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Do you like to go up the ladder🏃or are you more comfortable🧘🌱 with where you are in life and/or within your career? 🤪 What got you to where you are now? ☺️

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJusti Me Myself
Honestly? I’d just like to get on the ladder… Like, don’t even worry about climbing up right now, just get on it. 😂 Like, I haven’t really had much work experience, especially not in my field of choice, so I’m just really wanting to start somewhere. You know? 😅
My career is honestly one area of my life I’m super insecure about/unsure of. It took a lot of work just to get to Cosmetology school, and to finish was amazing and so unbelievably fulfilling. But beyond that, I really haven’t gotten a whole lot more experience due to my health and that sucks. ☹️
Now, would I want to climb the ladder down the road? It’s hard to say right this moment, but eh, I won’t say that’s something I wouldn’t want later when I get more experience. Like, I don’t know if I’d ever wanna own a salon or anything, or even be a manager. Anything that takes me out of actually doing hair doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. 🤔

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Do you like to go up the ladderor are you more comfortable with where you are in
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What essential personal characteristics contribute to a good life, specially between the ages of 20 and 35? how much self-love and self-centeredness are necessary for a fulfilling life during this stage?

What is a good life in the first place?
Despite any definition, climbing up to overcome misery is simply the most important realistic move to achieve any state of mind capable of enjoying and contemplating the idea of a “good” life.
However, Consciousness, discipline and hunger to climb the social hierarchy are almost always necessary between 16-35.
We are always self-centered, this is just our natural conscious state. It’s about the ability to switch your consciousness when needed and direct it towards other’s state of mind (empathy; compassion, anticipation, anger, happiness, and being part of a collective)

Do you like to go up the ladder🏃or are you more comfortable🧘🌱 with where you are in life and/or within your career? 🤪 What got you to where you are now? ☺️

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJusti Me Myself
Honestly like most people, I got sick and tired of working my a$$ off climbing "The ladder" only to have a newer employee pass me up on promotions, Just because I'm deaf... So I gave up my whole career and start my own Search & Rescue company. Now my old job calls me to finish something they can't handle. Karma is a b*tch... and I have her on a leash 😝

Do you like to go up the ladder🏃or are you more comfortable🧘🌱 with where you are in life and/or within your career? 🤪 What got you to where you are now? ☺️

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJusti Me Myself
I'm still studying! So I've got a lot of climbing left to do in my life Haha I have gotten some work experience but except for an internship that went so-so cause of me getting covid, not too much in my current field! So once I graduate I'll most likely not have too many opportunities to pick and choose what job I get 😅 But hopefully that will improve with time!
Do you like to go up the ladderor are you more comfortable with where you are in

What do you like to do in the city and what do you like to do in the country?

I absolutely hate the city. The only nice thing about living in a "city" is the food options. Living close to shopping areas are dangerous for me because I have expensive taste whether that be decor or clothing.... 😬
I find the beaches very relaxing, too.
I grew up on a farm, so I love the freedom. I love the responsibility of caring for animals and keeping busy with chores or whatever needs to be done. I love being able to hop on my horses whenever I felt like it and ride for hours. I loved mudding and spending hours outside climbing trees. I miss swinging off the hay trolley and jumping into a pile of hay.

Post something beautiful

khak_saar’s Profile Photoخاکسار
So here is something I wrote again either would be beautiful or other way round:
Dehydrated veins and all they contain are your memory stains running like rodents around the brain.
Struggling with remaining pure and letting go of all the agony that was gained from a sprained heart in pain.
Broken dreams flared up the flame with the hurricane in the soul's pain-soaked head, which was genuinely insane and was just to abstain.
All the complain was to ascertain the fact which briefly explained that this soul inhaled vervain and unchained all the pain to retain the effort resultant from the bargain against climbing this mundane mountain.
To not distain all the journey in vain!!!

What's your thrill-seeking hobby?

I fly an airplane. It really isn't a thrill-seeking activity, as most pilots take every possible step to reduce or eliminate risk. Still, there's a nice adrenalin boost when you get down 20' over the runway, struggling with a gusty crosswind....
Well, let's see. I like to ride motorcycles, explore dangerous places, take pictures of dangerous animals, sail in my 8' homemade boat, hang gliding, paragliding, go camping, (this is a wolf in one of the campgrounds I've stayed in. We've also had bear in the campgrounds, but I didn't get a picture), SCUBA dive, go caving, canoeing, and, um, other things. Before I moved last year I flew planes. I got my solo but not my license because I moved before I had enough classes to test. Now all of my time is occupied by school so I can't do lessons for a few years. Flying at night is soooo fun!
The first time I did night flight we practiced landings. Each time we went through we would do a different simulated failure (no landing lights, no flaps, blah blah.) Since I was at a tiny airstrip in Ohio we has pilot operated runway lights, which means that to turn on the lights on the edges of the runway you tap the talk button on your radio 5 times really fast. The lights go off after like 20 minutes or something, and it was a 1 hour lesson. Normally they would go off while we were in the pattern so it didn't matter.
On the last landing we were doing no flaps, no engine (power all the way down), no electric. So inside the plane is completely dark, and the big headlight-ish thing is out. When you don't have flaps you can do what's called a slip, which means that you basically use the entire side of the plane to slow down by going in crooked and then straightening out near the runway.
So, I'm going down, and I'm turning out of the slip. The last bit where I'm going straight is probably like 30 feet off the ground. Right before you hit you're supposed to flare, which means that you pull back and make the back wheels hit first. (It can cause damage to the plane if you don't.) So I'm going, and I'm getting really close to where I need to flare, and the runway timer runs out. Now everything is pitch black and I have no idea where the ground is. Luckily my first reaction was to turn the lights back on, and I actually made a pretty good landing.
Ice climbing! I'm at the experience level where I've just started doing leads, which can be pretty thrilling before the climb.
Open track days, there's nothing quite like legally pushing your car to it's limits (and sometimes beyond).
Bike riding through Ethiopia with a pound of bologna tied to my neck.

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-whats your pov on Pakistan's politics 🌚

dokhtarafghan123’s Profile Photoheaven on earth.
Fuck this shit show. Get the fuck out if you can. You don't owe anything to a land controlled by crooks. If you're the type that likes this shit then enjoy you have some chances to thrive here. Get rich outside this country and use this place as a means to an end. You only owe a better life to your loved ones not to every tom,dick, and Harry saying get out for azaadi or controlling your emotions to help gain their own power.
Secure a safer life for yourself and your loved ones first, then think about climbing Maslow's hierarchy of needs and fighting for ideals you're not even sure are future proofed yet. Political winds change, popular opinion is a bitch ass chameleon. Your hakook al ibad will first be questioned for your loved one's. Not for who you voted for and supported politically.

Would you rather live in the country or the city, and why?

in the city. I can't really explain it. I just love that there's always something going on in a big city. I love the ambiance. and I love watching city skylines at night. my ex boyfriend used to live in downtown Toronto and his apartment had such a beautiful view at night.
Moved from city to country 2 years ago and I'll never go back. No traffic, less ppl so stores are never busy. Stars and wildlife instead of noise and pollution
I grew up in the countryside; most of my childhood memories revolve around climbing up trees, getting lost in the mountain side, stealing my dad's car to speed down dirt roads and having no swimming skills whatsoever. I'm in my mid twenties now; I have been living in my country's capital for half a decade; I adapted to the city life quite easily. I am however faced with deciding whether to settle in this city or move back to the countryside. The city offers every needed service, proximity to the sea and a variety of personalities to explore and befriend. But knowing and remembering the countryside (despite its lack of commodities), it offers a level of serenity I could not find elsewhere anywhere else. But, on a day-to-day basis, more of my practical needs are satisfied in an urban environment. I have more greater variety of employers, food sources, and housing choices. I have more reliable utilities and communication. I have a shorter commute to work, school, errands, family, friends, library, post office, museums, entertainment venues, etc. I have better and faster access to emergency services (police, fire, hospitals). Literally everything I need is available, closer and easier, in an urban area. Overtime, if and when you have kids, when you age and need more medical attention and services, there is more available in an urban area.
I've since settled in the suburbs after meetingy wife. Im not sure your familiarity with suburbs but they are essentially town surrounding city with easy public transport access to the city yet just a short drive to the country side. I love being so close to both, and because of that I wouldn't change where I live, but I frankly hate the actual suburbs. Every house in every neighborhood looks the same, and the roads are packed like city roads but the scenery is nothing but Walmarts and Pep Boys. That last paragraph was probably more American centric, but if you have the option to rent and it is easier to do in the city, I would recommend renting and living the city life for a few years. At some point you will either decide to stick with it or settle in the country.
Country for sure. But somewhere near a large city for swifter access to hospitals and similar in case of an emergency. After having lived in both environments I've found I hate traffic, I'm not fond of having too many neighbors, and I like having acreage to grow a large garden and work on my other outdoor projects.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170774468159

the_salvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Katherine’s gaze sharpened, her playful smirk turned into a scoff at Damon’s provocative answer. She wasn’t exactly sure whether it was an innocent taste of her own teasing or a rather clever attempt to see her reaction to the thought of Stefan and Elena together, which wouldn’t be surprising considering the recent turn of events and her confession. In fact, Katherine would be lying if she said she knew the underlying reason of her instant annoyance at the mention; perhaps the younger Salvatore, although not the chosen one, still tugged on the strings of her undead heart or maybe it was just the undeniable distaste of anything Elena, only strengthened by what her human copy had interrupted between her and Damon not too long ago. Regardless, Katerina chose to let the subject die down and not give it much thought. She turned her face away from Damon, pouting playfully at the nerve he must have had to compare Katherine Pierce to Elena even if that wasn’t what’s intended, she simply chose to focus on that for now. “ouch.”
The brunette’s thoughts returned to the mission ahead, the lack of plan keeping her on edge as her mind desperately began weaving through some thoughts. Damon’s voice interrupted the shortly lived silence once they reached the car. Katherine shook her head in disagreement before, opening the door and climbing in, waiting for Damon to follow before she spoke. “we’d be stupid to not expect Klaus to follow or even Stefan to go back. Klaus won Stefan in a deal, Damon. Your life in return for Stefan’s loyalty.” Katherine shared, eyes starring ahead as she continued thinking out loud. “the only way to get Stefan back is therefore, a deal. Get Klaus something he wants more than Stefan.” She stopped, her attention back on Damon, beckoning him to think along. Slowly, a devilish smirk began stretching her lips once the thought crossed her mind. “Klaus doesn’t know that Elena survived the sacrifice.” She started, eyes curiously scanning Damon’s feature for a reaction as she became certain he knew where she’s headed with that thought. “I’m sure sweet, selfless E-lena wouldn’t mind handing herself over to free Stefan.” Her suggestion was clear so was the distaste Katherine added to the pronunciation of her doppelganger’s name. Aware of the many holes her ‘solution’ had, she was rather curious for Damon’s reaction above all else, not to mention, just how fun it’d be to strike Elena out of their life once and for all. Katherine remained silent for a few long seconds as if to let the thought sink in before she spoke again. “or.. we can give him something even better, something he’d chased for 500 years.” She paused. “Me.” She exclaimed, surely she didn’t mean it, she mainly just wanted a reaction out of him but as soon as the words left her lips, the idea grew to become smarter;giving Klaus the illusion of that wasn’t at all a bad idea, if executed correctly,it could work despite the immeasurable danger for all those involved, especially the bait.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmthesalvatorebrothersanswers170774468159

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170699331903

the_salvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Katherine's hands quickly came to top his on her hips, depending on him for support as she expertly rode just a little faster at the moan the escaped his lips, she hadn't realized she had missed Damon calling her name out with so much lust and it only drove her wilder.
She moaned softly into the kiss at the feeling of his hands on her cheeks; the gesture a sweet contrast to the heated scene they were painting.
The kiss broke and she smiled at the sensation of Damon's breath against her neck. A concentrated kiss to her neck, she quickly realized what he was trying to achieve and despite how feeble the attempt is with a vampire, Katherine couldn't help but admire the show of possessiveness that she'd always admired about the elder Salvatore.
After all it was just so Damon of him to try brand her as his own.
She was about to comment on it if she hadn't been distracted by Damon once more, lightly tugging on her lower lip.
His hands sneaked back and lifted her and she gave in immediately; leaning forwards and placing her hands on his chest for balance.
The change of rhythm caught her off guard causing a moan to slip past her lips that was a little louder than she realized but she barely had time to register that with her entire body was quivering as she swang on the edge of ecstacy but it was his sweet release that triggered her own, a wave of pure unfiltered pleasure washed over her, muscles clenching around him as she arched her back and rode it out, generously vocalizing her pleasure.
Damon pulled her down and she gave in without breaking their connection. She laid her head on his chest, still panting, struggling to catch her breath.
The whole scene felt to emotionally charged for her liking and she rose back up, climbing off of him once she'd gathered enough strength to do so even with every inch of her being was begging for skin contact, she'd love nothing more than to lay her head on his chest, let her curls fall in rings on his fingers as he (..)

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What was the worse physical injury you’ve ever had?

Bottom half of my right leg crushed in a car accident
I also broke almost every bone in my body from a mountain climbing accident o_O

What is something that you feel, is bad design, in your opinion? 🤔 And, what is something that you feel was designed well? 🤪 (Gotta outweigh every negative with a positive, hehe) 😉

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJusti Me Myself
The unibody frame/chassis design of most vehicles. It makes for a low profile such that one’s bum is nearly dragging across the pavement while driving. It makes for a difficult exit out of the seat. One nearly needs climbing equipment. There is a reason why US carmakers are halting production of sedans. The SUV has a higher seating position.
Ventilated vehicle seats (with fans) are great. I used to avoid leather seats to avoid my back getting all sweaty in hot weather. You can feel the air flowing yet the seat is still cushiony and comfortable.

If price had no limit, what is the most ridiculous thing you would buy? (Like getting Morgan Freeman to follow you around narrating your life). 🤔 Get creative! And yes, for the right price I can be bought. Just saying.

edraegen’s Profile Photoʎǝɹɟɟǝſ™
I'd want a house with lots of land, it would have an "enchanted forest" that kiddo could explore, a whole obstacle course and climbing walls and stuff to keep me in good nic, a pool that looks like a Stargate! And a workshop with all the crafts and tools I need to start making my own cosplay properly! 😀 It'd have a whole room dedicated to music too, soundproofed n all that, plus a dual gaming set up with the whole works!

-have you ever had a crush on your teacher having same gender as you ? (:

dokhtarafghan123’s Profile Photoheaven on earth.
No I remember I had this urdu teacher in 8 grade she was skin and bones but super fait and had very long hair in a braid one day as I entered school and was climbing up the stairs I saw her in a green frock red lipstick and hair open she looked so pretty and I fell from the stairs (very Bollywood) but she looked gorgeous mashaAllah

If you woke up as one of your favorite cartoon characters, who would you be? Why that one? What would you do as said character? Is there something specific you’d want to experience? 😄

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I would be Stitch! I simply have so much nostalgia watching not only the movies but the Disney Channel show as well! Being Stitch I'd try out all the things he can do like climbing on walls, make myself into a ball and roll around, use my three pairs of arms to multitask... 😆
If I also had the ship he stole in the beginning of the first movie I'd obviously use it to explore space 😁 Maybe shoot some asteriods while maniacally laughing lol
If you woke up as one of your favorite cartoon characters who would you be Why

Who do you think deserves praise?

All the men and women working in this horrid heat 🥵🥺
But a big one to my amazing handsome strong hard working husband. I don’t have a to write a book and explain every single detail. But he works on roofs/on top of factories/he’s been 200-300 fr in the air climbing cellphone towers ☺️ he can handle heat but it takes a hard working real man to be able to work in this heat and NEVER give up ☺️ especially when my husband just fell off a roof in another state 3 weeks ago 🤘🏼🏼 that’s my real hard working amazing handsome man💙❤️‍🔥

How did you get over a breakup with someone you loved?

I give myself sometime to actual cry and let my emotions out. Absolutely don't let yourself bundle onto those emotions. After a few days of this (<3 days), I look at what went wrong and how I can improve my future relationships. Life is constant learning experience and you better not make the same mistakes that either you or your ex SO did.
Now you can attempt to forget about the whole relationship and the person. Get a hobby that requires exercise. Rock climbing/ bouldering is great. Binge watch a TV show. Hang out with friends who won't remind you about the person. Splurge on clothes. After a few weeks of keeping her off your mind, you'll slowly forget. Only time will heal your broken heart. The most you can do is keep your mind off of it. I'm in my second month of being single after a 4 year relationship and this thread is full of great advice. Having said that, my ex is my roommate for another month. We're really good friends and hang out outside of the apartment here and there (no sex or anything). But I'm afraid that 3 months of being roommates and wishing she didn't break up with me will take a bad toll on my ability to bounce back. I definitely know it'll be a long time before I date anyone else.
In my experience you don't. I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years a year and a half ago. We wanted different things at the time (or so we thought), so we made the mutual decision to break up. Well here we are 1.5 years later realizing we want the same things now, and still love each other. So now we're kinda in relationship limbo where we want to get back together, but we also don't want to realize getting back together was a mistake down the road. We're both in our late 20s, so we really don't want to waste each others time if it isn't going to work out. You just can't allow yourself to stagnate and dwell on things. That doesn't mean that you're not allowed to feel awful about what happened, but keeping yourself active and engaged will keep such feelings from getting the better of you. Treat yourself, spoil yourself, be selfish now that you have the opportunity. "Selfish" in this sense isn't a bad thing; it's just recognizing that you can relish the independence you have again. Been just over a year for me and I still have those moments where I feel really down and disappointed about what happened, but these feelings are coming fewer and further between and I'm certainly in a better place than I was one year ago.

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Have you ever caught someone stalking you? So there’s this person who hates me even tho we havent interacted in yrs. And they’re watching my instagram stories bc my account is public. They dont even follow me nor do I want them to, I want nothing to do w a racist sc*mbag. I blockd them now but loool

lots. Including in person. In college this guy I knew used to sneak up to my second story bathroom window (climbing the balcony railing) and let himself in and watch me sleep and leave me poems and candy. It was horrific and no one took my fear seriously.

If you moved to a completely new area permanently and you knew nobody there at all, what things would you do to meet new people where you live?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Look for local climbing groups and go to them. Chat to people online who where from the same area and then meet up.
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🐟what was the highlight of your best ever holiday?

Each holiday there have been many ..
US : Alcatraz , The Food , Universal Studios , Disneyland.
Beijing : Climbing a section of The Great Wall , Tea Farm , food .
Malaysia: Temples , Penang Island , food.
Queensland : Outback Spectacular , Theme Park rides , especially the roller coasters .
Hawaii : The beaches , Volcanoes , Pearl Harbour .
NSW : Camping , horse riding , hiking .
Many more and many to still discover ;)

What's your plan for the weekend?

Well, it’s moms birthday on Monday and I still can’t play footy with my bung collar bone so I’m gonna build her the garden arbor she has asked for since I was an apprentice. I have all the climbing plants ready to go to make it look well established 🤗❤️

The most helpful advice you've got from someone so far?🌝

ash_m_khattak’s Profile PhotoAsher
My father. Bachpan se mjhy math mushkil lgta ha and he always said jis cheez se jitna dro gy wo utna sr py chary ge. Jese hi feel ho you’re afraid of something us k peechy pr jao whether it is practising a lot of maths, climbing heights, going in dark, availing an opportunity in uncertainty or any human. Ye implement krny ma bht mushkil lga ha mjhy but it’s worth it.

So old sport, butter bei die fische; teil‘ mal den spears jedem einen pink floyd song zu c:

Hanna_Blub’s Profile Photohanna
I tried my very best!! PFs Diskografie ist umfangreich, aber well, es hat etwas Überlegung gebraucht:
Lance: Time
"Far away across the field / The tolling of the iron bell / Calls the faithful to their knees / To hear the softly spoken magic spells"
Heracles: Julia Dream
"Sunlight bright upon my pillow / Lighter than an eiderdown / Will she let the weeping willow wind his branches round / Julia dream, dreamboat queen, queen of all my dreams"
Graham: Fearless
"You say the hill′s too steep to climb / Chiding / You say you'd like to see me try / Climbing / You pick the place and I′ll choose the time / And I'll climb the hill in my own way"
Josiah: Young Lust
"Will some woman in this desert land / Make me feel like a real man? / Take this rock and roll refugee / Oh, baby set me free"
Camille: Matilda Mother
"For all the time spent in that room / The doll's house, darkness, old perfume / And fairy stories held me high on / Clouds of sunlight floating by / Oh mother, tell me more"
Tadgh: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
"Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun / Shine on you crazy diamond / Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky / Shine on you crazy diamond"
Virgil: Hey You
"Hey you, out there in the cold / Getting lonely, getting old / Can you feel me? / Hey you, standing in the aisles / With itchy feet and fading smiles / Can you feel me?"
Sidonie: Eclipse
"And all you destroy / And all that you do / And all that you say / And everyone you meet / And all that you slight / And everyone you fight / And all that is now / And all that is gone / And all that's to come / And everything under the sun is in tune / But the sun is eclipsed by the moon"
Oscar: Wish You Were Here
"How I wish, how I wish you were here / We're just two lost souls / Swimming in a fish bowl / Year after year / Running over the same old ground / What have we found? / The same old fears / Wish you were here"

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DAE find thunder and lightning storms oddly comforting?

I found them very comfortable when I lived at a house with no trees. Now I'm out at the country with 100 or so trees that are tall enough to hit my house if they were to fall. Also my dogs freak the hell out. But other than that they're relaxing :) mostly the rain
They can be comforting, but at the same time they are awesome (as in they fill me with awe). I was in Yosemite once, and it started to storm right above me and my group. There was lightning striking everywhere around us, so we got in our car and drove back to camp. There were waterfalls of rain everywhere. There was an especially large one right where we were climbing less than an hour ago. Totally surreal and made me love nature's power.
I love storms. When I was young my dad and sister and I would sit out on the porch swing and just enjoy the rain and cool misty breeze (the porch was walled on three sides, so very rarely did it actually rain onto the porch). I do, in fact every night I sleep through one every night. I have an app on my Ipad which sounds like rain and thunder, so I can sleep and drown out the noise from outside since I live on a busy corner in Manhattan. I dont know what I'd do without it.
There's a big storm here in the Philippines right now. I usually love rainy days spent indoors, usually curled up with a book and a hamburger on my chest. But this time I'm mostly worried :( please send your well wishes to us tonight.
I love storms. It remembers me that this planet is alive, and most of the time it does not give a shit about us. If we didn't have houses and sewers and all this technology we would be on a very bad situation. However, we are the pinnacle of sentient life on this planet. We have achieved the ability to just relax and contemplate the wonder humankind is.
Yes. For some reason, I love knowing that it's hell outside but I'm perfectly safe inside. I'm not quite sure why.
Yes, unless I'm outside or trying to do something having to with electronics and the power goes out. I miss having a covered porch and being able to chill with a beer and grill food while it's storming.
Currently thundering and drizzling here, and can confirm... very soothing. It's the pitter-patter light taps that the rain droplets sound as they hit the surface of the roof/trees/road that really gets me.
I always wondered why that is. I love sleeping during the rain. Id probably sleep outside if it was screened in and there was a comfy bed there. But some people get super freaked out if it's thundering and stuff.

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Are there any advantages of living in your town ?

aeksio86’s Profile PhotoAdrian
Perhaps ~ if you like ghosts for company
& the odd tsunami of maliciousness
My town origin ; it once was thriving productive , producing world famous quality knitwear . . . in particular cashmere
I returned when multiple disaster struck , to a town in ruin , with no soul . Absolutely all industry is gone .. .
Used to be a great base for many hill 'walking' -climbing areas , and wonderful wild , & conservation fishing lochs (nice and hard to get to, some of them . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8UabDpanwg&t=238sigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 T8UabDpanwgigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 T8UabDpanwg
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTaFPwgpKhsigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 OTaFPwgpKhsigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 OTaFPwgpKhs
Are there any advantages of living in your town

*he winces limping climbing up beam near the ceiling of the tavern trying to hide out of sight despite the blood leading close to his location*

WolfyKun’s Profile PhotoOkami
* @forgottenfifth kicks the door open and strides in without a care, Vio follows more reserved, but he stays at the door, blocking the best escape route*
"Shadow blood on the floor there."
*he indicates the ground beneath the beam Okami is hiding on*
"Based on the size of the droplets-"
*Vio suddenly looks up catching the wolf bandit's eyes*
"Right there."

What is your favourite family vocation?

amyc4225’s Profile Photo~ℱᎯⅅℰⅅ~
Family vocation ? . . . . . as in family 'calling' , family 'business' ?
Or did you mean 'vacation' ?
Like a toilet without privacy ? - Or Americanese for 'holiday' ?
How many does there have to be & how close , to qualify as 'family'
I used to enjoy taking my kids hill climbing & wild fishing . . . . they were all gr8
~ did Greece . . . . and Belgium , as a very young (babies) family .
As for the other ~ maybe we'll buy the farm soon !
We shall see just what is waiting in the future
What is your favourite family vocation

Share a little about you

My name is Freya but you can call me Frey. I currently live in London. I’m Welsh and was brought up in Cumbria from the age of 5. 🌾 For work, I’m in design engineering, working as a technician in a machine shop.
🌸 Slightly more random childhood facts in no particular order… I grew up camping, travelling, climbing and skiing, catching frogs and building forts in the woods with my siblings. We loved water balloons, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and air soft guns. Cozy coupe cars, jelly shoes, blacksmithing, the stars and alternative rock/grunge bands were my jam. I dreamed of living on a canal/narrowboat. I think the closest things to dolls that I really enjoyed was the doll house itself and Polly Pockets and what I enjoyed equally as much as playing with my toys was organising them 😂 I think I’m a type-A gal.
I want a van life or something like that, it’s actually less about travel and more about simplicity. The less cluttered I keep my external life, the easier it is for me to think clearly. I’m more able to answer cliche but important questions. Knowing myself is something I really value and it makes me a better person to those around me. I feel much more present and at peace. 🤍
I’m probably a classic 90s kid with a love of learning by doing.

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When did you last feel you had achieved something worthwhile and what was it?

ZoeStarGirl’s Profile PhotoZoe Starr
Early Aug. The challenge was to walk 80 miles in 4 days. From Porthmadog to Bangor.
The first day was going to be the longest distance covered. My friend and I left at 6am for the 24 mile hike. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky! ☀️ It had some breathtaking sights, beautiful rivers and amazing coastal views and wildlife. We stopped off for breakfast at a coffee shop which gave us the energy to push all the way to mile 24!! The view from that campsite was just amazing, it was perched right on top of what felt like Everest but was well worth it 😅
Day two. 6AM start again. And there was this incredible sunrise across the bay. We made our way to Llanbedrog and watched the rest of the rise with the tin man at the top. After climbing down and making our way a few miles down the road to a beach town called Abersoch we stopped at a cafe for a fry up! Then it was a slow slog across the Welsh countryside; harsh hills, rough ground and stunning views to look at made for slow walking but knowing each step took me closer to that second camp site kept me going. Half way through I was met by a bunch of young bulls 😳 I met some lovely people along the way this day, sharing a few experiences and laughs :) Ended up at the campsite outside of Tudweiliog at pantgwynfarm where I must have to admit the view was just wow. The sound of the sea slowly lapping the cliff face too 😍👌 It may of only been 16 miles but with the heat, hills and weight it felt like more.
Day 3. Greeted again by a beautiful sunrise across the mountains behind the camp site as I packed up and took off for what seemed to be a relatively easier hike ahead which soon changed when we decided to take the coastal trail but wow it was worth it. Watched the seals play in the shallows which was magical and a bit further on the silence was broken by a small fishing boat chugging away to his crab pots. After I left the coastal path I found my way into Nefyn and to a lush little cafe for what was becoming a habit of a morning fry up 🤣 The hike then continued on up some beautiful but veryyyy steep hills! Met some lovely people along the way and I owe thanks to an owner of a farm for the top up of much needed water
😅 Continued along the path slowly getting my self closer and closer to my destination at Dinllecaravanpark which was absolutely lovely! When I arrived after the 22 miles, I was greeted with “oh you’re the silly sod who hiked here aren’t you!” which definitely made me laugh! My mate arrived later we finished the day with a tray of chips... a cold pint by our sides and our feet in the sea!
Day 4. Packing up was hard. It was this damp misty morning and miles were hard going. Sore and swollen feet, tiredness and heavy rucksacks. The last 5 miles into Bangor Station were slow and becoming more painful with each step but it made it that much more rewarding.
So in total I achieved 78.9 miles in just less than 30 hours of walking!! Annoyingly just shy of the target but :)

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When did you last feel you had achieved something worthwhile and what was it

What inspires you when you wake up in the morning?

I usually need the toilet 😂 and depending on the day I get really excited to either go to work, go climbing, meet a friend, be productively creatively, dream up a trip or just make coffee.
It’s a mix of “the little things in life” and the possibilities out there. I love extremes. I’m not always balanced but in the perfect world, I’m a mix of happily executing the most normal daily tasks + having entirely new experiences. The cool part is, you get to wake up and decide how you want to live this life. Follow yer dreamz! & stop n smell the roses too!

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