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What is a skill you think more people should have? 🤹 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
PL: Patrząc na ludzi dookoła to zdecydowanie logiczne myślenie, super skill, polecam serdecznie.
Któż by się spodziewał, że jeśli coś odp*****lisz, to będziesz musiał ponieść konsekwencje, normalnie szok i niedowierzanie.
ENG: Looking at the people around me, it's definitely logical thinking, a great skill, I highly recommend it.
Who would have expected that if you did something wrong, you would have to bear the consequences, wow, shocking and unbelievable.

mjy chor ky sari dunia khush hain

No, that's not true. We all have our ups and downs in our life. Life is never a bed of roses for anyone, we have our struggles and low moments. But yk what, we just bear it patiently b/c we know that Allah Almighty is watching us and He's the best disposer of affairs. I hope whatever is bothering you, it gets resolved soon. May Allah Almighty send unlimited blessings your way, Ameen. Sum-Ameen.

I had a very stupid internet crush on you, and I thought if I talked to you. You'd like me too, but I guess you've already got a lot going on in your life. I just wanted to let you know one way or the other, only because I'm not fond of keeping stuff that bear a weight on me to myself.

It's good that you came out and spoke about your feelings in a decent way... It's alright we all have a lot of unsaid crushes. It's actually healthy to have a crush on someone... it teaches you a lot of things... like it's better if a crush stays a crush...
When you get to know them in real life... you often regret crushing on them in the first place😬

Why did you removed your likes from my page Lexi??

I didn't remove any of them from anyone's page. I'm pretty generous with the likes. ☺️ My page was falsely reported by trolls and this account was terminated. Unfortunately, trolls have been abusing the reporting feature for years. Ask restored this account on the following day because I didn't violate the TOS but when an account is terminated (temporarily or permanently), all given likes are removed. I haven't had a chance to visit all of the users I follow in order to restore some of them. There is also a limit on how many likes you can leave. I believe the system updates every few hours. If you untick, I will visit your page and drop a few. If I am following you, please bear with me, I'll get to it as soon as I can... 👍
Why did you removed your likes from my page Lexi

“you deserve better“ nah why can’t you be better?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Maybe they(person who said this) are thinking that the other person can be more happy with.out them, like if they are having difficult time balancing things happening in their life and the other person is getting affected emotionally by it and unable to understand that they need some time for themselves, to handle situations, then the other person should give. However, communication can happen but understand that they are little bit occupied for sometime and it is tough for them to handle so much emotions.
If unable to accept SO then they will think they deserve better.
There should always be freedom in love, and not controlling the other person. It is all about understanding, respect, trust, communication.
The other person finds it difficult to adjust according to the lifestyle of a person. They are not willing to
make changes in their nature. They want everything as it is.
But if someone wants to change their habits and are willing to bear that much hardship then it shows they are truly in love with that person. It will be a struggle for them because it's about leaving the imperfect acts and being a better person for other.
But when people don't want to do that much effort so they say, it's fine, you will find someone better than me.

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you deserve better nah why cant you be better

How do you cope up with pain ?🙂

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1plan
If there's a wound or sick then bear the pain ☹️ until it gets recovered.
If it's internal pain maybe due to some situations then focus more on good instead of dwelling on bad. The best therapy to deal with pain is music, spending time in good weather🍃🍀 and with some of the favourite animals such as birds, squirrels, etc.
Talking with people on whom you trust🤠, when you're sad and then your favourite people guides you, helps you ☺️😇 to get over the cause of your hurt 😖 then just remembering their words☺️
Moreover if one is being hurt then think how to deal with it. Always focus on one good thing to deal with hurt. Sometimes giving yourself a treat by having your favourite food item, praising and respecting yourself that you have to deal with the situation with grace, motivation 😌
Moreover, never build habits(to deal with tough situations) which can bring harm to you in long term🙏

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How do you cope up with pain

What movie are you most excited to see come out this year?

savlolo’s Profile Photosavlolo
Dolls Kill is doing a thing with that movie Imaginary. Like a killer imaginary bear or something. So I’ll probably check that out since DK is involved. But I’ll wait until it’s streaming. I hope they make a M3gan sequel also. Only recent horror movie character that has been kinda cool.

Don't we deserve attention for our suffering?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
yes, we do.
because the only thing worse than suffering at all is suffering alone.
and that's the worst kind of prison.
but, hey, at least we can break out?
oh, wait.. i forgot. what's worse than suffering alone is suffering alone while being told it's all your fault and that you need to bear it because of- never mind, i don't want to end up swearing.

Vampire Nour from Egyptia, it's remarkable how you've somehow managed to make most of Canadia love you in such a short period of time 👀 Which country are you planning to charm next? 🤔 America? 😸

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I just want people to leave me alone .I want them to hate me cuz some of them suck the life out of me.They only care about themselves,Being hated brings an innocence to bear by someone puffed up in the wrong as far you are without guilt.

Can we please normalise men expressing their emotions and also men themselves can you stop NOT EXPRESSING your emotions.

yasmeensyd’s Profile PhotoZahra Shah
We do express them but then chicks get cold feet and label us as weak for being expressive.
After navigating through life I too now have decided to shut myself and I've come to terms with the idea that being a Man means to protect, provide and bear it all alone because if you would not do so and you would be in your wounded energy the woman will be compelled to bring in the masculine energy which consequently drives the women to the idea that she needs to be around a more grounded Man and that eventually is what makes them say we are weak

Are you going to adopt the german shepherd?

there are many factors to consider.
how does he do with cats?
how does Bear do with him?
(we're not worried about ralph he's literally the most easy going animal that ever existed)
How will we function with a 74 lb dog around the house?
where will we put a crate/bed?
Can we really commit to the right amount of exercise?
we're going to go meet him tomorrow, ask a lot of questions, take him for a walk to see how well behaved he is, and consider fostering for a month as a trial period
Are you going to adopt the german shepherd

What did your childhood bedroom look like? Any particular theme(s) you went for? If you had multiple rooms due to moving: Maybe describe one of your favorites? 🛏️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
My childhood bedroom was dark apple green and had a Paddington bear theme!
Before that, when I was a baby, it was Peter Rabbit themed. 🥰
In 2009 I moved to the attic, my walls are now white and apple green with white furniture.
What did your childhood bedroom look like Any particular themes you went for 

i feel like this is such a puerile "problem", but my favorite local nail creator said she'll not have this particular model available until march and i need them this saturday, because i want to wear this specific model on this wedding. would you offer to pay twice the amount? like idc,i want those.

I’ve never had my nails done but yeah if I want something enough I will pay more than I should. Example today is that black metal panda bear I bought today. I did offer on it so I at least got a little bit better deal.
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What is a habit others have that you cannot bear? 😬 😇

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PL: Ludzie często coś mówią, nie przemyślą tego, a potem siedzę przez to po nocach i dosłownie ryczę - nie płaczę, WYJĘ po nocach.
Kiedyś mama pokazała mi jeden cytat - „Zamiast mówić, co myślisz, zacznij myśleć, co mówisz ”.
Myślę, że każdy powinien stosować się do tych słów, życie byłoby wtedy piękniejsze.
ENG: People often say something without thinking it through, and then I sit up at night and literally cry - I mean, I don't just cry, I'M CRYING MY EYES OUT at night.
My mum once showed me one quote - "Instead of saying what you think, start thinking what you say."
I think if everyone follow these words, life would be more beautiful.

What's the last thing you spontaneously bought? 💸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I bought a valentines bear and I stood there, there were only two left. I couldn't decide between brown or white, so I took one. Once I scanned it, more than half the price came off, so I grabbed the other one, too. They were really cheap and the last two, very cute bears. 🥺 why can't men get cute Valentine's gifts as well?

ما هوا رأيك بالحب ☺️

Love, a beautiful tapestry of emotions, extends far beyond mere romantic gestures. It's the lifeline that anchors you in your darkest hours when surrender looms close.
Love dances in the delicate steps of little paws that faithfully follow your every move.
Love echoes in the compassionate ear of a friend who listens ceaselessly during your moments of breakdown.
It's the nurturing care bestowed upon your plants over time and the cherished, fluffy bear from your childhood.
Love is infinite. Love is everything. Love is you.

تو نے میرا نہیں ہونا ہے تو پھر یاد رہے میں نے تجھ کو بھی کسی کا نہیں ہونے دینا #Sir_Ehsan

e_baig’s Profile PhotoEhsan baig
This is exactly the mentality that we see in social media, t.v and in our society, too.
I still don't understand why people can not bear seeing someone happy.
There was this one instance in my own family that there was this one lady whose marriage proposal was sent by her paternal as well as maternal family members. The paternal side of hers was ready to make any kinda accusation to 'lower ' the chastity of the woman in order to have her as theirs or at least make others deceived.
How can someone steep so low?
The irony is that despite having her, despite the fact that they knew how they had ruined her reputation for their benefit, they have been treating her like trash for the past 19 years.
We as a society need to learn to let go of people on a respectful basis.
Not everything we want shall happen.
We may like or love someone at some point in life, but that doesn't mean that the situation would be in our favour, too.
Sometimes, our situation or that of the person we like isn't very favorable, and such things don't mean disloyalty or betrayal.
That is how God tests our character.
That is where we have to be the better version of ourselves.
Never defame someone because you have been betrayed, let them go, let them leave in peace, and let God give you the reward of patience.

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Die Residenz der Kennedy's

BonnieEldritch’s Profile PhotoBonnie Eldritch
Ja, das ist sehr hoch gestochen aber bear with me, brain dead head empty. 😔 Ich hoffe, Canva haut die Qualität nicht zu weit runter und man kann was erkennen auf den Sims Screenshots.
Unten habe ich das reale Haus aus der 63-19 136th St in Flushing dazugepackt, auf dem alles basiert - das Haus ist keine 100m vom Hintereingang des Cedar Grove Cemetery entfernt, bei dem ich die Bestattungswerkstatt von Erins Vater platziert habe. Das Haus ist eigentlich viel zu klein geworden (irl hat es 100m²), aber ehrlich gesagt finde ich das ziemlich nice. :D Es passt zu Francis, und es macht das Zusammenleben mit drei Dobermännern noch mal lustiger. :'D Auch wenn die drei im Garten ihre Hütten haben, sind sie eigentlich immer mit im Haus und schlafen eigentlich immer mit in Erins Doppelbett. Es ist auf jeden Fall eng im Hause Kennedy. 😂

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Die Residenz der Kennedys

Ajkal ki aurat ko yeh kyun bardsht nahi ke uska husband dusri shadi karay jab Islam nai ijazat di hai?

Being a woman ye chez nahi brdsht hoti ...I guess wo or hi duniya ki auratein hotin Jo dosri k hoty hoe b Khush rehtin ....mere nazdeek ye ek wahid chez hy Jo brdsht nhi hoskti us urat sy Jo apny husband sy bari purely mohabat krti ho wo kbhi nhi bear kry gi dosri urat ko .... Islam bohat khobsurat hy lykin still is bat py compromise nhi hoskta mere Liye to a Big No

Anyone knows the reasons of Americans economic recession in 1970?

Yeah OPEC announced that they'll no longer ship petroleum to nations supporting Israel and at the same time they agreed to raise their prices 500% due to which America's economy suffered. Also, their industry suffered little competition after ww2 but later other countries like Japan and Western Europe had recovered from the damage their manufacturing sector had to bear during ww2. By the early 1970s, they were providing stiff competition to American firms in the sale of automobiles, steel and many other products, both in the world market and in the US.

Inspiriert von der Konversation an der ich hier eben vorbei gescrollt bin… was war das Lieblingskuscheltier deines Götterfunken OCs? Und welchen Namen hatte es?

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Soweit, dass es einen Namen gibt, bin ich noch nicht 😂 Aber ich hatte den Gedanken, dass Sables Vater für die Arbeit regelmäßig verreist und ihr in ihren ersten Lebensjahren immer ein Plüschtier aus dem jeweiligen Bundesstaat mitgebracht hat, was deren offizielles State Animal war. Er hat zu früh aufgehört bzw. sie ist schnell zu alt dafür geworden, als dass sie alle 50 hätte sammeln können. Aber auch so war Baby-Sables Bett zum Drittel von ihren flauschigen Freunden besetzt 😂
Und einen Smokey Bear Plüschbären, Maskottchen des US Forest Service, musste sie natürlich auch haben lol Mit dem im Arm hat sie damals mit großen Verantwortungsgefühl darauf aufgepasst, dass ihr Vater jedes Lagerfeuer auch richtig löscht

Steckt eine Geschichte hinter dem Namen deines demigods?

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ihr Dad ist Wildlife Biologe und Hobby Bear Grylls 😂 Ich habe mich also gefragt, was so ein Mann für Namen auswählen würde und wollte sie zuerst nach einem der zig National Parks der USA benennen. Leider gaben die entweder nicht so viel Namensenergie her (hello, Death Valley Mercier lol), entsprachen einfach nicht meinem Geschmack oder basierten auf verschiedenen Native American Personen/-Gruppen. Da ich mit Sable keinen Charakter schreibe, der nur irgendeine dieser Herkünfte hat, wollte ich sie nicht einfach random „Sequoia“ oder so nennen und das war’s dann. Wenn ich einen Native Charakter gemacht hätte, hätte ich dann auch lieber richtig nach echten Namen geschaut, die in den jeweiligen Gruppen vergeben werden.
„Sable“ passt meiner Meinung nach aber immer noch, da es das englische Wort für Zobel ist, die sehr cute sind :D und es wird traditionell als weiblicher Name vergeben, also auch nichts total abwegiges.

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Steckt eine Geschichte hinter dem Namen deines demigods

What is a habit others have that you cannot bear? 😬 😇

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I am completely obsessed with lemons. I chip away at lemons every day, I have done since my early teens. I recently learnt that Lidl stock the best, fattest, freshest Sicilian lemons and I’m in heaven. I need to stop doing it though or at least cut down my habit as my teeth and acid reflux issues are not fans 😭
What is a habit others have that you cannot bear

What is a habit others have that you cannot bear? 😬 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
It annoys me when people are in public and are having a conversation on the phone with someone on the speaker phone like no one needs to hear your conversation!

What is a habit others have that you cannot bear? 😬 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Simplesmente não suporto mais minha espécie, os humanos, literalmente falando. Dá uma vergonha pq é cada atitude que sinceramente, parece que não apenderam nada com pai, mãe, avó, seja lá quem cuidou dessas pessoas.

What is a habit others have that you cannot bear? 😬 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I cannot handle people that think very negatively all the time.
And with that I mean when people rather pick up and share annoyance on small things, rather than to focus on the happy things.

كان عامًا مليئًا ب ..

This year, I've been through a lot of things that actually broke me.
I've lost some people I loved, and I have also found myself completely lost and devastated.
The previous years were also sad for me, but this year really hurt me so bad.
Nobody knows, but it took me everything to survive this year. I've been grieving, crying, screaming, and falling apart. And I'm quite mad, for I felt like the universe was so cruel to me.
No one will ever understand the pain that I had to bear alone because no one even noticed that I was suffering silently.
I have died a hundred times, cried more than I could, and endured all those hurtful feelings all at once.
It's sad to say that I am ending this year again with a heavy and broken heart. But I am still so proud of myself for continuously lifting myself up over and over again despite all the struggles in life.
This might be a year of losing and breaking for me, but I hope next year will also be a year of healing. I hope next year the universe will be kinder to me.

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كان عاما مليئا ب

Is there a reason for optimism about humanity's long-term fate?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
One can hope and dream, and for sure, I do. I am a dreamer, after all. A time where wisdom, knowledge, respect, and education govern humanity.
To be honest, I find it really difficult to believe that people will one day reach a higher level of consciousness and awareness.
Every time I read about a different era, there is always that one group of people who prefer to bear arms and force everyone else into a war. Or there is always someone who wants more than the rest. Or there is always someone who wants to take more from the poor just to keep them in line. And for those someones, if you don't pay attention to their actions and get your hands dirty, you are going to lose in the long run, forcing the rest to resist.
It's a complete vicious circle.

Hearing what right now can make you the happiest?

Trust me, two weeks ago, I had no idea what was going to happen to me. I was so stressed & didn't know what to do. During one of the Luna Nights while praying TAHAJJUD, I made a dua & said, "Allah, I don't know anything. I'm so tired, stressed,
and clueless. Fix everything for me however it is good for me! I completely surrender to you." Tears were intense, and the situation was desperate. After three days, I found myself in a completely different place with surprises even before that. Just know that when Allah knows it's becoming too much for you to bear, he changes your situation and makes you happy. He doesn't burden you beyond what you can bear. Just need to be doing more sajdah to thank Him.🥹🥹🥹🥹

How do you get rid of negative and toxic thoughts?

Our youth seek help from sad lyrics & quotes which are written by humans. What else do you need when He is directly talking to you in Quran?
"And seek help through patience & prayer"
(Surah Baqrah, Verse 45)
"Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear"
(Surah Baqrah, Verse 286)
"Indeed I am near"
(Quran 2:186)
"Call me upon, I will respond to you"
(Surah Ghafir, 40:60)
"And whoever puts all of his trust in Allah, He will be enough for him"
(Quran 65:1)
"So remember me, I will remember you "
(Quran 2:152)

Name any 3 things that make you happy ?

doaamostafa549’s Profile PhotoCloudy ⁦ଘ
1_ I bear witness that there is no god but God and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God
2_ Qur’an
3_Mother Father
1_ اشهد ان لا اله الا الله واشهد أن محمد رسول الله
2_ مصحفي
3_ امي ابي

What are three good things that happened for you today? ☺️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
this is usually an easy thing to name, but today has been just especially awful. There's always good things though. just very small things.
1. bear sat in my lap for a while this morning
2. nothing I ate made me sick
3. I found a bracelet I thought I had lost

What about the trending drama ‘Ishq Murshid’ ? M loving it 😍

ikainaa_’s Profile PhotoKaina
It's good, I mean, of course, coming up with a different storyline is a good initiative. As for the fact that it is totally unrealistic and unfair for the female protagonist and her father.
I also watch the drama for the sake of novelty and entertainment, but really, I feel the ending would break us all.
I mean, when the truth will unveil, everyone would be badly hurt, their trust would be broken.
On a serious note, it also highers the already sky touching expectations of us (Pakistani women) about the Prince Charming of our fairytales. (I'm over it but I'm worried about the newbies)
Plus, there's a thing called seed and nourishment.
If you sow the seed of a pea. And give all thr nourishment you can give, and expect it to grow into a wheat plant.
It wouldn’t.
Same goes to 'lies'.
The seed of a "lie" sown by the protagonist (hero) would bear fruits of something negative as the seed, not something pure and spiritual as 'love'.

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https://ask.fm/LarryStylestomlinson436/answers/174670173851 - Mm-hmm? 👀

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Shopping , watching series, reading detective stories, drinking bear, eating spaghetti bolognese, chatting with people and I bet, if I had a fire place in my bedroom, I would spend in front of it all my evenings in cold months! 😹😂

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