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Which animal do you think is your spirit animal? Or do you resonate ?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1plan
Sea turtles are by far my favorite animals! And I feel like I relate to them a lot, I wouldn't mind crusing around coral reefs all day Haha When I was in Australia and took pictures like this one, I felt like I never wanted to leave 📸🐢
Which animal do you think is your spirit animal Or do you resonate

What is the ideal holiday destination for you? 🏖️ 🌴 🍹 🏄 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ₜₑₙₐcᵢₒᵤₛ ₜₒₘₘₐy™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I love going somewhere with plenty of diving opportunities! Sure, walking through historic city streets is always nice but I do so almost every day where I live. Diving with sea turtles in Australia was one of the highlights of my life and travelling down under gave me plenty of other opportunities to see various other kinds of wildlife! Like koalas, kangaroos and penguins. It's still the coolest place I've been to and I wouldn't mind travelling there again 🇦🇺
What is the ideal holiday destination for you

What did your childhood bedroom look like? Any particular theme(s) you went for? If you had multiple rooms due to moving: Maybe describe one of your favorites? 🛏️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I always had an under the sea theme when I was little. My mom had the walls painted like my room was under water and there were all sorts of fish and turtles. I loved it and I kinda regret changing it when I got older
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Name: age: from: hobbie: sexuality: pet: height: birth month: pet peeve: fave color: tattoo: piercing: intro/extro: occupation: top 3 values:

Name: Nadine
Age: 24 Years old
From: Cologne
Hobbys: Make excursions, Read books, Play games
Sexuality: Heteros'exual
Pet: Dog, Cats, Turtles, Rats, Fishs
Height: 1,57m
Birth Month: Novembre
Pet Peeve: Humans haha
Fave Color: White
Tattoo: Yes
Piercings: Yes
Intro/Extro: Introverted
Occupation: IT Doctor 🤓
Top 3 values: Respect, Loyalty, Empathy

Als Kinder liefen wir an der Hand unserer Eltern, in der Jugend wurde unsere/r Selbstständigkeit/Radius größer. Wie hast du diese Zeit erlebt? Fühlte sie sich aufregend an, hat sie dich verunsichert? Wie war es, als dir bewusst wurde, dass du kein Kind mehr bist?

Nicht so wirklich - als Kind wollte ich alles sein außer Kind und als Teenager (ca. 15) war ich safe weniger Teenager als heute (und wahrscheinlich auch erwachsener). Ich habe z.B. mit anderen Kindern nie viel anfangen können. Als ganz kleines Kind habe ich ergo immer alleine mit Actionfiguren gespielt, insbesondere Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles und manchmal auch den Simpsons (wobei Letzteres schwer war - ich habe als Kind die ironische Ebene nicht ganz erfassen können und habe geheult wie ein Schloßhund als ich die Folge sah, in der Homer droht, an einer Kugelfischvergiftung zu sterben, was lustigerweise dazu führt, dass ich Homer bis heute mehr lieb habe als nervig finde).
Später, in der Grundschule, hatte ich nur mit wenigen Kindern wirklich richtigen Kontakt und ich überkompensierte viel darüber, dass ich mich nach Außen hin besonders witzig und selbstironisch gab. Die meisten Kinder mochten mich, ohne dass sie besonders viel mit mir zu tun gehabt hätten.
Als Teenager hatte ich mit Gleichaltrigen so gut wie nichts zu tun (außerhalb von Schule) und ich bin ohnehin recht "selbstständig" aufgewachsen, vollkommen ohne die typischen Teenagereskapaden. Insofern war der Übergang gar nicht so krass. Grundsätzlich bin ich heute vielmehr Teenager als mit 15 - vielleicht für Andere eine red flag, aber das tangiert mich nicht so.

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What do you envision when you think of your happy place? Be descriptive!

MermaidOnTheMoon’s Profile Photo✨️ Mermaid ✨️
One place I'd definitely be happy is diving at a coral reef! The excitement of what I'd get to see during said dive is insurmountable 🤩 Ideally, there'd be some sea turtles and sharks nearby! The current is calm and pleasant and the fishes, corals etc. are thriving. (Even as that sadly becomes more rare with global warming and coral bleaching 🥺)
What do you envision when you think of your happy place Be descriptive

Мини-опрос о твоих отношениях со второй половинкой 👩‍❤️‍👨 1)Сколько вы можете не общаться, когда в ссоре? Какой был рекорд? 2)Как вы относитесь к бывшим друг друга? Что-то знаете о них? 3)Вы когда-нибудь разъезжались? На какое время? Почему? 4)Песня, которую ты ассоциируешь со своей половинкой?

1. Мы не можем не общаться после ссоры🥹 Для нас очень важно все обговаривать и мириться. Конечно, бывали и такие моменты, когда после серьезной ссоры обида была сильнее и мы какое-то время не общались, но это может длиться максимум два-три часа
2. Мы первые друг у друга💓
3. Нет, мы и съехались совсем недавно, до этого я жила в общежитии, а Марти с родителями
4. The Turtles – Happy Together 🥹❤️

What is the most breathtaking view you’ve personally seen/captured in nature? Where were you? What was that experience like? If you have a picture of it, feel free to share! (Inspired by my recent trip to Niagara Falls) 🤩📸

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I was in absolute awe when I went diving in the Great barrier reef in Australia! I had always dreamt of being able to dive by a coral reef and swim with sea turtles so when I finally got to do that I honestly didn't want to leave. It was so great and I was constantly buzzing about what I'd get to see next 🤿🦈🐢
What is the most breathtaking view youve personally seencaptured in nature Where

If you had to imagine your idea of a comforting scene in your head right now, with you there. What would it look like? Where would it be? What are you doing in it?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I just imagine myself back to where I was in late november of 2018. Jumping off from a boat into the water outside the coast of northeastern Australia. Diving down, seeing all the colorful fish, sharks, stingrays and most importantly, sea turtles. How I wish I'd be able to treat myself to something like that as often as I could. I felt like I could be there for hours, just excited over what I'd get to see next! 🐠
If you had to imagine your idea of a comforting scene in your head right now

What kind of wildlife do you see where you live? You have a favorite of those animals? 🦆🦔🐰

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I live near mountains, creeks, and the coast, so I see LOADS!
I think my favorite are ducks with their cute little waddles 🤗
Sharks are rare to see, but I love them too!
Other than those, we get lizards, snakes, coyotes, mountain lions (usually when there's a wildfire we'll see a couple wandering the streets), rabbits, frogs, turtles, squirrels, hawks, owls, dolphins, whales, fish, and a whole lot of bugs!

What do you do for the betterment of environment?

I used biodegradable litter for my cat. I cut up those plastic thingys they put on cans to save the turtles. I recycle (but only the things that are actually recyclable because not everything actually is & people throw in extra stuff that makes the workers have to sift through it) if i had a garden I would compost but I don’t at the moment 😭 thats all I can think of right now.
What do you do for the betterment of environment

What is your favourite animal? I’d love to hear your answers

“It’s fricken bats “🦇 haha but also I have so much love for all creatures (except mice & rats, no thank youu)
Sea turtles also have a massive place in my heart
Kangaroos and wallabies
Pygmy possums
All birds
Polar bears
Mouse lemurs
I could go on and on
Just everything and anything

What thing from childhood do you still enjoy to this day?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
Bubbles, coloring books, arts and crafts, playgrounds, baths, blanket forts, board games, finding four leaf clovers, lucky pennies. Most things honestly.
Playing on my gameboy while in comfy pajamas as the sun rises in the morning. It’s a nice start to the day.
The original Nintendo Entertainment System. The mario brothers series, zelda, bubble bobble, mega man 1-6, blades of steel, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the contra series, donkey Kong series, mike Tyson's punchout, and many many other oldies
Super Nintendo, I don't know why just that one, but I play it all the time. Even getting more teary eyed as Ibeat games like Lufia again and again through life.
Lamb chops. Back in the day, these were cheap, and my family would have them often for dinner (loin chops, that is, not forequarter). I love them, both because lamb is delicious, and because it gives me warm fuzzies thinking about my dad cooking loin chops for us.
Polish sausage, mashed potatoes, amd cabbage with carrots. My mom was good at cooking the cabbage and carrots just right; they had a just-cooked velvety bite with no mushyness and so much flavor. I've never been able to replicate it.
Spaghetti-o's with meatballs. Served at approximately 50% the temperature of the surface of the sun. Improves my mood in a way that nothing else can besides a heroic dose of THC. Which only inevitably leads back to Spaghetti-o's. Vicious cycle.
i loved sweets as a kid (not really candy or soda actually, but i have always loved chocolate, any kinds of cupcakes or cakes, ice cream, cheesecake, brownies, tarts, really any desserts haha) and i'm in my early 20s now and i have even more of a sweet tooth than i did as a kid! does anyone know if maybe my love of sugar will decrease as i get older...? i sure hope so lol.
Honestly, candy. I never really lost my taste for super sweet things, although I don't drink soda anymore. I often have to force myself not to buy it every week at the grocery store because I just don't have any self control when it comes to sweets.

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Apart from the zoo/safe environment, have you had any close interactions with wild animals? Did any sightings amaze you? 🦘🦓🦒🦍🦄

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
It was definitely getting to swim with a wild sea turtle 🥰 I spotted like four turtles while diving in Australia but only one was gentle enough to let you get close. It was so cool just getting to watch and follow as it dove down and ate jellyfish 😊
Apart from the zoosafe environment have you had any close interactions with wild

Your favorite childhood cartoons?

sleepy2687’s Profile PhotoHuman
If you're a 90's kid then you must grown up by watching these.
Dragon tales, baby looney tunes, Tom and jerry, teen titans, ben 10, Swat kats ,Thunder cats, Duck tales,Road runner, Popeye, Bob the builder, the jungle book, Winnie the pooh, Barbie cartoons, Disney princess, Dragon ball Z, Ninja turtles, johny bravo, Scooby doo,Kids next door, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Dexters laboratory, We bare bears, Courage..

If you had to list one thing from A to Z (feel free to make it shorter if it's complicated) that makes you happy, what would your alphabet of contentment look like?

feytality’s Profile Photo˚ʚ Fey ๋࣭ ⭑
Ohh boy, here we go 😂
A: Apple Pie 🍎
B: Bananas 🍌
C: Castles 🏰
D: Dungeons and Dragons 🐲
F: Freediving 🐠
G: Game nights ♟
H: Halo 🌌
I: Ice cream 🍦
J: Junk food 🍕
K: Koalas 🐨
L: Lizards 🦎
M: Music 🎶
N: Nachos 🌽
O: Otters 🥺
P: Partayyyy!!! 🥳
Q: Quotes 💬
R: Rain forests 🌴
S: Swimming 🏊‍♂️
T: Turtles 🐢
U: Urban planning 🏢
V: Video games 🎮
W: Witcher 3 🗡
X: X-mas 🎄
Y: Yacht (?) 🛳
Z: Zebra sharks 🦈
This took a biiit longer than I expected but here you go Hahaha
If you had to list one thing from A to Z feel free to make it shorter if its

One thing that you would like to have in your room!

kellykitties’s Profile PhotoMoved to @norakitties
I'd like to make this picture I took of a sea turtle in Australia into a canvas painting 😊 There's an empty wall above my bed which definitely has room for it! Though I'm not sure if I want it colored or in black and white 🤔 I think I'll settle on black and white though since my other two paintings are as well! I absolutely love sea turtles so it's definitely something I want to showcase 🥰
One thing that you would like to have in your room

Your Favourite cartoon from the 90s?

Sarmadking123’s Profile Photo^_^ x
Courage the cowardly dog
Dexter's laboratory
Power Puff Girls
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
The Flintstones
Johnny Quest
Captain Planet
Samurai Jack
Johnny Bravo
Dragon ball z
Looney toons
Tom and Jerry
Bey Blade
Ed Edd n Eddy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Batman the Animated Series
Scooby Doo where are you ?
Etc etc etc etc All were My favorites 😂

Tell me your favorite: Food 🍟 Drink 🍹 Color ⚫️ City 🌃 Animal 🦒 Series 📺 Hobby Celeb Flower 🌹 Emoji 🤩 Shop 🛍 Restaurant 🍽 App 📱

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Kebab pizza 🤤
Cider 🍐
Blue 💙
Except for the city I study in, Tokyo 🗼
Sea turtles 🐢
The Mandalorian 🌌
Swimming 🏊‍♂️
Chris Evans 🦸‍♂️
Spiked speedwell 🌻
Any electronic store basically 🖥
A local pizza place 🍕
YouTube ▶️
Tell me your favorite Food  Drink  Color  City  Animal  Series  Hobby  Celeb

Name 5 things you love about yourself? Trying to spread some positivity 💕

1. I really like my hair, it's like as red as it can naturally get and is kind of like my trademark "feature". That's why you'd seldom see me wear hats 🧑‍🦰
2. I have very broad shoulders, you can clearly tell I'm a swimmer just by looking at me 🏊‍♂️
3. Speaking of swimming, I love to show of the things I can do in and under water, like holding my breath for 3-4 minutes and such 🌊
4. That I've already managed to tick many things off my bucket list! Like swimming with sea turtles 🐢
5. I like my creative side, that I often like to have projects and such. Whether that is going on a walk to take photos around town or making a special effects intro 📸
Name 5 things you love about yourself 

Trying to spread some positivity

Well, I've already checked of going to Australia and swim with sea turtles Haha I would want to go to South Africa and see great whites, maybe even be in a shark cage 😝 If I ever got the chance to swim with a whale shark as well I'd take it, they're so beautiful creatures 😍

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That sounds so amazing! I really hope you get to do all that ☺️
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He estado un poco ausente porque due se estuvo sintiendo mal animicamente, por eso les pregunto, ¿qué les ayuda a subir el ánimo cuando tienen días malos?

ohgamesforthefakes’s Profile Photowolves games
No estoy completamente seguro, pero creo que cuando las cosas son demasiado pesadas solo escribo al respecto. Lo escribo tal cual lo siento, así suelo eliminar algunas cosas que me molestan. También busco nuevas distracciones, como leer cualquier cosa, algunos juegos, películas o series graciosas.
Nuestra mente es el máximo potencia para llevarnos a la luz o quizás a las sombras, por así decirlo. Pensar mucho me hace daño, el silencio es lo que más debo evitar en esos momentos. Entonces, suelo escuchar música, solo ritmos animosos como Aquarius - Surff, Imagine dragons - Thunder, 60 Juno - Liar, The turtles - Happy together, Pilot - Magic, imagine dragons - Believer, o cualquier ritmo que le incite a mi cuerpo a moverse un poco. Quedarme en una esquina a lamentarme por todo no es muy inteligente, después de todo.
Si algo es tan complicado que me afecta demasiado, busco a alguien para poder platicarlo.
Sabes, existen cosas que uno no puede ver cuando se encuentra sofocado. Muchas veces tendremos la mente tan nublada que no podremos ver por nosotros mismos y necesitaremos de alguien.
Y sin duda alguna, salir a caminar es lo mejor que uno puede hacer. Agotar todas las energías del cuerpo, acompañado de música y los ojos en múltiples panoramas; me ha sido de mucha ayuda. Sin embargo, sé que cada persona suele afrontar las cosas de manera distinta, así que, lo mejor es conocerse a uno mismo.

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Gdybyś był/a w stanie zrobić w swoim życiu coś* co zapisało by się w kartach historii, co by to było? *interpretacja dowolna

sandrusiadusia123’s Profile Photodu_dusiak
zalegalizowała związki tej samej płci, adopcję dzieci przez takie pary, aborcję bez podania powodu, marihuanę (sadzić, palić, zalegalizować d-_-b) i podjęła poważne kroki w celu zapobiegania niszczenia ziemi, tzn. przymusowy recykling, wycofanie plastiku w większej ilości, inny sposób pozbywania się śmieci, aby nie wrzucano ich do oceanów (save the turtles sksksksksksk)

Cool! What kind of animals did you see? ?

At first there was a not so big whale and then sea turtles and some bigger size fish and the barracuda!!!? it was ugly HAHAHAHAHAHA ?
+1 answer in: “What's the most daring or adventurous thing you've ever done? ? How did you feel during and after? ?”

5 facts about yourself that you would tell someone on a first date? And 5 questions you would ask that person? 🤔

kate4882’s Profile PhotoKate N
I'd tell them that:
1. I'm a swimmer and have been for 18 years 🏊‍♂️
2. I study at uni 🎓
3. I love to work on movies whenever I get the chance to 🎞
4. I'm quite active at a certain large student organization 🥳
5. I've swum with sea turtles and other stuff I've done during my travels 🌏
I'd just ask them about general stuff to be honest, like what it is that they do, what kind of things they like and if they've travelled as well Haha
5 facts about yourself that you would tell someone on a first date And 5
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Yes, I would love to see it, if it's not too much trouble 🤗 also, they look nice, the blue and white are great together. Are those turtles on the one in the middle?

Cameliee’s Profile PhotoCamelié.
Now that you’re saying it, I can actually see the turtle, although it‘s supposed to be a fish 😄
There you go 🤗
zy_cv’s Video 161958958191
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I haven't had a pet turtle but I've seen turtle races however; I like them. Many on this app may be because of all the pizza they eat. May be they are teenage mutant silly turtles....lol.

Alicia861’s Profile PhotoAlicia + Jenni
I think Turtles are so cute! Magnificent creatures! Absolutely beautiful!
One of my favorite YouTubers has two tortoises and two regular water turtles. So cute! I really love the little environment that he made for them and it has inspired me to almost want a Turtle but I'm probably not going to get one but I just wanted to ask a question because I saw the turtles that my favorite YouTuber OmarGoshTV had and I had to ask the question because I just thought it was adorable.

I wonder how we get attached with someone that they become the only source of our happiness. Even when we know they will leave us one day.

(Sorry, wrote too much) Sorry for the late response, I feel asleep. That happened to me last year in May. I've been 'sad' ever since. Some people are really good at making us happy that we need to see a "trailer" of them before we allow ourselves to get hypnotized by their beauty/handsomeness. Just because there may be chemistry between you & the person doesn't mean you need to get attached to them, but saying that is a lot easier than trying not to get attached to them in the first place because you don't know if you would; you are too busy being happy talking to them that you don't ask your self first "should I back away from this person before I get attached to them in case soon they pretend I no longer exist?" I am able to say this because this happened to me last May of last year & to this day she still doesn't talk to me & I have no earthly idea why. I was always kind to her even tho I was a peasant compared to her because she had a thousand real life friends & I have 0. But her not talking to me hasn't prevented me from respecting women because some guys will say to themselves "f* her, women are bxtches anyways". Which is very arrogant for a guy to say just because he was treated unfair by one girl. In fact, I really hate when a man calls women the b word just because one girl did them wrong. Some men say it so much as if it's their second language. I'm not even female & it annoys me when I hear men talk about women like that. That term is never in my vocabulary. I don't even call my own mother that word even when she makes me mad. Sometimes I read Buddha quotes & it teaches how to remain calm even when you're angry. That's what I try to be like. Calm even when I'm filled with rage. It's actually funny that you ask this, because we don't ask the same thing about dogs, only people. They (dogs) don't have long lives like turtles do & yet we fall in love with dogs & spend so much quality time with them, that as much as we love them, they die either from cancer or old age. Should we not get attached to dogs just because they're considered somewhat old when they reach 7 years of age? It's scary to get attached to short-lived animals, but we do it because animals are too irresistible to not give them attention.

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+1 answer in: “Where has grief gone, has it ceased to exist?”

Der Glaube an einen Gott/an Götter ist für viele Menschen teil ihrer Erziehung. Bist du auch mit einem Glauben aufgewachsen? Welchen Stellenwert hat der/ein Glauben jetzt in deinem Leben? Wie und vielleicht warum hat sich dein Glaube/deine Einstellung zum Glauben verändert?

Never. Meine Eltern haben mich (sehr zu meinem Schaden) taufen lassen, was gewissermaßen eine rein gesellschaftliche Angelegenheit war. De facto bin ich von allen Glaubensdingen verschont geblieben. Als Kind hatte ich, maßgeblich durch den Religionsunterricht der Grundschule beeinflusst, eine absurde christliche Phase, in der ich u.a. meine Eltern fragte, weshalb wir vor dem Essen nicht beten, woraufhin meine Mutter in einem sehr eisigen Tonfall antwortete: "Wir sind Gott auch so dankbar!" Das war ungefähr das akustische Äquivalent des Impetus’ mit dem man eine lästige Kakerlake tottritt.
Ich bin ungemein froh darüber, von solchen Dingen in meiner Kindheit verschont geblieben zu sein. Wenngleich ich kein Atheist bin, sondern am ehesten das, was Du als Polytheist bezeichnen würdest, mit einem sehr großen Hang zur Demonolatrie, die im Wesentlichen sehr paganistisch funktioniert.
Ich mag den Begriff "Glauben" nicht. Jene Dinge, die Dir in Deinem Leben wichtig sind, gehen einher mit den Entitäten, die Dich interessieren. Ich kannte mal einen Chaosmagicker, der das kleine bannende Pentagrammritual für sich umgeschrieben hat und statt der Erzengel die vier Turtles invozierte. Und ich sah mal einen Altar für eine Animefigur (eine Gottheit) namens Tet. (Für mich persönlich ist btw. seit 3 Jahren der 2. November ein fester Feiertag, an dem ich Bekannten Kekse schenke und einmal sogar einige Kekspackungen an einen benachbarten Kindergarten verschenkt habe - der 2. November ist der Geburtstag des Krümelmonsters).
Mich persönlich ziehen Entitäten an, die Dinge wie Freiheit, Luxus, Reichtum, Hedonismus transportieren.
Selbstverständlich verändert jede Form von Spiritualität etwas in einem selbst, aber das ist natürlich der guten alten Regel des Magnetismus’ unterworfen. Es ist mehr synergetisch.
Meiner Antwort kannst Du entnehmen, dass ich Religion im Allgemeinen nicht mag. Jede Form der organisierten, kodifizierten Religion, die über die Errichtung von Tempeln und reiner Mythenerzählung hinausgeht. Alles, was "gebietet" ist für mich definitiv ein Feind. Und vieles, was anerkannte Religionen inhaltlich der Welt anbieten, hat etwas von einem ultimativen Internettroll. Das ist nicht my cup of tea.

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My dogs are picky when it comes to making new friends like their owner. Big mood after work or before going to work/school. While wrapping myself in a cozy blanket. dw, my friend read 36 books so she won our bet 😅 I do post some videos on twitter sometimes lol

Jessamineisla’s Profile Photo♋️KING SEBASTIAN MONDRAGON♋️
They should be picky, someone might pick them up if they don't growl and bark. Obviously, my turtles are... God bless their souls. You do what? Mood swings should be your second name. djk. Wag na nga yang blanket po. So there was a bet? Hooray to you friend~ I can do that if it's just short novels but scientific books and others is just -.- hshshs I did not reply sa twitter pa.
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[Fake Edition] >10 Sentence Challenge< Schreib einen Auszug von dir in folgenden Szenario: Du vs. Zombieapokalypse. Lass deiner Fantasie freien Lauf und teil den kurzen Textauszug hier, gern inkl. Bildern. Happy Writing! Liebste Grüße, Claire <3

HeyClairefromWashington’s Profile PhotoClaire O'Malley
[Ich habe 4 Schildkröten😂]
Die Sonne ging auf über New York City; ein neuer Tag, ein neues Abenteuer. Die ersten Strahlen fielen auf den Panzer des tapferen Kriegers, der voller Mut und Tatkraft seinen schuppigen Kopf in die Höhe reckte. Donatellos wachsamer Blick schweifte umher, immer auf der Hut, wie es sich für einen erfahrenen Ninja gehörte. Auch die anderen Turtles (Raphael, Michel - Angelo und Leonardo) erwachten der Reihe nach und begannen den Tag mit wichtigem Ninjatrainig. (Salat fressen und umständlich über den Panzer eines anderen Ninjas klettern - statt außenherum zu gehen) denn schließlich musste man immer gewappnet gegen mögliche Gefahren sein. Der Feind schlief schließlich nie.
Donatello war der Anführer - er hatte schon viele Schlachten gekämpft, war in geheimer Mission unterwegs gewesen. Er hatte die meiste Erfahrung. Donatello wusste, was ein Ninja brauchte, worauf es ankam und wie man sich auf Feinde vorbereitete. Darum war ihm die Verantwortung für die ganze Gruppe übertragen worden. Er verwaltete dieses Amt mit Stolz. Und heute, an diesem sonnigen Oktobermorgen, lag Unheil in der Luft. Donatello spürte es in seinen Schnuppen. Etwas stimmte nicht. Und just in diesem Moment geschah es: Wie aus dem Nichts wurde es im Terrarium dunkel. Das Unheil warf seine Schatten voraus. Plötzlich ging alles unheimlich schnell. Sie erschien: Die angesabberte Hand. Sie wühlte durch die Kohlblätter und das Gemüse, stieß das Wasser und den Holzunterschlupf um und grabschte dann weiter in Richtung Turtles. Donatello beobachtete das Geschehen mit Grauen. Den Atem angehalten. Geschockt von der Verwüstung. Doch ein tapferer Krieger zögerte nicht lange. Es galt zu handeln. Ein Ninja musste tun, was ein Ninja tun musste. Mit mutigem Herzen und unter Einsatz seines Lebens stellte Donatello sich vor die Gruppe. Mit letztem Atem drehte er sich zu den drei anderen Turtles und schrie: "Rückzug!!!! Rückzug!!! Alle in die Panzer!! Rückzug Männer!! Das ist keine Übung!"

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