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My gf insists I wear pajamas in bed. I have always slept au natural. WTF? Does this mean something psychologically?

It could, or it could not. Without having talked with her, there's no way to know. It could be that 's just more comfortable that way, or it could be more serious. Have you asked her?

My gf is a really shitty cook. I try to pretend I like what she makes but it's really awful. Do I just tell her or what? Every other aspect is great.

Take her on a cooking class date. You'll both learn, and it's a great couples activity.

How do we know when to move in together? Is there like some test we can take? We haven't had any problems so far after 7 months.

There is no "test," but if you haven't had any problems, there's a good chance it will work well. I would suggest one or two sessions with a therapist just to get an objective view of things.

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Me and my bf have VERY different tastes in art and decorating. How do we combine these if we are going to get a house together? We want it to reflect both of us.

Just alternate in what you get. That's best done room by room so everything goes together.

My bf is trying to tell me that the average times of sex per week for our age is 3-4. I think he's just trying to get more. We are both 23. What is average?

Actually, he's about right for your age. However, it has to always work for both partners. So, it's up to each couple to discuss it.

Are guys and girls brains really different? I've heard yes and no. What's the real deal? I think my gf is just bullshitting me and trying to come up with an excuse about her behavior.

Yes, they really are different, and that's been proven by imaging. Of course, there are no absolutes, so one may be leaning one way or the other. There are certainly environmental factors, so nature versus nurture is still in play.

I am a 19 yo female living with my grandmother on the West coast of the U.S. My parents live on the East coast. My mom has told my gm (her mother) that it's not ok to have my bf sleep over. My gm doesn't know what to do. IDK either. Could you give some advice?

You live with your grandmother. Her house, her rules. The two of you should make the decisions. I vote for whatever the two of you decide.

My gf is really negative. I've tried to get her to stop but she always looks at the bad side of things. It's impacting our relationship. I told her she need therapy but she blew up. What should I have said?

You said exactly what you needed to say. She needs help. You may need to break up with her. There are some deep issues she needs to address.

I have 5 years of sobriety. Do I tell the guy I'm dating about it?

Sure, why not. Be proud of what you have achieved. Good work! If he respects you, he'll admire what you've done.

I am a 21yo gay male. The people at work keep trying to set me up with females. Do I just come right out and tell them I'm gay? IDK how it will impact my job.

Would probably not impact anything in 2018. Once you come out, you'll have a lot of weight taken off your shoulders. Be proud of who you are.

I fell in love with my business partner. Neither of us is married or in a relationship. Can something like this work?

Of course, it can work out as long as the two of you set some ground rules. Who better to trust as a business partner than your partner. The first thing you have to deal with is what happens if you break up. Everything else will fall into line after that.

This girl I met is from a different culture where we need a chaperone to go out. She wants to go out secretly without one. I'm not sure that's a good idea. How should this work?

DO NOT do it secretly. You could get yourself in a lot of difficulty. Explain to her that if you are going to be together, you want to show respect for her family's culture.

Me and this woman have known each other since we were in elementary school. She's divorced and I lost my wife to a car accident two years ago. We're not sure how to make this work. Any advice would be helpful.

Just be friends first. That's the most important thing. It will take work, but if the two of you work together, you can make it work. It will help you a lot of you get professional advice from a couple's counselor.

Our daughter (17) met this guy on the internet. He seems ok but ... How do we find out? Thanks.

There are many services now available that can do very thorough background checks. Some are more expensive than others, but you get what you pay for. Be thorough.

My gf is always making jabbing remarks. I think they're in fun but when I do them back she says I'm being mean. What's with the one way street deal?

You need to confront her. Either she's onboard with both of you doing it, or she needs to knock it off. From experience, there are some deep issues she needs to deal with. You are not her toilet.

Is there any way that a guy and girl can just be friends? I hear that it's not possible. We're just good buddies and we're ok with that.

Of course, there's a way. I have close female friends, married and not, that I've know since college. It just depends on the individuals

This woman has been married and divorced three times. She doesn't have any kids. I don't get it. She seems really nice. Could I just be missing something? IDK.

You ABSOLUTELY are missing something. It could be she keeps picking the wrong guys, or she just leaves on her own. Caveat Emptor- buyer beware!!!

One of my female friends just has random sex. When I ask her why she does it she just says I wouldn't question it if she were a guy. Am I just being sexist in this case? I've thought about it but don't know.

She's probably right. In fact, you'd probably high five the guy. She is in charge of her own body. Don't question it.

Me and this guy are both now divorced. Our kids grew up together. Now the kids are telling us it's weird that we are together. What do we say to our kids?

Nothing. Just explain that life has its twists and turns. It's actually great that the two of you know each other that well.

This guy I'm dating just told me he's an alcoholic but has been sober for more than 20 years. Then why does he still call himself an alcoholic? Also, can I trust him?

Because unfortunately, he will always be at risk. By calling himself that, he keeps it at the forefront of his mind and is always conscious of it. Otherwise, he's at risk.

Our nephew wants to come and stay with us for the summer. He's 18. He wants to bring his girlfriend. We are ok with it but my sister, his parents, are not. We are really close with our nieces and nephews. How should we handle this?

He's 18, he's an adult. His parents are just going to have to deal with it. Stay close to your nieces and nephews!! Sounds like they need it.

My bf is always interrupting me when I'm talking. I've tried to get him to stop but nothing works. Do you have any sugges

Call him on it as soon as he does it, especially in front of other people. Just talk over him and say, "Excuse you! You are interrupting me!" If he does it again, tell him he's rude.

My gf is constantly telling me what to wear. Is this a women thing? I'm big enough to dress myself. Why does she think she has the right to tell me what to wear?

Because you may be a "clothing disabled male" like me. She wants you to look good. Let her make you look good, dummy!

I went out with this guy but he won't give me his last name. My friends say that's a warning sign. He's been super nice. IDK if I should worry or what.

That's a HUGE warning sign. Not only should you worry, you should not go out again unless he gives it to you. Think about it. Why would someone not want you to know their last name. He's hiding something.

I met this girl who just got out of rehab. I know nothing about rehabs except it's about drugs. My friends say she's damaged goods. What do I do now?

Some people come out of rehabs with a cult-like mentality, while others come out much better people. Hopefully, she's in the second group. Only time will tell.


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