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What's your philosophy of life??

I’m at that step where I only want to associate myself with grown people and grown situations. People who play mind games, attention seek, guilt trip or other manipulative things need to stay clear away from me.
I seriously couldn’t give a $hit, as long as my mentality is grown, I can vibe.

﹅⠀ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ⠀︰⠀♡﹒﹙ honestly ﹚Udostępnij fragment pamiętnika Yeleny!

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⧗⠀:⠀"I wish I am fully aware and in full possession of myself. […] I have no desire to be understood, admired, pitied, or even known." — Simone de Beauvoir, from Diary of a Philosophy Student: Volume 1, 1926-1927; August 6th, 1926.

Dziękuję za pytanie.

When you're sick, what's your philosophy around staying home? Like, how recovered do you need to be to carry on like normal? 🤒

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don’t really know, I have only ever been sick with Covid-19 and I wasn’t really sick as such but I stayed home until I had a negative RAT so I wouldn’t make anyone else catch it 🤷🏻‍♂️

Something worth reading (books)

moedfarooq’s Profile PhotoMoeed
-Mystery by Robert Greene (There are proven steps you can take to achieve mastery in a discipline. Don’t accept the notion that you were either born with talent or you were. Analyze the path of greatness and you too can become great.)

-The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday
(Ryan is one of my favorite authors, and this is one of his best works. In this book, Ryan shares a modern take on the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. It will help you overcome any situation in life with endurance and resilience)
-The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
(What is the secret of talent? How do we unlock it? This book gives you the tools you can use to maximize your potential)
-Deep Work by Cal Newport
(Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task)
-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey
(This classic is still a must read. As much as I love books like Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and all of the other classics, I think this has the most practical applications today. Don’t get me wrong , those other most definitely do as well, but I’d start here)

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Explain your life in 3 words!

HiraKhan2001’s Profile PhotoHiraKhan2001
Love, patience, passion.
Allow me to explain my answers each. Over time, I've learned just how dark a road you can travel through hate. Racism, attitudes, deception, and other problems in the world cause a big divide, through hate and an inability to disagree peacefully. Love may not solve all conflicts, but you'll certainly get a lot less with it. Love is what makes life live in the first place, emotionally speaking. It draws all you need in your life, to your life.
Patience. Over time, I have rushed many things. Relationships, friendship, and the worst of all, I rushed understanding of everything I hoped to know. Something everyone should know, is that time is the best teacher. And the only way to learn that way is through patience. Patience is what acts as your primary support in life. It is your support beams.
Lastly, passion. Do you have a dream? Of any sort? Something you want to pursue with all your might? That is a passion. It is the drive in life. Even if you've already achieved your dream, it is something you love, and something you reached through patience. All three interconnect. This is just my opinion, and as my philosophy teacher told me, opinions are not an option. Which is why I explained it as best as I could.

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Are you still in love? Only that you miscalculated it!!

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
I am. In this respect, my greatest miscalculation is that I didn't embrace what I currently adore sooner: art, nature, satire, literature, philosophy, etc. Fortunately, some calculations are more precise than ours and they become evident only when we put our initial estimates aside.
Are you still in love
Only that you miscalculated it

"Run from what's comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I'll be mad." Rumi

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
For someone who understands this much the madness seems like a facade. Monster like myself, we know exactly what we are nothing more, nothing less and to us the philosophy seems intolerable and a joke.

Why is philosophy so difficult to understand?

It is hard becausephilosophical ideas and arguments themselves are so complex, so subtle and nuanced, and they rely on a web of understanding that reaches back more than two thousand years, past Hume and past Descartes, past Aquinas and Anselm all the way to Plato, Aristotle and Socrates. ☺️

Blue Door: Go back in time to fix your mistakes or Red Door: $1 mil cash in hand. Which door are you going through and why?

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I'm not sure you realized what sort of question you asked here for those who study the philosophy of time travel. I'll presume I go back to fix the mistake then return to present day. I fix mistake in timeline A. When I return, am I in timeline A? Will I have split timelines and am now am in timeline B where there is another me who made the different choice in A? If so, do I have to dispose of Neo A since there can be only one? Of course, it is likely Neo A will expecting me and be ready for battle.
Maybe only my consciousness goes back in time, so there is just one Neo. Let's say I return to A-modified. Will my brain suddenly flood with all the memories of my new life? Will I remember two timelines? What if no new memories come to me and I have to somehow figure out the revised Neo? My phone will likely be locked and I won't know the unlock code without new memories.
What if I come back to the present and am...dead...eeek!
And fixing multiple “mistakes?”
***passes out***
I'll just take the red door with the bag of cash and be on my way.

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What caused your last evolution of thought?

I like how you phrased this question. The answer is reading about the raising of consciousness, the philosophy of starseeds and their purpose, karma, spiritual manifestation…general enlightenment. There is so much more to the world than meets the eye.

What are some examples of deep conversations?

past trauma, drama, loves, inspirations, anything that will put you deep inside your feelings, also it could be highly intellectually conversations that can stimulate your thoughts and ideas about anything such as philosophy, geography, astronomy, astrology, just know the topics you decide to pick another can match your energy, and thoughts too
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"If you will be given a chance to speak with one of the previous Presidents' across the world who will it be and why?"

Without naming his name, this person is dead now.
I will only tell him that your political philosophy and your communism shit are not working, you have taken us hostages, and please do not invade another country, you are stupid and do not realize the extent of your stupidity, step down, please.
Or yes I will shoot his ass, this will save the nation from a great catastrophe whose consequences are now.
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I'm going into teaching in Soon hopefully, I want to be one of those teachers who actually gives a shit about their students and deal with stuff like bullying and any personal issues that they have. Back when I was in school I never had that. Did you have that issue? I'm I being too optimistic?

Congrats bud, I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful teacher!! 🤗
That’s not too optimistic at all, and it’s honestly really nice to hear that you’re going in with that philosophy, and genuinely care about the students. I’m sure that there’ll be many that will really appreciate that, even if they never say so, and it’s quite amazing the impact it can leave when you have a good teacher. Like you, I never had that either, and school was a rough and volatile time. I hope it goes well for you! ☺️✨

Is there a pride in paying homage to the inconsistency of the moment? As I believe... The world is not for you, but you!

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
I dont know what are you going to study, but it should be philosophy 😁. Who other could connect the words like "inconsistency of the moment"? 😅👍 And yes, world is for "us", but only our private mini-world makes us happy 🤩.

What is your life philosophy?🎈

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1.Presently, my life philosophy is finding happiness in small little things of life like nature, flowers, winds, music, dance, self-reflecting on some stuff (: , etc.
2. Never hurt someone intentionally.
3. Following my intuition 🥰.
4. Doing work with dedication because I am responsible for my future, peace and happiness. 🙃 :)
(Still lot of abilities needs to be maintained more)
5. No expectations rule, try to apply it. (:
6. Living almost every moment as it's the last one or special one. 😇
7. Love for self❤️ (:-)
8. Working out on qualities that proves better for my life. 🙃
9. Taking some circumstances like if they are trying to teach me something and figuring out a reaction to handle it. 😇
What is your life philosophy

Injustice will always exist. There will never be a perfect world. We must have the courage to accept the ruthlessness of human existence ...

imagine being so privileged that you're turning what is a very real and very deadly human rights violation into a stupid philosophy notion.

Почему некоторые считают, что философия – наука? Какие у неё вообще признаки науки?

NuThursday’s Profile PhotoNuThursday ️‍[18+]
Философия, это, скорее, дисциплина, которая учит думать. Древние называли философию "Мать всех наук", а сейчас, на Западе, учёные звания "доктор наук" дают только представителям точных, естественных и технических наук. Все остальные - doctor of philosophy...

Are you more of an outgoing person or would you rather just keep to yourself?

I keep it to myself because for my it’s just a simple philosophy
Apna rola ap ko khud hie solve krna chahya jitna marzi ap dosroen sa help la laen ya un mein confide hoen
Knowing who to confide in can work but majority of the people apni life stories shuru kr deta hain 💎
Are you more of an outgoing person or would you rather just keep to yourself

If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

Like ase ho skata meri philosophy keh mutabil.dekho insna hota ha us ko kuch nah kuch new chyie hi hota ha. Or woh chatah ha sab kuch experience karuin to infinite chezan han dunya meh to us ka experience karte karte buarpa or then death.

Do you think that religion is disappearing from the middle east as it disappears from the west and replaced with ethics and philosophy?

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
Who said it disappear from the west? it's just how their new world order demands a front to operate widely and for things to work best in their favor by injecting it as far as possible and unfortunately and unwillingly we pave the way and get nothing except bad ethics and corrupt philosophy, really people should know better.

When did you realise you were fluent?

If you really want to learn, you have to stop using English. I was basically forced to abandon it; taking classes à la fac meant I couldn't take notes fast enough in English, so I had to use French and my listening and writing skills exploded. My host mother had folks over for dinner, and they'd practice their English while I practiced my French.
Maybe it's my self-esteem, but I'm not comfortable with saying I'm fluent. However, a few weeks ago, one of my exchange partners and I had a 30-40min discussion about political ideologies and philosophy. It was mostly in French. I stumbled here and there but I was amazed that I was able to participate in such an abstract conversation at all. Now I'm ok with saying that I "speak some French." :P
I found myself accidentally eaves dropping on people in a restaurant. They were t talking about anything particularly interesting, but I remember thinking how cool it was that I knew that this couple was going to a different town tomorrow and they had said it all in French.
If you really want to learn, you have to stop using English. I was basically forced to abandon it; taking classes à la fac meant I couldn't take notes fast enough in English, so I had to use French and my listening and writing skills exploded. My host mother had folks over for dinner, and they'd practice their English while I practiced my French. Interesting point. Yeah, I can definitely see myself faltering in that area, except for the most simple of jokes. It's a good way to look at it. I'm sure you don't need to hear it from me, but your English is really good by the way. I certainly wouldn't have guessed you weren't native.
As things are starting to click for me too, I see it, fluency, as my native language when I was like 10. I didn't know what so many ancillary words or specialized words were. I had to ask or look it up in a dictionary. Nor could i write an essay and sound educated. There is just so much polish we are able to put on our native language as we get older through education, reading, media, and just plain immersion around others. But being that way at that age didn't break my flow of conversation. And that to me is what fluency is...being fluid in being able to converse. Sometimes you hear something that makes you say "hmmm...what does that mean?" but you will get the context from the rest or just ignore it and move on. Instead of thinking, you are just doing.
A turning point for me is when I realized I could listen to the radio or watch some videos without missing (almost) anything. Also being able to speak naturally and understand others, as if it were your native language. When you can talk about the weather or have a great philosophical debate in the same conversation naturally!

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Do you think it's okay to have a satanic after school group?

If one is familiar or deeply interested in philosophy or belief systems, I would not be opposed to a pragmatic evaluation of Philosophical Satanism, Theistic Satanism, Luciferianism or esoteric disciplines / orders. However, I do not believe that children possess the necessary patience or capacity to comprehend such complex topics and they might be better served if they study simpler subjects which could give them a firm foundation to evaluate more intricate motifs / notions when they are older and seasoned enough to do so. After school study groups / activities should be *age appropriate* and despite current trends in "education," they *must* meet with the full consent of parents / guardians.
Do you think its okay to have a satanic after school group

وحدتِ عشق کی تقسیم نہیں ہوسکتی جائےسجدہ کبھی دونیم نہیں ہو سکتی اور ایک ہی بار لکھا جاتا ہے دستورِ وفا دل کے آئین میں ترمیم نہیں ہوسکتی

True. I always think about the concept of Oneness. And how deeply it runs through my veins: وحدت
There's utmost beauty to it, adhering to a singularity for the rest of your life. Whether its عشق یا شوق، خدا یا ذوق. Having a sole philosophy about anything/an entity is what defines who you truly are. With Oneness in your heart, you can never lose.

What’s your philosophy in life?

1) Don't judge. Everybody has a reason for doing what they are doing.
2) Things are not going to come to you on their own. Get on the stage and strut your stuff. Nobody's going to discover your potential until you do it for yourself.
3) Be kind. There’s no shortage of kindness when it comes from the heart.
4) Respect your elders, even if you don’t always agree with them. They’ve been around for a while and come from a different time, but are full of information.
5) Don’t fear externals rather fear your own inner demons.

Do people learn more through their experiences or by age?🤔

noorulhudakashif3’s Profile PhotoNoorulhuda kashif
Experience only. There is even a word in philosophy for that: "phenomenological". It is a fundamental method to gain knowledge.
"A posteriori" knowledge is something which is only gained phenomenologically or by experience.
While "A priori" knowledge is something which is gained without experience but by reasoning of mind theoretically.

I'm trying to see some subtle and major differences between different INTJs. Describe yourself like telling us about your hobbies, interests, talents, what your personality is like, etc.

I'm complex as hell. No one ever sees the full me because of that. My family sees one piece. People I work with see a totally different piece. People I like/friends see something else. And you people on Reddit see mostly a different piece from everyone else. When people from any of these four elements see me in one of the other elements, they get really confused. Some people think I'm intimidating as hell while other people think the idea that I'm intimidating is completely laughable. I'm old, but I look significantly younger than I am, i.e. at least a decade younger. So, I get a lot of amusement from people because of all of these things. I like dark blue and black and wear those colors almost all the time. I actually love sports, but I treat it like an academic subject. I'm into politics, psychology, reading, research, learning, social issues, pretty much all kinds of music (no "I have eclectic taste" followed by "I hate pop music," though, admittedly, I'm less familiar with modern music--but I just like anything that sounds good to me), old sitcoms. I like philosophical discussions. Great career, but always thinking about what the next step is and positioning for it. "Forever alone"--too weird and different to find someone who is compatible with me and actually wants me. Not "girly." Very calculating and always staying a step ahead of others. Usually have a plan B or a contingency plan. Very unemotional on the outside, more emotional and romantic on the inside. I'm on my early 20s. Very introverted. I find it hard to connect with people. I am picky with my relationships (platonic and romantic). Quite elitistic and arrogant. Loves fine art and the violin. Adores dogs. Pragmatic. Loves money money money! 🤑
I am kind of motivated but unmotivated most of the time. I am a highschool student and I used to go to a boarding school. It taught me a lot about people. And I dream of becoming an engineer and make stuff. I made friends when I used to attend the school, but only talk to one after leaving the school. And I don't really have a person to talk to a lot, but that dosent mean I am alone, have family and friends (2), but just lonely. Closest thing to a friend I have is a random french girl I found on omegle. I rarely talk, to a fistfull of people. I am just shy. Oh and the compliment I get the most by few people I talk to is "weird in an interesting way"
I am also interested in philosophy and psychology, especially applying it to my personal life or analysing the behaviour of others around me. I have grown more confident over time but I still feel very awkward or out of place. I am a very reserved person but I enjoy talking with my friends about meaningful topics. I usually mind my own business but I enjoy giving insightful advice to my friends because I know it will be useful for them. I have two cats. I like iced coffee. I am a good leader.

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Describe yourself in a paragraph.

I'm a 30-something, single, college educated, middle class woman. People describe me as strong-willed, confident, distant, aggressive and funny. I describe myself as a wordsmith (occupation), ass-shaker (hobby), car singer (secret talent) and sexy nerd who can have a conversation with anyone - but would prefer to be left the fuck alone. 9/10 times, I'm thinking, "move out of my way, don't start, you tried it (and failed), don't bother me, where can I get some chocolate?," or Spanish music lyrics. I love rarely, but hard and cut people off often and easily. Earth is ghetto, I wanna leave. But for now I'll just get high and wish I could be with the one man who knows how to turn on my body and shut off my brain. I collect things—comic books, bottles of cologne, sunglasses, platinum and tungsten carbide jewelry, art (traditional and digital), photographs and many other things. I enjoy strategy games like chess and Magic, my favorite formats being the older ones. I'm an atheist and skeptic. I wear black a lot, which I see as representing neither a brooding personality nor an inclination towards a gothic motif. My taste in music and film is eclectic. I'm currently writing a novel set in Afghanistan. I don't consume drugs or alcohol because I don't trust myself to do either in moderation. My sense of humor is dark, bordering on morbid but I still love Disney films like The Little Mermaid. I don't put a lot of stock in IQ tests and think people who brag about their IQ are generally losers. Sports involving a ball bore me to tears. I hate pop music and bright colors. I voted green party in the past two presidential elections. I love Coke and hate Pepsi. I put ice in all my drinks. My favorite colognes are tea scented. Whip Inflation Now. Make love, not war. Why are you still reading this?
I work as an engineer for the Director of Operations at a robotics company. I do what needs doing and enjoy it, but ultimately my career is just a job. I collect myriad hobbies and inevitably discard them, as nothing maintains interest. Principally, I read history, philosophy, and science, mostly during lunch. I also play guitar and study foreign languages. I feel very alive when listening to the right music, and I feel mostly dead otherwise. Regarding personality, I'm like a still ocean, occasionally disturbed by ripples in the wake of a passing ship, but only ever lightly, and never for long. I appreciate irony.
I'm quiet and scared shitless most of the time. I tend to come across as a know-it-all but this is usually just a mask for my insecurity. I have a fear of abandonment so I get emotionally attached too easily. I'm pretty intuitive and I like philosophy.

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- هـل لديك فلسفه تعيش بهـا ؟ .. 🤎.

ماكو واحد ما عنده فلسفة يعيش بيها حتى لو هو ما مفكر بالموضوع.
Hating philosophy a philosophical concept itself.
أما اذا كان سؤالك يطلب معرفة فلسفتي… فلسفتي اعقد من ان اوصفها بمنشور.

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