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I've said it before maybe hundreds of times but she's still doing the same way copying me, Everything about me. ahhhhhh i want to cry ?

Try doing some crazy stuff, and then see if she still does it!!

i have a childhood best friend until now that we're college she always wants everything i have and everything I want. She's trying to be me, the way i dress,My crush,The way i talk and walk and it's so fucking irritating i don't know what to do ?

Your friend is very insecure. You need to talk to her without being mad. Tell her you think she's a wonderful friend and you like her just the way she is. She does not need to dress like you or act like you for you to love her and like her. Encourage her to be herself because that's the person you really like.
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I fall inlove with this guy, he's the nephew of my cousin in law. He loves me and i love him but we're not in a relationship. His father separate us and it hurts me so much that until now i cant move on. We sex twice before but now he's busy with his study. When i texted him he dont replies at me.

You need to accept the reality that you may have just been used. Clearly, he is no longer interested. You are just going to have to lick your wounds and move on. There's not an easy way to get over this. Make sure you are in a healthier relationship next time.

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There's a girl that wants me to take her out. Should I tell her that I am dating three different girls at any one time?

Why would you want to do that? You are not going with the other ladies, correct? There's nothing wrong with dating different people as long as you can do the juggling act. Until you are in a serious relationship, there is no need to share your dating activities or history.

My gf is crazy hot. She’s never given me a reason to doubt her but every time another guy looks at her I get freaked out. I know this is irrational but I can’t stop thinking about it. How do I get over this?

It's not a girlfriend issue. It's your issue. You are insecure in your relationship even though she is with you. I going to make a prediction and tell you that if you keep it up, you will lose her. You need to change the way you are thinking. Having other guys look at her is actually a great compliment. Dude, she is with YOU.

I’ve tried getting over this guy but every time I see him with another girl on campus it drives me nuts. I can’t seem to let go even though I really don’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore. what’s the answer?

You want your cake and eat it, too. Doesn't work that way. You gave him up, so you have to deal with the consequences of you actions. It's interesting that you don't want to be in a relationship. It sounds like you want him to suffer in some way. The "answer" is to understand you are not in control anymore

My bf is great except for one thing. He always looks in mirrors. Why do guys do this?

Here's the interesting thing. Guys actually tend to do this more than girls. However, both do it. People do it especially if they feel they look good because it is self-validating. If that's the only thing he does that bothers you, consider yourself lucky, and let him enjoy himself.

I am confused. I am a female in high school. I like guys but I also like girls. I’ve experimented a little bit to try to figure it out but can’t. Do I just keep doing what I’m doing until something smacks me in the head?

It is not unusual to experiment with sexuality or sexual preference at your age. I don't know that you need to be smacked in the head, but I would say that as long as you are comfortable experimenting, you should certainly do that until the light bulb goes on.

We are a young couple. This other couple seemed nice at first but now they want to swap. We live in the same apartment building. What do we say so there isn’t a big explosion?

Just simply say that the two of you are not interested. There is no need for a big explosion.

I realize I made a mistake by giving up my previous bf and going with my new one. How do I get out of the situation? I think my old bf will have me back.

Interestingly, I had that exact situation (it's even in our Love Shopping List book). You just need to find the courage to simply cut off the relationship you are currently in. Do it as gently as possible, but do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be. You may also want to use the Love Shopping List app to figure out why your "new" relationship isn't working, and why you think the "old" on will be better.

My dad’s new gf is crazy. I caught her spying on me and reading my diary about my bf. She told my dad and now they say I’m not supposed to see my bf anymore. My dad knew about me and my bf so WTF. How do I handle this?

You AND your bf need to sit down with the two of them and nicely and respectfully ask them to respect your privacy. You could try doing it yourself, if you want, but the two of you together would make a very powerful statement. Shame on her for reading your diary. It's none of her business. She seems too anxious to jump into the role of your mom. Need to put a stop to this ASAP, but don't do it with anger.

I have really strong feelings for my chem teacher. I’m not sure how he feels. What should I do?

It is perfectly normal to have a crush on a teacher, especially when they are young. It's wonderful to have fantasies, but don't act on them. It will be awkward for both of you if you persist. It would be much better for you if you just live with the feelings without the actions.

So there's this guy, my friends friend who has seen me and he likes me and we talk alot online but i have never met him face to face. I got into an accident a few years back which disturbed my vocals a bit and now I'm afraid that when i meet him he'll back off because of my voice. What should i do?

You may as well get it over with at the beginning. I know it's scary, but if he's going to criticize you just for your voice, you are in the wrong relationship anyway. Don't hide behind social media. You are who you are, voice and all.

This boy at my school flirts with me I'm fine with it but my friend flirts with him he doesn't flirt back but she knows my feelings towards him and it just seems like she never wants me to be happy I could be telling her about something we did and she'd say "He doesn't like you" what do I do?

I think you need to ask her why she is doing what she is doing. Ask nicely, but then let her know that you are not please with the situation and would expect more of a true friend. Friends don't treat friends like she's treating you.

This girl at school has been sending me ecards and bakes me cookies and stuff. She's nice and all but my friends say it feels like she's going overboard. I like it but should I listen to my friends. I wouldn't have any trouble with her as a girlfriend because she's so nice. ????

This girl sounds like the real deal, and she's a romantic. Sometimes a strong, aggressive female turns insecure guys off. It doesn't sound overboard at all. And as long as you like it, go for it.

My gf and me want to get married. She says she wants a ring with a big diamond. That really freaked me out since neither one of us is rich. I tried to explain that we could do that in the future but why spend a lot of money now. She got pissed. Now what?

Wow! A giant red flag just went up for me. You are going to have to think long and hard about your relationship. If you have this kind of pressure before you're married, just think what it's going to be like afterward. AND the fact she got pissed is just more indication that something is very wrong. People should try to live within their means at the time. Please do yourself a favor and get a professional to help you sort things out.

Our mother passed away 2 years ago. My baby brother is getting married and he asked me (sister) to walk him down the aisle (our bio father is not part of our lives). Do you think it would be disrespectful to our mother for me to do this?

I not only don't think it would be disrespectful, I think it would honor her memory. Obviously, you and your bro are close, and he really looks up to you. May I suggest that you wear something of your mother's. That way she is walking down the aisle with both of you.

Me and this girl have been hanging out. I noticed she's been losing a lot of weight. I'm scared to ask her about it but I'm really worried. Is there a nice way to ask?

You absolutely should ask. Maybe something like this- "I've noticed you've lost a lot of weight. You know that I care about you, and I just want to know that you are okay." Then wait for her reaction. That will tell you a lot. Good for you that you've noticed. It could be with dieting, but it also could be of an eating disorder or some type of illness. Talk to a counselor at school and share your concerns. That is REALLY caring.
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Me and this guy are really good friends. I want to take it to the next level. We are both worried it will ruin our friendship. Do you think it would?

Truly, the best relationships are when two people in love are friends. Take it slowly, but understand there are times when two people make better friends than lovers. Only time will tell. So, to answer your question directly, there are no guarantees, but being lovers does not automatically doom a friendship

Me and my bf just graduated and are going to different colleges in different states. We won't be leaving until August. We both agreed it would be best to break up before we leave. I'm having a really hard time. I really love him and I know he loves me. What do we do?

Very hard decision. The problem is that if you agree to still go together, you limit your social life at college. It puts you both in a bind that if you want to go out, you're cheating, followed by guilt, etc. There is not right or wrong decision. It has to be what is best for the two of you, but you both have to be honest with each other. I think given what you have said, it is best to break up before you go. It will be hard, no doubt. If it's to be in the future, it will happen.

Our mother passed away last year after a long battle with cancer. Our dad and her were married for almost 40 years. He jumped back into a relationship after only 6 months. We just think he's lonely. She's ok, but we want him to take his time and pick carefully. How do we handle this?

It's very loving of you to watch out for you dad. People process loss differently and on different time lines. If your dad and mom were very close, then, yes, he's probably lonely. Depending on the person, 6 months to a year is generally when most people look to get back into a relationship. Unless the relationship has already become very serious, you need to give your dad some space to figure things out. Losing a partner can really scramble a person's mind. Just keep loving and supporting him, and he'll most likely find his way.

We are trying to prevent our friend from screwing his life up by getting really serious with this nut case woman. He does not see what's going on and thinks she's perfect. We've tried to talk with him, but he just blows us off. We checked and she's been in a rehab twice. Do we tell him this?

First, we need to separate something out. Being in a rehab and completing the program successfully is a good thing. If she's a nut case on other accounts, that's different. You can suggest that at least if he's going to go forward he do a background check, which is easily done. As his friends all you can do is explain that you are coming from a place of caring and not trying to be disruptive. The rest is up to him. Unfortunately, even friends sometimes only learn the hard way.

I sent my gf an ecard for her birthday. She got really pissed and said I took the easy way out. She said for special occasions I should get real cards. I don’t get what’s the big deal. This is 2015 and lots of people send ecards. Am I still supposed to do the real cards like she says?

Some people like to hold on to all the cards they get for different occasions. It's called being sentimental. If it makes her happy, then, yes, you should get her a "real" card. Instead of trying to prove who is right, respect the fact that she likes to hold on to mementos of good feelings. It's not too much to ask. Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy? Your choice.

I’m a freshman in college. I took a chance and asked this really neat girl out. She said yes. Now I’m freaked that she’ll think I’m weird or not her type. It’s almost to the point that I want to call off the date. How do I get past being freaked out.

Take heart in the fact that she said yes. If she thought you were weird, she probably would not have agree to go out with you. Your nervousness is simply because you are inexperienced at dating and were very surprised that she said yes. Be the same person you really are because that's who she agreed to go out with. Relax and enjoy the moment. You'll live longer.

My bf’s father smokes a lot of pot and does it around us. I told my bf I’m not comfortable with that. He told me to just ignore it and that his father has been doing it as far back as he can remember. My concern is thinking about whether I want to stay with my bf and watch him turn into his father

You have very legitimate concerns. You have to ask yourself why you would want to subject yourself to a situation that makes you so uncomfortable. Your bf will tell you that he is an individual, but he has his father as a role model. There is a huge difference between using weed for medical reasons versus "a lot of pot." You really have to do some soul searching to see if you really want to gamble with going forward with your relationship .


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