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¿ Cuál eran tus caricaturas favoritas de pequeño o pequeña ?

LuisDemetrioToledoOcana’s Profile Photo♌ Luis Demetrio Toledo Ocaña ♌
¿Preferidos? Muchos, pero o me acuerdo de todos, pero si te aseguro que me hicieron muy feliz. Chowder, Danny Phantom, Duelos Xiaolin, Mansión Foster para amigos imaginarios, Power Ranger (todas), Daria, Invasor Zim‎, Kid vs. Kat‎, KND: Chicos del barrio‎, Yin Yang Yo!‎, Winx club‎, The powerpuff girls‎‎, Samurai Jack‎, Pucca‎, Alejo y Valentina, Rugrats crecidos, Jake Long: El dragón occidental, Betty atómica, El campamento de Lazlo, Growing up Creepie, Dave, el Bárbaro, Drama total, El laboratorio de Dexter, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, InuYasha, Isla del drama, Johnny Test, Teen Titans, Kim Possible, Las aventuras de Jackie Chan, Las maravillosas desventuras de Flapjack, Locos dieciséis, Los padrinos mágicos, Los sustitutos, Martin Mystery, ¡Mucha lucha!, Mi padre el rockero, Mi compañero de clase es un mono, La robot adolescente, Ozzy & Drix, ¿Qué hay de nuevo, Scooby-Doo?, Shaun, el cordero, Sheep en la gran ciudad en América, Static Shock, Luz, drama, acción, Oye, Arnold, La vida moderna de Rocko, Kenan & Kel, Los castores cascarrabias, Catdog, Rocket power, Drake & Josh, Manual de supervivencia escolar de Ned, Lizzie McGuire. Victorious, etc.

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Care sunt pasiunile tale? Cum petreci timpul liber?

FirasAlKrayem5507’s Profile PhotoFiras Al Krayem
Am multe pasiuni si nici nu cred ca imi vin acum toate pe moment:))
Imi place cinematografia, tot ce tine de lumea filmului, fotografia, arta, sa citesc carti, sa ma plimb, sa imi fac amintiri, imi place true crime-ul si orice e mystery in general, probabil din cauza ca la 13 ani reuseam sa pun mana pe cartile cu Sherlock:)) Imi place sa colectionez lucruri, desi acum parca nu mai e la fel ca atunci cand eram copil, imi place psihologia si cam orice pe partea asta de inteligenta emotionala and be the better verison of yourself everyday, imi plac limbile straine, am terminat si facultate de traducere. Imi place sportul, si sa practic, si sa urmaresc. Is multe si cred ca am si omis cateva:))
In ultimul liber imi place sa ma uit la filme/seriale sau sa ies cu prietenii

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💢How many times a week do you experience "attention deficiency"? xD

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
Idk if this is a bad thing but I experience it daily and kinda like it too. Isn’t it fulfilling that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with others’ expectations? No one checking upon you? Nobody noticing your progress and downfalls? Nobody bothering you in anyway?
Life should be a mystery for others because people are never rooting for collective progress, they believe in competing to get you off your A-game.

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Is there something that you've dreamt of doing for a long time? Why haven't you done it?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Yes definitely.
I want to start business of my desire and leave the job. But mostly because of surviving issues and some of conservative mindset of parents can’t let me do what I want. And finance is also an issue.
I’m one of the best procrastinator when it comes to doing things, the only things I did on time when I wanted were my bad habits and I never took care of my body my health my mind and it affected my thoughts the way I think the way I destroyed myself and now after I lost almost everything it made me change something.
So I’ve dreamed of waking up early doing some meditation doing some workout reading some books and I’ve started to do workouts and reading some books but haven’t started meditating yet, so It’s been great since I’ve started and it’s been a while now and if I don’t do these things I don’t feel good both my mind and body.
So now I dream of exploring my spiritual side now lets see how this goes.
Everyone in this universe aspire to do something. Something that makes you outshine others.
But there is a saying “Man proposes GOD disposes”.
Life is a roller coaster. Sometimes life throw you in a path which you did not want to take. Life is a Mystery. You cannot predict the future,so why to be unhappy about present.Whatever happens, happens for good.
Your priorities changes with time,situation and circumstances.But I am very happy and contented with whatever GOD has given to me.
No regrets No Complains.
Peace ☮️✌🏻

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Is there something that youve dreamt of doing for a long time Why havent you

List your three most favorite colors ✍️

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Black 🖤 black is such a happy colour. It is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, formality and sophistication.
Black is authoritative, powerful, evokes strong emotions and too much black can feel overwhelming.
Red ❤️ it has life, health, courage, anger, love, energy, positivity.
Blue 💙 it represents open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity, depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence.

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List your three most favorite colors

Wenn du in einem/einer Film/Serie leben könntest,worauf würde deine Wahl fallen?

KassiaLean’s Profile PhotoTanjaCarola
Ich brauch Fantasy Sci Fi Mystery und Erotik in meinem Leben leider vereinen wenige Filme und Serien das im richtigen Maß und auf ne gute Art. Generell sind alle Filme und Serien auch ne Situation die man so nicht wirklich haben möchte schon gar nicht für immer als dauerhaftes eigenes reales Leben. Andererseits lebe ich bereits in einem dystopischen Horror Sci Fi Drama mit wenig Möglichkeiten ohne Freiheit da wären viele Filme oder Serien doch noch ne klar bessere Situation werdende Shaolin Hexe.

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Drop your favorite song/s, any genre. I'll listen to it and add it on my playlist 🙂

this will be an ultra mix of genres, i hope you like some of it
the maine - into your arms
mayday parade - save your heart
bring me the horizon - follow you
melanie martinez - pacify her
taylor swift - style
kehlani - all me
niki - say my name
the weeknd - the reminder
logic, wiz khalifa - indica badu
jackson wang, rich brian - titanic
masego - mystery lady
seventeen - thanks
stray kids - i am you
exo - overdose
bts - intro: skool luv affair
red velvet - moonlight melody
iz*one - secret story of the swan
wjsn - secret
baekhyun - love again
hoody, crush - sunshine
loco, hwasa - don't
zico, iu - soulmate
scandal - shunkan sentimental
kana adachi - hitoriyogari
aimer - polaris
the chainsmokers - who do you love
rootkit - against the sun
tom wilson, majro - in your eyes
cueshe - pangako
magnus haven - imahe
sponge cola - di na mababawi
clairo - softly
the japanese house - we talk all the time
peachy, mxmtoon - falling for u
wallows - these days
beabadobee - she plays bass

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Who knows abt manifestation and has been successful in the past? I have some questions

"Energy flows where attention goes"
Everything is energy. We have to go beyond what we think we know to open new doors of opportunity into the liminal space of the unknown.
The void that is the seemingly empty space where creative potential is born.
Those in-between spaces are full of mystery and magic just waiting to be sparked, or rubbed the right way haha, like a genie in a bottle appearing to grant you your desires. 🧞‍♂️
When your energy is blissful & vibrating higher you call in more of the things that you wish for that align with your 👌 elevated vibe.

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Who knows abt manifestation and has been successful in the past I have some

What do you think are the 5 most beautiful things in the world?Why?

RayVen94’s Profile PhotoRay
I like this question, Ray. But I am afraid I have not yet explored so much of the world to give this justice.😅
Anyway, here are my top 5:
>The world itself. Tho it's disheartening that humans are on the way to destructing it, it's still beautiful, nonetheless.
>Families & friends. It's amazing how we make bonds given our individual differences.
>Brain. There's still so much about it that is a mystery.
>Art. It's like it can take you to another dimension.
>Questions. It makes our existence interesting and gives us something to look forward to.

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Do you have any interesting stories about your family history? (Sent 20/10/21)

asbeckyis’s Profile Photobecky
One of my auntie’s relatives went to the 1st or 2nd Word War war I think for a regiment like the Scots Guards or Sutherland Highlanders, but when his body was recovered he was wearing a Canadian military uniform. That’s a bizarre mystery which has never been solved!

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The more you think you got it all, the more it’ll slip from the hand of yours.

You don't have to carry the burden of understanding everything that happens to you and translating every single one of your feelings into words.
Let go of your inner monologue, if only for a moment, and you'll see that the mystery of being is already enough to make you whole.

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The more you think you got it all the more itll slip from the hand of yours

What is the purpose of our life as human

1) To love
2) To be the authentic version of ourselves
3. To understand what life is all about
4. To be in tune with our emotions and process our emotions basically being a human (positive and negative)
5. To do what we love which is our passion
6. To heal and heal others. You can never heal others if ikaw mismo may issue.
We dont need to dig deeper about the mystery of life and what comes before us or something like that. The universe won't allow us not unless you basically believe in quantum realm or the spiritual realm where energy is the primary source of everything. Naalala ko sabi ng best friend ko, "Life is simple only human make it complicated".

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What is your opinion on true crime? Is it something that interests you? Why/why not?

🎥 I do like complex crime mystery documentaries, I find them fascinating. Things like Murder at the Cecil Hotel ( https://askfm.onelink.me/FaQr/881e1d32 ) for example.
📺 The short-episode tv shows are hit and miss. Some are a bit too difficult to get through, particularly those involving torture and pae*ophilia.
👮🏻‍♂️ The US true crime cop shows are often generally a bit too cheesy for me (cheesy narration, very repetitive, treats audience like they’re still in primary school - not always, but many of them), though the Australian ones I’ve seen so far (e.g. C/ Crime Investigation Australia) are more detailed and interesting though they’re also generally more graphic and hard-hitting.
📺 Airport security and motorway cop shows, whatever the country, bore me though.

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whats one mystery youd like solved before you die? mine would be finding out what happened to maddie mccann, and who was behind the delphi murders

spaceg8rl’s Profile Photokitty
I'm not really into crime mysteries, but I'd like for someone to discover what Dark matter and Dark energy really are, and to add Gravity into a grand unified field thoery of everything.
Personally, I think dark matter and dark energy are a load of bollocks and they are just fudge-factors to fill in the holes in other theories, and they just go to prove that we don't really understand anything.

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В какие игры больше всего ты любишь играть?

Loli_Hentay’s Profile PhotoЛоли Хентай
В какие игры я люблю играть, хм...Если говорить про жанр, то мне нравятся новеллы, платформеры, музыкальные, выживание, головоломки, гонки и многое другое). На данный момент я играю в Black Desert Online и, в принципе, меня все устраивает, хоть и поднадаело, но это я не могу просто в одной игре долго сидеть). Мне ещё нравится Don't Starve Together, но я играла в нее с аккаунта друга, а сейчас мы с ним не общаемся, и я не могу этого делать😔. Immortal Soul: Black Survival тоже очень крутая, но я играла в нее на ноуте, а сейчас у меня нет времени им пользоваться, вот думаю на телефон скачать, благо ее недавно на андроид выпустили). Hogwarts Mystery крутая сюжетная игра, но она на английском, так что мне надоело пользоваться экранным переводчиком, и я ее пока забросила. Иногда для расслабления захожу в Pocket World 3D, но редко. Dicast тоже прикольная, но, опять же, слишком мало времени, не могу в нее играть, хех. Ещё есть Disney, но это скорее не игра, а приложение для коллекционеров, где можно собирать карточки). У меня на телефоне ещё много игр, но они уже второстепенны.

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Any guitar players/ Musicians

Lyrics by Hillsong United about God for you to read if you want:
You call me out upon the waters. The great unknown. Where feet may fail. And there I find you in the mystery. In oceans deep. My faith will stand.
And I will call upon your name. And keep my eyes above the waves. When oceans rise my soul will rest in your embrace. For I am yours. And you are mine.
Your grace abounds in deepest waters. Your sovereign hand will be my guide. Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me. You've never failed. And you won't start now.
So I will call upon your name. And keep my eyes above the waves. When oceans rise my soul will rest in your embrace. For I am yours. And you are mine.
Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters. Wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander. And my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my savior.
Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters. Wherever you would call me. And take me deeper than my feet could ever wander. And my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my savior. (Repeat 5 times.)
Oh, Jesus you're my God!
I will call upon your name. And keep my eyes above the waves. My soul will rest in your embrace. For I am yours. And you are mine.

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|| اِفتح اَقرب كِتاب اِليك و اِفتح اَخر صَفحة، اُكتب لَنا اَخر سَطر هُنا..:

Hari2_’s Profile Photoالأنِـسَـة هَــارِي.
“Fifty years from now, our own notebooks, if we work up the initiative to start writing them, will be around to astonish and inspire our grandchildren, unlike our tweets and Facebook posts.
Be open to mystery. Not everything needs sharp lines.”
من كتاب عن ليوناردو دافنشي

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Into mystery, calm action and dark side! ... interesting! Ok best line?

EruSama98’s Profile PhotoErü Sama
I don't think I can choose one line. Not even one book for that matter but what came to mind right now is this excerpt:
"Living, naturally, is never easy. You continue making the gestures commanded by existence for many reasons, the first of which is habit. Dying voluntarily implies that you have recognized, even instinctively, the ridiculous character of that habit, the absence of any profound reason for living, the insane character of that daily agitation and the uselessness of suffering." - Albert Camus, The myth of Sisyphus

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Wohin willst du mal Reisen?

USA Nord: New Orleans (Mardi Gras, Voodoo Museum), New York (Studio 54), Supernatural Convention, hot topic,
USA West: Kalifornien (Disneyland), San Diego (Comic con), Hollywood (Viper room, Museum des Todes), San Francisco (Believe it or not Museum, Parade), San Jose (Winchester Mystery house), Los Angeles (Griffith park), Las Vegas (Simpsonhaus, Casino), Country dive bar, Hawaii, Mexiko/Acapulco (Spring break), Yucatan
Italien: Venedig, Rimini, Florenz, Rom (Kolosseum), Capri, Palermo,
England: London (Warner Bros. Studios) - Irland: Dublin,
Griechenland: Santurini - Delphi (Orakel),
Karibik Insel hopping, Kuba: Havana - Tortuga - Kolumbien (Kakao, Kaffe, Koks) - Brasilien: Copacabana,
Aegypten: Kairo - Israel: Tel Aviv - Zypern,
Australien: Sidney - Fidschi
Frankreich: Paris - Belgien: Antwerp - Norwegen: Oslo
Spanien: Madrid - Mallorca (Ballermann) - Lanzarote (Museo Atlantico) - Marokko: Casablanca,
Afrika: Kapstadt (Pinguinstrand) - Madagaskar

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Do you think Universes really can just pop up into existence out of absolutely nothing at all as the Big Bang theory would have us believe or do you think some kind of superior being that exists outside of time and space had a hand in creating it/them?

Buffyfan’s Profile PhotoAlex
I believe both are equally as plausible. Here's the thing - this universe will eventually create another Big Bang. That can happen very far into the future - long after we're gone. However, what if we're always seeing new universes pop up, but we can't be consciously aware of them because of how complex they can be? What if a universe is created spontaneously out of thin air every second of every day?
We don't really know our universe. We know it, but we don't, and that's the mystery of life that can be very fascinating.

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Weii ade org kate, kalau someone tu dh capai satu tahap umur tu die jd matang.. bile jawab soalan, jawab terus takde main teka2... Pastu die kate aku ni budak2 wei.. sebab budak2 je suke main teka2 ... :'))

zafirahnz’s Profile Photozafirahnz
Not really, age doesnt define maturity and main teka2 ke tk doesnt define maturity too. Coz suka teka2 maybe suka mystery mcm nancy drew 🤭 and some ppl always talk stright to the point. Mostly depends on ur own personal charac. It has ntg to do with age semua

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Moze bohaterowie szli za moda tamtych lat po prostu stąd kolorowy pojazd itp? I nie byli hipisami w tego słowa znaczeniu?

Dokładnie tak! O tym właśnie pisałam, że twórcy „Scooby-Doo” nie mieli zamiaru robić z nich hipisów i podobieństwa były niezamierzone. Co do Mystery Machine, to nie wiadomo czemu akurat posiada motyw kwiatowy. Wątpię, aby ludzie w latach 60 nie wspierający lub nie będący hipisami ozdabiali swoje wozy kwiatami. Uważam, iż w wypadku pojazdu lekkie nawiązanie do „flower power” jest. Slogan ten był używany jako symbol oporu i ideologii niestosowania przemocy. Tajemnicza Spółka w sumie poniekąd walczyła z przemocą, także ja osobiście myślę, że studio zaczerpnęło ten pomysł od ruchu hipisowskiego, natomiast nigdy oficjalnie tego nie potwierdzono.

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Moze bohaterowie szli za moda tamtych lat po prostu stąd kolorowy pojazd itp I

Scooby Doo powstał pod koniec lat 60. Podobno cała czwórka bohaterów to hipisi. Wiesz coś więcej na ten temat?

Teoretycznie jest dużo racji w tej teorii, ale według twórców Tajemnicza Spółka nie została stworzona na wzór osób popierających ruch hipisowski, chociaż to prawda, iż między innymi Mystery Machine jako samochód może przypominać nawiązanie do ruchu „flower power”, dzięki swojej kolorystyce i widocznych na nim kwiatach. Dużo osób uważa, że po prostu pomysł na fabułę zwyczajnie zderzył się z panującymi wtedy realiami w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Twórcy „Scooby-Doo” nie mieli zamiaru robić z bohaterów hipisów. Aczkolwiek prawdą jest, że fabuła i życie bohaterów w dużym stopniu zahacza trochę o hipisowską ideologię. Tajemnicza Spółka nie ma pracy, zwłaszcza w początkowych produkcjach widać, że nie posiadają także żadnego majątku poza vanem, podróżują po Ameryce, bawią się, są dość ufni wobec ludzi oraz chcą im pomagać rozwiązywać problemy. Dodatkowo nie ma przy nich dorosłych i z racji, tego iż ciągle są w trasie to nie uczęszczają do szkoły, więc można uznać to za bunt wobec dorosłych czy podważenie wartości instytucji szkolnej. Innymi słowy są wolni, nie mają żadnych zobowiązań i nie popierają materializmu czy przemocy. Powiem tak, ile fanów „Scooby-Doo” - tyle teorii na ten temat. Mam znajomego, który wprost mówi, że zamiast Tajemniczej Spółki idzie oglądać „rozwiązujące zagadki dzieci kwiatów” i koleżankę, która absolutnie się z tymi nawiązaniami nie zgadza. Twórcy zaprzeczają, że Tajemnicza Spółka kiedykolwiek miałaby w większym czy mniejszym stopniu reprezentować ruch hipisowski, ale są też rzeczy mogące wyglądać tak, jakby jednak go popierali. Ja osobiście uważam, że te nawiązania są trafne, ale nie zamierzone przez twórców kreskówki.

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Scooby Doo powstał pod koniec lat 60 Podobno cała czwórka bohaterów to hipisi

jak Ci się podoba hogwarts mystery? :D

Jest całkiem fajne, mam wrażenie, że to gra, której szukałam całe życie, bo pozwala przeżyć przygodę, jakby się samemu brało w niej udział, a ja lubię takie :D Tylko drażni mnie, że trzeba czekać na energię XD I wkurza mnie ta laska ze Slytherinu, bo ja tam jestem peace and love i chce być dla wszystkich miła i nikogo nie zawieść, żeby było git i mieć przyjaciół dużo, a przez nią muszę się pakować w jakieś chryje. Da się coś zrobić, żeby się odczepiła czy to jak Malfoy jest? XDD Miałam rozkmine czy gdybym wybrała Slytherin jako dom to też by się czepiała, ale pewnie tak. W ogóle byłam trochę zawiedziona, bo myślałam że będą jakieś testy do domów robić czy coś, a tu sobie sama de facto wybrałam. I stresują mnie eliksiry, serio, niby to tylko gra, ale nie lubię tam chodzić, bo się mnie czepiają XDDDDDD

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Euer Lieblingssong derzeit?

JustLea4’s Profile PhotoLea
'See, I keep falling for the future after tripping on the past.
And I am always tearing sutures out to make the anguish last like it defines me.
Or reminds me I've found comfort in my suffering
And uncertainty in happiness and death,
Because what's next is such a mystery to me.
I am terrified of all the things I feel but cannot see.
Friends and family, put your hand into my hand and lay your head into my chest.
You are all that I have left here
We are all that we have left.'
Der Song ist musikalisches und lyrisches Gold.
https://youtu.be/NuyuOYVxe58SallySadistic’s Video 166597417257 NuyuOYVxe58SallySadistic’s Video 166597417257 NuyuOYVxe58

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[Colectiva.] ¿Qué series marcaron tu infancia? Y no sólo me refiero a las de dibujos.

DarkerThanBlack_A’s Profile PhotoXion
One Piece, Naruto, Pokémon, Sakura Card captor, doremi, love hina, el detective Conan, dragon ball y Yu Yu Hakusho.
Todas por una u otra cosa me marcaron y me enseñaron cosas que nadie hizo en el mundo real.
Luego hay otras a las que les tenía mucho cariño aunque no me marcaron más allá de darme diversión, como Martin Mystery o algunas que veía por Disney Channel o cartoon network

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Was hat dich charakterlich am meisten in deiner Kindheit geprägt?

Besondere Jugendfilme und Serien, Märchen, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, perfekte Bücher, besondere Musik mit Seele und besondere Spiele und Menschen alles was es so bei weitem heute nirgends mehr gibt und zum Glück nicht der Schrott der die heutigen Fluorid Eloi Kids prägt sonst wäre ich verloren oder lost wie man heute sagt. Und würde vermutlich Likes, Flammen und Münzen jagen wie ein gestörter Volli.diot.

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