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What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Everyone is NOT beautiful.
Before I begin, look at them:
Madhubala, the most beautiful Bollywood actress of the 20th century.
Lupita Nyong’o, a Kenyan Actress.
Jeremy Meeks, a guy who got viral for a hot mugshot.
And my favorite: is a chae wala. A tea-stall worker. At least he was, before a young girl took a picture of him going innocently about his business and uploaded him to the big web, where millions of women feasted their eyes on his God-given beauty and made him an overnight success. (Arshad Khan, look him up)
Do you see what’s common in them?
All of them are beautiful. Breathtakingly gorgeous.
What’s more, they are people that a majority of people in the world will agree are “BEAUTIFUL”.
Like it or not factors such as symmetry, proportion, and health will always be important.
There have been beauty standards since prehistoric times and apart from a few, a lot of them have been the same for many years.
Even newborn babies have been noted to look at attractive faces for longer.
Here's my next controversial opinion:
Stop saying everyone is beautiful.
There is a chance that even if you’re not beautiful like the above people, someone finds you attractive. Yes, I find some really odd- looking guys attractive. I’ll admit this. I’ve had four of five people in my lifetime squint at me long and hard and say “you’re really attractive”. But I know that I’m not the kind of pretty that everyone finds pretty.
Stop telling young girls and boys that they are beautiful to give them some sort of shallow self-esteem boosts, but instead teach them that it doesn't really matter.
Teach them to treat everyone equally.
Teach them to not let someone’s appearance be the sole factor in their judgement, that good looks can never replace good manners, and that good looks don’t ensure you happiness, peace of mind, or a sense of fulfillment.
Groom kids to be kind and to find beauty in everything, but also strong enough to bear it when someone doesn't find them beautiful.

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What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions

What will you be dressing up as, for halloweenie, this year? :P *wraps pumpkin lights and fake spider webs around you, in celebration of my favorite holiday!!* EEK!!!!... if you're not dressing up, rather... what candy will you be munching on the most, this year? :P

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
No plans for a costume (unless you count a NFL jersey). I’m leaving that weekend for a little vacay.
Since @Applepop and @GlindaBells will want to know where we are going:
Gatlinburg area and the Smokey Mtn National park. Please pack your bear spray.
No candy for me (well, maybe a small piece of chocolate). Reduced sugar lifestyle.

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Quel a était ton rêve le plus drôle que tu as fais ?

sadghost683’s Profile PhotoSadghost
I haven't had a funny dream in many months. I never have those. The last dream I remember was the other night and it was of me having sex with some asain girl I used to go to summer camp with when I was 13 and she ended up giving me herpes. I woke up relieved it was just a dream. My dreams are bizzare disturbing bullshit.
This is more of a silly dream. Had set my alarm clock to get up early but when it went off I just dreamed it was my cell phone ringing. So in my dream I'm trying to answer the cell phone but soon realize that it can't be done. Looking around me I notice I'm in a store that sells phones. At the entry is a basket with phones on sales and I convince myself that the sound is coming from one of those phones. So while I'm oversleeping some good twenty minutes, in my dream me and another dude tries one phone after another to make the noise stop.
Had a dream about a homless dude living inside some abandoned building that I was wanting to get into. Homless guy looked like bill from King of the Hill. Wearing only a flannel black and red shirt he struck ginyu force poses. I could see that he had a actual toothpick as his manly bits. When I approached the building he told me I couldn't leave because he had a mission to do. His mission was to fly to the top of the building and shit on everything by just suspending himself in the air while shitting. I think about this dream and just crack up because of how fucking stupid it is.
I once had a dream that I adopted a few puppies. They were adorable, and I loved them more than anything. Curious feature of these puppies was that if you put a drop of water on them they turned into Pom Bears so that you could carry them more easily in your pockets. For those who haven't heard of them, Pom Bears are these teddy shaped crispy potato snacks. Well, I showed my best friend my beautiful beloved puppies in their Pom Bear state. Lovingly placed them into her hand. She then brought her hand up to her face for a closer look, and she crushed my puppies in her fist. Woke up feeling betrayed and heartbroken and was mad at her for a few days afterwards.
I had to return a sloth home.... One day I was playing in my yard when I see a sloth in my tree, but all the trees were cut back way far and we're practically stumps. It couldn't stay there and survive, it needed a new place to call home, maybe it was lost. I told my mom we had to get the sloth back to its home so we went down my dreamy mansion to an underground river. Somehow I ended up with a plastic bowl full of shells, they were light blue. We approached a super tall waterfall with the sloth wrapped around me like belt from the Croods. We only had one way down, to jump. My mom was telling me not to break any of the shells and I told her I would do my best. Then, we jumped. It was at least a 5 second fall but we hit the shallow and clear water. I got up and looked at my bowl full of broken shells.

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Почему американского плюшевого медведя называют Тедди?

Kuhaku9’s Profile PhotoI.C.Winner
В честь Теодор Рузвельта. Американский президент, будучи на охоте, пожалел медвежонка. Это стало известно журналистам, и в газете появилась карикатура на этот эпизод. Эту карикатуру увидела жена владельца магазина игрушек, кстати, эмигранта из России Морриса Мичтома и сшила похожего мишку. В витрине магазина медведь был подписан "Teddy bear" в честь Тедди Рузвельта.

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If your friend asked you to give him your own water bill how would you react? Bear in mind that you don't see your friend but only twice per year and he needs that as a proof of address.

Why water?
I had to read the question several times, but no, it still sounds absurd.
My answer is no, obviously.
The question is very fatuous.
Bear in mind that you shouldn't recklessly call people your friends.

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L’endroit où tu te sens le mieux ?

When my mom acknowledges me for who I truly am. I recently accepted the fact that I was gay after many years of denying my sexuality as a whole and suffering of crippling depression and frustration. I came out to my family last year. I am happy when I get to talk to my mom about a date... about my day... about a boy... I love when she gives me advice... I can tell she is somewhat bothered but I can also tell that she is happy that I am finally coming to her asking her questions about relationships and things that otherwise she would have probably never heard from me. She likes that I am finally sharing things about my love life. Something that pretty much didn't exist beforehand and that she always wondered if I will share with her. She knows that I am very inexperienced and constantly reminds me of my worth.
When I'm listening to a song that really resonates with me, down to my soul. Good music can transform my mood entirely, energizing me and giving me that rose coloured outlook for a little while. I live in a small city in LA county that’s pretty calm, that paired with my little comfy apartment and having my sister & partner around, super safe feeling. Except last June when someone broke into my car & I had never felt so unsafe driving that around. I felt like I was being monitored (maybe I’m over dramatic but it’s like they stole that sense of security from me by doing that).
I've never had social anxiety till last year. Like year before last I would hop a plane (Hawaii, Vegas or plan a 3 day weekend (new Orleans, Nashville ect)without a care in the world. Last year, I can't bring to leave my house. I feel like I'm not even safe leaving my house when I do I wear long sleeves, pants, no makeup and suunglasses. I think being home and watching so much true crime shows has screwed me up.
A close male friend of mine. He's a brown belt in TKD and is the only person I know of who I feel would be both willing and able to fend off someone coming after either of us, with his bare hands. I don't have any other friends like him; I'm in awe of his confidence and purpose when he walks. I don't find him attractive, but he's the only friend I feel safe with. Also my uncle, who was a sniper with the Marines in Vietnam. He carries a handgun and has gotten in many dodgy situations but has never had to use it -- he's extremely smart and physically strong/wiry so if he can't talk someone down, he can fight his way out. He would die for any of his kids/nieces/nephews.
My friend's husband. He's 6'5" and a pretty solidly built guy with the default personality of an easygoing teddy bear, but can be territorial/protective af. He's like the big brother I never had, and he treats me as well as he treats any of his other younger siblings. Great guy.

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لا البطاريق و الخفافيش او التكيف بصورة عامة ممكن يكونوا سمعوا عنه في ديسكڤر إنما خلينا متفقين انه منهج جميل رغم انه صعب اوي عليهم. النسخه العربي ابعتهالك ازاي

اتكلمنا وقتها عن ال polar bear وده كمثال سهل جداً أو يمكن المنهج سهل أو حلو كعربي إنما ساينس مش هيكون سهل لا..مش عارفه ينفع يتبعت ازاي طيب أو حتي اللينك

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യ October with Bear🐻 ตุลาคมกับแบแบ ขอให้เปนการเริ่มต้นเดือนใหม่ที่ดีนะแบแบ ให้เดือนนี้แสนจะใจดีกับแบมากๆให้ได้ยิ้มหัวเราะมีความสุขกับมันเยอะๆเลยนะ ให้หลับสนิทไม่ฝันร้ายตื่นมาสดใสแบบนี้ตลอดไปเลย ผู้คนรอบข้างรักและก็เอ็นดูเยอะๆเลยนะคะคนเก่ง🍀🌻✨

babybrebombi’s Profile Photobrebombi ; ไม่ค่อยเข้าค้าบ
ขอบคุณค้าบพี่บบ.;-; ขอให้เป็นเดือนที่น่ารักสำหรับพี่นะคับ ขอให้ไม่มีเรื่องเครียด งานน้อย ได้กินของกินอร่อยๆ กินอิ่มนอนหลับเต็มที่นะคับ🤍🌷

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How do you feel about vegetarianism? 😅

JohnMayer276’s Profile PhotoJohn
Everyone has their own cross to bear. I don’t try to force my eating habits on others and I don’t play well when others try to force me to comply with theirs. If they don’t try to start a problem I won’t feel compelled to end it.
I think that vegetarians are like people who choose any other food way. A few are absolute stinkers, a few of them are absolute sweethearts who apparently never have an unkind though, and the rest fall along the continuum between these poles.
I think that vegetarians, like other people who eat differently, have the right to make personal choices about what they will eat.
First things first; vegetarians do not care about what others feel about them.
Non-vegetarians always pity and sympathize vegetarians saying we are missing out on a great opportunity of eating the 'tasty meat'.
They feel we are forced to eat greens and plants. I guess they do not know we are happy not eating meat.
Being vegetarian and vegan is completely different. Every one have there own choice of eating. Judging someone based on that is a waste of time.

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How do you feel about vegetarianism

Do you agree with the saying that if you love yourself, others will love you too?

Javedm24254546’s Profile PhotoFaizan malik
Quite the opposite. People won't like you.
Of course, if you are happy being alone, who would like it?
If you chase your goals and never give up, people around you will have problems with you.
When you will take care of yourself more, people won't like it.
When you will only think about yourself, people will find you mean.
“Loving yourself is not easy. If you love yourself, still bear people around would be tough.”
Love yourself, love others. Love is exchangeable with love itself :)
If you love yourself, you wont need someone else to do that for you.
Smile, you are wonderful :)

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Do you agree with the saying that if you love yourself others will love you too

بتعملوا اي مع اللي بيخذلوكم؟

As you want 🍂I will quit forever^^..I can't bear to be a burden 🌹it was a really sweet short story , but it seems you didn't want to give me the time to write the suitable end I wanted ,but overall thanks for the story even if the end was disappointing and didn't appeal to me..but still it was really "A story to remember ^^ "...how strong you are!💙

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Which sounds better...staying on a private island or staying in a cabin in the woods?

starchild7618106’s Profile Photostarchild761
This is even better. Accessible only by boat and motor. I see gators swimming down the bayou. See deer feeding at the waters edge. Had a black bear swim the bayou, 30 steps from the houseboat. Heard the scream of a panther, during mating season. Saw things in the night time skies, that was too strange to describe.

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Which sounds betterstaying on a private island or staying in a cabin in the

10 Hidden Signs Of Poor Mental Health to Never Ignore:

MentalHealthMatters’s Profile PhotoMental Health Awareness
Thewarning signsthat someone is struggling with their mental health should never be ignored. In fact, some symptoms of depression and anxiety may wellsignifyother conditions, such as bipolar disorder.
If you notice someone canceling on their friends or closing themselves off when it comes to social events, this may be a warning sign. Try to talk to them and find out what’s causing their isolation. Suggest some helplines they can call to help them feel less alone. Very often, people with depression see no point in meeting with anyone, feeling they will only drag others down or that no one wants to be with them.
This is a symptom many people ignore, but it’s one of the most telling ones. If someone with impeccable personal hygiene starts going days without washing their clothes or taking a shower, this should ring a big alarm bell. It means that they can’t motivate themselves to get out of bed even for self-care. Don’t be disgusted or turn away; instead, talk to them to see what’s wrong.
Depression and anxiety bring about sleep issues such as insomnia. Those suffering from anxiety may stay up all night thinking (and overthinking) about everything under the sun. Therefore, once they’re up and about, they may look like they haven’t slept for weeks. If you see someone suffering from fatigue, try to talk to them. Bear in mind that while fatigue may be a symptom of many things, it’s also a symptom of poor mental health.
Anxiety, anger, moodiness, and other sudden changes in mood can be caused by mental illness. Additionally, extrapolating every little thing – such as blaming themselves for small accidents and mistakes – often leads to catastrophizing and thinking about the worst-case scenario. Such thought processes can indicate mental issues.
Excessive drinking and drug use aren’t always caused by mental illness; however, they can be an important symptom of it. People suff —

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اعرف أركان الإسلام بالانجليزي🥀💜. The pillars of Islam💜🥀.

hossam148’s Profile PhotoHö ßß ÃM ⁦(◠‿◕)⁩.★|ZOHD|
-لو حد سالك عن اركان الاسلام هتجاوب ببساطة، لكن هتعمل اي لو حد مهتم بالاسلام وناطق بالانجليزية سألك، يا تري هتقدر ترد؟
•في درس انهاردا هنتعلم اي هيا الخمسة اركان الاساسية للاسلام وكمان اي هوا تعريف كل ركن ب الانجلش.
•مش هتكون مضطر انك تحفظ التعريفات بالانجلش، ولو انك تقدر تحفظهم يبقي احسنت وان لم فلم تُسئ وتقدر تعبر عنهم باسلوبك في سياق الصحيح.
(1)➡️➡️➡️THE TWO TESTIMONIES: الشهادتين (تْيستِيمونِيز).
•they are : I bear witness that there is no god but ALLAH ,
AND i bear witness that MUHAMMAD is his prophet .
•أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله.
وأشهد أن محمد رسول الله.
(2)➡️➡️➡️TO PRAY : الصلاة
•to adore ALLAH in a manner that is special to MUSLIMS .
allah HAS IMPOSED UPON EVERY MUSLIM,man or woman , to perform five prayers per day .
•عبادة خاصة بالمسلمين،فرض الله على كل مسلم ، رجل كان أم امرأة ، أن يؤدي خمس صلوات في اليوم.
(3)➡️➡️➡️ CHARITY/ZAKAT : الزكاة
•every rich muslim shall have to give a fixed part of his fortune to beggars , needy people , and those who fight for ALLAH ُ s glory .
•يجب على كل مسلم غني أن يعطي جزء ثابت من ثروته للسائلين والمحتاجين و العاميلن عليها ودا بيكون ابتغاء وجه الله.
(4)➡️➡️➡️ THE FASTING : الصيام
•to abstain from eating , drinking and havingual intercourse during the day , i.e.
from dawn to sunset , during the month of RAMADAN of every years.
•الامتناع عن الأكل والشرب والجماع خلال النهار يعني
من الفجر حتى غروب الشمس في شهر رمضان من كل سنة.
(5)➡️➡️➡️PILGRIMAGE :الحج لمن استطاع (بِلْجِريِمدچ)
•to visit ALLAH ُ S HOLY shrine in MECCA ,
the sacred city of islam , so as to perform some special worships at fixed day of the year .
it is an obligation that every major and able MUSLIM should fulfil once at least in his life.
• زيارة بيت الله في مكة.
بيت الله الحرام ، ودا لأداء بعض العبادات الخاصة في يوم محدد من السنة.
وانه واجب على كل مسلم قادر ،أن يفي به مرة واحدة في حياته.
- Bear witness = confess.
- Zakat = to pay the TITHE.
•اتمنى اكون قدرت افيدك، شيرك لو عجبك الدرس🥀💜.
•Hö ßß ÃM🔹🔷.

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Do you want easy life?

pirzzz’s Profile PhotoPir Fahad
No maza nhi ana jenny ka.
Like life is all about hurdles and smooth path. I'd hate it if it was easy like sometimes I cry in front of Him to give me easy life like everyone does but I can't afford a life without insomnia, crying, hatred from anyone and hardships. Like I don't like to be easy going and have an easy life. Everyone is struggling but there level of struggle is different; it's all depend on how much they can bear. I love it because Allah g consider me a strong person. Saranghdaeee Allah g❤❤

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What's your favorite dog breed?

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photoꪖ᥅ᥴꫝ꠸ꫀ
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Siberian Husky
Cane Corso
Bernese Mountain Dog
St Bernard
Australian Shepherd
Shetland Sheepdog
Miniature American Shepherd
Portuguese water dog
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Cattle dog
Alaskan Malamute
Great Pyrenees
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Norwegian Elkhound
Neapolitan Mastiff
Entlebucher Mountain Dog
Finnish Lapphund
Pyrenean Shepherd
Canaan Dog
American White Shepherd
Alaskan Klee Kai
Appenzeller Sennenhund
Bulgarian Shepherd dog
Canadian Eskimo Dog
Carpathian Sheepdog
Catahoula Bulldog
Catahoula Leopard dog
Caucasian Ovcharka
Central Asian Ovtcharka
Croatian Sheepdog
Czechoslovakain Wolfdog
Dutch Shepherd dog
English Shepherd
German Longhaired Pointer
Hokkaido dog
Korean Jindo
Karelian Bear dog
Kinshu Ken
Pakistani Mastiff
Saarloos Wolfdog
Shikoku dog
Kangal Dog
Swedish Lapphund
Tamaskin dog
Thai Ridgeback
Tosa Ken
Texas Heeler
Maremma Sheepdog
Mountain Cur
Lapponian Herder
Northern Inuit
Rafeiro Do Alentego
Seppala Siberian Sleddog
West Siberian Laika
Karst Shepherd
New Guinea Singing Dog
Thai Bangkaew
And many more

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➥ Would you take the chance to be human if you could or do you enjoy life currently as what you are? Why? Do you think being human means being "less interesting and weak"? Alternatively, humans: Would you like to be an other being or have powers of any kind?

megansworld932’s Profile Photomegan
I had this kinda conversation a few months ago with Damon Salvatore and yes, sometimes I think about how cool it might be to be some kind of mystic being but then again I think about how the most important thing in my life are my children and that I wouldn’t ever give them up for anything in this world not even for a life as an immortal vampire because I couldn’t bear seeing my children pass away, knowing that my body isn’t supposed to die, ever.

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My boyfriend used to lie a lot even about small things. I know he's doing his best to change but sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me so I ask for clarification. Ang ending nga lang laging away kasi he feels I'm being doubtful and he's disappointed at me for asking. What do I need to do po?

Explain to your boyfriend that if he truly feels remorse and recognizes the damage his lies have done, he needs to allow you to be angry and doubtful of his actions for as long as you need to. The burden of proof is not on you. He's the liar, and until he garners enough credibility and earns your trust, he needs to bear the brunt of your anger and doubt. Don't let him make it out like your feelings are your fault. He put the two of you in this situation and he shouldn't make you feel bad about your reaction to his mistakes. That's gaslighting.

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Comment va ta journée 🥺

For a long time the hardest thing was not being pretty anymore. I mean, I was still pretty, but I was no longer the youngest and prettiest in the room. I was no longer able to make a real entrance. People no longer said, "Who is that thin girl with the blue eyes and the short hair?" In my thirties I became just one of the moms. Then, groups of men stopped noticing me. First the ones in their twenties, then thirties, then forties, and as I bear down hard on sixty the group of men most liable to notice me are wearing WWII vet hats. I am dead serious about this. It's hard to watch your body change shape. Hands, arms, legs, all different than they were--never, never to return. That beautiful young girl has vanished from the face of the earth. Then my babies began to vanish. My boys, who longed for me to hold them, who snuggled next to me on the couch each night, went away. I felt relief. They were out with their friends, playing in a band, away at college, married. They have wrinkles, gray hair and 401K's. When I see them, they no longer sit next to me. I can no longer rub their hair, over and over; it just wouldn't feel right. But next, a miracle. I had a grandson and loved him with a passion I never even felt with my own children. People had told me to expect this, but I didn't understand until I saw him....then I understood. But now he is out in the world, at the park, with his friends, and he no longer snuggles with me, because he's ten. My joints hurt, my thumbs are quite arthritic, and I had an old lady fall this summer, shattering my arm. My mother is growing older and I know that she will grow truly old and ill and die someday. I know that for sure now. My career is stalled, but I do a very good job at what I do, and I find joy in my work and in my competence. You know how they say you lose brain cells as you age? What a myth. I grow more and more wise, I learn new things every day, and one of my biggest fears is that I will die before I've read all of the books I want to read. But as I grow more wise, people want to hear what I say less and less. So I'm sitting back, taking it all in, letting the great world spin. I helped my family clean the house, went shopping with my twin for school stuff, almost crashed on the way home (Our old truck sucks in the rain), played with my nephew, and now I'm just redditing and playing Rainbow Six: Siege. Just finished a match with a 6.0 K/D and clutched two rounds. Pretty happy.
Man my day was amazing. So I used to do ballete since I was 12, but I stopped two years ago... Finally, after kicking myself in the butt, I found a ballete school to start dancing again and I had my first lesson today. My legs felt like jelly after that hour! Now I'm just on my couch, laptop warming my sore legs.

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How do you bear with the deception of finding out that your s/o has been lying to you for well over a year?

Eek. Even if the ‘lie’ wasn’t a serious one, the thought of having something kept from you for well over a year isn’t a good omen.
I’d likely find it to be a dealbreaker in that sense, as how could you maintain trusting them? It wouldn’t be worth the doubt or stress of dwelling on what else they could be hiding/reevaluating the whole relationship. :/

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Their are many events in one's life which are most memorable... Post any one memorable Incident OF YOUR CHILDHOOD

So many but will never be able to forget this one when i was around 6 y/o,my first participation in a competition at school,my mom dressed me up nd i gave it my best shot,
Three days later my teacher handed over a teddy bear to me in the class as an appreciation of my performance,i was thrilled on having won a prize..as a lil girl that turned out to be my best friend..
Fast forward two years my mom told me the actual story..i hadn't won the competition,infact my father had bought the teddy bear nd requested my teacher to hand it over to me,in appreciation of my effort so i wouldn't lose heart *_*

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What makes/make life worth living at this point of your life?

hamzah_alhjry’s Profile Photo⚜️ Hamza ⚜️
🌷 Discovering and accepting my purpose in life gave me a better understanding of what I live for and for what it's worth. My life isn't just mine. I believe that I lived and still living for many reasons why. Some of them I have yet to discover.
- akciMMicka -
I came across this beautiful poem. I reckon it's spot on. As each and everyone of us are all connected☺
Nothing in nature lives for itself.
The rivers don’t drink their own water,
Trees don’t eat their own fruits,
The sun does not shine for itself,
And flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves.
Living for others is a rule of nature.
Life is good when you’re happy,
But it is much better when others are happy because of you.
Just as the rivers do not drink their own water but flow for others’ benefit, just as fruit-bearing trees do not eat their own fruit but bear it for others, and just as clouds do not drink their own rain but shower it down for others, so saintly devotees live simply for others.
- Unknown -

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What language do you make dua in?

Bettyboop7989’s Profile PhotoBetty._.
Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) is saying that Almighty Allah (SWT) will not answer if you commit sins and you disobey his commands. Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) then explains further that Almighty Allah (SWT) would have replied if you had made dua the way it should be, even if you are a sinner.
Then, this person asked Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) to explain what the method of dua is. Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) explained that:
It starts with glorifying Almighty Allah (SWT) upon completion of the daily mandatory salaah.
Then recite salawaat on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his purified Ahlul Bait (a.s).
You will bear witness to what has been conveyed from the divine message.
You will also make salawaat on what you have been tested with.
Then you will remember the blessings and favours that Allah (SWT) has on you, for which you will praise Him and express your profound appreciation to Him.
You will then reach a stage where you will admit to your sins. You will plead guilty and repent for all your sins, one by one.
You will make a sincere intention to not return to those sins.
You will humbly implore the forgiveness from Almighty Allah (SWT) with regret, tension and fear of the punishment for transgressing the commands of Allah (SWT).
Then you will say to Allah (SWT) that you excuse yourself from the sins you have committed, and you seek His forgiveness and return back to Him.
You will then implore help from Allah (SWT) for obedience to Him in following His commands, as that will bring pleasure on me.
I have not seen anyone reach anywhere from Your obedience, except with Your favour on him, so You have blessed him with Your favours, and he has reached Your pleasure and paradise through those favours.
After reaching this point in your dua, you will see that your needs and challenges will be addressed.
Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) then told this person that Almighty Allah (SWT) will surely reply to him after completing this process.

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I literally want to end my life. Couldn't gather the courage to do so :)

If you are Muslim then remember there is a hadees, the one who kills himself will be in the same pain by doing the same act in akhrat which one did in this world.
So, my advice, bear the pain you are going through by having good thoughts like this time will end soon or later In Sha Allah. Suicide will make a bigger problem for you. Stay Blessed

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