészt ez a materialista gyűjtögetés, a tárgyak felhalmozása épp egy olyan dolog, ami az alapfelfogásommal, elveimmel némileg ellentétes. Szóval van bennem egy kettősség is ennek kapcsán. Furcsa szituáció.
Teljes mértékben átgondolt vásárlónak tartom magam, sőt szerintem túl sokat is szöszölök egy-egy vásárlással. Megnézek minden apró részletet, listát állítok, stb. Persze ez nagyobb tételek esetén érvényes, mindennapos bevásárlás során megszokott dolgokat szoktam venni, ritkán van új a kosaramban.
De már eleve a fogyasztói társadalom létezése is ellenszenves nekem, szóval részese lenni ennek az egész rendszernek kvázi egy állandó belső feszültség számomra...
Az említett albumról egy dal:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgDwkSlCwHwVTX666’s Video 172702496454 EgDwkSlCwHwVTX666’s Video 172702496454 EgDwkSlCwHw

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VTX666’s Video 172702496454 EgDwkSlCwHwVTX666’s Video 172702496454 EgDwkSlCwHw

What's the most sensible thing you've ever heard someone say ?

Choose to say positive things to yourself you are sending message to your mind which your brain is believing it I remember I was fat 2015 to 2017 I was not confident about my self people were saying mean things shattering my confidence .I keep saying I look good so I believed in me . What mind can conceive and belief it can be achieved .if your mind think you can do it ,you can do it , you have plans ,strategy to do things you are few steps away to be there .I created diet plan lost 40 lbs in 4 months so if your mind think you can do it you can do it you are few steps away ,mind is powerful tool ,think big achieve the impossible what seems impossible to many

Milyen zenéket hallgatsz? Ki a kedvenc előadód / zenekarod? Van olyan zene, amit szinte mindenki utál, de te imádod valamiért? Szoktál zenére énekelni / dúdolni? Melyik számnak tudod a szövegét fejből?

Hardbass és Phonk zenéket hallgatok mostanság.
Hát abszolút kedvenc zenekarom nem a fent említett műfajokból emelkedik ki, a Tool. Valahogy hozzájuk valami nagyon különleges rajongás köt, nem tudom egyik együtteshez sem hasonlítani.
De egyébiránt, ha maradunk a fent említett stílusoknál, akkor a kedvencem hardbassből Uamee és Phonkból House o Phonk, aminek a pikantériája, hogy valójában a kettő ugyanaz a személy.
Hát, baráti körömben senki nem hallgat hardbasst, szóval, ebből a műfajból bármelyiket mondhatnám.
Szoktam hát! Táncolni is.
Ó, rengeteg dalszöveg van a fejemben, angol, magyar... Sok lenne felsorolni.
De hogy legyen egy, a legbüszkébb arra vagyok, hogy ennek a dalnak a refrénjét bármikor eltudom énekelni:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq3pLeW5qB4coastline’s Video 171112797673 hq3pLeW5qB4coastline’s Video 171112797673 hq3pLeW5qB4
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I feel so un-motivated,hopeless, low self confidence and life se bezaar..😢

SohaibKhanPk’s Profile PhotoSohaib Khan
Believe in your self ,highlight in which you are good at .if mind think you can achieve impossible goal you can if mind think you can't achieve your goal you can't .mind is powerful tool what you believe in become true sooner or later but it become
you are bestowed with lots of talent ,use it to make your life better . Explore your hidden talent ,work hard show the how talented you are ,feel confident about your self

Do you prefer city life or country life? Why?

This is a hard one for me. I really like both. I love being close to stuff and if I'm awake at 2am and want a snack there's always some place open. And you don't have to drive too far to go out to restaurants, the grocery store, or shopping. But I also really like the idea of living out in a pasture on a cute little ranch with a garden and not having people around all the time. I think overall I'd lean towards the city though. Maybe just have a good little chunk of land so that it's a little isolated.
I'm a massively introverted person so that in itself might make me sound like I'd prefer living in a place that has less people in it and is less crowded. However counter to that is I'm big on technology to support my way of life so a city will be more suitable for me in that respect. Anyway, being an introvert in a small town with less people around might actually be a disadvantage in itself. I like being anonymous - a face in the crowd, so to speak - and from what I know about small towns and from what Mitsuha (I think she said it somewhere) said people in smaller municipalities tend to be more tight knit than people in large cities. It would be harder to have privacy and stay anonymous. I guess I'll pick living in a city over living in the countryside, considering my interests and way of living. But I can't say some perks of living in the boonies don't interest me either. If a new city life is what you have been longing for, then congratulations to you! Just like Mitsuha who was able to make it to Tokyo in the end (even though it was kind of by an unexpected force).
Well, this topic post and comments look like people prefer city life over countryside life. In fact both sides have different good stuff and bad stuff. I think a big move from one side to another side is not an easy job and it can take some time to get used to a new life. Living a happy life is the most important thing. I remember the precious times when I lived in countryside I used to read books on my way to school by train, and I often enjoyed looking out of the window during my 40-minutes long train trip. I think by the change of four seasons, the shapes and the colors of the sky have been seen differently during these three high school years of mine, and all these can be connected to my current works. Now, the landscape, the scenery, and the emotions in the past, become a powerful tool for me to try to make something when I have grown up to my adulthood.

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Early marriages are the biggest need of our society nowadays. Both the genders nowadays( can't resist) are indulging in haram activities because of western system... What's your take on this and what should be done to make it possible?

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I concur! but Marriage is NOT just a tool to help "horny testosterone plagued boys" at the expense of poor abused girls. Moreover, reaching the age of puberty is not the only criteria for deciding an appropriate age for marriage. Other factors such as the overall maturity of a person, his or her ability to differentiate between what is good or bad, he must be able to approve or disapprove in important decisions of life. These all things are need to take into consideration.
I think the best age for a Muslim to marry would be when he/she is physically and mentally mature to fulfill the responsibilities of the marriage that Islam places on them.

Is there any way to stop feeling insecure

I'm pretty insecure so I'm not a genius on this topic haha. But from therapy and stuff over the years, I think the key is to reflect on why you're insecure.
For instance, is it stemming from people bullying you for certain aspects of yourself (growing up or as an adult)?
Is it because of experiences you had? People you came across that put you down? Is it based on societies pressures to look or be a certain way? Is it from wanting to fit in where you feel maybe you don't?
I think when you can figure out where it's stemming from, then you can focus on working on those core causes. For instance if it developed from mistreatment, then getting counselling for trauma or those experiences could help relieve that level of insecurity.
Or if its people in your life putting you down, then maybe it's time to cut them out.
Orrr if its pressures from society, maybe think a bit about the qualities in people you admire, that aren't shallow. Like their personality, and maybe making steps to work on those traits within yourself.
Because insecurity is quite common and normal really. There's lots of pressures etc coming from all angles whilst living in this world. You may always have some elements of insecurity. But I find insecurity can sometimes be a guidance tool for you. It makes you aware of things you feel are lacking in your life that you feel you need or want. And if they're something you feel are possible to achieve and be healthy with, then take some steps to implement things to help.
I recommend counselling etc in general, as they could help guide you better with this journey, as it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure it out alone.
Best of luck 💕💖

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Ever been in depression? How did you fight back?

Har ek ky fight kerny ka alag style hota. Kisi ko lagta woh humans sy baat kerky theek hojay ga, kisi ko lagta woh humans sy door rah ky theek hoga, Koi namaz Quran ko apna tool bana leta, Koi drawing, painting or music sy acha feel kerta. Koi rou ky apni feelings ko thora theek ker leta. I even consider that ronay wala human also a fighter. We all are fighters! Bas ek dusry ko samjhna ky kon kesy acha feel kerta.

ازاي احفظ كلمات انجلش بسهوله م غير م انساها بجد بعاني 😅 Don't skip please

1-الكلمات بتتربط بحاجات حواليكي او من خيالك اثناء الحفظ و حلي تدربيات عاللي تحفظية
2-طريقة تانيه احفظي مجموعه شبه بعض مع بعض kit, sit, fit
3-احفظي كلمات تخرجي منها كلمات تانيه مثال congratulations تطلعي منها can, cat, station,narration, sat, car, carton, tool وهكذا
*انما لو انتي اصلا عندك اللي المفروض تحفظيه ف بتتبعي اول طريقة مثلا انا عايزة احفظ طلابي كلمة pump اللي معناها يضخ ف بقولهم قلبنا بيعمل ايه بيقولو بم بم بم بيربطوها بصوت القلب او بالاغنيه بتاعة محمد رمضان 💁🏻‍♀️🥲 المهم انهم حفظها وثبتت ف دماغهم😘

What song or artist got you through your toughest heartbreaking moments?

Sybreed, Katatonia, In Flames, Moonspell, Rotting Christ, Tool, Scarve, Meshuggah Death, Dissection... Many other Death Metal, & Melodic-Death Metal artists...
Progressive rock artists like: A perfect Circle, Karnivool, Kingston Wall...
also some electronic music: Prodigy, Infected Mushroom, Chemical Brothers. BT... -
Then comes Igorrr which cannot by specified as any genre...))

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS7X5nuvjHoHysterPsy’s Video 173004470178 vS7X5nuvjHoHysterPsy’s Video 173004470178 vS7X5nuvjHo

Society seems to treat fat people badly. They are seen as lazy, undisciplined etc. How do you feel about fat people? Do you have prejudices about them? I think I do, unfortunately, but I try to treat everyone with respect.

Fatphobia is just a way of the system, unfortunately. There is very little love for fat people, regardless of whether or not they enjoy being fat, they put on weight while recovering from an ED, they have medical issues that caused or contributed to weight gain, etc.
I have internalized fatphobia, as I've always been, at the very least, on the chubby side. It's a doozy to unlearn, as I've been taught my body is wrong - even when I was healthy and walked to get around my hometown instead of taking transport (and would have people hollering out the side of *cars* at me to exercise and lose weight, imagine that!) Now my medical issues make it easy to gain and hard to lose weight, rather than the weight being the specific cause for my ill health in the first place. However, as long as I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercise, my health picks up somewhat and I feel better within my (still fat) body.
De-stigmatizing fatness and changing our perspective that fat automatically means unhealthy will help people of all sizes, tbh. Also, as fatphobia is a tool of capitalism, it's very cool and anticapitalist to do so.

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