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Do you believe in guardian angels, ghosts, vampires, dragons, or witches?

I don't believe in guardian angels as such but I do believe in spirit guides and loved ones watching out for us, definitely yes to ghosts/entities, vampires I'm going to say probably not, I do believe in dragons considering we have species of dragon on earth still (not the fire breathing kind but dragon nonetheless) but I believe they found the remains of one recently that dates back to the time of dinosaurs (argentina I think?) and as for the witches, yes, but not necessarily in the sense of pointy noses and black hats 🙂

Which era in history do you find the most fascinating? Why? 🏹🗿⚱️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Probably doesn't count... but can I say the jurassic period? xD
Animals will always fascinate me more than the human race... and heck! Dinosaurs will always be one of the most fascinating things to me! There's still so much we don't know about them :3
Which era in history do you find the most fascinating Why
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When you were a kid, did you have an “emotional support” item? Like, a teddy bear or other stuffed animal, a doll, blanket, etc… that you just couldn’t be without? When did you get said item? How long did you use it for? Do you still own it today?

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I don't think I did honestly! It's strange, considering my huge love of dinosaurs back in the day, you'd think I'd have like a T-Rex plushie with me at all times. I think I've more so found my emotional support in things such as movies, video games etc. To be sucked into another world. My room was entirely Jurassic Park themed at one point after all 🦖
When you were a kid did you have an emotional support item Like a teddy bear or

👜 What’s something you collect?

I collect stickers, novelty bags (like bags in the shapes on stuff, like dinosaurs, monsters, fluffy bunnies, donuts, characters etc), I collect bjds (ball jointed dolls), comics, plushies... Sort of. I don't plan to buy any more, but I usually end up being gifted them or occasionally getting one if it's mega cute haha. And also although I don't call it something I collect for the sake of collecting it.. I'd say clothes. Because I have way too many and I need to not be in denial haha

If you could go back or forward to any year, what year would you go to? And because?

It's between 2 things!
I'd either go back in time to the jurassic period cuz I really want to see if dinosaurs looked how we've been picturing them!
Dinosaurs have always fascinated me! So seeing them would be amazing!
Or I'd go forward in time to see if humanity finally got their heads out of their butt's, and came together to actually save our planet!
If you could go back or forward to any year what year would you go to And

https://ask.fm/natalehjayne/answers/172211347884 - Possibly 😅 We should take a leaf out of their book, unless dinosaurs are reintroduced, Velociraptors can run faster than the T-Rex 🤪

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I’d quite like to have a race against a t-rex, reckon I’d come home with the gold 💪🏻 you can go against the velociraptors 😝

Do you tend to remember your dreams? Maybe give an example of one you've had recently or that was particularly memorable? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I do remember them more often than not. A recent one was I'd somehow got onto an alien spacecraft and the aliens took me to a planet undiscovered by humans. It had a bunch of extinct or nearly extinct animals on it, including dinosaurs, mammoths and the megalodon shark. 🦣
They couldn't bring those animals back to earth without killing them but they had got samples from some of the species that they could use to clone them and the plan was to release the clones back on earth. It was pretty cool, I woke up questioning the possibility of animals we know to be extinct existing elsewhere in the universe. 🦖

How Does It Feel To Be Your Age?

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
Becoming a dad in your 40s - would I recommend it? Here a small excerpt:
„Jona, we are late.“ - „Push the button.“ - „What button?“ - „The one on your watch that changes the time.“ Well, I’ll never be late again.
While driving: „Let’s talk.“ My daughter: „Can’t we just listen to the radio?!“ I’m raising me.
Libi: „I hope you have a bad life with a bad job and a bad house!“ Jona: „I hope you never eat another donut!“ Too far.
„You’re strong, Dad.“ - „Yeah.“ - „Really strong!“ - „Definitely.“ - „Almost as strong as Libi.“ Thanks.
„Jona, wear a sweater. It's cold out.“ - „If I wear shorts, it’ll be warm.“ - „Your clothes don’t decide the weather.“ - „We’ll see!“ Hm.
„Dad, I’m not scared of monsters when I’m with you.“ - „Well, thanks.“ - „They’ll eat you first because you’re fatter.“ Okay.
Jona dumps his toy dinosaurs all over the floor. Libi: „You can’t just leave your dinosaurs everywhere.“ - „It was their planet first.“ All right.
Libi: „Can I have candy for breakfast?“ - „It’ll make you sick.“ - „It’ll make me happy first.“
Libi and Jona get in a shouting match. Me: „Being louder doesn’t make you right.“ Jona: „It makes me not hear her being wrong!“
Libi: „I need a new scarf.“ - „No, you don’t.“ - „To tie up bad guys.“ She needs a scarf.
Jona: „Evie, I want bigger hands!“ Evie: „Why?“ - „So I can hold more cupcakes.“ They share the same dream.

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How Does It Feel To Be Your Age

3/10: If time traveling was possible, would you choose the past or the future?

That's hard!
Part of me wants to go to the past cuz I wanna see dinosaurs xD
But then I also wanna go forward and see what the world is gonna be like in the future... see if humanity has learnt or if we have just all ruined everything lol
310 If time traveling was possible would you choose the past or the future

Do you find extinct animals interesting? Would you ever want to see them brought back? 🦖🦕🦣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Except for dinosaurs, yes. Not that I hate dinosaurs, I find them fascinating - I just can't imagine that dinosaurs and human beings are able to exist peacefully beside each other. I would like to bring most of the animals back that went extinct because people destroyed their habitats or hunted some species down to their extinction.

Do you find extinct animals interesting? Would you ever want to see them brought back? 🦖🦕🦣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Dinosaurs fascinate me! Not sure what is is, but they are just awesome!
I'd live to see them for real! But I really wouldn't want like a Jurassic Park / World situation to happen xD
Do you find extinct animals interesting Would you ever want to see them brought

If dinosaurs really had balls, then why they are not showing em in cartoons?

ash_heyyy’s Profile Photoash_heyyy
there is a lot cartoons don't show to kids,
but, seeing your interest in BALLS made me suggest..
18+ kids have other cartoons on other websites, they show your "desired organs" switch to it kid! 🌚🥀

what time is it for you and what are you doing, right now? it's 12:45am here. i should be sleeping since i have to wake up at 6, instead i'm reading about dinosaurs while scrolling on ask 💤💤💤

12:57pm here and I have just gotten dressed after my shower and now I'm preparing to leave the house.

What movie from your past that resonates with you, will you eventually share with your kids, or if you have already, what was it?

vexiled’s Profile Photo↭vex↭
I showed them jurassic park, because they're both fascinated with dinosaurs. They've loved it. I tried showing them "back to the future" and "jumanji", but they're not really interested as for now. There is several other films I'd like to show them, when they're older and capable of understanding it.

what time is it for you and what are you doing, right now? it's 12:45am here. i should be sleeping since i have to wake up at 6, instead i'm reading about dinosaurs while scrolling on ask 💤💤💤

Can relate to that so hard, aha. Find out any interesting facts about dinos? It’s 6am here, but luckily I’ve got a couple of hours of sleep left, so I’m heading back to sleep in a min (I was just checking the time) 😴
Sleep well, when you do!! :) 💤

what time is it for you and what are you doing, right now? it's 12:45am here. i should be sleeping since i have to wake up at 6, instead i'm reading about dinosaurs while scrolling on ask 💤💤💤

It’s 11:50pm and I’m listening to Nelly’s “E.I.” On Munchkin’s playlist while finishing up cleaning his room and then going to bed.

what time is it for you and what are you doing, right now? it's 12:45am here. i should be sleeping since i have to wake up at 6, instead i'm reading about dinosaurs while scrolling on ask 💤💤💤

It’s 5:47am and I’ve recently woken up from dreams. I am now looking at social media but I’ll probably nod off again shortly.

Kiss me if I'm wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

⠀⠀⠀⠀ꜱᴏ ...⠀ʏᴏᴜ⠀ᴀʀᴇ⠀ᴡʀᴏɴɢ,⠀ꜱᴏ⠀ꜱʜᴏᴜʟᴅ⠀ɪ⠀ᴋɪꜱꜱ ʏᴏᴜ?⠀❱
⠀⠀⠀⠀───── ⠀˗ˏˋ ⊰ @better__with__you ⠀⊱ ˎˊ˗ ⠀─────
⠀⠀⠀⠀∫ ⠀▸⠀ https://justpaste.it/Sendimadur__Alfanna000

Kiss me if Im wrong but dinosaurs still exist right

Random thoughts🙌🏻🌸

Aitisam2429’s Profile Photoاعتصام۔
Just want crazy amount of stars on night sky and lots of fluffy clouds in the morning with occasional drizzles and the power of telekinesis.
But majorly, a rainforest! right outside my heavenly residence. Filled with beaming fire flies, lots of waterfalls and all sort of exotic animals (especially Dinosaurs) that don’t attack, aren’t vicious or dangerous rather calm, friendly and herbivores and oh flowers of all kind! Especially our dearly beloved, black roses. 🥲

Gibt es einen Funfact, den du am lustigsten oder coolsten bei den Charakteren fandest? Und was ist vielleicht die jeweils größste Stärke und Schwäche jedes Einzelnen, in deinen Augen? 😊

Bei den Stärke und Schwächen habe ich jeweils nur ein Stichwort genannt, einfach weil ich nicht zu viel verraten will :D
Rabbits favourite Funfact:
Ilsung - Knows like 50 ways to murder someone. Basically cause he loves Murder documentaries
Phoenix - Broke a KQ trainee rule by sneaking out to meet a friend
Jaera - Keeps replying alphas with her personal Twitter account by accidentandthem being like "Jaera wrong account“
Sam - She mistook KQ for JYP and accidentally auditioned for a different agency than she planned to
Ruby - Ruby is veryflexible, but she prefers to show how she can wiggle her ears or touch her nose with her tongue
Bee - Strongly believed that dinosaurs still exist until she was 6 years old and had a mental breakdown when she found out they are extinct
Yue - She is good at aegyo but doesn't like to do it. Enjoyswatchingothers do it though
Größte Stärke und Schwäche
+Menschen lesen
-zu sich selbst stehen
-Anderen vertrauen

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If you could go back to anytime in history, where would you go?

How life started on earth!!????🤨🤨🤨 & On what basis scripts got developed!?☺️💜💜.... Even I would visit dinosaurs World😀😀😀💜😅😅😅,,..... ohh man,.I want to witnesss many things in history 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😕

¿Qué videojuegos terminaste? De inicio hasta que salieran los créditos. ¿Cuál fue el que más disfrutaste? Empiezo: https://ask.fm/TrollearNEF/answers/168185500081

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Buaahhh...!! No has dicho tú nada.
Si cito todos los videojuegos de videoconsolas a los que he jugado a lo largo de toda mi vida, junto a todas las máquinas recreativas, pongo aquí un testamento y estás leyendo lista hasta el año que viene. Y me faltaría espacio aquí en la respuesta porque esto tiene límite de caracteres.
Todos los videojuegos que empiezo siempre los termino.
Incluido el 95% de todas las máquinas recreativas, que desde bien pequeño terminaba pasándome con una única moneda.
Cuando yo llegaba, se juntaba bastante gente a mi alrededor para mirarme como jugaba porque me conocían y ya sabían lo que había. Y quien no me conocía, al mirar veía que a esas pantallas ellos no llegaban y nunca las habían visto.
En ese 5% restante de máquinas que no terminaba de pasarme con una moneda, están incluidas las citadas por ti, The king of fighters.
Era super complicada pasárselo porque al ser por equipos de tres, me resultaba dificilísimo y terminaba cayendo, por lo que pese a que jugaba de vez en cuando, no me llamaba demasiado la atención
De lucha, antes q ese prefería el Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, World Heroes, Samurai Shodown o el Street Fighter que sí me los pasaba tranquilamente con mi única moneda, porque si por cualquier casualidad me mataban en algún momento por lo que fuese, odiaba echar más monedas para continuar la partida por dónde me había quedado. Para mí eso era considerado como estar enganchado y por eso no lo hacía.
Siguiendo contestando a tus otras preguntas, no tengo un único juego que más disfrutase, excluyendo los de lucha arriba citados, tengo bastantes que entran en mi Top 20...
-Sunset riders
-Blue's Journey
-The Newzealand Story
-Snow Bros
-Ghouls'n Ghosts
-Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
-The King of Dragons
-Cadillacs and dinosaurs
-Hammerin’ Harry
-Final Fight
-Captain Commando
-Mega Twins
-Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow overy Tower of Doom
-Super Bubble Bobble
-Three Wonders
-Rainbow Island

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What was your “dream job” when you were little, and what is your dream job now? Is it the same, or has it changed?

My dream job was becoming a paleontologist! I was absolutely obsessed by dinosaurs as a kid and then I mean even more than most kids. I had like 200 species and some of their features memorized in my head 😂 Now I wanna become a city planner! It's simple really, I got more interested in how cities affect our society and how we can use cities to improve our society in general 😊
What was your dream job when you were little and what is your dream job now Is

Which dinosaur 🦕 was the largest and which was the smallest ?) Do you know? Inès ❤️

ah … funny question…. but i like dinosaurs 🦕 🌹🦖 they was cute animals….!
the largest complete dinosaur was
brachiosaurus 🦕 ( “arm lizard”)
the smallest dinosaurs were just slightly larger that chicken… compsognathus 🦖(“ pretty jaw”…)

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

kellykitties’s Profile PhotoMoved to @norakitties
I wanted to be a paleontologist! I was obsessed with dinosaurs and then I mean even more obsessed than most kids 😂 I managed to memorize around 200 species and their traits in my head Haha
When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up

If ants were as intelligent as humans, what do you think they would've thought of us? Do you think the ones in your vicinity would think anything about you specifically? 🐜😂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
ok i'm so sorry I have to nerd out because Ants are actually insanely intelligent! Here's a couple things I know about ants;
• Ants can "talk" to each other through chemicals
• They have their own form of slavery & ant hierarchy
• They have superhuman strength
• Ants bury their dead
• Ants have very specific jobs.
• Ants are as old as dinosaurs
Ants would probably think we are entitled little sh.its. They would probably think that we think way too highly of ourselves. If we could talk to ants I imagine we would learn a thing or two for them not vise versa. Ants would probably think I am super lazy lol.
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Dinosaurs eating people🦕🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🦖 Dinosaurs in love🦕❤🦖 Dinosaurs having a party 🦕🎉🦖 They eat fruit🍎🍇🥝🍌 and cucumber🥒

Wenn Erdöl aus toten Dinosauriern und anderen "biologischen Resten" besteht und Plastik aus Erdöl gewonnen wird, dann sind Spielzeugdinosaurier zum Teil aus echten Dinosauriern 😱
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