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I want this guy in my chem class to ask me out. I don't know what to do to get him to notice me. I don't want to be slutty just to get him to notice me. Andy ideas.

Find out what he's interested in, study it, and talk with him about it. It makes you seem interested and interesting. That's the key.

Me and my partner have been out for quite some time. There are still people who criticize us. We are so tired of comments. We try to be positive and educate, but some people just don't want to hear it.

You can't fix STUPID. All you can do is live your lives true to yourselves. Haters are going to hate. It's a learned behavior. Just stay positive and don't let the bastards grind you down.

I had this guy checked out and he seems to have a clean past. How reliable are those investigations? I want to be as sure as possible moving forward.

Like everything else, it depends upon the level. I always suggest that you get what you pay for. Retain the best that you can afford. The info is usually spot on and hightly reliable.

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I made a mistake and was texting with this girl (definitely not Sexting). My gf is now pissed and says I cheated on her. I thought it was just innocent fooling around. She wants to break up with me now. Very sad. I can see her point and I'm very sad that I screwed this up.

All you can do is apologize. If you are in a committed relationship, act like it. Stop acting like you're still playing the field. Learn from your mistakes.

I can't believe we are going to break up over politics. My bf has become like this extreme right wing nut case. I never saw this behavior before. Now I'm scared. I don't know if I want to take a chance that a lot of this is the real him. How do I find out?

He's given you a glimpse of what he's really like underneath all the niceness that he's shown you. This is a huge red flag for you. This part of him is there, and it's now come out. If you don't like it, then you are going to have to make some hard choices.

How do I nicely tell this guy I am not interested in dating him. He's very persistent. I don't want to hurt his feelings

Just keep nicely turning him down. However, at some point you may have to just tell him that while you think he's a nice person, you're not interested in dating him. It may sound harsh, but it may come to that.

I need more info on relationships. I understand you wrote a book. Do you think that will help me.

The book is entitled Love Shopping List, the same as our app. Going by what people have said, the real stories in the book have helped answer a lot of questions. You can purchase in on amazon, Barnes & Noble, and several other places. It's an easy read, so give it a try.

My friends father passed away about 6 months ago. His mother has started dating again. Some people are saying that's too soon and are harsh behind her back. Is there an accepted time limit before dating?

There is no time limit. It depends on the individual. Some are ready for relationships relatively quickly and some may never be in another relationship. There is no right or wrong. People should respect the difficulties the person is experiencing as a result of the loss and be supportive, not critical

My husband is a professional. He allows his office staff to call him by his first name. I think this is inappropriate. He says it just makes things more casual and less tense. Is there some written or unwritten rule about this that I should know?

There are no "rules." Some offices are more casual than others. I know that when we had a large staff, they called me "doctor" in front of patients, but by my first name otherwise. I think it just depends on the individual. However, it is always up to the professional to keep the boundaries in place.

Me and my bff got into a huge fight over something stupid. Now she is saying she won't be my maid of honor at my wedding. I am crushed. I've tried to get her to understand but she just says I insulted her one too many times. Help!

Have you examined your role in what happened. Clearly, from your statement you have insulted her before. You need to examine what is going on in your head that you keep doing this to someone you call your bff. Maybe then the answer will come to you.

I posted something on Instagram that I'm sorry for. It was mean and cruel. I've already apologized but this guy won't accept my apology. What do I do?

There's not much you can do at this point. You've already made your apology and it's not accepted. Move on and learn. Stop posting things on social media unless you are prepared to have the whole world know about it.

My life partner and I are considering taking it to the next step. We are committed to doing this but are also kind of scared. Any ideas?

The best advice is to talk to people who have already gone through same sex relationships. They can give you real life advice as opposed to just some generic advice. Don't let anyone deter the two of you if this is what you want to do.

My bf is AA and I'm biracial. Why does everyone think it's ok to make comments? It really pisses me off. My bf says just to ignore it, but it's hard.

There are people who still hold on to antiquated racists ideas. All you can do is be the best kind of person you are. You have little to know control over everyone else. Just focus in on you.

My bf has put on a few pounds. It's not bad but its not healthy. How do I let him know without shaming him?

Just let him know that you love him and that it has nothing to do with looks but everything to do with his health. He needs to know why you are concerned.

Me and my bf did your app LSL. We were very surprised that we both had low scores. How could that be?

Remember that Love Shopping List is not the final determiner of a relationship. Our motto is that it empowers you to make better relationship choices. Many couples I've seen in therapy actually start out with lower scores than they expected. They use the information to iron out differences rather than to divide them. That's really the best use of the information.

Me & my gf love each other very much. The problem is our religions. The religion thing is not a problem for us but it's definitely a problem for both our families. We've explained to both sides that we are going to have a civil ceremony so the religion is not an issue, but both sides are upset.

Religion can cause a lot of problems when there is an inter-faith marriage. Many clergy will not perform inter-faith marriages. You can tell your families that you mean no disrespect, but this is the path the two of you have chosen, and would appreciate their respect and support. If they still refuse to offer support, you are better off having the ceremony without them. I have witnessed many beautiful inter-faith marriages, and those have gone on to be very lengthy marriages. Hopefully, your families will realize what they are missing.

I've put on about twenty five pounds. I know it. When I ask my bf how I look he just says great. He's not being truthful with me and it bugs me. What should I say to him.

You are setting your bf up for an argument. Why would you do that? First, maybe he just loves you for you and doesn't worry about your weight. You have asked him a question that has no right answer. If he says you look like you've put on weight, you'll get angry. If he says you look fine the way you are, you'll get angry. What do you really want him to say? You need to think about that.

My bf is really good looking. We've been going together for about six months and I still freak out when other women look at him. He pays no attention to it. I've brought it up, but he just smiles and says that he's with me so that should say it all. Is he right?

Obviously, you are still insecure in your relationship. Reframe your thinking. Think about that every time another woman looks at him, it makes you proud and happy that you are with him and he's with you. So, as long as he's with you, he's right.

I checked this guy out with one of those online background checks. I really don't like what I found. I should have done it earlier but I didn't. I don't want to hurt him but I definitely want to break it off. How do I do that?

As an old song says, "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." Depending on what you found and how you feel about him, you might want to have a discussion with him and allow him to explain himself before making a decision. You can tell him that you are uncomfortable but wanted to give him a chance. Ultimately, you are okay just saying that you are not comfortable in the relationship. He'll just have to accept that.

I am LGBTQ. People question why the "Q" is included and I don't know what to tell them when I'm dating. I don't want to label myself. What do I say.

A lot of people who are non traditional are not quite sure where they belong. The "Q" just sort of encompasses all the others. All you have to do is tell them that the Q is what you are most comfortable with. Leave it at that.

I'm dating this guy at college. The problem is that I have a bf at home. I don't know what to tell either of them. I realize I'm cheating but IDK what to do.

You need to decide between them because someone is going to get their feelings hurt. I always suggest that unless a relationship is VERY serious, making an agreement to be okay with dating others when going away to college is always the best thing to do. Then you don't have to feel like you are cheating, which you do and which you are.

My husband and I have only been married a year. People keep asking when we are going to start a family. It's really annoying. Is there an appropriate but firm answer?

Just simply say that you haven't decided yet. Being sarcastic or angry will just make you look like a jerk. It's really nobody else's business, but they don't realize that.

I found out my new gf has a cat. I'm allergic to cats. I couldn't figure out why my eyes itched whenever I was around her. I figured it out when we went back to her place. She is a super person. I don't know what to do.

This is a tough one because even with Benedryl some people's allergic reaction to cat dander gets out of control. I'm guessing that unless your relationship is very serious, she's not giving up her cat. For many this is a deal breaker. I wish there were something else to tell you, but there isn't. The cat dander will be all over her all the time.

There's this guy I like. We will both be seniors in high school. He's great except for one thing. His breath. Is there a way to give him a hint without making a big deal. I'd really like to stick with him.

Keep offereing him breath mints. When he asks why you are doing that, just look at him with wide eyes, and don't say a word. The other option is just to say politely that you really like everything about him but he needs better oral hygience. Your choice.


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