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Ok, noch keine Fragen zu euren Oblivion Kiddies? Dat müssen wir mal ändern 😉 also fangen wir klassisch mit drei FunFacts und einem Moodboard an 😊⚔️

Jouluku’s Profile PhotoCaleb
Warum finde ich fun facts immer so schwer? 😅 Also gut, ich habe jetzt drei für Kayla zusammengekratzt:
🦸🏻‍♀️ Kaylas Lieblingsfilm ist Wonder Woman (2017). Unterhaltsame Action, vernünftige Heldin (wenn auch für Kaylas Geschmack vielleicht etwas zu naiv-fröhlich, aber auf jeden Fall sehr nett anzuschauen 😏) und, dass ihr Vater der Böse ist, stört sie herzlich wenig. Möglicherweise ist es aber auch ein ganz klein wenig als Provokation gedacht 😜 Nach einem Filmabend kam sie übrigens auf die geniale Idee, einen Schild haben zu wollen, der Dianas nachempfunden ist. Sie hat Archie so lange bequatscht, bis sie ihren Willen bekommen hat.
👂 Sie ist ein vornehmlich auditiver Lerntyp. Den meisten Stoff für die Schule hat sie daher über Hörbücher und Podcasts bei irgendeiner Art Training/körperlicher Übung gelernt. Das hat vielleicht nicht mit dem Lesen und Schreiben geholfen, was ihr bei Prüfungen immer noch Probleme bereitet hat. Aber sie konnte sich bei der Bewegung deutlich besser konzentrieren und hatte die Inhalte schneller drauf. Da ihr Musik beim Entspannen hilft, hat Kayla aber auch in der Freizeit oft Kopfhörer in den Ohren.
🎧 Apropos Musik. Kaylas wertvollster Besitz sind zwei iPod nanos. Ihr Bruder und sie haben vor Jahren jeweils einen von ihrer Oma zu Weihnachten bekommen. Kayla in lila, Connor in grün. Kayla fand das Geschenk zwar toll, die Farbe aber echt doof. Also hat Connor sich “geopfert” und mit ihr getauscht (und danach den lila iPod total gerockt 😉). Mittlerweile hat Kayla beide Geräte, pflegt sie gewissenhaft und schleppt eigentlich zu jeder Zeit einen von ihnen mit sich herum. Mal abgesehen vom Kampftraining.

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Ok noch keine Fragen zu euren Oblivion Kiddies Dat müssen wir mal ändern  also

If emotions worked in the same way as in the movie Inside Out and each emotion was sentient, how do you think the dynamic between them would look like inside your head? Which emotion would be in charge etc.? 🤬☺️😭🤢

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Ooh, what a fun question! I love Inside Out! (I've not seen the sequel movie yet though, only the first, so my response will include the emotions from the first movie...)
I'd like to think my emotions would have a fairly harmonious relationship and that they would work pretty well together, better than they have done in the past!
Much like in Riley's brain, Joy would be the team-leader in my own, only she would be something of a mother figure to the others, rather than a control freak who thinks her way is the only way. She'd be encouraging the other emotions to express themselves in healthy ways rather than suppress them!
Anger would still be finding their feet. For the longest time, they were a repressed emotion, and they've only just begun to feel comfortable expressing themselves. They've been working with Joy in order to channel their feelings into positive outlets-- namely, motivation!
In a similar vein, Disgust has become more vocal recently, too. They are usually awoken by people's action rather than by environmental stimuli (disgust in the Inside Out movie only seems to speak up when Riley encounters something gross, which makes sense, Riley is a child after all). MY Disgust is more riled by people's behaviour... And though in the past she would bite her tongue to keep the peace, she now has no problem asserting her boundaries.
Sadness is nowhere near as dramatic as they used to be. They are still outspoken, but they no longer behave as though the entire world is ending when something goes awry.
The only one who is still a little unruly is fear (shout out to my anxiety disorder, baaaaby! woop woop! 🤣) But much like sadness, they are slowly coming to realise that things aren't half as catastrophic as they often think they are...

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В какие игры играешь на пк?

id79160065’s Profile PhotoАлександр Скляров
Welcome to my world
Крайняя пройденная игра (не на 100%, а скажем так, на 95%) это WWE 2K24. Осталось пару поединков пройти. И да, знаю, что WWE 2K24 вышла 8.03 (двойной повод), но там жду пока выйдут все DLC. А так моя стихия, это Ролевые игры (RPG), с добавлением Action. Стратегии не очень, но поиграть с что-то олдовое люблю.
А вот новейшие игры (как например, RoboCop: Rogue City или Star Wars), железо не тянет. Надо или новый ноутбук покупать на 64гб оперативки, или полностью "менять" переферию на старом системнике.
And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 12/05/24
Time: 21:30
В какие игры играешь на пк

In the insta tos it says you agree to not sue them when you sign up. They must know they do dumb stuff to write that bs.

Even if I didn’t violate anything and they’re accusing me of something awful? If I really had that kind of content wouldn’t they have to seek legal action as well? Nothing adds up.

What would you do? Woman of your dreams (whom you have never met in person but you have her instagram) blocks you and threatens you with legal action if you keep messaging her. BUT you know she is woman of your dreams. To continue messages or give up?

"Woman of your DREAMS".... Give up, You think she's "The One" you haven't even met her yet.... I met someone on here years ago.... Turned into a living nightmare for 4 damn years

Call them and talk to a human if possible. Threaten legal action if you have to. Damage to brand, image, etc. Were you using those accounts as an influencer for $$$? Financial losses. Grounds for a lawsuit.

Yes, I had my influencer stuff on there. I guess I wait “just over a day” and see what happens. I don’t understand why people do this stuff.

Sent on May 6th: Motivation Monday: Remember, every strike brings you closer to the next homerun. Will you spread today's Motivation Monday message to others?

Thank you for this message! I’m just at a point where I don’t have much hope for the future and find everything as meaningless/pointless, as a person who’s been disappointed for too long. I have work to get done but I’ve been putting it off for weeks and today is the last day to get it done yet here I am on this app waiting for a solution when the only solution is to take action. If I don’t do anything, I would not only disappoint myself but would also disappoint my family members. I’m upset because the life I want to live seems so far away and the life I’m currently living makes me not want to do anything but I also realize that I won’t be going anywhere with this attitude, lack of progress, and mindset.

Can a random action be replicated?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
Erm, if you are referring to a purely random action, it cannot be precisely replicated. A random action is one that is determined by chance and has no predictable or patterned outcome. As such, it is impossible to reproduce the exact same random action, as its outcome is unpredictable and will vary each time.
However, if you are referring to an action that appears random but is actually based on a deterministic process (such as a computer algorithm), it is possible to replicate it by replicating the process that generates the action. In this case, the action may appear random, but it is actually generated using specific rules or algorithms that can be replicated to produce the same outcome.

Can a random action be replicated?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
Its funny you ask this I was just thinking about this. Yesterday morning I turned my truck on after a dead battery it automatically
Tune to the Christian channel the exact fraze I was thinking of the pastor was saying freaky. I was wondering the odds of replicating that random act. Second is it a random act if its nearly impossible to replicate

What College do you go to? What are you studying? Why do you find your Classes torture?

I go to a community college and it’s torture because I don’t want to do anything/take the time to read and answer a bunch of questions afterwards since I have a tendency to overthink and procrastinate rather than take action. I went from planning on majoring in the field of health sciences, studio arts and now English. Have you always planned on working at a hotel? That sounds nice :)
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is it healthy to have doubts in a relationship?

No, if you have doubts, then it's better to call off I believe or talk regarding the same.
See it depends on a situation, If someone is in a relationship and they do not feel safe with other person then certainly they must call off. Otherwise, they will be living life in fear and doubts and will not have trust and faith to cross question or ask something.
Moreover, they will not prefer to share exactly what they are thinking in the present,
And if a relationship tries to change a person's good personality then not worth it, like controlling them who they talk with, etc.
It reflects they never had faith on other person 🤦‍♀️,
It doesn't works by controlling others, smh 👀 ,( however a person can change themselves for better - it's good actually)
In addition, if you are clarifying and justifying your action most of the time to clarify doubts of other person then still I wonder whether it was really a genuine connection.

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is it healthy to have doubts in a relationship

Do You Believe in 11:11?

urwaamin07’s Profile Photoلا پتہ ⁦:⁠^⁠)⁩
As a child, I remember looking out my bedroom window at the stars. I would look for the biggest star — put my hands together like I was praying; close my eyes and make my wish even if it seems like a false hope to me, still it makes me happy. I still do believe in those 11:11 wishes even if it seems like a false hope to me, moreover, I do believe strongly in the power of coincidence and working for what you want over a wish made at a certain time. Like it never comes true unless of pure luck. And — the extent that we can control our own destiny. I believe that one must take action in order for a wish to become fulfilled. 🌻

هي الناس الل بتبوست مشاعرها ع السوشيال دي دماغها بيبقا فيها اي وهي بتعمل حركه ذي دي خصوصًا لو مشاعر سلبيه ، او بيبقوا مستنيين اي مثلا ؟

KhalleedM’s Profile Photo404.
What an interesting perspective! If I am being honest, I think that is my first time ever hearing something like this. You sound incredibly wise. Do you believe that it’s solely based on emotions rather than action based? I would love to know your thoughts. 💭
‎يا له من منظور مثير للاهتمام! إذا كنت صادقًا، أعتقد أن هذه هي المرة الأولى التي أسمع فيها شيئًا كهذا. يبدو أنك حكيم بشكل لا يصدق. هل تعتقد أن الأمر يعتمد فقط على العواطف وليس على الفعل؟ أود أن أعرف أفكارك. 💭

J'ai peur de finir ma vie seul !

Tu n'es pas seul dans cette inquiétude, beaucoup ressentent ça à un moment donné. Mais tu as le pouvoir de changer ça ! Mets-toi en action, nourris-toi de bonnes relations amicales / pro...
Et reste ouvert aux nouvelles opportunités. Et surtout crois en toi ! Tu es capable de créer la vie que tu veux.

Parents: what do you do when you catch your kid smoking weed?

That is one thing I am confident I won't have to worry about with my kids. But for the sake of answering the question take it away from them, have a talk with them and find a natural consequence for their action.

Welche Art von Filmen schaust du am liebsten?

sunshinesophia1’s Profile PhotoSophia
Früher war ich ein absoluter Filmfan. Egal welche Genre, aber ein bisschen Action musste schon drin sein. Doch heutzutage interessieren mich Filme oder Serien fast gar nicht mehr. Viele Filme wirken nur noch hingerotzt oder erzählen das ewig gleiche (Marvel). Ich schau kein Fernsehen und auch so gut wie kein Streaming, daher kann ich die Frage gar nicht wirklich beantworten
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vorrei chiederti una tua opinione: se ti piacesse un ragazzo e volessi conoscerlo, inizieresti la conoscenza facendogli un regalo o mai nella vita?

Così dal nulla? Ah ciao mi piaci, eccoti un orologio o un portafoglio prendo in saldo da pittarosso. Che poi il genere di persone che vorrei frequentare al massimo preferirebbe ricevere un libro o un action figure e visto il costo spropositato, col cazz@ che lo farei così a caso.
Non regalo niente a nessuno senza un minimo di conoscenza della persona.
No, non userei un regalo come approccio conoscitivo.

Anybody who can recommend me something good to read?

If you're looking for a thriller, I recommend Five Survive by Holly Jackson. If you're looking for a romantic comedy, I recommend The Undomesticated Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. If you're looking for a dark academic, I recommend If We Were Villains. If you're looking for a horror thriller, I recommend Lock Every Door by Riley Sager. If you're looking for something quick to read, I recommend Double Date by R.L Stine. If you are looking for a Fantasy Action, I recommend the Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. All of these novels are easy reads and keep your interest piqued.

Did you ever go gay for your best friend?

There is no such thing as “going gay” for your best friend but if you do happen to have feelings for your best friend, it’s best to let them know or give them a chance if it doesn’t go against your religious beliefs or morals and you really want to be more than just best friends. I might’ve felt a certain way towards acquaintances but I’m all talk and no action so it never lead to anything more and usually, the people I fancy don’t feel the same way about me so it works out perfectly 😁

يا دكتور الاسنان بتاعتي فيها بياض كده مش عارفة ضعف في المينا ولا تآكل فدي ليها علاج ولا ايه؟ معجون مثلا أو علاج دوائي

ممكن يكون ضعف في طبقة المينا فعلاً وده ممكن نبدأ بمعجون فيه فلورايد زي sensodyne rapid action ونتابع ونشوف الموضوع هيتحل ولا لا لو ما اتحلش محتاجين نروح لدكتور يحقن مادة معينة فيها اسمها ايكون.

😄😄😄 What makes you sad most of the time?

Didn't handled a situation well and now have to wait for one whole year so that the wrong thing can be turned into right one.
Just because of my ego🤦‍♀️ , I never thought that could be the end result of my action.
If I had known, I would have been careful.
It's always better to analyse first and then take the action according to the situation so that nothing wrong could happen in the first place.
What makes you sad most of the time
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What is the biggest ' what if ' in your mind? ✨

SalmanSamee’s Profile PhotoBiryani .
What if we could put ourselves in the shoes of those living in Palestine¿ What would it be like to experience daily violence, oppression, and displacement without any sense of safety or security¿ Yesterday I came across this video which my heart cant put out in words but at that time I felt that it is so easy for us to feel helpless or overwhelmed when we think about all the suffering happening around the world. But I believe that every little action counts - whether it is donating money, raising awareness, or simply having conversations about these issues. We can't single-handedly solve all the problems but we can always choose to stand up against injustice whenever and wherever we see it. Maybe that is where real hope lies - in our shared humanity and empathy towards one another. 🌻

Masz jakieś takie wspomnienie, że jak o nim sobie pomyślisz to sama ci się mordka cieszy?

cisowiankaaxd’s Profile PhotoBeciA
Ojej, ja magazynuję takie wspomnienia! Głównie są to chwile z moimi bliskimi, np. cosplayowe odpały z psiapsi, głównie kiedy idziemy w świat w full cospach i makijażach takich, że niektórzy mogliby się za nas pomodlić.
Ostatnio oglądałyśmy live action Tokyo Revengers, z pełną świadomością, że nie jest to ekranizacja wysokich lotów. Nie dość, że sceny i casting były tak bardzo złe, to jeszcze nawinęło nam się tłumaczenie AI, z tego tym bardziej cisnęłyśmy bekę xD Takemichi nagle był tłumaczony na Martial Arts, Draken na Long Jiang, a Baji stał się jakimś cudem Adą XD
Mam też taką kawiarenkę, do której zabieram moje ulubione osoby i wyciągam stamtąd same miłe wspomnienia.
Masz jakieś takie wspomnienie że jak o nim sobie pomyślisz to sama ci się mordka

How come remakes of popular series are never as good as the originals? I mean, I try not to fall into this boomer, conservative mindset that everything new = sh*t. But they're REALLY never good. It doesn't have the same impact, it's not giving the same vibe. It's not the same intensity. Velocity.

I feel like a lot of the recent remakes didn't really understand what made the original so good, prime example of this is Netflix live action ATLA, they have misunderstood so many of the characters and dynamics that made them lovable, or compelling to watch. They got Iroh ALL wrong, he's meant to be the chill wise uncle who's got a mischievous energy, he gives great advice but he's not a super serious guy, he's a fun uncle! NATLA Iroh falls flat by comparison. Katara feels devoid of personality, Zuko isn't NEARLY angry enough, Azula is made out to be threatened by him rather than amused? Like what is this? He was always a joke to her! Honestly I could write essays about my gripes with this show 😂

What is that one non-verbal action that reassures you?

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
Squishes and hugs. — a warm hug or a gentle touch on the shoulder or the hands. Sometimes just being in someone's presence and feeling their positive energy can also be very reassuring for me and any action that conveys care, empathy, and understanding can go a long way towards reassuring me in times of uncertainty or stress. 🌻

Please just don’t start any drama tomorrow my heart can’t take much more

i do not know who u are anonymous
or why u are wrote
this to me. it’s like it’s u or from u
but i wrote everything what i think about
if ur heart in such condition
don’t action like that
and i don’t need history
in which i saved u from the hands of an ugly female scammer.
u adult man must ur self answer
for ur actions.
no one only u
i’m not ur mom. i sent by ur mom.
i don’t need history. i need happiness.
and guys be careful especially rich guys.
i was think it not actual more
but still exist woman scammer
called themselves witches
not exist any witches
it’s all about money.
be careful guys.
all spiritual things is bla bla bla
and about money .
i know a million invisibly read me
ask about it .
be careful guys.
it’s all sucks.
as i said from first minute.
i wrote everything yesterday
farther all depends from u
but i
there shouldn’t be
any such women in our house.

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Screen recording every one of the conversations where you're harassing me making fun of me lex and kandy both reporting it to ask FM I will get you both shut down again.

You’ve already been reported to Ask for threatening to st@b me. Legal action comes next if you keep it up. An attorney has already been contacted.
Think about it, Yeet? Who is harassing who? Lex and are not your fcking ex. You started this. Not us. Leave us the fck alone or you know what comes next.

According to my attorney, you may take legal action if you believe a threat is credible. Doesn't matter if she thinks it's a "joke." Informing Ask was the right move. Records of electronic communications can be subpoenaed. Nuking her phone will accomplish nothing. Everything can be recovered.

Hmmm, interesting. And she definitely didn’t mean it as a joke. BTW, that JWC thing yesterday I believe was her too. I don’t know about the “W” but the JC is his initials.
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When you realize that you have made a mistake. How do you deal with it?

h_kainat’s Profile Photodoctor_tooth
I take a break... The moment of realization is the worst and the best at the same time so I don't miss it... The intensity of that particular moment is to be recorded inside my brain cells so record it carefully... And then I change my course of action following the change of my thoughts...

How are you able to contain your anger?

I get this question a lot irl. I just think of the consequences should I let my anger out. Plus depending on the reason why I'm angry, like if it's beyond my control then that's not my problem anymore; it is what it is. But if it's something that could still be fixed, then get to action instead of wasting time fussing over it.

What's your take on genocide happening in Gaza and Palestine?

shayarb’s Profile Photoshayaan areeb
It's All just the Start for the Doom's Day , The depths of Islamophobia that has been spread throughout the world the amount of hate is clearly visible as those monsters and their Supporters as trying to justify themselves and the world has been so brainwashed that they're supporting them ,can't say the whole world but atleast many of Them and some Indians are trying to justify their support to Israel which is just lame as Isreal itself declared that these people deserves to die ،Our hearts bleed out everday seeing them suffer and makes us guilty for living such a comfortable life which was stolen from people of Palestine but we can only do as much as praying for them sharing their posts and donating as much as position, also no action from the Muslim countries is also a big sign that this is the start of the (Qayamah)END .

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If you managed to double-book, what would you do? How would you decide on which thing has priority? 🗓️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
As I am spontaneous person and I get excited about things quite easily, I would choose action which would look more interesting to me in that moment of decission 😅🤷‍♀️. The last time it was decission between ice-hockey match and cirque du soleil 🤩, the cirque won because it is rare here! 😅
If you managed to doublebook what would you do How would you decide on which

Cuál es vuestra serie o película favorita?

aleexx18nv’s Profile PhotoAleito
Good question.
My favourite series is called
Hemlock Grove ❤️It was one of Netflix’s first Horror series. It’s so good 100% recommend. It’s not just about Vampires and Werewolves there’s more to it than that. Each character sorta has a journey and portrays some sort of struggle or Barrier. Roman Godfrey 🥹
Favourite movie that’s tricky so I’m gonna put my answers in to genres.
Horror: IT chapter 1 and 2 🎈
Comedy: Villians 😈
Action : John Wicks 🔫probably best one is 1 and 4. Marquis ❤️
Romance: PS I love you 💌
Animation: Coraline (Anything Tim button basically)🤣
Disney: Lilo and Stitch 🌺
Cuál es vuestra serie o película favorita
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If you were going to die and had to write a letter to your loved one giving them your last words what would you say? Side note I thought of this question watching avatar the last airbender

I guess I'd just tell them all how much I love them, and that I want them to find happiness in their lives even if I don't get to be a part of it.
Side note, are you watching the animation or the new live action?


Scarlett_Witch_’s Profile Photoᗢ Wαɳԃα Mαxιɱσϝϝ ᗢ
That same day, Harley had been released from jail on bail made by her friend Selina, Catwoman. They had later arranged to meet Poison Ivy to take a walk around the city like "normal people". At the end of the afternoon, Ivy said that she had one more appointment to go to, that is, to take care of her plants that she called "my babies". Selina, as always, had an appointment with Bruce Wayne for later, so the only one who was free to agree on anything was Harley. After the Gotham Sirens went their separate ways, Harley had returned home and found Bruce, her pet hyena, sleeping on the ratty sofa in the living room. The clown smiled and placed a kiss on the animal's head, which, moved by the touch of the blonde's lips, opened its eyes when it recognized her by the smell and happily jumped on top of her, licking her face with joy. Harley laughed at the action and stroked the fur of the wild animal that missed her. After that, the blonde fed Bruce and went out for another walk around Gotham City. On the way she had stolen a cart of cotton candy while enjoying it, as a result, her hearing was taken by a loud and strange noise that sounded as if someone had suffered a fall. As Harley got closer, the female voice that came from inside a different alley that had two entrances became more recognizable while the male voice was filled with despair. Harley then threw the rest of the candy on the floor and sneaked into the place to satisfy her curiosity until she saw the same woman she had met a few days ago. The clown had a wide smile at the scene of the man being under the witch's aim, but seemed to have left him free, so the blonde, overcome by rage, went towards them, hitting the man's head with her sledgehammer, who was barely able to turn around. to run away, making him instantly faint from the blow.
— POW! Hahahahah! Take that, you idiot!
With his body turned off, Harley raised her gaze to Wanda, opening a happy smile and going towards her to hug her, then released her to see the witch better.
— Hey Wanda! How long! Are you well? This a**hole did something to you? — The clown asked, closing her face as she looked at him.

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What is the best advice you’ve ever given?

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
I came up with a quote in the past about the importance of working hard yet I didn’t take my own advice (as usual) and am struggling in life as a result of being lazy but it’s more like depression and needing someone to motivate me to get to work/take action. But I told people that working hard leads to happiness in life and I still believe that to be true.

Albert Pine said, “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

I have a theory in my mind. Our actions stimulate waves/energies. So, if we do well, positive waves are generated. If we do bad, bad waves are generated in the cosmos. These waves keep on traveling in the cosmos unless they return to their starting point. For example, if I do good, I have generated a good wave. The wave keeps on traveling and one day reaches me in the form of goodness. Once I receive the goodness, that's the end of the wave. Similarly, that goes for the person who does bad.
In this universe, many people do good deeds and bad deeds. Some people die before their action waves reach them. Those waves keep traveling and traveling. Then I believe there will be a final day when all waves reach their ending points.

"If the only choice you've got to do is the wrong thing, then it's not really the wrong thing" This in itself is contradicting, But i wanted to know your thoughts and opinion on this? Lmk

The choice to do nothing doesn't exist? Have all options been considered? Knowingly doing something wrong because no other alternative seems apparent may not justify an action. A situation's unique factors should be taken into account. Do contradictions truly exist or are they just illusions? 🤔
If the only choice youve got to do is the wrong thing then its not really the

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