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I think I may have a hernia/kidney stones however in a few months I'm supposed to go on holiday with my partner I'm scared to go to the doctors because if I do and I need surgery to solve the problem my partner might get mad at me since we'll have to delay the holiday I don't know what to do

This is why you should buy holiday insurance as soon as you book your holiday and not delay it. But if you've already got a problem it's too late, they won't cover you for something that you already know about.
If you get seriously ill while abroad that will be a total nightmare, so you should definitely go to the doctor now. Your health is more important.

What are your plans for the weekend? 🗓️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Honestly, I had minimal plans for the weekend. Biggest thing was getting the AC fixed at my place since it was super hot, and now that’s all done! Apart from that, I really just tried to stay cool, played some Sims, talked to my dad for Fathers Day, and fixed some issues I had with insurance. ☺️
Side note: I took this picture of the sky the other night! I always say that the bonus of living in a more rural area is beautiful sunsets. 😍
What are your plans for the weekend

What made you smile today?

I’ve got three things from the past three days that have made me smile!
1. I had an insurance issue to deal with and it got resolved quickly (best possible outcome as well), so I’m very happy! ☺️
2. My dad opened his Fathers Day gift while on FaceTime with me, and he absolutely loved it! It was lovely getting to chat with him. 🥹
3. The AC in my place was fixed today, which is a relief considering the temperatures where I live have been close to 100°F (40°C) and it’s been like 78°F (26°C) inside for a few days now. 🥵
What made you smile today
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What was your last doctor's visit about? I went because I thought I had an ingrown toenail, but it turned out I had just walked too much in shoes that hurt my toe. I paid $280 without insurance, a week's worth of groceries, just to be told to wear proper shoes and trim my nails correctly 💜

I only go when I need refills on sleeping pills and migraine medicine. I wouldn’t even go at all but I like to sleep.

Have you ever received a phone call, text or email from scammers? How could you tell?

Sure. They don’t usually mention your name they call you customer or miss or just don’t acknowledge you at all and just launch into their script. My favourite was when I didn’t even have a car and got calls bout having no insurance. Like duh, I can’t insure air 😂

When you go to see your dentist, do you pay for your teeth cleanings each and every time? As a family, we didn’t have to pay at our old dentist place but where we currently go to for dental checkups every 6 months, we sometimes pay around $80 after one teeth cleaning session only.

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Here in The Netherlands it isn’t covered in the basic insurance anymore. I have an extra insurance which covers about 75% of the costs.
It covers 100% of the checkups! I only have to pay for the ‘mouth hygienist’.
I had to pay around 11 euros.

What’s something about “being an adult” that was surprising to learn?

GeorginaKeemcook’s Profile PhotoGeorgina
I'm not sure I was ever quite aware how much tax you have to pay until I started getting my first pay checks.
When you add up income tax, national insurance, council tax, car tax, insurance tax, fuel and alcohol duty, airport taxes and VAT then even if you're on minimum wage you're paying well over £100 a week.
People are always saying the government should spend more money on this or that, but they forget that the government has no money of its own. They don't make anything or earn anything, they only know how to spend. And it's OUR money they are spending.

Have you ever faced a medical issue that you couldn't address due to financial reasons? I've been experiencing dental pain for a while now and believe I need dental work done, but I don't have insurance and can't afford it at the moment. I'm currently unemployed and in a lot of debt, so lool

Yes I would like my uterus removed and it's 10,000 so I am saving to get it done hopefully next year

If you saved all the money you earned throughout your life, would you be rich now?

Ya_7abibi’s Profile PhotoDiaa
Hmm no, I don’t think so, but I mean, it’s impossible to save everything up. That would mean I am never able to get certain medicines or healthcare and I’d have a massive depth with my health insurance company 😅

Have you ever helped a friend with his homework in return for something specific? I have done it twice.

Ya_7abibi’s Profile PhotoDiaa
I used to help an in old school friend with his maths, but not to get anything in return. Sometimes the act of explaining something to someone else helps you understand it properly too. However, I found out recently that he's currently in prison for a massive insurance fraud. Probably best not to do that sort of thing if you're no good at maths.

What are some funny facts about your town?

Ya_7abibi’s Profile PhotoDiaa
🐎 There seems to be an overabundance of horses that have managed to get out of various fields and are either dodging traffic or wandering about in residential areas.
🐴 They keep getting reported on the village FB group and the owners will respond saying “oh that sounds like one of mine, I’ll come and get them.”
🐎 One of them (owner obvs 🤭) posted an advert on the group just the other day looking for someone to help with their horse during the day. They weren’t willing to pay anybody anything but said the successful candidate needed to provide their own insurance. Which sounded like a bit of a rip-off to me, but surprisingly there were a number of takers.
🐴 I knew a guy who worked with the horses in the local fields. He’d come straight to the pub from the field, the landlord would let him go upstairs and sleep for a while in one of the rooms, and then he’d come down later when there was music on. He’d dance the night away twirling his flatcap around. He passed away just a few years ago sadly.

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When was the last time you felt nervous and for what? How did it go? 😬🤞

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I was quite nervous making phone calls today regarding my health insurance. But I think it went pretty good? I did get some interesting, but also somewhat conflicting information, which was confusing. 🥴
However, I’m proud of myself for making phone calls the way I do currently. And that I’ve made so much progress to where I can go into them with way more confidence (despite feeling internally nervous) than I’ve had previously, be able to ask questions, advocate for myself, etc.
Also, I’m just trying to remain hopeful that things are going to work out okay, and I’m gonna get through this, instead of freaking myself out prematurely, overthinking, and so on, which I have a tendency to do. ☺️🤞🏼
When was the last time you felt nervous and for what How did it go

If you came upon a genie which would grant you one wish and one wish only, what'd you wish for? (Except for more wishes) 🧞‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Okay this is quite unrealistic, I know, but I’d wish for a year long supply of medication so I could just stop worrying about it. Sometimes I truly hate having to order it every month… and especially now that everything is so up in the air. 🥴
I just wish I could have my supply, so I knew I’d be set, and then if anything insurance or otherwise came up, it wouldn’t interfere with anything. That would be lovely. 😌
If you came upon a genie which would grant you one wish and one wish only whatd

Have you ever spilled liquid on something which shouldn't get wet? What did you do then? Was that thing okay afterwards? 💧💻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I spilled quite an amount of water on my laptop during a gaming session once. I immediately turned the power off and let it dry for a couple of days.
I also contacted my insurance company to tell them what happened and that it might be damaged, but I still wanted to try it out after letting it dry for a couple of days. Luckily my laptop was just fine! 😊

What's your current biggest worry?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
Insurance and meds. Long story short, there’s a whole lot that’s potentially changing soon regarding my medication, and my insurance is all over the place.
I’m definitely very worried about the whole thing and what this year is gonna look like. I’ve been dreading it honestly, I just don’t feel mentally or physically prepared. Like I don’t think my body is ready for medication changes, yet I may not have a choice. 😕
Whats your current biggest worry

What was the last thing you did which made you proud of yourself? Something that made you go "Yeah, that I did good" 😌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Gosh, it took me so long to come up with an answer to this...
But the most recent thing is how I’ve handled my insurance situation. I got it solved by myself in just a little over 2 weeks and was able to fairly confidently make all the phone calls I needed to without getting super anxious. I’m very proud of this, as even a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do that alone. And today I’m going to pick up my medication. 😌
What was the last thing you did which made you proud of yourself Something that

Honey life's too short to be crying or being sad. Just enjoy life, go out, have fun, party. You're young. Enjoy your youth. This is the best time of your life

I lost my grandfather (my father figure) 3 months ago, I just lost his brother Saturday, my grandmother has stage 4 cancer and is slowly getting too weak for treatment, I'm trying to find a new house by the 14th of February, I'm dealing with the medicaid office messing with my my insurance which is messing with my disability income and now someone at the SSI office messed up my income information and I'm dealing with having to get a second opinion on my knee injury because it's gotten worse. What exactly in that do I have to smile about?

Shout-out: Since January is almost over, how has the first month of 2024 been for you?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJ
It’s been… a bit stressful. I’ve been battling to get my meds for most of the month, cause of insurance issues, etc. So I haven’t taken my meds in quite some time. And since I’m currently in an illness flare, it hasn’t done well. 😬 Luckily, I am getting my meds in a couple days, so I can get back on track, but most of the month has been a lot of phone calls trying to figure things out.
Also, had several snow/ice storms this month which has meant I’ve not gone many places. 😅 But I’m hopeful things will be turning around in February, as these coming couple of weeks will be considerably warmer. ☺️
Shoutout Since January is almost over how has the first month of 2024 been for

Are you saving up money for something? What is it that you want to get? 🏖🎮

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Our vacations are not very expensive, not necessary to save money for them on purpose ........ on the other side the house or cottage with some land (I would like to have) are so expensive, that we are not able to save so much money in our life ........ so ...... many years ago we arranged life insurance which is something like product for saving money too and these money will be paid to us in our age 60. I estimate that in that time we will be forced to buy new car and to start to pay more money for doctor care :/

I'm glad your experience was nice. I'd like to visit the US, but I wouldn't ever live there permanently. I wouldn't wanna live in a constant state of fear that someone might sh**t me d**d any moment. And their healthcare and educational system suck. And overall, the US sucks.

I couldn’t live there either, mainly due to healthcare costs. I was briefly in the hospital while over there - fortunately my organisation picked up my extortionate insurance costs, which I couldn’t have otherwise afforded given the amount of conditions I have.
There wasn’t so much of a gun problem where I was located and back at that time, but yes, generally it’s another factor against relocating there.

Leafy driving or operating any kind of machinery? That's a frightening thought. 🤣 I would strongly advise Alexander Monroe to buckle his red seat belt, make sure it's snug and have plenty of insurance. "Brace for impact, Aleeeex!" 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Imagine Leafy’s eyes lighting up if he ever got to operate a conveyor belt! Like a child at Christmas! Like an Alexander Monroe on the golfing green! 🥰🥰🥰🤣💗
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Who has some advice for a first time mom to be?

Lauren S
all same color socks/gloves to save your sanity🧦, buy minimal clothes bc they grow FASTTT, zipper > anything with buttons,
costco brand (kirkland) diapers and wipes are good quality and cheap, use diaper rash cream every time (aquaphor is best),
evenflo bottles TRUST🍼💯,
sign up for baby registries with free goodies bags (walmart, target, amazon, etc.) usually has free bottles & binky 🍼, Enfamil/Similac send free formula samples & coupons,
your insurance may offer free car seat, diaper bag, breast pump, etc.
there’s a lot more so ask me anything 😗
the nights are gonna be long, but the years are short ❤️ give them lots of love and snuggles 🥺
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What's your opinion on taxis charging you if you give birth in their taxi?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
The same way I feel about people who puke in a taxi, mess is mess and if you make it, you should pay for the clean up. Those cars aren't generally provided by the taxi company, most of the time, that's the drivers personal vehicle that they pay insurance on to be able to do their job. If you give birth, puke, shart yourself, etc, causing a mess that takes effort to clean up, you're going to not only be causing damage to their car but also a loss of earnings. People should pay for that.

What’s bothering you?

I really miss my best friend. her moving out of state has really bummed me out cuz that's less time I'll see her and my babies, but at the same time I am so happy for this step forward in her life she has worked so hard for. I'm just lonely around here, I don't have many friends that are close by and the one I do is fighting with cancer so I do my part to make sure our distance is kept so she doesn't get sick in any way since a lot of us have been sick lately from strep to sinus infections. tomorrow is also my mawmaws memorial service and I think that too has played a part in my depression and also not looking forward to seeing my uncle who I cut off back in 17' for publicly shaming me on fb over our difference of opinion. he's been starting unnecessary drama with my dad over money from my grandmother's insurance policy cuz he's an addict and only wants money to fuel his drug use.

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Say you got picked up to become a voice actor, what kinds of characters do you think you'd be able to play with your current voice? 🎤🎧🗣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When I was in college I did radio commercials for our little university radio station. My voice is high and “thin” so I was never able to do serious commercials, like for instance a law firm, or an insurance company. But for some reason I was able to do “lady in distress” characters well, like someone whose car broke down and needs it fixed. Seems fitting about now lol
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If people are lonely, why don't they marry me?

So insurance pays off bro and that $250 a month is Hella worth it now LOL
I'm getting back a lot for my old car, let's just say enough to get a new one and still have some left over. I'm thankful💜 everything is looking up

Have you considered going to therapy? (Not calling you a crazy person, I swear! Lol SheeeeeeEeeesh) 🤪😝 Have you ever gone? If so, what was your experience like?

I’m actually going to 2 therapists right now… yikes lol 😬
It’s not too bad. One is online through BetterHelp. Pros and cons:
- can always text my therapist 24/7
- she replies at least once a day every day except Sunday and her vacations/holidays
- she herself is great to talk with and is super supportive and friendly
- insurance doesn’t cover it
- mine specifically only does 30 minute appointments which isn’t typically long enough for what I need
- I can’t book a new appointment until my next one is complete so I don’t usually get appointments at the times I want
- my specific therapist is in a different time zone so my appointments with her typically are at weird hours like 7am before I go to work
My local therapist is also great, I don’t have any complaints about her. She even accommodated my 8am appointment request although she comes in at 9 typically.
So far my only real complaints with all therapists I’ve come across are their hours. They work like 9-4 Monday-Thursday and I work 8-5 Monday-Friday so that’s super inconvenient lol. Also it takes too long to see any changes but that’s not therapy’s fault 😂

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Are you good about checkups? Like seeing the doctor, dentist, ect when you need to? 🥸

Hate all of that, and haven't been to either in years.
Lack of insurance is a large part of it, but luckily, I'm pretty healthy and do my best to stay that way.

Can you please explain to me what insurance is? I know that you pay money and if something happens the insurance company gives you money to sort the problem out...but what if nothing happens?once the contract expires do they give you your money back? Or you just keep paying?

Are you for real lol?
Don’t you have google? You honestly ask so many stupid things and I wonder why.
They won’t give you any money back! It’s called insurance because it ensures you in case something happens. So you build money and you claim the money, car or whatever.
Simple example; if you have pet insurance and your pet is killed by a car, you will receive the money you paid for the pet + what you’ve spent for them (vaccinations and stuff)

Talk about what's on your mind

I knoow having bad teeth is an easy target for hate messages but like in reality a lot of my and other peoples issues with their teeth are medical issues. Grinding my teeth fue to muscle spasms. My thyroid not functioning properly. Im constantly on antibiotics that can cause teeth issues. Severe acid reflux. I personally also have ibs which causes a lot of vomiting which negatively impacts my teeth. Dental care and dental insurance both are very expensive, teeth and having medical issues that impact teeth are very expensive. I dont really give a damn what you say to//about it to me but maybe think before you say things like this to a person it will hurt, for something out of their control.

Hello how are you doing

i'm thrilled and overwhelmed and excited and terrified all at the same time, LOL.
there's so much sh*t i have to do this weekend to prepare for the apartment, and i know i'll be able to get it all done, but it's *so* daunting, aaah. i already got the renter's insurance in my name, i just need to get the electric utility in place and my roommate and i have to get bank checks for the deposit & pet fee and drop everything off on monday. i'll probably take the day off from work, tbh.
after that is all done, then i need to PACK and order the MOVING TRUCK and coordinate with the internet company so i can get wifi set up asap, shfhshaksjd. i only have two weeks.
i'm word vomiting at this point, sry. i also need to get moving boxes/totes and we need to start shopping for some basic household stuff. i rly want to take a vacation after this is all done, lmfaoo.

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Hi Shakira, i know busy ka... Pero just want to hear your thoughts... Is marriage something u really wanted for you and your wife or being in a common-law partnership is enough? Bakit for you mas pinili niyo ang being married? Thanks a lot. Gustong gusto ko kasi thoughts mo eh...

For the first ten years of my relationship, marriage wasn't even an option for us so then we weren't allowed to want it. But building a life with someone means securing your future together, something you will understand once you build a life with someone too. There are 1,300 rights and privileges same-sex couples don't get when they're not allowed to marry. This includes giving your spouse health insurance, pension, inheritance, healthcare proxy, etc etc etc. Adult things I know, but it's foolish to think that marriage is about romance. You can have that without marriage. Marriage is primarily a contract. Not to tie someone to you, but to protect your relationship and the family you're building together legally. You can have a strong commitment without it of course, but in this world we decided to protect our relationship, assets, and each other with marriage. Here's to hoping you'll never have the complications in life that would require legal protections. Here's wishing you're also allowed all the rights and benefits straight people get automatically even if they've just met.

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If your husband died today what would you do for cash? What would you do about child care?

I'm his beneficiary, so I'd be responsible for any life insurance, etc.
My parents live close by but i have 3/4 that are gone between 7-5 normally, outside of summer generally, on a daily basis anyways.
We also have money anyways.
Technically my middle child would then qualify but idk not a scenario i tend to think about.
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Was ist deine Meinung zum Thema - Ärztliche Beratung über Schwangerschaftsabbruch?/ Abtreibung? Sollten Ärzte Frauen darüber beraten dürfen oder nicht? Bitte gibt eine ausführliche Meinung ab & nicht einfach ja oder nein.

Fulxyaa_’s Profile PhotoMrs.Anonym
Ich missbrauche diese Frage nicht nur, um ausführlich darauf zu antworten, sondern auch, um auf die USA hinzuweisen und ihre konservativen Hampelmänner, die der Meinung sind über Körper und Leben bestimmen zu dürfen.
Und ja: Ärzte sollten "Werbung" für Abtreibungen und Beratungsgespräche machen dürfen, weil...
a) Selbstständige Entscheidung: Frauen sollten über ihren Körper selbstständig entscheiden können
b)Gesundheitsrisiko: Einige Schwangerschaften verlaufen nicht wie geplant. Für die Schwangere kann das Lebensgefahr bedeuten.
c) Abdriften in die Illegalität: Sind Abtreibungen verboten, werden diese vielfach unprofessionell und illegal vorgenommen, was hohe Gesundheitsrisiken für die Schwangere birgt. Das ist ein bisschen, wie das legalisieren von Cannabis. Illegal bedeutet nicht, dass es nicht gemacht wird.
Behinderung: Kinder mit schwersten Behinderungen, die sowohl das Leben der Eltern als auch des Kindes stark beeinträchtigen, können frühzeitig abgetrieben werden.
e)Vergewaltigungen: Das ist selbsterklärend

Es gibt immernoch Mädchen und Frauen, die sich gar nicht erst beraten lassen und ich würde mir wünschen, dass wir die Gesellschaft so öffnen können, dass jede Frau selbstbestimmt und Selbstbewusst und ohne extrinsische Einflüsse entscheiden kann, was sie in diesem Fall tut.
Und in den USA treiben sie es nun auf die Spitze: Hier herrscht ein klarer Rückschritt. Letztens habe ich ein Interview gesehen, in dem die Forderung nach Sklaverei Einzug erhielt - dann die Entscheidung des Surpreme Courts..
Ich bin super bestürzt und trauere. In Amerika wird jetzt sicherlich auch ein Abtreibungstourismus nach Kanada entstehen. Damit ist niemandem geholfen..aber gut, die hatten ja eh keine health insurance - teuer wars also eh. Und auf der anderen Seite führt irgendein bekloppter Krieg.
Damn. Es tut so weh. Diese Dummheit tut so weh.

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جايلي فرصة شغل حلوة اوي وعاوزة اقعل الحجاب بس مش عارفة اقنع ماما وبابا ازاي

ال بيدور ع شغل ومستواه حلو ف الانجلش
Concentrix is now hiring English speakers!
- Gross Salary 6700 EGP
- KPIs 1000 EGP
- Night Allowance 400 EGP
- Social & Medical insurance
- Transportation provided (door to door for girls after 9 PM)
- WA / CALLS : 01060306997
لو حد الانجلش بتاعه من Good ل Fluent و جاهز ينزل و هيتاخد فالحسبان فترة الإمتحانات للناس ال undergrad يبعتلي ، الراتب استارت up to ٧ آلاف.

Which (do you think, or know) grows faster; Sitka Spruce or Leylandii (bi-generic: Cupressocyparis) ? - What do you think? - of the former, as a garden tree ! - insane ? (to annoy tree-hating neighbours!)

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
🌲 I’m not familiar with those specifically, but if they become very big trees I’d be careful. My brother’s had tree roots causing subsidence under his house walls and destroying the kitchen floor. Sorting it out involved (and still involves) months of work and fannying about with the local council, insurance companies, and various contractors, and the upheaval for their home and three kids is huge.
🌳 I recommend something smaller but dazzling, like a cherry blossom tree. They still grow fairly large and quickly and in blossom season they look amazing. (May even blow a pink carpet over the neighbour’s lawn, if the wind direction’s right? 😉)

Dou you have health and dental insurance?

I’m from england so we don’t use health or dental insurance unless we pay for private health care or we’re going abroad. I had a card that covers you for any medical emergency/something that needs treatment that can’t wait until back home whenever I was in Spain as a kid. I did have dental insurance when I went to a private practice for braces and I still have it for another couple of years in case there’s anything I’m not happy with 🤷🏻‍♀️

Lubisz swój uśmiech? 🙊

Not particularly.
Not a big smiler, in general...
But my teeth are also pretty jacked, from years of oral piercings and random abuse.
Brushing/flossing can only do so much, and dentistry is extremely cost-prohibitive when you have no insurance.

Life Insurance Council of America říká, že lidem, kteří zemřou v důsledku vakcíny COVID, NEBUDE vyplacena jejich životní pojistka. Říkají, že už každý zná rizika těchto experimentálních vakcín a že se to rovná SEBEvraždě.

Neni to spis tim, ze mrtvym lidem..by se obecne nemelo neco vyplacet, protoze je jim to k nicemu? 👀

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