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My bf wants to go into the pot business. He's not a stoner. I don't know what to do. He says it's a legit business opportunity. Is he right?

It depends where you live. Keep in mind that even big corporations are now entering the business. Ask him to explain the details to you so you feel more comfortable.

I've loaned my gf thousands of dollars. She always says she'll pay it back but he hasn't repaid a dime for more than 2 years. I love her but ... How do I handle this?

You need to sit down with her and have a serious talk. You need to work out a payment plan. She needs to take responsibility. You also may want to reevaluate your relationship.

My parents can't afford to pay for my wedding. My uncle has volunteered to step in. The problem is that his business is a bit on the shady side (I don't think it's illegal but IDK). Should I accept his offer?

If you don't know, why ask. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Just be a gracious receiver and enjoy your day. It may be that your definition of "shady" isn't all that shady.

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My gf has been diagnosed bipolar. She's on meds and takes them regularly. I'm worried about getting married and having children. How do others handle something like this?

People should be open with each other about whatever they have if they are planning to have a family because of genetics. Discuss all of this with a medical doctor and a therapist.

Do opposites really attract each other? Doesn't that cause a lot of problems?

It all depends on the two people. "Opposites attract." "People who are the same are attracted to each other." Both are true, and both are simply justifications for being together. Enjoy.

My gf lies for no reason. She blames it on English being her second language. How do I figure out if she's just using that as an excuse?

Tell her something or ask her a question. Before she responds, ask her what her understanding of the statement or question is. That will tell you what she does and/or does not understand.

My gf's bff won't shut up. She talks over everyone and interrupts constantly. Whenever I try to say something to my gf she goes ape shit on me. WTF? Now what? I don't want to break up over this idiot.

Tell her you want to have a serious talk and ask that she please listen to you before reacting. Present facts, not feelings. And listen to what she says, as well. If she continues to choose her bestie over you, you have a decision to make.

My gf's younger sister been hitting on me. I ain't done nothing and won't but IDK if I should tell my gf. What you think?

Absolutely tell your gf because if you reject her sister, I guarantee the younger sister will make up stuff about you! Get ahead of the problem, otherwise you'll come off as just being defensive.

My mother is having a fit about me dating this guy because he's from a different culture. I'm trying to be patient but I'm getting frustrated. Any advice you can give would be appreciated.

The best advice would be to talk with others of your culture who have experienced the same thing. Unfortunately, many parents place their children in a situation where the children are being asked to choose between family and relationships. It's too bad they don't realize what they're doing.

My dad is dating this lady. I'm not sure she's legit. How do I find out? I've tried to get info online but my dad says he doesn't trust that.

As the saying goes, love is blind. Your father does not want to hear anything negative. As long as he is competent, there's nothing you can really do other than keep presenting the facts.

I'm a gay man. My partner is 12 years older. Some people say that's too big a spread. How many years is too much?

The fact that you're gay has nothing to do with the decision. As with any relationship in which there's a significant age difference, it's entirely up to what the two people are comfortable with.

We've been to a couples' therapist but my bf says he's tired of going. Our problems are still not straightened out. How can I convince him to keep going? I think it's helping.

Explain exactly what you just said, but leave with love. Tell him you love him, and you want it to work, but the problems have to be addressed if it's going to work.

This guy broke up with me in a text. I can't even believe I was with him. I want to tell him off but don't know if I should even waste my time. Do I just let it go or what?

You should say, "You have every right to break up with me, but I didn't realize that you had no class." Leave it at that.

I'm not rich. This girl I go out with doesn't know what I make. The problem is she usually orders the most expensive thing on the menu. Besides that she's great. What do I do about that? I really like her but is she a gold digger?

I think you have to be honest about your finances. If you lose her, you'll know she really is a princess or gold digger. Tell her your situation. That's the best way forward.

Me and my bf had a huge fight on new years eve. He left me at a party. I can't stop crying. What do I do next?

The key to relationships is good communication. Let a couple of days go by and then reconnect. Work on problem solving not winning the argument

What if one partner wants to have kids and the other one doesn't? How does that get resolved?

It's not fair to bring children into this world unless both partners are on board. The other option is to split up and be a single parent.

I love my partner but I can't stand her family. Now what? I'm worried they'll always interfere like usual.

Unless your partner decides not to have anything to do with them, yes, they will always interfere. Tough choice, but you'll have to make it.

If both of us make the same money shouldn't we both pay the same amount for everything including going out?

Usually, yes. You don't have to split each and every thing, but overall expenses should be shared

My parents are cool with me being gay but my partner's are not. They keep calling him. They keep inviting him but not me to family stuff. How do we handle that?

You either go together, or neither goes. They'll get the message. Your partner needs to have your back

I have fought my weight my whole life. My bf says he'd like to be with me forever but wants me to lose the weight first. He says it's not because he doesn't love me. He just wants me to focus on me. WTF?

He's your cheerleader for you. You need to focus on you first.

My bf is obsessed with his body. Every time he passes a mirror he has to look. I think it's obnoxious. How do I get him to not do that?

Tell him!! Explain that while you are proud of him, you are not proud of what he does.

How soon should two people move in with each other if they've been dating for six months? I heard it should be a year.

It is ENTIRELY up to the couple. There is no right answer other than what the couple feels is right for them. For some, it could be months, while for others it might be several years.

This guy at school has been sending me sexual texts. I've asked him to stop. He says he just wants to take me out. How do I stop hi without looking like a bitch?

Firstly and most importantly, you need to report this to your counselor at school. Do NOT agree to go out with someone who clearly does not understand what he is doing in the way of harassment.

I'm gay and my partner is bi. I' ok with him dating women but I'm having trouble with him dating other men. What's that all about?

Very simple. You view it as competition. It's more challenging. You probably view his going out with a female as just a little hobby, and so it's not a threat.


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