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If someone left without any reason then you should wait for them? Suggestions plis

(answer post script) ~ 2
~ all reason disappeared a long time ago . . .
"She gave no reason
I'll just follow he sun
She gave no reason
I'll be back when I return
And with reason
We might have still been friends today
If not this season
Then on judgement day, on judgement day
I was imperfect with it
Seen through perfect eyes
Please now lie down beside me
In the morning I will rise
And with reason
We might have still been friends today
If not this season
Then on judgement day, on judgement day
No reason strong enough
To keep her waiting here
All reasons disappeared a long time ago
No reason like she'd had enough
Now I'm swimming in my beer
All reason disappeared a long time ago
All reason disappeared a long time ago
And in the morning morning
Over ancient spires
The Cambridge mists were rising
Over our secret desires
And with reason
We might have still been friends today
If not this season
Then on judgement day, on judgement day
No reason strong enough
To keep her waiting here
All reasons disappeared a long time ago
No reason like she'd had enough
Now I'm swimming in my beer
All reason disappeared a long time ago
All reason disappeared a long time ago"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iZJK0GHjrEigotamatch’s Video 174139333498 2iZJK0GHjrEigotamatch’s Video 174139333498 2iZJK0GHjrE

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igotamatch’s Video 174139333498 2iZJK0GHjrEigotamatch’s Video 174139333498 2iZJK0GHjrE

How to write a script anyone experienced?

ایسی باتیں باہمی ملاقات کے دوران ہی بتلائی یا سمجھائی جا سکتی ہیں یوں سرِ راہ چلتے چلتے ایسی باتیں تو خیر قطعئی موضوعِ سخن نہیں بن سکتیں ۔۔۔

If your partner that you’ve been dating for 4 months proposes to you in public would u say yes or no?

Wouldn't it depend on how I felt about her? 🤔 Gene Tierney could propose anywhere after 4 minutes and I might feel compelled to acquiesce. Ya know, it's difficult to resist those Brooklyn girls...
Gene Tierney, reading script of "Sundown," 1941
If your partner that youve been dating for 4 months proposes to you in public

شوفت لك انسر انك بتعرف مين اللي باعت لك علي صراحة إذا امكن تساعدني اعمل الطريقة عشان بيبعتلي كلام مش كويس كتير علي اللينك بتاعي!!

ابعتي برايفت من فضلك وهحاول احل لك المشكلة دي بأذن الله.
هي الفكرة كلها إنه مجرد tool كنت عن طريقها بحدد مكان واعرف مين اللي باعتت.. وكنت عامل Script يخلي الشخص اللي باعت ده يشوف رد علي الاجابات غير الرد الرئيسي اللي انا ضايفه
يعني ممكن اكون كاتب رد معين علي رسالتك ومن خلال اللينك اللي عامله تدخلي تلاقي كلام تاني غير اللي كل الناس شايفاه علي اللينك العادي..
ودي حاجة عملتها عشان كنت بوصل رسالة لحد انقطع الكلام بيننا وكنت حابب اعرفه اني عرفت انه هو اللي بيشتم وفي نفس الوقت مينفعش اخلي حد تاني يشوف الكلام اللي بكتبهوله .

Срочно нужна душераздирающая музыка

SYML - Where’s My Love
Woodkid - Newer Let You Down
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die
Arcade Fire - My Body Is A Cage
Radiohead - Creep (Acoustic)
Pilot Speed - Alright
Linkin Park - From The Inside
Mansionair - Easier
Jason Gallagher - Hero
Missio - I See You
Eminem - River
Adele - Lovesong
NЮ - В сердце
Нежность на бумаге - в темноте
Непара - Песня о любви
Cat Power - The Greatest
Imagine Dragons - Battle Cry
Clarity - We Live In A Beautiful World
Scorpions - Always Be With You
Coldplay - Paradise
Tim McMorris - Superhero
The Script - Flares
The Rolling Stones - You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Flipsyde - Someday
Sting - Shape Of My Heart
Sirotkin - Дыхание
Scorpions - White Dove
Lord Huron - The Night We Met
Lina Lee & Ваня Дмитриенко - Всё равно
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - O Children
Баста - Сансара
Братья Грим - Сердце
Алёна Швец - Некрасивые глаза
Portugal. The Man - Sleep Forever
A-ha - Take On Me(Acoustic 2017)

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любите ли вы песни с мрачным смыслом/сюжетом?

rin2retka’s Profile Photoринтуретка
Очень. Открывают скрытые горизонты наших чувств на полную катушку…
Arcade Fire - My Body Is A Cage
Scorpions - Humanity
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams(Are made of this)
Cat Power - The Greatest
Coldplay - Trouble
Florence + The machine - dog days are over
Jason Gallagher - Hero
Sirotkin - Дыхание
Woodkid - I Love You
Missio - Animal
Muse - Fury
SYML - Where’s My Love
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die
Landon Pigg and Lucy Schwartz - Darling I Do
Нежность на бумаге - в темноте
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole - Over The Rainbow
Nick cave & The Bad Seeds - O Children
Lord Huron - The Night We Met
Linkin Park - From The Inside
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Imagine Dragons - Battle Cry
A-ha - Take On Me (Acoustic 2017)
Pilot Speed - Alright
Flipsyde - Someday
Radiohead - Karma Police
Radiohead - Creep (Acoustic)
Portugal. The Man - Waves
The Kooks - Sway
Алёна Швец - Некрасивые глаза
Ваня Дмитриенко - Ты со мной
R.A.SVET - Рассвет
System Of A Down - Lonely Day
Bonnie Tyler - You’re The One
The Script - Flares
Clarity - We live in a beautiful world

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كتبت script صغير في Python يحسب لكم كم تدفعون لزكاة السنة. الي حاب ياخذ السكريبت يكلمني و برسله الي عليكم كوبي بيست + تعدلون الارقام (على معاشكم الشهري) 🌬️🖤

szq__’s Profile PhotoQubaisi~
Since I'm currently studying Python, I'm curious. I would like to see the coding if possible🦦🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

Who is someone you wish you had never met and why?

Lana_G_Hadeed’s Profile PhotoLana
A “friend“ of mine who would always try to prove me wrong and would expose the secrets I trusted her with back when I was younger. I’d always be the one who would initiate hang outs and would introduce her to new songs but then she’d flip the script and say that she was the one who introduced me to a new song that I happened to recommend to her first. Idk why she always tried to go against the things I’d say and/or prove me wrong (even when I was right) when she could’ve tried being nicer and actually acted like she cared about me enough to not expose the things I trusted her with. She recently unfollowed me on social media and I returned the favor by unfollowing her back. She didn’t help me grow as an individual and I could’ve gone without having met her and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference for me. However, she did teach me the lesson that not everyone you talk to and see regularly is capable of being a good friend to you and I’m grateful for that :)

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What are you doing??

Just completed watching a movie and telling my experience that I don't know whether i should be happy or not after completing this movie😂 as the script of the movie was emotional I think.
There was no plan to watch it but actually i saw a short clip of the movie and then thought of watching it. 😂
However, song lyrics were nice and it portrayed deep respect for other beliefs, opinions and nations. 😊
What are you doing

Book recommendation? From Fiction philosophy.

haiderhimself’s Profile PhotoHaider Lannister
Searching in Adelphi or Iperborea something (they have a big collection about it) ...
At the moment i read Hillman (code of soul) and Nietzsche (the good and the bad) .. the last one then i ended was "Love and Pysche"(with greek script)

Today is shag...... a lot of chores to do 😂 What's your day like?

I just came back home after my workout. Apparently, I knocked over a neighbour's metal can of prayers on the 11th floor, yet again. I'm asking my best friend to teach a few Mandarin sentences to politely talk terms with the neighbour, that I'm blind, will be frequently use the staircase and it will be easier for her to move her prayers away from the steps (she's not supposed to obstruct the path, anyways).
Aside from that, I managed to memorise the route of a shelter connected to my building and got lost after losing track of my steps, yet again, but my mother guided me back through bideo call.
I'm planning to write up a script for my job's introductory bideo soon.

حلمك وانت صغير VS بقيت آي دلوقت ؟

Omar_yousif14’s Profile PhotoOMAR || مَــرْ؏ُ
انا كنت اول دفعة تدرس English من أولى ابتدائي و اول listening script سمعناه كان في الترم التاني و الفصل كله بيقول I want to be a doctor إلا أنا مني لله قلت I want to be a teacher
كبرت و بقيت teacher of English الحمد لله
رغبة اولى و الكل معترض بس مندمتش عمري ولا لحظة؛ الحمد لله ❤️

Buongiorno, avevo provato a chiedere e spero di avere fortuna questa volta. Mi servirebbero canzoni da sentire mentre sono in palestra…me ne passereste qualcuna ?💕 Amici sappiate che sto già pensando a cosa chiedervi, non vi ho abbandonato

xSatanaelx’s Profile PhotoLucifer
La prima — e anche l'unica — canzone che mi è venuta in mente è stata "Hall of fame" dei The Script. Mi dispiace non poterti essere più utile, spero che gli altri lo siano stati decisamente di più. Per darti consigli più generali potrei dirti che se andassi in palestra mi piacerebbe sentire canzoni che mi caricano, quindi magari sul pop e simili. Oppure se utilizzi Spotify potrai trovare moltissime playlist a tema allenamento. Puoi anche ascoltare le varie canzoni, decidere quali ti piacciono di più e creare una tua playlist personale da palestra. 🏋🏻

*When Geno walks out, it's pretty clear pretty quickly, he's not wearing a costume. He wipes some blood away from his mouth and in moments there's a fresh stream of blood seeping out* Look human I don't care who you are, but get out of here. I'm not a fan of your kind

DontcallmeSans’s Profile Photo⟥G▫e▫n▫o⟤
*The man stumbles back when he sees Genos appearance and points at him* How the heII are you doing that!? What sort of special effects is that!? That looks so f-cking real!! But that really doesn't matter right now, you and that dumba$$ can drop the Hollywood act and lose the script, I'm not part of this sh-t show even if I'm dressed like it! I'm trying to get out of this dump! I got into this movie set by accident through some bullsh-t door shaped like a portal! Now either you and that chump help me out of here or I'm kicking your a$$es!

Darkness?*she seems confused*I do wish to stick around to study how magic and monsters work around here before I go if that's alright..! *though being a small rabbit in hyrule could bring a ton of danger for her*

AnimalOc’s Profile PhotoJasper Rabbit
"And how would you do that? I could bring you to the castle library so you could look at our books but-"
*he points to some of the writing in his journal, it's in a script she cannot decipher*
"No one from other worlds seems to be able to read written Hylian, can you tell what my notes here say? If you can't even understand some of my notes there's no point showing you a full book. At your size you can't do field studies, not without an escort anyways, and I would get looked at like a crazy person if I asked any of the knights to escort a Rabbit."
Darknessshe seems confusedI do wish to stick around to study how magic and

Poproszę o dość smutny cytat. 💔

„I look at it as fortunate, having been part of such a groundbreaking show. But at the same time, knowing the racial undertones and the stereotypes that lived in that, and knowing what other actors had felt before, and having to say lines where you felt so powerless — and you have to say them because the man on top says ‘do exactly what is written on that script’ — that never feels good. That just feels terrible. Whether it be racial or not, it’s that stuff that makes you feel smaller than, and less than”
Ryan Murphy nie zobaczy nieba 🤬

ano yung lagi mo kinakanta sa videoke?

The Man Who Can't Be Moved (The Script)
You (Carpenters)
Supermarket Flowers (Ed Sheeran)
214 (Rivermaya)
241 (Rivermaya)
Stay (Cueshé)
Borrowed Time (Cueshé)
The Day You Said Goodnight (Hale)
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Kenapa pada suka begadang si?

amaraflaaa’s Profile Photobiiii
Mungkin Begadang dlm keseharian senang bederma, tangannya ringan memberi, hatinya luas jiwanya besar cepat iba terhadap kaum jelata sekitar, mungkin jg harta yg ia peroleh dngn baik itu rutin dibagikan kpd yg membutuhkan tanpa rekaman kamera script setting n posting, bagi teman2 yg ingin seperti Begadang yuk bisa mentransfer kelebihan hartanya ke rekening Yayasan Peduli 093-8000-500 lho lho lhooo

My favorite movies are those that focus on character development and the script could easily be written to be performed on stage. Have you ever been to Broadway to see a play? These old time actors and actresses had to sing, dance, do stage work and make movies. A lost era and lost art. :( /Alex

Alexander, hola. 🌻
Buena tarde, que estés bien. 🥀
Me recordó a los dos papeles que hizo Tallulah Bankhead en el teatro que fueron llevados al cine e interpretado por Bette Davis.
The little foxes fue primero una obra de teatro que interpretó Bankhead pero cuando decidieron hacerla película, en un principio, pensaron en ella pero sus escándalos y las tantas llegadas tardes al set de grabación decidieron darle el papel a la Davis, que por cierto, fue un éxito.
Nunca he estado en Broadway pero sí sé lo que tuvieron que pasar esos artistas, además, Davis también hizo teatro pero cabe recalcar que su vida fue el cine, ella lo prefirió así pero de vez en cuando se daba la oportunidad de una buena obra en el teatro. 🦋
My favorite movies are those that focus on character development and the script

Do I have the right to leave the one I love because he no longer cares about me as he did before?

U mean that the spark is gone.
Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a commitment.. it’s not always about laughs, smiles and fun.
People tend to quit when it stops being fun, and they go look for someone else..
Nooo, that’s not how it works..u want somebody to never give up on u, and love u unconditionally??
Do the same.. Be the change..This isn’t Hollywood, this isn’t a movie when u don't like the script, u quit..
Every relationship will get “boring” after u’ve been together for years..this is cuz u allowed boredom to creep in to ur life
Hold on to the one u love and try to fix things...
That's all I can say!!

Do you have stage fright?

Aurora3363’s Profile PhotoNamiqah
Surprisingly, not really. As long as there's no script, no choreography or whatsoever. If I'm allowed to be myself, I'm totally fine with being on stage or in front of crowds. Therefore I've never had issues with presentations or public speeches.
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Been to a ballet or live theater? If so, did the story line bring tears to your eyes?

I've never been to ballet but I have been to the theatre a few times. I was a drama student in school, part of our last exam was on inspector calls so we went to see that. It was pretty good, I enjoyed it despite having already read the script and analysing it sixteen times 😅 I know my aunt took me to see a different performance when I was a kid but I have no memory of what it was

jesteś odważna pokaż brzuch w ciąży spożywczej

Sittin' on the counter in your kitchen Can you hear my heartbeat fucking kickin'?
Your eyes light up 'cause you best believe
That I got something on my sleeve I walk my talk, no time for wishful thinking I push up on my toes, you call me "sweet thing"
And breathin' down your neck, your body screaming
And you thought you were the boss tonight
But I can put up one good fight I flip the script like I can take a beating
And when you start to feel the rush
A crimson headache, aching blush And you surrender to the touch, you'll know I can put on a show, I can put on a show
Don't you see what you're finding? This is Heaven in hiding, oh
https://youtu.be/zB6oIdz_ZXoBeatitudoo’s Video 171159386261 zB6oIdz_ZXoBeatitudoo’s Video 171159386261 zB6oIdz_ZXo

What's a thing that many people hate about you? And what's a thing that you hate about most people?

Grace_Elias’s Profile Photoنـعـمـة
from previous experience, I've found what people don't like about the most is how confrontational I am about my opinions.
the same people that bragged about how they love my honesty, but when that honesty needed to be used on them, they flipped the script and wanted to play victim.
I don't hate, just don't care for people who feel the need to lie. small, petty unnecessary lies that can easily be spotted as a lie to make themselves look better.

kot sem že rekla, jaz pa si ful želim da bi ti delala youtube videe v slovenščini☺️ ker je premalo avtentičnih slo youtuberjev ki govorijo o mentalnem zdravju. se mi zdi da so vsi taki fejk in probavajo biti kid friendly in so kar bedni

Hvala🙈💛 in ja, jaz mam ful željo začeti redno in mam tolko idej ampak mam vedno head in the clouds & sem all over the place, ko se spravim delat videe. Od zdaj naprej bom si dol zapiševala script za vsak video. Pa še enkrat hvala girl❤️ Jaz bom kar se da avtentična🥰

Are there any minor things that annoy you? For example, it annoys me when youtube ads are silent since that makes me think something's wrong with the audio 😑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
There are tonns of that. For example, downloading pics in blog just one in time. Or stuрid neighbour's cat, who always cannot find its own window, jump up into mine and screaming there, so i used to lock the flat, walk downstairs, go around the building, go upstairs, get this screaming and scratching animal out of my window grate and put it in the neighbor's grate so it can get home, then I need to go down again, go around and go upstairs. Sometimes it happens twice a day. Once it got into the ventilation under my floor and I had to disassemble the floorboard and insert some grid there so that it would not able to get there again, and - guess what - i returned it "to its homeland" again.
Or another, i hell hаte ads in my player, it is louder than my music, it is always same texts, the voices are disguisting and sounds very unnatural... like, people never talk like that. It would be better, if they just reading script or take normal voice actors, but this cheep fake "emotions"... arrgh! This make me furious.

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Are there any minor things that annoy you For example it annoys me when youtube

Kbhi koshish bhi mat krna mujhy paanay ki, mujhy naw paa sako ge tm. Bana k surat ghoomo ge tm deewanay ki kahin k naw raho ge tm

wardazzled’s Profile PhotoWardah Shafi
Yar Larki ne Sab larkon ko Feroz khan wle dramay ka Character samjha hoa ha jo written script Pe amal kr rha ha. Expectations booster😂😂
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أنا قربت أخلص لغة Python... لو عايز أتخصص في cyber security أو web development أعمل اي بعدها؟!!!

Web development
Html css java script front end
Paython back end / php
و ف مكتبة botstrap هتحتجها بردو
والله يوفقك

Dua Zehra was only 14 how she got married, is this right to do so?😥

People don't understand the seriousness of this matter, they find this scenario amusing.
It's Time Trap. Three girls (Dua Zehra, Nimra Kazmi & Dinar Ali) disappeared the same day from the same area of a city, and they were found in an other province the same day!? It's a bad joke propagated by media & police as a smokescreen. Both media and police are hiding a bigger picture behind the issue. We all are aware of the truth that our country has an issue of human trafficking and child abduction.
It seems Dua'a abductors want a safe way out. Her father's plea has made it a national issue. It led to all the agencies getting involved and helping to recover her. It must be someone linked or some important person who is involved on the back end due to why media & police are doing a cover-up now. Her videos seems completely staged as if she is reading a script, and the boy seems pressured too.

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Why do you think Kasey would hear you out?

Because she never does.She doesn’t ever wanna hear the truth. So honestly part of me wants to talk to her but I already know she isn’t going to listen and she is just continue to be how she is and when it gets aired out in due time that’s when she will flip the script and play victim, and try have people feel bad for her.

Beggars cant be choosers

The Script - Superheroes
https://youtu.be/WIm1GgfRz6MAisyahIsHere2’s Video 169682947907 WIm1GgfRz6MAisyahIsHere2’s Video 169682947907 WIm1GgfRz6M
All the life she has seen
All the meaner side of me
They took away the prophet's dream
For a profit on the street
Now she's stronger than you know
A heart of steel starts to grow
All his life he's been told
He'll be nothing when he's old
All the kicks and all the blows
He won't ever let it show
'Cause he's stronger than you know
A heart of steel starts to grow
When you've been fighting for it all your life
You've been struggling to make things right
That's how a superhero learns to fly
Every day, every hour, turn the pain into power
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Yuk spil lagu favoritnya yuk..

dragneelay’s Profile PhotoElano
Perjalanan - Franky & Jane
for him. - Troye Sivan
Monster - Dodie
Talia - King Princesses
From Eden - Hozier
Christmas Tree - V
Ketaman Asmoro - Didi Kempot
Jembatan Merah - Gesang
Break My Heart Again - FINNEAS
Emmylou - Vance Joy
Before The Worst - The Script
Never Satisfied - CORPSE
Oh! Carol - Neil Sedaka
Somebody To Love Me - Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.
I Promise - Radiohead
Heartbreak Girl - 5 Seconds of Summer
Keno Godho - Nurhana
How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead
If You Know That I'm Lonely - FUR
I Hate That You're Happy - Tiny Little Houses
Make Me Your Queen - Declan McKenna
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So I have a huge crush on this girl I have been noticing in the gym. I think I am in love. How do I tell her that I love her?

So let's quickly analyze the scene first. You saw a girl at the gym. You think you're in love. You go to her straightway and confess your love. She's now caught in an awkward moment. This will likely send her fleeing for the hills....and rightly so. Well, even a rookie script writer would have written a better script than this.
My dear, you don't profess love to someone you hardly know or someone you aren't even in a relationship with. In fact, not any sort of. That's like mega super ultra creepy. Gosh! The truth is, you're infatuated with this girl and that takes us both to the first line of the question - "a huge crush". You desire your crush. Maybe you even imagine how things would be if you both are together. But you don't (yet) love your crush. Perhaps, you will, if you get to know them and explore a relationship with them. But that's a road, long enough.
So what you do for now is go to them and tell them in a subtle manner that "Hey, I have been noticing you for a while and you seem pretty chill. It would be a pleasure knowing you. How about we go for some coffee this weekend?" If you're lucky enough, she'd would reply with an yes. And if you aren't....well, at least you saved yourself from some serious embarrassment.

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How odd is that , when you realize you are just a puppet and your surroundings are theatre people in it watching you as audience. Clapping on each of your dialogue/Act . Disrespecting you on wrong doings. Sometimes it will appear as a Big hit and a poor flop. Evrythin that matters is jst a gud scrpt

So what if the script is tragic? Read till the last chapter, one page is enough to turn the tables, keep reading. The writer might change the ending jus' for you.

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