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Say you were gonna sleep at a place with no beds, what would you bring to make yourself comfortable? 🛏️🚫

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
A sleeping bag seems the obvious answer! Me and my fiance own a reeeaallly good one that we bring with us on camping trips, music festivals, etc. It's nice and thick, layer an extra blanket on top and it's pretty comfy. Makes sleeping on the ground a whole lot easier.

What activities/hobbies give you dopamine? (What hobbies make you go absolutely crazy?)

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I absolutely LOVE hiking, bowling, gaming, hairstyling, doing makeup, cooking, baking, drawing, painting, and writing. I also, love going to amusement parks and festivals, but it’s rare I actually get a chance to go to either one. I was lucky enough though, to experience TWO festivals last year, and it made me so happy! 😁
However, hiking has to be one of the top ones… Especially if it’s a more difficult hike, and you get the payoff of an amazing view at the end, plus being out in nature, it doesn’t get much better than that for me. Like the amount of dopamine is HIGH! 😂☺️
(Took this after completing one of many hikes in Hawaii. This is what I mean when I say payoff.) 😍
What activitieshobbies give you dopamine What hobbies make you go absolutely

What did you learn from your life ?

Don't wait for festivals , i'll make lit dish on that day for guests
Cook for your self, relish tasty cusines daily and lead happy prosperous life.Mohammed ali baloucch
Don't wait for occasion i'll exclusively dress up nicely that day, daily become your own stylist create chic looks ,press iron clothes wear it click pictures
Do things for your self and be happy in your life
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How traditional would you say you are?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Hmm it’s hard to tell because the original Dutch traditions and culture haven’t really been around since about 1900.
I hold on to the traditions we sort of have though:
celebrating Kings Day: the birthday of the king. On this day everybody can set up a spot and sell some of their junk. It’s like a huge flee market all over the country. There are also festivals and it’s normal to dress in orange. 🧡
Kids do ‘Kings Play’ which is basically a sports day at school. Where they do an estafette with different activities.
Memorial day: 2 minutes of silence on the 4th of May, to remember those who died in the second world war.
Day of Freedom: 5th of May: celebrating that The Netherlands wasn’t occupied by the Germans anymore.
Then we have a bunch of Christian celebrations as traditional, like Easter and Christmas. I do not really celebrate it since I’m not a Christian, but we sort of have our own twist.

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How traditional would you say you are

Do people over 30 still party or have you all become boring oldfarts

I was very lively (partying sometimes went hand-in-hand with the gigging/performing, particularly at festivals) until I became very ill in my 40s.
I was already ill but it took a turn for the worse to the point that strumming a guitar became too exhausting and people and noise exacerbated my illness.
So now I’m definitely a boring old fart, though not really through choice.

Expectations on Eid?

Introvertguy1998’s Profile PhotoIntrovert Guy
After thinking much about the present condition of people I concluded that we as a Muslim nation are in disguise because we don't celebrate the events God has blessed us with. We normalise sleeping on Eids and other festivals. We as so called cool people undermine the dignity of the day. We feel proud in saying "Yar mere eid to bakwas guzri". We don't celebrate God as he should be celebrated. I am expecting a better eid this time because I am gonna contribute my part in making people around me happy atleast. :)

Welche Kulturen findest du interessant?

valuablepearld’s Profile PhotoD
Oaah, es gibt so viele faszinierende Kulturen auf der Welt, dass es schwer ist, eine einzige auszuwählen! Von den alten Zivilisationen wie den Ägyptern und den Maya bis hin zu den lebendigen Traditionen der Maori in Neuseeland oder den farbenfrohen Festivals in Indien – jede Kultur hat ihre eigenen Geschichten und Bräuche, die es wert sind, erkundet zu werden. 😯
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Was siehst du persönlich als Geldverschwendung an?

Marie29052001’s Profile PhotoMarie ♡
Geldausgaben für:
Nagelstudio und Gelnägel, ständiges Shopping für Kleidung, die man nicht braucht und am Ende sowieso nicht anzieht, Feuerwerk und Böller, AIkohol, Zigaretten, Dr0gen generell, finanzielle Unterstützung für Parteien wie die AfD und andere rechtsradikaIe Parteien, W4ffenexporte, P0rnos und S3xkauf (ist nicht nur Geldverschwendung, sondern auch einfach schädIich, für den Konsumenten und vor allem aber für die "Dienstleisterinnen"), Make-up, Schmuck, Softdrinks, McDonalds-Fraß, Spotify, Snapchat etc., Datingapps, Streamingdienste, Rundfunkgebühren, Beerdigungen (als ich erfahren hab, wie viel eine "kleine" Beerdigung kostet, ist mir fast das Herz stehen geblieben), Supplemente (wenn man weiterhin nicht passend dazu die Ernährung umstellt), teure Luxus-Autos, Festivals und Konzerte, überteuerte Markensachen, ... Und Dinge, die im Übermaß konsumiert werden, obwohl das eigentlich nicht nötig ist.

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When you've recieved an entrance wristband for like a theme park, concert etc., how long do you generally keep it on afterwards? Are there any which you have saved? 🎟️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
🎵 I keep wristbands from various musical events.
🎸 Many are attached to my guitar case along with lanyards and badges from when I’ve worked festivals (pic attached, they look a bit scrunched up together now due to other people moving my guitars here and there and out of the way, there are more there than it looks!)
🏥 I also keep my hospital inpatient wristbands pinned to my noticeboard.
When youve recieved an entrance wristband for like a theme park concert etc how

What were some of your best moments of 2023?🎆

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Oooo… Here we go!
-Reunited with my dad after a year + trip to Chicago where I got to see the incredible 360° view from the 94th floor of the John Hancock building for the first time. 🤩
-New York (that entire trip was just SO good).
-Crossing Niagara Falls off my bucket list. 😛
-Moved to a new home that I truly love.
-Renewed my Cosmetology license successfully, and completed 14 hours of continuing education!
-Reuniting with my step-brother after not seeing each other in person for FOUR years. 🥰
-Started gaming (for real) and have been slowly learning how to do it properly since getting a gaming laptop. Still got a very long way to go, but I’m trying. 😁
-The very special trip to Chicago (again) that my mom, grandma, and I took for my grandma’s birthday this summer!
-The endless hours I spent outside, sitting by the river, watching/feeding ducks, walking, etc.
-Going to TWO different art festivals this year which were incredible!! 😱
-Seeing The 39 Steps with my step-brother. (FRONT ROW 🤩) True bonding experience!
-Experiencing creative fulfillment (several different moments throughout the year) from so many projects that I did for friends/family that were out of my comfort zone.
-And finally, my birthday yesterday, which was so special and made me feel so loved. Couldn’t have wished for a better end to the year than that! 🥺🥹

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What were some of your best moments of 2023

️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️️️️️ ️️

New Hello Lovers merch is out now ! Since you’ve all been asking about the YONY shirts I wore at the festivals, I’ve added some of those to the store too ❤️ store.niallhoran.com
New Hello Lovers merch is out now  Since youve all been asking about the YONY

Auf der At choice Seite von Welcome to my Downfall lacht mich dein Character an und weckt mein interesse, Magst uns was über Heidi verraten?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Oh, gerne!
Lets see, Heidi ist die jüngere von zwei Schwestern. Ihre Schwester Hera ist nach DER Hera aus der Mythologie benannt. Damit dürfte klar sein, wer das Lieblingskind ist.
Heidi bekam ihre Katze Miss Bisquit (sie hört auch auf Squee Squee und Squishy) zum Schulabschluss geschenkt und sie liebt sie.
Weitere Dinge, die Heidi liebt sind Road Trips, Food Festivals und das Meer.
Oh und dann wäre da natürlich ihr Geheimnis, ohne zu spoilern, die Schuld fühlt sich an, als würde sie sie lebendig auffressen.
Also rundum she's doing her best. 💬
Auf der At choice Seite von Welcome to my Downfall lacht mich dein Character an

If you could establish a shop, what would you sell?

I’ve dreamt of playing festivals since I was a kid . Thank you to everyone from all around for world for coming out to see us play this year , when you are so spoiled for choice at the these things. Live music is the best thing in the world and the festivals made me even more excited for tour next year. We are currently putting ‘The Show’ together and I can’t wait for you to see what I have ready for ya.
If you could establish a shop what would you sell

What were your highs and lows of 2023 so far?

— finally studying the course i've been eyeing off for ~5 years
— finishing that course (i'm just about there, anyway!)
— buying my first car
— finding a rental that has a room for my son
— attending australia's first ever knotfest
— two music festivals and two concerts (well, the second is this weekend)
— getting a new laptop for my birthday, so i can play my pc games again
— falling back in love with reading
— working more on trauma recovery and not backsliding
— seeing all of my son's progress and accomplishments
— getting closer to a friend i fell out with years ago and dearly missed
— still having @aclockworkbananna by my side ♡
— losing two friends who had meant a lot to me, but seeing with coloured glasses
— realising my doctor is useless, and i'm gonna struggle finding one that works for me
— having my first ever case of tonsillitis, so severe i had to go to the ER
— my wisdom teeth pain flaring up to such an extent that i find it painful to eat / drink (even water)
— joint pain after covid that has impacted my stamina when walking

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Tag der der Neugier: wie kann ich mir deine Nachbarschaft vorstellen? Was siehst du wenn du am Fenster oder auf dem Balkon stehst? Ist manchmal Musik zu hören? Dringen Lachen oder Gespräche zu dir? Gibt es Nachbarschaftshilfe? Kennst du den Namen des Postboten? Fühlst du dich wohl wo du lebst?

Also links neben mir ist die Kirche, rechts neben wir war früher mal eine Bäckerei. Mittlerweile ist das ein leer stehendes Haus, was langsam verfällt. Die Lagerräume dahinter werden als Ablage Ort für Ton Equipment, also alles was an so für Festivals brauch, dort gelagert. Einmal am Tag fährt da jemand vorbei mit seinem getunten schirokko. Den hört man schon aus paar Kilometern Entfernung. Der ist ziemlich laut. Gegenüber von mir steht ebenfalls ein Haus, dass leer steht. Die älteren Menschen, die dort lebten, sind leider verstorben und nun verkümmert das Haus ebenfalls. Links neben dem Haus hatte auch eine alte Dame gelebt, die ebenfalls verstorben ist. Das Haus stand auch lange leer, aber seit einem halben Jahr ist eine Familie dort eingezogen und hat alles umgebaut. Der Mann wertet alte Autos auf, also da stehen so viele Autos rum, was optisch einer Müllhalde gleicht. Nicht schön. Ich habe keinerlei Kontakt zu meiner Nachbarschaft. Ich kenne die Menschen einfach nicht. Aber ich denke, dies liegt auch an der Zeit. Heutzutage ist ja alles anders wie früher. Schade ist es schon, aber leider ist das Dorf am aussterben. Immer mehr ziehen weg, bis irgendwann das kleine Dorf einer Geisterstadt ähnelt. Ich fühle mich hier wohl. Man hat Platz, man hat seine Ruhe. Aber es nervt natürlich auch, dass man für alles ein Auto brauch. Ohne Auto kommt man nirgends hin, ohne Auto ist man aufgeschmissen..

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What accd. to you will be the most probable reason for World War III?

It'll be 1000 years from now. I'll be born as a handicapped child in New Delhi. I'll gain power and kill all the netizens of Pakistan. Be the King there. I'll change all the laws n punishments and entire constitution of Pakistan and change the nation's name into 'The Republic of Cannibals.' I'll buy cannibals from all diff. countries and forests and protect them in my nation. I'll prepare a highly skilled military force of cannibals and use these cannibal soldiers and my new nation to serve India. Criminals who commit crimes in India will be sent to the Republic of Cannibals and tortured until they join the cannibal military force (they'll have to become cannibals). Severe criminals (rapists, murderers, treacherers, terrorists) will be cooked and eaten on festivals. Cannibal soldiers can have max. 2 children, (the 3rd one will be cooked and eaten). I'll write the new National Anthem of my new nation. India will grow much prosperous than ever under me. Cannibals will be respected all around the world. But later after achieving massive success n power, I'll become greedy and shake hands with China. Now I'll use my special military force to serve China just for power n money. China will throw atom bombs in many European countries and World War 3 will start. China will be responsible for massive destruction all over the globe. I'll realise my mistake that I shouldn't have been greedy for money n power and helped China. I'll commit suicide out of extreme guilt. China will continue to threaten the world. A great scientist will be born in India at that time (reincarnation of APJ Abdul Kalam) and he'll finally invent the formula to be invisible. The Indian Army will use this formula to be invisible. India will join the European forces to defeat China. China will be destroyed by the Indian forces. India will become the most prosperous country after World War 3. The Republic of Cannibals will be included in India as a new state under the greatest scientist and leader (Kalam).

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If you could create a new holiday that doesn’t currently exist, what would you call it? What date would said holiday be on? What traditional food, music, activities, etc, do you think would be associated with it? 🎉🥂🎈🎂

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I think I'd want something Thanksgiving-esque in Sweden, without the problematic history of course Haha We have honestly zero holidays to really speak of during fall. "Mickelsmäss" was a holiday that occured on the 29th of September in old Sweden, with harvest festivals playing a big part in it. So I'd want to reintroduce it and make it a day when you also gather the family to have a delicious dinner! Preferably with turkey and other thanksgiving-esque food, just thinking of it makes my mouth water 🤤🍁
If you could create a new holiday that doesnt currently exist what would you

If you had to move away from the country where you currently live, what things would you miss the most? 🛩🏠😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Our culture festivals and such– my country is a multi-cultural society though, so they're actually quite unique (ps; come visit Malaysia). The temperature. Oh definitely would miss the "Eid al-Fitr" celebration )): The food and drink! Well this one is the obvious one haha😹

Quelles études scolaires as-tu faites et quels sont les domaines que tu as appris en autodidacte que ce soit dans des livres ou sur Internet ou ailleurs ?

LudovicRuiz’s Profile PhotoLudovic Richard RUIZ
Euh j'ai fait lettres classiques à un moment dans ma vie mdr. J'ai un peu traîné à l'antenne de théologie de mon bled aussi.
J'ai pris des cours d'éducation canine.
Mon copain a bossé en cuisine et il a une mention complémentaire traiteur, j'essaie d'imiter ce qu'il fait.
J'ai pris des cours de danse diverses, et mon père est un ancien instructeur de planche à voile/muscu. (Je sais toujours pas faire de la planche à voile, mais j'ai des bases en fitness.)
Mon grand-père était électricien alors je sais identifier deux/trois trucs, tant que c'est pas trop technique.
Mon ex m'a appris à jouer aux échecs et au clavier aussi.
Ma grand-mère et ma mère m'ont pas mal forcées à m'intéresser à l'ésotérisme et à l'astrologie.
A un moment j'allais à des ateliers de poterie, ça me sert encore quand je modèle de la pâte polymère.
J'ai pris des cours de théâtre et de danse pendant quelques années, j'ai déjà participé à la mise en scène de pièces +création de costumes / décors (fonds peints, récup de meubles et vêtements, ajustement de vêtements, costumes sur mesure et papier mâché)
Et là je suis en train d'essayer de me former pour faire de la médiation culturelle autour du folklore local.
Et toute seule j'ai pas mal bossé mon anglais et mon espagnol, mon latin et mon grec, des bases en polonais et en hébreu, la cuisine et la pâtisserie, le dessin et l'aquarelle, la couture, le surf, la broderie, le crochet, le jeu vidéo compétitif, je sais entretenir un jardin, des compétences de bricolage basique, etc.
+je vais voir du spectacle vivant, je lis, je vais à des concerts et des festivals divers
Puis j'ai approfondi ce que j'avais pu étudier avec des gens.
J'ai aussi récupéré la maison de mes parents qui était pas dans un état ouf, c'est bête mais on a été obligés de faire des réparations / du nettoyage partout, de la rendre vivable... je me rends compte que j'ai plus de compétences que ce que je pensais haha

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Ko darīt ja ir garlaicīgi?

Aivar_s’s Profile PhotoAivars
Tikai katrs pats to zina. Man patīk zīmēt vai skatīties kko yt. Nesen noskatījos jaunu dokumentālo "Woodstock '99", sākuma kadros domāju "kas tad tur, vnk festivāls, bet jo tālāk skatījos, jo "biedējošāk" tas viss palika. Yt neatradu, bet Netflix ir, kopā trīs sērijas. https://youtu.be/Tm5uUzbUwR4linda30y’s Video 172778127045 Tm5uUzbUwR4linda30y’s Video 172778127045 Tm5uUzbUwR4

What's the best live event you've been to? What made it so great? 🎙🎶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Hm. I guess it's Madeline Juno Concerts. She is a german artist, who also tried English songs in her early career as a singer. When you are in crowds, you have this "big family" -feeling. Every person in the crowd knows her songs and the energy is also incredible. Feels like everybody has been through the same stuff.
I also enjoy the medieval festivals, because everyone is treated with acceptance, the food there is tasty and the jugglers always were able to entertain the people.

Whenever you've bought tickets for a live event, where in the venue do you usually prefer to be? 🎫

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
CINEMA 👉 the last row in the middle in front of the screen, THEATER + FOLK FESTIVALS 👉as close as possible to the stage 😃,
BIG CONCERTS 👉 at the back so I could see everything properly - big screens and dancing and jumping crowd too 👀, it charges me by energy 👍 😁
Whenever youve bought tickets for a live event where in the venue do you usually

Whenever you've bought tickets for a live event, where in the venue do you usually prefer to be? 🎫

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have never gone to an event with tickets yet) When I started earning as much as I could afford, quarantine began😔 But sometimes I go to free music festivals and monster track shows (well, they are not quite free, but i know the ways). I can hаrdly be found anywhere near the stage, I don't like attention. Rather, somewhere near the food or on the roof / tree sounds more likely (on the ground, because of the backs, nothing will be visible to me).

Auf welches Festival möchtest du gerne mal?

Festivals sind für mich gelaufen, ich hasse Menschenmassen. Aber 1992 war ich mal in Den Haag beim North Sea Jazz Festival, und das war allerdings großartig!! Ich bin glücklich, da gewesen zu sein.
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Has a movie, book, show, game etc. ever made you emotional? How easily does it happen? 😄😡😥

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Disney movie can always make me bawl lol, they’re so good at hitting close to home by making it so recognizable.
Other that that, movies, shows, games, books don’t make me feel emotional easily.
What does make me emotional though are concerts, festivals, theme parks and other memorable things like vacation. Efteling and Disneyland created a soft spot in my heart. I love looking back at things or even having the realization during a moment and just be like ‘woah, I get to experience this, I get to be alive today and feel and take this all in and enjoy this moment with the people around me 🥹’
For example, this is my video I took at Disneyland, I cried for over 10 minutes looking at my videos and videos trying to find the most suitable one lol.
If you like this, I really suggest you search up on YouTube: Disneyland D-Light + Disney Illuminations 😊

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LunarHuntress’s Video 169669467356

idk why certain mothers (not saying names) use they kids as an excuse for everything claiming they cant do this they cant do that cause ✨kids✨ “i cant go there cause i have kids, i cant do that cause i have kids”. kids arent a burden and arent handcuffs. they dont stop u from living ur life

My kids aren't a burden. I've never said or acted like they were & I never said they stopped me from living my life. I was a teen mom. I had no help. My kids ARE the reason I couldn't go to concerts and music festivals, I didn't have childcare or the time for that kind of thing. I'm not the one crying bc i've never been to a concert, yall are. And yes, my kids are also the reason I can't take naps, they can't watch themselves you dumb fxck that's the whole point of me being a sahm😂😂😂
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Gehst du gerne auf Festivals? 🥳

lisa4434500’s Profile Photolisa44
Lärm, Rauch, Nonsens Gelaber gröhlende Jungseelen die mir alle Energie aus der Aura ziehn, ne Menge Abgase am Eingang und Parkplatz und überteuerte Preise nichts davon wäre meiner Gesundheit, meinen Interessen und Zielen zuträglich es würde im Gegenteil nur Schaden. Eine alte Seele meidet Menschenmengen sowieso. Supermarkt und Fußgängerzone im Sommer langt gerade das man genug hat. Bin viel zu sensitiv für den Mob.

Was ist dein "guilty pleasure"?

Madame_Vava’s Profile PhotoChaosperle
1. Vollkornhaferflockenbrei zum Frühstück kochen. Vor dem Verzehr einen Esslöffel Nutella darin versenken.
2. Filmmarathon bis in die frühen Morgenstunden – trotz 7 Uhr Arbeitsbeginn
3. Den Freitagabend zuhause auf der Couch verbringen. Den Samstag auch. Sonntags erstmal chillen.
4. Nachts um 12 Uhr noch einen kleinen Snack essen. Eine Pizza zum Beispiel.
5. Köln 50667 schauen auf RTL+ auch immer die neuen Folgen suchten.
6. Alleine auf Festivals oder Konzerte gehen
7. Rockstar und Monster Energy Dosen sammeln
8. Einem plüsch- Schlafanzug tragen. Meinen Pikachu Jumpsuit
9. Abends dicke Kuschelsocken tragen
10. Zu lange Baden, wenn das Wasser kalt wird, neues heißes Wasser nach laufen lassen.
11. Wenn ich Wäsche mache, direkt aufhängen, aber die ganze Woche nur vom Wäscheständer leben.
12. Das Lied, was im Auto läuft zu Ende hören und dann erst aussteigen.
13. Weiter essen, obwohl man satt ist, weil es einfach so gut schmeckt.
14. Vor dem Schlafen gehen aufräumen, ansonsten nicht schlafen können.

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Geht ihr auch so gerne auf Konzerte wie ich? Und wenn ja….wo wart ihr schon so bei welchen Künstlern? 😊

cleverfred’s Profile PhotoDirk
So super gerne gehe ich eigentlich nicht auf Konzerte. Aber die, auf denen ich war, haben mir alle gefallen und ich hatte einen schönen Abend.
Als Teenie bin ich auf alle möglichen Punkkonzerte gegangen, aber da kann ich es mir sparen, die Bands aufzuzählen. Das waren fast immer kleine regionale Bands, die nicht wirklich bekannt und erst Recht nicht massenpopulär waren.
Ansonsten habe ich gesehen:
- Kirlian Camera (🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤)
- Depeche Mode
- Crüxshadows
- VNV Nation
- Manowar
- Faun
- Solstafir
- Mila Mar
- And One
- Feindflug
Und noch haufenweise andere Bands auf Festivals

Genießt du die Sonne? Freust du dich auf den Sommer? Oder ist die warme Jahreszeit eher nichts für dich und wieso?

Madame_Vava’s Profile PhotoChaosperle
Sommer ist schon etwas schönes, aber ich mag es nicht. Das heißt auch auf der Arbeit wieder extreme Hitze mehrmals am Tag umziehen, da es zu warm ist und man schwitzt. Das macht das Arbeiten unerträglich. Zudem trage ich nicht gerne kurze Sachen. Gehe auch nicht ins Schwimmbad, oder sonstiges. Ich schäme mich für mein Körper und ich habe auch allgemein keine Lust auf diese Kommentare, die nur meinen Körper abfällig bewerten. Muss ich mir nicht antun, man kann dies ja auch vermeiden. Daher bin ich auch sehr weiß und bekomme ziemlich schnell Sonnenbrand. Außerdem bedeutet dad auch für mich, dass ich dann wieder vermehrt Probleme mit Migräne habe und das ist wirklich nichts schönes. Schlaflose Nächte.
Aber ich will hier nicht nur das Negative auflisten. Man kann Grillen, die Tage werden länger. Bis spät abends noch draußen sein. Festivals. Camping.

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Normalerweise stelle ich ja immer OC bezogene fragen aber heute würde ich gerne von jeder von 3 Fakten erfahren über sich erfahren?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Alright here it goes, fun facts über mich:
1. Ich besitze alle (bisherigen) 100 One Piece Bände.
2. Ich bin ausgebildete Zirkustrainerin. (nicht für Tiere!)
3. Ich habe schon 2 Festivals und ein paar andere Open Air Veranstaltungen organisiert.

What’s the most fun festival you’ve been to? What made it so fun?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I was just at two festivals. The "Schandmaul" Festival. Which is a German medieval band and at Wacken, which is a well-known festival for all metal-lovers. I enjoyed the Schandmaul festival a little more because Wacken was too loud and sometimes a little too extreme for my kind. x'D

The world is super grim right now, so to balance that out a bit, does anyone have any good news? Anything positive you'd like to share?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
Yeah sure!
Since the 25th of February, the Netherlands is almost free of covid-measurements! We only need to wear a mask at airports and in public transportations still, but we can enter everything without having to show we’re vaccinated! Only a negative test result with really big events where people don’t have their own seats (dance festivals for example) 😄
After almost two years of measurements and lockdowns, it’s finally coming to an end here as well 😊
The world is super grim right now so to balance that out a bit does anyone have

Would you rather go to a night club or a music festival?

A music festival. I haven't been to very many, but the vibe is so much nicer than it is at a nightclub. I don't know if it's because I have gotten older or if people these days are just assholes, but every time I have gone clubbing in recent years, there has always been someone there who has tried to start drama and frankly, I'm over it. It is a big part of the reason why I don't really go on nights out anymore.
Granted, you get people like that no matter where you go. I'm sure that there are plenty of assholes who go to festivals, but, in my experience, they are few and far between. The majority of folks I've met at music festivals are super relaxed and friendly.
Would you rather go to a night club or a music festival

To vegans/vegetarians: have you always been vegan/vegetarian or did you eat meat at some point? What made you stop?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion the Huntress
I've been vegetarian for about 4 and a half years. I'm actually really proud of myself for it! ☺️
I stopped eating meat just for the simple fact that I love animals, and I would feel guilty every time that I did eat them. Also I'd be outraged about the dog meat festivals that unfortunately go on, all while tucking into my chicken or beef and I just thought that was really hypocritical of me. All animals lives matter. I don't push my views on other people, though. Obviously I think it's a shame that more people aren't vegan/vegetarian, but I don't look down on or think I'm better than meat eaters. Most of my friends and family eat meat, and I'm totally fine with that. Ultimately it's down to the specific person, and if they decide vegetarianism isn't for them, I'm not going to argue.

Do you think physical touch is a big part of romance? Moreover, what gestures in particular do you find romantic?

Well, my primary love language is physical touch (followed closely by quality time), so yes.
Other than everyday gestures, I mostly find romance in someone paying attention to what I need/want and putting in effort to help achieve those things, and I'm always amazed when they prove they want to do life with me and are excited to see me go further. Examples, courtesy of @aclockworkbananna: suggesting music festivals for us to attend, making travel plans with me, buying me the tools needed to start a new hobby, celebrating my writing (even when I can't stand to read back over it) and allowing me to bounce story ideas off him. Time, effort, care, and excitement for our future together.

Would you rather go to a music festival, have fun and sleep in a tent, or stay home, watch TV series and have some tasty snacks?

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People have sex in tents during festivals. I mean, not that it ever happens to me. The only time people enters my fucking tent is when they get lost, and they have to pee☹️
I think I pick option B. I have had enough surprises in my life.

Was für Musik hört ihr wenn ihr richtig down seid?

soujiroinouee’s Profile PhotoLeon
Selbst wenn ich down bin bleibe ich bei Metal oder Techno. Jetzt kommt bestimmt hä, wie kann man das hören, aber lass mich dir eines sagen:
Techno ist nicht das Speed in deiner Nase, die bitteren Pillen auf unseren Zungen oder die Tickets in deiner Tasche, Techno ist etwas viel größeres, wundervolles. Techno bedeutet frei zu sein, abzuschalten, weniger zu existieren und mehr zu leben. Techno ist das Gefühl von Unabhängigkeit, Freiheit und Lebenslust, das Gefühl einfach sein Leben zu genießen. Techno besteht nicht aus Festivals, voll intoleranter Menschen, Junkies & Schlägereien. Techno besteht aus Festivals, voller Energie, guter laune, Menschen die sich gegenseitig respektieren & tolerieren, egal wo du her kommst, wie du aussiehst, wie du dich kleidest oder welche Hautfarbe du hast, wo du einfach du sein & leben kannst! Techno gibt es in allen denkbaren Varianten, für jeden ist etwas dabei. Techno ist nicht nur Krach und versaute Partys, du lernst viele tolle, verschiedene Menschen kennen, die du ohne diesen “Krach” vielleicht niemals gefunden hättest? Techno ist der Moment voll Liebe und Geborgenheit, die wunderschönen Erinnerungen & dieses spezielle Gefühl von Glück, wenn bei diesem einen Track der Drop einsetzt.

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