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Why are Snowhorn's horns translucent or transparent?

Translucent. I'll do a nice colour pic when I start up her story so you can get a good feel for her slightly creepy fuwa-fuwa softness.
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Why do the vampires, witches, humans, and himehorns (and I suppose the beastmen or whatever they are) all look so similar? Is there an in-universe reason for it, or is it just because that's what you like to draw?

The witches appear as humans to the humans - their true form would instantly shatter the mind of any mortal that gazed upon them. The witches and their apostles look different to other kinds of creatures.
The vampires look like humans for obvious reasons...
The wolf girls look like humans because they're the offspring of a wolfman/human woman couple. There are various other creatures that look less human, like the fuzzy tentacle monsters, big whaleslug creature, etc. You can see some of 'em walking around Enna's domain.
As for the himehorns, well, their look is based on a Japanese oni, so that's why. ;w;

Himehorns don't have that many biological variations if every smallhorn that's just a bit different is thrown out. All you need is the right disease and the Himehorns will fall like dominoes. On a totally irrelevant note, have the Templars ever thought about biological warfare?

True! But bioweapons are dangerously unpredictable and besides, the Templar have a tried and true method: just rush in there and hack them apart with axes, one by one. It's The Pact that prevents them from taking action -- but its for their own benefit, too. They can't spare any resources in their fight against the vampire, the living space is unusable to them as long as the vampire exists anyway, the price of breaking the pact will be very steep, and so long as the pact is obeyed the Templar have a small safe zone where they can travel and attempt redevelopment on the surface.
The himehorns are in a tight spot. Under the present state of affairs, they're bullied and their movements are restricted. If the nohorns wipe out the vampire, they're next on chopping block. If they vampires eat the nohorns, they'll be eaten next. Their only hope is that the nohorns and vampires somehow kill each other off... but even then the surface is still frozen and there are other scary things out there now... why_this.png

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Himehorns dont have that many biological variations if every smallhorn thats

So much hype for the snowhorn

Glad you're looking forward to it, anon! =w=
I'm also looking forward to doing a a really straight-forward character story... and drawing lots of warm and fuzzy reaction shots as Snowhorn experiences lots of things for the first/last time. ;w;
So much hype for the snowhorn
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Is there a rare chance a male himehorn can be borned? If so how do the other hime horns react?

Nope, doesn't exist. If it did happen somehow, they'd just toss it away like any other deformed himehorn.

Outside of the obvious hair on their heads, are himehorns otherwise hairless? Legs, arms, armpits, pubic, etc?

Some musclehorns can grow a bit of pubic hair.
See the bottom frame of:
and top frame of:
It's a bit rare, but it's considered an acceptable variation since it seems to go hand in hand with being a bit tougher than usual.
Haremhorns and hornmothers are smooth all over.

Is the Penny (PNNY) from On the Subject of Witches related at all to Penny Tribute? There's a mysterious queen, strange rules to the world (girl offered up to repeal taxes?), and weird bird-familars/people, so it seems like there's something there! Then again, who knows?

You'll have to wait and see for that one... kukuku....
Is the Penny PNNY from On the Subject of Witches related at all to Penny Tribute

"Do you really want to see that pale, gooey, himehorn cloaca that badly...?" I'm going to reply to this, the same way I've to everything else. YOU DID THIS TO US, DAN!

S-Snowhorn is in a pinch...!
Do you really want to see that pale gooey himehorn cloaca that badly

Im going

What would happen if someone revealed to the himehorns that nohorns make cake?

Disbelief. How could a creature so cruel and heartless make a food so yummy and filled with happiness? It doesn't add up. Dirty nohorn lies! NOHORN GO HOME!!

is there a rescue effort for defective hime horns? If not, can we start a patreon/kickstarter for one?

You know what? When the Snowhorn comic gets done I'll have some stuffed Snowhorns made up and you can care for your himehorn waifu all you like.
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If slight mutations among the hornmothers are sometimes permitted, is it possible that there is a hornmother with drillhair?

Highly unlikely. Even if she had natural drills that developed spontaneously later in life, her haremhorns would do their best to straighten them out.

Nohorn finds defective himehorn, teaches her art of cake baking and frosting. Sends defective himehorn into cave with cakes for himehorns that tossed her to die. What do himehorns do now?

Beat her up and take her cakes, most likely. The wouldn't recognize her as one of their own.

Being much more about the long game than the Templars, how concerned are most Great Witches about entropic decay on a universal scale?

Bikky's own view of the situation (based on her training and first hand observations) is that the witches seem to have their own long term plans which extend far beyond the end of this universe. Bikky takes some solace in this, since it means the end isn't really the end... but she's also filled with fear and trembling. Occasionally, when she's with Enna, feels like a tiny child floating helpless on the surface of the ocean who has suddenly become aware of the presence of an unimaginably vast creature in the waters below. The feeling passes as suddenly as it came, but it's distressing nonetheless. Just what kind of creature is a witch, really? What are they really doing here?
... Bikky has her hunches, but she tries not to think about it.

Oh gosh more snow horns plz for the love of all thing bweh ;,,;

She's getting her own side story! You'll have to wait until the end of the himehorn arc before I get started, though.
Oh gosh more snow horns plz for the love of all thing bweh

Thanks for your Bikky/Snax love story, every time you update, it warms my heart.

;w; Thanks for reading, anon!
There are some pretty cute scenes coming up... you'll also get to see some proper Tsun Edgelord Tomboy Bikky. ;w;


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