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What's your favorite stone or cristal?

eyezofthebeholder’s Profile Photoeyezofthebeholder
The Mesmerizing World of Crystals. But my favorite is Amethyst. 💜✨
Contemplation of crystals sharpens the mind and elevates the soul. Stones are silent teachers, they make those who observe them silent, and the best that can be learned from them cannot be communicated to another.
Every stone is given its own. The native stone, in which the joy of the Earth is collected, makes spring in the heart, gives joy to a person.”
Whats your favorite stone or cristal

What is something you miss about someone who passed away? I really miss my grandma. I miss her cheese & spring onion pie, hearing her stories, learning about the past from her, and gossiping with her. I miss watching her sewing or doing embroidery next to the fireplace with the TV on high vol., etc.

I’m sorry you miss your grandmother. Its always hard to miss people we lose.
I miss my cousin. To this day I still wait for her to text me so we can catch up. She had this spirit about her and my family kinda hasn’t been the same since she passed. She was our glue.

Яке взуття ви носите літом?

lenaaa0_0’s Profile PhotoLENA
В літньому взутті. То не цікаво. Краще я розповім про сон. Сниться мені рання весна, дерева ще голі, ледь бруньки з'являються. Але доволі тепло. Тепло настільки, що я як стародавній кельт ходжу топлес і босий, але в штанях. Штани шкіряні, рокінрольні, чорні. А я по всьому тілу маю блакитні візерунки. Чи було довге волосся, непамятаю. Але ходив і всіх лякав поведінкою рок- співака. А потім, я відчув що можу дуже високо пригати. А потім і літати. Тільки почав думати над тим, як це мені вдається літати, сон закінчився, і я прокинувся. О, я то ніби босий був, ніби у сандалях римського легіонера. Дивні дивності візуальні.
In summer shoes. That's not interesting. I'd rather talk about a dream. I dream of early spring, the trees are still bare, buds are barely appearing. But quite warm. It is so warm that I, like an ancient Celt, go topless and barefoot, but in pants. Leather pants, rock'n'roll, black. And I have blue patterns all over my body. I don't remember if I had long hair. But he went around and scared everyone with the behavior of a rock singer. And then, I felt that I could hypnotize very high. And then fly. I just started thinking about how I manage to fly, the dream ended and I woke up. Oh, it was as if I was barefoot, as if in the sandals of a roman legionnaire. Weird oddities are visual.

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What are your optimal conditions to get a good night's sleep? 😴🌡️🔇

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I love it when the room is a little cool, not stuffy, in spring and summer I like to sleep with the window open.
What are your optimal conditions to get a good nights sleep

If you could create any international holiday for whatever you wanted, what would it be and would be there celebratory festivities?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
I would like to celebrate the day of spring, when winter recedes and it becomes much warmer. Food at the festival may include barbecue and french fries.
If you could create any international holiday for whatever you wanted what would

Do you like theater?

KennyMcCormic’s Profile PhotoХрстнк
I do! In fact, I'm part of a particular kind of comedic student musical! One which focuses a lot on moments of improvisation! I'm not on stage though, I do marketing! Have been part of it for six semesters and last one I was the head of marketing! Next semester I feel like I might take a break from it since it got a bit too much for me and I want to have the time and energy focus on other stuff! But I hope to come back for the spring, but then not as boss, I've taken on enough responsibility 🎭
Do you like theater

What is the worst thing a child has ever said to you?

u know guys… babies love beautiful girls…
and kids love me… very very much…
for them , i’m some kind of fairytale princess… or the source of some beautiful inspiration…
when lil girls take photo with me..
or like i want something like Inna have…
but literally yesterday… a very … very fun story happened to me…
spring in the air… and the weather is beautiful these days…
yesterday, i went out in the evening to buy pastries…
i’m going… and baby boy lil
near two i think years
is coming… towards me… not coming towards me… they are on walk
( he and his daddy … probably mom was with them but i saw only dad…)
and he coming towards me…
and so we almost met… and he stopped next to me … look at me a lot started laughing… i smiled at him… and god come with me
goes tells me something on his own language…
he was so cute… really guys…
laughs and suddenly i see his dad noticed that his kid is already with me…
and we were far away
because i even don’t think just talk with him…
then i stopped…to wait his dad
dad came up and u know started talking with his son
liked the girl… ?!want go with her…
and guys… what happened after
when his dad tried to take his hand and take him away
baby boy quickly made sure to fall and sat down on the sidewalk and then when his dad tried to pick him up and pick him up
and baby boy saw that i was leaving… he threw a tantrum… started crying…
his dad was so embarrassed
and i say bye see u next time
couldn’t let him cry
and u know i have a million stories
with children…
and this one…
⏬️ too

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What is the worst thing a child has ever said to you

-Rainy days of spring reminds me that life is beautiful 🌸

I love that sentiment - cause it feels same to me. Sometimes they are seen as dreary or gloomy but they also have their own special beauty. And something about the sound of raindrops tapping against the window and the fresh scent in the air that feels like renewal and growth. It always reminds me that even during difficult times or challenging seasons, there is always beauty to be found if we are willing to look for it. 🌻✨️
Rainy days of spring reminds me that life is beautiful

Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It feels better than winter but I prefer summer over any other season because I get a break from school work and enjoy swimming outdoors. It doesn’t feel like spring as much as it feels like fall where I live and it doesn’t really make me feel any kind of way except happy to get these classes over with.

Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I really am loving the weather. The sunshine, the clouds, birds, insects, animals, flowers, it’s just all so happy and alive and I love it.
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Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It’s definitely getting to that point around here! It’s been pretty rainy, but the temperatures have honestly been fairly consistent! Like within a 10 degree margin usually. The trees have begun blooming, and there’s a lot of really beautiful flowers out and about. I’ve even seen bumblebees flying around in my backyard. 😁
I absolutely love the fact that it’s changing, and when it’s not raining, it’s sunny and blue skies. Makes me feel so motivated and just happy in general! I’m very much looking forward to getting outside more often, and hopefully having more energy to do things! ☺️
Is spring kicking into high gear where you live Hows that making you feel

Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Ha, not really yet. It’s been cold and it’s been very rainy lately.
There are moments of pure sunshine, but they last for like 5-10 minutes and then are followed by 5-10 minutes of heavy rainfall. 😅 it’s the time of the year where you really don’t know what to wear and to not trust the weather forecast at all.
Is spring kicking into high gear where you live Hows that making you feel

Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Absolutely, I love spring time, it means cherry blossom 🌸 time 😍☀️ it definitely puts a spring in my step 🌸☀️😂
Is spring kicking into high gear where you live Hows that making you feel

Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I feel like my soul is awakening. I find myself escaping outside as frequently as possible, especially if it’s rainy outside. I’ll stop randomly throughout my day to photograph a pretty flower. I probably look absolutely absurd to the passerby, 😅🤣😊 but beauty must be captured whenever time allows.
Is spring kicking into high gear where you live Hows that making you feel

Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Oh, spring? More like "sneeze season" for me! It's like Mother Nature decided to play a cruel joke by unleashing her floral army just to see how many tissues I can go through in a day. Honestly, I'm starting to suspect that trees are secretly plotting against me. Every time I step outside, it's like walking into a battlefield of pollen. My nose has declared war on the entire plant kingdom, and let me tell you, it's not winning. So, while everyone else is frolicking in fields of flowers, I'm over here stockpiling antihistamines like a doomsday prepper. Springtime bliss? More like springtime sniffles. And since Germany decides to be as ambivalent as possible in April it's like a mixture of gentle warmth and deadly storms out here. Eh, I guess it's nice though? At least I am having a blast with random ladybugs and cherry blossoms landing in my hair like I am constantly experiencing a magical girl transformation.

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Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Ha! The weather has been so crazy the last month! One week it will be in the high 60’s than go right back the following week for low to high 50’s for 2 weeks straight . Like now it’s been chilly . But Monday suppose to be 80
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Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Haha, paradoxly spring here was in March 🌷, it was 🌞 sunny, flowers in the forest and I loved it! 😍👌April was all cold and now just green trees shows, that the nature woke up. 🌳🌿 I hope that May will be warmer finally! 😅
Is spring kicking into high gear where you live Hows that making you feel

Is spring kicking into high gear where you live? How's that making you feel? 🌻🌿

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Spring?? It’s basically summer rn here lol spring was like a week at the end of feb u_u
I’m not liking the heat, I’m never prepared for the like 9 month long heatwave 🥲

╚»★ᴇɪᴅ ᴍᴜʙᴀʀᴀᴋ ᴍᴜꜱᴀʟᴍᴀɴᴏ★«╝

Ya Shalamaar me ak barg-e-zard kehta tha
Giya wo mousam-e-gul jis ka raazdar hu ma
In the Shalamar garden a yellowed leaf was saying
“Gone is that spring of which the confidante I am
Na paimaal karain mujh ko zaeeran-e-chaman
Inhi ke shakh nasheman ki yadgar hu ma
The garden’s visitors should not trample me down
The memory of the branch of their own nest I am”
Zara se patte ne betaab kar diya dil ko
Chaman me aa ke sarapa gham-e-bahar hu ma
This tiny little leaf made the heart restless
One coming into the garden complete mourner of spring I am
Khazan me mujh ko rulati ha yad-e-fasl-e-bahar
Khushi ho Eid ki kyunkar ke sougwar hu ma
In the autumn I am crying in remembrance of the spring
How can I get the happiness of Eid as griefstricken I am
Ujaar ho gye ehd-e-kuhan ke maikhane
Guzishta badah praston ki yaadgar hu ma
Devastated have become the olden days’ tavern
A memorial of the olden days’ wine drinkers I am
Payam-e-aysh-o-massarat humain sunata ha
Hilal-e-Eid hamari hansi urata ha
It gives the message of pleasure and happiness to us!
The crescent of Eid is making fun of us!
Bang-e-Dra 127
Dr Muhammad Iqbal

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ᴇɪᴅ ᴍᴜʙᴀʀᴀᴋ ᴍᴜꜱᴀʟᴍᴀɴᴏ

How has your Saturday been? Mine has been really pleasant. It's been really warm, the temp stayed in the 70s so I had dinner outside on the patio for the first time this spring, then enjoyed the golden hour with a glass of wine. Life is so truly beautiful when it's warm outside 🌞🌷💐✨

Very beautiful 💚🏻🤩
My Saturday was quiet, we spend some time in the garden enjoying the sunshine and then we had a nap to recover some lost nights around lunchtime. We woke up around 4pm and it was so warm and nice, we went grocery shopping and then cooked dinner and enjoyed The Gentleman series on Netflix 🤍
My toddler had an early night 😊

Как у вас погода? У нас дождь

Coffi04’s Profile PhotoCoffi
Welcome to my world
Если сейчас 16 градусов тепла, то представляю, что же ждёт завтра. Хотя если завтра будет такая-же погода то ничего страшного. Ну а если + 35-40, то смело берём солнцезащитные очки 🕶️, коктейль в руки 🍹. И все spring Goodbye, summer welcome)
And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 02/04/24
Time: 18:04
Как у вас погода У нас дождь

Why are rabbits and eggs a symbol of Easter? It doesn’t make sense to me?

Because they weren't originally. Most of the Easter imagery actually comes from Ostara, which is a celebration of spring and fertility, of nature waking back up and beginning the cycle again. Eggs and rabbits are symbols of this as they represent birth and new beginnings. When Christianity started becoming more widespread, they didn't want people still practicing these pagan religions, but the people wouldn't stop so they co-opted most of the imagery so, that way, if people were still celebrating it was now "legitimised" and Christian. But underneath it all, it's still pagan and has nothing really to do with Christianity.

In welches Wasser würdest du zuordnen? Eine schlammige Pfütze? Schlenzende Eiswürfel im Cocktail? Die Luftfeuchtigkeit in der Sauna? Tränen?

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
🐙 Aberdeen: Aberdeen wäre brechende Wellen. Eine nette, erfrischende Welle, aber auch das Potential gefährlich zu werden. Manchmal bekommt man mehr Wasser ins Gesicht geklatscht, als man will.
🦊 Alaric: Alaric ist Champagner, prickelnd und teuer und edel, er ist ein kleiner Verführer und bringt andere auch mal dazu etwas zu tun, was sie eigentlich gar nicht tun wollten.
🐻 Braden: Die hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit in den Tropen, warm und angenehm, aber irgendwie auch erstickend und überall. Balsam für die Haut, aber auch sehr anders als es Leute in London gewöhnt sind.
🐉 Valerian: Valerians Wasser ist eine Hot Spring in den Bergen, irgendwo wo es eigentlich total kalt ist, aber sein Wasser ist warm, ruhig und einladend - wenn man es erst einmal dorthin schafft.

Пино, дорогой, я знаю что лат американская музыка и мужчины божественно красивы, но в России не открываются ссылки на YouTube (((

Mashulchonysh’s Profile PhotoMaria
One day we walked along the sand
One day in early spring You held a piper in your hand To mend its broken wing Now I'll remember many a day And many a lonely mile The echo of a piper's song The shadow of a smile
The shadow of your smile When you are gone Will color all my dreams And light the dawn Look into my eyes My love and see All the lovely things You are to me
Our wistful little star Was far too high A teardrop kissed your lips And so did I Now when I remember spring All the joy that love can bring I will be remembering
The shadow of your smile.
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Under your skin - wird es eigentlich Pair-Seiten geben? Und möchtest du jedem Couple (gern auch die Past-Couples) einen Titel und ein Wort zuordnen, das die Beziehung beschreibt?

Bis jetzt habe ich nicht wirklich vor gehabt eine Paurseite zu erstellen. Ich habe das Gefühl ich habe schon so viele Seiten auf der Website und ich habe das Gefühl, vielleicht wird es dann zu übersichtlich? :D Außerdem bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob das überhaupt gewünscht ist. Ich will ja die Teilnehmer auch nicht langweilen, haha. :D
aber hier sind Titel für die Pairs, habe eine ganze Weile darüber nachdenken müssen. <3
» Vic & Emery: The First Day of Spring
» Amari & Helen: Secrets of Dark City Lights
» Landon & Ronja: Ingredients to a Perfect Chaos
» Daphne & Logan: Memories of a Tragic Fairytale
» Hao & Mateo: Diamonds made of Broken Glass
» Hao & Alejo: Lost on the Path of Dying Stars
» Min Jun & Araminta: The First Drop of Summer Rain
» Min-ho & Sage: The Whispers of a Quiet Ocean

I like it. I miss the bees, the birds singing. Spring is my fav season cause it's not cold and it's not hot, just perfect.

I don’t. I like a long winter. Didn’t even get any big snow storm. Sad winter year. Maybe next time.
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Jaki jest twój ulubiony zespół muzyczny ? 🎶

marcin_34’s Profile PhotoⓂ️ArCiN
Nie mam jednego zespołu ulubionego. Jak cokolwiek nazwać ulubionym zespołem, skoro lubi się tak szeroko pojętą muzykę z różnych gatunków muzycznych. Lubuję niektórą muzykę poważną np. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor lub na przykład: Chopin Spring Waltz. Lubię, a lepiej powiedzieć uwielbiam Rock Operę np.: NIGHTWISH - The Phantom Of The Opera. Uwielbiam również słuchać światowego heavy metalu. Huty w Polsce zamykają, to Polaku chociaż w muzyce dobrego metalu posłuchać możesz: Within Temptation - Shot In The Dark. Dla szczęśliwców mogących to odtworzyć świetna piosenka: https://youtu.be/mLz61g0JLxQ?list=RDGMEM_v2KDBP3d4f8uT-ilrs8fQKubaGR571’s Video 173097725157 mLz61g0JLxQKubaGR571’s Video 173097725157 mLz61g0JLxQ Miłego czwartku wszystkim, którzy czytają tą odpowiedź

Quick and easy tips for losing weight? I don't like gyms and have tried intermittent fasting but my sister is on spring break so my eating habits change a bit

Home workouts, being on a particular diet that you believe will benefit you the most, staying away from snacks (unless it’s fruits and vegetables), and try to reduce stress because sometimes we eat more often when stressed even when we aren’t really hungry (which is the case for me).

Shout-out: who else is tired of winter? I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer.

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
I hear you. Same. The tail end of winter can feel like it drags on forever, especially when you are craving sunshine, warm breezes, and the chance to spend more time outdoors without bundling up. The anticipation for spring and its promise of new beginnings — flowers blooming, and longer days can make you wish winter would hurry up and make its exit. I just can't wait to see nature come back to life with blooming flowers and budding trees and it can lift your spirits. It is like the world is waking up again. 🌻

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