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What color or symbol represents your soul? Could you please explain the connection?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
Blue. Blue is my favourite colour too. All shades of it. It is like a peaceful shade that evokes feelings of serenity and tranquility but at the same time, there is also a depth to it that speaks to me on a deeper level. It's like looking out into the ocean and there's this sense of vastness and mystery lying just beneath the surface. — And I think that's true of my soul as well. There are so many layers and complexities to who I am as a person - parts of myself that even I am still discovering every day. But at my core beneath all those layers. I believe there's also this sense of calmness and peace. A deep-seated knowledge that no matter what life throws my way, everything will ultimately be kay in the end. 🌻💙
What color or symbol represents your soul Could you please explain the

What's an instrumental soundtrack from a movie, show, video game etc. which you really like? What makes it good according to you? 🎻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Instrumental soundtracks I really love are:
Movie: My Dear Frodo - The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey.
I love the calmness of this song working up towards Smaug entering Erebor and I love how it instantly carries you away into Middle Earth.
Show: Main Title - Game of Thrones. The violins 🎻 I just love it.
Videogame: basically everything from Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen! I’ve been playing this game since 2013 so hearing the songs is like homecoming to me! I absolutely love these tracks and I suggest you give them a try (on YouTube): Opening Movie, Heavenly Earth - Gransys, Breathing Earth - Gransys and Gran Soren Metropolitan Area. 😊
I also love Efteling! I absolutely love their live album and their Symbolica album. Most definitely a must listen as well! 😊🎻

What’s the weirdest text/question you received on this app? 👽

hussainaliraqe23’s Profile Photo3ra2y
Ha, in my years of being on this app, I’ve seen many many weird texts and questions come by.
People that wanted to r*pe me, people that threatened to k**l me, people that have all different kinds of ki*ks and want me to participate in them…
Not surprised, just disappointed when I receive another one. Lets just say that some people from this app test my patience on a whole different level! But ignoring them is always the key to calmness, no matter how brutal they are. 😌

Co zapewnia człowiekowi władzę?

brazilll8’s Profile PhotoMarlenka
PL: Spokój, opanowanie, cierpliwość, wyrozumiałość, wiedza, umiejętność radzenia sobie w trudnych sytuacjach...
Szczerze mówiąc, bardzo długo zastanawiałam się nad tym pytaniem i do dziś nie mam pojęcia, co jeszcze mogłabym tu wpisać.
ENG: Calmness, self-control, patience, understanding, knowledge, ability to cope with difficult situations...
Honestly, I thought about this question for a long time and to this day I have no idea what else could I put here.

How to make you obsessed with someone? 💯

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
Be a simple person.. serious sometimes & funny other times.. respectful.. teach me somethings.. be a successful one in your life.. give me attention and time by listening to me and by telling me your problems.. respect my values and my family.. make me feel that you're in need to my presence because i am in need to someone that needs me.. if u like literature and poems, share with me that.. share with me any new information that u learn.. if u prefer spending time alone walking in a long street instead of spending it with many people.. if u r a calm person with people but talkative with me.. the person who doesn't care about brands.. doesn't care about where to have dinner.. if i feel this person has somethings in his personality from my father like caring and calmness and saying some jokes ..
Many things.. i will be obsessed in this way.. but i haven't ever met someone like that.

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How to make you obsessed with someone

How would you describe your dream garden? What features would it have? 🌹🌿🦋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My dream garden, I’d want to be warm and cozy, with lots of plants and flowers, as well as maybe a fountain or small waterfall. I love the sound of water flowing, so that would just add to the calmness of feeling like I’m IN nature. If that makes sense. I’d also love to have bird feeders, I think that’d be so fun to be sitting out there and see birds, bees, butterflies, etc, just all around the garden. 😌
As for furniture/features, I’d love to have a nice deck overlooking the rest of the garden, and maybe even a gazebo amongst the flowers, with warm lights strung across the area. I’d also love to have a table to maybe have small dinner parties, and also some fairly comfy outdoor furniture. And then along with having that outdoor furniture, I’m a sucker for having an outdoor fireplace (in my dream world, it wouldn’t be so bad for the environment either). Also, a hot tub! I think I’d take a hot tube over a pool as I think it’d be so relaxing after a long day, and it’d help me just unwind. 😄
(Not my pictures)

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How would you describe your dream garden What features would it have

What cheers you up genuinely?

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSayed Sibtain Ali Rizvi
I used to think that there are some people who are blessed like truly blessed and Allah’s favourite and always envy of them. Life these days is pretty messed up and i always do this question~ why me, why to me etc. But its been a month im watching sunrise and sunset daily, taht time of the day feels special like Allah takes out His time for me to make this sight beautiful. Its not even a single day when i get bored of that samee scene. It doesn’t feel like the same. Those few minutes just cheer me up genuinely. The calmness i get is beyond words. And today i just realised im the blessed one. Allah daily shows me His love for me and its just make me scared as well taht im not even a good human/muslim to deserve this idk lol and my cam cant do thé justice lol ;-;
What cheers you up genuinely

How do you want people to remember you ?

I wanna be remembered like scented flowers even if they are far away, their fragrance reaches you wherever you are.
I want that feeling when people remember me, they'll whisper, “she's such a good soul, like an old bizarre and fresh flower that brings calmness whenever you see it.”I wanna be remembered with good memories cuz we only live once ..
How do you want people to remember you

if you could change one personality trait about yourself, what would it be?

I would make myself more humble. I think I'm honestly pretty good at it, and I have worked hard on it, but no one is humble enough. Humility is the progenitor of loads of other good traits. Humility leads to patience, respect, calmness, curiosity, being hard to anger, and countless others.

Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin, both were lonely people who used to make others laugh. 🥺

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
Bringing smile on the faces of others is a very good act so good that those who try to uplift others feel calmness and happiness in their hearts akin to the one who distributes flowers, he at least is not bereft of fragrance as he is holding flowers.

What is your favorite quote?

When you fall in love, you love with all that you’ve got. You must learn to bear anger, hatred, keep your ego and attitude aside and handle things with care, calmness, and love."
"Human beings are nothing but a medium of the general process of carrying out life. They do want to live in peace, but want to win it over by war because ultimately victory is what brings them peace.
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Oh wow, that sounds really cool.^^ I was drawing with pencils too. Until life and job started to devour more and more time and I lost motivation. Tried to get into it again, but now I lack the patience necessary.

Necrontyr’s Profile PhotoNecrontyr
I understand you completely. Patience and calmness are necessary for art. If you work close to noise or are distracted by something, everything will just disappear. Everything seems so wrong that we cannot improve ourselves further. 🥲
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irsadurrani’s Profile PhotoI R S A A W E S O M E✨
Your mind can be your worst enemy. Train it well. Don’t dwell on negativity. Don’t let Satan take control. Always ask the Almighty to make you accept the things you can’t change. Submit to His Decree. When you’re able to achieve that, you’ll reach a state of calmness & serenity.

Why would a man ignore a woman he likes?

okay…. anonymous let talk about it….
do you seriously think that a man who is in love ….really in love will ignore that girl/or woman he is in love with….?!
this is self-deception…. and so some women amuse their self -esteem ….
if man ignores a woman or a girl … it mean only one thing…. she’s nothing to him….
and he doesn’t even … it’s not about even remember…. just nothing…. an outsider for man…. he lives his life and do not even think about her….
maybe one time okay you like me i’ll tease you…. and then over ….
you are nothing ….
or more…. if you will impose on him …. you will only annoy him…
because he doesn’t love you ….
if man do not love you ….you are just stranger to him….
i know’
i don’t have any experience….
any …. and all men are different….
and they will do everything differently….
but a man in love …. from the first minute will make girl / woman feel that she his….
not only feel its will action ….
natural action for love…. he will not even thinking about …. only does
he will not be a calm…( inside calm…) until the one he loves is next to him…. what kind of ignoring you talk about….
if man in love he begins to give a girl or woman only beautiful memories from first second….
how about if in different countries or cities…. all the time…. is she not sleeping he does not sleep…. all the time he always wants her to be around…. (and it’s inside)
and only when she will be at home next to….. a man can be calm….
i know and feel that my 🕸beloved ❤️will sleep absolutely calmly
only when i really fall asleep with him …. in ❤️our home ❤️
this is another calmness…. not like right now….
okay about ignore let’s continue
a man even you say that you love him will not be completely calm if the girl is not with him….
( not his yet i mean….)
men who are truly in love know whether have done enough….
and only after when girl or woman really his calm is coming…. most important level of calm….after of course in life other stages level of calm….
of course i talk about man in love….in real love….
i’m not about teenagers….or women
with whs character and appearance … or men who is looking for “available “ - they can ignored not ignored …. not to respect… but they are looking for women or girls like that ….
teenagers i think could ignore each over when they are in love but they are teenagers….
or not about women you understand who “whs “ i sorry ….but it’s true
because they are liked to tell story’s how every man bad was bad
only they are good….and all men are in love with them but ignored them …. for some reason….
but we are about man in love and
only one thing anonymous a man who is in love…. in real love never ignores….

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What do you think is downright the cutest and most adorable thing about you? 😸

fourwallsofhome’s Profile PhotoPhilip
I can't answer this on my own so I asked my circle. I surveyed (hahaha) 9 people ages 20+ who were with me for at least 2 years (includes then classmates, colleagues, and friends). And they demanded to make it 3 cutest/adorable things about me since they can't chose only 1 daw. I directly copy-paste their answers and translate some words. I also copy-paste the emojis they included in their responses. Here are their answers:
F1: ur nose/eyes, out of this world questions, ur personality
F2: ur optimism, willingness to listen and help, repeating a song million times before moving on to another song 😑
F3: ur eyes/skin/collarbone, clingy moods, speaking voice
F4: ur kindness, ur pretty face (libre mo ko), big appetite but never get fat (naol)
F5: ur humility/gratefulness to almost everything, ur screams and tago-paa and tago-to-kumot mode when watching horror movies 😂😂🤣, ur appeal 😎
F6: ur cheerfulness, skin/eyes, witty responds
F7: u talking to plants and animals 😏, wit, sudden shift to cold aura when u hear people talking ill things about ur loved ones or simply u don't like the person
F8: ur glares/pouts when not getting what u want, calmness in almost all situation , smile/eyes
F9: ur childishness and ignorance to some things, ur grateful heart, nose/eyes
Enjoy! 🤣

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Share something positive يخرجني من الحزن...

Maria_soliman’s Profile PhotoPonyo
Once you realize that you have more power over your emotions than you think and that feeling a certain feeling is often times a choice, your general well-being will improve ten-fold. Whenever you start feeling anxious or angry, ask yourself, is this a feeling I wish to experience right now? If not, refocus your mind and attention towards a mindset that brings with it peace, calmness, and happiness. Put on music, watch whatever content, and do activities that make you feel positive and happy. Detach yourself from the negative feelings you were experiencing, as they are not your natural state of being.

Do you control your anxiety? How?

Well, I try my hardest to control it. However, I’m not always successful in doing so… But I’ll list some things that help me the most.
-Journaling: I find this to be the most helpful coping technique, and the one I use most often. I am someone who needs to process my anxiety and emotions internally, before I share them with others, and journalling allows me to kind of arrange my thoughts and get really clear on what exactly I’m feeling, and why.
-Being in nature: Even just going on a 10 minute walk does so much for my mental health. I find nature to be incredibly calming and beautiful, so it really helps me to just forget about technology for a bit, and clear my head.
-Spending time with animals: Just being in the presence of most animals is soothing to me when I’m anxious. I was someone who had cats growing up, and they were always my go-to comfort animals. They just radiated this calmness and warmth that I felt I needed when I was upset, but specifically, my cats laying on my lap or right next to me, would stop me from having panic attacks.
Reading: Something fictional usually works best for me, as I am able to detach from the real world and become invested an alternate world for a bit. And sometimes, it actually helps me come back to the root of my anxiety later and find a solution to the problem, because I was able to get out of my own head for a bit. If that makes sense.
Last thing I’ll say is, I know anxiety sucks, and how hopeless it can feel at times. I just hope you can find things that help you. I wish you the best of luck and all the healing you might need! ☺️

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Do you control your anxiety How

What do you do when you are mentally exhausted?

professionalCuddlehuman’s Profile PhotoMr V
I pause. I take deep breathes. I close my eyes. I feel the ocean breeze while the sun touches my skin and as I walk to the wet sands I smell the saltiness of the sea. The sound of the waves brings me happiness and calmness.

Are you good in anger management? If yes, then how? 😇💫

I see myself as a person who has somewhat transformed his anger into calmness. Slow process, but definitely worth it. It’s all energy, it takes time to channelise it, either you can exhaust yourself with anger in minutes, or you can use that energy longer to help you in your daily life. Stressing on the point that it takes time, you have to pause all those moments when you get angry, understand that moment, and let go of that. Not saying that leave anger altogether, it is necessary but you have to understand its use.

• If you were given three things to make you happy, what would these be?

-Gratitude. Giving thanks has shown to be connected to one's happiness because it requires acknowledging the good.
-HELPING someone I don’t know them , or making someone else smile..
“Having a super tight and warm HUG”
- Lastly When I fold my hands, my energy move upwards and I feel such calmness which is inexplicable.

What vibe do you think you give off? ~ What vibe do you think I give off? ~ (For reference there’s a handy vibe chart on my page here: https://askfm.onelink.me/FaQr/260d0466 )

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
https://askfm.onelink.me/FaQr/260d0466 )
Personal about 8 hours ago
I don't know what to say . . . .
I once knew , proudly , assuredly , and with confidence ; now the vibrations may have ceased , and I don't even want any more vibes . . . too much frustrated hatred is generated , all around . . .
I'll ask V , to be sure . . .
OMG ! ~ VIKI SAYS . . . . "CALMNESS" !!!!
So , perhaps a quiet purrr , after all . . . and not as a refrigerator, switched off, shuddered to a silence that rings . . .
As for you, sir Doug ; I don't know how to measure the vibes ~ but , those of a stoic poet , quietly persisting in the face of all that life throws at you , or TRIES to rob you of .
I admire how calmly you handle all the frustration on this site ~ give a measured response no-matter what.
Unlike my roar of rage at what I got when I tried to use your link:

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What vibe do you think you give off  What vibe do you think I give off  For

What do you think are the 5 most beautiful things in the world?Why?

RayVen94’s Profile PhotoRay
🌄 sunrises: because they signify a new day and new beginnings/chances to do better, to *be* better.
💛 sincerity: sincerity makes all the difference in our intentions and the actions that follow after.
🌼 children: children are beautiful. their perspectives, their curiosity, the way they make sense of the world, their imaginations, the way they show their love and genuine affection for those they care about (I can just go on and on about how beautiful and magical children are, so I shall stop before I run out of space in this answer).
🎀 friendship: oh, friendship. it's a beautiful bond that can happen at the most unexpected of times with the most unexpected of people — but out of all the human connections that can exist on this plane of existence, I find friendships to be the most beautiful of them all.
read also: https://ask.fm/nurbzee/answers/165568291271
🌊 the sea: there is so much beauty and magnificence that the ocean has. it holds so much undiscovered mysteries within its depth. the power, the calmness, the warmth, the cold. the ever evolving life forms. there is just so much to be said about the beauty of the sea, one answer alone wouldn't be enough.

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What do you think are the 5 most beautiful things in the worldWhy

Are you living the life of your dreams?

A sort of but not fully my dream life😅 , happiness is always the most important aspect of a dream life and it's present 🎁 in my life ☺️🎁, so yes a real worthful dream life :) but also can't say fully as everything im doing rn is only concerned to my future, i.e., to live a independent life for myself😇, taking up a career which I would love to do, getting engaged in breathtaking & new activities(✯ᴗ✯) for mind ❤️☺️ whilst always recollecting life experiences 💝☺️
It's a journey with myself where I will get more & more experienced with life itself😇 my dream is to always live a life with happiness, optimism, self-fulfillment, calmness, and a healthy peaceful loving life😍😇☺️,
Although many aspects are still happening in my life, so I want all those nice happenings to still happen in future alongside encountering & living my dream life😍❤️😇 :D 🤩☺️

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Are you living the life of your dreams

what (or whom) brings you peace in your day to day life? 🕊

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I never talk much about what keeps me standing, what keeps me fearless and reason for me to fight against any form of evilness.
Sometimes there's a storm within that I hold through my calmness.
Tears that I didn't shed, while I should have cried an ocean.
All of that, I've learned through my beliefs.
I don't have much expectations in this world.
what or whom brings you peace in your day to day life

What is your definition of ‘Peace’

I've learned to live without people. It's hard, initially, but then you start to enjoy the peace and calmness around you. You don't have to talk, text or call. You don't have to be a part of their daily drama and routine. You don't need to pretend to care about silly things, online. You just breathe and live. And i must confess that I'm more happy now. I like it alone. I mean, i enjoy the silence. I love my company. I love this peace. It's so addictive.

What impresses u the most?

Geniune character, calmness, logic, kindness and peace.
Imagine how happy the world would be if people gave themselves unconditional love and also projected it to the rest of the world.
Unfortunately fear is stronger than unity, this is why bitterness and lack of emotional growth exists in the world.

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