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50 years from now, do you think the world is going to be better or worse? Why?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
I am not a visionary. My children are brought up well, they are decent and nice people and so are their friends that I know, so I assume they will manage their lives in good way too and bring up their children just as well as they were brought ..... I dont think that the world will be worst.

Love, a feeling or a choice? I believe it is a choice that we feed to our brain. Your thoughts?

l217062’s Profile PhotoScrambled thoughts
It’s a woke choice.
Feelings change. I don’t feel like wearing the same set of (favourite) colours always, I don’t want to have the same (favourite) food always. I don’t even pet my cat the same amount always. You don’t feel the same annoyance or miss your siblings the same (every day) either. You don’t talk to your best of friends for a specified duration/time everyday. Heck you don’t even get along well with your parents the same whole 365 days a year. Ever feeling has it’s highs and lows but commitment keeps you going. People who are solely feelings driven, will obviously care about their own feelings, not of the others 🤡 and what is such a person called? Selfish.
And you’re not selfish with the people you love/care about.

What are your thoughts on sarcasm? Does it make you more friends or enemies?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
I think I am not too sarcastic person and I dont like when someone is too sarcastic to me. It can be light and good sarcasm for laughing but it can be offensive and hurting sarcasm and make you cry. It depends on the actual psychical feeling of person towards whom people are sarcastic. There is very tiny border. 🤷‍♀️ From yesterday I have 2 stories for this 😁:
In the office we were celebrating BD of our colleague and farewell of the second one because she found other job.Our Czech colleagues gifted them both handbags. It is not custom in our office, we usually buy flowers and chocolate. So I told to the first one 'Omg Alena, do you celebrate 50?' 😉 And on the address of the second one I told -'Seems I should find new job to get handbag here!' 😜 All people around including 2 celebr. colleagues were laughing. Do you think it was too sarcastic from me? 🤔

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What’s your biggest insecurity?

bint_d’s Profile PhotoHauntedHouse
Does it ever happen to you that you do something nice or are kind to someone and then you start doubting your kindness? That you are not being kind because you are actually a kind person, but because you wanna create a facade? And it's not like you are showing off your kindness to people, but then you feel like maybe I wanna be a show off to myself, feel better about myself, that's why I am doing nice things, but in truth, I am not a nice person and I am pretending so that I think I am good? It's complicated.
But I feel like I am secretly evil. And it's a secret even from myself, that's why I pretend to be good. 💀 It makes me insecure.

What are your thoughts on sarcasm? Does it make you more friends or enemies?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
I think that if a person overdoes it, they could lose friends since them being sarcastic all the time would mean that they aren’t taking their friends or life seriously enough. If it’s someone’s sense of humor and people around them know that they don’t mean anything bad by their sarcasm, then it could potentially help them befriend more people that way. It all depends on the impression you give off and whether or not you can balance sarcasm with your other personality traits.

What are your thoughts on sarcasm? Does it make you more friends or enemies?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
Sarcasm is a tricky tool.
When used well, it can be funny and bond people who share a similar sense of humor.
However, it can easily backfire and make you seem mean or unapproachable, potentially creating enemies.
It really depends on the context and the people you're with.
What are your thoughts on sarcasm Does it make you more friends or enemies

What are your thoughts on sarcasm? Does it make you more friends or enemies?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
Guess it's depending how you take sarcasm answer would you brush it of or argue back with that person myself abit of sarcasm now and again is ok isn't hurting anyone you would have to be not easily offended but some are nowadays if you lose people or make enemies guess that how it goes

Why do people struggle with love?

saltoftheearth86030’s Profile PhotoCupid
Desperately wanting something will definitely lead to struggle. One reads romantic novels, watches romantic movies, sees couples on instagram, ends up craving smth that doesn't even exist. I am not saying love doesn't exist, but picture perfect love that is glorified nowadays doesn't exist.
We forget realities of life when we look for love. Even a pinch of truth and struggle shatters our idea of love and then we start thinking that it doesn't exist. Love isn't filled with excitement, romance, and happiness all the damn time. One has to go through the highs and lows of love in order to attain the love of a lifetime. We give up at the sight of struggle because we just want the romance that exists in movies/novels and fake life of instagram couple influencers.

فى الساعة الواحدة بعد منتصف الليل. لماذا لم تنام إلى الآن؟ مساحة لعقلك وقلبك افرغ ما يثقلك.

fo2ad_tarek’s Profile Photoفؤاد طارق
Which bridge to cross and which to burn...Why are people cruel? For example, such thoughts occupy my thoughts,,,,,, but Alhamdulillah there is a cure for this... complete trust in Lord

What little thing instantly tells you that a person is good?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
🌞Human kindness and unkindness are often relative. The same thrifty people do not mean that they are greedy. Being altruistic does not mean that they are good. A good person, like a bad one, can be determined by his deeds.😎✨🐗
What little thing instantly tells you that a person is good
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If you for whatever reason moved away from the country where you currently live, what things would you miss the most? ✈️😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’d miss people more then things, my family, friends, the community, the culture, the friendliness and warmth of the people here is second to none ☘️

If you for whatever reason moved away from the country where you currently live, what things would you miss the most? ✈️😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I hope that it never happens! 😱 I would miss everything! People, culture, nature (especially our forests and lakes), our historical objects (castles, houses, churches) typical villages, listening our beautiful language around, our folk customs, slovak goods in grocery shops, slovak meals in restaurants... I am not able to imagine to live among strangers 😬.

How do you feel about people who only take from you and never give anything back? For example, you end up paying for them, and they keep asking for more, as if they were some sort of charity. Do you know anyone like that?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I don’t really have people that take things from me financially, but mentally.
They ask for a lot of understanding and support, but are incapable to give that in return when you need it.

مــســـــاحــه لــطـــيــفه 💐

ahmedallam4’s Profile Photo✺◟( عَ ــــــــلاّٰمٌ )◞✺
” كن تلك الروح الجميلة التي يتوق إليها الناس ..”🌸
” Be that beautiful soul that people crave ..”🌸🕊️
مــســـــاحــه لــطـــيــفه

Do you believe in taking revenge?

Ramsha_parachaa’s Profile PhotoRimnique
What's a better revenge than becoming the person that you always dreamt to be.
I don't like the term "revenge" though. I like to call it healing. You heal yourself so well that you don't allow anyone to break you.
And I really despise people who know they have left someone when they needed them the most, and come back when the other person is over them, when they don't need their support and guidance, it's like giving shelter after the storm has crushed someone.

Você costuma se enjoar fácil das coisas que faz ou das pessoas que convive?

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoL
""dz9ronin’s Profile Photo
"Do you tend to get bored easily with the things you do or the people you spend time with?" ""
~ I can only conclude that 'boredom' or the state of 'being bored' ;
is an imaginary or self-inflicted condition ~ or a serious mental health disorder .
~ never known it .
What ever it is only the 'sufferer' can change it .
Você costuma se enjoar fácil das coisas que faz ou das pessoas que convive

I've had many moments where I walked pass someone without recognizing them or even stared them in the face asking for directions without even recognizing them. If I realize afterwards, I sometimes wonder if they took it personally yk

ILoveYouJulieXoxo’s Profile PhotoJulie
Same. I usually walk past people without recognizing who they are/were or I look at their face for too long. I also had a different scenario where the dental hygienist asked me what flavor toothpaste I’d like and although I didn’t look them in the face, my facial expression turned into an annoyed one as I replied, “mint.” I still think about that day sometimes and wonder if she realized the attitude I gave her at the time or if it went unnoticed.

Why do we shed tears over or spend a lot of time thinking about someone who isn’t afraid to lose us?

Because in most relationships there is usually one person who cares more than the other . The person who cares less has all the control because they don't value you ! until months later when they send you a anonymous personal question confessing how much they valued you but weren't willing to fight for you because they were too worried what other people think

Hast du die Panem Frage schon zurück bekommen? ☺️ (und was bitte war das für ein Qualy! 😱)

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Da kann ich nur sagen: Holy Moly! (Und es hat schon so seine Gründe, warum Kanada prinzipiell meine Lieblingsstrecke auf dem aktuellen (!) Kalender ist.) Jetzt hab' ich vor'm Frage stellen ja natürlich gar nicht selbst drüber nachgedacht...naja. (und jetzt hab ich wieder lust auf eine panem mmff...hm.)
🐞WIT: August käme wohl aus Distrikt 7, und würde ausgestattet mit bereits recht dicken Holzfällerarmen mit 18 für die Spiele gezogen werden - ein wenig Pech für ihn, aber immerhin hat er alterstechnisch einen Vorteil. Er würde die Spiele vorsichtig angehen, sich vor Beginn beim Publikum beliebt machen und in der Arena nicht mit Absicht nach anderen Tributen suchen, lieber Vorräte sammeln und sich in Sicherheit aufhalten. Die Sponsoren würden ihn mögen, und wenn er doch mal eine Wunde von einem Kampf abbekommt (den er natürlich gewinnt, hallo!), wird sicher bald ein kleiner Fallschirm mit Heilsalbe in seiner Nähe landen. August würde die Spiele auch gewinnen - muss er, alleine schon für die Parallelen. (Wofür hat er denn seine drei Titel?)
🐊SEN: Akila käme aus Distrikt 2, und seine Eltern wären wohl Kapitol-Supporter - soll heißen, der Familie ging es nie schlecht, und Akila wurde von jungen Tagen an in die Trainingshallen gescheucht, um die Familie endgültig stolz zu machen. Vielleicht würde er sogar einfach gezogen werden, und niemand würde sich so richtig trauen ihm durch Volunteering den Platz wegzunehmen - doof für Akila, er hat eher weniger Bock auf ableben. Er würde sich Freunde und Feinde machen, ganz ungewollt, und sich in der Arena definitiv mit anderen Tributen zusammentun, für bessere Chancen. Das würde ihm wohl schlussendlich zum Verhängnis werden - "fremde" Tribute könnte er noch aus dem Weg räumen, aber seine Freunde? Schwierig.
⭐️VDH: Realistisch gesehen müsste Felix eigentlich aus dem Kapitol kommen, ergo auch nicht an den Spielen teilnehmen. Ignorieren wir das mal, und er wäre definitiv in Distrikt 1 aufgewachsen, wahrscheinlich als Sohn eines vorherhigen Siegers (parallels, people). Er würde sich wohl freiwillig melden weil es von ihm erwartet wird und sich mit den anderen Careers zusammenschließen, selbst wenn die wahrscheinlich denken würden, dass er seltsam still ist. Würde er gewinnen? Zumindest würde er es versuchen. Wenn die Careers am Ende übrig bleiben? Eher nicht. Wenn nur er und jemand "Schwächeres" übrig bleibt? Das könnte er hinkriegen, wenn er sich dann durchringen kann wenn's darauf ankommt.
🐈‍⬛️ONO: Ich sehe Ono ja entweder als Stylist im Kapitol, oder ehemaligen Sieger, der entweder im Kapitol vorgeführt wird, oder als Mentor herhalten muss, weil sonst niemand da ist. Er käme aus Distrikt 8, wurde mit 17 für die Spiele gelost, hat sich selbst mit seiner damals schon scharfen Zunge groß hochgeredet (und bei allen Anderen unbeliebt gemacht), und gerade dadurch ein Image erzeugt, das ihm zum Sieg verholfen hat - er MUSS einfach nur reden, oder? Kann ja nichts hinter stecken. Lasst auf ihn zuerst losgehen!

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Do you think it's irresponsible to have a kid if you don't have a place of your own and a stable income?

I think it all depends on the parents of the individual since there are people who unexpectedly get pregnant but some parents help out by letting their daughter live with them and rely on them financially whereas other parents might tell their daughters to take care of themselves, despite knowing she isn’t financially stable and can’t afford a place to stay.

What's that one fashion trend you find really boring? (Could be old or new)

HusnainShahHashmi’s Profile PhotoHUSNAIN
(Ty 4d nice question) Anything modern and trendy. Fashion should be what ye' like and think suits ye' the best no matter how old.
I prefer wearing Chernobyl disaster outfits, err'thing skulls, gas masks, dark-tech, anythin' edgy and funky, flesh and skins of d homeless people, Arabic and Elegant outfits.
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