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What was the most important "click" in your carrier ? And for comics ?

For comics, finishing Nana and Paper Eleven. That made it clear to me I found the basic process that worked for me: have multiple, very different projects on the go and use each one to purify the others. The tradeoff would be time-to-completion.
For games, it was the moment Splinter Cell 5 was cancelled. It was near christmas, we were almost ready to ship, and many members of the team were super angry/depressed... but I felt good. I wasn't too emotionally invested and I enjoyed the fun of building the game. My emotional investment was fully in my comics. That's when I realized I could do this forever. The only danger would be having enough time to update. Luckily I could stack away savings so I could take time off to work solely on comics later. That's still my plan.

Dan, which was your really first game you created ?

Probably old D&D campaigns when I was a little kid. I filled up binders and binders with worlds, characters, maps, etc. But I didn't have anyone to play with. ;w;
Professionally, my first game was a version of Splinter Cell 5 on the Nintendo DS (that never came out). Dungeon Hunter 2 is probably my first official shipped game as a professional.

How do you organize yourself ? How to code, draw and design games without doing less or more one than another ?

Well, I have to go to work in the morning, so the game design part is easy.
The rest is about maximizing my efficiency when it comes to drawing and writing. I try to write (or play 3DS/Vita games or ready a book) on the metro and arrange my drawing schedule to match my energy levels. I also try to have a couple projects on the go at the same time so I can put effort into one when the other hits a roadblock that needs time and thought to overcome.
It really helps that I LOVE to draw and write comics, though. I can never get enough of it.

Good job updating Dan, you're only .5 on the Fred Gallagher Webcomic Slowness Scale (FGWSUS.) now.

I did some good work on a bunch of pages today.
I found a good method: refine page sketches on weekdays, but only finish them on weekends. The finishing is the hard part that requires a large block of time and lots of energy. Sketching can be done in little blocks.
Anyway, let's see how it goes.

Wait so does Bikky actually suffer from amnesia? Everyone else seems to have no problem but I can't follow this at all...

All I can tell you is that the truth behind Bikky's restoration and relationship with Enna will be made clear soon.


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