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That's an issue and it pertains to the parents. As a parent, it's your duty to teach your child about safety. My initial point was some things are just not children appropriate, if that makes sense. I saw a video on TikTok (ofc it had to be TikTok) of some weirdo talking to PRESCHOOLERS abt sx...

all my kids know abt sex lol. you’re supposed to start talking about sex and consent as soon as they’re able to understand words dingdong

The first @ name you get say something positive about this person,if you can’t say anything positive about this person go to the second @ and so on 😌

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
@funny_hot Amazing, Special, Patient, Supportive, Irreplaceable, Caring, Confident, fantastic, courageous, Awesome, Smart, humorous, special, beautiful from the inside out, determined to make me smile, intriguing, athletic, motivated, trustworthy
@nourabdoun5642 Amazing, determined, adventurous, courageous, brilliant, patient, kind, caring, Confident, smart, darn right Awesome, astute, discerning, empowered, skilled, tenacious,captivating
@RyannWilson515, From where I'm from, so relatable, witty, smart, patient, kind, courageous, empowered
@NicoleBuckleyyx Special, sincere, compassionate, Supportive, witty, loyal, confident, smart, Awesome, determined, caring, patient, beautiful from the inside out, courageous, one of my first friends in this app.
@Inna Happy that she found her true love on this app, and they are finally together, engaged and look forward to taking y'alls wedding photos, soon.
@vivaciousviv Patient, kind, Awesome, determined, funny, courageous, beautiful, polite, darn right amazing!
@Apeshitz Crazy Dude, good heart, witty, kind, always makes me smile
@fiezuqa Inquisitive, observant, sincere
@natalehjayne Amazing, fun, sincere, trustworthy, kindhearted, amicable, optimistic, affable
@xohollyh obviously for a her weirdo podcast, if you haven't heard it, its hilarious, fun, witty, Often chats with well-known celebrities, definitely vibrant.
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Someone who you can’t forget even after all these years?

I’m screaming @erikarocks2126205 yeah I asked MB for his number cuz I have him on every other social media and we talk everyday.. we’re just friends weirdo LMFAO not you thinking anything in ur life is a flex
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Why do girls sometimes reject follow request on instagram? is it okay to send the request again if she rejects it?

*me* 🤣🤣
I guess it’s ok to resend. There may be a reason as to why. For example my Insta is usually public but I changed it a week or so ago because of a weirdo that kept checking up on me yet claimed he didn’t have insta 🤣 so I made it private for that reason.
Sometimes I accept and sometimes I decline depending on how many posts/ followers someone has. If it seems like a fake account then I will decline.

No names mentioned, but here's my response. "all men CAN change, men WILL change, but there's only ONE woman, we will be willing to change for.... JUST one. We WON'T change for all woman. We only change for ONE woman. If we aren't changing for you? that you're not the one"

Luv_freckles’s Profile PhotoM. Adam
I guess afterall.. we don't search for people who are exactly like us.. We don't search for our copies.
We search for someone that we won't feel awkward or shy with..who could deal with our flaws or differences.. Someone who really enjoy our little weirdo details.
If this one woman really loves u.. she won't ask u to change..She 'll accept u with all ur chaos !!

*Said Demon manifests from Julian's own shadow* "Why'd someone mention me?"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
It's you!! it's really you! *Julian can't help but get excited circling the demon the gothic teen seemed over joyed it came off super creepy *A creature of the dark in the FLESH! Hihihi! Julian!Call me Julian ooh dark one! It's such a honor! *he kisses Shadows hand like a weirdo*
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gibt es irgend wo ein bild von dir?

Öffentlich zumindest nicht. :)
Hier hast du die kurze Antwort, wer mich noch ein wenig über die Gründe oder was auch immer mir einfällt lesen möchte, kann es hier tun. ;D
Ich persönlich mag es überhaupt nicht, wenn Bilder meiner Person vorallem vom Gesicht öffentlich zugänglich sind. Deswegen sind sie es auch nicht. Ich habe da generell einfach ein mieses Gefühl bei. Zum anderen bin ich auch super schüchtern und möchte auf gar kein Fall, dass mich irgendwer anhand des Bildes erkennt. Ich bleibe lieber der stille weirdo, keiner muss von meinem privaten bescheid wissen. ;D
Früher habe ich keinerlei Bilder von mir versendet, mittlerweile finde ich es nicht mehr so schlimm guten Freunden zu zeigen, wer ich bin.
Ich hasse allerdings nachfragen dazu. Es gab tatsächlich ein Fall, von einem guten Freund, der mich gefragt hat und wo es nicht schlimm war. Aber wenn man erst ein paar Tage/Wochen oder so schreibt, dann nervt mich das sehr und die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass ich eines versende wird sehr viel geringer. :)
Ich mache aber auch nicht so gerne Bilder von mir, dass ist einfach nicht mein Ding. (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
Nochmal dazu, dass ich nachfragen hasse. Wenn man mich wie jetzt fragt, ob es auch Bilder von mir gibt oder so, finde ich es ganz in Ordnung. Ich erkläre dann, was das Ding ist und alles gut. :3
Wenn es aber wiederholt kommt, dass danach gefragt wird oder man es wagt, es zu verlangen, dann bin ich sehr genervt oder antworte der Person einfach gar nicht mehr oder nur sporadisch. :D

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Say something Weirdo 💫

sanoobarawan’s Profile PhotoSanoobar Awan
Temporary temples tempered by lies.
If you cannot see them, let me open your eyes.
You want to believe that not everything dies
But here and now is where the temple resides.
You're best to embrace it because it's coming for sure.
Life is the disease. Death is the cure.
If your temple is cluttered by fear, it's impure.
Cleansing yourself is the task to endure.
Smudging smoke smiles in light of the moon
Live for today because your temple is doomed.

Sad life, loser, virgin. what else?lol don't you have anything better to insult someone?Such cheesy craps lmao.Dude you have no effect on me.Why do you even try?Desperate weirdo lol

i have no effect on you yet you’re the one in my inbox two days in a row with the same boring insults LMFAO
stay mad, and stop projecting you’re virgin woes onto me, lmfao i don’t think calling me a virgin makes much set, hope you lose that vcard soon bro.
such a shame about that personality, you don’t even have the dick in your pants to justify being such a disgusting sad excuse for a dude. it’s no wonder you’re single and hiding on anon.
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Which stereotype scores a point with you:the confident eternal stud with lots of women/men going after him/her or an introverted cute looking broken-hearted weirdo

demicorazon890’s Profile PhotoKaterina
Дай ми weirdo всеки път.
Тези популярните, дето всички тичат след тях, в един момент се давят в избор, и този избор почти никога не е половинката им и почти винаги е очакван финал.
Не, че странното човече не ти разкатава фамилията, но го прави с някакъв брутален чар.

Do you want to have children one day?

msministries’s Profile Photochill
I don’t think so, I know I’m still young but I just don’t feel a absolute desire for babies. Maybe I’m a weirdo, maybe it’ll changed but right now, I don’t
I would foster children though, they’re already here

we have a girl in our class she has too much attitude she doesnot talk to anyone lkn har larka marta hai uspe ku

tabraizali9’s Profile Photozara sheikh
Dekho attitude ki bat ni hti.. sometimes ese loog andr s different hoty bs interaction kam rkhty..
Ya phr total weirdo hoty..
Lekin jo lrky uspe mar rhe wo srf abi uska chehra dekh rhe andar ni..
Wo usko sae s thori na janty... sae s janty hn to bat aur h.

Uh how dont you understand that? The Gods of ReaperTale have certain rules cause our powers can really mess up the multiverse if we use them recklessly,if all versions of me decided to run around in all the AUs, good chance there wouldn't be many AUs left, our powers can kiII everything by accident

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoReaper
AND YOU ARE SAYING THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE BEEN SO MEAN TO ME AND TRIED TO KlLL ME? ARE YOU INSANE YOU FREAKING WEIRDO!? YOUR AS BAD AS THE HUMAN!! JUST GET OUT OF HERE!! I DON'T WANT OR NEED YOUR HELP! /No offense but you did make quite the bad impression with Papyrus, each time he ran into Reaper, he was either threatened or had a scythe swung at him for being within 10ft of Geno/
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Still stealing my followers and bragging about 800 when I got way more on my new account lol

So you made a new account after I blocked your old one cus you were mad I had you blocked .
Oh okay . Got it weirdo
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I need suggestions. I have to give my nephew a birthday gift. What should it be? I don't want it to be conventional. Your ideas will be appreciated.

HussainMehmood330’s Profile Photoحُسین محمود
it depends on his interests, if i was ur nephew i’d like a fish my weirdo nephew loooves straws he even drinks water with a straw so my ami and i got him one of those sippy cups that come with a very cool spirally inbuilt straw and he loved it but my sister’s hate 4 me has intensified since then because the straw is shaped like a spring and it’s impossible to clean

If helping small prey animals makes me a weirdo then I’m glad to be a weirdo I enjoy helping those who will never be able to do anything for me, and because they can’t help themselves ❤️

They call u weirdo b'cuz u help animals?! Bro the heck?😂
It's literally a normal thing in Muslims?!! I would've roasted them for calling themselves Muslim🤪🤞🏽

Stop following me everywhere you don’t even like me? weirdo.

😂😂😂😂 (I probably don't actually know you. I don't leave my house except for therapy appointments and the occasional drug store for candy or Chapsticks. :) I sometimes will say a quick hello to someone and then be on my way. I don't bother anybody.)

How would you describe yourself?

I am a hardworking, unassuming and very conscientious person, undemanding and never looking for my own interests.
I am a good worker, a man of conviction, dedication and integrity who always shows courage and determination. Perfect, fair warning, my track record with friends is spotty. I've been called "depraved", "repugnant" and even "ursine" by someone who... in retrospect I don't think knew the meaning of that word. My last best friend was institutionalized when he had a psychotic break researching the life of Orville Redenbacher for a podcast and no one is sure why.
I'm a wallflower. I'm that guy who sits in the corner of a party after his friends convinced him to go, but if you give me a beer and try to talk to me, it turns out I'm actually a pretty interesting person who just doesn't like opening up to people.
It's namely videogames at the moment with a anti-sjw video and two rpg videos. I hope to expand out and become a more well known anti-sjw and gamer. I have plans for doing wrestling show reviews, news commentary and audio dramas in the future. My main youtube idols are Moogleftw, Gamehorder, Thunderfoot, Sargon of Akkad and the Amazing Atheist.
Fucking insane. Not even like in an edgy way, just I don't really have good impulse control when it comes to random shit, so people think I'm a weirdo. I am a major science enthusiast.
And I don't wander far from that place for a majority of my time, even though I'm an extensive global trekker.
I know I’m loud and obnoxious. I cannot contain my twerking when Cardi B comes on, I wear pajamas out in public and yeah I know my shorts are too small and my ass is out. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m fully aware of my ratchet tendencies.
Caring, oblivious, vindictive, creative, trustworthy, indignant, self-pitying, verbose, introspective, affectionate.
Empathetic, self-motivated, nonjudgmental, endlessly curious about the human condition, introspective.
Empathetic, dog-lover, insecure, easy-going, wine-lover, intelligent, sensitive but strong, hard working, perfectionist.
Driven, confident, outgoing, curious, adventurous, fun, gregarious, hot-tempered, flexible, tenacious.
I'd say: insecure, overthinking, chaotic mind trying to relax and find a way to live without being troubled by feeling guilty for being a burden on everyone/ in the way.
Calm and funny are the two I've heard the most from people. And people say that I'm very kind, I guess I am but it's just how I am and like to be. I can't stan people that are mean and enjoy seeing others in pain.
If you know me, then deep, dreamy, kind, sweet and savage sometimes. Hard to please sometimes too.
I describe myself as a guy who cares deeply for my closer friends, likes to talk and daydream and I consider myself as funny.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/167569388784

dasalvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀(⠀⠀damon⠀&&⠀sarah ⠀⠀/⠀⠀ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ₂⠀⠀)
⠀⠀knowing that someone as Damon understood her, really filled the blonde with a huge feeling of comfort. There was something of him that simply captivated her : his deep blue eyes, his gentle manners or maybe the whole mysterious atmosphere that he carried around him. Truth is, the raven-haired was incredibly good-looking, and Sarah (obviously) noticed. HOWEVER, ━━ his words were what really made her enjoy his company.
⠀⠀an honest bright smile curved her rosy lips at the moment his soft lips kissed her hand⠀⠀❝you're such a gentleman, Damon❞⠀⠀this time, her voice sounded happy, unable to hide the joy. The word 'beauty' echoed inside her head as soon as he pronounced it. Was Damon talking about her? Well, hopefully he was ━━ certainly, that's what the Cameron girl expected. A sudden blush lit the blonde's cheeks as her smirk grew even bigger.⠀⠀❝yeah... the night brings more wonders than I thought❞⠀⠀indirectly, Sarah returned the compliment, her dark eyes completely focused on Damon's glance.
⠀⠀❝answering to your question...❞⠀⠀kook princess paused for a second, trying to choose the best words to explain herself⠀⠀❝I felt trapped in my own home and I needed to clear my mind. I guess I'm the kind of weirdo who feels safe and calmed in the dark, which absolutely makes no sense because it's quite dangerous. Especially here❞⠀⠀Sarah's sad grimace came back for a second, but vanished by the time her short monologue finished, a giggle leaving her mouth.⠀⠀❝also, this is a good place to cry. Not gonna lie to you❞⠀⠀this time, it was a laugh what followed her sentence.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmdasalvatorebrothersanswers167569388784

Sorry but how do *some* people “figure out” they’re bi/gay in their adulthood? I’ve been a homosexual ever since I’ve known myself, even as a kindergartener my stomach butterflies were flying towards the same sex direction👬I was born this way. Imagine being confused about who u are🥴 cant relateee🙌🏻

some people don’t grow up knowing liking the same sex is even a thing or normal. take this stank energy elsewhere, weirdo.

Okay sooo what is this app anyways? 🤷🏾‍♀️

LMFAOOO “i’m not gonna lie i added you bc you’re beautiful and i wanted to shoot my shot “
* leaves on read* 🤣.
you fucking weirdo men . i’m in a whole ass marriage
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Pensez vous que vous allez mourir vieux ?

28. I’m 19 now. Ever since I was 11 I had a suspicion I’d be in a long term relationship, end it, and then get murdered by my boyfriend. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to let young one watch law and order. But honestly, I think this will happen. If not I’ll die of cancer before 33. I know I’m not going to be a grandparent-even though I want to. When I was a child I feared death, too. Then I went to college and the fear ebbed away. I got caught up in friends, hobbies, and life milestones, and those kept the existential dread at bay for decades. Now I'm 50 and death is gnawing at me again, but it's not so much from age as from disability. Even so it doesn't horrify me as much as it did from ages 15-18. Those were the worst! As for death, I started really thinking about it after my daughter was born when I was 40, and then I started worrying a bit more about it when I came down with an illness that turned into pneumonia, which began a three-and-a-half month-long battle with a variety of illnesses. For nearly four months straight, I was coughing constantly, and I thought I had lung cancer. Turned out it was bronchitis and all my health issues were caused by a black mold problem in the house we lived in at the time. I'm breathing much easier now, but I still think about death and wonder if I'll be alive by the time my daughter is grown and independent. I guess it's more acute with me because she was born at a time in my life when my classmates were becoming grandparents.
I fear death much less. Mostly because I had some pretty great adventures when I was younger. I have slept with beautiful women, gone to untold great music shows, done my fair share of drugs and alcohol, climbed a huge mountain, traveled throughout the US, Europe, and Japan, published underground weirdo stuff, moved across the country a few times, and had /have a bunch of really great friends. No kids, but that was my choice.
I've obsessed on death and existential matters for as long as I can recall. I've had a couple of close calls. Almost drowned and almost choked to death. The almost drowning (happened twice) was a panicky feeling of being trapped. The choking was different - same thing if you think about it - the lack of oxygen, but I actually had a full obstruction and no air getting in. Straight up lizard brain panick for the first realisation followed by this strange distant detachment as my body convulsed in violent coughs and vomiting. My brain was functioning with an internal conversation of how ridiculous it would be to die like this and all the while I felt none of the physical sensations until after. It wasn't terrible. It has made me less afraid of how I'm going out as I have a confidence that it's going to be okay.

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What is currently on your left? Wat zie je momenteel links van jou?

belsammael’s Profile PhotoMark
This little weirdo. 🤣
Follow me on:
Twitch: norakitties
Instagram: norakitties / theragingkitties
Facebook: Nora May - NoraKitties / The Raging Kitties
Snapchat: kellykitties
Swarm: KellyKitties
Geocaching: NoraKitties
What is currently on your left

Wat zie je momenteel links van jou

Népszerű téma, de talán itt még nem találkoztam vele: Mik azok a dolgok, amiket szerinted normalizálni kellene?

alkalmikerdesek’s Profile PhotoAlkalmi kérdések
Ennek a kapcsán alapvetően két dolog merül fel: Valóban normalizálni kellene mindent, vagy az is megteszi, ha csak annyit mondunk magukban (vagy hangosan), hogy "Valóban kicsit weirdo vagy, de amíg ezzel nem ártasz másoknak, teljesen oké", vagy egyszerűen felfogjuk azt, amit Tita is mondott, hogy egy másik öntudattal rendelkező lény nyilvánvalóan teljesen másképp gondolkozik, és az egyes dolgok kiemelése helyett inkább ezt a tényt kellene végre elfogadni.
Mindenesetre összeírok néhány olyan dolgot, ami számomra is olyan téma, ami a normálisnál is normálisabb, és nagyon nem kellene rajta többet rugózni.
🌚 Ha egy fiatalnak elsőkörben a tanulmányai fontosak, és a munka világával / önálló egzisztenciaépítéssel csak ezek befejezése után szeretne foglalkozni.
🌚 Harminc felett házadosni / családot alapítani / megtalálni az igazit és egyebek, amit az emberek valamiért szeretnek a húszas évek elejéhez kötni.
🌚 Azt, hogy nem mindenki szeretne gyereket.
🌚 Introvertált emberek létezése. Ők nem brokenek, nincsenek elromolva, nem beképzeltség és / vagy lelki problémák okozzák a visszahúzódásukat, hanem a szociális interakciók helyett inkább az önálló elfoglaltságok töltik fel őket, ilyenfajta feltöltődésre pedig mindenkinek szüksége van. Ameddig nem szociális szorongással vagy mizantrópiával függ ez össze, nincs vele semmi baj.
🌚 Radikalizmus. Ezzel kapcsolatban az utóbbi időben nekem is megváltozott a véleményem. Nyilvánvalóan nem azt kellene normalizálni, hogy az idióták szétverjék a várost (rosszabb esetben meg a saját honfitársaikat), hanem maga a radikalizmus démonizálása nem igazán jogos szerintem. Mondanám, hogy kifejtem, de inkább csak "rávezető irodalmat" tudnék ajánlani :D
🌚 Minimalista életvitel. Nem mindenkinek vannak világmegváltó életcéljai, nem mindenki szeretne jólkereső presztízsszakmát, és nem mindenki szeretne kacsalábon forgó palotában lakni. Nem kell folyamatosan "De miből fogsz így megélni?" megjegyzéseket tenni annak, aki szerinted nem fog tudni megélni abból, amivel foglalkozik / foglalkozni fog. Ha ez lett volna fontos neki, akkor magától is van annyi esze, hogy másképp döntsön.
🌚 Félénk, visszahúzódó férfiak
🌚 Bátrabb, kezdeményező nők.
🌚 Humán vagy művészeti beállítottságú férfiak
🌚 Reál beállítottságú, magasra törekvő nők
🌚 Igényes, külsejükre sokat adó férfiak
🌚 Egyszerűbb öltözködésű, "natural beauty" nők
Az előző hat nem azt jelenti, hogy a "megszokottat" fel kellene cserélni a "szokatlannal", hanem hogy a fiktív f@szom kivan már ezektől a nemi sztereotípiáktól. Rohadtul károsak mindenkinek.
🌚 Nem eurocentric beauty
🌚 Nem ideálisnak bélyegzett alkat (nem tudom máshogy megnevezni, mert thin-shaming ugyanúgy létezik) Egyáltalán miért vesszük biztosra, hogy mindenki ilyen alkatot szeretne, és hatalmas bánata, ha nem ilyen?
🌚 Mások öltözködése, sminkelése, és testmódosítása (Úgy értem, hadd hordjon már mindenki azt, amiben jól érzi magát)
🌚 Pszichológustól / pszichiátertől való segítségkérés

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Random 67. kérdés! Szerinted téged a munkahelyeden/iskolában kibeszélnek a hátad mögött? Ha igen, akkor szerinted mit beszélhetnek rólad a tudtod nélkül?

Nem vagyok én olyan meghatározó karakter, akiről izgi pletyizni.
Max azt jegyzik meg egy idő után, hogy mekkora weirdo vagyok, de azt általában face to face is meg szokták :D

Am i the only weirdo? Every night i akan jadi tak sabar nak tggu esok just for food.. sbb i tak makan time midnight and tell my perut sabar utk lunch esok kayy..idk.. everytime i teringat makanan je i jadi happy..

Tak... Adik saya pun macam tu. Selalu dgr dia cakap pasal makanan even baru lepas makan. Perempuan dan makanan, berpisah tiada..
Memandai je buat simpulan bahasa centu 😂.
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Ton genre de d’hommes ou de femme ?

Someone goofy and laid-back, but reliable when push comes to shove and passionate when it comes to his goals or values. Someone who's emotionally intelligent and open to conversations and mistakes. Also being a bit of a weirdo is strangely attractive to me. And this is a big one. I will fall for a guy really fast if he not only indulges, but enjoys and tries to bring out the sillier aspects of my personality that I'm afraid to let into the public. If a guy manages to see through my public niceties and likes the person that I am when I'm just myself, I instantly feel more comfortable. I want a relationship that's full of fun and laughter, but I also want to know that I can count on my guy to get through the harder times in life with me.
Physically, I'm into Asian, Latino, Black, Middle Eastern, and mixed-race men. I like tan-to-dark skin; brown, hazel, or green eyes; and black hair. I don't care about height or build, as I've dated all across the spectrum regarding both. His voice needs to be attractive to me, and accents are a plus. I just can't date a guy if I don't like his voice.
Consistently, guys who wear their emotions and passions on their sleeve in social settings. As someone who is pretty shy and reserved, any guy who makes their personality known in a room always draws my attention. Not every man is like this, and for some reason this type of person is is really appealing to me. The types of personality can differ slightly, such as a guy who's a little arrogant but not completely dislikeable vs. a self-deprecating guy, but in general, tall-ish, outgoing, nerdy guys with a goofy side have been my types.
I’m almost always attracted to guys that are 5’11 above, slender build, deep set eyes/heavier brow bones, & interestingly shaped noses. Personality wise they are all very good with kids, smart, philosophical & entertain my dumb theories about life, adventurous, and have a similar sense of humor.
Personality-wise, I like sweet, romantic men who aren't players. I prefer for guys to be kinda inexperienced and nerdy. I love nerdy-but-sensitive, caring, hardworking, shy guys. Having a silly, good-natured sense of humor is vital! I've always dated guys involved with STEM, but my ideal would be a guy in Healthcare, like a nurse or doctor. Of course, I'm very happy with my boyfriend, who is a medical device engineer!
I believe I’m attracted to femininity. The average attractive male (tall, muscular, short hair, big jaw) doesn’t really do much for me. I’m attracted to women no matter what they necessarily look like, and men that I find myself most attracted to have a small frame, long hair, although I do like beards. And I have a lot of attractions based on past partners, metalheads, denim vests, tight jeans, hippies, punks, people who listen to nothing but Grateful Dead.. etc.

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What is your strongest personal quality?

When someone is fucking with one of my friends or a member of my family, I lose all sense of proportion and patience. I go AWOL. They need motherfucking SWAT to take me down. In some ways, it's good: my friends know I always have their backs and nothing is going to happen to them while I'm around. In other ways, it's bad: sometimes I need to let other people deal with their own problems. Kindness. Even if you're an asshole to me, I'll still help you if you need it and be nice to you. I'm always willing to make someones day better and make them happy. Even if it means more work and less happiness for me. IMO, other people's happiness>my happiness.
I give most everyone the benefit of the doubt. I believe people right off the bat rather than assume it's someone trying to take advantage of me. Unfortunately, I'm also pretty sensitive, so when I'm inevitably taken advantage of it leaves a mark. It's hard to empathize with people who are deliberately malicious.
I’m a weirdo and a bit of a nerd. I like being alone. I learned to read at 3 years old and was ahead of my peers. As a child I was considered “gifted” intellectually but socially stunted. I didn’t relate well to other kids. My mom’s friend once asked if I was autistic. I’m not a genius or anything but I consider myself intelligent. I’m opinionated, stubborn and a natural leader and very independent. I have a hot temper and can be impatient. In my professional life I’m very anal, meaning orderly, organized and perfectionist, but in my personal life I am messy and scatterbrained. I think my personality is off-putting to certain other personality types. What can I say? I’m me and don’t plan on changing who I am to please anyone. I've been told before (so many times that I've come to see it myself) that I have an inhuman amount of patience with everything(except myself). I've also been told that i'm incredibly kind and compassionate towards everyone. I'll go out of my way to make things better for other people but its to a fault that i do so. I have the tendency to put everyone before myself but i have gotten better about that over the last year.
I’m sarcastic AF, have severe resting bitch face, I overthink EVERYTHING, and I’m entirely too expressive with my face, meaning every single emotion or thought I have is usually written all over it. It gets me into trouble sometimes! The older I become, the more of a feminist I become, and ranting upon my soapbox(as my husband puts it) is one of my fav things to do! I prefer chilling at home with my hubs and kitties than going out to party, I’m essentially a sassy grandma trapped in a late 20yr olds body! I’m very calm. Especially in high stress scenarios. Also, irrationally protective of my sibling. Like, I know they are a fully grown and highly capable adult... but this is the one member of my family I really wholesale adore. I just want to bubble wrap them and give them everything they’d ever need and keep them safe, you know?

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Are you like mad at me or something? I don't understand I think I've been nice 😂 lol

Nah you just make this not fun anymore. I usually only go on here when im bored but you keep blowing up my phone. Plus you talk in circles about nothing defeating the purpose of my entertainment. Then theres the fact that you're stalking me and you think its fun that I respond and I'm legit only here for some fun. That alone is creepy in itself. I can go on.
If i wanted to be annoyed by some weirdo, all i have to do is text my baby daddy "hey" and he can be all the psycho I need.

I would love to hangout with your aunt if shes and her husband are Trump supporters, we'd make fun of you because i would influence it

1. My aunt isn't married.
2. My aunt doesn't make fun of me. She'd beat your ass for saying shxt about me lmao. She may not be happy with me atm but i'm still her niece😂
3. Why are you fantasizing about spending time with my old asf aunt weirdo
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that's not the one I read it's probably not the same one. Other men read either you know where you can stick that weirdo

yeah no, stop trying. you're making yourself look even more creepy. creepy and stupid.
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Ghosted or Threw away... theres only one weirdo I know of that think friends with there ex is good thing... and the reason it's a bad thing is it you're not letting go using friendship as an excuse to pretty much have a booty call or safety net even if you don't see it... it still takes two....

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LMAO. My ex lives 3000 miles away. That’s not a booty call and definitely not a backup plan 😂 You literally explained in your own critique how I can be friends with my ex. It takes TWO. If one or both of us isn’t into the idea of being in a relationship with the other anymore, there goes the relationship. And if we both agree to remain friends, that’s a friendship taking TWO people successfully working toward the same goal. Just because some people aren’t capable of realizing that one form of a relationship wasn’t the right kind for them doesn’t mean it’s just a booty call or a backup plan after they break up. Some people just weren’t meant to be a couple and that’s totally fine. I don’t consider my opposite sex friends as booty calls or backup plans so what makes an ex any different? Are you the same type of person who believes people can’t be FWB because you fall for anyone who gives you the smallest bit of attention? Chemistry doesn’t have to be romantic and what works for me doesn’t have to work for you, so mind your own business.

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What song defines your childhood?

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name a more wholesome memory of school life than your friends calling you to tell you about all the assignments and homework when you were on a sick leave from school. and love it how this conversation was jazzed up with light-hearted gossips about the whole teacher staff, that famous nerdy kid of the class and the one scatterbrained weirdo who would always bunk lectures and fail trigonometry. i can feel this distant memory where i am laughing awfully on the phone and feeling like my fever has disappeared magically. legit gold times!!

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