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What would a fusions of Cupcake, Darkcake, and Pancake look like?

I guess I could make one of those mashup/remix pics sometime.
But not now. Gotta draw some himehorns, himehorn cutouts, and a book sketch...
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... you may put that pic, but you already drew yourself dressed like cupcake. Anon has its reasons to doubt you, Dan.

But if I were Cupcake that would make Sakura my mom and myself my own dad as well as my own musume...
This is getting real strange.
you may put that pic but you already drew yourself dressed like cupcake Anon has
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Turning into Swimsuit Succubus aside, have you ever thought about being transgender? I'm starting to think I'm trans, so I'm curious about perspective of people who love the world of cute anime girls but don't really "want to be the little girl."

Turning into Swimsuit Succubus aside have you ever thought about being

How did you succeed in having so many children, but no sons? Is your testosterone that low?

You bake a cake with sugar, flour, eggs, butter, milk, vanilla, hope and love, etc.
... ... What are you using to bake your cakes, anon??

Would you let Pancake hang around with Darkcake? Being around Cupcake too much isn't good for Pancake.

Pancake likes Darkcake... but she's only met her a few times. To her, Darkcake is just "wonee-chan's friend" and "the bicycle delivery lady".

How many doughters do you have in total? Is the oven closed or new cuties will appear once in a while?

Just three -- Cupcake, Darkcake, and Pancake, in that order.
I think that's a full pantry. No more cakes for me.
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So is Hotcake another one of your children that Sakura knows nothing about?

No, she's my true a mega cutest. She has Cupcake's old bed and hand-me downs and loves her "wonee-chwan".
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