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is love need to be asked to stay

Hunaid97’s Profile PhotoHunaid Siddique.
Ofc it’s important but it’s not good enough on its own. Just verbally saying ‘I care for you or I love you’ isn’t enough if you can’t live upto those claims.
- You need mutual respect, even if you have difference of opinion.
- You need enough space to have a life of your own, without having to justify, why every minute of it can’t revolve around someone. Be it your partner, your children or your parents/friends.
- You need trust that some third person or some situation can’t shake.
- You need support. Why would you even want someone, if you’re still left alone to deal with all your problems, yourself at the end of the day?
- You need people to be there when it matters!
- You need people to show their love in a way, you can understand. Otherwise it does not matter.

Any Muft Mashwara :)

roshsmile’s Profile PhotoMisba T. Awan
Stay low-key and discreet. About your own life and also about stuff related to others. You might feel like you're missing out on so much that your friends are probably enjoying rn. But trust me, few years from now, you're gonna thank yourself that you didn't get to go to that event, that you didn't get to interact with those people, and that you didn't take a part in their gossips. You'd look back at life and tell yourself shukar hai, itna sakoon hai meri zindagi mein 🤙🏻

Your views on Dua zehra case ?? Frankly speaking she is the most unluckiest daughter in the world who is celebrating his victory over her own parents by putting them into state of misery.

laibaKhan72’s Profile PhotoLaiba Asad
She's a child that could very easily be handled with some cooperation but our state, people and media are apparently better at spoiling than fixing. Everybody made their own set of assumptions about the case and made senseless abduction arguments when things were so obvious, media pages made their money by creating as much drama out of it as they could and we watched, the court gave a decision in favour of a kid over her parents. One girl couldn't have done all of this alone, could she

Which is your favorite city you've been to? What made it so special according to you? 🏙

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
London! The whole vibe is just amazing. People are super friendly and welcoming, the architecture is gorgeous, the food is amazing, there is so much to do and see. I can't wait to go again and show my son around!
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Which is your favorite city youve been to What made it so special according to
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Why we should live? Please don't say for family etc etc... Don't want to listen about family.

for yourself. no matter how many flaws u own, you're the only one that's like you. have you achieved everything for yourself? does the world already know about your existence? have you brought ease to the lives of mass already (provided them food, health)? what about the ones whose destinies are tied w you? you have no idea, how the world weighs on you, how someones absence brings void to the lives of people (even the ones that hate you). acomplish something big before you go, so that you live forever. don't belittle yourself.

Since we stay in same city , we can start relationship today

Ohh god !!! People !!! Get out of this relationship this relationship thing yar
Why everything starts with relationship over here and ends on relationship only
Grow up guys talk about anything else.
These relationships ain't going to work I'm telling you all hona Wohi ha Jo Allah chahta ha okay ?

Just curious.. why do you look up to our relationship the most and not like mom and dads or Rydel and Capron or even Riker and Vanni? Why ours? I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just wondering why?

rossr529’s Profile PhotoRoss Lynch
Debated answering this to just you but thought I’d share with everyone because they deserve to know why too 😂😂😂 but I look up to your relationship rather than any one else’s because you two have been through so damn much together. You two are even better people now because of it and I love that for you both. I look up to your relationship because I know for you, you’ve never ever been so sure of anything or anyone than you’ve been with her and it’s been 10 years. You’ve always been so sure about your relationship with her despite everyone and everything else that has come into the picture. You’ve let her take time for herself to grow and to learn while you did the same too and vice versa. You’ve continued to love and support her and you’ve always shown up for her. You could be having the worst day of your life but the smile you get when you see her is seriously something everyone looks up to.. I don’t even have to explain it because everyone understands. I look up to your relationship because I want someone who loves me like you love her, someone who won’t stop at anything to prove that day after day. I also hope that I’m that person for someone too. I may joke around but one things for sure, I’ll always look up to you and to your relationship. I love you both, and I know you know that… and I know you’re looking for reassurance of that so here we are 😂😂 I’m just kidding, I really do mean everything I’ve said and I’m so damn happy you two are back together because you two are the happiest with each other and EVERYONEEEEE knows it. I mean.. you don’t even have to be together in a relationship to be happiest around each other.. it always just happens and we all love seeing it happen too.

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Because you've already shouldered the vast majority of every responsibility associated with you two having a baby together. Why does it have to keep being you?

Because I want it. Obviously otherwise I wouldn’t of said. People are so quick to say ‘ no is a full sentence’ ‘ do whatever you want with your body’ until it’s a woman saying she wants her tubes tied and a man not getting a vasectomy, I want to get my tubes tied just like I wanted to carry and birth my baby 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s too easy for girls to use ask. They post some ordinary question and gets 100+ reply even if they post ‘hmm’ or ‘how are you’ ..They gonna get tons of answers .. but boys, they always got ignored for even good questions too.. why this racism ? Why this beghariti ?

Only few people give answers to my questions...
Maybe it's your wrong assumption...
Or maybe girls are more white or Asian as compared to brown guys..

What’s the difference between alone and lonely?

Loneliness is a feeling stipulated when some social needs are unmet and leaves the person not contented.
It can be caused by certain circumstances like if a person feels like they don't have anyone with whom they can share their feelings or just talk, bullying, or a significant loss of someone.
Alone is being in solitude. People are contented with themselves. :)
It's a sort of #Metime where a person absolutely enjoy their own company. It gives them peace, recharges their energy, improves creativity.
They are alone by choice like if they want time to pursue their hobby. Preferably, introverts like some alone time. 🤔
Whats the difference between alone and lonely

Whenever I hear someone, especially a white heterosexual republican, whining about the woke culture is destroying the world, what I automatically think is he's whining about the fact that he cannot be sexist, racist, homophobic and bigoted without consequences, his privilege is threatened

"Why Wokeism Will Fail" by Alex
Whenever I hear anonymous writers, especially on social networks, criticizing and condemning the opinions and thoughts of other writers, I ask myself: why are these writers always anonymous? What are they so fearful of that they refuse to identify themselves, as they lurk in the shadows and hide in the dark veil of anonymity?
Then I think that perhaps they hide because their arguments consist of left wing talking points such as: sexism, racism, homophobic-ism, and bigoted-ism and are not grounded in reason, logic, facts or scientific evidence. Instead, these anonymous left wing attacks are in fact a form of hate speech and is an ideology built upon hate designed to silence the opposition and prevent thoughtful and reasoned debate, negotiation and compromise.
If the woke activists are so concerned about our society and culture:
1. Why are woke activists silent when it comes to the black on black violence within cities i.e. Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles and NYC?
2. Why do woke activists oppose Charter Schools that offer a better education for minorities than the failed public schools?
3. Why do woke activists participate in the destruction of cities and looting of retail stores?
4. Why do woke activists attack and kill innocent white people?
5. Why are woke activists silent when they know that entire generations of blacks have been eliminated because Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a self proclaimed racist who wanted to control and reduce the black population in America?
6. Why do the woke activists perpetuate racism, sexism, and homophobic-ism that they claim to oppose and reject by advocating for reverse racism, reverse sexism, reverse bigotry?
7. Why do woke activists remain silent when BLM steals money from their supporters to purchase multi million dollar property located in exclusive white neighborhoods and donate literally zero dollars to help blacks in the cities?
8. Why do woke activists support terrorist groups like Antifa whose sole purpose is to kill innocent white people and destroy property?
Woke activists are composed primarily of young white college educated-indoctrinated white folks from privileged middle class families who grew up in white neighborhoods and somehow think that blacks are incapable of thinking for themselves, which is an insult, and therefore these young entitled middle class white folks must rescue and save the blacks from themselves, right?
The woke activists are going to lose the cultural war because your atheism and Marxist ideology does not work and only results in social chaos, poverty, suffering, crime and hopelessness. There is no equality or equity in such a tyrannical and dysfunctional ideology that completely rejects individual rights and God.

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Whenever I hear someone especially a white heterosexual republican whining about

Ever felt guilty for being sad? I *sometimes* feel this way. On one hand I acknowledge that I'm depressed. It's a mental illness after all, it's not something I asked for, on the other hand, I involuntarily let the "others have it worse" rhetoric take control over my feelings and the guilt kicks in

Dude fxck the whole "others have it worse" mentality, that's something toxic people say to try and make you feel worse about yourself. Your feelings are valid, your mental illness is valid, you are valid. Fxck what anyone else says. That expression makes me beyond mad, just bc someone else also has it bad doesn't mean you don't have a right to feel the way you feel.
But that rant aside, yes. but only if it affects my kids. Like if i'm feeling too depressed or too tired and they want me to play or take them somewhere and I just can't handle it, then I feel bad.

I want to know you more, as a friends & i mean it i know you will not accept the idea but actually i make new friends from everywhere and it's my pleasure

I wish you to make good friends... but I don't make friends with people on social media because I can't get to know them enough ...💙

⠀⠀ ‧ᘡ๑❀🖤❀๑ᘠ‧⠀⠀ Ꮛслu бы сущесmвσвαлα кнσnкα , σgнuм нαжαmuем нα кσmσρую Ɓы бы nρσgлевαлu себе жuзнь нα Յ гσgα , нσ вмесmе с mем , умuραл бы σguн неuзвесmныũ Ɓαм челσвек . Скσлькσ бы ραз σнα былα нαжαmα?Илu неmρσнуmα вσвсе ?

kali_ka_talina’s Profile Photo⠀༺ K atalina ༻⠀
everyday automatically,
from those people who did not love or help me in the future or present or past

What goal do you think humanity is not focused enough on achieving?

aimanshahzad162001’s Profile PhotoSerenity
People are dying young I feel bad for them chef Tahir chaudhry died at the age of 55 ,amir liaquat died in 50+ age
Some what I feel Pakistani people should be health freak like foreign people they should eat super healthy ,exercise regularly stay fit it should be their main goal to stay fit and look maximum good every passing day 😊😊☺️

If you could get rid of one law what would it be? Plus if you could create one new law what would it be?

I'd get rid if the law that's just been passed in America, taking away the rights of women to their own bodies.
Then create a law that forbids rights being taken away from people that has to do with their own bodies! :)
If you could get rid of one law what would it be Plus if you could create one

What's worse than a heartbreak?

Tayyaba2304’s Profile PhotoTayebah
The feeling that you'll never be enough for someone. That your trauma would never be heard and you'll always, always have to be the one backing down, letting go of your words, of your little wishes just because they seem childish. It always result in breaking away and perhaps its better that way. No person should feel like an idiot when they talk about their trauma. Those who have housed so much hurt and pain and past are the ones that keep silent about themselves the most. They are the people silently fighting and winning.

I am the person who put other people happiness above my own and being this way is not easy to live. Are you this type of person? Tell me about your experience..

its_khizra’s Profile PhotoYummy
Well I m this kind of person and always I have suffered.Never expect reward and good response from people.ALLAH gives you rewards for your patience and everything 💯

pernah ngerasa "why people doesnt like me" ga? gimana kalian ngadepinnya?

byeol16’s Profile Photobyeol16
Enggak pernah sih.
Tapi...semoga ini membantu
Just act, don't expect. Artinya segala yang kamu lakukan itu cukup dilakukan dengan sebaik-baiknya. Jangan berekspektasi apapun setelah itu, termasuk pikiran orang suka atau enggak yang bikin akhirnya kamu beneran mempertanyakan "orang itu suka nggak ya" "kenapa kok kayanya semua orang enggak suka sama aku" "aku kenapa ya". Ambil sedikit aja perasaan itu buat kamu jadi improve dirimu. Sisanya buang. Kenali hal-hal yang bagus dari dirimu dan cari lingkungan yang bikin kamu percaya diri. Goodluck byeol16 !

Have you ever been naive to someone’s intentions thinking they were just being friendly?

I used to be naive in the past, thinking everyone has the same good intentions I have... But time and people taught me that they do not. I got burned a few times then I stopped thinking everyone is friendly and started being more selective and careful. 😁

I am the person who put other people happiness above my own and being this way is not easy to live. Are you this type of person? Tell me about your experience..

its_khizra’s Profile PhotoYummy
At times you get lonely and there's no one for you because everyone thinks you don't have any problem in your life since you put importance to their life problems

It's just the impression that you give. You are a very beautiful, conventionally attractive woman, but that's all you're about. That's your quality, not your brain or intellect. You seem just like a bimbo. Sorry:(

That's just your opinion. I'm not all about my looks. Definitely not. I always feel like people lying to me when they say I'm pretty or whatever.
And how could you judge about my intelligence.? Just because I'm insecure af and often cannot express myself right because English is not my first language.. that's not a reason to attack me. I can take criticism, but not baseless insults.
And don't assume I'm upset. I am not. Your opinion is your opinion but please change the way you tell people about it.

وانا راجعة من العمل ديما بتقابليني جمله مكتوبة على الحافله سبحان الله تقول ” عش ما شئت فأنت ميت، احبب من شئت فأنت مفارقه “ الدنيا هادي بزااف بزااااف صغيره شاركوني بعبارات أثرت فيكم ولا اي حاجه ميهمش

sabrin_ette’s Profile Photosabrinette
﴿ ‏فَاجْعَلْ أَفْئِدَةً مِّنَ النَّاسِ تَهْوِي إِلَيْهِمْ ﴾
So make hearts of the people incline toward them
وانا راجعة من العمل ديما بتقابليني جمله مكتوبة على الحافله سبحان الله
تقول  عش

What do you hate the most about social media?

H2o_o2H’s Profile PhotoArchie
The people who stalk, just to talk shxt & (on here) harass others. No matter what you say or what you do they'll always have a problem with it. And the way they try to put others down for stepping up and raising a child who isn't biologically there's and tries to invalidate their parenthood, thats fxcking gross behavior.

Yar how to build your confidence? I mean, I'm at that level where i can't even talk to same gender. I feel like ppl will laugh at me.

confidence does not come in some antibiotic course,
sit alone, ACCEPT YOUR SELF AS YOU ARE. convince your brain that you are worthy, and your opinion deserves to be heard.
only people who fond you worthy are the ones you should trust.
its not about people around you, its about people you let surround you. 🙂❤️

Yar how to build your confidence? I mean, I'm at that level where i can't even talk to same gender. I feel like ppl will laugh at me.

There is only one way to overcome this, try to interact with random people and talk to them. random people can be anyone like who you don't know personally or you can start with kids because they won't judge you and step by step you will be able to make it IA

A little trust that I gave you, please, don't break it into a piece

It’s so hard to fully trust people like the overthinking is undefeated when you have gone through some fkd up sh1t in life. Anything is possible.
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I’m new to this app. Is it worth it?

It depends what you are looking for and what your expectations are.
- penpals/ friendzone: those accounts looking to meet new people and engage in friendly discussions without getting serious, in my opinion, do best.
- dating/hookups: this is not a dating site. I've seen some users who have developed intimate relationships, but very few seem to last and based on my observation they end up disabling their accounts.
- Cheating: unfortunately I have seen some users who are married engaging in sex fantasy (roleplay) where the flirts and the male send the woman he is infatuated with poems, songs or they even imagine a virtual life together as soulmates.
- Bullying: I do not see this too much anymore. When I first joined in 2015 there was a lot of bullying. In fact, many of the conversations were based upon ripping innocent people to shreds, where in some cases suicide resulted. This is why askfm implemented a reporting mechanism and it is the reason that probably 75% of the account no longer accept anonymous messages. 5 years ago 95% of the account were anonymous. I think this is one of the reasons askfm is dying a slow death.
- Sex: a few years ago sex was probably the most popular topic on askfm. The accounts were anonymous and people enjoyed roleplaying, fetishes, honest hour (hh), and honest porn (hp) where some users uploaded nudes, phone numbers, porn fantasy and even created BDSM accounts where they would talk about their sexual adventures and orgies.
I do not see any of this behavior on askfm anymore and I think the primary reasons are (1) askfm moderators do not tolerate such behavior (2) reports and blocking, (3) many of the teenagers have abandoned their accounts (4) the askfm users are older.
In the past the average age of the askfm user was probably 15 - 18. Now, I suspect the average age is probably 30 - 40 and they do not support any abuse, bullying, sexual innuendo, roleplaying, porn, etc.
I do not know what you are looking for, but the days of the wild, wild west where anything goes are over. Tumblr also experienced something similar around 2016 when they removed all of their porn. Tumblr was another social network where people were allowed to post anything and honestly, much of it was disgusting and extremely offensive.
So I hope I have provided a little background for you.
One last thing, I avoid discussing politics and religion because askfm is full of woke activists who will report your account to askfm if you post anything that offends them or causes them to retreat into their "safe space" with anxiety.
Good Luck

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Yar how to build your confidence? I mean, I'm at that level where i can't even talk to same gender. I feel like ppl will laugh at me.

Whoever bullied you to this extent where you can't even match your own spiritual energy and live with a low self-esteem, will have to pay for this. Right now I just want you to know is that it's not necessary to interact with people who make you uncomfortable. Keep your mental peace your first priority. Let people call you shy, reserved, under confident, rude, crazy or whatever they want to, but i want you to just take a break from the society's norms. This is the only possible way to heal and after this healing process, IA you will meet a new you who will not care for anyone, who'll shine bright like nobody else for her own self. You don't have to try to fit in a circle which has to kick you out telling you don't belong to them or make you feel uncomfortable. Good people will never make you feel like that and I wish you a better company for life. ❤

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Yar how to build your confidence? I mean, I'm at that level where i can't even talk to same gender. I feel like ppl will laugh at me.

Like you are telling us all now here at this point about how scared you are, you do this all the time and trust me no body like cowards... Grow some balls and start talking to people... People dont eat people anymore... Checked and validated...

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