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Have you ever caught someone stalking you? So there’s this person who hates me even tho we havent interacted in yrs. And they’re watching my instagram stories bc my account is public. They dont even follow me nor do I want them to, I want nothing to do w a racist sc*mbag. I blockd them now but loool

lots. Including in person. In college this guy I knew used to sneak up to my second story bathroom window (climbing the balcony railing) and let himself in and watch me sleep and leave me poems and candy. It was horrific and no one took my fear seriously.

🐟what was the highlight of your best ever holiday?

Each holiday there have been many ..
US : Alcatraz , The Food , Universal Studios , Disneyland.
Beijing : Climbing a section of The Great Wall , Tea Farm , food .
Malaysia: Temples , Penang Island , food.
Queensland : Outback Spectacular , Theme Park rides , especially the roller coasters .
Hawaii : The beaches , Volcanoes , Pearl Harbour .
NSW : Camping , horse riding , hiking .
Many more and many to still discover ;)

What's your plan for the weekend?

Well, it’s moms birthday on Monday and I still can’t play footy with my bung collar bone so I’m gonna build her the garden arbor she has asked for since I was an apprentice. I have all the climbing plants ready to go to make it look well established 🤗❤️

The most helpful advice you've got from someone so far?🌝

ash_m_khattak’s Profile PhotoAsher
My father. Bachpan se mjhy math mushkil lgta ha and he always said jis cheez se jitna dro gy wo utna sr py chary ge. Jese hi feel ho you’re afraid of something us k peechy pr jao whether it is practising a lot of maths, climbing heights, going in dark, availing an opportunity in uncertainty or any human. Ye implement krny ma bht mushkil lga ha mjhy but it’s worth it.

So old sport, butter bei die fische; teil‘ mal den spears jedem einen pink floyd song zu c:

Hanna_Blub’s Profile Photohanna
I tried my very best!! PFs Diskografie ist umfangreich, aber well, es hat etwas Überlegung gebraucht:
Lance: Time
"Far away across the field / The tolling of the iron bell / Calls the faithful to their knees / To hear the softly spoken magic spells"
Heracles: Julia Dream
"Sunlight bright upon my pillow / Lighter than an eiderdown / Will she let the weeping willow wind his branches round / Julia dream, dreamboat queen, queen of all my dreams"
Graham: Fearless
"You say the hill′s too steep to climb / Chiding / You say you'd like to see me try / Climbing / You pick the place and I′ll choose the time / And I'll climb the hill in my own way"
Josiah: Young Lust
"Will some woman in this desert land / Make me feel like a real man? / Take this rock and roll refugee / Oh, baby set me free"
Camille: Matilda Mother
"For all the time spent in that room / The doll's house, darkness, old perfume / And fairy stories held me high on / Clouds of sunlight floating by / Oh mother, tell me more"
Tadgh: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
"Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun / Shine on you crazy diamond / Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky / Shine on you crazy diamond"
Virgil: Hey You
"Hey you, out there in the cold / Getting lonely, getting old / Can you feel me? / Hey you, standing in the aisles / With itchy feet and fading smiles / Can you feel me?"
Sidonie: Eclipse
"And all you destroy / And all that you do / And all that you say / And everyone you meet / And all that you slight / And everyone you fight / And all that is now / And all that is gone / And all that's to come / And everything under the sun is in tune / But the sun is eclipsed by the moon"
Oscar: Wish You Were Here
"How I wish, how I wish you were here / We're just two lost souls / Swimming in a fish bowl / Year after year / Running over the same old ground / What have we found? / The same old fears / Wish you were here"

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DAE find thunder and lightning storms oddly comforting?

I found them very comfortable when I lived at a house with no trees. Now I'm out at the country with 100 or so trees that are tall enough to hit my house if they were to fall. Also my dogs freak the hell out. But other than that they're relaxing :) mostly the rain
They can be comforting, but at the same time they are awesome (as in they fill me with awe). I was in Yosemite once, and it started to storm right above me and my group. There was lightning striking everywhere around us, so we got in our car and drove back to camp. There were waterfalls of rain everywhere. There was an especially large one right where we were climbing less than an hour ago. Totally surreal and made me love nature's power.
I love storms. When I was young my dad and sister and I would sit out on the porch swing and just enjoy the rain and cool misty breeze (the porch was walled on three sides, so very rarely did it actually rain onto the porch). I do, in fact every night I sleep through one every night. I have an app on my Ipad which sounds like rain and thunder, so I can sleep and drown out the noise from outside since I live on a busy corner in Manhattan. I dont know what I'd do without it.
There's a big storm here in the Philippines right now. I usually love rainy days spent indoors, usually curled up with a book and a hamburger on my chest. But this time I'm mostly worried :( please send your well wishes to us tonight.
I love storms. It remembers me that this planet is alive, and most of the time it does not give a shit about us. If we didn't have houses and sewers and all this technology we would be on a very bad situation. However, we are the pinnacle of sentient life on this planet. We have achieved the ability to just relax and contemplate the wonder humankind is.
Yes. For some reason, I love knowing that it's hell outside but I'm perfectly safe inside. I'm not quite sure why.
Yes, unless I'm outside or trying to do something having to with electronics and the power goes out. I miss having a covered porch and being able to chill with a beer and grill food while it's storming.
Currently thundering and drizzling here, and can confirm... very soothing. It's the pitter-patter light taps that the rain droplets sound as they hit the surface of the roof/trees/road that really gets me.
I always wondered why that is. I love sleeping during the rain. Id probably sleep outside if it was screened in and there was a comfy bed there. But some people get super freaked out if it's thundering and stuff.

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Are there any advantages of living in your town ?

aeksio86’s Profile PhotoAdrian
Perhaps ~ if you like ghosts for company
& the odd tsunami of maliciousness
My town origin ; it once was thriving productive , producing world famous quality knitwear . . . in particular cashmere
I returned when multiple disaster struck , to a town in ruin , with no soul . Absolutely all industry is gone .. .
Used to be a great base for many hill 'walking' -climbing areas , and wonderful wild , & conservation fishing lochs (nice and hard to get to, some of them . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8UabDpanwg&t=238sigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 T8UabDpanwgigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 T8UabDpanwg
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTaFPwgpKhsigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 OTaFPwgpKhsigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 OTaFPwgpKhs
Are there any advantages of living in your town

Is your job now reflection of what you said you wanted to be when you were a kid?

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
Nah, I wanted to be an adventurer treasure hunter. I shall still be this. When/if I get this new job, I will buy a metal detector and tent and go camping treasure hunting/ climbing on my day week off :) never give up on your child selfs wishes and spark

*he winces limping climbing up beam near the ceiling of the tavern trying to hide out of sight despite the blood leading close to his location*

WolfyKun’s Profile PhotoOkami
* @forgottenfifth kicks the door open and strides in without a care, Vio follows more reserved, but he stays at the door, blocking the best escape route*
"Shadow blood on the floor there."
*he indicates the ground beneath the beam Okami is hiding on*
"Based on the size of the droplets-"
*Vio suddenly looks up catching the wolf bandit's eyes*
"Right there."

What is your favourite family vocation?

amyc4225’s Profile Photo~ℱᎯⅅℰⅅ~
Family vocation ? . . . . . as in family 'calling' , family 'business' ?
Or did you mean 'vacation' ?
Like a toilet without privacy ? - Or Americanese for 'holiday' ?
How many does there have to be & how close , to qualify as 'family'
I used to enjoy taking my kids hill climbing & wild fishing . . . . they were all gr8
~ did Greece . . . . and Belgium , as a very young (babies) family .
As for the other ~ maybe we'll buy the farm soon !
We shall see just what is waiting in the future
What is your favourite family vocation

Which places did your parents take you to play at as a child??

flowur123’s Profile PhotoSarcastic Bee
It was not customs here during my childhood, we had small playground, trees for climbing and streets without cars for playing and cycling next the house and one condition of my mom was, that she must see me from balcony on the 8th floor 😅 👇 This is house from my age 1 - 11 🙂
Which places did your parents take you to play at as a child

Share a little about you

My name is Freya but you can call me Frey. I currently live in London. I’m Welsh and was brought up in Cumbria from the age of 5. 🌾 For work, I’m in design engineering, working as a technician in a machine shop.
🌸 Slightly more random childhood facts in no particular order… I grew up camping, travelling, climbing and skiing, catching frogs and building forts in the woods with my siblings. We loved water balloons, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and air soft guns. Cozy coupe cars, jelly shoes, blacksmithing, the stars and alternative rock/grunge bands were my jam. I dreamed of living on a canal/narrowboat. I think the closest things to dolls that I really enjoyed was the doll house itself and Polly Pockets and what I enjoyed equally as much as playing with my toys was organising them 😂 I think I’m a type-A gal.
I want a van life or something like that, it’s actually less about travel and more about simplicity. The less cluttered I keep my external life, the easier it is for me to think clearly. I’m more able to answer cliche but important questions. Knowing myself is something I really value and it makes me a better person to those around me. I feel much more present and at peace. 🤍
I’m probably a classic 90s kid with a love of learning by doing.

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When did you last feel you had achieved something worthwhile and what was it?

ZoeStarGirl’s Profile PhotoZoe Starr
Early Aug. The challenge was to walk 80 miles in 4 days. From Porthmadog to Bangor.
The first day was going to be the longest distance covered. My friend and I left at 6am for the 24 mile hike. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky! ☀️ It had some breathtaking sights, beautiful rivers and amazing coastal views and wildlife. We stopped off for breakfast at a coffee shop which gave us the energy to push all the way to mile 24!! The view from that campsite was just amazing, it was perched right on top of what felt like Everest but was well worth it 😅
Day two. 6AM start again. And there was this incredible sunrise across the bay. We made our way to Llanbedrog and watched the rest of the rise with the tin man at the top. After climbing down and making our way a few miles down the road to a beach town called Abersoch we stopped at a cafe for a fry up! Then it was a slow slog across the Welsh countryside; harsh hills, rough ground and stunning views to look at made for slow walking but knowing each step took me closer to that second camp site kept me going. Half way through I was met by a bunch of young bulls 😳 I met some lovely people along the way this day, sharing a few experiences and laughs :) Ended up at the campsite outside of Tudweiliog at pantgwynfarm where I must have to admit the view was just wow. The sound of the sea slowly lapping the cliff face too 😍👌 It may of only been 16 miles but with the heat, hills and weight it felt like more.
Day 3. Greeted again by a beautiful sunrise across the mountains behind the camp site as I packed up and took off for what seemed to be a relatively easier hike ahead which soon changed when we decided to take the coastal trail but wow it was worth it. Watched the seals play in the shallows which was magical and a bit further on the silence was broken by a small fishing boat chugging away to his crab pots. After I left the coastal path I found my way into Nefyn and to a lush little cafe for what was becoming a habit of a morning fry up 🤣 The hike then continued on up some beautiful but veryyyy steep hills! Met some lovely people along the way and I owe thanks to an owner of a farm for the top up of much needed water
😅 Continued along the path slowly getting my self closer and closer to my destination at Dinllecaravanpark which was absolutely lovely! When I arrived after the 22 miles, I was greeted with “oh you’re the silly sod who hiked here aren’t you!” which definitely made me laugh! My mate arrived later we finished the day with a tray of chips... a cold pint by our sides and our feet in the sea!
Day 4. Packing up was hard. It was this damp misty morning and miles were hard going. Sore and swollen feet, tiredness and heavy rucksacks. The last 5 miles into Bangor Station were slow and becoming more painful with each step but it made it that much more rewarding.
So in total I achieved 78.9 miles in just less than 30 hours of walking!! Annoyingly just shy of the target but :)

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When did you last feel you had achieved something worthwhile and what was it

What inspires you when you wake up in the morning?

I usually need the toilet 😂 and depending on the day I get really excited to either go to work, go climbing, meet a friend, be productively creatively, dream up a trip or just make coffee.
It’s a mix of “the little things in life” and the possibilities out there. I love extremes. I’m not always balanced but in the perfect world, I’m a mix of happily executing the most normal daily tasks + having entirely new experiences. The cool part is, you get to wake up and decide how you want to live this life. Follow yer dreamz! & stop n smell the roses too!

What is the scariest, most bone chilling moment you have ever witnessed, or have been told in your life?

Witnessed a paranormal siting with other people. I've never heard of people ever seeing what we saw. It still scares me to this day. No it wasn't looking at us. It was a skeleton hand that appeared suddenly in a friends next door neighbors shed window. As we looked petrified, it got larger and went through the roof getting bigger the higher it went.@SledgeHammer
We were shocked and left.
I have talked to "experts" over the years and have come to the conclusion that either it had been a Native American burial or ritual site that didn't want to be disturbed or an evil entity lurking around there for some other reason. There was a rumor that the woman who lived in the house was a witch but who knows. A drowning victim was rescued.. it like being on the edge of your seat seeing it all go down. The victim flapping their arms going under. The lifeguard spotting the victim and jumping off the LG Tower and running out high stepping the shallow waves. Swimming towards the victim, as the victim gasps for air doing whatever they can to stay afloat. As the lifeguard reaches the subject... the drowning victim reaches up and grabs the lifeguard with a tight grip pulling the lifeguard in and underwater,they begin to struggle as the victim starts climbing up on the lifeguard trying to stay above the water level holding the lifeguard underwater. The struggle was quite a scene.
Took a while but the rescue was a resounding success. My friend showed me a decades old photograph appearing to show his grandfather burying a child's body.
Back in 2004 my sister played the Ouija board. I was 12 at the time. I thought demons were just in bible stories.

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What was the scariest experience of your life?

When my premature daughter had been in the NICU for about a week, and in the middle of the night one night her vitals dropped off drastically. It was gradual enough and consistent enough that it wasn’t a sensor issue, but pulse, breathing rate and O2 saturation all dropped dangerously low. I picked her up and did what little I could to agitate her to perk her up. I don’t know if what I did contributed at all, but she ended up stabilizing. I have had scary things before like her choking in food that I have had to stick my fingers down her throat to fish out, but as she got older, those are at least things that I know what is wrong and I can work towards fixing it. With the NICU, during that short time, there was nothing I could do. Almost a month ago, my friends and I went to an amusement park. It was the first time I have been there and I wasn't really familiar with the rides. We went on a few milder rides first and then my friend lured me into climbing over this superjumper. Even if I had the slightest clue on the manoeuvre involved, I swear I would have run off towards a safer place. Anyway, this thing is a real thriller. Initially it moved slowly in the clockwise direction and I felt okay. Within seconds, the octopus arms started moving up and down as well as forwards. It was like, my guts were literally rushing to my throat and back again. I fantasized the seat belt ditching me any moment. At one point, it stopped moving and my friend was encouraging me to look down. From that altitude, everything was so tiny and that didn't make me feel big at all. I was inclined to an angle of 60° and my legs had gone numb, not to mention all the energy spent on shouting. Before I could sober up, the thing started moving again, in the anticlockwise direction, worse. Up and down again, backwards. I felt like a battered dough. And whoa, it finally landed. The people who were watching the jumper cheered for us and climbed up for the next ride while I walked down wondering what I had just volunteered for.
Scariest experience? So damn scary that I will never do that again in my life. I know this is just a trifle for some people. I might be bragging too much but there are people who are afraid of cockroaches. Hope you get my point. Nevertheless, I feel good that I experienced the thrill of being afraid. Thank you, superjumper! Two years ago I had surgery to fuse my lumbar spine. The surgeon inserted some type of device to administer pain medication directly into my back. After the surgery I was groggy and slept....until about midnight when all the anesthesia wore off and I woke up feeling pain like I never had before. The tube that was supposed to be in my back was on the bed and all the medicine had been running onto the sheets. I was in so much pain I literally thought I would die from it and I have a pretty high tolerance.

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Thoughts on a in-20s adult that is confused with what she wants in life?

I'm an in-40s adult who doesn't know what she wants in life other than to be healthy and happy. Here's a tip. Get a good job in any field and do well. Save most of your salary. Practice safe sex. That is enough to ensure you have the finances and life choices to support what you actually want to do when you figure it out. I recommend focusing on immaterial goals like a good family life and good health v. tangible things like a car or a house or climbing a career ladder.

Tell me something about you :)

anastasialidiakasandra’s Profile PhotoAnastasia Lidia
I won’t need you to kill the bugs — after being best friends with someone who’s terrified of them, I’ve become numb to it. I won’t need you to fix the table’s loose leg — I made sure I could take care of things like that by myself. I won’t need you to lift my suitcase in to the trunk at the airport — after climbing, my arms are a bit on the stronger side. I won’t need you to be nice to me all the time — growing up with three older brothers has taught me to not take everything so personally.
I will need you to try harder when I try to push you away — I’m still working on letting others share my struggle and learning to be vulnerable around them, but you gotta be stubborn enough to stay. I will need you to be there at the end of a long day — having someone look at me with loving eyes and open arms is hugely important to me.
I miss you. A lot.

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Which sport would you say you're the best at if any? 🤾‍♂️ You don't need to be a master at it, just in relation to how you perform in other sports 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
"Which sport would you say you're the best at if any?"
pilates, I guess? it's the sport I've been keeping up ever since 2019...so, that would make it the sport I'm the best at by default. 😅
"You don't need to be a master at it, just in relation to how you perform in other sports"
I was good at other sports* too...but I fell out of practice with them given my busy work schedule. 😞
*such as: running, rock climbing, aikido
Which sport would you say youre the best at if any  You dont need to be a master

What's your go to "interesting fact about yourself?"

I can recite the alphabet of 3 languages forward and backwards on demand, one being Russian though my pronunciation is bad on Russian. Don't actually know much Russian, just the alphabet. I usually leave that part out.
So, story for the curious. During my time building flights to be eligible for my commercial pilot's license I would fly over a certain lake outside of Tulsa. It was in a practice area and honestly in Cessna 152 while flying solo you get really bored. I'm puttering around at 500 ft AGL over the lake for a couple minutes to check out the north shore for some reason. Well I look to the south and there's this 25 ft long uncanopied party barge looking boat. No biggie but there's three huge balls on the deck. Of course this peaks my interest so I change course and fly over it. I then start circling it, once and then twice trying to understand the balls. Well on the start of the third circle the boat stops all movement and the five people on board all put their arms up like "we surrender" I see this and instantly think "oh fuck they must think I'm DEA!" At this point I decide to amscray and apply full throttle while climbing out. Never did find out what those giant orange balls were.
When I was in university I managed to pull off a month-and-a-half long road trip. A friend and I drove around the UK looking for cool places, abandoned buildings, haunted locations, and anything that caught our eye. At night we would put the back seats down and fill the back of the car with pillows and blankets and sleep there. Absolutely incredible experience.
Colors and sounds here, when I was a kid. Doesn't happen very strongly anymore unless I'm medicated on something, the last time I think I was 16 on some kind of medicine, and I was absolutely petrified because my dad was screaming at me in a particularly nasty yellow. I used to do labour work in Southern Ontario/Can., mostly roofing - best job I've ever had. That in combination with living in a rural town, having a big dog and a deck to drink iced tea on while staring into the great open is my idea of the good life.
I have a rare disease that makes me burn within just minutes when exposed to too much light, or for too long. I practically never leave my house during the day.
I like watch restoring. Taking them apart, cataloging how it all goes back together, cleaning/oiling the parts and stuff. I've recently gotten pretty into whittling, too
Somewhat. I can't do big calculations in my head or anything but I feel like I have a good grasp of deductive reasoning which is what a lot of maths in university ends up boiling down to.
Like 15-20 years ago, I used to do a bunch of child modelling for magazines and Target and was on the wall of the stores as one of those kids showing off the clothing. I showed off the socks. My sister was also on the back of the Chex box for years.

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Happy Guy Fawkes Night

bigboypete’s Profile PhotoAndy ♥
On 31st January 1606 Mr Fawkes was called to meet his fate. . . . . While climbing to the hanging platform, Mr FAWKES jumped from the ladder and broke his neck, dying instantly.
The crowds were far from happy . . . .
Happy Guy Fawkes Night

How you hope your future will be like?

There are small arms reaching to be picked up, with something suspiciously sticky to be scrubbed off of a small nose. There are dog paws clacking across hardwood floors as they speed past me and out the front door - that happy jangling sound of collars jostling around. There are pairs of muddy wellies leaning in the porch to be tugged on, and countryside spilling around me for miles and miles. There are carefully cultivated rows of flowers to be cut and dried. Beyond that, there are wildflower meadows growing wherever they please.
And when we're done exploring and laughing and tree climbing and pond dipping and animal track finding, there are log burners crackling inside. There are curtains to be pulled against the weather whilst dogs curl up on the rugs in front of the fire. There's a bottle of wine in the fridge and a library of books to run a finger across the spine of. And there'll be work to be done, but I don't care much about that. As long as there is contentment. As long as there is that quiet kind of joy.

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Do we fall in love one day?

We fall when we overlook the hurdles in the path, when we fail to notice the obstacles lying in the way.
Falling is when you loose control or balance and move down from a Higher place to a LOWER position without knowing the consequences.
You fall when you trip, you fall when you slip, it's an act of collapsing.

It's true, you can plan to jump down or jump off a cliff but falling is something totally unplanned.
I can't say we "FALL" in love just because it is unplanned.
Love is being careful, being responsible, being vigilant, it's like Mountaineering Peaks, it's like climbing the trees, we rise in Love!

If you were King Kong for a day, what would you do?

ass4lyfe’s Profile PhotoLady Boometh
Hmm, it really depends on which iteration of King Kong I'd be 🦍
If I got turned into the classic version which is quite "small", I'd probably only try and recreate the scene from the movie when he's climbing the Empire State Building, just for the shits and giggles of watching the headlines the morning after 😆 That'd be risky enough as is considering the ending of most movies, I'd like climb up as quickly as I could and then GTFO lol
If I were the absolutely MASSIVE King Kong that was in Godzilla VS King Kong I think I'd be a bit more bold since armies couldn't take me out as easily. I'd crush as many estates, yacts etc. owned by dictators as I could 👊
If you were King Kong for a day what would you do

What are you thinking right now?

MusferaHashmi’s Profile Photoسیّدہ مُصفِرہ ہاشمی.
Can you hear the words that I don't speak?
It's a mess in my head, will you take a peek?
When realization hits, I can't help but weep,
But tears are useless when the wounds are deep
Awake at night, thoughts are devouring me,
Maybe if I close my eyes real tight I'll finally sleep
Looking into your eyes, I found that unknown gleam,
Lost in them, I get the courage to take a leap
Reminiscing the promises we're trying to keep,
Fazed by the words yet insecurity finds a way to creep
Trying not to lose my optimism, I am climbing a hill so steep,
Catch me if I fall, for the ditch of thoughts is way too deep.

What do you hate about shopping?

Yes - shirts are never long enough. It's hard in a professional environment where you get something, realize it stops right at your natural waist, so when you bend over to file something you risk it riding up and showing your back. Heaven forbid if a little of your underwear band shows because they are a different cut from your pants...My best friend has a large bust, short torso, broad shoulders. If something fits in the top, it's baggy/boxy at the waist. Proper fit at the waist means it's too tight across the top. And getting a larger size for the shoulders could mean some square and v-neck shirts show too much. I have a smaller bust, longish torso, pear shaped. Shirts regularly are not long enough, or if they are long they aren't generous enough at the hips. I went to walmart a few days ago and food stamps had just hit so EVERYONE was there. There were kids that couldn't have been much older than 10 climbing on shelves, throwing large rubber balls, knocking over displays, you name it it happened. Moms with kids hanging off the buggy, babies standing and jumping in the kid seat, fighting with the cashier because they can't buy cigarettes without a legal ID. Grown ass men pushing people out of the way so they could get their own crap first. Like fuck man, I'm hear for a box of bandaids, don't touch me! I yelled at a family of strangers because all the kids had a bike horn and dad was basically conducting an orchestra. Clothing shopping: I have bad self-esteem. I used to never want to go clothes shopping because I felt I just looked ugly or dumb in anything so why try. Nowadays, I still have not the best self-esteem, but I at least try and find things I think are cute, regardless of whether I look cute in them or not. I still have no idea how to match clothes either apparently, if my mother has anything to say about it. Like female fashion is so ducking weird. I can't keep up with it, if I think it goes together then it's gonna go together. Grocery shopping: I'm the kind of shopper that lets everyone else go first. Like when you accidentally almost bump into someone around a corner and you both just like motion for the other person to go, I always let the other person go first. Or like, if it's crowded in the aisle, I'll always try and make more room by trying to take up less space. But goddamnit. I'm about done with that. Now, I'll just about run you the fuck over if you're being rude about the whole shopping etiquette. I've had one to many nasty people just pushing themselves past me or practically shoving me out of the way or just cutting me off without apologizing. If I'm in the grocery store now, it's every man for himself (unless you're can remember your manners). I hate when I stop by a store and see something really cute and affordable, but when I go to purchase it the line is extremely long.

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Would you wear a helmet if it messed your hair?

Depends what it’s for!
I never wear a helmet when cycling or skating, but I’d always wear a helmet on a scooter or motor. I’d also wear a helmet with karting, climbing and other dangerous activities where a helmet is necessary.
So, when it’s really needed, I would wear a helmet, even if it would mess up my hair.
Would you wear a helmet if it messed your hair

Do you live or survive?

“Eternal Peace: A conversation with death” by Nico, Photograph by Nathan Dumlao.
Age for me does not matter, but I understand that for some, age is a decisive factor. Let me respond by saying this, if I reveal my age, your perception of me would change and that would destroy our developing friendship. And since I have no other reason to talk to you and share ideas and life experiences without asking for anything or getting involved in an intimate relationship, I would prefer that my age remain unknown. I promise that I will only write to you because I consider you honest, sincere, compassionate and with a gigantic heart full of love. Believe me, if I told you my age, you would stop talking to me.
Now for the most interesting question: Do you live or survive? Great question! I do both. When I am happy and handle my emotions and depression properly, I enjoy life creating songs, poems, performing, playing golf, going to concerts, strolling along the beach, taking long walks in the forest, climbing mountains and debating. In fact, I am a true charlatan when I live and live well.
Unfortunately, with me, there are two sides of the coin and the other side is that I can also be quite melancholic, abrupt, somber, distracted, obtuse, unavailable, sad, introverted, downcast, rejected, thoughtful, pensive, annoyed, angry and depressed; for no apparent reason. Nothing. Nada! Zilch!! For me, depression does not make any sense and, nevertheless, I keep fighting against it, trying to hide it from my family, my friends, and the world.
My desire is to live life to the fullest, while actively participating in as many new and stimulating life experiences as possible; but, the reality is that every minute, hour, day and year has been an uphill battle. Sometimes I feel that I will only find peace once I am buried 6 feet in the ground surrounded by a wooden coffin, a concrete tomb, several tons of earth, and a stone that reads: "Here lies a man, who once walked where you now stand. Who has finally achieved his lifelong dream of finding eternal peace, free from: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth, suffering, disease, poverty, slander, hate and war.

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Do you live or survive

How was zip lining and rock climbing for u Gil? Tbh I wanna try both one day but I’m kinda scared cuz I’ve never done it before

Cali0143’s Profile PhotoKasey
Zip lining is fun, we do it for our emergency response training every year in the SES (State Emergency Service)
Rock climbing is ok too, a bit sketchy when you’re putting prisms on the mine wall but it’s good for an adrenaline rush 😁

All we need is just a little patience... good morning to all...

reazulislammihi’s Profile PhotoFallen Angel
Three Days Grace - The Mountain
https://youtu.be/XblV5A1PlDoAisyahIsHere2’s Video 167395330371 XblV5A1PlDoAisyahIsHere2’s Video 167395330371 XblV5A1PlDo
The higher I go, the harder I fall
So I don't look down, I don't look back at all
And when I wish it all would turn to black
I try to see the light and push the darkness back
Every day I'm just surviving, keep climbing the mountain
Even when I feel like dying, keep climbing the mountain
Every time I think I'm over it
I wake up in the bottom of it all again
I'm still surviving, I keep climbing, keep climbing the mountain
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What makes you happy?

I had to adjust my expectations after my injuries in the pre-season and to salvage any results from that makes me happy.
I'm not trying to sound self righteous. I promise. I genuinely appreciate that I live in the so called 1st world, and that my water's clean, my food is affordable and plentiful, and that the immediate world around me is generally clean. I deeply appreciate the fact that kings lived with less, and that modern medicine is readily available, and that I was decently educated, etc. I've had really trying times, and by 1st world standards not had much of any money at all. But I'm well aware of my good fortune in the lottery of being born. I could have it so much worse. That actually does make me very happy.
The feeling you get an hour after doing an intense workout, the smell of a new book, weighted blankents, the look on a pets face right before you give them a treat, seeing an old friend after a long time of not seeing them and catching eachother up on your lives, stuffed animals, campfires, exploring a forest and climbing around the bushes and trees, squishing a buise to get that oddly satisfying tender feeling, pooing after being constipated for a week, admiring how peaceful the one you love is as they sleep next to you, picking of scabs, listneing to you love someone talk about somthing theyre excited about, making personal improvements and seeing youself grow overtime.
Dogs. Nothing has ever made me more happy than seeing a dog down the street, or seeing a wholesome post about one, or when I’m drawing them. Some people say I talk about them a lot but who doesn’t talk about the things that make them happy?
Oddly enough when I am in a bad mindset, I find helping others works the best. It could be a small gesture even, but as long as the person seems appreciative, it makes me feel better. I think subconsciously it puts whatever is causing my piss mood into perspective. You never know the battles people fight and I should just deal with whatever the issue is and be thankful it is not worse.
My career affords me the opportunity to help others on an individual basis, meaning every day is new. Side pieces of that career take me to new and interesting places, and these experiences bolster my main career as well as provide a small additional income stream.
Feeling wanted. I've never been super close to people so this isn't one that I felt often. Yeah there was family but it just didn't feel the same. Once I finally got that feeling that I actually felt wanted, I think that's the first time I've felt genuine emotional happiness. Then life happened I lost that connection with her and I just kind of settled back into that funk of life is life. Thankfully right now though in going back through that same feeling of wantedness, so life is pretty good right now.

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Buongiorno, iniziano le domande di agosto. Propongo sport olimpici, puoi rispondere liberamente, ma rimanendo in tema con quello sport. Il primo che propongo è Arrampicata sportiva 🧗‍♂️

Ila_cre’s Profile PhotoIla♥️
Buongiorno :)
L'arrampicata sportiva è uno stile di arrampicata che si basa su ancoraggi permanenti fissi alla roccia come protezione/sicurezza.
Poiché l'equipaggiamento è usato esclusivamente per l'assicurazione, e non aiutare la progressione, l'arrampicata sportiva è considerato un tipo di arrampicata libera.
Per quanto riguarda le competizioni l'arrampicata sportiva è regolamentata a livello internazionale dall'International Federation of Sport Climbing.
Buongiorno iniziano le domande di agosto Propongo sport olimpici puoi rispondere

Would you say you're any good at geography? If you have the time and will, I'd happily challenge you to do a Seterra test of your choosing and post the results here. Let's see how well you know the US states, countries of Europe etc.! (You can easily find those at online.seterra.com) 🌍🖱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
For somebody who has travelled a sizeable chunk of the world, I'm atrocious. It's like one big jigsaw puzzle that I can't picture, but I'll remember the pieces in minute detail. I could tell you all about the geraniums growing by the side of the Turkish roads I ambled down in Kas, I could tell you about the little alpine flowers that grow in the mountains above Evian, and I would love to tell you about the tapas bars where we stopped for lunch when we road tripped across Spain.
It's all moments, you know? It's the people who were so kind when they didn't have to be, the special kind of serenity that comes with waking up at sea and climbing up onto deck. It's a soft kiss in a country you've never been to before, it's stumbling over a language but still trying, it's that wave of air that hits you when you climb off the plane that is always different.
So no, terrible at geography, but I have always adored travelling. When I was a tiny kid, my mum made a passport out of coloured paper for my favourite cuddly toy. This was before all the border control was digitised, yknow? That fake passport had as many stamps in as mine, haha! It must have been a picture. This little blonde kid, with a rucksack the same size as her, pushing a bright orange passport towards the uniformed, mustachioed officer on a desk a foot taller than her. And 99% of the time, they'd stare seriously at my cuddly toy frog, and then stamp it and wave us through. People are so freaking good, dude.

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What got you into climbing? how did you start?

As a kid, I grew up backpacking, camping, skiing, mountaineering climbing..the whole lot. Climbing probably grew from my love of heights and climbing on top of things. I’ve always felt most alive during really bad thunderstorms and severe weather, or balancing on a knife edge ridge. I get the same feeling when I’m running out climbs with high fall potential.

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