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Do guys still ask fathers for their daughter’s hand in marriage? My gf says hers will expect this if we want to get married.

Yes, it's still a tradition that many people still appreciate. Of course, there are some that feel the tradition is degrading because the same is not done for sons. That being said, get on good terms with your future father-in-law and ask him for his daughter's hand in marriage. It will pay dividends.

I love my gf but when she comes over to my place she leaves her shit all around. Whenever I bring this up she says it’s because I don’t want her there which is just dumb. How can I make her see it’s disrespectful? It’s the only thing we argue about.

Just keep explaining that its important to you. Emphasize that you try to do everything that is important to her even if you disagree or don't feel the same way, and you would appreciate the courtesy of her showing the same respect. Just be aware this may be a pattern of things to come.

My parents are divorced. Both of them are trying to kiss up to my gf and she’s really uncomfortable. How do I call bullshit on both of them so they will stop it?

The two of you need to sit down with each parent and explain exactly what you are expressing, that they are making her feel very uncomfortable and you want them to stop. Be firm but respectful.

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At what age is it ok to sleep over a boyfriend’s house? My parents and I disagree. I’m 17 so I think it’s ok.

there is really no predetermined age. You are 17 and a minor. You need to respect your parent's wishes and rules until you move out. Even when you are 18 or older, you still need to be respectful of your parents as long as you are living with them.

I’ve been in a homosexual relationship for 4 yrs and broke up recently. I’m thinking about trying out a heterosexual one. Do other people go through this type of indecision? It just feels weird.

Yes, others go through the same thing. Follow your heart, and see which lifestyle feels the best. Then you will have answered your question.

I keep asking my gf to meet her parents, but she keeps telling the time isn’t right. Is there something I’m missing?

She is not ready yet. Stop asking or it will cost you the relationship

Can you really be “going” with someone if you have only communicated with them on social media?

It all depends on how you define "going together. For some, it's okay for others it's not. You have to decide on what it means and then you will have the answer to your question.
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How should I make friends in my colony? Like no one is there in my building talk to. But there are other colonies how should I just go in and talk that will be awkward

Be flexible. If you are friendly, you will be able to fit in everywhere and anywhere. It all up to your people skills.
there is no reason you have to limit yourself to any one colony.

I keep dreaming about my ex constantly, but the thing is they never cross my mind throughout the day but for some weird reason I keep dreaming about him. I even forget his existence during daylight. Maybe I should become nocturnal, haha. Does me dreaming about him have any significant meaning?

It's really much simpler than you make it. You are preoccupied during the day. At night you have time to think. You obviously haven't gotten over your ex yet. That's really all it means. Move on unless there is some compelling reason to work back toward your ex.

I'm bad at striking conversation . I want to talk to my crush but idk what to talk about :(

Find out what your crush is interested in, research it thoroughly, then talk about that. It ALWAYS works.

I don't need love advice! But I'm thinking a lot. About the past. its always there in my subconscious mind.

So is there a question you want to ask?

I have a crush since grade 1. And we became MU (Mutual Understand) in grade 6. We were so happy, then my parents knew about him and told me to not talk to him anymore. But we talked anyway. But my parents still don't like him even though we're already graduating in college. What should I do?

If you are already graduating college, you are an adult and able to make adult decisions. The two of you need to make a decision together and stick with it. Your parents can either support you or not, but you two need to be true to yourselves and each other.

I think my girlfriend wants in on my relationship with my boyfriend. Is this a bad idea?

Cheating is is cheating regardless of the gender. Unless you both mutually agree on a threesome, you AND your girlfriend need to decide what your relationship is all about. So, the short answer to your question is, Yes, it's a bad idea.

My " highschool sweeteart" of 2 years cheated on my durinf his first semester as a freshman in college, I am a senior still in high school an hour aeay dron his college.what to do know? and advice on ways to get back at him?

Don't waste your energy on being negative. Move on, drop it. Put your energy into something that's productive.

Thank you Dr. Andrew! I did cross her off my friend list a couple of days ago but I didn't know if I did the right thing since she has no friends and I felt sort of bad. Today she apologized for everything she's done but she's done this before so idk if I should forgive her. She's done this 3 times.

As the saying and baseball goes three strikes and you are out.

Okay, my friend totally betrayed me. So she knows I still like my ex and he still sort or shows interest In me. We decided to go to the movies together and she perfectly knew I still liked him she decided to shove me out of the way to sit next to him. She decided to kiss him and I found out by someo

Wow! and you are still calling this person your "friend" ? Your friend needs to be crossed off your friends list. Sure hope you don't have enemies because I can't imagine what they would do.

Okay, I'm still love my ex. What should I do? <|3

Should have thought of that before the person became your ex. Resolve your differences next time.

Is it possible to be "submissive by convenience." I was with a dominatrix once and she told me that many people (not all) are submissive only because they're afraid to explore their dominant nature.

Perfectly possible. Many people are very shy when it comes to exploring anything about sex.

my gf is 7 yrs older than me (I'm 22 she's 29). Sometimes I think she feels "old" when we're making love. Lately she's trying to do new things like breast/ ass smothering in the bedroom, but problem is she's completely flat in those areas. I luv her how she is, but I can't get through to her

REALLY?? Your gf is trying to better your love making, and you are complaining? How about just appreciating what you have? You can also tell her exactly what you like, as she can with you.

I've been having a recurring bondage dream in which I'm attacked by 3 females and I'm handcuffed face down to a park bench and they start to do explicit things to me. Does this dream have any significant meaning?

Yes. You've probably been hanging out with Captain Morgan way too much.

My Girlfriend hates surprises, especially birthday surprises. Isn't that part of the fun?

There is something in her past that causes this. Usually it's a trauma that causes a loss of control. Therefore she needs to try to control everything so she doesn't feel a loss of control. Talk to her and be supportive. For someone who has not experienced a loss of control, it's very difficult to understand why someone would not want a fun surprise, but as fun as it may seem to you, even the thought may terrorize her.

Why are so many athletes involved in domestic violence? You are a sports psychologist too so maybe you can answer this.

Male athletes are often treated like gods starting at an early age. In some cases this gives them the idea that they are studs and G-d's gift to women, who should do whatever they say. Especially when someone is a foot or more taller and 100 pounds or more heavier than another, one should NEVER use this as a physical advantage. But size is really irrelevant because REAL MEN DON'T HIT WOMEN!! The NFL has a site, www.nomore.org Men need to be educated about what being a male is really all about. It's worth repeating- REAL MEN DON'T HIT WOMEN!!

What’s honeymoon cystitis? I’m not married but my gf’s say that’s what I have.

It's a real condition that affects the vagina, an irritation, usually from intercourse and sometimes from not being lubricated enough. You don't have to be married to have it. It can lead to a UTI, urinary tract infection, which can cause much more serious problems. It needs to be medically addressed. Women are advised to urinate both before and after intercourse. It's not guaranteed to prevent HC, but it decreases the likelihood. If you have the symptoms, get medical help.

Our daughter is away at college. We pay for her apartment. She has just told us her boyfriend wants to move in. We said that we would stop paying if she did that. Do you think we are obligated to pay for her co-habitating?

Let's be clear about something. You are obligated to pay for only those things you believe you are obligated to pay for. Your daughter wants all the privilege of adulthood but none of the responsibilities. If the two of you are not comfortable, that's the end of the discussion. If she doesn't like it, tell her to get a job that will pay for it. Time to grow up, little girl!!

Ok, this is a little weird. My grandma and my bf’s grandpa are dating. Everybody else thinks it’s cute. They even wanted to know if we wanted to double date. My bf said yes but I said no. Should I?

Yeah, it's a little weird, but so what. Go out. You may have more fun than you ever realized. As the saying goes, "Just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean there's not fire in the fireplace." think about it.


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