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Cupcake, how does it feel that you are the worst cake of the three? Pancake is cuter and Darkcake will become a sombody one day while you have... nothing

ok ur just a h8 on a cutest =3=
pls kil urself ok bye!! -=3= muuu!!
Cupcake how does it feel that you are the worst cake of the three  Pancake is
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Doesn't anyone try to rebuild? Where's the ambitious pioneers at?

They do! There are two small satellite cities at the moment... There used to be more, but they keep getting pushed back by the Vampires.

When Snax's favorite little blood supplier Bikky passes from old age, what then. Will Snax starve? Go insane? Start killing humans...?

She's not sure what will happen. The bat always thought she'd go on living forever, alone in her castle, just playing games, sleeping, and so on... but now that she's living happily every day with her Bikky... well... all bets are off. What's she gonnna do when she's gone? She doesn't know. ;~;

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How's the tech level in the Bikky world? We ever gonna see a tank battalion rolling through the snow, a zeppelin floating at altitude surveying the land, a cruiser steaming through the freezing sea?

Well, The City did cross the great darkness (thanks to the will of the White Witch, of course) so you could call that very high tech. On the other hand, pretty much everything is busted now. The City has been running in power saving mode for the last 400 years ... they even have to rely on natural hot springs for heating ...
Maybe the best way to describe the world is high tech, low energy, and in a general state of disrepair.

Who or what is that Space King Enos that Bikky's been entangled with? Is there a powerful king of space lurking in the darkness between the stars?

I'll do an arc about it in the future! It's a nice Bikky/Annis story, too.

In one of the first appearances of Snax, she's dictating a letter to Mr Mopps to send to David Hasselhoff. Did he turn her down? Is Bikky just the rebound girl after her one true love broke a Bat's heart?

The bat has lived a long time, anon. Vicky doesn't like to think about it... it makes her super jealous. She wants to be her one and only blood buffet forever! She'll eat a lot and make a lot of blood!! SO DON'T LOOK AT ANYONE ELSE Y-YOU VAMPIRE SCUM!!
In one of the first appearances of Snax shes dictating a letter to Mr Mopps to
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Does your A Cutest ever have you drive her down to Tomoyo's back alley "bakery" to have a minicupcake unbaked? Or does Sakura-momma normally handle that?

M... my a cutest is pure!! PURE AS A MERINGUE!

There is nothing about this whole scenario that doesn't make me so disgusted that I want to violently vomit out all of my internal organs I despise you so intensely. I will gut you with a honestly god smile on my face and then precede to paint the whole life build with your body with your blood.

There is nothing about this whole scenario that doesnt make me so disgusted that

Best way to practice drawing?

Grab Loomis, take a drawing course, focus on solving particular problems (how to draw a shape in perspective, how to draw this particular body part -- what's the anatomy, etc. -- how do shadows actually work, etc. ) rather than general questions like "how do I draw better"?
Also try taking a professional line drawing (I use Sushio and You Yoshinari) and try removing/adding a line. It's like taking apart a watch ... you'll get to see why each line matter.
Also, also: here's a previous answer: http://ask.fm/CloneManga/answer/123729608818
Hope that helps!

Pfff! Who needs souls, anyways? More importantly, would eyes on the inside be functioning? Could you see inside of yourself? Would introspection have a whole new meaning?

I got 99 insight
but a witch ain't one

Dan, you can fix all this! All you gotta do is go back in time, explain gap moe to your dad, avoid banging your mom, punch Chad McHugeHands' dad, Biff McHugeHands, in the face, then play some Jam Project at the school dance! It'll be easy and you'll be back in time for EO5!

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I'm not sure I want to see a world where my a cutest is a good girl... I.... I don't know if I could handle it. I'm too used to her "=3= muu" now... ;~;

How many eyeballs does Bikky have lining the inside of her skull after being in contact with Witches so long?

Bikky is nearly unique in that she's been under the protection of two witches -- both the White Witch and the Witch of Ruin. To make things worse, she's also under the influence(?) of the bat and also become entangled with Space King Enos... and she's also had her life scarf mended so many times...
... if there's anything like a soul, Vicky's has been patched, repatched, overwritten, converted, cooked, uncooked, possessed, and rebuilt so many times that it probably looks like scrambled eggs at this point. Eyes on the inside would be having it easy...
How many eyeballs does Bikky have lining the inside of her skull after being in
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Dear White Witch: I have planted as many melons as possible, but now the fields want me to pay seedling support! What do I do?

"Well done, my child! Now... bare yourself before me. Your flesh shall be blessed by these hands! Mufufuu~!" [rub rub rub]
Dear White Witch I have planted as many melons as possible but now the fields

What are the advantages of being a manlet?

Can buy clothes from the boy's section, all cars are huge, eye level is boob/DFC-level, easy to get huge (but you'll look stupid doing it... like a little buff meatball...)

Cupcake, do you have your own room, or do you have to share with pancake?

ok dont tlk2 me on a PACAEK
no1 caers on a pncaek!!! ok shes NOT a cutest jst cuz shes a small an a "muu mummy i liek u" NO jus go
go BACKD on a oven ur stopide
Cupcake do you have your own room or do you have to share with pancake
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Bikky & Snacks world is actually in a snowglobe in a darkened room, the stars they live on are the last few flakes drifting down. What's in the center of the snowglobe? Slowly pan out. Sakura getting frosted DK's duaghteru's friend, Tod. The comic is a metaphor for D.K's despair. Directed by Wells.


Hello Dan, this is Death. How have you been lately?

What took you so long? Let's get this over with.
Hello Dan this is Death How have you been lately

its ok mummy geivs me a caek when dad goes2 a vacashe vayecay vahecayshend howliday =3= ||| ... even her won't be there forever...at some point you will be alone, with nobody to rely on, aside from yourself. That's why I asked.

ok ur werd anon im not a LONR liek u mummy loevs me an a caek a lots so shes go2 be niec2me 4ever =3=
its ok mummy geivs me a caek when dad goes2 a vacashe vayecay vahecayshend

What does Dan have to go on vacation for? I thought he was a neet?

lol i dun no but thers a chocosmell when dady coms home an he gievs a LOTS a presetns2 me =3= i leik it!! but mumy cryed a lot i dnt no why mb shes sad when a neckberds gon??? lol

To Cupcake: Did you know your snack supplier (A.K.A. Dan) won't be there forever to give you cakes and snacks? What are your plans for the future?

its ok mummy geivs me a caek when dad goes2 a vacashe vayecay vahecayshend howliday =3=
To Cupcake Did you know your snack supplier AKA Dan wont be there forever to

For Cupcake: Why don't you make your own ask, instead of using Dan's ask?

9_9 ugh i caent EVEAN do on a my own asked bc i got in truble 4it 1 tiem an i hav2 do ojn a ask when mummy or dad is there whocan watche on me
For Cupcake Why dont you make your own ask instead of using Dans ask

Hey Cupcake, what does Chad McHugeHands have that I don't?

lol mb hes not a LOSRE leik u loool =3=
ok bye ur gros
Hey Cupcake what does Chad McHugeHands have that I dont
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