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vas a ir a monegros ?

De festivales este verano voy a ir a nexus
Reggeaton Beach festival
Negrita y si puedo un día voy al dreambeach no sabemos si el jueves que es cuando empieza o el sábado que tocan chase y status pero un día sí que vamos

Do you only have Onlyfans ? If, not, would you have done it ?

No, I don't just have onlyfans and I wouldn't have just onlyfans. It does not align with my values and ideals to make money at the expense of men who see women as objects and pieces of meat.
I can upload photos, feeling "sexy", showing the same as on the beach, no more, and I upload them because I want to. But there is a big difference between my photos and what you need to do there to really make money. With photos like mine I would kick my ass on onlyfans and I also don't want anyone paying to see me as a piece of meat or an object that is bought or sold as if it were was a supermarket.

Life would be much easier if I was skinny. I could go to the beach and the pool and not feel insecure wearing a swimsuit. Until my waist is 24inches I have no business showing my body.

Not necessarily, people have lost weight and still viewed themselves lowly. No one owes anyone a certain body type not everyone is skinny and as someone who is skinny its not all that

Ты уже послушал(-а) новый альбом Тейлор Свифт "The Tortured Poets Department"? Какие песни тебе больше всего понравились, а какие нет? Есть ли у тебя любимые песни Тейлор из других альбомов или целые альбомы?

🍃 Любимые песни TTPD
1) My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toy
2) But Daddy I Love Him
3) I Can Do It With a Broken Heart
4) imgonnagetyouback
5) How Did It End?
6) thanK you alMee
🍃 Любимые альбомы
1) Red
2) 1989
3) Midnights
🍃 Любимые песни из других альбомов
1) Shake It Off (1989)
2) I Knew You Were Trouble (Red)
3) Snow on the Beach (Midnights) feat Лана Дель Рей
4) You Need To Calm Down (Lover)
5) End Game (Reputation) feat Эд Ширан и Future
6) Gorgeous (Reputation)

Why do guys act interested in getting to know me and then suddenly stop responding back and make me question what I’ve done to deserve being ghosted? They ask questions, I answer them yet when I ask them similar questions and act interested, they leave.

I’m not sure, hun. Maybe they’re not looking for a relationship? Maybe you shouldn’t look at every conversation with a guy as a potential love interest. Start looking at them as potential friendships, but don’t allow them to actually be your friend until it’s understood that the desire is mutual. You can’t force conversations, friendships, or relationships. Think of them as waves on the beach. The tides come in and they go back out. You can’t stop the ebb and flow.
Why do guys act interested in getting to know me and then suddenly stop

Say you got to go on an all expenses paid dream vacation, where you could do do/see/experience anything you wanted… Describe it! Where would you go? What kinds of oppurtunities would you take advantage of, that maybe you wouldn’t if you had to pay for it? 🤩✈️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Actually can‘t say 😀 it was nice enough to be on a beach since years 🏖️ Italy is still a great country to visit.
Say you got to go on an all expenses paid dream vacation where you could do

You don't care about syds body yet you called her a beached whale? Imagine body shaming at your age in 2024 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Do you even understand what a beached whale means? You should Google it.
Beached whale is when a whale gets stuck on the beach and can't get themselves back to the water.
I called her a beached whale cus no matter how much she yaps about changing and being a better person and bla bla and helping, she's ALWAYS going to be stuck on this app. Because she will never be able to get herself off it permanently because she'll always need the drama and attention she gets on here from kasey.
She's always gonna be STUCK with her shitty personality.

What’s the best part of living in Tasmania? I’ve always wanted to go!

user83163930’s Profile PhotoCrybaby37
It’s so close to nature, you can be in the bush or on a beach within 30 minutes from almost any home in the cities
You get genuine seasons, the folk are mostly friendly and you can afford to live here easily 😊

Oo thanks for the heads up! I said: by covering up you keep your body to yourself and no one else. I don’t think that’s strange. It doesn’t have to be so that only the eyes are visible, it can be a loose fit that covers up most of the body too.

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
I understand all this, but being at the seaside, when everyone, including women, are bathing in swimsuits, and you see a woman in a black suit dressed as if she wanted not only to bathe but also to wash her clothes, it seems a bit strange to me. Don't you think that burkas should not be worn on the beach?

What are some of your favorite activities to do with friends? 🎳🎡🎮

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
We're all foodies so having food trip/cooking sessions with them is definitely a favorite of mine. I also love hanging out at the beach, a little hiking or going for a run. Most of them are extroverts and like to party so it's up there as well, however I only enjoy it when they're around😅

If there’s one place you could visit in the Philippines for free, where would it be and why?

Any place in the Philippines. More precisely, any beach. Cuz what I know is that the Philippines has many beautiful beaches, just like my country. And I luv beach.

Sometimes it's not hope but the lack of money that kills you

Legit.I NEED MONEY! That's all you need to be happy. I'd prefer shedding a tear or two in my Porsche or sipping cocktails on a beach in the Maldives, compared to being poor and sad.😂😂

*She flips him off glaring at him angrily* "The fuck are you doing driving around at night with no headlghts on you ass" *He recognizes the crimson markings on her, this is the same woman from the beach*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀【🦈】 ⠀Yamai blinked a couple of times giving a patient up and down glance at this lady, still having memory of the kind side of her offering help. Now he was here getting lectured... the coincidences of life would never cease to be so unique.
⠀❝Huh, so these are your true colors... being a drama queen?❞⠀if anyone was to calm such an attitude, he was definitely not the one for the task. That passivity that leaned toward arrogance in his voice wasn't helpful either.
⠀❝Should be thankful you're still alive. I was also wondering what someone's doing wandering down a narrow, dark alley.❞

From capital city to capotal city ¡Jjajjaja! Usually, I live in Madrid, but as soon as I can, I go to the beach. I know your country. I have been to Lisboa, Figueira da Foz, Oporto, Nazaré, Estoril... and the north to Braganza.

HannibalLecterGolberg’s Profile PhotoHannibalLecterGolberg
nice! i’m thinking of going to madrid or barcelona this year. i’ve also already been to granada and sevilla! i really like your country.
what was your favorite city here in portugal?

Byłeś/aś na plaży nudystów? 🍀

agnieszkazegar’s Profile PhotoPani DuCHowata...
You were at a nudist beach?
I was a few meters from a nudist beach in Poland in the town of Rowy. I saw people sunbathing there, but I wasn't on the nudist beach itself and I didn't take part in naked sunbathing.
Na samej plaży nudystów nie byłam, byłam w pobliżu takiej plaży w Polsce w miejscowości Rowy

Jakich owoców morza chciałabyś/chciałbyś spróbować? 🦞🍤

What seafood would you like to try?
I don't have high expectations for seafood. For me, fresh fried fish bought on the beach by the sea is enough
Nie mam wygórowanych wymagań co do owoców morza. Dla mnie świeże ryby prosto ze smażalni, kupione na plaży nad morzem w zupełności wystarczą

Wstydzisz się chodzić w stroju kompielowym (bikini) po plaży? Jak tak to dlaczego? 🍀

agnieszkazegar’s Profile PhotoPani DuCHowata...
Are you ashamed to wear a swimsuit (bikini) on the beach? If so, why?
But I go to the beach in a bikini
Na plaży i na basenie kąpielowym chodzę w bikini
Wstydzisz się chodzić w stroju kompielowym bikini po plaży Jak tak to dlaczego

Трек и сохру по настроению

Сейчас настолько хорошее настроение, что любимый трек не существует, но в принципе могу выделить один, чисто классик ретро - "Good Vibrations" - The Beach Boys
Трек и сохру по настроению
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What do you like most about the current place you live in? What do you like the least? 🏠🏢

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I love how it is SO peaceful here, and surrounded by nature. I love the coziness of the place itself, and how it’s quite close to many necessities, but also, close to a literal beach! Which is wonderful, cause I love being near water. In general, I love the homey feeling of this place. AND a major bonus for me personally, is the absolutely gorgeous sunsets, that I can see right outside my windows/front door. 😌
The biggest thing I don’t like at the moment is internet/connection issues. I’m hoping to get it situated very soon, but it has been a bit annoying. Also, there is some storage issues, but it’s not been too bad. Overall though, I’m very happy! Can’t complaint too much at all. ☺️
What do you like most about the current place you live in What do you like the

What does it mean when you dream about being in a place near the ocean with palm trees and sand, but it's completely deserted, with abandoned beach cafes and no one around?

I only know the meaning of the ocean water which it symbolizes good news, but with more obligations and responsibilities.
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What does it mean when you dream about being in a place near the ocean with palm trees and sand, but it's completely deserted, with abandoned beach cafes and no one around?

This is totally just my interpretation of the dream so don’t take my response too seriously but to me, that might reflect the feeling of loneliness within you and you should probably surround yourself with people/make more friends. Or, maybe it means that you’re at peace with yourself and are feeling calm in your day to day life.

I ask my boyfriend what he wants to do on Valentine’s Day and he said this “God I forgot about valentine's day not going to lie I am not a big fan of it massive scam and rip off tbh”

I don’t know what to tell you, lovely - a lot of people feel that way. But if it’s important to you then why not organise a date that’s not overly Valentines-y (so maybe go for a walk, visit a beach, go for lunch, get a movie and cook dinner together) so that you both get something special but without it being too Hallmark?

AU-Zeit: In welchem Panem-Distrikt wäre dein demigod am ehesten zuhause? Und auf welche Weise würde er in der Arena ums Leben kommen? 🙈

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Da ich schon sagen würde, dass sein Beruf Beach wäre, wäre er wie Finnick aus Distrikt 4 und wäre wahrscheinlich auch Fischer.
Ich glaube Ray würde eher sau dämlich sterben (versteckt sich auf nem Baum, Ast kracht ab, weil die Spielmacher natürlich geheime morsche Äste versteckt haben und er bricht sich das Genick) oder er stribt den tragischen Kriegertod und wird von nem Schwert oder so aufgespießt beim Kämpfen. Natürlich von hinten, jaja, von vorne wäre ihm das nie passiert!!

https://ask.fm/GeorginaKeemcook/answers/173929337350 - Such a pretty town 👀 "Morning", "Afternoon", "Two ladies on a bicyclette, that is all", "Not men", "No, definitely not men" 😌

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ᏖᏋᏁᏗፈᎥᎧᏬᏕ ᏖᎧᎷᎷᏗᎩ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
“you can vouch for me can’t you?” “you child, you know I’m a lady don’t you?” “No” “you, man on the beach, you know I’m a lady don’t you?” “Nah you’re a bloke” 😂😂
httpsaskfmGeorginaKeemcookanswers173929337350  Such a pretty town  Morning

When was the last time you felt like your true self

Whenever I’m alone, really. The last time I felt truly at peace and invigorated was when I was by the sea, last October. I was walking along the beach grabbing a coffee, just being present and taking it all in, and I honestly felt so happy and inspired creatively. I miss that feeling, I haven’t had it since. It’s so depressing being in a job that feels so removed from where I want to be. It can make my dreams feel so unattainable. I’m sure it’ll work out in the end, but it’s an unhappy limbo for the meanwhile :)

А вы хорошо себя вели в этом году?

anondsh’s Profile PhotoDP
Ты глянь на мои фото как у такого поведение хорошее будет? Вчера, вон вообще дверцу холодильника не плотно закрыл... Бокал из под чая просто губкой протёр без жижы для посуды) Какое хорошее поведенья? Я этот... типо как его ... bad angy beach man типо того😅

What's something your parents lied to you about as a child to scare you off? When we went to the beach my mom would tell me not to get into the water w/o her bc there are 'monsters' in the ocean. She probably needed a break from supervising me and interrupting her tanning sesh. I totally get her now

Our mom once told us when we were driving back from somewhere that when the moon was full we had to watch it until we got home because if we stopped watching it she would turn into a werewolf 😂 we weren't scared or anything but it turned into a silly car game of always trying to find the moon, which stopped us from squabbling and driving everyone mad

What's something your parents lied to you about as a child to scare you off? When we went to the beach my mom would tell me not to get into the water w/o her bc there are 'monsters' in the ocean. She probably needed a break from supervising me and interrupting her tanning sesh. I totally get her now

the only thing i can think of right this minute is to not pull goofy faces or the wind will change and it'll be stuck like that, lmao. it's such a minor thing for a child to do to put that much fear into them.

Do you enjoy hiking? If yes, where is the coolest place you’ve ever been hiking?🧗‍♂️

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
I love being in nature! I think I did some memorable hiking through the Seven Wells Waterfall (up to the second or third level) with family when we were in Langkawi, Malaysia, for vacation (year 2008). It was exhausting but the scenery was breathtaking. .
Below is a little bit of information on it:
Well, it's harder to hike on such trails due to my loss of sight but hey, I still do park and beach hopping with friends hehe. In fact, my friend myself walked an entire 5 km round a reservoir park last Saturday. It was part of our exercise while spending quality time.

What would your perfect day be like?

Haaneen_00’s Profile PhotoHaneen
Walk on the beach at sunset. Breafast at delfrio. Shopping.. lunch at nandos... Movie a long walk... Dinner at charcoal and finally holding hands on the way back home..... Ab uth jaon? Because it can just happen in a dream.
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pamiętasz swoje sny czy łatwo o nich zapominasz? pamiętasz swój ostatni sen?

Dziś śniło mi się, że byłam w Miami Beach XDDD I że pływałam sobie w oceanie, było miło i fajnie XDDD Właśnie dlatego lubię swoje sny 😂
A jeśli chodzi o pamiętanie snów, to zależy. Większość pamiętam, niektóre zapominam. Bywa, że ja się przebudzę i ponownie zasypiam, to potrafię kontynuować poprzedni sen.

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